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will be closed all day
Thursday, November
24,1910, on account of
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Around th« prospective removal
from Pembina to Cavalier of the coun
ty seat of Pembina county there Is
woven a romantic story—the tale of
Pembina's place in the ceveiopment
of the northwest—a place so distinc
tive and so interesting as to be ap
proached by no other city of the sec
tion. It is around the city of Pem
bina that all early Red river valley
history revolved, and the removal at
this time of the seat of government
from the city brings back to mind
many of the Important features con
not ted with great work that lias been
done In and about that place.
It is to the city of Pembina that
Minnesota owes the fact that the
stale capital is now in St. Paul, as a
delegate from Pembina to the Mlnnt*-
sota legislature, Joe Rolette, was the I
man who In 1856-7 saved the removal
of the capitol to St. Peter, even after
both branches of the assembly had
passed a bill providing for such re
Pembina In the early days, was a
part of the state of Minnesota. North
western Minnesota and the Red river
valley constituted the Pembina legis
lative district, and although the pop
ulation at that time was scant, it is
presumed that the district was entitled
to legislative representation. The first
tw0 sessions of the assembly appear
to have been passed without any del
egate from Pembina, but in 1852, when
the third territorial legislative as
sembly was about to convene, dele
gates to both the council and house
were named, being Norman W. Kitt
son and Anton Glngras.
In 1852 there were 128 votes east In
the entire Pembina district, everyone
of which was sact in Pembina city,
and at that time Joe Rolette, Gingras
and Kittson were elected, the two for
mer to the house. For several years
thereafter Rolette was sent to the
house, and as some historian has said:
"Jo© was a trader without method and
with little idea of the value of money,
and if the whole truth were to be told
it would appear that the opposition
traders sent him to the legislature in
order to take him away from the busi-
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wmm wm&ts
nesa and leave the trade open fop
them, without his competition, as ho
wa» entirely too sharp for them."
Rolette's Work.
It was during the session of 1856
that Rolette saved the capitol of Min
nesota to St. Paul. A bill providing
for its removal to St. Peter had been
introduced by W. D. Lowry, a mem
ber of the council from St. Cloud, an£
had passed the council Feb. 12 and
the house Feb. 18, 1857. In only
needed the signature of Governor Qor*
man. who had been appointed by Pres
ident Pierce to succeed Gov. Ramsey,
to become law. Rolette was chairman:
of the committee that had the matter
In charge, and the session being with
in five days of the time of Its close
when he received the bill on Feb
27, he
Rolette was a noted fur trader of
his time. He was born In 1820, his
father, a Quebeck, also being a fur
trader. In the early life young Rolette
was sent to New York to be educated
under the supervision of Ramsey
Crooks, president of the American
Fur Co. On his return to the west
he entered the service of his father
in the fur trade. In 1842 the elder
Rolette died, and Joe Rolette then
went to Pembina to take care of the
fur business. From that time he
made his home in that city.
First County Seat.
Pembina is the first county seat
in North Dakota, being made a county
seat in 1867 when the North Dakota
territorial assembly created a county
called Pembina out of the eastern nor
a £-:r» *vn wnt i nir
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provements that will make
your old range seem likei ft
bad dream.
way with it by absent-
I ing himself from the session, and,
with the connivance of friends who
were hostile to the project, he seclud
ed himself in his room at a hotel
called the Fuller house. Tradition
states that these friends of Joe got
him intoxicated and detained him at
hia hotel in that manner. Those in
terested In having the bill become a
law made strenuous efforts to have
Joe found, but 'without avail. Unable
to report a true bill for the govern
or's signature, the legislature ended
and the project of removing the cap
itol fell by the wayside.
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FareT€rI^«Jf,!?h0.? .Quayl®
not been announced
tion of the present state of North
Dakota. Previous to that four coun
ties had been created by the assembly,
but none of those had been organized.
