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Society is rampant this week and
there has been no cessation from con
tinual entertainments. Several wed
dings are scheduled. Automobile rides
for visitors given, banquets and re
ceptions galore. The race meet Is a
thing of the past. So each week passes
with its own interests and amuse
Kent Danrow left Sunday evening
foy Montreal from whence he wlH sail
in company with Dr. Batt Saturday,
June 5, for Glasgow, the beginning of
a three months* trip in Europe, with
Germany as a center. The middle of
September Kent will enter John Hop
kins, at Baltimore, Md., for a four
years' course in surgery. His cred
its from the A. C. were accented at
full value and both the A. C. and
Kent are to be congratulated upon
the prestige each will give to the other.
Mrs. Ch&uncy Wheeer of Florence,
Italy, 1B expected soon In Fargo, where
she will make an extended visit with
Sier numerous friends efore proceed
ing west to join her husband at But
Bernardino, Cal.
Bert Grass left Monday evening for
his home in Kasnan, Minn., «fter a
two weeks visit with his mother, Mrs.
H. Grass and sister, Mrs. Officer. Be
fore the end of the month Bert expects
to return and will conduct Salvation
Army meetings in Moor he ad.
It is rumored that a bride-elect, wfao
has 500 invitations ready to send ouf
to a big wedding, is to be quietly
married in the near future, on account
Of the illness of the groom-to-be.
Mr, and Mrs. Otto Morrow return
ed Sunday afternoon from their "lune
de mell" spent at the lakes and, after
a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Morrow, are nicely settled In their
new Fifth avenue home.
Will Peobody of Park Rapids, Minn.,
Is visiting with his cousins Alice and
Charlotte Foster.
Mrs. Harriet Orchard and two chil
dren came in Monday after wintering
In New York City.
Mrs. E. M. Canniff returned Mon
day evening from a two weeks' Min
neapolis visit.
Miss Gladys Taylor will be home
this evening from her school In Kin
dred. On Friday evening the school
closing exercises were held, ending
with a social time. Cake and cream
was served.
Earl Weible Is here from the Minne
apolis U, and will spend the summer
with Dr. and Mrs. Weible, on Eighth
street south.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Reinecke are
home from an Iowa visit.
owing to the storm on Saturday
evening, the 600 club -which was to
have met with Mrs. J. L. Rohan, was
postponed. Those brave enough to
breast the weather enjoyed 8 £&me of
The Round Dosen chtb will meet
with Mrs. W. J. Price this afternoon.
The laides pass the afternoon playing
500 and then at 6 o'clock will have a.
banquet at the Gardner. In the eve
ning 600 will again be the game at the
home of Mrs. Price, which the hus
bands are invited to join. This is the
HAVE no patience with the girl
who belittles friendship with her
sex. There are some wo
men foolish enough to do this
also—women old enough to know bet
ter. Usually the reason why they
lon't care for women friends lies In
their own character. They are too
Sisloyal to inspire friendship of any
I am the last person to deny the
'charm of a friendship with a man. It
Alls h»*r nlacf In a gracious manner.
last meeting of this favorite club lot
the summer.
Mlss Margueritta Maconvllle gave a
garden party on Saturday afternoon
to several of her friends, at her home
on Seventh street south.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Gardner have re*
turner from a winter in Daytona, Flor
ida, and are settled in their old home
on Fifth avenue south.
Mr. and Mrs. a. H. Curtis and son.
Merril, will leave next Wednesday for
an extended trip, Visiting In Duluth
and Illinois.
This is the first year that a child of
a Fargo high school graduate will be
graduated from the school. Voyle
Brennen, son of Grace Wilkinson
Brennen and Mae Hooper, daughter of
Minnie Lasenskie Hooper both have
this honor upon the completion of
their work next week.
Misg Jane Poole of Forest River
passed Wednesday and Thursday with
Mrs. J. A. Canniff on her way home
from a year at the St. Cloud normal.
