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Over 200 Bills
What is the Lk\v?
Pocket Edition" of Laws
Orders Promptly Filled
Radical Changes in Laws
Bounty on Wolves
Seed Grain
Revenue and Taxation
New Legislative Districts
Secret Societies
Educational System
Oil Inspection
Bills Against the State
County Commissioners
fgnorance of the Law
"Pocket* Edition" of Laws
75c Postage Paid to
That's what has been done with
the Revised Codes of North Dakota.
Were passed by the legislature of
1901. This exceeds' the number
passed at the session of 1899.
That is the question that everybody
in the state will be running- up
against pretty soon if information
is not obtained from, some reliable
source. 7 \V.-
That's what I call the little book
that will, be ready in a few days,
and which will be sent to any ad­
dress on receipt of price—or promise
to pay.
Orders will be booked and filled in
the order received in any quan­
Contrary to general belief many im­
portant changes have been made in
the laws—changes in dates of meet­
ings of township supervisors, also
changes in duties of assessors and
changes in fees and tenure of office.
If ever there was a radical change
made, it is on this subject. You
are interested in this, and this alone
to the resident of the western part
of the state is worth the price of
Counties may issue bonds to procure
for needy settlers. The new law
tells how.
Every assessor and county officer
must keep posted and he ought to
know at once what changes the leg­
islature has made in the matter of
assessment and taxation.
A new law changes the boundaries
and increases the number of legisla­
tive districts. What district are you
now in? Read the new law.
Did you know that every lodge,
post, association, etc., must within
thirty days pay $5 to the secretary
of state? What for? Read the new
Under the new law the expense of
the maintenance of all educational,
institutions in the state is provided
for t$r special 1 mill tax, thus reliev­
ing the general fund.
The fee system has been restored
and strict inspection law passed.
You can't burn gasoline for illumi
latirig purposes now. Did you know
that? See the new law.
You now have to go'through a dif­
ferent form and make (Certain affi­
davits if the state owes you. You
want to know how to make out your'
vouchers? See the new law."
Change in the law governing their
election doing away with "off
year" elections. Is your county af­
fected?, Look at the law*
Is no excuse. The merchant, the
banker, the rancher, the farmer—
all are affected by, changes in the
laws and each should have a copy
of the "Pocket Edition" of the laws
i—next to the Bible it will be found
the most useful of all books.
That's all this useful little book will
'f cost—carefully edited tyy experienced
compiler®—when you get this book
you have something reliable.,.-,
That's what you want to send lor—
R, D. HOSKiNS Bismarck, N. D.
V^*' A
Ely's Cream Balm
Eaay and plraeant to
use. Contains no in­
jurious drag.
It is quickly absorbed.
Gives Relief at once.
It Opens and Cleanses
Heals and Protects the Membrane. Restores the
Senses of Taste and Smell. Large Size, 50 cents at
lrrlfl}Size, 10 cents by mall.
ElCST BROl HBKS, 66 Warren Street, New "i" ork.
The Reader is Requested to Honestly
Answer This.
Are not statements from'representa­
tive citizens of Grand Forks more con­
vincing than the doubtful utterances
of people living everywhere else in
the union? Read this:
Mr. A, L. Failor of 1108 Dakota ave­
nue, Grand Forks, N. D., carpenter,
says: "I know, just exactly what a
lame back, backache or whatever else
you may term it, means, because I
suffered from it for years. I was com­
pelled to give up printing on account
Of it for I could not endure the result
of long standing at the case. The pain
was always in the same place, in. and
arouna the kidneys and across the
loins. Often I was forced to place
my hands on my back and press it,
too, for the slight assistance it
afforded me and if 1 stooped it was
with difficulty I could straighten. Al­
though I tried many different reme­
dies, all recommended for my trouble,
until I procured Doan's Kidney Pills
at Trepanier & Co.'s drug store I was
unable to find anything upon which I
could depend. I broke an ankle and
while lying still I found Doan's Kid­
ney Pills just the thing to keep my
kidneys from becoming sluggish. You
are at liberty to send anyone to me
for further particulars of my exper­
ience with and opinion of Doan's Kid­
ney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
N. Y., sole agents for tne United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Ohio capitalists will establish a game
preserve in Florida of 4,000 acres. It
will be located on St. John's river, forty
five miles south of Jacksonville. The
land will be fenced and a number of
winter homes erected.
Counterfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve are liable to cause blood poisoning.
Leave them alone. The original has
the name DeWitt's upon the box and
wrapper. It is a harmless and healing
salve for skin diseases. Unequalled for
piles, E. S. Beardsley.
One region around Plant City Fla.,
will ship this season about400,000 quarts
of strawberries. The growers expect to
receive an average of 15c a quart, which
would 'make the crop's value §60,000,
Prof. Robenan, the Berlin electrical
expert, who is studying the applicability
of electric traction to the Transsiberian
railroad, states that within ten-years one
will be able to travel around the world
in twenty-two days.
The stomach controls the situation.
Those who are hearty and strong are
those who can eat and digest plenty of
food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
what you eat and allows }'ou to eat all
the good food you want. If you suffer
from indigestion, heartburn, belching or
any other stomach trouble, this prepar­
ation can't help but do you good. The
most sensitive stomachs can take it. E.
S. Beardsley.
Juvenile Logic.
Norman's mamma was something of
a stickler for propriety, and she was
not a little annoyed that it seemed im­
possible to make the boy give his un­
cle's name the customary handle. One
day after the little fellow had met with
a severer reproof than usual for this
shortcoming of his be said:
"I mean to be good, mamma, but I
don?t see why I should say Uncle Har­
ry. I don't say Uncle Papa, do I?"—
New York Mail and Express.
More In Sorrow Than Anger,
"Judge," said the lady who was ac­
cused pf battering her husband,'"it is
true that I struck him but the weapon
I used proves that I did so more in sor­
row than in anger."
"What did you hit him with?"
"A- sadiron, your honor."—Baltimore
"I am disappointed in "Uncle Tom's
"Well, what did you expect? A Queen
Anne villa V—Detroit Journal.
Wh9n you are billious. use those fam­
ous little pills known as DeWitt's Little
Early Risers to cleanse the liver and
bowels. They never gripe. E., ,S.
It is reported that game is dying out
in Maine by reason of the Ipng, cold win­
ter. There have been heavier snows in
the state this year than for a long time.
Should you wish a new pair of shoes
you can see the fiaest assortment in the
northwest at the Boston.
xm, r,«
Call and see the new colors in gi
hosiery at the Boston ,^
District court convenes in Dickinson
April 2.
Stark county farmers who need it will
get Peed wheat from the county. .•
Many sales of horses to eastern buyers
are reported from the vicinity of Dick
The Mercer county land company is
gratified with prospects for immigration
the coming season.
Insurance Commissioner Leutz is selling
cows, through Morton county to farmers
who will milk them for creamery pur­
Mrs. George Hughes is drilling a
chorus for a minstrel show soon to be
given at Dickinson and George is one of
the end men.
C. H. Merry and A. Hillard of Dickin­
son have about closed a deal for the sale
of 1,800 yearling wethers to Deffebach &
Higgins at $3.50 per head.
Sheriff Goodall of Dickinson has lo­
cated Jack Joyce in Nebraska, and has
secured requisition papers and gone after
him. Joyce is the man who got away
with a carload of horses recently.
Dickinson firms are shipping horses
to Butte, Moot., for use around ore
smelters. The shipment of horses west
is a new departure. The horses were
selected for the purpose and will average
about 1,400 pounds in weight.
The hearing of Louis Arnett and Bill
Biles, charged with wholesale horse
stealing, was heard by ustice McDonald
at Medora this week and both were
bound over to the district court. Bail
was fixed at $1,000 each. Attorney C. E.
Gregory appeared for Arnett and Attor­
ney W. P. Miller appeared for Biles.
The question of the boundary line of
Mercer county will be decided by the
supreme court at their meeting at Bis­
marck April, 9th. If the case is decid­
ed in favor of the county something like
$8,000 back taxes will have to be paid
to the treasurer of that county. This
will place Mercer county in a good con­
dition and within the 5 per cent limit.
The lingering cough following grippe
calls for One Minute Cough Cure. For
all throat and lung troubles this is the
only harmless remedy that gives im­
mediate results. Prevents consumption.
E. S. Beardsley.
A new tea company has just bought
6,000 acres of land in Colleton county
S. C., intending to raise tea for market.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
SYBUP OF FIGS, manufactured by tne
the value of obtaining the liquid laxa­
tive principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxa­
tive, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation per­
Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub­
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
are used, as they are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, please
remember thefull name of the Company
printed on the front of every package.