When the 1867 act was passed, the
territorial governor named Charles
Cavalier, Joseph Rolette and Charles
Grant as county commissioners, and
they made Pembina the county seat.
Cavalier, the city that was last week
successful in wresting from Pembina
the county seat honors, was named
after Charles Cavalier.
In addition to being the first coun
ty seat, Pembina holds many other
honors of a similar nature. It was at
Pembina that the first white man trod
North Dakota sod. No record of his
name has been kept, but it was In
1780 when a French trader located
there, remaining there forty-three
years, being mentioned by Professor
Keating, the chronicler Of the Major
Long expedition.
Colony Took Rifdge.
Pembina was once made the place
where members of the Selkirk colony
In Canada sought shelter. This colo
ny, located near the modern city of
Winnipeg, had been driven through
the failure of crops, to seek food and
protection In Pembina. The people
of Pembina, mostly* half breeds and
traders, were hostile to the Selkirk
colony because of their agricultural
tendencies, and a persecution of the
refugees followed in which the Earl
Of Selkirk was Anally obliged to take
hand, exacting damages from those
responsible for the damage done to
the early agriculturalists of the val-
The city of Pembina has the honor
of being the first postoffice in North
Dakota, the office being established
in 1849. Previously the Hudson Bay
Co. had forwarded mail to the post
twice a year, spring and fall, by spe
cial carrier to St. Paul, from whence
it was forwarded to its destination.
Norman W. Kittson was ehe first post
master of Pembina, making Charles
Cavileer his assistant. Ia 1861 the
Pembina customs house was estab
In 1862 the first United States land
«ffice in the state was established in
Pembina, with Geo. F. Potter as regis
ter and B. F. Brooks receiver. It was
removed to Fargo in 1874. In 1870
the first North Dakota judicial dis
trict was formed, and Pembina was
made the place for the court terms.
The stripping of the county seat
honors from the city of Pembina at
this time takes from it the last of its
possessions of the early days. While
Pembina made a hard fight for the
retention of the county seat, and is
regretful at the result, still its people
have confidence in their field and are
setting out more determined th^ be
fore to make Pembina one of the
state's best cities.
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R«v. T. CI afford of Chicago Will Speak
to 8wedish People of Fargo
and Moorhead*
Rev. T. Clafford of Chicago will be
the speaker at the Fargo Swedish
Baptist church next Sunday morn
mg and evening. He is the pastor of
the First Swedish church of Chicago
and one of the foremost Swedish min
isters in America.
The services in the morning will be
delivered in the native language of the
church, but at the Sunday school and
young people's meeting in the evening
ClafTord will speak In English,
This will be a rare treat for the Swed
ish population of Fargo and Moorhead,
and an excellent address is assured.
FREE TURKEYS Particulars
th® Bijou theatre ask about it.
'""H'"'#'. ..#1
Bishop William A. Quayle will give
one of his celebrated lectures in Fargo
the evening of Dec. 11, as the second
number of the Citizens" Lecture course
which is being given at the A. C.
recommended as one of the tion of some of the great playwright's
characters is wonderful. His interpre-
as one
the I
greatest platform orators before
iJL1™* tattons, while critical and comprehen
of his Fargo lecture has sive, are tremendously effective and
but It is entirely he is often judged as having no su-
htob*o™moh" "'..'i.:'!!'--6r .on.e- iwrlor *4 ot literaryIntsrpre
Shakespearean lectures tat Ion.
Up to ttte time of Major Loot's ar
rival in Pembina in 1823, it was sup
posed that the post was in British
territory, but he raised the American
flag. Many of the traders, intensely
loyal to England, abandoned Pembina
with this action and located at Kil
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
All candidates wishing to try ©ut
for the first basketball team of the as
sociation, and for teams In the Com
mercial basketball league are request
ed to be at the association Wedne
day evening at 8 o'clock.
The meeting time for the studen
eym class has been changed. T»,
class will meet at 8:15 Tuesday
Thursdays and Saturdays, Instead
the hour that has been in vogue her
We Buy Scrap fren.