Thursday evening Hiss Poole left for
Grand Forks to attend the high school
alumni banquet, from which school
she was graduated last yean
Dr. and Mrs. Kachelmacher, on Son
day evening, at 6:30 gave a several
course dinner with all the necessary
appointments and requirements, at the
Commercial club rooms. Covers were
laid for twelve,
Today the children of the fourth
grade of the Lincoln school hold a
picnic in the park. Miss Nelson will
Mrs. Lewis Fen gal, nee Carrte Eddy
of Lethbridge, Canada, was expected
to arrive In Fargo this week for a visit
but will not come till the last of the
Monday afternoon Mis« Laura Bir
chall closed her private kindergarten
for the year. A social session was en
Joyed and several mothers were visit
ors. Cake and ice cream were served
and made the little totg happy.
Mrs. F. G. Brown will entertain the
Talkalot club on Monday.
Mrs. A. B. Walker came home the
first of the week from a visit at Per
ham, Minn.
Mrs. C. Kachelmacher wlU leave the
last of June for a month In the west.
Commencement is at hand and the
sweet girl graduate vies in popularity
with the June bride. Dress is the all
absorbing topic of the day, In both
Mrs. Frederick"^" Bailey will open
her cottage at Lake Sally, Minn., next
week before going to Streeter, N. D„
to visit with her mother Mrs, "Wood
... OF CUBA.
there are ftmr daughters fit the "White House'' of Cufa,
Uo which is now well under way. The eldest daughter is Senorita Patronila
Gomez, whose father Is the recently elected president of Cuba. Senorita
Patronila has the beauty of the tropical belle. She is well versed In the poli
tics of the little republic and Is a favorite In the new ofBclal society. She
The banquet'tendered by the Witch
sorority of the Moorhead normal at the
Hotel Gardner at 7:30 ''clock on Tues
day evening
a very elaborate af­
fair. Three long tables held places
for twenty each. A masrive bunch of
red and white carnations graced the
center table and huge garlands of li
lacs added beauty to the scene.
Toasts and songs helped to fill the
three hours that were consumed. An
Is wonderful because^ Uki
orchids, It is so rare. 1
But friendship between women Is
one of those beautiful things in life
which exist all around us and which
we are more than foolish to pass by.
A woman needs the love and com-
i ,'' '-.'V .*
X..,* V
exceedingly pleaoaut evening «a»
One of the prettiest home weddings
of the rear occurred Wednesday eve
ning when Miss Margaret Mary Mor
ris, eldest daughter of Mrs. Sophia
Morris was united in marriage to Earl
Frederick Brlggs of Minneapolis. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. G.
H. Leonard at 7:30 in the presence of
only the near relatives at the home
of the bride. Miss Morris was beau
tifully gowned in blue broadcloth cut
on the stylish sheath lines. She wore
a blue and white toque with blue
plumes. Lavender and white lilacs
were used In the decoration scheme
and for the purpose of forming a
pretty floral altar in which the bridal
party stood while the vows were said.
An elaborate wedding supper foMow
ed the ceremony and the Misses Ruth
Morris and Hortense Charest were In
charge of the dining room.
By a clever ruse Mr. and Mrs.
Brlggs managed to escape the show
er of rice, old shoes and the ribbon
decorations which had been planned by"
their friends. Their schedule was to
take the evening train for the east
Instead of this they slipped out and
went to the Gardner hotel where they
spent th« night and Thursday morn
ing they left for the east. After a
short wedding trip they will be at
home at 2617 Harriet avenue, Minne
The groom Is a prominent young
business man of Minneapolis and is
a grandson of Mrs. Ma gill of Eighth
street south. Miss Morris has long
been a favorite in Fargo social circles,
and both bride and groom have a host
of friends In Fargo who will Join in
extending best wishes and congratula
Mrs. Grace Brennen was a Wheat
land visitor the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. -t
K. Hubbard are
back In their old home after winter
ing at Lake Eustis, Fla. Miss Mable
remained at their former home,
Paynesville, Ohio, to attend the com
mencement exercises of the fiftieth an
niversary of the college there. She
is expected in July for the rest of the
Miss Nina Pollock It Irtannin# for
a year of German in Berlin and. ex»
pects to leave here in the fall.
D. I. Ames and little son returned
to their home at Alhambra Springs,
Mont, after a visit of a week, with £r.
and Mrs. J. E. Frennette.