For Bale by all Druggists.—Price
50o. per bottle-
Popular Edition
Session Laws
FOR 1901
-••I:* THK fibm O*
HaVe the contract to publish the
Session Laws of North Dakota for
19011 The same flrm is getting out
a "Popular Edition" of these laws.
Send in your orders for samo. Or*
ders will bo filled in order received,
Price, 75c
In 50c and $L00 boxes.
For nk by all druggiMi, or
order direct.
E?OR SALE—Two good work teams, five years
old, weight about 1,500 lbs. Geo. A. Welch.
WANTED, up to date commercial travelers.
If you are not worth $1,500 and expenses
don't answer. Address box 890, Chicago, 111.
VVA AGENTS. During the next six
months the thresners purchase Cylinder
and Engine Oils, Greases, Belting and other
supplies. Good salesmen can make money
handling our line. Men owning horse and bug­
gy preferred. Hustlers only need apjply. The
Howard Oil & Grease Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
V17ANTED—Men to learn barber trade taught
thoroughly in eight weeks by lectures, in­
structions and practical experience. We pre­
sent outfit, of tools, allow Saturday wage3 and
guarantee $12 to $15 weekly when competeut,
busy season sow, big demand for graduates.
We have placed over 800 on palace trains, in
hospitals, hotels, country and city shops as well
Bear in mind that the public schools
will reopen on Monday, March 25.
There will be no meeting of Bismarck
lodge A. F. & A. M. Monday night.
Dr. W. G. Eddy has been ill for several
days but he is about at business again.
There will be no services or Sunday
School in the church of St. George to­
Miss Miriam Bentley, who has been
threatened with an attack of pneumonia,
is recovering.
Miss Frances Hare, who has been ill
at the hospital for some time, is reported
much improved.
In common with other churches there
will be no services in the Presbyterian
The public schools will reopen for the
spring term on one week from next
Monday, March 25.
Miss Edna Winchester is expected
home next week from Carleton College
for the spring vacation.
The Pauci de Lecti club will meet
with Miss Bessie Waggoner Tuesday
Tuesday evening, March 19.
Miss Mamie McHugh returned last
night from St. Paul, where she has been
visiting for the past few weeks.
The Mandan boys are talking of or­
ganizing a running team to compete in
the tournament races at Dickinson.
Elmer Grounitz left last night for a
visit at his home at Lisbon ard Bob
Walton is taking his place at the depot.
Secretary Reade of the firemen's asso­
ciation will visit Dickinson in the near
future to look into the arrangements of
the tournament.
The Valley City Times Record says:
H. W. Grarnbs, the hardware man, is
packing up his stock preparatory to
moving to Washburn.
John Satterlund returned last night
from a trip to Wilton. He says there
are a dozen new buildings being erected
and settlers preparing for spring work.
L. D. McGahan who went to Hartville,
Ohio, to bring back a colony of settlers
reports the arrival of a ten pound baby
boy at his home—when he arrived there.
Contractor Fred Jackson is in the city
and will go to Wilton to look over the
ground and prepare for the extension of
the road north to Washburn the coming
The ice in the river is beginning to
heave, and crossing is a thing of the
past. It will not be long, if the weather
continues as at present, before the ice
will start put.
E. S. Allen visited his office for a short
time this afternoon- He is recovering
his strength slowly. He expects to leave
next week for a visit east to recuperate
his strength, by advice of his physicians.
H. G. Proctor, Who will be'assistant
state examiner, is in tiwrcity, the guest
of his 'brother-in-law and sister,
Mrs.:& ffe.
in Qo. of Jamestoml Whitig Q»e
Sr. B6hoMU» Fredoai* Station, Wfe, write*
April 19, 1800:
New field
as locating many in their own shops,
open. No better trade in existence.
day for special spring offer and catalogue.
Moler Barber College. Omaha, Neb,
Write to
suspend business until March loth, at which
timo it will reopen at 250 2d Avenue S., newly
refitted throughout.
Maximum temperature yesterday 60.
Minimum temperature yesterday 27.
Forecast for 21 hours ending tonight at
8 o'clock—Fair' tonight and Sunday
stationary temperature.
The result* obtained by
and all Skin DUeases are marvelous. •!, vV^aii
The effects are instantaneous."
