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Monday, Feb. 11.
Scottish Rite Reunion.
Tuesday, Feb. 12.
^OOttish Bite Reunion.
Wednesday, Fab. 13.
Scottish Rite Reunion,
Friday, Feb. 15.
Stefeoptlcon lecture at the
Methodist church.
't«rest. fc-iaiiJI
Note—All meetings srs
otherwise specified. These snooiHiri-ni.ri'H
will tie kept standing, and we shti be gk^l
to ft*ve notices s«nt In by persou#
AM Breaches Tsught lend tf Crtltpie
Fsr lirfermstkw WrH»
W. W.
Have Knight Printing Co. print it.
Brlckson photos will not disappoint.
Beautiful line of Valentine booklets
at McOlaije's Art Store.
See what a few lines of type will do
toward straightening out the matter.
When In Moorhead go and see A. J.
Rustad's new place next to the south
bridge. Phone 369.
My North Broadway home In Fargo
is for sale cheap. O. W. Kerr, cor
ner Nicollet end Third etreet, Minne
apolis, Minn.
T. J. Young & Co.'s 'bus and transfer
line will give you claim check for your
you will have no trouble at
flepot. Phone 18.
Timothy hay, nice, fresh, clean hay,
best produced in the state, 515 per ton
cash, delivered anywhere in Fargo or
Moorhead. Phone 300. John 0\ Hag
Best Pressed Brisk at Lowest Prises.
If jron eontsupUt* baUdia#, ill
Agars* sod •aaipls* from as.
Hebron Fire & Pressed Brick Co*
Hebron, N. D.
The fuel supply in the city last even
ing was low, but the situation was re
lieved this morning by the arrival over
the G. N. of 100 tons of hard coal for
the* Glbbs Grain & Fuel Co. A train
load of coal also arrived over the N. P.
last evening. ....
A- Perfect Bowel Laxative for con
stipation, sallow complexion, headache,
dizziness, sour stomach, coated tongue,
biliousness. Lax-ets act promptly,
without pain dr griping. Pleasant to
take—Laxets-^5 cents and 25 cents.
Sol^ McDenaW* DrugOo?*
The ladies 'of the Cathedral Guild
will gjve one of their inlmitabl^-«New
England suppers at 6 o'clock Thursday
evening in their rooms in the church
It is .4afd that as a special atyaULon
Dean Burleson, whQ Is In the cityy.i^ill
be present on that occasion.
We duplicate any offera iSati
mates freely given.
Fargo Subscription Agency,
John W. Searing, Prop,
"Sausage" is dead and Sam Crabbe
Is in mourning today. "Sausage" was
a fox terrier and Was as well known Iri
this city as any other canine. The lit
tle beast was raised by Mr. Crabbe
and was nine years old.' Last night
"Sausage" was killed in a fight with
a strange dog.
Company held its regular drill
last evening and following the drill a
meeting of company civil association
was held and delegates to the National
Guard association meeting w^lch was
held at Bismarck, made their reports
During the evening every member of!
tWe company was called upon to make
some remarks and the session proved^ r*
to be a most Interesting one. Favor
able reports were presented regarding
tha progress which is being* maije to^
wards raising' the audlt'orlum-armory
of good bread is in the flour. Pride
of Dakota Flour rfever fails you in
making good bread. Ask your
grocer for it next time. Made by
A peculiar accident," which would
probably have resulted in several fa
talities, had school been in session at
the time, occurred in one of the rooms
of the. central building a few days ago.
About 5 a. m. the steam Coil in the
room burst, filling it with steam to such
an extent that the paint was removed
from the blackboards in places, a large
part of the plaster fell from the ceil
ing and the varnish was removed from
the desks. All this in spite of the fact
that the janitor discovered the acci
dent within five minutes after it oc
curred and shut off the steam. Had
the room been filled with children at
told by JtfePonstd Dru§
Days. Copies.
