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S I ifta
London, Oct. 25.-9:10 p. m.—Each,
rfflay Is a repetition of the previously
'day in the battles being fought out in
West Flanders, northern France and
L.Poland. One side gains a little at one
.point, only to lose the advantage at
i •pother.
i It appears from official reports Issued
[from German and French headquarters
'that the Germans, finding it impossible
to advance along the coast toward
Dunkirk on account of the Are from
the British and French warships, took
*8. route a little more inland and have
,succeeded 'n crossing the Yser canal,
which the Belgians have been defend
•i#g stubbornly for a week past, to the
~west of Dixmude.
They also have made progress to the
northeast of Ypres and still are in
possession of Roulers, towards which
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British Review of War
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$!«»& & T5..
-ft This is the fifcst photograph of the
'"fntire siege gun with which the Ger
i. aj-my reduced the tovtp at X»iege,
ur, Maubeuga and Antwerp, and
the Allies were advancing last week
and at one time were reported to have
captured. The Germans claim to have
taken 500 British troops In the fighting
in this neighborhood.
Of the gains claimed by the Germans
the French reports make no mention
dismissing the battle with: "There is
no change to report between the sea
and region around Arras."
To add to the trials of the troops a
short spell of fine weather has given
place to another downpour of rain
which will convert the lowlands of
Flanders into great lakes.
Of the battles on the center and left
wing the German report does not
speak, but the French declare they axe
maintaining their positions in the
Argonne and on the heights of the
Meuse and have destroyed three more
German batteries. From unofficial
sources it Is learned that the French
have made some advance in the moun
tains along the AJsace border.
In Poland a very heavy battle now Is
in progress between the fortresses of
Ivandgorod and Radom which the Ger
mans and Austrians, who were defeated
in their first attempt to cross the Vis
tula before the former city, have made
a stand against the Russians, who have
followed in the hope of destroying
Both sides have, according to their
own reports, made prisoners and cap
tured guns, but the battle which ex
tends over a front of twenty-six miles
has not yet been decided.
The Austrians are still making a
bold effort to cross the river San and
are carrying on a splendid flght south
of Przemysl In the hope of reaching
and recapturing I^ernberg.
The Montenegrins admit that they
have had to withdraw to their previous
positions along the Rosnian frontier
after an attack by a superior force of
Austrians. The latter, in fact, seem to
be fighting Id a manner, ot whtcn thetr
nwnr different
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which it Is now believed, to be turning
on the mighty French fortifications at
Belfort in the south. The gun and
carriage are made up of two parts, as
will he seen 'from-ttu» photographs.
Correspondence of The JkMoclat
Paris, Oct. 14.—French trade agg?
itLng 1,800,000,000 francs or $360,00f\
)0 a year is thrown into the marl. i
i a result of the war. Such was ih
tal value of goods purchased i y
ranee last year from Germany an•/
ustria, the balance of trade being in
Lvor of Germany to the amount
5,000,000 francs and In favor of Alic
ia to the amount of 54,000,000 francs.
Local committees are being organ
1 with a view to placing this
Everywhere is seen evidence of o
intention to follow strictly the injur
tions of the official decree in boycotti:!
of German and Austrian products.
the stationery stores Austrian penc
have disappeared from view and it
Impossible to find any of the USIMI
German articles in the delicatess
We want to call your attention
the many new dresses, coats »ri
waists received the past week
Black's store.—Advt.
Continued From Page One,
—the Cresay, the Hogue, and the Abou
kir—a feat which shocked all England
and made her people tremble momen-l
i tarily in doubt about her navy. Von|
I Weddigen is only 32 years of age, but!
his name rings through Germany, and
i Great Britain's enormous navy has not
in this war produced a hero whose
fame compares with that of the Ger
Von Weddigen was 200 miles from
his base of supplies, having traveled
most of that distance lender water,
when he sighted the three cruisers.
He found them in a triangle, and after
la king a. last sight at them dove.
He worked between them, within less
than a mile on each.
From a depth of about twelve feet
he loosed a torpedo at one ship, which
he later learned was the Aboukir.
She went down in a few moments
and her men were in the water. The
Cressy and the Hogue hurried to the
scene, their commanders evidently
believing an accident had happened
to the Aboukir. He loosed another
torpedo at the Hogue, and she keeled
c\er. Too late the British command
ers found out the cause. Another
torpedo caught the Cressy, and with
in thirty minutes from the time in
first shot was fired thq three were
wrecks and their men were struggling
in the sea.
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first performances In the war hardly
gave promise.
Turkey, which it was believed at one
time had decided to throw in her lot
with Germany, again has assured the
ambassadors of Great Britain, France
and Russia that she intends to main
tain her policy of neutrality. Turkey,
however, continues her military acti
vities and is collecting transport ani
mals, which it is said, are destined for
tbe Egyptian frontier. It is considered
that strong Russian forces on the
Turkish border has influenced her.
the greatest thing in the greatest war.
Y~ w 'S .m. o
i i
The middle carriage on enormous iron
wheels here shown Is placed in a ce
ment foundation, and the gun Is backed
against it for support. The forward
automobile Is the powerful machine
'. '. "r ". ••.*-•
i the best advantage. The commits
industrial and commercial defencc
iking up the interests of small man
facturers, who have not been in tou
ith the foreign consumer in a way
rnble them to make new connectic
irectly. Proposals are being made
nglish business organizations with
iew to an exchange of visits in 1
\ro countries of representatives
)inmercial and industrial concer
he importance of this work to 1
United States may be understood fr
the fjict that of the purchases frc"::
(Jermany last year there were 177,00".
