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Albums, New
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The Milnor Tellor is advertising a
newspaper press cheap. It. is a good
chance fotf some publisher to {ft an
Casselton people are proud of the
fire department and a big attendance
is promised at the ball Ne^f fear's
Casselton is to have a farmers' in
stitute during the winter.
All the state's representatives at
Washington are interesting themselves
•in the movement to assist North Da
kota in the coal shortage and in get
ting a fuel supply. Congressman
Marshall's efforts to assist the Inter
state Commerce commission to gather
the facts—are of great assistance to
that body—as he is thoroughly fami
liar with the situation*^
Smallpox continues In th* Infected
districts In the southwestern •art of
Gass county.
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North Dakota Kernels
The name of, Grafton township in
Richland county has been changed to
S 5
The Hankinson News refers to the
editor of The Wahpeton Times in any
thing but a complimentary manner.
M. M. Carpenter, formerly editor cf
The Hankinson News, has returned to
the tripod after seven years and is
now owner of The Review ftt Osseo,
i n n i
Hankinson had a fire scarttk» 1
A fire started in the altaf of the
Catholic church at Cogswell, presum
ably from the sanctuary lamp, but
was discovered by a pedestrian in time
to avoid a serious loss.
Sargent county has telephone lines
connecting nearly all the towns, as
well a* the rtiral sections of tftjgjcoun
Editor Jordan of The Cogswell En
terprise has installed a gasoline en
gine and has sent to Fargo for a new
assortment of profanity ^jp^lcipa
tion of future trouble.
There will be no regrets in Dickey
i county if Judge Lauder is appointed
to the supreme bench. The W^hjielon
ex-judge is popular tn the southern
part of the state.
Sf-IS) Olt.l ."i
Marshal Ackerman of Crary was ar-
rested on a charge of impersonating a
Photographer Moore, of Edgeley was
stricken with apoplexy and died.
Many people rail against the cus
torn of giving Christmas presents, and
i point out the fact that much money
for actual necessities of life and for
the payment of honest debts is used
for the purpose of presents. Others
claim it is a good custom—even if all
the charges are true—as it warms the
cockles of the heart and shows the
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spirit which helps to make life more
•")—(5) 1
The Bdgeley Mail *?ot afterTh#13a
Moure Chronicle for what It termed
a "malicious attack" on C. H. Shells
of Edgeley on the county seat fight
Having been defeated for rs-eletf*
tion to the legislature,' C. H. Shells of
Edgeley is planning to spend the
winter in Cuba, instead of Bismarck.
oil house at the Soo roundhouse
in Enderlin caught on fire and there
was excitement for a while.
At Leroy Is a bell that was brought
from St. Boniface cathedral at Win
nipeg b^ Father Belcourt when he es
tablished the mission at St. Joseph.
It is said a bold attempt at graft
was attempted in Bismarck to secure
payment the fourth time on a certain
quantity of dirt valued at $63. The
earth In question was taken from an
excavation for a laundry. It is said
that James Kennedy, the sewer con
tractor, supposed this dirt was placed
the sewer t»soches last spring when
they caved In, and he paid the con
tractor for it. These same authorities
state that the dirt was put on certain
private lots on Third street and was
again paid for by the owner of the
lots. Not satisfied with this triple pay
for this dirt it would appear the con
tractor recogniaed that the eity was
"easy" and is attempting to secure the
fourth payment for thts fi&rticular
bunch of dirt. f,:
A. h. Geil and W. P. Thurston of the
Hazelton Republican have dissolved
partnership. The former retires and
Uie latter again resumes full charge.
Word comes from the far off frozen
up regions of the snowy north that
Henry Hess, a former Pembina county
farmer, alone and single handed, arm
ed only with an axe,dispatched a large
and ferocious Wildcat. Mh Hess .Is
located on a farm near Battleford,
W. T. Maher of Bismarck Is author
ity for the statement that although
the farmers of Iowa have had a bum
per crop this year they are looking
toward North Dakota as their future
home. He predicts that next year an
increased number of homeseekers from
that state will flock to North Dakota.
