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Disease4 of Men, Diseases of Wo- j*
Lung Diseases, Nervous*
Chron'c Disease -Specialist'
AtMoothcad, Minn., liurof-ean iivici
FRIDAY, April 12,
i Bettiralrig etery montk. r1
Comuit Him While the Opportunity it
at Hand.
RBA si ili.'uDOStiig
nixl tri'ntinK diseases ami deformities. He
will give $50 for liny cane tliat lie cannot
toll tho disease tmd wbere located hi live
All curable niofllcaJ and 'surgical dis
eases, nnd Special Diseases of tho Kye. Ear
XoBe and Throat, Lung Disease, Early
Consumption, Bronchitis, Bronchial Catarrh,
Constitutional Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Slel
Headache. Stomach and Rowel Troubles.
Appendicitis, Itlicuniatisni, Neuralgia, Sciat
ica. blight's Disease, Diabetes, Kidney.
Liver, Bladder, Prostatic and Female Jts
oases, Dizislness, Nervousness, Indigestion,
Obesity,Intorruptod Nutrition, Slow irT\vti
In Children, and all wasting disease In
adults. Many cases of Deafness, Ringln
in the Ears, Loss of Eyesight. CataPact.
Cross Eyes, etc., that have lieen Improper
ly treated or neglected." can be easily re
stored., Deformities, Club Feet, Curvature
of the flpino. Disease of the Brain, I'a
ralysls, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Dropsy.
Swelling of tue Limbs, Stricture. Opeu
Sores, Pain in the Bones, Granular En
largoments nnd nil long-standing rtlsefisef
properly treated. Young, middle-aged and
old, single or married men and all who suf
for from nervous debility, failing memory,
weak eyes, stunted development, lack of
energy, impoverished hlood, pimples, ami
skin diseases. Eruptions, Hair Falling
Bono Pnins, Swellings, Sore Throat. Ulcers
effects of Mercury. Kidney and Bladdoj
troubles, Weak Back, etc..' receive search
ing treatment, prompt relief and cure tor
Cancers, Tumors,Goiter, Fistula, Piles,
Varicocele and enlarged glands, with the
subcutaneous Injection inethod, without
pain and without the loss of a drop ol
blood, Is one of his own discoveries, and is
the most really Scientific cure of the twen
tloth century. Consultation to those in
terested, $1.00.
IR. RKA & CO..
Minneapolis, Minn. Louisville, Ky.
308 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 9|Ioe
I I I I Mil Hi mi
|HaK*« Slraater Charge AUtbt
Linton Record: The price of print
paper has taken another upward turxi,
and goodness knows where it's going
to stop.
An of which leads The Re­
cord to make a few remarks. Space
in a newspaper is the publisher's stock
in trade. It is the same to him as the
merchant's stock is to the merchant.
Where a frtee entertainment of any
kind is given local notices of the
same will be published free. But,
hereafter, for all entertainments of any
kind where a charge ts made, 5 cents
a line will be the price for all local ads
appearing ia The Record, and display
advertising for such entertainments
Will be charged for at legal rates. The
average country publisher is usually
willing to do his share whenever a
public enterprise is contemplated but
he should Hot be expected to give away
his goods (hi* space) any more than
any other business man Is expected to
give away,his goods.
Not at All Discouraged.
Philadelphia Press: "Can't yqii
realize that you are .only wasting my
time and'your own ?rt complained the
busy merchant.
asked the insurance
"I told you some time agd that I was
Insured tu the limit."
"I know you did, but a man will say
most anything to get rid of an insur
ance man."
The News—No Purs Drug Cough
Cure Laws would be needed, if all
Cough Cures were like Dr. Shoop
Cough Cure is—and has been for twen
ty years. The National Law now re
quires that if any poisons enter lnt
a cough mixture, it must be printed on
the lab^l or package. For this reason
mothers, and others, should Insist on
having Dr. Shpop's Cough Cure. No
poison-marks on Dr. Shoop's labels—
and none in the medicine, else it niust
by law be on the label. And It's noi
only safe, but,,lt Is said to be by those
who know |t best, a truly remarkable
cough remedy. Refuse to accept an$r
other. McDonald Drug Co.
