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feeding "!rops on the Farm—Frozen
Wheat Valuable For Stock.
It has seemed to the Utah station
that farmers who are engaged in the
production of hay and grain might,
with advantage, add lamb feeding to
their work. This would afford a home
market for the products of the farm,
assist in maintaining the- fertility of
the soil and would give profitable em
•ployment during the winter months.
During the summer of 1899 a heavy
frost injured a considerable quantity
of fall wheat throughout the state. In
an experiment by the station frosted
Wheat was fed to one set of lambs,
£ood wheat to another, and the remain­
ing two sets received mill screenings.
No. 1 screenings is that which comes
from the elevator first, and this con-
The roughage used in the experiment
was the same in all of the sets—a good
quality of alfalfa hay.
The sets on both grades of screenings
made better gains than that on good
wheat and one of them better and the
other almost as good as the frozen
wheat set.
Taking Into account both the rate and
the cost of the gains, the results of
this experiment indicate that it is
more profitable to feed screenings than
either good or frosted wheat.
The frozen wheat used in this ex
periment was of medium grade, nei
ther the highest nor the lowest, and it
gave better returns in rate of gain than
wheat of good milling quality. This
result agrees with that obtainable at
the Canadian experiment station, where
it Is often found necessary to dispose
of large quantities of frozen wheat.
From the standpoint of composition
taken as a whole, the better grade of
frozen wheat ranks little inferior for
stock feeding to that fully ripened.
The composition of both kinds of
screenings shows a high feeding value,
thongh the large percentage of crude
fiber in'dicates that they are less digest­
ible than any of the wheats.
On account of the numerous fine
seeds the first screenings contain, they
will give better results fed to sheep
than to cattle and pigs.
In Manitoba and other portions of
Canada, where there are frequently
large quantities of frozen wheat, It has
been tested, ground and soaked for 12
hours before use. One hundred pounds
of frozen wheat were found equal to
791 pounds of sklmmilk in increasing
.the live weight of pigs. The pork was
^considered excellent, much superior to
that of hogs fed on peas alone. The
quality of beef from steers fed on fro­
zen wheat was pronounced to be partic­
ularly excellent by the butchers and
by the members of eight different
Households who examined it critically
when served as roast beef.
The various feeding trials indicate
frozen wheat to be practically equal
!to a mixture of wheat, oats and barley
for hog feeding and to stand very high
^as a concentrated food for fattening
The Cosmopolitan 8heep.
tfhe Merino as an intensely cosmo­
politan sheep stands without a peer.
He thrives on the rich alluvial bottom
lands, presenting a rotundity of form
that would do credit to some of the
jsmaller mutton breeds, and yields an­
nually a heavy fleece of admirable
wool. We find this same hardy, con­
tented breed in flocks of 2,000 grazing
upon the plains and jcnountaiti heights,
Industriously nipping the tender herb­
age, without a sign of constitutional
.defect in the whole flock. It is these
peculiar traits of character that iso em­
inently fit the Merino tor transient
'sheep husbandry. This breed largely
predominates in the semiarld regions
•j? Jand is found to be perfectly suited to
^'conditions prevailing there. The ewes
g^eross well with the Downs and long
^^wools, and lambs from these crosses
ate quite popular with the butcher and
Hot Fo* His Health.,
lubfeubs—Why are you mov&g Jeomj
your snlrarbaji home?
#nbbiab»~I am all tan
Philadelp&is Record.
ions rimply dovel'
,, dry rcp the secretions,
adhen to the xatmbnm and 4eoau»
poM»caodBgftfor more serious trouble than
the ordinaarf format oaterrh. Avoid all dry»
Jag inbalMtts, fasam, smokes and enxtifo
•nd use ihat ^tdoh ol6A«se«, soothes and
teals. My'o Or«»a B«lia i« eo«h a xazaedy
and wiH oar# «atar% cor ooidin head
eMSy tax* pleawsatijr. A trial alae/wiU b®
iQHikd for lOarata, All drog^isto sa& th«
SQe.fissfi, tey&rotbtm, 5&
Warrm St. X.
Hi* Balm eszea Aoi* not
hvU8tewmto»mtpazing, ttsprawbite^f
ov«r aafirdtate^sstdtmgs^ini^aee,
fiwiWifiUfftirir tfrt
?ith Oeeum toohajotma
No. 1. North Coast Limited—»Leaves St.