Mrs. Herbert Loomis epant Sunday
at Detroit lake.
Mrs. Frank McKenzle come In from
Wild Rice on Thursday morning to at
tend the graduating exercises of the
Moorhead normal where her daughter
Miss Jennie, is a graduate. Mrs. Mc
Kenzie will be the guest of friends
over Sunday.
The Ladles' Aid of the Congrega
tional church met this week Tuesday
with Mrs. H. E. Maglll at her home
on Eleventh street south.
A reception was^tendered the A. C.
seniors, Moorhead normal seniors, and
Fargo college seniors at the A. C. dor
mitory on Wednesday evenin- The
rooms were banked with purple lilacs.
President and Mrs. Worst, Miss Mc
Carty and Mrs. Ladd we-e on the re-
panionship of her own sex, no matter little fishes! I leave the sentence un
how popular she is with the other, and finished
the older she grows the mope she
needa it.
By the way—
More friendships have been broken
up by two women living together than
by any other means I know of.
Wopnen were never intended to
abide in peace, in the first place, I am
afraid. Even when they are related
they quarrel like the very dickens,
and when they are not—ye gods and
The only way things can be man
aged satisfactorily Is by this combina
tion: One of the two should be bril
liant, nervous, fond of society and ad
mired by the opposite sex the other,
quiet, patient and fond of staying in
the background. It is when both
ladles want to be "It" that trouble
Jealousy Is the bane of the femi
nine sex. It interferes with all
things friend
ship, love and even
business. Show
me the woman
who is free from
it and you will
show me a won
derful creature.
While I am speaking of
*5tb faw* rcmrm 'AWD W**/T WBPfTHTiWAtf, SATfTRT^AY WTJIfTlffV .TTT^TR t, IfH#.
ceptlon committee, Dainty
ments were passed.
Show me the
woman who is
jealous only of
the attentions of
the men and she
will be an im
provement on the
average woman
who is even jeal
ous of the pref
erences of her
own sex. How
foolish and how narrow all this Is!
Look attractive.
If I had a friend, an admirer o» a
husband who could be lured away as
easily as all that I would be glad to
lose them, unorthodox as this may
sound, but to make myself cheap by
showing jealousy—never, never, in the
wide, wide world.
She Who Never Asks.
of my sex I want to mention the lady
who never asks questions.
She is usually a parvenu.
Women who "belong" are not afraid
of asking questions or of anything, for
the matter of that.
I remember as a child an acquaint
ance of the family who posed as a
perfect Mrs. Know-it-all. I have seen
her carry on entire conversations
where she hadn't the slightest idea of
what was being talked about. This
was for the lack of asking one intelli
gent question. There was a certain
dancing school assembly of which my
mother and this woman were patron
esses. As they entered the room they
saw a platform arrangement at one
"What Is that for?" my mother In
quired of some one near her.
Just then she felt her arm seised in
a nervous srrip. "Don't ask. don**
Major and Mm. James tJllo will
take their departure for Alhambra
Springs, Mont, between June 8 and
June 15, after two week* they will JJO
to Portland, Or®., where they will
spend the summer with their son
Cover# fold for at We
o'clock dinned given on Sunday eve
ning at the Gardner, for Howard Ma
her and Clarence Elkin of Grand Forks,
by Lynn Stambaugh. The young men
had a very joli^ time.
B. G. Tenneson left this week tor a
month's vacation which he will spend
In the far went He will visit Hun
ter's Hot Springs, Mont Yellowstone
i National park and at Portland, but
I think there Is something funda
mentally wrong with the woman who
takes no Interest in her dress.
We were certainly made to beautify
the world, and when we fail to do that
we are wanting in part of our mission.
Of course we cannot all be pretty,
but we can all look attractive by
wearing artistic colors or at least
well chosen ones and by fixing the
hair becomingly, taking care of the
complexion, etc.
Vanity may be held toy some old
fashioned persons to be a sin, but it
is no such thing. The offense lies
rather in being without personal
pride than in having too much of it.
Of course there is not the slightest
excuse for the girl with plenty of
money who dresses badly, but there'i
not so much excuse either for the
girl with a slender purse.