The World Growing More Sane,
.Minneapolis Journal In spite of
the disinclination of certain European
powers fcoi/discusy the question at all it
begins t© look as^if limitation of a nana
ments would be the most important
topic considered at the approaching
world's peace conference- of .course
no one expects that the conferefic^ will
take any positive, action iooking toward
the limitation of armament, though it
4s not in the leafct unlikely that Great
Britain through her premier. Sir Hen*
will make a
definite offer to give up building one
of the six new Dreadnoughts now or
dersd in return for the abandonment
of one such warship by France, Ger
many and the other great powers. The
millions consumed in building these
monster warships, which in less than
a generation will be sent to the scrap
heap, are pressing heavily upon the
working classes all through Europe.
The world is »Uwly coming to a mtner
and morfe sensible •standard*
ff 4*
V v
o S
»JA -h&yi\k
I^t ftunday society in gorgeous
hues of blues and greens and summer
flowers came forward smiling after a
period of unusual quiet. Never has
the Lenten season in Fargo been so
iovoutly observed. Now that the
irange blossom season has arrived the
•-'Hiety editors put forth their little
stock in tr.ide mention of numerous
oeautiful belles, who are soon to be
brides with vague references to the
month of June and a long train of
bridesmaids. What would spring and
sprifig poytry bring without lovers,
and* what would June be without a
bride? And the joy bells which rang
out their religious significance on
Eastef morn will be echoed In the
merry wedding bells to ring at var
ious times between this and midsum
Miss .Frances Hoyt, teacher of Latin
at the high school, left Friday evening
on an extended European trip, In the
course of which she will visit many
places of classical and historic inter
est. Sailing from Philadelphia on the
steamer Haverford on April 13 she
will go first to England, landing et
Liverpool and going from there lj
Stratford on Avdn where sne will for-
Miss Hoyt will be accompan-ied on
'ier trip abroad by Miss Brooks of th~i
Mills College of Art in California. Tha
two will return to America in August
and Miss Hoyt expects to resume her
duties'at the Fargo high sc&ool wheii
school opens in September.
Allen Jackson of Grand Forks, trav
eling passenger agent of the Great
Northern, is in charge of the city tick
et office in this city during the absence
of Mr. May who has been called east
on account of a death in his family.
Mrs. Henry Dongan will leave Mon
day for an extended visit with her sis
ter at Bellingham, Wash.
Mrs. Carey, who has baa$ a guest
at the home of J. A. Chesiey, return
ed to Spokane, Wash., Thursday after
A fraternal society event' at Jameft
town, next Friday, will be the formal
installation of the recently elected of
ficers of the Jamestown lodge B. P. O.
E. by W. EJ. Hunt, D. D.~ G. E. R. Th?
officers are as follows: Exalted Ruler,
Otto Bauer: E. K., C. D. Shtirlock
E. R. K., C. F. Rathman E. L. K„ M.
Sinclair: secretary, R. E. Wallace
treasurer, M. Murphy tyler, Andrew
Blewett. C. A. Klaus, past exalte I
ruler has been elected representative to
the gifand lodge to be h«ld this y^ar at
Philadelphia, July 15.
Mrs. Lottie P. Beaver and Miss Inez
Poe Qf Tower City spent Thursday in
Tom Mfcrfthy of Sanboifa -ti&* be«o
visiting his son, Ben at one Of the local
hospitals during the week.
'•'®--f 'i" i
The Blue Lodge Masons will have
Fellowcraft services at 3 o'clock Sun
iay afternoon.
(Charles J. Alien, secretary bf tho
Fargo Y. M. C. A., will be married at
Duluth next Wednesday morning to
Miss Helen McKay of tnat city. The
ceremony will take place at the McKay
hotel of which the bride's brother, Wil
liam McKay, U proprietor and Dr. T.
H. Cleland of Chicago, who was for
merly pastor Jf the First Presbyterian
church of Duluth, will officiate.
It was while he was secretary of the
Y. M. C. A. at Duluth that Mr. Allen
made the acquaintance of Miss McKay,
who was a teacher in the public schools
of the city and an active worker in the
First Presbyterian church of which Mr.
Allen was also a jtiember. Since Mr.
Allen left Duluth, the two have kept
up a correspondence and following tho
popular secretary's return from a visit
to the ZenitH city during the holidays
the engagement was mad« known to
a few intimate friends.