Paul !:30 a. in. Minneapolis, 10:10 a. m.
Fargo. 4:45 p. m. Valley City, 6:23 p.
No. 2. Limited—Leaves Dickinson, 7:15 p.
m. Mandan, 12:20 a. m. Bismarck,
12:35 a. m. Dawson, 2:06 a. JameB
town, 3:35 a. m. Valley City, 4:4a a. m.,
Fargo, 6:40 a. m. arrives at St. raui,
2:20 a. m.
No. 4. Atlantic
f-lf aBiT
tains clover seeds, alfalfa seeds and kfor business. Messages may besent and
received, or conversation held, at tn op
the seeds from weeds of various kinds,
-while No. 2 screenings is made up
mostly of cracked, broken and shrunk­
en wheat.
9.4o a. m.
Leaves Wilton at 2 p. m. Baldwin, 2:15 p.
m. Arnold, 2:50 p.m. Bismarck, 3:15 p. m.
Rates mav be liad "P0UDnpP'ic^ S? i?
any of the agents of the B., W.&G. r.
Ry. Co., or by application to E. H.
Walker, traffic manager, Bismarck, is. L.
Th" telephone line connecting Washburn
anS Wilton with Bismarck Is now ready
^Arrangements with the Western Union
Telegraph Co. permit the handling of bus­
iness from or to any point reached by tele
graph or cable lines-
mr att.a and transportation
via N. P. No. 2—7:30 p. m.
Western via N. P. Noi 1—7:30 p.
All stage mails close at 7 a. m.
Office hours postofflce, general delivery,
8 a. m. fo 7:30 p. m., dally except Sunday
box delivery from 7 a. m. to 7:30 p. m.
dally. On Sunday the general delivery is
open from 12 m. to 1 p. m. General de­
livery Is closed while mall Is being dis­
tributed after arrival of trains each way
except on Sunday when It Is open while
mall Is being distributed.
No. 1. North Coast Lflmlted—Leaves St.
Paul 9:30 a. m. Minneapolis, 10:10 a. m.
Kargo, 4:45 p. m. Valley City, 6:23 p.
m. Jamestown, 7:30 p. m. Dawson,
8:51 p. m. Bismarck,-10:10 p. m. Man­
dan, 10:35 p. m. Dickinson, 12:45 a. m.
No. 3. Pacific Express—Leaves St. Paul,
10:35 p. m. Minneapolis, 11:15 p. m.
Fargo, 6:20 a. m. Valley City, 8:0o a.
m. Jamestown, 9:15 a. m.: Dawson,
10:53 a. m. Steele, 11:10 a. m. Sterling,
11:42 a. m. Bismarck, 12:25 p. in. Man­
dan, 12:40 p. m. Dlcklnsdn, 3:20 p. m.
No. 2. Limited—Leaves Dickinson, 7:15 p.
m. Mandan, 12:20 a. m. Bismarck,
12:.5 a. m. Dawson,.2:06 a. m. James­
town, 3:35 a. m. Valley City, 4:® a. m.
Fargo, 6:40 a. m.' arrives at St. Paul,
2:20 a. m.
No. 4. Atlantic Express—Leaves Dickin­
son, 11:05 a. m. (Mandan, 3:50 p. m.
Bismarck, 4:05 p. m. Sterling, 4:53 p.
m. Steele 5:32 p. m. Dawson, 5:49 p. m.
Jamestown, 7:35 p. m. Valley City, 8:45
p. m. Fargo, 10:50 p. m. arrives at St.
Paul, 7:45 a. in.
(Bismarck* Washburn & Great Falls Ry.)
Dally BJxcept Sunday.
Leaves Bismarck at 8:30 a. m. Arnold,
8:55 a. m. Baldwin, 9:30 a. m. Wilton,
9:45 a. m.
Leaves Wilton at 2 p. m. Baldwin, 2:15 p.
m. Arnold, 2:50 p. m. Bismarck, 3115 p.
Rates may be had upon application to
any of the agents of the B., W. & G. F.
Ry. Co., or by application to E. H.
Walker, traffic manager, Bismarck, N. D.