Naftalan l« a natural product from the Oaaeam*
Mountains. In the form of an ointment, it hag revolu­
tionized the treatment of akin diseases throughout
Europe, and is now being introduced in America by
Sole Agents for the United States. PORT WAYNE, END.
Spanish-American war and has been
clerk of the court of Stutsman county^
which position he left to go to war.
Genuine spring weather prevails over
the Missouri slope today. Owing to the
entire absence of snow, there is no mud
and the streets and roads are as dry as
in summer.
Editor Tuttle leaves1 this evening for
Europe. He goes first to England to
visit his parents and then goes to the
continent to remain for six months.
Some letters from Europe are promised
the Pioneer.
Mr. and Itfrs. Austin Logan celebrated
the twentieth anniversary of their wed­
ding at their residence in the city last
evening. A' number of friends were
present and were entertained as Mr. and
Mrs. Logan know bow to do.
Miss Louise Winterer of Valley City
will probably be selected stenographer
of the Pan-American commission of the
state, and will be engaged at the expo­
sition at Buffalo. The young lady was
stenographer to the senators during the
recent session.
Stark county will buy their 6,000
bushels of seed wheat to be furnished
to needy farmers from the W. D. Wash­
burn elevator at Wilton, and will have
an option on an additional purchase of
2,000 bushels. The wheat was bought
on samples furnished by the elevator.
Candidates for appointment on the
state barber board are numerous. Chas.
Bell of Oakes and M. G. Burke of Valley
City are in the race and it is said John
Dolan of this city would accept an ap­
pointment should it be tendered him.
Governor White will appoint the board.
Ex-Govenor Roger All^n in Forum:
Mrs. Allen is recovering her health. I
want to say that 1 hope Alex. McKenzie
is coming out right. I can't see wherein
he has been at fault—as between the
two courts—if he obeyed one he dis­
obeyed the other. Alex and I may have
differed on some things, but that he is an
honest and upright man there can be no
doubt and if there is anything I could
do to serve, I would gladly do it.
Devils Lake Free Press: Hon. George
W. H.' Davis returned Saturday from
Bismarck, and expresses himself as
highly pleased with the manner in which
he bad been entertained by the citizens
of Bismarck during his stay at the capi
tol city. Mr. Davis has the satisfaction
of knowing that each bill introduced by
him was passed and is now a law. In an
interview with the Free Press Mr. Davis
said that the past session passed off
harmoniously and was closed with every­
thing completed on time. Mr. Davis
feels assured that much good has been
accomplished in this session of the
California fruit dealers ship out 50,000,
000 cans annually.
The Zoo at Cincinnati
antelopes for $1,000.
has sold four
Sufferers from this horrible malady
nearly always inherit it—not necessarily
from the parents, but may be from some
remote ancestor, for Cancer often runs
through several generations. This deadly
poison may lay dormant in the blood for
years, or until you reach middle life, then
the first little sore or ulcer makes its ap-
earance or a swollen gland in the
or some other part of the body,
gives the first warning.
To cure Cancer thoroughly and perma
I nently all the poisonous virus must be
eliminated from the blood—every vestage
of it driven out. This S. S. S. does, and
is the only medicine that can reach deep
seated, obstinate blood troubles like this.
When all the poison has been forced out
of the system the Cancer heals, and the
disease never returns.
Cancer begins
often in a small way, as the
following letter from Mrs. Shirer shows:
A small pimple came on my jaw about an inch
below the ear on the left side of my face.
me no pain or inconven
nnce, and I should have
forgotten about it had it
not begun to inflame and
Itch it would bleed a
little, then scab over, but
/vould not heal. This
continued for some time,
v/hen my jaw began to
swell, becoming very
painful. The Cancer be
£an to eat and spread,
until it was as large as a
half dollar, when I heard
of S. S. S. and determin­
ed to give it a fair trial,
-.nd it was temarkable
wonderful effect
it had frpmtheveiy begintiinR- the
It gave
»ot« began
write out physicians about your case.
Zealand after taking a few bottles disappeared
entirely. This waa two years ago theie are still
ao signs of the Cancer, and fflv general heatlh
jontinues good.-MaS SU Sam®*, Plata, Ma
is the greatest of aft
blood purifiers, andthe
only one guaranteed
pur«ly vegetable Send
for oar free bobk oni
Cancer, containing valuable and interest* I,
information about this disease, and-f-

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