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The Fargo forum and daily republican. [volume] (Fargo, N.D.) 1894-1957, October 28, 1908, Image 8

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Hie Stomach
n *V
si i^t-v
Not Cause Dyspepsia
Hakhsr Will It Cur, I«mw»
Lack of Gastrfe Juices
Prohibit R#li*f.
atomach is a stran*,
organ, which is composed of muscle ft
nf great stength. 11 la filled «hjr»«Mf
digestion with gastjric juices which,
when the stomach, extending and
compressing the fesd, dissolve it and
separate the nourishment from the
waste matter. If, hawerer, these gas
tric juices or* tin king, the stomach is
not capable of .lighting it* food be-
cause it has not the tools with which
U work successfully.
The gastric juices whan la a imt-1
feet state do away with ail
odors, fermentation and Awwjr, radtnea
the food to a disintegrate* mmsm ma4
the stomach then oresaes in*® the
Intestines where another term of #t
gestlon takes place. Than th* In
testines take from this maaa af f»«4
all that is nourishing a ad |h ta
the blood. The waste matter la Iflwwa
from the system.
If Instead of nourisfcosMrt t)M In
testines receive impure iaiHMrtts raw
bined with a poisonous mail imperfect
gastric Juice, it can be reaAfiy seea
that they must turn such NeperS«At
nourishment into the blaad.
blood then being unable to gtas ommh
part of the body that whloli It re
quires, becomes Impoverished aai
disease la spread broadcast.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets corrects
auch a condition at once. If the gas
trie Juices are lacking and imper
fect these tablets do their work Just
the same. The build up the elements
In the Juice which are lacking and
remove those elements which cause
Meat, grain, fluids, vegetables and
delicacies, In fact each portion of a
large meal have been placed in a
vial and Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets have digested them to a per
fect fluid Just aB a healthy atomach
would do.
A large complex, hearty meal holds
no terrors for a dyspeptic if Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets are used. Abnor
mal eating, late dinners, rich foods
cause ill elTects to the stomach, but
when Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
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tne will without danger of dyspepsia
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Forty thousand physicians endorse
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your name and address and we will
send you at once by mall a samplA
package free. Address F. A. Stuart
Co., 150 Stuart Blidg., Marshall, Mich.
That Bathroom
of Yours
i a I
enaii^ed and painted
Gold Dust simply re
leases dirt allowing it to
wash away easily by
fLet the
Gold Dust
wi n s
do ypur
itu &, bow Is,
kitchen utensils, etc., are
enameled so that their
smooth surfaces may be
easily kept clean.
Scouring' bricks and
O-riHv -nnwHpr«l rflin the
gTllty powaeib ruin IIIC
making it rough and
hard to clean.
others haviag
Hovels, poetrf, history, anything that'goes
to make MMSabte I'ook, are invited to cor
respond with us. AUu cleric) m-n lnierc»i«d
weekly »er-ice ol icrmon outlines.
Cochrane Pub. Co.
U 4 4 I U N K i i U I I N N E W Y O K
*1 i
nnt Big Stiir'Atur® Erected on fli#
Edison Plan Is Opened.
Chicago-. Oct. -27.—The only temple
In the werld .whose walls, floor and
roof are of one jingle piece was open
ed yestejfj^ayj at Lake street and Forest
avenue, Q&k P^ek. It is built of re
inforced c^ftopet^, on the Edison plan,
of continuiy:i .material, with no seams.
^'Su^hm ns.
State'^of frtyt^h Dakota, County af
i Cass.
ti" ri na u
In dl^^ 'oi*^. Third judicial
tri^t, ffs •**5.'
/.n-ie Walker, plaintiff, vs. Robert
H. lker, defendant,—Summons.
The state-1
to the
above .»amei
Tou ate k*reby summoned to ans
I wer the «otiapla4ftt in this action, a
copy of'Which is herewith served upon
I you, and!to serve a.copy of your ans
wer to «ald complakit upon the 3ub
scribers at their exfttee in the Edwards
block, in.4he city of Fargo, North Da
kota within tbirty^flays after the ser
vice of this summons upon you ex
elusive oi i the day of such service
and in case o*yottr (failure to appear
and answer judgment will be taken
against you by default for the relief
demanded**-SOB the racHiiplaint.