2....ViV... 6,100
$.,»kvv.'..* 6,100
4 6,100
4' (weekly) 7,200
6 6,350
7 W 6 1 5 0
•S.'.vii?'*..'i'.'i. 6,250
.' 4. 6,350
0 6,300
11V.. v l...... 9,350
11 (weekly) 7,200
1 2 6 5 5 0
1 4 v 6 3 0 0
15 6,500
1«.^ 6,50ft
Days. Copies.
17.. $.600
18...- $.600
18 (weekly) 7,300
19 •)',.«.'... .$,825
21. ..* ,$,550
2 2
2d .vi V1. iv.'£• $,625
25 (weekly) 7,300
28. v i i 6 8 7 5
28 $.650
29........... 6,650
30,.„,.tw*. $.650
3 1 6 6 6 0
rfn 'j iiijff
Daily average, Jan. *07. IVV.*$,573
Weekly average, Jan., *07...... 7.250
Dally average, Dec., '06.,6,200
a y a v e a e O 0 7 5
State of North Dakota, county of
I, J. P. Edwards, assistant manager
of The Forum Printing Co., do sol
emnly swear that the above statement
gives the actual editions of the daily
and weekly Forum and Republican,
day by day, for the month of January,
1907. J. P. EDWABDS,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 2nd day of Feb., 1907.
(Seal) John W. Searing,
Notary Public.
My commission expires Aug. 12,1909.
the time they would have been subject
to considerable danger.
Look for Diemert & Murphy's adv.
on the market page today.
Exhibition pool games, afternoons
and evenings, at Tweeden's. N. P. Ave.
The W. C. T. U. meeting to have
been held tomorrow evening had been
indefinitely postponed.
The Cathedral club give a card party
tonight for ,the yQUflg people of the
cathedral and all young people are In
Hunt's Perfect Baking Powder never
disappoints, because it Is always made
the same—ts uniformly good—and
A New England supper wm be
served Thursday evening In the Cath
edral Guild room by the ladles of the
guild. Supper at 6 o'clock.
When you have a business to' sell,
invest a few dollars In advertising in
order to find the right buyer. He will
pay your advertising bill cheerfully.
in perfect running condition, standard
makes, runabouts and touring cars.
The Auto Exchange. 319 South Third,
street, Minneapolis. ......
Fargo Carpet & Rug Co.
107 Kighth Btrsst South, 'Bhon# KM*
Make Rugs, Clean Carpets, Clean
Kent or, Repair Sewing Machuief,
Sell Repairs, Oil and Needles for
all Machines. Sell Wall Paper.
The I. B. C. ladles of the First Con
giegationai Church will be at home to
the members of the Woman's Union at
Mrs. Emery's. 1024 Third avenue south
at 8 o'clock Tuesday, Feb. 12
The Loyal Temperance legion will
meet in the Toung Women's club
rooms at 4 o'clock Fridas' afternoon.
All children who are to take part In
the contest are especially urged to be
Dr. J. F. Hughes, formerly of Kan
sas City, and recently of PeTham,
where he has been practicing veterin
ary surgery, has decided to locate in
Fargo and is1in the city today with a
view to acquainting himself with the
While business is a little quiet and
people, seem to have little to do, why
not. get before, them with the news of
your store against the time when they
will need such things? Now is the
real time to print store news—you
know people are reading.
Piles get quick, relief ^from Dr,'
Shoop's Sfkglc Ofntment^ Rememtjer
it's made alone for Piles—and it works
with certainty and satisfaction. Itch
ing, painful, protruding, or blind piles
disappear like magic, by its use. '.Try
It and see. McDonti, Drug Co.
te^ anson.
Osteopathic Physician
American School of .Osteopathy
..Successfully and Scientifically,
Treats Diseases Without Drugs"
So-Called Incurable Cases
I' Solicited
Lady Osteopath Assistant
who makes a specialty of
Woman's Diseases
Office 614 FrontSt. Phone 1014M
Fargo, N. D.