For Fort Yates, Standing Rock, way points
and connections, including Glencoe,
Llvona, Campbell, LaGrace, Fort Rice,
Cannon Ball, Gayton, Hampton, Em
monsburg, Winona: Stage leaves every
morning except Sunday returning leaves
Fort Yates at 7 a. m., arriving In Bismarck
about 6 a. m. WilllamBport now goes
via stage from Steele.
For Painted Woods and Wogansport and
way points, stage leaves every morning
except Sunday returning arrives In Bis­
marck every evening about 5 p. m.
For Fort Berthold, Coal Harbor, Tnrtle
Lake, Weller, Washburn, Falconer, El'
howoods, Slanghter, Conger, Crofte, An­
drews, Rawllngs, and way points, mall
now goes via B., W. & G. F. Ry.—stag«
line from Wilton dally.
For Frances and Cromwell and way points
stage* leaves Bismarck at 7 a. m. Tues­
days and Saturdays returning arrives in
Bismarck Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Benton Transportation Company, •••P.
Baiter, general superintendent steamers
leave weekly during navigation season
for Standing Rock, Fort Yates, Cannon
Ball and way points, and to Washburn,
Coal Harbor, Mannhaven and op river
points as per special announcement.
kd forks
8:51 p. m. Bismarck, 10:10 p. m. Man
dan, 10:35 p. m. Dickinson, 12:45 a. in.
No. 3. Pacific
St. Paul,
10:35 p. in. Minneapolis, 11:13 p. m.
Fargo, 6:20 a. m. Valley City, S:0o a.
in. Jamestown, 9:15 a. m. Dawson,
10:53 a. in. Steele, 11:10 a. m. Sterling,
31:42 a. m. Bismarck, 12:25 p. m. Man
dan, 12:40 p. in. Dickinson, 3:20 p. in.
son, 11:05 a. m. Mandan, 3:o0 p. in.,
Bismarck, 4:05 p. in.
sterIlnf 4-°3
m. Steele, 5:32 p. m. Dawson, 5.49 p.
Jamestown, 7:35 p. m. Valley
Fargo, 10:50 p. m. arrives at St.
Paul, 7:45 a. m.
(Taking effect at R:00 a. m., August 1, 1900)
(Daily except Sunday.)
m. Arnold,
m. Wilton,
Irritstion* or
of! maeons I
PsinlMM, aot
gent or yatenonk
wnt bi ilili
(First publication May 1,1ML) •'t
of Mortgage Sale. $£
ytieeie hereby given that that certairfnidrt
t,«xecnted and delivered by 8. B. French and
ard Shibley, mortfagorB, to Joseph Hare,
mortgagee, dated the 26tb day of Jnljr, J90O, anc
filed for 'record in the office of
-deeds of ths connt? of Bnrleviraad
North Dakota on the 26th day of JnJy, 1900, and
recorded in Book 48 of Mortgnaes^ page 78,
will be fcweeloaed by a aale of^flbe pc^wu^ii de
Bcribed in each mortgage «um nereinaftor de
scrlbed. at the front door the coortooiue is
connty of Burleigh and state of Ntyr£lt Dakota
at the hoar Of 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Sat­
urday, the 15th day of June. 1901, to satisfy the
amount doe upon «uch inongagv on the day of
sale. The premises described in such mortgege
and wbien will be sold to satisfy the same are
described as follows: Lot tax (19) in bloelt
fifts -two (02) of the original plat trf the city
IX. of reeord and «n filw ia tL,
ofiieeoftbereftisterofdeeda of Bcrloigh Coanty,
There will be dne on eneh mortat
at the date of#ale the gam of »ix hundred fo
two and forty three brmdretbea (96iZAZ) doiltir*.
wo and fort* fhraeinuMretties (96iZAZ) doiltin
Dated at Bismarek, If. UW.
itmmrttWakb, wutgom,
'Attorneys for said Mortgagee.
Executive Departmemt—Frank White,
governor, Bismarck C. W. Getchell,
private secretary Bessie Waggoner,
David Bartlett, lieutenant governor,
Department of State—E. F. Porter, Bis­
marck, secretary Frank Lawrence, dep­
uty Belle Dietrich, clerk.
Auditor's Department—A. N. Carlblotu, au­
ditor, Bismarck T. J. Harris, deputy
C£trl Jorgenson, clerk.