Dated .,2^nd daflf- of (September.
I |L#08. u u,»J
Atto.rfeys tot plaintiff.
•J-'tf.,- JRfcrgo,,,jyojfj^. Dakota-.,
district, within and for the county of
Cass and state of North Dakota, on
the 22nd day of September, 1908.
I Attorneys for Plaintiff.
OfRca' snd postoffice address, Fargo,
Uorth Dakota,
(Sept. 23-80-Oct
A «AFt MAIM**?-.-.
TWe'ls Turning in •arffar State Fram
IrjrM—Mmy Faster* te Reduoe
Plurality Fr*m Six Fifur^—Re
pwfclkane Are Bivkted.
There seems to have been plausible
reasons for uneasiness on the port of
the republican national managers and
corresponding jubilation in the rival
camp. While in Chicago laat week.
Chairman Mack waa informed that
there'" were surface Indications of a
complete reversal of political affilia
tions in this state, and so glowing
were tb» reports that, wonderful opti
mist though he is, he could scarcely
bring himself to credit it fully. Con
sequently. he discounted the reports,
and conservative placed Wisconsin
in the doubtful column. The men in
charge of the republican headquarters,
who were on the alert for disquiting
ncw., became agitated ard .verc won
d»T.ui« whether it was saft-. for them
to count upon carrying anything be
sides Pennsylvania and Vermont. They
were reluctant to believe, however,
that the Badger state was in serious
danger, but, singularly enough, they
had no means of immediatwly con
firming their Judgment.
Democratic Wave Subsiding.
The farthest Chairman Mack would
go in forecasting the result in this
state was that if conditions, as report
ed to him. prevailed generally through
out the state, and continued to im
prove. Mr. Bryan would secure the
thirteen electoral votes. In that he was
not far from correct. But It is appar
ent that the democratic wave that
threatened to engulf this republican
stronghold, has begun to subside, and
an improvement, from the standpoint
of the dominant party has set in.
Nevertheless, there will be a heavy
slump from the republican pluralities
of the last three presidential cam
paigns, and 40.000 «r 50,000, he may
consider himself fOTtunate.
Pessimistic republicans up here
would be greatly relieved if they knew
to n certainty to:lay that he was sure
of 25.000 while the optimists are glibly
talking 100,000. The size of the plural-
Of the enamel
and extent
entirely Upon the degree
awakening now go-
|T"c*a A Till cf fnt* anticipated republican plurality, they
Uac \jruiu. i^usi iui
cleaning: all sorts ofj 'o other states, as has been pointed
'out in previous dispatches. H«re
they are:
republican rank and
1 flip who have been mnnifasting a dls-
trussing and dangerous lethargy.
Th,s Factorc A9Bin8t
As for the catises nf the smalter
aro many and as a rule th^y apply
First—The cleavage in the demo
cratic ranks, following the first nomi
nation of Bryan in 1898, is almost
closed. The party Is as nearly re
united as it ever will be again. Be
tween 65 and 75 per cent of the men
who deserted twelve years ago and
voted again for McKinlev in 1900 are
supposed to be readv to vote "straight"
this year. It is estimated that from
$0,000 to 25,000 bolted on account of
the free silver issue.
rsjkafced W the
«, Mtlwaak**, V det. it—(By Special
Carpespendent)—A personal study of
the pailtkal situation In Wisceasin,
«xtesv4tsur oyer a yertod of ma«y mm* bm&m*, *x*4 if -w*\ «*aw W
days, convinces roe that lhA state,
*h««M transferred fram the doubt-•
f»l .alamn t» Mr. Mo dMMf
.»*srts, lma»n«tiiabl« l»y the
vfcrt««s. nan. ?#ar a* tfc» lm.
r«*tag*. a»v! tr*«M»ia«t this
yr^guMaUre cararwwn u$«m 4am
acratte s«U. The dtemacrads had un
«l*rtaJtoen tfte task, and ao*artfl*ff te
a*»pa.!?eMJy twatTwaKhy receiv
ed at the national headquarter* ef
•each of the great part lee, were making
ftne yragaeas. ». But the republicans
have interrupted the *tte«n»*ei lara*
eny, an4 barring an unexpected atitack
of lo*«aM»4er ataxia, ef which no
symptoms are yet t*Wint, they will
save themselves from humiliation.
