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Note—All meetings are eteiilngs
otlfffwlse Bf.crlfit'ii. These announcements
Will bp kppi standing, and we shall be gind
to huge aoiiccii gent lu by persons la is
-i- i»
Friday, Way 17k
Celebration of Norway's Independ
ence Day by Sons and Daughters of
Tuesday, May 21,
Jur^ term, U. S. district court opens.
Thursday, May Mi
Decoration Day.
M*a •MtMMba
OrrMMMUHt. rwtTAVLi.
4§BraMhM Taught Sand far
F»r istfeymsfto
w. w. must, MsienS,
Have Knioht Printing Go. print It
Dr. Salvage, Knight building, spe
cialist on heart, lungs, liver and kid
When kf Mofrrhead go and see A. J.
Rustad's new place next to the south
bridge. Phofte S*».
There ar« meetings every night in the
week at'the Front street Mission to
which all are invited.
T. J. Young & Co.'s 'bus and transfer
line wtU give you claim check for your
truhk so you will have no trouble at
depot. Phone IS.
The Commercial Club cigar, three for
26c and f05 straight. Union workman
ship, made In Fargo by Sulzbach &
Co. Ask any dealer.
With two or three more days*of this
ktjBd of jwfeq.ttiQ' the leaves oil all
tnl trees wlli be cfat. Spring appear*
to .be here for a dead certainty.
Sargeant Coleman of the police
force is doing execution among the
dogs of Fargo, several having kicked
the bucket" in the past two days.
**#he beat cup of coffee In the city
mh be had at all hours at TwMden's
restaurant, N, P. avenue. Short orders
served. Call for what you want, we've
got It.
Judge Pollock, of {he. district court,
\vjll return from BflsW&rck on Sahirdify
if this Week, as court convenes here
nekt week. Hi had several cases for
trial at the state capital this week.
Let everybody who is at all interest
ed in the baseball situation do his ut
most tfrfrafds securing a team for Far
go. There is nothing that so
vertises a tojvn a» a fif^trlass ball
:.*•* .-f-,
We duplicate any offer*
,r mates freely givga*
"/jfargo Subscription Agency,
John W. Sssrlag, Prop.
Fargo, N. D.
A traveling man in authority for the
statement tluu Moorhead bartenders
are experts on "high collars" especially
those they put on, the beer glasses.
You don't get all you pay for ov$r
/As yet there has been no decision
as to the location of the next state
Jlilr. The Grand Forks people have
not yet filed their answer, and until
this is done no action by the courts
cflta lie taken.
,It is likely that the Mrs. Cramer
murder'Cft.se wltt 'cWAj? tijj' for" trfal 'th
the district court the ^coming week.
This will make the second time the
cflse has, been heard and it is. believed
that a *Vet*dIct will be reached at thi?
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup is best
for women and children. Its mild ac
tion and pleasant taste makes It pref
erable to violent purgatives, such as
pills, tablets, etc. Get the booklet and
a sample of Orino at H. H. Cassel man's
Lion drug store.
The past few days has seen thou
sands of acres of land seeded for
wheat. No one here believes that the
season Is too backward. From all
parts of the state aome reports of
"great expectation** .for the, coming
itat Pmwd Brick st Lowest Prises.
If FOB eoataatplsts building, i»t
fi^tirss sod saw piss from at,
Hebron Fire & Pressed Brick Co.,
Hebron, N. D.
Ij. i.V-
Britain has generally been generous
in rewarding her soldiers. Perhaps
the ditk^ of Wellington came off best
in this respeit. In his earlier penin
sular calnpaign hp was granted a pen
sion of $10,000 a year for two genera
tions arid on the conclusion of the
peninsular war in 1812 he was voted1
$500,000 for the purchasing of an
estate. After Waterloo the govern- I
Days. Copies
1 7,325
2.4j,,•. 7,328
3.......... 7,325
4.......... 7,325
5 7,325
5 (Weekly) 7,250
8. 4*
11. .. A 7,350
12 (Weekly) 7,250
1 3 7,600
15 7,350
meht bought for him the estate of tissue builder and nerve restorative that
StrUthneklfcaye at a cost of $1,315,000. jg known to the medical profession.
Low! Wolseley received a grant of, Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills stop
$125,000 on completing his Ashantl
campaign: Sir Hugh Gough for the energy into the wasted nerve cells and
Sikh war an annuity of $10,000: Sir overcome weakness and disease 50
Colin Campbell $10,000 for wiping out cents a box. 6 boxes for $2.50. at all deal,
the Indian mutiny and Sir .Henry era or Dr. A. W. Chase Med. Co., Buf
HavfJock for the relief of Luck now felo, N. Y. The portrait and signature
$5,000 4 year. Coming to more recent «f Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt*
limes, Lord Roberts received $5,000,- book author, on every bos.
