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».t «x t?-,* —r.r. V?.- fit
Washington, Nov. 21.—More than
$25,000,000 worth of foreign merchan
dise comes into the United States each
year to be again exported to other
/The bureau of statistics of the de
partment of commerce and labor prints
ill its monthy summary each month a
statement entitled Exports of Foreign
Merchandise. An examination of this
table shows that between $3,000,000
and $4,000,000 worth of india rubber,
produced in other parts of the world, $2,500,000 worth to Germany, about $1,
Wtere exported from the United States
last year, $2,250,008 worth of lead, $1,
S$0,000 worth of coffee, about $1,500,
000 worth of fruits and nuts, over $1,
000,000 worth of tobacco, more than a
million worth of fibers hides and skins
j& Utile over $1,000,000 wool, a little
fc'ss than $1,000,000 worth art works,
Forum Want Ads Get Results.
Real Estate.
Stop—Why Go to Canada?
yon can get free homesteads in
the beautiful "Golden Valley?" Fif
teen townships will be open for filing on
March 20. Soil, black loam with clay
•Vbsoil, excellent wnter, climate very mild:
Stock run at large all winter. Railroad
tends at $8 to $12.50 per acre adjoining
your homestead. Free fare, free livery
|nd hotel bill to all purchasing one-quarter
it? railroad lands adjoining homestead.
$rhich will be shown you free of all cost
except the flllug fee. If you come soon
you can get your choice from six to sixty
miles on either side of main line of N. P.
Railway. Free coal. Call upon or address
For Sale or Will
house on North Broad­
way lor sale. Will consider
part payment for smaller house
or will take good farm lands.
Nice property and nicely lo
cated. For further particulars
Comer Third and Nicollet,
Minneapolis, Minn.
If you want the kind that fits
comfortably, hangs well and is
made honestly come to my tail
or shop—every stitch is worked
bv an expert and for forty years
I have been cutting out suits
and can make yours please you.
Come In and see the New Suitings.
PICKT0N, "588"
lie. 6 8th St. S. Fargo, N. 0.
Mtrcfiaats Hots
Alter ten years of absence,
lave again taken charge of th«
reliable Merchants, and haw
fitted and fully equipped fcht
gtune with baths, steam heat ant
dpi modern improvements. I so
Beit the cottinuance of the pat
e»mage of the public, and espc
ally my frieuuL in the Dakota,1
Minnesota, who have 1 o
long made th Merchants tfcsa
St.. Paul home.
I'l Latest Dakota and Minnesota
Bapers on file.
Rates, $2.00 and $2.50 witl
fjHiith, $3.00. I have added tht
Sw.To'pear plai for those whe
desire it, at fr rn $1.00 to$1.60
%khhathf $2 00.
Slectrk- r»»r« aow oaf.
a fs firomft
ife# iMssidhft
tiw Ho
r-fpt *11 pmats is the City,
a u s PrGpf^m^
nearly $1,000,000 foreign woods, es
pecially mahogany, about $1,000,000
automobiles, more than half a million
manufactures of iron and steel of var
ious grades, and character, over $500,
000 furs, over $500,000 and cotton,
lumber, gum chicle, and sisal, nearly
$500,000 each.
The countries to which this foreign
merchandise is exported from the Uni
ted States are more widely distributed
than would naturally be supposed.
While over $10,500,000 worth goes to
Canada, over $5,000,000 worth went, in
1906, to the United Kingdom, nearly
500,000 worth to France, nearly $1,500,
000 worth to Cuba, nearly $1,000,000
worth to Belgium, and over $750,000
worth to Mexico, and in smaller sums
to many other foreign countries.
The total ^umber of countries and
colonies to which foreign merchandise
is exported from the United States ag
gregated sixty-five, and the value of
the foreign merchandise sent to them
from the United States ranged, in
1906, from $10,500,000 to Canada down
to $91 to Straits Settlements, and $41
worth to Korea.