The Next Pjfsident of Cuba—Maybe
General^' WffgUel Gomez,
Sotfce That ^the^ complaint In nominated by both the Gomez and
the abov.e entitled action was duly1 Z^yas iberal conve.U.ons as the
filed in the ^c^of^e clerk of the »*eral cand date for president of Cuba,
v district court of the Third judicial
stronger h«re than, j»erb*fw«, In any
oth^r slwrtse in the ur*t«». A vast
nirm**r ef jvjnibHeana, the La
F-rtlette f«^vc-»rF. -weuli go father
than was fm»^«sed by the national
convention and they are still reaenAHui i
because the senator^ #lank en ***»«,i
pu«bieet vm* repudiated at CWeagA,
ami atae by tbw VTVrcetMrtii atato eon
ventlen fast nMth.
Vote Haevy.
Fenrih Tbe secial
party Is imwtfh
rwcrwHs fh* »»#.wiJactaring etttv
mm** 'ha* v* eut
Ninth The government guarantee
of bank deposits scheme appeals to
many republicans, and it is recalled
that Senator LaFollette was one of the
nine republicans who voted for such
an amendment to the elastic currency
bill in the senate last session.
And if this were not enough, the
democrats secretly are endeavoring to
alienate Norwegian and German Luth
eran republicans because Taft is a
Still Taft 8ho6!d Carry State.
That looks like a considerable array
of obstacles, and K Is. But as al
ready indicated, it id my judgment,
after traveling around the state, that
Taft should be able to overcome them.
It shows, though, why he should not
hope to get anything like the plural
ities given to McKlnley or Roosevelt.
In 1896 Bryan was beaten by 102,600,
and by 103,600 in 1900. Four years
ago Roosevelt ran ahead of Parker
by 166,000. "In calculating on this
year's margin, we should use none
of these figures in arriving at a basic
plurality. The largest plurality given
to a presidential candidate up to 1896
was about 30,000. That was in 1880.
Opinions differ as the normal advan
tage possessed by the republicans, but
it seems fair to place it between
50,000 and 60,000.
Assuming that to be correct, Taft
would have to. lose between 25,000 and
30,000 steadfast republican votes to be
defeated. This is making allowance
for the return of the gold democrats
Into the fold, and excludes the abnor-
l'- -r 1
probably he ^hosen at the_elec-
tlon Nov 14
Nov. 14, for he has for the
first time, tha united support of his
party, and his policies and personality
are popular. A year ago he was the
candidate of the liberal party, but was
defeated by President Palma, the Con
servative head ©f the government who
resigned, owing to a controversy over
'V J"'
who the elect long1, benefit'' 'ftoWete Wtia* af
rested when the revolution against
Prsldent Palma broke out in August,
1906, but was soon released. His fol
lowers are known as the "Miguelista"
liberals. General Menocal, the nom
inee of the conservatives, is the oppo
sition candidate. The United States'
administration of the island through
Governor Magoon will be ended by tne
5 v
THE rxTico tomm ATO DAILY EmrBiioAtf, xmirmrir wmttm, om
republicans hayf
no decided. -aven«in for Bryan, who is
held in high »st*«m by their own
leader, Skater Hfrbert ML LaFollette.
Some of them wuW not object ser
iously te sttir^rtlrwr him because the
ekniiMrattc nabteaa! platform contains
^ks which were
reptffcM :*n convention.
Fevlaten sentiment is
m#r« in the'
tn-slwMrr^kJ »n 1^% ftNMitt than
tb* In lf1?waul«ee
th» »#«r aw** tt* *Hy
CMnHf &»« MlV Ir
t* v#**® Hhi\» tlM
Fifth—Thi Aefeetlaa ef raflM— **wr
i« tm*, dlaetfcep*. 1* at
t* ht&g* Tmttn
er*n i u 3 a e i y
•nien aitSw Afieen jr«»m m*4 u.
h»»trtUjrrtiffheai 'rtienagers to
Sixth—The people of tije state are
surfeited with politics. Under the
new primary law, they virtually have
four elections annually—two in the
spring, and two in the fall. The cam
paign now In progress is their fourth
dose this year, and they have not fully
recovered from nausea. It has been
difficult to get up meetings and Sat
urday night Governor Davidson failed
to draw applause by a eulogistic men
tion of Roqpevelt's heretofore magic
name. Th« republicans have mo^e
to fear froii such apathy than the
democrats In Wisconsin.
