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W'wiw^ Tf?^
Bargains in Ladies' & Misses'Jackets
All our Ladies' and Misses' tailor-made Jackets in fine Kersey cloth,
satin or silk lined, in black and castor shades^ and brown. Best
values ever offered at $9.00, $10.00, $12.50 and $14.50.
For this week any Jacket will go at $5.00
slit Come Early and
$1.50 $1.25
Baldness follows falling hair,- falling
\hair follows, dandruff and dandruff Is
the result of a germ digging its way
into the scalp to the roots of the hair
where it saps the vitality of the hair.
To destroy that germ is to prevent as
as well a# to cure dandruff, falling
&air, and, lastly, baldness-V .There is
only one preparation known to do
that, Newbro's Herpicide, an entirely
new, scientific discovery. Where­
ver' it ha® Jeen tried it. has proven
wonderfully successful. It can't be
otherwise, because it utterly destroys
'the dandruff genm. "You destroy the
cause, you remove the effect"
During the year ending June 30 last
Jasper county, Mo., produced zinc and
lead worth 15,338,629.
Such' little pills as' Dewitt's Little
Early Risers axe very easily taken, and
they are wonderfully effective in
•cleaning the liver and bowels. E. S.
Beardsley, Fourth street
The Grafton News and Times says
there are report^ of poisoning at the
state university from eating canned
.meats, and wants to know if it is being
kept secret by the Grand Porks papers.
^depends upon the condition .of your
/stomach. If you suffer from dyspepsia,
indigestionr constipation, billiousness,
,t "torpid liver or wealc kidneys, you -will
find a sure cure in Hostetter's Stomach
,5, Bitters.r It will also prevent insomnia
and nervousness by keeping the stomach
a healthy condition. Don't fail to give
it a trial. See that Our Private Revenue
^Stamp covers the neck of the bottle.
'-1. You Get W STOMACH
\the Genuine BITTERS.
It Is the Superior WrIMngNaahta*
Jt excels in all dBsirabie featnm,
simple, strohg mechanically
—and nsOBfe.iasKjnomical sdft,i
6 It ls
1 1
Sold on Monthly Pcyments
your pick and size.
All Furs at Actual Cost Price
Eiderdown Dressing vj&ckets. in nearly all sizes and colors at the
-Allowing 'prices: ,1
$1.33 83c 66c
Inventory Lirteh and Sheeting Sale
Table Linens and Napkins at a Big Discount. v" •?..
Bargains in 9x4 and 10x4 sheetings. /,
All IVIiHinery at Cost Price
Agents for Standard Patterns.
ANTED—Good girl for general housework
family of four, Apply to Tribune.
VI/ANTED—Salesmen to sell cigars with pi
miums. Address H. Platz, Milwaukee W
AGENTS Wanted for "The Life of Queen Yic
toria," Distinguished authorship over 100
magnificent. illustrations nearly 600 pages
price only $1.75. Greatest money "making op­
portunity ever offered., $10.00 per day made
easily. Big commission we pay freight. .Out­
fit free for 10c postage. Address the John C.
WinstohGo., 718 Arch St., Philadelphia, or 334
Dearborn St., Chicago.
Maximum temperature yesterday 10.
Minimum temperature yesterday —4.
Fbreca8tsfor24 hours ending tonightat
8 o'clock—fair and stationary tempera­
N. G. Larimore was an arrival last
night from Larimore.
State Auditor Carlblom returned last
night from his trip east.
P. H. Rourke was among the arrivals
as is on
State Treasurer McMjllan went down
to,the Twin Cities for a few days,
{[P. C. Crenshaw came in from Fargo
last night with the legislative push.
Do not forget the grand army camp
fire to be given Feb. 7 at the Atheneum.