The trouble with her Is that she
tries to have too many costumes or
The girl who is in doubt should buy
everything ready made and not pur
chase at the very beginning of the
season either.
Take the present mode pf hipless
coats, for instance. They did not
come in generally until November, and
people who bought suits or who had
xk, don't
them made earlier are now fitted In
models on their hands which they are
vainly trying to alter.
It seems to me that it Is the people
with the least money who waste Jt the
most. For instance, I know a girl
who last fall bought eight tailor made
waists because they were marked
down, and she hasn'* been able to
wear them at all this winter because,
as you well know, collars made a part
of the waists have been the thing and
Washington, June 5.—Mrs. Jonathan
P. Dolllver, wife of the senior senator
from Iowa, whose recent attacks on
the schedules of the Aldrich tariff bMl
In the Interest of the "ultimate con
sumer," have caused more excitement
than has the speech of any other sen
ator is, like her distinguished hus
band, well equipped mentally. She is
a graduate of Wellesley and will at
tend the unveiling of a window to the
memory of the late Bishop of Massa
chusetts, Phillips Brooks, in June. The
class of- which Mrs. Dolliver was a
member twenty years ago is to pre
sent the window to the college.
Before her marriage, Mrs. Dolliver
was Miss Louisa Pearsons, ano she
held the chair of mathematics in
Northwestern university at Evanston.
She is a brilliant conversationalist, and
the affairs which she gives at her
home on Massachusetts avenue are re
garded as treats by those fortunate
The Good and Evil of Woman's Nature
Gracious Manner, Jealousy and the Grind
ask!" she heard Mrs. Know-it-all gasp
Imploringly. And they tell that story
about her to this day.
Dress the Eternal Topfab
enough to be Invited.
Mrs. Dolliver cares little for the
frivolities, but she entertains with the
hospitality that is' the secret of guc
cessful entertainment, and takes an
active part in the serious affairs of the
capital city. She Is a prominent mem
ber of the Daughters of the American
Revolution and has represented the
state of Iowa in the continental con
gress at the annual Washington meet
ings for years.
Mrs. Dolliver is essentially a home
loving woman. She superintends the
education of her children and studies
the public questions of the hour so
that she can keep in touch with the
interests of her husband, whose
speeches in the senate are always at
tended by overflowing galleries. Not
the least interested spectator at these
times is Mrs. Dolliver, who under
stands as much of the present sched
lules and of "maximum and minimums"
I as does any woman In Washington.
wear too many colors at once. She i
is pleased with one article of dress
and buys it without regard to the way
it is going to look with another.
And then, too, she does not study the
styles carefully before investing in
her spring or her fall suit. A little
study and forethought beforehand is
worth a whole lot of fussing and al
tering afterward.
necessity And another
Intends to put in most of his tims at
the Seattle fair.
Stanley Brings of Minneapolis spent
Tuesday and Wednesday in Fargo. H«
came to attend the wedding of his
brother Earll to Margaret Mortis on
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mts. Robert McCulloch,
Clarence and Lillian are planning to
leave June 20 for a vial* with Mr. and
Mrs. T. H. Llppy In Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. R, C. Kittel of Cm Mel
ton were visitors In Fargo Thursday
afternoon and Friday morning.
Mrs. G. L. Clapp received word Tf
the death last week of her only brother
G. H. Fuller of Montgomery, Vt
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hodgson an1
aughter Katherine of Crookstoh left
woman as poor as the proverbial Job's
turkey has one whole trunk filled with
unmade dress goods she has picked
up at different bargain counters.
Nothing is a bargain which you
don't use immediately, my friends, re
member that, for you are tying up
your money, and the goods are, as a
rule, deteriorating by being laid
away. So shun the usual "bargain"
as you would the evil eye.
Next to being well dressed, or per
haps even before it, comes the mys
terious quality known as charm.
The Woman Who Charms.
And that we all of us can cultivate.
It means mainly being "sunny," hav
inga sweet word for every one and
sweet glance
where no word is
e u i e I
means ignoring
the worst side
of people and
bringing out the
best, liking peo»
pie and by thi#
Just grind.
Ci*r' ,•%•
means making
them like you.