Republitan Factions Bitter.
Seventh—The republican factions
are engaged In their perennial row and
they fight like bulldogs, year in and
year out. There will be considerable
slashing of candidates on the state
ticket, particularly Davidson who is
up for re-election, and Invariably this
has some effect upon the national tick
et,'~ Furthermore, under a law passed
last year the presidential electors'
narties will be .printed at the bottom
of the ballot sheet, insteal of at the
top, and this Is something of a dis
Eighth—The depression is proving an
asset to the democrats, as It is general
thmughout the country, the unem
ployed being disposed to blame the
party in power, as they did in 1896.
itinerary so
bad spots,
from four to
is no more
country for
v t/'i# i%'«•' "f 'V (f V Mttf js'k i V .r !**.•• r* '&'• 'lv 4J* ~'S i .4. iu»•'
''V i *^8* V-V-v"
V 1 V -"f.1
(ftfepk tta# Midi MMtk«?
Aid wm WHfefeaM far
Wtaka. ...
Anamoas# pragr««: •as af fM*
wdrst I'tfrftfrnal
that we hav«
place snii&h af tfcjw a*' Mm
of John "JfrifaKW & mmm
of Berg arr*v*4 bar* the Olt
Country about dx w&fam a*s
have heea. 11*1#$ f«r a ikm at' Mr 'f
Spluer'* f§a#&« A-ma*lg' tti#* w*s»
boy ab*ut.Av* ymm mt ft. Hr mm*
mishap ha lap ttw*a
weeks «j».
w*£ atHi. n»B in a
®r. rranWt *mi »r. *hrMf«i4 pm~
Ae-mte b«y«nd -i«#iMeal
child v»ry "weak,: at prsaswi
aa4 s^wiy «iafvJ»g 4Uatte.
d«r« a
Ba *c mnM as rn «aa,
tak« *.rw! a4i«^
*•, a tnwdAiite* *4 rAlls»4
Mm: *4k*et
fmm**. »m&. x»«4k**m is CSmm&lim
A .itm
a aawi widt reputation by its
markahte cures of this most comm
ailment, anc cab always be depend# i
upon. It sets on nature's plan, re
lieves the ungs, aids expectoratf
opens the sscretions and aids nat ^s
In restoring the system to a heal- y
condition. Tor sale by all dealer*
mal excess jgiven Roosevelt four year?
ago. No jsuch stupendous slump is
foreshadowed at this time, despite the
numerous jeasons specified for a in
duction of the total republican vote.
That is wly Wisconsin should not be
classified ai doubtful. It is too early,
however, torunrtcrtake to forecast how
far over th4 safety line Taft will find
himself thelday after election. The
improvement in his prospects should
continue, foi^reasons which I will now
LaFollea* Begins Campaign.
Today Seni or LaFollette started on
a tour of thi state. He began in nis
own county Dane, in which Madison
the capital city, is situated, and where
I found the porskes, as the Norweg
ians are callld, in a restless frame of
mind. Thisjwa* his first appearance
on the stumn arjd he has laid out his
is to visit most of the
jThfl senator will speak
ttx times a day, and there
jffective exhorter in the
ipe ^lass of progressives
who inhabit jthis land of farms and
forests. LaFbllette might have begun
campaigning earlier—but for the fact
that he cracked his resonant voice in
the primary campaign in Kansas
which resulted in the defeat of Chest
er A. Long for renominatlon for the
United States senate and also because
he has been busy preparing to launch
his weekly newppiper.
S* bitter Is the feeling between the
puolican factldn^ that the anti-La
\^hich Includes J. O.
republican factltjn
follctte element,
Davidson, the
Who occasionally
"J" as though it
ator "Ike" Stepl
timatlng that La
see Taft defeate
Norwegian governor,
sounds the letter
were a "y," and Sen
enson, has been in
'ollette would like to
Such talk is t|ot restricted to the
esoteric circles oi the faction now in
control of the parly machinery, but is
heard in the highways and hotel lob
bies where men aie wont to exchange
views on the political situation. Bui
there is no foundation for it, in my
opinion, and It Us not capable of logical
demonstration. If Taft should lose
Wisconsin, an analysis of the election
returns would clearly disclose whether
the LaFollete people were responsible
any more than their opponents.