Carload lots a specialty. Corrsspon s
ence given prompt attention. VfcV&o
Iron Metal Co.. Fargo, N. D.
I Chop •swy, at MnrhMd.
S», 1M0.
here. Hia addresses combine all the
elements of a great discourse and are
full of instruction, amusement and
high incentives of noble life.
Many people consider the bishop one
of the greatest students of Shake-
to speare in America and his Tnterpreta-
Rev. C. R. Adams of the First Prea
byterlan church was the speaksr at
the regular convocation exercises at
the Agricultural college yesterday and
his talk which waB a very interesting
one covered a great deal of ground,
but taken generally served as a good
Thanksgiving lecture.
The speaker selected several of the
most important questions before the
American people today and Illustrated
the surrounding conditions which
have brought about the problems and
compared them with similar conditions
during the life of the Roman empire
during its ascendancy. The menace of
concentrated wealth was the first
problem presented.
"Concentrated wealth Is a great
menace of this day," said the speaker.
"Senator LaFollette declared on the
floor of the senate that the money
power of the United States today is
in the hands of 100 men and his ar
gument could not be refuted. The
condition surely Is an abnormal one
and it is a bad one. It is not a new
one for it has existed in every civil
ization that exer existed. Egypt,
Babylon and Rome all passed through
it. It surely is more of an old Insti-
tution than a new one.
Social caste Is more of an Institu
tion of the old country than of this.
Yet it has gained a foothold here and
is growing. And it is more a serious
question here because of the fact that
our government is builded upon a so
cial democracy and the caste system
is in direct opposition.
"The immigration question today Is
also a great problem of the day. Dr.
Edward Stiner of Grinnell college, la.,
is one of the most able thinkers on
the immigration question of the day.
However, not to dwell on the question
of Immigration, for you know Rome
had her immigration just as well as
we are having ours, the gladitorial
contests of Rome come to mind and
the great and brutal contests of the
old days and in the minds of all who
know anything at all of Roman his
tory. People today admire flne cour
age in man just as well as they do
in animal life. But there is not the
same brutality in athletic contests of
the day as there was in the Roman
gladitorial contests.
"The last ten years has forced
schools and colleges in general to in
vestigate athletics. No more than the
admiration of the athletic hero has
brought about these conditions. In
the east more so than in the west have
college athletics invaded the school
life until today, in many schools it
occupies a place never meant for it
and that it should not occupy. Mich
igan, Chicago, Harvard, Princeton,
Yale and many other big schools have
been forced to legislate to keep ath
letics in their place.
"Do any of you recall a prize fighter
before the time of John L. Sullivan?
Not many of you. Well there were
not very many before Sullivan's time
in this country arjd there is Just an
other example of what a tremendous
growth prize fighting has had during
the life of just one man. Todry there
is hardly a person bu,t what knows of
some prize fighter or other. Magazine
and publications of all kinds have
given space for the fighter. The 20th
century has brought to us the sem
blance of the Roman gladitorial com
bat. The great strong beast-like man
has an interest today and literature
indicates that such stories as the
Cave Man and many other similar
ones are flooding the market and they
are in great demand. People of this
day are thinking along the lines that
the Romans thought along when they
were at their height of power. We all
thirst after that which we do not pos­
Br am
ite Well
J. "**:':v..
121- 123 Bdwy
sess. The Romans came to the glad
itorial contests when they were at the
height of their power, when the na
tion was wealthiest, when people gen
orn"y were not strong, big m~.n gen
erally had great admiration for the
big, strong beast-like man that fo'ight
in the arena before them. Those con
tests were the chief source of amuse
ment for tho abnorma'ly rich at that
"Light forms of amusement have in
creased at an astonishing rate in the
last few years. The last five years
has seen a remarkable increase in the
light amusement places in Fargo. Th.
cheap theatre Is in demand every
where, while a good lecture or a play,
from which knowledge could be de
rived, goes hunting an audience.
