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i it,
4 *Mrt»irba»oe Covers a Wide Area
l.« Worst Now «t Points
East and South
Swirling over the prairies ft$m
Western Montana and southern A1
berta through North and South Dako
ta, eastward to the pine forests of
northern Minnesota and on into the
lake region, a genuine blizzard raged
all last night and today over the
northwest. Out on the open prairie
the blizzard was blinding, the wind
whirling the snow in great clouds, pil
ing deep drifts in all the low places,
delaying trains and doing other dam
age of a similar character. The snow
fall during the past twenty-four hours
has been comparatively light, only
about two inches of the beautiful hav
ing descended, but the wind made the
most of what did fall.
The storm came from the southwest
from southern Wyoming and Colo
rado, and proceeding in a northeaster
ly direction swept over the whole up
per Mississippi valley region. The
storm center has now passed Pargo
and is located today in ©astern Minne
sota and Wisconsin. It is also rag
ing as far south as St. Louis and Kan
sas City.
Following close on the heels of the
blizzard a cold wave Is coming from
the northwest. As usual, it started in
the Canadian provinces in the vicinity
of Medicine Hat, and is sweeping
steadily south and east, its coming
being heralded by a precipitate flight
of the thermometer cellarward. North
Dakota is just beginning to feel the
bottle of perfumery makes
a gift always appreciated.
In order that our customers
can be as liberal to their friends
as they wish, we have made our
always reasonable prices, a lit
tle bit lower than ever. Oufr
collection Is large and our price
range cannot be duplicated In
Fargo. Do your Xmas buying
now, and avoid the rush of the
last da.y or two beforg^
Broadway r*rKo
.'"* .' '.•
.* 1* jrv- ,v
49? ji
Bi klyn, N. Y., Dec. 14.—Sixteen
foreigners have been admitted to
Kingston Avenue hospital suffering
from smallpox. The board of health
are taking steps to eradicate the dis
ease from the block in which the
patients lived.
Rebuff for $chmt$e.
San Francisco, Dec. 14. Mayor
Schmitz and Abraham Reuf met viith
a temporary defeat in the'hearing be
fore Judge Duane when a motion made
by their attorneys to quash indictments
round against them by the grand Jtnfy
was denied. u.f
Wae Held Constitutional by tfee
Montana Supreme Court,
Heleria, Mont., Dec. 14.—Thfc mi
me court yesterday held the eight
ir statute of the state to be con
itptio^al, the decision being render-
In a case appealed from the district
art of Park cotinty.
Record Apple Crop.
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 14.—Joseph
Stubbs, state statistician, In his report
in the apple crop, states that it Is
more than double that of the previous
y nr, the amount corning up to 4,780,
Ofl0 bushels. The number of apple
uvea under cultivation last year was
4,222,078, but this year the number
must have materially decreased.'
Nicholas Longworth, the president's
son-in-law, wears only English-made
lothes. He stocked up on his wed
ding tour with a large assortment of
L'.rtdon goods, which are the envy
ot his fellow associates in congress.
7 Continued Cold.
/fit "'J-
^J $?%*
All New,
"'If'! fW /V n ,—Jk~
fs t. 5»J\ 1:
dozen of the latest creations iti Neckwear, in
the lates| shap^^ and newest silk weaves, at
250 dozen of the finest Linen and Silk Hand
kerchiefs. Initial of plaint especially fine grade,
made expressly for the Holiday trade.
25c to $t.«0
*.:5 I 5? .«*'*
J. F.
effects of the wave today, but tonight
'he thermometer is expected to take a
msiderable tumble and by tomorrow
morning wilfbe hovering well below
the zero mark.
Weather Observer Grasse promises
that there will not be any extremely
low temperatures experienced during
the present wave—locally nothing low
er than 10 below. Even this is bad
enough, however, in view of the coal
famine which North Dakota is ex
periencing at present, and it is hoped
the railroads will be able to rush some
supplies of fuel through to points
where they are most needed, so that
relief may be afforded. Otherwise
considerable suffering from the raid
is likely to result.
Wyndham to Retire.