Attorney Cochran's vaccination is takr
ing Well and he had an -arm in a sling
•P. L. How,e, ^e£ Stewart aAd W. Hi
Mc Williams of Minneapolis were ^riv
als iast night.15 '•&>'*/
Invitations are but for^ another 'a|r
home by Gov. and Mrs. White Sriday
night of this week. 2522,i-
The ladies of the W. Rv C, will serve
lunch for the dance to be. given by the
members if Company A.
Hon. John Satterlund was able to be
at the office yesterday after 1 several
days' tussle with the grippe.
Grand Lecturer Scott held a school of
instruction for the local Masonic lodge
last night. He goee to Dickinson to-:
Mrs. L. W. Slaugter left last night for
Arthur. Caes county, where she was
called by the serioup illnesa of her son
in-law, J. A.
feit is hoped the arrival of P. C. Oren-:
shaw meaos a mbve for quick improve
ment in the brand of kereo^n^||Lng
dispensed through the state.
J. A. Burgum is spriouBly ill at his
home in Arthur of acute )tidney ditease.
Dr. Kowetit Caaselton wfs called in conf
sulfcation with Dr. Crtfcchflsld Saturday
inegafd asef^g|
'A number of' bids t^vebeen
Wachter Jast night sent a flpe lot of
they will- be disposed of without diffl- a}w TWriF'I?TfA"XrQTV*r»T7
eulty, possibly at lower rates'of interest oXUL»JI*
thapthe prescribed maximum.. JS- -^.r'
W.JI. p.lcooer, P. P. tWmiiSa 6.
to the Fargo, poultry show, about 30
birds in all* T'he, boys expect" to cap­
ture some of the blue ribbons.,
A large number of people is expected
on Wednesday and Thursday evenings
at the Atheneunn to spend a few very
'pleasant hours. Reserved s^ats 40cents
adults 25 cents and children j5 cents..
The lecture ill the Presbyterian church
last night by C. H. Hillstren, on "The
Devil and His Wife,'*,, was a scholarly
address arid well prepared. Those Who
came were vVell repaid for the. coming.-
ITiie legislative push returned last
night and the session will reconvene
today. Many of the members have been
home discussing matters of interest with
their constituents and getting prepared
ror the resumption of work. Last night's
train from the east brought back most
of the members who are ready to begin
work again today.
A reminder comes from Dr. Porter, in
the shape of the published passenger
list and itinerary of the cruising yacht
"Pringessin Yictoria Louise," which
sailed from New York on the 26th inst.
on a cruise to the West Indies and the
Spanish main. "Dr. H. R. Porter, Bis­
marck, N. D.-,".is on the list. The cruise
takes ip Port ,au Prince, Porto Rico, St.
Thomas, St. Pierre, where Napoleon se­
cured. his Josephine—celebrated for its
beautiful.women—CUraco, Kingston, ai
maca, and Havana, Qienfuegos and San­
tiago, Cuba, and takes about thirty-five
days. The doctor expects to returh to
Bismarck in March.
Pepsin preparations often fail to re­
lieve indigestion because they can di­
gest only albuminous foods. There
is one preparation that digests all
classes of food, and that is Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. It cures the worst
cases of indigestion and gives instant
relief, for it digests what you eat. E.
S. Beardsley, Fourth street.
Secretary qf State John Hay acknowl­
edges the authorship of "The Bread win
ners," an American novel of industrial
life, published in 1884.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children while teething.
It soothes the child, softens t^e gums
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for Diarrhoea
Twenty-five cents a bottle. Sold by
all.druggists throughout the world.
Several general purpose horses, 15 to
16 hundred. Send description'and price
to box 812, Sault St. Marie, Mich.
New* and up-to-date line of
neckwear lust received at the
The Oldest and Best
8. 8. 8. is a combination of roots
and herbs of great curative powers,
and when taken into the circulation
searches out and removes all manner
6f poison? from the blood, -without
the least shock of harm to the system.