Of the $3,250 000 worth of India rub
ber of foreign production exported in
1906, over $2,500,000 went to Canada
and nearly $750,000 to the United
Kingdom. Of the $2,250,000 worth of
lead in ore of foreign production ex
ported in 1906, nearly $1,000,000 went
to the United Kingdom, over $500,000
to Germany and $297,461 worth to Ja
pan. *•.£
Of the $1,500,000 worth of coffee of
foreign production exported in 1906,
$176,580 worth went to the United
Kingdom, $607,031 worth to Cuba,
$164,990 Worth to Germany, $200,110
worth to Mexico, and nearly $100,000
worth to France.
The value of foreign fruits and huts
exported in 1906 was about $1,500,000
of which bananas amounted to over
$1,000,000 In value. These bananas,
which were chiefly brought from Cen
tral America and the West Indies is
lands, were sent almost exclusively to
Of the nearly $1,000,000 worth of art
works of foreign production exported
in 1906, nearly $400,000 worth went to
Canada and $224,231 worth to France.
Codfish, of which the imports are
chiefly from Canada and Newfound
land, is another item of considerable
importance in the exportation of for
eign products, the total in 1906 being.
$181,537 worth, of which nearly all
went to the West India islands, es
pecially Hayti, Santo Domingo, and
Cuba. Lead in ore and base bullion
formed another item of considerable
value, aggregating $2,250,000 in 1906,
of which nearly $1,000,000 went to the
United Kingdom, over $500,000 to Ger
many, and most of the remainder to
other European countries. Tobacco
exported amounted in 1906 to $1,250,
000, of which over $750,000 went to
Canada and the remainder nearly all
to European countries. Sponges are
another item of foreign production ex
ported, aggregating $152,675 in 1906,
and being distributed chiefly to Euro
pean countries, especially France, Ger
many, the United Kingdom, and Neth
Of the $174,155 worth of foreign
champagne exported in 1906, about
$70,000 worth went to Canada, $26,
000 worth to Mexico, and $21,000 worth
to Cuba. Of the $333,000 worth of
foreign goatskins exported, $222,000
worth went to Canada. Of the $191,
000 worth of hides of cattle, $154,000
worth of hides and skins, $238,000
worth went to Canada and the remain
der to European countries. Of the
$358,000 worth of foreign nitrate of
soda exported, $259,000 worth went to
Canada and $98,000 worth to Japan. Of
the $418,000 worth of gum chicle re-ex
ported, $413,000 worth went to Canada,
of the $444,000 worth of lumber re-ex
ported, nearly all went to the West
India islands, South America and Mex
Of the $35,911,118 worth of foreign
merchandise exported in 1906, $13,836,
806 went to North America, chiefly
Canada, $10,911,151 to Europe, $646,
737 to Asia, $414,192 to South America,
$81,403 to Oceania, and $20,829 to Af
rica. To Canada alone the total was»
over $10,500,000, to the United King-
That Painter.
The artist who "bad found Marshby
foil of "paintable" places and friendly
people was much attracted by one of
the young women of the village, whom
e met at a social gathering. He
asked and was accorded permission to
"scort her home from a little party one
evening, and, as the evening was mild
and the moon was shining, they lin
gered at her gate for a few minutes'
conversation. Suddenly the stillness
was broken by a hoarse shout which
came from an open "window of the
little house:
"Cast off that painter! Cast off that
The artist started as If he had been
shot, but the young woman gave him
a reassuring smile and a becoming
"It's—It's just father dreaming," she
said softly. "He's a retired sea cap
tain sad often talks in his
A Poor Man of Mnttom,
"poor man of mutton" is a term
applied to a shoulder of mutton in
Scotland after It has been served as a
roast at dinner and appears as a broil
ed bone at supper or at the dinner next
day. One of the former earls of B.,
popularly known as "Old Rag," was
Indisposed at a hotel in London.
When one morning the landlord came
to enumerate the good things in hia
larder and to prevail on his guest to jln
Fargo Wants.
WANTED—A printer. Globe, Wahpe
ton, N. D.
WANTED—Men to have their razors
ground. Dondliue & Licther, 7
Eighth .street south.
WANTED—Men to notify us when
they have second hand clothes and
shoes for sale. N. B* No, 814 Front
PHYSICIAN wanted, to take charge
of hospital, must be single man and
registered in North Dakota. Address
Physician, Forum.