000 francs in machinery, while Frarc
purchased from the United States oi
67,000,000 francs in this line. German\*
supplied 103,000,000 francs in cerei.ls
while the United States supplied 3, ,
000,000. v
Another committee is being form' 1
to consider the question of hot'
which are, to a great extent, in i*
hands of Germans, while those co
ducted by Frenchmen had mostly
man and other foreign employees, (h
proposition is to establish a number -if
hotels, schools, such as the one alrea'
in operation at Thonon, where evcy
branch of the hotel business is tauf1 i
practically. French hotel keepers
Paris have organized schools of la
guages for their younger employees u
order to fit them to take the place
Germans, as the question of langua
has always been a weak point w
French employees.
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This week
Monsieur Lelievre, president of V -e
Industrial Defence committee, stat"»
that the principal difflfflculty the coi
mittee encounters is in the case
houses which are practically known
be thoroughly German but contin
business under names adopted for
contingency. There are not statist
giving the number of Germans occui(
in commerce and manufacturing a
France, but the proportion is very ii
portant and the defence committee pr
poses to ask for radical measures
protection against their continuation
under false colors.
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French Views of Battle
Paris, Oct. ji ®unday morning.)—
The success of the allies in repulsing
the furious attacks of the Germans, as
indicated in Saturday's official state
ment, was the baBis of encouragement
to the French and English when the
battle of the North was resumed Sun
The Germans, In a mighty effort to
gain a victory, continue rushing all the
reinforcements that can he spared.
Many of the German soldiers at Dix
mude have come from Herlin within
the last few days. Arriving at the
scene of battle they have been sent at
once into the trenches waist-high with
water. The Belgians, under cover of
a fog, approached the trenches, and
at the point of the bayonet, made pris
oners of a large number of the in
vaders. At the same time the contest
was resumed at numerous other points,
but the result was difficult and the
casualty lists were large.
The fact that the allies have ad
vanced appreciably east of Nieuport,
as officially announced, and has helped
to reassure them, since in this vicinity
the British haval guns could hardly
continue to exercise any innfluence in
gaining ground. The slight introgres
sion at other points, which was coun
terbalanced by progress somewhere
else ,was considered as inevitable in a
great conflict of this kind, and appar
ently it did not cause the slightest
The strategic consequence of this
battle of the north, it Is felt, In some
quarters, will be greater to the Ger
mans than to the allies. If it should
be necessary for the latter to withdraw,
necessary to transport the gun.
This Is one of the two siege guns
which battered the fortifications at
Antwerp within three days after they
began w.orjc. While the Belfort forti­
wu»»wne* fennO. .#.!» »jt.ft^ii»iiM
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on Sunday
it would be upon the normal lines of
the allies without risk, it is declared.
and the bending of the left wing would
not compromise the situation In gen
eral. The French also are confident as
to the line at other points.
Fifty per cent of the troops on the
right wing have not had their baptist*1
of fire, according to word received here.
General Joffre, commander-in-chief of
the French forces, is said to be a saver
of men, by necessity, perhaps, but
especially on account of humanity. His
calmness on the field of battle is said
to be extraordinary. He is precise in
his orders and has absolute knowledge
of the ground and of his men.
The question of the return of the
•government to Paris from Bordeaux, In
view of the necessity of voting ma
jority bills and credits, is being die
cussed. The suggestion is made that
after the deputies and diplomats have
finished setting here they Bhould go
back to Bordeaux.
Sunday Night Report of French.
Paris. Oct. 26.—The following official
communication by the French war of
fice Sunday night:
"The action has continued under the
same conditions as on preceding de
lays. A battle of a very violent char
acter is in progress between Nieuport
and the river Lys. The German forces
have succeeded in crossing the Yser
between Nieuport and Dixmude.
"To the west and to the south ox
Liille spirited attacks by the enemy
have.been repulsed.
"Between the Otoe and the Argonne
•there is nothing to report, only several
small advances by our troops to the
northwest of Soisaons and in the re
gion of Craonne.
"On the heights ot tl\e Meuse .there
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comes from the French aepv-
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Is an artillery engagement. In the
Woevre region our heavy artillery
holds today under its fire the road con
necting Thiacourt, Nonsard, Brussels
and Joinville, which is one of the prin
cipal lines of communications of the
Germans, near Saint Mihiel.
"It Is reported that Saturday in the
an entire regiment of
German infantry was annihilated dur
ing an operation, which was extended
to the wood to the north of Lsicha
I hereby give notice that I will not
be responsible for any debts contract
ed by any person except myself.
Fargo. Oct. 20. 1914.
(Oct. 20-22-24-26.)
Washington has made up its mind to
be a brilliant world capital this sea
son, with all the social splendor and
dash that have departed from thie
war-harassed centers of Europe. Shut
ters are coming down with a rush,
houses long empty are being reno
vated and put in commission, and
hostesses are scrambling for good
places on the entry lists. Everybody
is whispering that the city ^will be
filled this winter with diplomats,
noblemen and other distinguished
refugees from Europe, and that enter
tainment must be worthy of the
We hope Washington will stand its
social boom without losing any of
the qualities that have made so many
first-rank Americans deeply fond of
it. The capital of the United States
has the ground plan of a stately and
beautiful city—In many ways the
most beautiful in the world. Some of
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the plan has been filled In. Simplicity
and dignity have been its architec
tural standards. Simplicity and dig
nity have been, and should always be*
its social standards.
Washington is the capital of a su
perbly successful democracy. Not the
least of its duties is to keep its so,clal
character unaffected, sincere, national.
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