Could Not 9o It Undetected.
There are certain counties and pre
cincts in which the senator's influence
predominates, and if they ran. behind
other section In their republican
pluralities, conviction and not mere
suspicion that he had passed the word
to- his followers to knife Taft would
be justified. LaFollette, however,
does not fight a man In the dark, nor
pretend to be for him when actually
he is against him. He is uncompro
mising when engaged in battle, and
1 neither asks nor gives quarter. But
i ever were he a warrior of the base
qualities suggested, he could not af
ford to support Bryan secretly. For,
if Wisconsin went democratic on the
presidency, the candidates for senator
and for governor and other state of
ficials, also many candidates for coun
ty offices, would be also defeated.
Then, what do you suppose would
happen to LaFollette in 1910 when he
came up for reelection? Need it be
said that he would be sent to the po
litical morgue? Whjr, he and his fol
lowing would be the victims of one
of the bloddiest massacres ever re
corded in the history of politics.
No Brickbats for Brvan.
Notwithstanding this LaFollette li
not going to throw any brickbats at
Bryan, for he respects and admires
him, and the two men are good friends.
The senaior,' moreover, feels under
some obligation to the commoner, be
cause, three .'or four years ago, when
as governor he was trying to force the
legislature to pass his railroad regu
lation and primary election laws, Bry
an, at his request, went to Madison
and addressed the democratic, mem
bers of that body in favor .of those
measures. Though belonging to rival
parties, they! entertain the same views
on a number of economic reform
propositions,' as a comparison of the
democratic national platform and the
LaFollette planks, which the republi
cans rejected at Chicago last June, will
show. Two nights ago, in introduc
ing Senator Porah. of Ifliha, to a large
I meeting at the capita'. LaFollette
"There is 'iufft? one issue before? the
country. Th^ question of preserving
public rights from the encroachments
of special interests. The day of blinrl
prejudice, of unthinking subserviency
to party domination has passed. No
appeal to party
V •.
There are reports of morgues so
overcrowded that the corpses are
stacked up from floor to ceiling. Those
coming to claim relatives who died of
other diseases have been obliged, ifi
some cases, to spend hours in the pes
tilential air, till they could find the
bodies they search and could pull
them from amongst the cholera
Drink from Sewage.
When the cholera was first declared
in other provinces a commission was
appointed in St. Petersburg by M.
Rezcow, the president of the town.
B--' the chairman, M. Oppenheimer,
left for Carlrbad before any arrange
ments were made to combat the epi
demic, and practically nothing was
done. There Is no drainage in Peters
burg worthy of the name. ,-Alh the
sewage is thrown into the
which are never cleaned irtore than
once a year, and send up a most ter
rible stench as soon as the ice thaw?
in the spring.
The first victims of th epidemic
were workingmen, cab drivers and
porters, who drink the water but of
these canals, which is poison at the
best of times, let alone when cholera
Is about. V
Half of Vietlma
Considering these' things, i'lt IS,
therefore, not surprising to 'find that,
300 or 400 cases occur daily, of which
at- least 5fl per cent provfc mortal.
Everybody who can afford'. to do so
has fled from the city.
When taken to the' hospitaf the pa
tient cannot recieve proper care bo
cause there are not half enough doc
tors. One doctor often has 400 pa
tients. Nurses arc iSlmost unknown.
There is nobody to glW thfe. patients
medicine. As one harassed, worked
to-death doctor said. "If they'icet w«11
they do—and If they don't, it's not my
can change
a vote for president. Conditions call
for sober reflection In.this hlarhest pub
service, out in the field of progress
sive refornt. Whenever leaders like
Roosevelt and Brvan fight to present
those principles of government by the
people they stir the sympathy and I
arous- the moral enthusiasm of the
patriotic citizenship of the country,
Such a leader fills the eye and appeals
to the imagination. His political party
is forgotten Itt the admiration of the
Womrn Interru-its Political Speaker.
A well dresssert woman interrupted
a political speaker recently by con
tinually coughing. If she had taken
Foley's Honey and Tar it would have
cured her cougrh quickly and expelled
the cold from her system. The genu-
elections of next month and affairs of ine Foley's Honey and Tar contains no
all kinds turned over to thg new gov- opiates, and is in, yellow package.