There Is today another evil and
that is the great declining influence
of the home as an institution in our
land. Stevenson said in one of his
essays that husband, wife and house
was all that was necessary. The hus
band and wife are obtainable today,
ut right here in Fkrgo real estate
Is so high that half of the young mar
ried couples live in rented homes.
Rome experienced just as much of the
divorce evil as we do today and rec
ords show as many as twenty divorces
and twenty-one marriages for oae per
son in the day of Caesar.
"During the" civil war the north losf
in the four years 110.000 men. In the
last fourteen years there have been
in this country 152,192 murders, which
home life. We separated from the
mother country with the idea of gov
erning ourselves better. Yet figures
show %. percentage of 15 murders for
every million of people in this country,
against two for every million people
in Canada and Great Britain. Rome
had her graft evil just as much as we
have ours, yet the future of the pres
ent generation cannot be black, for
the salvation of the country shall- be
brought about through the church."
**I am pleased to recommend Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy as the best
thing I know of and safest remedy for
coughs, colds and bronchial trouble,"
writes Mrs. L. B. Arnold of Denver,
Colo. "We have used It repeatedly
and it has never failed to give relief."
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phone 2181.
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A Contra
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"There*« a Reason"
Bea4 ''The Road to Wellville" in
A good many heating: plants are a contradiction be
cause they do not heat. If your heating system is
of this kind we have a word for your ear.
Practically every man and woman who knows Fargo
knows of the extensive plant we maintain. Perhaps
all do not know that to maintain such a plant
necessitates that the work we do shall be of tlie
most satisfactory character, and this in turn calls for
the most skillful workmerrthat are to be had.
With such an equipment, coppled with our many
years successful experience, we are in a position to
install heating plants that are right in every particu
lar—not a contradiction.
Fargo Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing, Heating A Electrical Contractors, Electroplating
You can buy an interest bearing Certifi
cate of Deposit every time you have a spare
TJie First National Banlf
\Ve are sole agents for Xhe Columbiai
I^iiOQQgraph, and the Indestructible
V -'"i,'
H'ri- ,U
,«. ,-
forgo, W. Dak.
Students of the A. C. Who Are Away
From Home Thanksgiving to
Have Big T»me.
Under the auspices of the Agricul
tural College Y. M. C. A. the male stu
dents of the A. C. will hold a big gath
ering Thursday evening at 7:10 at the
men's dormitory. The function will be
given for the benefit of the young men
of the institution who cannot get home
over the Thanksgiving vacation.
The initial event and the chief event
of the evening will be a real Thanks
giving dinner. This will be followed
by a number of talks which wiil be
given around the festive board, Presi
dent McCali of the college association
The final roundup of the evening's
festivities wil be boxing and wrestling
matches of different kinds. These will
be both real and burlesque, and every
effort will be made to cause the young
men to forget that they are away from
home for their Thanksgiving.
Front Offices for Rant.
One of the finest and most centrally
located suite of offices In the city with
vault for rent. Apply to Page-Bene
dict Land Co.
After a long wasting illness conva
lescents require nourishing food that
will not overtax the digestive func
tions—and In the way of a strength
restoring and vitality-making tonic,
we know of nothing that equals Vinol,
our delicious cod liver and iron tonic
(without oil).
Vinol creates an appetite, re-estab
lishes good digestion and helps the
daily food to make rich blood, form
flesh, strong muscles and Impart new
life and vitality to every organ In the
body. We ask those who need a
strength and flesh building tonic ra
Btorative to call at our store and get
a bottle of Vinol with the understund
ing that If It does not help them we
will refund their money without ques
tion. Fout & Porterfleld, druggists,
Fargo, N. D.
Live within your means.
Limit your wants while enlarging1 your
Dispense with luxuries as long as you can
pay only for necessities.
Preserve your independence by becoming1
saver as well as a money earner.
& Johnson

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