On the contrary, the general health
for 8. S. S. is not only a blood purifier,
but sua excellent tonic, and strength
ens anft builds tip the constitution
wMle' purging tlie blood of impuri­
ties. S. S. S. cures *11 diseases of a
Jlood poison origiii, Cancer^ Scrofula*
Kheumitism, Chronic Sores $nd
Ulcers, Eczema,-Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum, Herpes aji4 similar troubles,
and is in infatUijl©the oiijiy
A reeM of nearly fifty years
Successful cures is a record to be proud
of. 8. 8. S. is more jwpular today
than ever. It numbers its friends by
the thousands. Our medical coraes*
pottdence is laiger than evter
history of the medicine. MAnywrite
to thank us for the greatgood S.8.S
nas done them, while others are seek­
ing advice about their cases. Al.
letters receive ptompt and careful
eases, end better understand such cases
than the ordinary practitioner who
makes a specialty of no one disease.
maKes a speciair
State papers from v^rious2sections an­
nounce the visit of legislators at home
during the recess and there are many
pleasant leg pullB for members.
'„,,$Jhe grand army veterans are making
great preparations for their camp fire
Feb. 7* Among the legislators,and vis
itprs ate many Qiih
well entertained,^
'.The wittier, has beon so mild so far,
and February a, short month,' there are
pnly about six weeks of badlweather in
sight, at the worst, It will go on reoord
as a mild winter.
We are doing great
good to sufferln
hnmanity jthroug
,o »nisnlt^
partment, and invite
you to write us if yo^ have any blood
or skin trouble. We xn^e no charge
Whatever for this sendee.
In til Its time
Ely's Cretfm Balm
the 4Uhmm4 membrane.
It curt* caMMti and drlyiss^^
Cream B*I& UfkMd into nostrlli, spmds
Mrttf moabrtaftand i« «bso)$cd.
miUttratffcttixftfolfcnfii. It li not drying—dt«*
Wrtprrtjuc* &mc* On, eOdo^ ft Sra*.
Photo by Smith, Buftklb.
Breeder* From All Sections of tk*
Western Heml«pltere Will Par.
tlclpate Increnalng Demand For
American Horses. Cattle, Sheep and
Superintendent Frank A. Converse,
In charge of the divisions of agricul­
ture and live stock and dairy product*
at the Pan-American exposition, Buf­
falo, 1901, Intends to have the exhibits
in these departments show the very
latest and best achievements in these
"I have invited," says Mr. Converse,
"the boards of agriculture of all states
and countries of Pan-America, all live
stock and dairy associations, all cheese
manufacturers, all wool growers, all
swine breeders] all poultry and pet
stock associations, beekeepers and rep
sentatives of every other industry be­
longing to the farm to lend a hand In
this broad undertaking in order that
the best methods, best appliances, best
breeds, may be brought forward to the
notice of all and for the benefit of all.
"In the division of live stock a cash
budget of $40,000 is: offered in pre­
miums, and every breed of domestic
animals will be recognized and classi­
fied in such a way that the winners
will be amply rewarded for the time
and expense of making an exhibit in
any of these classes. The time has
come When the breeders recognize the
opportunities offered by a great exposi­
tion as a business proposition, and it
cannot be ignored. The increase of.
sales from such exhibits is well
known to every up to date stockman.
This fact will have special influence in
the case of the Pan-American exposi­
tion. as the new colonial possessions of
the United States as well as the many
countries of South and Central Amer­
ica are already turning their eyes to­
ward the live stock industries of the
United States as a source from which
they can buy animals of the most im­
proved breeding to build up the stock
Industry of their countries.
"Air of the live stock associations of
America have Interested themselves in
this exposition, with a view to further
interesting exhibits of their particu­
lar breeds, and are offering special
prizes in connection with those given
by the exposition company simply for
the reason that they realize the iflftjor
tance of the live stock exhibit at Buf­
"Sheep, swine and horses are like­
wise in great demand in other coun­
tries. The outlook for the breeders of
sheep for mutton and wool purposes
was never better, while the breeders
of swiaer have attained such a degree
of perfection in breeding pigs for meat
purposes that the choice breeds are
constantly sought for in the markets
of the world. In the last few years
there has sprung up an unexpected
market for American cavalry horses.