000 for his services in the South Af-j FQUT 4 PORTIRHKI.IV
UftfrULATION, apri^ JW7.
Daily average, April, '07 .... 7,383
Weekly average, April, *07. 7,250
Daily average, Oct., '06 6,075
State of North Dakota, county of
I, J. P. Edwards, assistant manager
of The Forum Printing Co., do sol
emnly swear that the above statement
gives the actual editions of the dally
and weekly Forum and Republican,
day by day, for the month of April,
1907. J. P. EDWARDS.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 1st day of May, 1907.
(Seal) John W. Searing,
ArgJUsville, N. D., May 8-~To T»*e
Forum: The farmers have been seed
ing the past week in this vicinity.
Miss Alena McLaln spent Saturday
«nd Sunday in Fargo.
Miss Matle Hildreth, Mr. and Mrs.
L. Hodgins and Mr. and Mrs. A. Heller
came up from Fargo Saturday evening
to attend the funeral of Lizzie Sugg.
Will Veitch was a Fargo visitor over
John McLain Intends leaving for his
claim at Battleford, Sask., the latter
part of this week where he will remain
for three years.
On Friday night Lizsie Sugg was
summoned to taker her place at the
heavenly throne. Lizzie was an amiable
and dutiful daughter and sister, and
was well respected by those who knew
her. She was the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sugg, being
about 13 years of age. She had been
sick for some time and her death,
though not entirely unexpected, cast
a gloom over the community. The
funeral services were held from the
church, the sermon being preached by
Rev. McConnehey. A large procession
of sorrowing friends and relatives fol
lowed the remains to the grave side
where Rev. McConnehey read the com
mittal sentences and pronounced a
prayer and benediction. Interment
was made iti the' Argusville cemetery.
She leaves a sorrowing mother and
father and a sister, besides numerous
friends to rpourn her loss. The fam
ily has the sympathy of the entire com
munity H* tfclfe, their hour of bitter
Rest, Lizzie, rest, ,y~,
The toilsome life is past,
Jesus has taken thee hQnMc!$'
To, dwell among the blessed,-
Rest, Lizzie, rest,
Thy pains and aches are go»e r
God has heard thy many pra^ta'
And now has taken thee homfc V
Rest, Lizaie, rest,
We meet on earth no more
But it won't be long until we meet
On Canaan's happy shore. Cor. A.
Dlsease 1* a tearing down, wasting
away and destroying of the tissues of
the body arid a shriveling up of the
nirve cells and blood corpuscles.
This wasting process may attack the
lungs, the heart, the liver, the kidneys,
the bowels, or, as is most frequently
the case, result In collapse of the nerv
ous system, prostration, paratygi*
or In
sanity. ,*•
Tou may rest assured that disease will
search out your weak spot and gain
the upper hand.
Nature demands assistance to over
come this dreadful wasting process.
And such assistance is best supplied by
Dr. A. W, Chase's Nerve Pills, which
mm far
Days. Copies.
16 *... 7,350
17. 7,359
IS .A 7,350
19 (Weekly) 7,250
0 7,600
22...., 7,350
23*... »*?*. 7,325
24..... v. v. 7,32
2 5 7,325
26.... 7,325
26 (Weekly) 7,250
27...A*-4,. 7,550
29 7,325
80.,. .vin V. 7,325
Notary Public.
.My commission expires Aug. 12,1909.
rica' campaign and Lord Kitchener .re
ceived $150,000 after Omdurman.
Erlckson photos will not disappoint,
W. G. Mahon, of the Salary Loan
company, has removed his offices to
suite 6, Humtlngton block, 106 Broad
way, Fargo.
My North Broadway home In Fargo
is for sale cheap. O. W. Kerr, cor
ner of Nicollet and Third street, Min
neapolis, Minn.
The work of building the foundation
for the new double flat on Seventh
street south is progressing, and will
be completed inside of two weeks.
There is no question but thai the
civic improvement committee Is
strongly in favor of beautifying Fargo
and everybody should help them in the
The safe, certain, reliable little pills
that do not gripe or sicken are Dade's
Little Liver Pills. Best for sick head
aches, biiliousness and lazy livers. Sold
by McDonald Drug Co.