Dea Mplttft9 /CaPitaVr The senate' 6f
the United States has'passed a service
pension bill giving every survivor of
the civil %*ar over, the age of,62"ytar8
a pension of^|12 per month- to be In
creased to $15 at the age .of 85 and
f| $20 at the* Age of. 70s. This i» 'a .mater
ial Increase Wee W* present "pension
rates-. 1*he hotiie
pass the bill and It will beebme a law.
Pension Commissioner Warner esti
mates that the bill will add $15,000,000
to the pension expenditure. But the
increase will not be for a*great while.
In the^.year, that ended June 30 last
3%,00« .pensioners died. For the first
time since the war the decrease in the
pension roll exceeded the Increase. The
whole number of pensioners Is a lit
tle below
The death "rate
will iuc.r.£a&e.. rapidly. The -average
age of survivors of the Union army Is
A Heavy Load to Carry.
Along with dyspepsia come* nervous
nest* and general til-health. Why? Be
cause a disordered stomach doe? not per
mil the food to be properly digested, and
its products assimilated by the system.
The blood is charged with poisons which
come from this disordered digestion, and
in turn the nerves are out fed on good,
red blood, and we see symptoms of nerv
ousness, bleeplessues* and general break
down. it is not head work, uor over phy
sical exertion that doe* it. but poor stom
ach work. With poor, thin blood the
body is not prom-ted against, the attack
of germs of grip, bronchitis and roiisiump
tion. Fortify the body at once with Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medina I Discovery a
rare combination of native medicinal
roots without a particle of alcohol or
dangerous habit-forming drugs,
A little book of extracts, frojn promi
nent medical authorities extolling every
Ingiedient contained in Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery will be ma Med
free to arly address on request by postal
card or letter. Address Dr. R. V. Flei
Buffalo, N. Y.
The "Golden Medical Discovery "cures,
weak stomach, indigestion, or dyspepsia,
torpid liver and biliousness, ulceration 01
stomach and bowles and all catarrhal af
fections no matter what parts or organs
may be effected with It. Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets are the original little
liver pills, first put up 40 years ago. They
regulate and Invigorate, stomach, liver
And bowels. Muck imitated but never
equaled. Sugar-coated and eisy to take
as candy. One to three a doss.
Alleged Apple Trust Said
to Keep That Fruit Out
of the Market and Thus
Restrict Consumption.
Does an apple trust keep that fruit
out of the market and restrict con
That'is a vital question that apple
growers the country over are discuss
ing since the immense crop of last
year and since the point has been
raised that there was collusion to con
trol the price and shut out supplies
of the crop in population centers.
A prominent farmer who raises ap-'
pies, but not for marketing, when
asked his opinion this week, said: "I
am not In a position to know as to
the truth of the charges of an apple
trust, but it Is quite possible that such
is the case. It is so in many other
large products of this country that
speculators ahd capitalists get control
of a year's supply, and manipulate
the market. The vast supply was used
of course as an argument against
a n y years of active practice convinced
Dr. Pierce of the value of many native
roots as medicinal agents and he went to
great expense, both in time and in money,
to perfect his own peculiar processes for
rendering them both efficient ar,d safe for
tonic, alterative and rebuilding agents.
The enormous popularity of "(iolden
Medical Discovery" is due both to its
scientific compounding and to the actual
medicinal value of its ingredients. The
publication of the names of the ingredi
ent* on the wrapper of every bottle sold,
gives full assurance of its non-alcoholic
character and removes all objection to
the use of an unknown or secret remedy.
It is not a patent medicine nor a secret
one either. This fact puts it in a clan
all by itself, bearing as it does upon every
bottle wrapper The Badge of Honesty, in
the full list of its ingredients.
paying good prices, but if it is true
that the fruit was prevented reaching'™ ""'''VT shfoments
the market In the great centers of
population, which naturally would re
sult in vast waste, the growers of this
county »suffered proportionately to a
considerable extent."