Mr. Allen will leave for. Duluth eith
er Sunday or Monday and hp expects
lo bring Jiis bride back with him wlth
lh a few days ,when they will go to
housekeeping in this city. Tho many
friends Mr. Alien has made in this
Hair ort Face,
Neok and Arms
fietuoved hy the New
rnv»m'iiio moJer-i v„ net- It isttx
iflC Jin) way u j.uj '. VoiSt wgste
-tiiieuxperiuieuMnit with fiecirolj'Kili, S ny am! iln
'il^toriB*. Tlimeare vmi on t)i« BAKK WOKIt
oji/riit n-.-i hihI irtHnut'iicturarM. IV Aliraclf is
nt. 11*
urtly nipttio'l «liloh
is ini!or*Pi[
liystuuin'. -urseoii!", leriittu)ogi»t*, ti'du-a liiur
an prominent. mHifM'/int-K Boi'l-it-r
tin *niilel iiiMici!, lr»
i on appvr, mr $l.m hy De Mir*c!« ('lieiriioal (!«.
I'jirk (v(., New York. Yottr u«n«y tmck without
i i.'-ti'in (no reil tapp) if li faHn to do *1 tli*t ia
-moml lor if, Kor k«i« by ull ISret clawt druKfinu.
iMP'Ttmwrifutonw, mid
O. J. ^aL&NDRE&lE'S.
x" w
!HE!S£ #ti
city are snowerftigf him with congrat
ulations on his coming marriage.
Miss Vera Morrow has as her guest,
Miss Dorothy Dodge of Minneapolis,
Assisted by the members of other
churches the local Presbyterians will
dedicate their newly comDleted house
of worship Sunday. Services of an
impressive and beautiful character will
be held morning, afternoon and even
ing. At the morning service the'regu
lar dedication will take place, and the
dedicatory sermon will be delivered by
Rev. Willis O. Craig, of McCorroick
Theological seminary. Ch'icago.
In the afternoon there will be a fel
lowship service in which the pastors,
choirs and many of the members of the
First Methodist, First Baptist and
First Congregational churches and the
pastors of the Broadway M. K. and
English Lutheran churches will parti
cipate. Many of the members of the
other churches will also attend this
service. A number of beautiful musi
cal selections will be rendered by the
different church choirs and addresses
will be made by Rev. Herbert Tilden,
Rev. H. G. Leonard and Rev. R. A.
Beard. George Greaves, formerly of
Morning 8ervica, I0t30.
Voluntary—Gloria McA&ft
Spripture Reading.
Soin—The Earth is the Lord's.. Lynes
Mrs. Harry Wheelock.
tunately be in time to attend the Anthem—Festival Te Deum-•
Shakespearean memorial celebration. I vrr .Dudley Buck
After leaving Stratford On Avon she v r*
will journey to Florence, via London., R©v- Willis G. Craig, D. D., L. L. D.
She plans to devote about two weeks Offering
o studying art and visiting the places
historic Interest at P'iorence. Af
ter leaving that city the remainder of
her time will be spent in Rome an.l.
Greece Where she will not only do con
siderable sightseeing but. will glvs
much attention to the study of arch
eology, particularly that portion of it
which relates to the time of Juliui
Caesar, knowledge of which will be of
-•reat assistance to her in her chosen
line of work.
Fargo, now of Minneapolis will sing, ^"nor ^rec* P- Bennett of La
The usual evening service with a ser-1
mon by Dr. Craig, will coaclude thai fm"3ement'
dedictorv exercises. I1
dedicatory exercises
The programme for tile dtty
Welcome Happy Morn....
v., 1 8hakloy
Mrs Burnham, Mrs. Wheelock, F. A.
Lander, Geo. Greaves.
The Dedication.
Dedicatory Prayer
Postlude Gouriod.
Fellowship Servica, 3:30 p. rti.
Voluntary—Andante. v.
Invocation ...
Rev. W. H. Glmblatt..
Hymn ,.t,
Scripture •••-••....
Rev, J. W. Danford.
A n e i U Y o u e a 4 O
Gates—Messiah ....
First M. E.,,t,hur^/t ClU)it. ,.r
Prayer ry.,.., ....
Rev. X). Mclntyre.