There was excitement at LaMoure
when three carloads of coal arrived.
The New York Board of Tradfe and
Transportation has Issued a call for a
meeting of delegates at Washington
on Jan. 14 to devise ways and means
and discuss plans for Increasing the
foreign commerce of the United States.
Cloyemor Sarles h^s been Requested
to appoint ten delegates to the meet
ing, and has selected the four members
of the state's congressional delegation,
Senators Hansbrough and McCumber
and Congressmen Marshall and Gron
na, and in addition C. J. Lord of
Cando, J. W. Smith of Fargo, George
B. Clifford of Grand Forks, M. A.
^Baldwin qf Casselton, E. 8. Edwards
of Mayville and H. H. Lyon of Mandan.
fancy, at
Defender Arises for the Dealers Who
Failed to Order Their Supplies
Early This Fall.
C. F. Turner has taken up the
cudgels iii the defense of the small
country fuel dealer on whose shoul
ders the railroads are endeavoring to
shift the blame for the scarcity of coal.
Railroad officials and others have as
serted that the present scarcity of fuel
in the northwest and particularly in
North Dakota, Montana and northern
Minnesota ^was due to the failure of
the dealers in the smaller towns td
stock up during the summer and fall,
thus laying in a good supply before
traffic became congested. In answer
to this Mr. Turner believes that the
whole trouble can be ultimately traced
back to the failure oif the railroads to
supply sufficient cars for shipping the
farmer's produce, which has resulted
in almost a stagnation In business and
has prevented the fuel dealers from se
curing enough money to buy coal in
large quantities.
"Mr. Gibbs of the Gibbs Grain &
Fuel Co., the railroads and others say
that the country dealer Is to blame for
Harry Mitchell's
wear ill-fisting
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A Cutting Affray.
Garrisoi Times: Mons Stamn?s, a
farmer living in the neighborhood,
eeriously cut about the head and
shoulders with a khife. The cuttihg
fracus occurred last Sunday at he
home of Stamnes. The injured man
was taken to Urtderwood where the
wounds were dressed. Stamnes has a
cut across the throat, orie on the fore
head and one bad cut between the
shoulders. Unless complications Set
In the injured man will recover.
Deputy Sheriff Patterson went out
Monday morning and arres^d Her
man Linder whom it is alleged did
the cutting. Linder was taken be
fore Justice Langballe of Underw-od
where he waived examination and
Into each life some
ruins must fall.
'Wise people don «U
down and bawliVffr
fools suicide
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^not laying in a supply of fuel during
jjthe summer and early fall," said Mr.
j,Turner, in discussing the situation.
("But just put yourself in his place.,
The country dealer does not possess
unlimited resources. He carries most
of the farmers from one year's end to
the other for groceries, dry goods, etc.
That is as much as the average dealer
can stand.
"Fuel is a cash commodity and the
winter's supply for a small town and
farming community runs Into big!
money. The railroad makes the dealer
pay the freight before it is unloaded,
and if it is not unloaded at once,
charges for demurrage.
"Oh, yes, it is a good thing for the
banks to have the winter's supply of
fuel put In during the summer months
if the dealers' or farmers' credit and
security is first class, but the price
which the dealer has to pay for fuel
is plenty high enough without his hav
ing to pay the additional 10 or 12 per
cent for interest on money borrowed to
lay in an early supply.
"If the farmer could have marketed
his grain In September, October, or
even the first of November, the coun
try merchant would have had sufficient
money to buy fuel and pay freight on
it, and it would have been shipped in
ample time to furnish him with a good
supply for the winter. But the cars
were not furnished, the farmer could
not market his grain and consequently
could not pay the dealer what he
owed him.
"The farmers of North Dakota di
rectly or indirectly, Intentionally or
unintentionally, are always the people
who have to pay the freight in the
long run, 'Jones' or anyone else to the
contrary notwithstanding."
talie to flight,
people telle
'Tee at night*, .,
—F%ut 51 Porte* field.