Treasurer's Department—D. McMillan,
treasurer, Bismarck M. M. Cook, dep­
uty J. B. Cook, clerk.
Insurance Department—Ferdinand Leutz,
commissioner, Bismarck W- C. Gil
breath, deputy Sue E. Halliday, clerk.
Legal Department—O. D. Comstock, attor­
ney general, Bismarck: Johu F. Pbll
brick, assistant.
Department of Public Instruction—J. M.
Devlne, superintendent, Bismarck A. L.
Woods, deputy J. G. Halland, clerk
Margaret Davidson, stenographer.
Bureau of Labor and Statistics—R. J.
Turner, commissioner of agriculture and
labor, Bismarck C. C. Turner, deputy.
Commissioners of Railroads—C. D. Lord,
Cando, chairman J. F. Shea, Wahpeton,
J. J. Youngblood, Fessenden C. C. Ham­
mond. secretary, Bismarck.'
Land Department—Bonrd of university and
school lands comprises the
Trustees of Public Institutions.
Agricultural College W. H. Robinson,
Mayville S. S. Lyon, Fargo Geo. C.
Osgood, Fargo Alex. Stern, Fargo B.
N. Stone. LaMoure Maynard Crane,
Cooperstown Henry J. Bugch, Fargo.
Deaf and Dumb Asylum—A. O. Whipple,
Devils Lake L. A. Larson, Rugby M
F. Falahy, Cando O. A. Boyntoa,
Jamestown Alex McLean, Penn.
Blind Asylum—T. J. Blacklock, Walhalla
John Mager. Walhalla Herbert L.
Holmes, Bathgate Benjamin James,
Bathgate J. B. Robinson, Bathgate.
State •School of Forestry—S. F. Swenson,
McKlnney Ole Roland, Bottineau David
Clark, Bottineau.
State Hospital for the Insane—C. F,
Mndgett, Valley City E. Young, Tower
City John Knauff, Jamestown Chas.
McLachlan, New Rockford W A.
Murphy,- Neche.
Industrial School—Tbos. Sefton, Jos. B.
Taylor, Monango Andrew Weber, Ash­
ley John Shuman, Milnor Chas. J.
Sturgeon, Edgeley.
Mayville Normal School—C. M. Johnson,
Dwight C. S. Edwards, Mayville B. S.
Russell, Jamestown E. Y. Sarles, Hlils
boro .Henry Rlchter, Everest.
Valley City Normal Scimol—Nels Larson,
Dazer Amasa P. Pea&e, Valley City
Davia Lloyd, Cathay: O. T. h. Sharping,
Enderlln J. Henry Plath, jr.. Davenport.
State Penitentiary—C. D. Edlck, Bis­
marck Walter Macomber, Wilton A. T.
Crowl, Dickinson Franklin Potter,
Casselton Edward Braddock, Williams
Soldiers' Home—Freeman Orcutt, Wahpe­
ton Maurice Brown,* Lisbon E. C.
Gearey, Fargo Harris Gardner, Lisbon
John D. Black, Valley City.
State Reform School—C. A. Heegard, Man­
dan G. J. DeFrance, Dickinson H. Gil­
bert, Sentinel Butte W. Etherington,
Sanger P. O. W. H. Webb, Bismarck.
UniverMty of North Dakota—Steven Col­
lins, Grand Forks William Budge,
Grand Forks Geo. W. T&wle, Park
River A. J. Gronna, Lakota David
Bartlett, Cooperstown.
Veterinary Medical Examiners—D. Fisher,
Grandin 3. N. Sheppard, Bark River
E. J. Davidson, Grand Forks.
Dental Examiners—Louis S. Irgens, Vailey
City R. S. Ramsey, Grand Forks H. L.
Starling, Fargo H. S. Bowles, Wahpe­
ton D. B. McLean, Jamestown.
Medical Examiners—I, N. Wear. Far^o H.
M. Wheeler, Grand Forks J. P. Aylen.
Sheldon ~H. Rutledge, Grand Forkaf
Wm. -F.! ®obar^ Oakes H. 3. Howe
Casseltonj W. R. DePny, Grafton.
State Board of Pharmacy—H. L, HauSsa
men, Grafton W. 8 Parser £lsbon H.