A writer who is a large grower of
apples, tells In a current journal how
the apple market was manipulated the
past season and there was actually
a portage in some Por on of tbe, waste, which if sold
United States, notwithstanding the
this year on appJes This loss Is not
immense crops. He says: first .of March-at prices that prevail
"Thousands of dollars, perhaps m!i
eveh cltles_™,„
lions, were lost In the United States
confined to the miserably low Pr oe thousands of dollars."
that was. paid for the apples purchas-j
ed, but it includes hundreds of thous-1
ands of bushels that were not pur
chased at all but were left to rot In
|be orchards.
"Of course the plea was made from
the market centers that there was
such an enormous crop of apples that
it was Impossible to handle them or
find, consumption for them if they
were shipped.
"That this Is entirely false has been
clearly proven. The United States
had not an excessive crop of apples,
and had all who would have used ap
ples at a fair price been furnished
there would not have been apples
enough to go around.
"The apple crop of 1904 was only
24,000,000 barrels, which, compared
with population, experts say, 'was the
smallest crop ever produced In the
history of the country.' This year,
1906, we have only about 12,000,000
barrels more, which still makes the
crop of 1906 a small crop. How, then,
may we account for the great loss of
the crop?
"Early last spring It was announced
that a 120,000,000 trust had been
formed to control the fruit and dairy
products of the United States. This
was promptly denied by the great cor
porations, but It was persistently re
iterated by the papers.
"Early in the apple season, as mar
ket conditions began to develop, the
writer, who Is himself a large pro
ducer of apples, wrote to commission
men) fn 'the l£8dfhg markets. The In
variable reply
'We would be
gUul' to handle yotfr apples, but every
foot of storage space in the city has
been taken.'
"That was an anomalous condition.
The commission men had not taken
the storage room, nor had It been
filled/ but U was contracted for and
"What is the reasonable, in fact the
Inevitable, conclusion? That $20,4(00,•
000 fruit and produce trust had con
tracted for the storage room and held
it against all other purchasers. The
result was that others who had In-
69. Many are past 70. The country
will endorse this service pension. The tended" to do so and would gladly haw
men who preserved the Union are the bought apples and stored theni dared
men who laid the foundation for our not buy because they could get no
country's* "present prosperity, They storage room.
cannot be overpaid,^
?$£»e further result wfe that the
Miss May Von Studiferd, as the
Qfeuntry Girl, Made Her Initial
,1 Appearance Last Night.
It is rare that Fargo audiences have
at» opportunity of passing on the first
public appearance of a talented young
woman, who gives promise of work
ing her way to the top of 'the ladder,
but such was the case last nlghk
Miss May Von Studiford, a sister of
Grace Von Studiford, the noted pHtnfc
donna, will always remefnbgr Fargo
and the kindliness of Fargo audiences,
for It was here last night that she
made her first appearance behind the
About two weeks ago Miss Elgie
Bowen, leading lady In TWe Country
Ghl. broke her arm. In spite of her
injury the. young woman continued to
play the part of Majorle Joy. About
terr days ago Miss Von Studiford
joined the show and started rehearsals.
Her last rehearsal occurred last night
just before the evening performance,
when Musical Director Moulton pro
nounced her capable of going on.
"Will she make good?" This was
thd' question members of the company
asked-, each other before the perform
ance. and immediately after Miss Von
Studiford's first entrance the question
was answered, without hesitation in the
A little nervous at first, Miss Von
Studiford gained confidence as the
play progressed, and the verdict of the
critics was that slje bids fajr to rival
her talented sister as a comic opera
I Scrsp Iron Wanted.
Highest prices paid. Notify us
where yours la Fargo lfon A Metal
Co., Fargis, N. D.
combine, being the only extensive pur
chasers In the field, made their own
prices, purchased only such fruit as
they fancied, and only In such quanti
ty as would command the most ex
travagant prices, after the orchard's
fruit had gone to waste, as they knew
it must inevitably do in a few weeks
leaving the combine the only sellers
as they had been the only buyers.