The woman with
charm is never
abrupt she is
never haughty,
and yet she 1«
never familiar
her beautiful dis
position shine*
out through her
eyes and attracts all who come near
her and wins her hosts of friends.
The woman with charm will never
lack of friends. Why should she?
Her greatest object in life is to make
every one love her, and you know
when we start out to do a thing with
all our might we generally succeed.
So you, all of you, may have charm
if you want it.
People who rush through life get
very little from it They are like ma
chines not as good as machines,
though, because the human system de
teriorates under high pressure. We
all must have a bit of poetry in our
natures to enjoy, life, the sort of
thing that makes us respond to a tone
of music, a particularly radiant sun
shine, a well chosen color, no matter
where it may be.
Curse of the Grind.
"What has become of Kiss Jones?"
an old acquaintance asked me. "I
have not heard from her for a long
time. Is she dead?"
"Do you mean buried T' 1 answered,
and my friend was shocked.
She needn't have been.
Miss Jones is all but under the sod
she only needs the last services to
make her complete.
She has become a mere thing, a
thing that goes to business and eats
and sleeps, all to the rive of the
$1,000.00 Reward
& Republican n
Good Tomorrow for This World's
Most Famous Beauty
.«®ortunlty i8 now offered
rcaaet of this paper to consult the world's
most famous beauty specialist, Harriett
fcrns. of Pa rig, London and Syracuse, ab
solutely free.
A little over tbree years ago there wan
nothing known which. In our Judgment,
woald actually remove wrinkles, but at
that time Mile. Meta- made the important
nincovery which has since made her fa
tnous in two continents.
She demonstrated the great power of
her new proce«« by Inking her own wrin
kles out with it In three ulghta. after face
massage, masks, straps, atcmning pots, etc.,
had all failed, and today MU*. Meta'a face
la still free from wrinkles, her checks full
and plump and her skin and complexion
is a delight to behold. In fact, by many
she la considered the most beautiful wo*
man In all Paris.
Her remarkable discovery was brought
before the Judges of the Paris Interna
tional Exposition and the Home Exposition
Internationale for their investigation, and
in both instances they quirkly awarded her
Gold Medals tb.-reon. The French govern
ment also honored her with a patent on
her new process, and patents are now
pending before the U. 8. government
London Journals sent
tresses to investigate
interview with Mile. Meta left me per
siiaded that
the secret
at last might be found
restore youth and beauty."
Many of those who have used her pro
cess report most astonishing results. Mrs,
Mary J. Davis, of East St, Louis. III.,
says: "My wrinkles were very deep and
of long standing, so you can Imagine my
surprise when, after only two applications.
Monday evening after a week's visit
with Mr. and Mra. W. £. Hodgson.
Mrs. Geo. W. Kemper of Minot waa
visited in Fargo Thursday afternoon.
Mies Alice Nelson of Perham, Minn.,
was in the city Thursday afternoon
and evening for a short visit.
Mrs. Carl Britton and little son Rob
ert are again domiciled, after a South
Bend., Ind., visit, in their coay Island
park home.
Mrs. C. M. Ring of Hftttfilbftl, Mtafc,
is with her son, W. H. King, Ninth
street south, for the summer.
Dr. F. S3. Murphyleft this week for
a short visit in his Iowa home.
Mrs. W. D. Titus of Moorhead 18
making ready to leave with her two
children on Friday for Palouse, Wash.,
where she will visit fM -tw* months
with her parents.
Mrs. Cameron Mann started Sunday
afternoon for Chicago, where she will
meet Canon and Mrs. Hennesley Hen
son of London, England, who wllS
visit in Fargo for a week, guests ol
Bishop and Mrs. Mann. On next Sat
urday the bishop and canon will go
the Cannon Ball Indian reservatior
for an inspection.
,•. J"
Drs. Graves and Alcott expect th
arrival of their long loolted for For
P. Clapp is convalescing ff?XB
severe attack of erysipelas.
Little Miss Eilene Olson celebrated
her 10th birthday anniversary by in
viting a dozen of her little friends 'u
play from
to 7{30, on Wednesday
evening. A dainty bunch of flower.1
clock. She does nothing, she feels
nothing, which is not necessary. She
has no time for friends, for love, for
anything but just grind.