WANTED—Two-third printer. Must
be able to set about two galleys 8
point a day and clean proof." Come
quick. Free Press, Lisbon.
MEN WANTED—This county is be
ing organized by a force of private
detectives, affiliated with the oldest,
strongest and best detective organ
ization in the world. One good man is
wanted in each town, city and school
district. Experience not needed, but
must give references. Full time not
required. Opportunity to make good
money to right parties. Address by
letter only, G. H. Pell, Supt. for Cass
County, Fargo, N. D.
offers excepti'
i n
WANTED—Agents by a reliable old
line stock company, just entering
North Dakota, writing the most lib
eral health and accident policies in the
United States. Something new that
will take. Investigate. National Cas
ualty Co., Northwestern Dept.,'309 An
drus Bldg., Minneapolis.
Desperate Battle on Shipboard Be
tween Animal and Keepers.
London Tribune An exciting story
of a baboon's escape from its cage on
the Union-Castle liner Comrie Castle
was told when the vessel reached
Plymouth y^terday on the way to
London, with a large collection of wild
anlmals on
dom alone over $5,000,000, to Germany an! eight zebras, the property of
$2,250,000, to France $1,500,000, to Herr Windhorn.
Cuba nearly $1,50Q,000, to Belgium! Herr Windhorn, who for thirty years
nearly $1,000,000, to Mexico, a little
.more than $750,000, and to Japan over
$500,000 worth.
Ten Words
One Week
35 Cents
Rates for Classified Advertising One
cent a word First Time, One-half cent
a word each insertion thereafter. No
charge less than 10 cents for any one
ad. Terms, cash, unless advertiser has
a cfontract.
i! opportunities t-n.ipablc young
men. We now ..penin^sin the oliicesof s me
of the largest systems in the country for men ex
perienced in various branches of the work. Salaries
Vary according to ability. Good positions also
open for ambitious young men without experience
Write us today stating position desired.
HAPGOODS (Inc.) Brain Brokers.
311 Nicollet Ave.,
WANTED—Place to work for board,
by young man attending college. Ad
dress P. Husby, Aaker's Business col
WANTED—Position by first-class
bookkeeper or cashier. Can do type
writing, six years' experience. Best
references. Address Ed Selms, 304
LADY stenographer desires work
mornings. Phone, afternoons, 285-M.
WANTED—Position as housekeeper in
small family. Address Mrs. Mary
Olson, Lisbon, N. D.
board, Including five wolves
has collected wild animals, which he
sells to dealers and zoological gardens,
said the baboon stood 4 feet 6 inches
in height and was very wild. About
a week after leaving Cape Town it
broke out of its cage, but fortunately
the escape was discovered before the
animal reached the deck. For two
days, however, it was at liberty in the
hold, showing fight whenever it was
An effort to snare the baboon by
the cargo nets was found Impracticable
on account of the 15-foot leaps which
the animal made whenever it was ap
proached. At length Herr Windhorn
ventured Into the hold with his keep
er and endeavored to secure the bab
oon, the keeper offering it food while
the owner tried to come to close quar
Herr Windhorn's foot caught in a
net and he slipped, whereupon the bab
oon at once made a furious onslaught
on him, fastening his teeth in the col
lector's leg. It was Impossible to
shake off the powerful beast. In his
efforts to release himself Herr Wind
horn tried to force open the jaws of
the baboon with his hands. He was
In a measure Successful, but the bab
,Oon quickly fastened his fangs in
Herr Windhorn's right hand, which
was injured even'* more extensively
than the leg. The keeper, who hurried
to his master's aid, quickly became the
subject of attacks, the baboon in
flicting several bites on him, while the
boatswain of the liner was also bitten.