"But what of the extra storage room
thait others were anxious to pay for
and u^e? It was rented In advance
by the trust, and was held locked up
ahd empty! And that, too while the
fruit that consumers wanted was rot
ting in the orchards! This is the In
evitable inference from the facts ob
tai«ed and the course of the market.
"And there is another feature that
Is even more alarming still The writ
erjknows .of. Instances* whire local
buyers discovered markets in Irregu
lar places outside of the. "storage cen
ters, and sought to supply those mar
kets. It was easy to get cars for
first shipment, but after tjbaj cars were
"How may this phenomenon be ac
counted for? As soon as Independent
shipments were discovered going In
directions different from those of the
combine, the transportation companies
were given to understand that they
were 'short of cars' and could not fur
"No Investigation has yet been made
of these matters, but they will be In
vestlgated some time, and these are
the conditions that will be shorn and
they are conditions that may be re
peated at any time with any crop or
product' that requires storage.
"We know a single township In
southern Illinois where apples enough
wJU thg
-would have
provided storage room for all the ap
township. and
netted the
A Valuable Lesson.
Six years' ago I learned a valuable
lesson," writes John Pleasant, of Mag
nolia, Ind. *"I then began taking Dr.
King's New Life Pills, and the longer
I take them the better I find them."
They please everybody. Guaranteed at
all druggists.. 25c.
Send to the City.
Somervllle Journal: Considering
hoW strictly fresh all the eggs in the
country store always are, when the
farmers want to ,b,uy eggs to throw
at barn-storming 'actors, where do
they get them?
Caruso, the great tenor, says that
singers should never eat nuts, which
harm the voice more than any other
There is a cure for you as well as
others who have recovered from the
ravages of. Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Lameness, cold in the chest and lungs
as well as other violent Pains and
Achfs by using.
DR. JONEJ'.*.*
Mr3. John Curie, 22 Secoht street,
Duluth, Minn., saysr
"I have been a great sufferer from
muscular rheumatism In my shoulder,
but thanks to the miraculous power of
Beaver OH, I am now entirely well. A
few applications to the affected parts
reduced the swelling and the pains
left me. It took but one bottle to effect
a permanent cure."
Thousands owe
Headaches and Neuralgia From Colds.
world wide Cold and Grip remedy re
moves cause. Call for full name. Look
fop Signature E. W. Grove. 25c.
Germany and America.
fit, -Lpuip Qlabe-Dempcraf«#*
Convention of German chambers of
commerce held in Berlin, ColonialDl
rector Dernburg, in defending the kai
ser's expansion policy, said that col-'
onles Were essential for Germany as
an outlet for her surplus productw He
declared thatthe United State*, waa
taking away much of Germany's for
elsn trade. Enpeclalfy In the trade of
South America are we, according to
this intelligent German observer, mak
ing great conquests. Light and elec
tric power plants In Brazil and the
great mining undertakings along the
west coast of South America, he says,
have passed from German Into Ameri
can hands. Our shorter freight routes,
too, he avers are making gains for us
over Germany in the trade with China.
This Is agreeable to the United
States, but It Is Something different
from the talk which we hear at home.
We are aware that we are making
gains in foreign trade, but we liave
been told that the gains on our own
side of the Atlantic are smaller than
are those of Germany. .. Our consuls
and other persons who are acquainted
with the foreign trade situation tell us
that Germany, is pushing her trade in
the markets of the world with far
greater zeal and skill than we are.
Particularly in* South America, as we
have been led to beMeve, Germany. Jias
gained a large ascendancy over. us.