Anthfm*—1 Waited for the Lord.,!,..
e n e s s o n
First Baptist Church Choir.
Address ,U ,..
&ev. Herbe&.yihlen,,
Solo4-The Earth is the Lord's
Mrs, Ernest Wright,
From First Congregational Cnurch
Rev. H. G. Leonard.
Offertory—Spring gongf.. Mendelsfijhp
Anthem—Lead Kindly flight.. .....
Dudley Buck
Mrs. Dllworth, Miss Carpenter, Mr.
Babcock, Mr. DodBl«af»
Rev. R. A. Beard.
Anthem—The Heavens Are Telling..
The Combined Choirs.
Trio and Solo
George Greaves, Soloist.
Trio: Mrs. Hall, F. A, Lander and
Wm. Zuts,
Benediction ..
Rev. John A. Zundel.
Postlude—March from Athalla
Evening Service, 7:30 p. m.
VoluntaryLargo .. ..Handel
Anthem—The Resurrection.. .. Shelly
Scripture Reading
Solo—^H«ar Ye, Israeli—Elijah.. ....
Mrs. Butaham.*'
Prayir .... ......
ir. Craig.
Offering .....
*., ......
Anthem—The HeaVens Are Telling..
...» .... ./.... ...
Hymn ....
Postlude.. i v. .Rink
In order to cull attention to the an
nual observance of ladies* night and
reception for the fair aex which will
be held by the members of El Zagat1
shrine on the evening of Wednesday,
April 10, the chiefs of the noted order
have issued the following unique and
characteristic announcement:
Mohammed, when he married his
steenth wife, gave a feast in honor of
the occasion. It is known among the
Mohammedans as the feast of All Wi
Fema Keme Nogo od. For the past
1,500 years the occasion has been ob
served by all regenerated sons of Al
Coming out of the dim memories
which surround the origin of our mys
tic order, tradition lays a heavy hand
upon the sum of action. Its deduc
tions often make our conclusions in
accurate, and therefore, if one gets
$25,000 damages for losing both feet
in a railroad accident, he believes him
self well "heeled," and most people
think so, too. The cogency of such
reasoning makes one cling to past
events and beliefs. The Shriner is not
exempt, and thus to commemorate an
occasion that never occurred, El Za
gal tenders, extends and puts forth
a cordial invitation to its members,
and the ladles of their immediate fam
ily, to be present at Masonic temple
Wednesday, April 10, 1907, and enjoy
an Arab's hospitality^
Dancing, o'clock
Feasting continuous3
Carriages ab libitum. ".
Shriners' Bons eligible.
Using your own folks,.
1 V
v f'' ,* V -T i
wwn ladles have a show, and let it be
a Shrine affair.
J. Frank Treat, Potentate.
Prank J. Thompson, Recorder.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Stewart ara
spending a few days fti St. Paul and
Mr». D. IS. Hughes Is entertaining
her sisteri ^rs, Galbreath of Seattle,
The Students Dancing club formed
a., merry ^arty at Styne's hall Friday
Mrs. F. Jv .Haynes of Mtnnea£offo IV
visiting h«. daughter Mrfc. D. W.
Miss Olive Browhlee, who has been
ill at St. John's hospital the past two
weeks, returned to her home In Maple
ton this afternoon fully restored to
Mrs. C. E. Wilson is visiting relatives
in Superior, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jordan entertain
ed Friday evening a few friends in
Euchre was the form of
Grns8 won
Mrs. Bennett and C.
the head trophies, while
tlio consolation wrnt
and George E. Hall.
to Mrs. Rosvii
Dainty refresh­
ments were served, and the occasion
was a most pleasant one. Mrs. Jor
dan was assisted by Mrs. and Miss Co
C. O, Foll«tt left Thursday night on a
week's business trip to Chicago.
Mr, and Mrs. E. Y. Sarle§ and Mrs.
O. c. Sarles of Hillsboro were Far
visitors Friday:
Mi.«s Mabel E. Rickford returqej,
Thursday from a pleasant week's visit,
with Casgelton friends.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Frohne and lit
tle daughter, Josephine of Detroit,
Min.i., were Fargo visitors Friday,
Miss Elsie Ehrman will leavg the'
latter part of the month to her
parents in Spokane, Wash. ,,
Mrh. S. Birch expects to leave ,tlvi
coming week to spend the summer In
Salt L3ke City.