'Prick now only
J. C. McKendry, at Temple, or H.*
,^C. Plumley at Forum,
the most thoroughly effective
wasting process, put new life and
s u y 7
As was predicted In The Forum
Tuesday evening, the water commis
sion at Its meeting yesterday unani
mously decided to recommend to the
council that one or more artesian
wells be drilled ,and the request was
made that the sum of $1,500 be placed
in the hands of the commission with
which to do the work. The meeting
continued for two hours or more and
the question of water was discussed
in all ltf phases by different mem
Professor Wltlard of the
tural college was in favbr of remov
ing the water plant at once to somfs
higher ground where there would be
no danger of the plant being put out
of commission by reason of high
water, as was the case only a few
months ago, but this was opposed on
the grounds that it would cost a large
sum of money to do the work, and
it was stated that a pump could be
secured at a cost o£ $2,500 and in
stalled on the hill for emergency
Engineer CrabW of the committee
stated that the people of Fargo would
not be satisfied until a thorough test
was made on the artesian well propo
sition, and after this was done and
it was found that water could not b«
secured in sufficient quantities, then
the filtering system would be the next
io be tried. He stated that if artesian
wells were secured it would even then
be necessary to retnove the water
plant, and the same would be the case
in case the filtering system would be
installed, tout if the city continued to
use the water from the Red river as
now there would be no necessity for
the removal, as the emergency pump
could be used. Mr. Crabbe said that
he had given some attention to the
matter of a location for artesian wells,
but this matter will not be made pub
lic at the present time. It was the
sense of the meeting that the water
works be not moved until further in
vestigation on the part of the com
The filtering question was not offi
cially passed on, but was discussed.
Just where the artesian wells will be
located is not known, hut they will
be drilled as near the river as pos
sible, In order that it will be possible
to reach the water plant without
going to great expense, and Morton
Page was appointed a committee' to
investigate suitable sites as well aft
to take options on the same.
W.' A. Scott and Engineer Crabbe
were made a committee to look into
the practicability of using the exhaust
steam from the water plant for heat
ing purposes and to report at a meet
ing that will be called by the chair
man, Professor Willard. It is under
stood that Mr. Willard and other
members of the commission will be
at the council meeting on Monday
night next to report to that body as
to their recommendations.
Mrs. S. Joyce, 180 Sullivan atrfeet,
Claremont, N. H., writes: "About a
yewr ago I bought two bottles of Fol
ey's Kidney Cure. It cured me of a
severe case of kidney trouble of several
years' standing. It certainly Is a grand,
good medicine, and I heartily recom
mend It." H. H. Casselman, Lion drug
Washington, ,May committee
of experts has just' completed' count
ing all the "unused" money in the
vaults of the controller of the cur
rency at the treasury department. It
amounted to $176,000,000. The count
was ordered by Mr. RIdgely, the con
troller. In spite of the fact that the
money in the great vault where this
sort of money js kept has not been
counted for six years and that during
the period more than $3,000,000,000
has been issued from the vault, not
a cent of the money was missing, and
the account as kept by the bookkeep
ers of the issue division and the count
of the committee of experts agreed
to the cent.
Controller RIdgely was induced to
order the count because of a chance
thought that so long a time had
elapsed since the last count had been
made and of the always present pos
sibility of sheets of money going
astray notwithstanding the precau
tions that are taken to prevent it. It
Is a tribute to the care and faithful
ness of Mr. Eldridge, who has been
in charge of the vault throughout the
period, that everything was found in
such excellent condition. He is one
of the most tried and trusted employes
of the department, as he has been in
charge of this big money vault for
thirty years, through all changes in
the political complexion of the na
tional administration.
la Surprise to Eldridge.
The plan for the count was inigt
made known to Mr. Eldridge. The
committee walked into his office be
fore the hour when the time Jocks on
the vault permit the door to be
opened. They placed the seal of their
authority on the vault and the money
was doled out to Mr. Eldridge by the
committee. In two business weeks
that have passed since that time the
chief has not had access to the vaults.
The committee has checked th« money
for current nsen in and out of th«
VHult each succeeding day. This is
ne of the merhods
jurnsnr m.
The twenty-third annual meeting o
the Bed River Valley Baptist assocla
Hon fcill be held at Bathgate on Jun
and 6 and an interesting programm
has been. prepared. Harry Tuttle o
Grand Forks is moderator of the meet
ing. ^, The following programme iuu
been prepared:
Wednesday, June 5.
General Topic: The Church.
11:60—Devotional Servce Jamei
11:10—Appointment of Committees
11 15—-Reading of Church Letters.
12 d#*—Adjournment.