London, Dec. 14.—Sir Charles Wynd
ham presided at the annual dinher of
the Actors' Benevolent Fund. He
stated that he contemplated an early
retirement from the stage.
"Smallpox in Brooklyn.
North Dakota: Fair tonight and $
Saturday continued cold. $
Corner First Avenue and Broadway,
Another Quartette of Witnesses Id" Ap
pear Before the Commission.
Four more subpoenas were received
this morning from the Interstate Com
merce commission to be served on wit
nesses in this state to appear before
the commission Dec. 18 3t Minneapolis
and give testimony regarding the car
shortage. The witnesses who will be
served by the United States marshal
are John Powers of Havana, Albert
Carl Bloom of Gwynner, Ernost Balling
and Harley S. Grover of Lisbon.
Military Wedding.
Washington, Dec. 14.—In Sti .Jake's
Episcopal church here today the mar
riage took place of Mrs. Marie Barnes,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gunnell, and
Lieutenant Mark Brook, U. S. A. The
wedding was a military affair and the
attendance fashionable. After the
ceremony a reception was held in the
home of the bride's parents.
Cuticle Scissors
•I Nail Scissors
Nail Enamel
Nail Powder
Nail Buffer
Nail Knives
Nail Files
Hair Brushes
-Fountain Pens
The Druggist ...
Corner First Avenue and Broadway, Fargo
'7'pJ i
Received by Express for the Holiday Trade
These Are the Best Values Sold in This City
Mayor Johnson Wants the Opinions of
the Doctors on the Water Sup
.... P'y«
?fow that the movement haa been
started looking forward toward the
adoption of some methods whereby a
better supply of water can be fur
nished in this city, Mayor Johnson is
putting forth every possible effort to
secure expressions from prominent
persons who are posted on water sup
This afternoon letters were sent by
the mayor to Drs. Darrow, Carpenter,
Sorkness, Burton, Henning, Callander
and Malarian. The letter of the mayor
seeks to have the above named doc
tors give their professional opinion in
writing as to the relative merits of
the water taken from the various ar
tesian wells of the city and the water
taken from the Red river, provided the
latter water was properly filtered. The
letter of the mayor to the physicians
is as follows:
Doctors Darrow, Carpenter, Sork
ness, Burton, Henning, Callander,
Malarian, City.—Gentlemen: You are
no doubt aware of the fact that the!
city council has appointed a commis
sion to investigate and report what
will be the best and safest water to
be procured for the use of the citizens
of Fargo.
At a meeting of the commission held
yesterday, various schemes were dls
ou.ssed. The one that seemed to meet
with the most favor was artesian water
provided a sufficient quantity could be
procured. I wish you would give your
professional opinion as to the relative
merits of the water taken from the
various artesian wells of the city, and
the water from the Red river, provided
the latter water was properly filtered.
I am aware I am asking a good deal
of you, but I feel that you will comply
with this request, as it is made in the
interest of, not only Ahe residents of
Fargo of today, but Of those who will
come to live here in the future.
The commission adjourned to meet
next Monday, Dec. 17, at 4 p. m., when
a report will be prepared to be sub
mitted to the council that evening.
If you will give your opinions—in
writing—so that I can lay It before
the commission when it meet% you
would confer a great favor.
Yours truly,
-J A. Johnson, Mayer,
Mason,io Officert.
Shllph Lodge, A. P. &
A. M., will
hold its annual installation of officers
this evening at the Masonic temple.
Hotne business matters will also be
brought before the lodge. The elec
tive officers who are to be Installed
Worshipful Master—Thomas Hall.
Senior Warden—James McGulgan.
Junior Warden—Jame£ H, Morrow.
Secretary^-Prank J, Thompsons
f.f- -jy*
100 dozen elegant Bengaline Silk Cravats, all
the new colors,-embroidered or plain, worth $1.50.
Our price—
Bath and Lounging
$3.50 tar $12.00
better PAY.
More for Cabinet OfRcers«-No Increase
for Members.