Keystone chapter, R. A. M., will glvo
a party some time the latter part of
the month.
A. onus* formerly •. of Vha Mtnot
Optic and recently of The Grand Fork?
Herald, has accepted a fosition in itha
news dopartment of The Forum.
-#udgq Amidon has
MrsJ§$u|un Praseott aatertafnlU a
few friends wHh ^uchre Wedhesday
evening, at her cosy apartments in
the Colonial flats. Mrs. C. W. Mor
gan, Mrs. Osgood and Mr. McDonald
won the prizes. Mrs. F. P. Bennett
was honor guest at this pretty party.
Wednesday evening Mrs. A. C. Bier
man entertained very informally
though delightfully at her home, 301
Eighth street north, at dinner compli
mentary to Mrs. F. B. Bennett of Lar
imore. The table was prettily trim
med In cut^ flowers and a choice menu
O. G. F. Markus, formally manager
of the Union Light, Heat & Power Co.,
was a visitor in Fargo Monday. Mr'.
Markus is with the Mainlands, the
former owners of the local gas plant,
and is now in charge of the mechani
cal departments of all the Mainland
plants. .a liu-, ,.
Dr. B. E, Basye arrlvsd bome Su
evening after a two months' trip
through the south, making stops at Hot
Springs, Memphis and New Orleans
and the winter resorts on the gulf of
Mexico. En route north Mrs. Basye
stopped at Columbus, O., to visit her
mother, and win not return Fargo
until late in May. The doctor look*-
well and sfl-V* h® Is feeling fin*. He
will resume his practice of osteopathy
at once.
Mrs. R. A. Thompson will entertain
the rhembers of the Island Park 500
club this evening.
Mrs. C. B. Miller was called to Fox
Lake, Wis., by the serious illness of
a near rotative.
The senior class of th® Fargo col
lege were royally entertained by Dean
Stratton at 6 o'clock dinner Thursday
Mrs. F. A. Irish erftertained Wednes
day evening at her home, 34 Eleventh
street north, in honor of her sister,
Miss Lprna Brown. Dancing was the
feature of the evening. The rooms
were prettily decked with bright and
fragrant flowers and an animated pic
ture was presented by the gathering of
youth and beauty. Nothing was omit
ted to make the evening thoroughly en
M. I. Mclnlry, speclar agent Of thfl
U. S. land department, wtio" has Been
promoted from the district of North
and South Dakota to a district of
which Denver, CoL, will be his head
quarters, left Tuesday for his new
post of duty. Mrs. Mclniry and fam
ily will leave in a few weeks.
After receiving the sad Intelligence
that her father had just died, Mrs. M.
A. Hildreth left Monday night for New
t® the
city and, was in his chambers today.
A. 1 §$"$
vy. L. Williamson and daughter of
Li§ldn stopped in Fargo Thursday on
the^r way home from Grand Forks,
wHjtrfc.'they attended a meeting of the
Postmaster and Mrs. H. S. Oliver of
Lisbon? stopped in Fargo .Thursday on
their way. home from the city down
the Red, where they have been attend
ing the gathering of the Knights Tem
folks, yv^pr] York ,!iO attend live f^neraj.# Her.iruiny ippipM^pwip^-TSWiii J.-
week. If so,
ible and
K I. Ames'
119-121 Broadway
friends in this city wtl| regict to team
of her trouble.
Miss Edna Danford, one of til.
teachers of Frazec, Minn., is in Far
go visiting her parents and alsp visit
ing the Fargo schools. Miss panfofti
has accepted the sjme position in Fra
z e for another year.
The Mioses Mary, Alma and Ellen
Johnson entertained the members of
the choir at their home at 716 Eleventh
street north Tuesday evening. Music,
singing and games made up the. pro
gramme and a most bountiful repast
was served. The members decided to
meet once a month at the different
homes. .•,
R. E. Young, son-in-law of Cltjr
Auditor Morgan, returned to Fargo
with his family Tuesday evening, and
they will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Morgan for some time. Mr. Young
for several years has been in the gen
eral store business at Baden and suc
ceeded in building up a successful
trade. A few days ago he entertain­
L-'i V
ft .•'
you were several inches longer waiated and your
fritnds complimented you on your trim, coifett carriage.