The beast afterwards refused to be
overcome by a half a bottle of whisky
and a dose of opium powerful enough
to poison ten men was also given him
eat something, his lordship replied, Kventuaily a large giating was fixed
"Landlord, I think I could eat a morsel
of a poor man." This, together with
the extremely unprepossessing appear
ance of his lordship's countenance, is
said to have so terrified poor Boniface
that he fled
bottle of lemonade without effect,
outside the companionway and by
means of a display of fruit the brute
was coaxed near it and as he stretched
an arm through the grating to grasp
an orange, he was secured. Legs and
arms were at length tightly lashed.
incontiueutly from the after which the baboon, attached to
tumbled headlong flown- the grating was »turn«i to his cage gouthey.
*+ali9L and then released. He died four days!
Fargo Wants.
WANTED—Lady cashier,
care Forum.
Webster hotel.
WANTED—Competent girl for gener
al housework. Good wages. 1021
First avenue north.
WANTED—Girl to help with two chil
dren and housework, no cooking. 614
Ninth avenue south.
LADIES—We sharpen scissors, knives,
skates. Donahue & Licther, 7
Eighth street south.
WANTED—Good girl for general
housework, small family. Phone 697.
712 Ninth street south.
WANTED—Girl for general house
work small family. Mrs. Neil
Wasem, Ninth avenue south.
WANTED AT ONCE—A wet nurse to
care for two-months-old baby. Ap
Fifth street north, or phone
WANTED—Ladies to notify me when
their pianos need tuning. C. I.
Nerhaugen, 118 Broadway. Prone 1245
M, or 171-L.
WANTED—Competent girl for gen
eral housework, three in family. Ap
ply at 1012 First avenue north. Mrs.
J* M. Bathrick.
WANTED—Immediately, good girl fo
general housework. Good wages,
small family. Mrs. E. L. Morris, 504
Eleventh street south.
WANTED—Good girl for general
housework, small family and good
wages. Mrs. J. L. Graves, 920 Fifth
avenue south.
WANTED—A thoroughly, reliable per
son to care for 2-months old infant
for a few months, at their home. Phone
735-Li or call 301 Fifth street north.
WANTED—Girl for general house
work, two in family, good wages.
None but thoroughly experienced
housekeeper need apply. Mrs. R. A.
Conover. 1439 Third avenue south.
DEALERS, write for samples of our
line. We sell to dealers only. The
Porte Company. Fargo. N. D.
PRIVATE party has money to loan on
improved city property. Address
Money, care Forum.
LOST—A $20 bank note, between
postoffice and J. F. Holmes.' Reward
for return to 1415 First avenue north.
LOST—Sunday between Third avenue
north and Gethsemane cathedral,
gold cross. Return for reward to 64
LOST—Saturday, lady's gold watch
with monogram on front cover. Find
er return to Forum office or to A. H.
Porter, 1438 Fourth avenue south, for
LOST—$5 reward for return of sealskin
muff, supposed to have been left on
south bound car, N. P. avenue, about
6 p. m. Monday. Enquire 107 Sixth
street south, Moorhead.
later and Herr Windhorn says he
thinks death was due to a broken
Moral Courage.
It is moral courage that characterizes
the highest order of manhood and wom
anhood, the couragj to be just, the
courage to be honest, the courage to
resist temptation, the courage to do
one's duty
.—Samuel Smiles.
The Old, Old Story Dolled Down.
She (early in the evening)—Good
evening, Mr. Sampson. Same She
(late in the evening)—Good night,
Pascal has a beautiful definition of
rivers. He says they are roads that
Rates for Classified Advertising One
cent a word First Time. One-half cent
a word each insertion thereafter. No
charge less than 10 cents for any one
ad. Terms, cash, unless advertiser has
a contract.
Address F,
dishwasher at
WANTED—An experienced
Fargo Steam Laundry.
WANTED—Girls to learn sewing. Mrs.
Hansen, 905 Seventh street south.
WANTED—Girl for general housework
in small family. Good wages. 121
Eighth street north.
At mart.
"This picture of your wlf# It an?
gelic. Does It look like her?"
"Well—er—it looked like her when
she was posing for the photograph,
y#»,"—Detroit Free Press.
Qood Little Boys.
Mother-I'm glad you're playing with
good little boys now. Tommy—Yes'm.
They ain't like the other kind. I kin
lick any one o' dese kids if I wanter.—
Philadelphia Ledger.
The True Philosopher.