Afternoon 8«Mi0fK,
2:00 Devotional Service—Rev. C. 3
2:15—Report of Nominating Com'
mittee and Flection of Officers.
2:30—Address—The Church and It,
Missions—Rev. Myron Cooley.
3:00—Women's Home and Forelgi
Mission Work,
Evening 8essiott..
7:45—Devotional Service Pete
Cameran. i
Uncle Sam Counts "Unused1'
"Money and None Is Missing
8:00—Address—A New Testamen
Church—Rev. L. B. Crosbv.
8:30^-Annual Sermon—R?v. W. H.
Thursday, June 4,
•9:00—Devotional Service Angus
9:15—Reports of Standing Commit
tees and Business.
9:30—Address—The Chufch and Its
Pastor—Rev. C. H. Frye.
West Fairview.
West Fairview, N. IX. May 8.-—^To
The Forum: Mrs. Ed. Godfrey's sister
returned home Monday.
Geo. Sherwood Is able fb be but
Jessie is thlnklhg' Of camiSIng In
South Dakota this summer.
Harry Brown is helping Mr. Thomp
son fi|l the soil this spring
Messrs. O. E. and W. Hanson and
wives depart on May 20 for the James
town exposition. They will visit Wis
consin and Vermont before returning.
Jas. Brown is very proud of his new
Miss Julia Nash retutfied to her
home in Buxton.
Mr. A. I. Wilcox, a of this
county, was shaking hands with old
friends the past week.
Epworth* League meeting was un
usually good Bunday night.
Cor. W. F:
experts to a count abeolutel
impartial and accurate", and also ren
der it' certain that there has been n
chance of juggling of the contents c* i
a vault while a count is in progres.1
People like to speculate upon tli
length of time It takes to count bl
sums of money in connection wit
their dreams of great wealth. Th
count which the experts have Jul I
made gives a basis upon which som
calculation can be made as to th I
length of time the extremely ric
would need to count their possession!
The "unuseji" mohey which has jus
been counted is the "stock" or surplus
of national bank notes always kept
at a high average by the treasury
officials so that they may siiply th
demands of the banks for new monej
The money is perfect in every deta i
except that it requires the signatur
of the president and cashier of th
bank on whose account it is Issued
The nptes are in sheets, four notes
a sheet, and these sheets are cut int
separate notes by {lie banker aa,,:lr
places, them in circulation.
Counted in Twelve Days*
The force which did the' physics i
work of counting for the commute
consisted of twelve female and seve
male counters. This force worke
from 9 o'clock each morning until
o'clock each aftt rn ion. It took th
force exactly twelve working days
make the count of $176,000,000. Th
bills were In denominations rangin
from $5 to $100. There are but tw
$100 notes to a sheet and four note
to a sheet of the smaller denomlna
tions, so that the average in the coun 5
is well maintained.
Officials of the department say tha
there has not been a successful at
tempt to rob till* vault since 1869. I
that year a negro laborer succeede
in getting away with 1,500 sheets o
$20 notes. At the time he was help
ing to move some furniture near th
open door. of. the vautt. He wag tol
to carry one of the file cabinets h*
moving around the vault. 1-
of the treasury pas.^in^'! he door he silked out a pack
10:00—Report of the General Mis
10:45—Address—Every Member of
the Church a Prophet—H. H. Tur
11:10—S. S. Missionary's Report
and Address—The Church and Its
Bible School—Rev. E. P. Johnson.
I Afternoon Session.
2 :S)—-Devotional Service—Mrs. E.
J. Bftbcbck.
2:43—Bible Study—The Churdi ahd
the World—Rev. E. PhllHpa.
3:15—Reports of Committees oh Ob
ituaries, Resolutions, Place and
Preautier. etc.
3:30-~Address—The Church' and Its
Finances—John Kippon.
4:0(j—Sermon—The Church and Its
Headj-RfeV. F. E. R* MlHif,"
$ I
9 r'
Wck Bhie name Oil Cook-Stow"
Because it's clean.
because itf 8 econom
Because It saves
Because it gives best
cooking results.
Because its flame
can be regulated
Because it will not overheat your kitchen.
Because it is better than the coal or
Because it is the
age of tH* notes. He had applied for
a furlough, which he spent in South
Carolina. After signing up some of
the notes he passed them in that state.
Congress passed an act appropriating
$5,000 to take up any of these notes
that fell Into innocent persons, but
only $125 ever was used. It was never*
learned what became of the balance
of the package, but It is certain that
they were never offered for redemp
tion at the treasury department, as
the system of checking the number
of notes is such that if one of the old
issues should be presented even at
this late day it would be discovered
before it passed to final redemption.