I have no doubt she conoiders her
self of vast Importance, if not to the
world, at least to the little circle
where she works. What a mockery!
Her place could be filled tomorrow,
and when she does go she won't be
missed one-tenth as much as some
little sweet voiced woman who is alive
v V
they entirely disappeared." Mr*,
she fails to prove that she holds
medals and three
Beauty Eds
The London Onlooker wrote,
HaakeU, of 2502 Clay street, San Fran*
eisco, write*: ':"1 am 60 years old. C-oa
#ejuently my wrinkles were of long
standing aud I had not thought It pof!
alble to erase them, but now when
my changed reflection in the mirror I can
scarcely realize the transformation thai
has been wrought." Mrs. M. A. Edwards,
of Kalelgli, N. 0. wye: "Since using the
I look
younger than I did
twenty-five years ago." Miss Nellie W»
Hoyt, of Brooklyn, N.
treatmeut has removed every mark and
blemish from my face and filled out tJM
hollow places,
giving It
most natnrgl
mede her remarkable
aaturslly sprung
up all over the country. Some of them
have copied Mile. Meta's adverttsemenBi
and literature to such an extent that tike
public is often at a loss to distinguish tit*
Imitation from the r«al. We are (herefof*
authorized to announce the following r*.
Biarkabie offer, which cannot fall to cofc.
vince you as to who Is who.
Mile. Met* will forfeit
nine go
Grand Prl* on
coveries from international exposition*,
She will forfeit $1,000 In
If any one
can prove that she did not take out her
own wrinkles with
in three nights, eft*
actly as she claims. She will forfeit $V
000 In gold If every testimonial and sworn
statement which she publishes Is not up*
solutelv genuine. She will forfeit Sl.Ofj®
In gold* If any one can show advertisement!
similar to hers published in any iiewspa
per or magazine in the United States ov
Europe prior to
publication of
Meta to furnish free Information in regnro
to her marvelous process
return mall in a plain
envelope. You
process in the privacy of your own
methods, and
their high endorsement of her discover
ies made her famous almogt overnight, so
that she was eagerly sought after b.v
French countesses and English Indies of
high title and rank. The Beauty Edi
Syracuse, N. Y., for Free Infor
mnth-it in regard to her marvel
ous discovery for removing
have been made
with Mile*
wrinkles to all Forum and Republican
readers. Merely cut out and send her thj#
below and
you will receive

use this
without the knowledge of even your most
intimate friends.
ing wonders in
often works astonish­
single treatment
In the worirt-ramouB speb
Inltst, Harriett Meta, Suite
kles. Oond to all Forum readers.
Fargo Formn & Repubiicaa
Free Coupon.
was by each table place and a most
elaborate supper Was served.
Miss Marie Schelss went dOW3l to
Tpsilanti Saturday, called theft b^
the death of her sister, Mrs. G-ravei^
who was killed In the Saturday storni.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Olase left Tues
day morning for Lake Melissa, where
they wJU have one of tha Rhotwell
cottages for the summer.
Misg Vivian Dinnle returned o|i
Tuesday to her Grand Forks homf,
after a visit of a few days with Mias
Harriet Hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. w1u"ltMS ftftVt Ifon
day fdr a month at thi coast
Mrs. J. W. Vidal v. as at homo on
Tuesday afternoon to her friends.
delicious luncheon was served in thpi
dining room, where large pink rosM
made the centerpiece for the table,
Miss Emma Severson arrived In the
city last evening from Grafton and is
the guest of friends.
Exclusive line of Ladie*'
Gloves just installed.
Millinery Co.
to all that is beautiful in the world
and who tried to make those wound
her happy. God bless her, wherever
she may be!
New Torfc.
'T'Av'" i iTTgoT^/'/t ASVTDT
No woman In olllcial life in Washington attracts more favorable nottci
than Viscountess de Martel, wife of the first secretary of the French embassy^
She has been the promoter of many delightful dances, suppers and musical!
at the national capital this winter. She is an enthusiastic motorist and on#1onf
of the sights that excite admiration is the chic viscountess
mr*. rnr
notorist. and
driving her ow|

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