18, 1906. 11
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Mr f. ifgCALCR IN-
was bound over to the district court.
Stamnes was making preparations
for a trip to the old country an.i ex
pected to start in a few days.
To Cur* Cold in One bay
Tablets. Druggists refund money If
it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S sig
nature Is on each box. 2Sc.
Combined Door Knob and Bell.
A western inventor has recently in
troduced a combination door knob and
door bell, which serves to give warn
ing of the entrance of anyone, and
minimizes the danger from sneak
thieves. The door knob Is hollow and
is made In two parts, the outer part
forming a gong. Within this gong
are a couple of balls, which are oper
ated by means of gearing connected
with the spindle to sound the gong
whenever the spindle is turned, thus
giving the alarm. To keep your mind
and body in good trim, drink golden
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beverage. Order of your nearest deal
er or be supplied by Max Kalbrener,
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Muskrats Helped.*
Garrison Times: Old hunters and
trappers say that the killing of the
muskrat is tne real reason why so
many of the fish in the streams and
lakes are found dead In the spring
of the year. The streams freeze over,
solid and there ia no chance for
the fish to get air. Where the musk
rat makes his home there will be
found a hole in the ice, and thus the
muskrat becomes a savior of the fish
by furnishing them air. The destruc
tion of these animals means the
countless destruction of other ani
mal life in a great measure depend
ent upon them during the winter
months for air and life. The study.of
animal life is a very interesting one,
and In many Instances the life of
one is dependent upon thre life of the
other. We take the study of the bea
ver. We And them selecting a loca
tion for a dam and building the same
so that the water will rise to such a
depth that it will not freeze to ihr
bottom and thus shut off the means
of escape from their house. The
building of this dam also gives life
to the finny tribe that exists In the
water and 4re thus saved from ex
tinction by the wise sagacity of the
beaver. The boy or girl who wants
to spend the long winter evenings
pleasantly should take yp tiie ^Uidy
of Animal life.
'Of every description. Kid bod
and rag dolls. Dressed doll
and dl
cum loft,
if ..
IO Broadway
Pan Clupid Has Been VtoKHtiolk
tince Thanksgiving—He'll Ba
Busy During Holidays.
There has been a notable falling off
ill. marriage licenses within the past
week or ten days and the decline can
not be accounted for. Since Thanks
giving the average number of licenses
issued in the county court would hard
ly average one a day. The lull In this
Une at this time Is attributed to the
fact that Dan Cupid is too busy mak
ing preparations for the coming Yule
tide season. However, It Is expected
that with the dawn of the Christmas
Day there will be a rush for licenses
be the usual quota of
young men who Intend taking a brldte
as a Christmas present.
I Job in
jQrand Porks Times: J. F. IfcLaUft,
She' n?tTrihg superintendent of tl^e
ffchwols of Grand Forks county, has
been offi!red the position of principal
of tl\e Kugby high school. Mr. McLafr
has no.t decided as yet whether or not
he will accept.
Is always prepared for emergency by
keeping a bottle of Dr. Joues' Beavev
Oil In the house. It is a standby ijta
tifl cases of accidents, gives strength
t$ weak limbs, heals sores and ston
the severost pains.
^Guaranteed to cure rheumatism.
Mrs. D. H. Oone, 192 west Fir«$
street, thiluth, says:
After using Beaver OH fbr a short
time I have concluded that It is a very
useful remedy for pains and acheft,
ahtl am never without it. Before one
bdttie Is used up I purchase another,
ftff I know then that I am prepared
fo* emergency.
Mr. L. A. Richards, Otttysoa, Cai4
Dear-Doctor: The three bottles of
Beaver Oil I ordered of you last month
h«d such a marked effect, that one of
my neighbors wanted some. I am ail
well now as any man in California. My
case was a relic from the grip for
eight years my tar was crippled.
Yburs truly, L. A. Richards,
Fur sale by H. H. Casseiman, Mcr
DtfnaJd Prug Co„ Waldorf Pharmacy,
,v ,m

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