Washington, Dec. 14.—Representative
Littauer of New York today offered
an amendment to the legislative, ex
ecutive and judicial appropriation bill
under consideration In the house, mak
ing the compensation of the speaker
and the vice president $12,000 each,
and the members of the president's
cabinet $12,00 each. These amend
ments were adopted, but an amend
ment making the salaries of the sena
tors and representatives $7,600 per an
num, was defeated.
Cotton Boll Weevil.
New Orleans, Dec. 14.—The boll
weevil is slowly but surely working Its
way from Mexico through Texas to
Louisiana. This terribly destructive
pest has advanced approximately
41 & miles each year since its advent
into Texas In 1892. The present in
fested area Includes altitudes from
sea level to about 1,800 feet. Ar
kansas has also become Invaded, while
the pest has extended more than half
way across the state of Louisiana. W.
D. Hunter, in charge of the cotton boll
weevil investigations, United States
department of agriculture," Is at pres
ent In the south.
Indian Appropriations.
Washington, Dec. 14.—The Indian
appropriation bill for 1908, carrying
about $8,000,000, was agreed upon by
the house committee on Indian affairs.
The appropriation for the Indians in
1907 was $9,405,000. The estimates sub
mitted by the bureau of Indian affairs,
for the year 1908, aggregated $7,970,
000, or about $30,000 less than the bill
as amended by the committee. The
chief addition to the bill by the com
mittee was $150,000 for public achooln
in Indian territory for both whites
and Indians, pending the establishment
of the new school system Vv 1fct m.b)
of Oklahoma. 3 T*?
Bemidji Man Applies for Rewar^ Mon
oy for Missing Man.
Granville, N.
D„ Dec. 14.—that
"'*i U.V
know that these are the. best values sold in
this city
ust Genetzke will have an opportunity
to pay the reward of $&00 in cash
which he offered for knowledge of the
whereabouts of Rudolph Poll, seems
A telegram was received yesterday
from a man in Bemidji, Minn., stating
that he was acquainted with Poll and
upon payment of the reward offered
by Genetzke would produce the miss
ing man. Genetzke will go to Bemidji
and investigate the claims of the send
er or the telegram, and if the latter
ha.i the right man the reward will be
paid at once.
The entire case is clouded in mys
tery, and if the Bemidji man has lo
cated the right person and the my*
tery surrounding the disappearance of
Poll i» cleared up, much satisfaction
will be felt by the people of this vi
cinity, who have feared foul ptap.
i i
those who take an Interest In acho$
affairs or the training of chlldre|L
should miss hearing. This lecture wiSij
be free and a large attendance of Far*
goans as well as members of the as
sociation, is expected.
On Thursday evening Father
Vaughan, the renowned draniatic or%
tot *and Interpreter of literature and
plays, Will lecture in the assembly,'
room of the high school. This i
complete the social and entertainment
features of the association meeting.
Sterling Sentenced.
Ted Sterling, convicted of adultery!
in Moorhead* got two years with th«!
choice of either reformatory or tha
Have You a Little
"Shaver" in your M^ine?
i pssfcrj /j^-v
Side Features for the Meeting of
State Association in Fargo Dur
ing the Holidays
"i pi
Tl*e women's clubs of Fargo are to
play an important part in entertainliif
the delegates to the North Dakota Ef»
ucational association, which meets hef«
holiday week. Arrangements hawi^
been made by the committee, whic|)
has the matter in charge, to have 4 I
reception to the delegates given under
the auspices of the women's clubs
Fargo on Wednesday evening, Dec. 26,
in Stone's hall. On tho same evening®
Dr. O Shea, head of the college of edu«|
cation of the university of Wisconsi%^
will deliver a lecture which none
w« n«n a f-
of course. VI
(With ftpoiotcie* t) Fairy Soap)
M* Stroppiif. No Honing
Jut Latker and Skare*
A beautiful Gillette with 24 sharp
blades in pig skin cave, dfe
2x2x3 iachcs ... An
A Gillette with brush, soap IS** ig%
box, blades in neat case-.. 1
p.iu.e-".M $6.00
LJoil Drug Store
ft. CASSIiLMAN, Prop.
66 Broadway, Fargo*

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