The great horse markets of Buffalo
and Chicago are Constantly besieged by
foreign buyers picking up all the avail­
able animals for continental Europe.
There has been such a demand for
these animals that the pricu has ad­
vanced 40 per cent within tho last two
years. Perhaps the. automobile may
have made some difference with the
horses, but there is still a great de­
mand from the eastern markets for
these animals, and the prices are Jielng
maintained in a way that is encourag
ing to the people in this line of horse
breeding, and, considering all these
things, the opportunities for exhibiting
at Buffalo with a iew to familiariz­
ing more people with the animals pro­
duced in the different states should ap­
peal to every one interested."
Should wish anew pair
of shoes can see the finest
assortment in the northwest
ith a rQBOlu
cigars. The
iSe^n'the 20th century with
tion to smoke only the liest cigars.1
Hannibal HamUn. 15?V3f3l
Among the 6t0 members of thi new
house of oommo^s two are above SOyears
When you have tried others, su
Seal of Minnesota and jbe satisfied^
There areabout 30.000,000 acres
occupied public land jet: temait
For men only,
The Hamlin'^
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the
United States. Remember the name
Doan's and take no other.
Apple Social.
Apple sociaL
February 2d.
At the Presbyterian parson-
By whom? The C. E. society.
For whom? You and your friends.
Why? To get the B. A. P., the L. A.
P., or'N. A. P.
Come. Be on time, 7:30 to 10:30 p. m.
A Prominent Chicago Woman Speaks.
Prof. Roxa Tyler, of Chicago, Vice
President Illinois Woman's Alliance, in
speaking of Chamberlain's Cough Rem­
edy, says:
"I,suffered with a severe cold this winter
which threatened to run into pneumonia.
I tried different remedies, but seemed to
v- Jaoksos, TsurerNor.«.
I wu subject to mlBoarrJage fojr three
and sntfered constantly with, backache. Iiwote
to you for advice, and after Using thros botHW
of^Wine Of Oardnl, aoctprdin^ to yout diretiaoM,
I am strong ancl vell, and the mother of 'ft
There is no use talking—a baby in the house is the linlc that binds
husband and wife together! Nothing is sadder than fruitless wedlock.
The prattling and cooing of the little ones offset a thousand times thear^1
occasional worries and trials of life. When a wife is barren, there is a
derangement somewhere in the genital organs, caused by one or more of
those common disorders known Cardui ^4
is the remedy It puts the orceins of gaieration in a strong and healthyj«»
condition, fitting the wife for me sacred duty of reproducing her lund.
During the period of gestation the entire system of the expectant mother
is built up to withstand the ordeal of labor, and when the little one
makes its. advent it is lusty and i. ...
strong, well-fitted to_ grow to ma- !^jKPAOT«lilT
turrty in penset.
mother too passes through
trial with little pain and no dreagL mbuiciskco, cbattanoogai
Wine of Cardui is truly a wonder*:'
medicine for women.
Large Bottles for $1.00 at Druggists.
Everybody Appreciates
a Good
Everybody has Jtheir hour of trouble.
±ut people have an itchiness of the
Have many hours of trouble.
Nothing so annoying, nothing so irri­
Want to scratch it all the time.
It's a hard and trying position.
Leave it alone and you can hardly bear
the misery.
Eczema and horrid itching piles.
Relief and cure has come at last
Doan's Ointment cures every form of
itchiness of the skin.
Here is proof.
Mr. A. J. McCay, of 708 South Sev­
enth avenue, an employe of the Grand
Forks roundry, says: "For a long
time I suffered quite severely with
that most annoying and difficult to
cure pest, called itching hemorrhoids.