That, because i the excellent corset-^-and much because of the correct
fitting done at our shop.
Bone can't slip in the caiing, the clothes won't rufnple.ilie grateful
curves remain and will not "ride up," to make yon short wasted again.
These coraets are front lace, with patent pullies to make lacing exty
and perfect. See them.
Oriental Rugs
Oriental Rugs Imported by. Mr. Dap 'H&pip frMti Corfi
stantinople, on sale. Hundreds of Magnfflceiit 'Ori-''
f^nt.-ii Rnftd, Wnut1fuh"ih'tafot-tuttiand de!-.ign. h«iv bten
mnrk.d'at prlt^y
low thar n^» one Avant^ug superb
lloor coverings can :*.fford to miss this sale, the greatest
opportunity of th^ year to secure one or more pieces fwr
parlor, hall, dining room or library. Mr. Dap Haptp,
just from the orient, has brought to Fargo,' rfi.ffiy beau
tiful, antique and modern pieces that wlll delfght the
eye of the connoisseur as well as all lovers of artistic
rugs from Turkey and Pwsla whose beauty is everlast
i n i
Everybody Invited to Call and See Them
Miss Alice Rut ledge of Casselton
visiting Mrs.-13. G. Guthrie fO£
Mr. and Mrs. R. 3. Qro«n,j)6jMaple
ton are the guests of. their daughter,
Mrs. A. A. Hodges.
Rev. Mr. Childs and R. A. O'Connefl
of Casselton were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. ,C. H. Barber Wednesday
Dr, Callander has returned rm
visit to «astera pokit» ond .on .U1h wa"
home he visited with Dr. Campbell in
St. Paul. The letter is improving rap
idly and able to go down town to din
ner. He is stronger, brighter and more
cheerful than for years and anxious to
regain his health sufficiently to r^stltold
his practice in this city.
»-.., ^r
M-.«i r*i
Newest Imported Models?
PeflMilWi you bought a new corset during our
Dap Hapip
Mrs. Burnam.
Rhapsody No. 2 Llsst
Mrs. E. H. Wright.
Sognai Schira
Mrs. Wheelock.
In Autumn 0*N«Ui
Spring Song ..«/'•••
Mrs. Bunurm.
Obiigato, Miss Paige.
Rental To Apply
On Purchase Price
K^eduiced to
$2«0..0. Hontli
Why rent a second-hand machine at any
price when you can get a
hg 610 Front Street,
S Fargo, N. D.
i .v?
K A "i I s i'
ed a good offer and potyj .out
interest in the enterprise.
•-, —.—— .•• i
Farewell Concert.
A tare well concert will Ue given in
Stoic's Hail Monday evening at 8:30
to Mrs. Grace TAncoln Burnam. Mie
programme Is as follows:
Lift Thine p]yrt? .....r.-r Mendelssohn
Mrs. 33. R. Wright, Mrs. «. H. Wright,
-j Miss ChfeirtiJlne.
J,'"! Op. 142 .........Bchubwt
I Mrs. E. H. Wright.
Olii Had I Jubal's Lyre .......Handel
Songs My Mother Taught Me..Dvorak
Mrs. Burnatn.
Fantaisie Wlenlawskl
Miss Paige
Evening Song -....... Sudds
[Mrs- E. R. Wright, Mrs, E. H. Wright,
1 Miss'Champlne.
^ymiihsxaail'.Fawji^...«. Barnbecg-
i Stored
than iiy l. i! at Iimui",
for we have the ,facilities of doing it.
And get rkl of THAT WORRYING
about.moths d®KU'°V'hXK
furs dur-
ing summer season, by sending them to
DENIS BROS. We have the only fire
proof cold storage T?ofji in the north
west, which
built at a great ex­
pense for the" accommodation of our
A postal card bf phone No. 341-M.
and we will cafl.
El^xniss Bros*
Wheeler Wilson Machine
j^f latest style, ndth attachment® complete,
Ja.oo per month,or may be rented by the week.
Rental Payments may be applied
On Purchase Price, if desired.
Oa Display at Singer Storq.
Sold only, by
107 roadway, N.
A i
if -j
I v

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