There may be wisdom without knowl
edge, and there may be knowledge
.—, without wisdom, but it Is he who pos-
both that is the true philosopher,
Ten Words
One Week
35 Cents
Rates for Classified Advertising One
cent a word First Time, One-half cent
a word each insertion thereafter. No
charge less than 10 cents for any one
ad. Terms, cash, unless advertiser has
a contract.
FOR RENT—A front suite of rooms
with board, modern. Phone 953-L.
BOARD AND ROOM for two in mod-
I'ln house. IIL'3 First avenue south.
ROOM and board to be obtained at
Mrs. F. A. Paige. 121 Tenth street
Rooms Furnished, 8. 8.
—Furnished room, all mod
ern, steam heat. Phone 1279-L.
FOR RENT—Thoroughly modern room
902 Ninth street south. Phone 765.
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, heated
and lighted, $1 per week per person.
815 Seventh street south.
TWO furnished rooms for light house
keeping heat, electric light, tele
phone. Call 701 Thirteenth street
FOR RENT—Front room, ground floor,
direct entrance, tire place, hot water
heat, access to bath. Lady preferred.
Ill Ninth street south.
FURNISHED room for lady with priv
ilege of light housekeeping. Call In
evening, between 7 and 8 o'clock, or
address Mrs. R. Allard, 616 Front
Unfurnished Rooms,
8. 8.
FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms.
Apply Fargo Steam Laundry.
LARGE steam heated, unfurnished
rooni on third fioor, Davis block. En
quire A. L. Moody's store.
FOR RENT—Store room 25x75, in
Dixon block. Inquire at Dixon laun
FOR RENT—Store 24x52 and base
ment, inquire Mrs. E. Mathwig, Val
ley City, N. D.
Rooms Furnished. N.
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, mod
ern. 702 Broadway.
ed rooms.
-Furnished or unfurnish
220 Ninth street north.
FURNISHED room, modern, close to
boarding house. 1020 First avenue
heat. On car line,
608 Fifth street
FOR RENT—Three rooms furnished
for housekeeping. 737 Second street
FOR RENT—Twc furnished rooms in
modern house. Call 1016 Third ave
nue north.
FOR RENT—Pleasant furnished, heat
ed room, 21® Ninth street north.
Phone 485-L.
FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms In
modern house, good location. Apply
24 Ninth street north.
Rooms Unfurnished. N. 8.
FOR RENT—Three modern rooms with
alcove, heated. 1317 First avenue
SUITE of rooms with vault, in Magill
block. Call Pierce & Tennesoa.
FOR RENT—Offices, steam heated.
Enquire N. W. Port-Huron Co., 5
Cottages—N. 8.
FOR RENT—Six-room cottage, $15
near agricultural college. Apply 801
Third street north.
FOR RENT—Five-room cottage with
cellar and shed for $15 a month, at
312 Third avenue north. Phone 892-L.
WANTED TO BUY—All kinds of
men's second hand clothing. Send a
postal card to J. J„ 224 Front street
Fargo, N. D-
WANTED TO BUY—A second hand
light touring car automobile in good
condition and running order. Address
George Dunlava, Hilisboro. N. D.
ROOM 94 Edwards building.
BRICK OPERA HALL building, seats
people electric lighted, metal or
namental celling. Has had $2,000 of
improvement 011 same in past two
years. Paying well, worth $7,500, with
$1,000 incumbrance. Wish to exchange
for Dakota land. Write A. W. R. Boi
ler, owner, Nevada. Iowa.
MEN'S second hand clothes and shoes.
Send postal. N. B.. 814 Front street.
AUTO—A Surry type one, late 1905,
Rambler touring car must be sold by
Dec. 1. This car has a full set of
lamps (6) 30x4-inch tires and is In
first-class running order. Will take
a runabout as part payment. Write
for price and photo, jf. 0. Kurcht,
Wimbledon, N. D.
Fargo Wants.
Rates for Classified Advertising One
cent a word First Time, One-half cent
a word each Insertion thereafter. No
charge less than 10 cents for any one
ad. Terms, cash, unless advertiser has
a contract.