Refuse subsUtutelu H. H. Casselman.
V -*jt' -STJ If .*
1 1
I *'^1
St. Petersburg. Oct. 28.—To tfie
happier inhabitants of lands where
cholera is either unknown or kept well
in hand, the orgies of death which
that terrible epidemic Is holding in
some of the smaller Russian towns
would be Incredible. Because the lack
of organisation and grossiy unhealthy
conditions, victims are lying ill in the
streets, neglected in the hospitals and
unburled in the cemeteries.
ftikMitM saved in calling
##ctor worth a
retital f»r tctephom mrrioe,
For lull particulars address
J.- P. HARDY, Sec y, VarflO, N. D.
fault, for I've only e*»e pair
and legs."
150 Dsad on Train.
There is in Petersburg a hospital
regulation to the effecv ihat every pa
tient who dies within
mittance must be
that the operating theatres,
were piled high with dead bodies
which nobody had any time to dissect.
The victims are buried outside the
town, so that the coffins must go by
train. Thirty or forty trucks are filled
with coffins of those who have died a
day or so before, ar.d two or three
passenger saloons are put on for the
dead people's friends and relatives.
Such a train started the other day by
the Mikolajewska railway, carrying
150 coffins. On arriving at the ceme
tery it was found that 34 coffins,
brought the day before,. were still
awaiting burial.
If you are a sulterer from piles. Man
Zan Pile Remedy will bring relief with
the fifst application. Guaranteed.
Price 50c. Sold by McDonald Drug.
Democratic Candidate
Embarrassment Over Receotion.
New York, Oct. 27.-—When W. J.
Bryan entered the Astor gallery at a
reception of the Women's Democratic
club at the Waldorf Astoria today he
was kissed by two women in the pres
ence of nearly 700 others and narrowly
escaped the embrace of a thi*d- Mrs.
Bryan was present. Mr. Bfyan 4$*"
played some embarrassment
Can't Conceal
Cardinal Mathieu Dead.
on, ,Oct. 27.—Cardinal fYancl|
Italttiep/ former aychbisbop of Tou
louse, France, died in t^ijs city- today.
Headaches and Neuralgia From Colds.
Ij.\XATIYE BROM0 Quinine, the
world wide Cold and Grip remedy re
piov^s cause. Call for full name*
Look for signature E. W. GROVE. 25c.
I FREE FARES! Keep North Dakota Money in North Dakota FREE FARES!
Bona-Fsde Shc^ppers
Coming to Fargo from outlying ilistrtrfs, can sc
,- cure a refmttil of their railroad fare by2^T"'
trading witli meniliers oi ..
The Fargo Rebate "Association
'. v
"""fa 1
n 24 hours of ad-
characteristic of Russian red tape that ,nv0,veg
this regulation was adhered to for
small Pay tb Administrator, But D*»
www*i Integrity a#id Kn«wla4ga^^'
to Satisfy AH.
The voters* attention is called to the
fact, thait while the oifice of Public
Administrator is the poorer: office la
„j* :the gift of the people, as jfar as In-
cQme conof,ri|ecl
...i'.i..: »ii«d o«M. It
the setti.-ment
of e3tates
great ^..s.ibllBr,
heirs. For tr.at reason no
ghould b€ Inad# uniess
"S "V"
A'.%V i.vv 4-
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necessary on
account of incompetency, etc.
Therefore, one and all should cast
their vote for Henry Krogh the pres
ent incumbent of that otftee, regardless
of party affiliations, v
We reiterate that if It can "be print*
ed—Porte can print it. Phon^ 401,
Wisconsin Candidate Stricken on aft
Inter urban Car.
Wis., Oct. 27.—Tha *tM*r
of the campaign is believed to have
killed Julius Kuehne. democratic nom
inee for sheriff of Outagamie county,
who died on an intcrurban car be
tween Appleton and Kaukauna yes
terday afternoon. A. record run was
made into Appleton, but Kuehne
was beyond the aid of doctors. Friends
say he had suffered from heart di-
His son, Roy, is a star foot­
ball player at Lawrence university.
The Greatest Shoe
Bargain Offered
Style, Workmanship
Material the peer of
most shoes selling
fcirtor prices.
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flllli at a* wiMitHih.
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