But this official of the German govern
ment tells a different sUry.,
There Is a strong probability that
this Berlin tribute to American suc
cess In pushing Its foreign trade Is
founded on fact. We know that the
United States has now taken the first
place In the Items of exports of mer
chandise, with the United Kingdom
second and Germany third. We were
third on the roll until a few years ago,
Great Britain and Germany both being
ahead of us. But In 1906 we went to
the front. The chances are that we
will remain at the front, and Increase
our lead there. We know that In the
calendar year 1906 the exports of our
manufacturers amounted to more than
$700,000,000, which shows a doubling
in the past half a dozen years. We
are not making as good use of our ad
vantages in pushing otir foreign trade
as we could do, especially in South
America, but we are making progress,
and are likely to score further con
quests In the present year.
1 A
their present good
health to the use of Beaver Oil. For
sale by H. H. Caeselman, McDonald
Co., Waldorf Pharmacy,
neapolis at
Other trains
4., ,-e
Cohwr of Froat and Blaventti Street*
Dr. E. M. Dsrrow Acquires
N. P. AvSnus.
Dt. &' M. Darrow has purchased the
old Savings '& Loan "association build
ing on N. P. avenue. The deal was
completed yesterday afternoon. An
heier & Rupert, insurance agents oc
cupy the lower floor of the building,
which was formerly owned by the
Northwestern Mutual Savings & Loan
association and was occupied by the
association until the Red River Valley
bank building was purchased. By the
transaction, which was mode through
the Red River Valley Mortgage Co.,
Dr. Darrow has secured a very valu
able piece of business property.
uilding Vifetor Larson, N. P. Fireman, Mst'A
jHorrible Death Nssr Edgsley.
Victor Larson, an N. P. fireman
rexictes In Moorhead. was crushed to
death Tuesday near Edgeley. The un
fortunate man was employed on an
engine pushing a snow plow.
It was while bucking the snoyr that
the engine left the track and .toppled
over. Larson was caught beneatfcvfina
literally crushed to death.
Nottds of*. Hearing Appliootiofl"ffir:
bruggist's Permit.
State of North Dakota, county. ^bf
Cass—ss. In the Cminty Court.,
Pursuant to an order of this court,
made on the 10th day of January, X.
D. 1907, notice is hereby given that
on Friday, the 15th day of February,
A. D. 1907, at 10 o'clock In the fore
noon of that day, at the courtrooms of
this court, at the county courthouse,
in the city of Fargo, county of Cass
and state of North Dakota, has been
appointed by lb* judge of this cojjrt
as the time and placg for hearing the
pMition of Arthur W. Drew, of the
village of Davenport, In said Cass
county, for the granting to him of a
druggist's permit to sell for medicinal,
scientific and mechanical purposes,
malt, vinous, spirltnus, fermented or
other intoxicating liquors in building
on lot 13, block 10, In the village of
Davenport, county of Cass and state
of North Dakota, when and where a,ny
person Interested In the granting of
said petition may appear and contest
the same under the provisions of tha
law, and they will be heard.
Dated at Fargo, North Dakota, the
10th day of January, A. D. 1907.
(Seal) Judge of County Court.
(Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31 Feb. 7, 14.)
16 u ST.
Includes Beds, Springs, Mattresses,
Dressers, Chairs and All Kinds of
Household Goods.
Bunseris Catarrh Cum
Then yon will be-interested in tfie Btiriingtoii't
superb through service to Chicago via the
Mississippi River Scenic Route
through three hundred miles
I IZ9 l-1
Lumber and Coal
ot it 1 in O,
iLeave Minneapolis 7:50 p. m, 9^50-p*
Su P-Aul $40 pf a1* 10:30 p, 0)1,
of the most picture
esque scenery in America. jjl
The Day
the Train de Luxe,
F#r additional informatioa rtftrdbl
roatss sad scrvice siidrsts
Wt M. SUGG, northwestern Passeafsr ifeftt^
C.f B. 9c Q. Ry.,
mania 3oildin
Mine V
,nv aad St. Paul $:ao a, m*

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