WE BUY, sell or exchange new and
second hand furniture. Easy terms,
M. Levits, 416 Front street, Fargo.
and second hand furniture and
stoves. Hartstein, 402 Front street
phone 181.
Hou«« holH Goo4«
NEW, and second hand furniture, in
stallment plan. Fargo Auction store*
510 First avenue north.
m.i •••—is. 1————
FOR SALE—Bedstead and springs,
brary table, stand, rugs, rocker, jar
diniere and toilet sets. Call at one*
at 819 Third avenue north.
FOR SALE—One single regulation
bowling alley, balls, back stop of"
leather and side runners. J. R. Pol
lock, Casselton, N. D.
HARDWARE business In N. Dak. net
tiny large profits can be bought
right. Write for particulars, stating
amount to invest. Address Hardware,
care Forum, Fargo, N. Dak.
FOR SALE—A harness shop in one of
the best towns in North Dakota. Suc
cess is assured, stock worth $1,800.
Would sell for $1,000 cash, the balance
monthly. Write to Daniel Lafortune,
Lansford, N. D.
FOR SALE—A paying newspaper and
job office in one of the best towns
in North Dakota. Complete outfit, cyl
inder press, power, etc. Excellent op
portuniay for party who has sufficient
capital to swing the deal. Address H.
II. P., Fargo.
LARGE SAFE for sale. The city of
Fargo has for sale, a Mosler & Bau
mann fire proof safe, sixty-six Inches
high, fifty inches wide and thirty-one
inches deep, outside, with ample ca
pacity for large records. This safe has
been used by the city auditor, is In
good condition and will be sold cheap.
Address Inquiries to N. Q. Morgan,
Mty auditor.
FOR SALE- od second hand cutter.
Inquire Stanford's feed store.
FOR SALE—Nice clean old papery
15 cents per hundred at Forum offlc&
FOR SALE—Two thoroughbred F#ng
llsh buli pups. Call 1201 Fourth ave
nue north.
FOR SALE—-Gilt Edge hot air furnace.
Will heat large store. Howland &
FOR SALE-—A trunk with goods la It
left for board. Enquire at 107 Eighth
street south.
IF you don't find the house or room
here to suit you, advertise for it.
Hundreds of people are watching this
column for your ad.
FOR SALE—Encyclopaedias, Century,
Americana, Britannica, books new,
latest editions. Address G. P. W.,
Lock Box 242, Fargo.
FOR SALE—Cass county maps, show
ing names of owners of every quar
ter section. By express, $1.76 for pa
per, $3.25 for cloth backs.
FOR SALE—On easy terms, fixtures
for confectionery store, soda foun
tain, counters, show cases everything
for first-class store. Address box 118,
FOR SALE—A few of those celebrated
sets of Forum dishes. $6 pays for
the set and The Dally Porum six
months in advance—if your arrear
ages are paid.
FOR 8ALE—Boston 3 star, flat cor
net, quadruple silver plated, gold
trimmed, high and low pitch slides.
Nearly new and in perfect condition.
A bargain for $50. Address Cornet,
care Forum.
FOR SALE—Furniture of a seven
room house at a bargain, 421 Sixth
avenue north.
FOR SALE—L0T8—8. 8,
FOR SALE—50x140 ft. lot, Eighth
avenue south, near Fourth street car
lino, pavement, trees, cement sidewalk,
fine residence site. Bargain If taken
before Dec,
I.« W. JCilpatrick, Fargo.
WANTED at once, two or three fur
nished rooms for light housekeeping.
Must be desirable. Address 143X, care .
WANTED TO RENT—Two or three
rooms, furnished or partly furnished,
for light housekeeping. Address
care Forum.
EXPERT furniture repairing and cab
inet work. C. C. Anderson, Keeney
FOUND—Sunday, Nov. 18, pair gold
rimmed glasses, on Fifth avenue
s«uth, Owner fan have same by pay
ing tot advertising. Call at Forum of
s r'
-1* -a
room, or two rooms for light house
keeping. Must be centrally located
and have conveniences. References v
given if desired, steady tenant. Ad
dress R. H., Forum office.
J:: fi
-fr* y

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