The irritation was maddening at times
and only those who have put up with
the annoyance can form the slightest
idea of what it is really like. When
I procured Doan's Kidney Pills at
Trepanier & Co's. drug store, I also got
a box of Doan's Ointment. The pills
acting up to their representations led
me to try the Ointment with consid­
erable faith. I was well rewarded
for my attempt It's use gave me
ease, comfort and perfect immunity
from further pain and annoyance."
girl baby. f|l
Mrs. M. N. jowaa».^%,
grow worse and the medicine upset my
stomach. A friend advised me to try
Chamberlain's Cpugh Remedy and I
found it was.- pleasant to take and it re­
lieved me at once. 1 am now entirely
recovered, saved,a doctor's bill, time,and
suffering and I never will be without
this splendid medicine again." Fo/ sale
by E. S. Beardsley.
The annual loss in France caused by
the ravages of hail storms is said to
amount to about 83,000,000 francs. From
1863 to 1805 the figures varied from 40,7
000,000 to 134,000,000 francs.
When threatened by pneumonia or
any other lung trouble, prompt relief is
necessary, as it is dangerous to delay..
We would suggest that One Minute
Cough Cure be taken as soon as indica­
tions of having taken cold are noticed.
It cures quickly and its early use pre­
vents consumption. E. S. Beardsley,
Fourth street.
New Jersey's tree Anting act can be
administered for local purposes by any
municipality in the "state. Rochester*
N. Y., has secured legislation for system­
atic tree planting and supervision by
the city authorities.
Cut this out and ta^e it to E. S.
Beardsley's drug store and
Hood's Pills.
a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets, the best physic. They
also cure disorders of the stomach,
biliousness and headache.
The emigration of Irishmen to Great
Britain for harvest has been steadily in­
creasing for the last ten years.
Every movement hurts when you
have rheumatism. Muscles are c.df
and sore and points are painful,
mood's Sarsaparilla goes right to the
spot in this disease, neutralizes the
acidity of the blood and cures.
nausea are cured by
Africa contains 80,000,000 Mohamme­
dans to about 200,000,000 inhabitants.
The most soothing, healing and an­
tiseptic application every devised is
DeWitt's Witdh Hazel Sallve. It re
lievesj|p.t once and cures piles, soree,
eczema and skin diseases. Beware of
imitations. E. S. Beardsley, Fourth
Come on! Come'on! Get next
great 10c Cigar. The Hannibal Ma:
Literary Sensation
The London Daily Mail says—
Joh^Mnrray. thB1 publishgr, told a Daily Mail representative yesterday
that An Englishwoman .* Love Letters' bad sold better than anything his firm had
published for the last twenty-five years.
•I'-. *1 do not know who wrote it,' said Mr. Hamj, 'arid I cannot even gaess. My
impression is that the letters were genuine enougB, and that they -were edited by a
literary band, so as to give them that perfect touch which baa made them snch a
delight to the reading public. At
present there is simply a wild run on
Oie book, and I am 3,000 copies in
debt to tbe trade.
"in the b6pe of (dearing up the
mystery, and also with the desire
that no writer, however briljUant or
popnlar, should, even vmwittingly.
appropriate tlio glory which belongs
another, tbo Daily, Mail has by
telegraph pat the Jdain qn«»tion:
*DhJ you write "An Qnsltshwoman's
LoveLetters?" to number of pop­
ular novelists. Here are their tele-:
graphic replies—
"'Have written love letters^® several fingliahwtimen. .Which do you Tefer tol"
}No, I did not write 'An Ktwlisbwoman'a Love Ijettera.1 "—Beatrice Harraden.
"Deny outirely."—Anibouy Hope Hawtsns.
"Am entirely gull ties® of 'wearing my heart on my sleeve {or daws to peck ait."'
-Maria CorelU.
tyS-' ,Vi

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