Irt 1867 a clerk, throiigh an accom
plice, succeeded in passing out a
package containing $42,000. This was
recovered intact and the^ clerk was
sentenced to a term in prison.
Talk Record It Fifty-ninth's.
The records made by clerks Of the
senate and house show that In the last
congress—.the Fifty-ninth—more talk
ing was done than in any other in the
histppy of the country. Thefr re
searches go back fourteen years, or to
the Fifty-second congress. The latter
congress filled 2,020 pages of the Con
gressional Record with its talk, as
against 4,810 for the Fifty-ninth. In
the Fifty-second congress, 10,123 bills
werfe introduced, but the Fifty-ninth
set a new figure with 25,897. The
Fifty-second congress was in session
340 legislative days and passed 398
public and 324 private bills. The
Fifty-ninth was in session 227 legis
lative days and passed 692 public and
G.248 private acts. Most of the meas
ures known as private acts are for
the correction of military records or
the grant of pensions. No congress
ever passed the number of bills that
were made into law as the Fifty-ninth.
It appears that such a thing as a dis
honorable discharge from the army or
navy, uncorrected by legislative act,
soon will be a positive curiosity.
Congress is riot only generous to the
nation's fighting men in the matter
of pensions but it is also charitable
in the matter of expunging from the
records anything set down against
theif conduct.
For other reasons see stove at ymtciea)dr^
or write our nearest agency.
Made in three sizes and fully warranted.*
IP^T ft *annot
N o i N o 2
oil stove*
for its bright and
steady light, simple construction
and absolute safety. Equipped
with latest improved burner. Made of brass throughout
and beautifully nickeled. An ornament to any room,
Whether library, dining-room, parlor or bedroom. Every
lamp warranted. Write to our nearest agency iI sot at
your dealer's.
Commissioner Gilbreath Goes to East
to Secure Laborers for North
Dakota Farmers.
Commissioner of Agriculture Gil
breath passed through Fargo yester
day on his way to St. Paul to enlist
some laborers for work In this statlJ
Requests have come from different
parts of the state for farm help anl|
other laborers and Mr. Gilbreath wW
seek to visit the headquarters whetig
labor is to be found and lend his peiv
sonal efforts toward supplying the de
mand, and making arrangements for
the bringing in of laborers to help
out. He will probably be absent for
several days.
Kidney complaint kills more people
than any other disease. This Is due
to the disease Wing so insidious that it—
•gets a good hold on the system befoits
It Is recognized. Foley's Kidney CuriS
will prevent the development of fatal
disease if taken in time. H. H. Cassel
man, Lion drug store.
"r Notice to Contractors.
8eah*d bids will be received at
for»sr of Front and Eievenffi Strggfl
vc' PHONE 386 FARGO, N. D.
(Great Northern Rai iway
533 P* ®.~The Oriental Limited between St. Paul an#
Seattle 3:50 9.«.
9-No. 10 r. -iA
•:55^ •&>"'' St, Paul-Winnipeg via Breckenridge in#
Grand Forks 0:339.01.
fNo, 11—No 12
5»'0 p. tt.^Fargo-St. Paul local via Fergus F%li.i ami
®iOO p. uvi~-Fargo-St. Paul local via Breckenridge and
connections tor
.- 1NT0. 131- NO. 132
iokxi {k.
nt^Fargo-Greenbufth local v»a Moorhead
Sioux City 8:1
Northern and Crookston 6 101
tN'o. in—No. l!2
P- m.—Fargo Larimort local via Grand Forks lino tt
1 No. No.
office of D. F. Bangs, superintendent
of the school for the deaf at Devil#
Lake, N. D., up to 9 o'clock a. m. of
Friday, May 10, 1907, for making cer
tain changes and additions to the
school for the deaf and the erectloB
of a new barn and remodeling thu
.steam plant and putting in a vacuum'
system. Plans and specifications can
be seen at Devils Lake, at the build
ers' exchange at Grand Forks and at
the office of the architects at Fargo,
N. D. Each bid for the building is to
be accompanied with a certified check
for $1,000, and a check for $500 with
the bids on steam heating and plumb
ing, made payable to C. M. Fisher,
treasurer. *, «..
The right to reject any or all bid#
is reserved. By order of the board,
D. F. Bangs, Su^t.
Hancock Bros.. Architects.
:oo a.m.
S:ooa, m. Fargo-Aneta local via N. l\ to
Daily I, 7-np.m.
E*ccpt Sunday
J- ROHAN, Local Agent
K :.
*i Ji'?

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