State Board of Health—Q. D. Comstock,
attorney mneval, president, ex-officlo
member G. F. Ersklne, Hamilton vice
resident superintendent public health*
H. H. Healey, Michigan City.
District Veterinarians—First dlstrlct. J. B.
Campbell, Larlmore Second district
W. F. Crewe, Devils Lake Third di^
trlct, C. H. (Martin, Buffalo Fourth dis­
trict, & W. 'Seal, Oakes Fifth, district,
C. A. Anderson, Valley City Sixth dis­
trict, Wm. Mackln. Mandan Seventh
district, A. F. Elliott, Milton: Eighth
district, R. H. Treacy, Bismarck
Ninth district,. Argo Raymond, Willow
City Tenth district, F. W. Tompkins,
Board of A#r!eukure—Wm. Di^ball, Stan*
tonj-' W. H. Mann, New JJahwtkil,, &. .IIn
derhill, Gladstone. i-'
United States Senators—Henry C. Hans
brottth, Devils Late, N. D. Porter
McCumber, Wahpeton, N, V..
RepresiJntstlve in Congres»-«T F. Mar
snail, Oakes.
United States Land Officer*.
Bismarck—A. C, McGllllrray. regiater
John Rntterlood, receiver.
Otsnd Forks—B, H. Kent, register C. L.
Lindstrom, receiver.
Devils Iak»—H. S, BtlMr receiver Ola
Unot—A, L. Hanaeoia, rectlverijT, XS. Ols
gaani, ««gister.
ent of public Instruction, governor, attor­
ney general, secretary of state, state au­
ditor D. J. Laxdal, commissioner, Bis­
marck C. L. Merrick, deputy Walter
Brown, clerk. Win. LaMoure xtenog
Department of Justice—State Supreme
Court--Alfred Wallln, Fargo, chief jus
tlcce, N. C. Young, associate justice,'"
Fargo D. E. Morgan, Devils Lake, as­
sociate justice R. D. Hosklns. clerk of su­
preme court, Bismarck J. M. Cochrane,
reporter of supreme court. Grand Forks.
District Judges—First District, Charles J,
FIsk, Grand Forks Second district,
John Cowan, Devils Lake Third district,
Charles' A. Pollock. Fargo Fourth dis­
trict, W. S. Lauder. Wahpeton Fifth dis­
trict, S. L. Glaspell, Jamestown Sixths
district, W. H. Winchester, Bisaini'ik
Seventh district, W. J. Kneeshaw, Pem­
Terms of Supreme «nd U. S. Courts—Su­
preme court, March term: Fourth Tues­
day in March at Fargo, and second Tues­
day in April at Bismarck. September
term: Third Tuesday in September at
Grand Forks, and first Tuesday la Octo­
ber at Bismarck.
United States Court—At Bismarck, first
Tuesday in March Devils Lake, first'
Tuesday In July Fargo, third Tuesday
in May Grand Forks, second Tuesday
In November.
Militia—Commander-in-chief, Governor Frank
White, Bismarck adjutant general, IS. S
Miller, Bismarck.
State, County and City Directories
Miscellaneous Boards and Officers
Oil Inspector—L. W. Schruth. Fargo.
State. Examiner—R. E. Wallace, Bismarck
G. Proctor, deputy W. A. Dillon,
Commissioner of Irrigation and Forestry—
W. W. Barrett, Churchs Ferry.
State Agent Prevention of Cruelty to Ani­
mals—Mrs. F. C. Holley, Bismarck.
State Game Warden—Ever Wagness, Dev­
ils Lake.
Slate Board of Equalization—Governor,
auditor, attorney' general, commissioner
of agriculture and labor and treasurer.
Sessions at capltol, first Tuesday in Au
gust of eufh year.
Historical Commission—Governor, auditor,
secretary of' state, commissioner of agri­
culture and labor, Wm. H. Morehend and
the president ot the North Dakoti His­
torical Society (Col. C. A. Lounsberry.)
Pan-American Exposition Commissioners—
Frank White president R. J. Turner,
secretary David Bartlett, manager
Walter F. Cushlng, assistant manager^
In charge of exhibits. Addresp com­
munications to Bismarck.
Board of Pardons—Frank White, governor
O. D. Comstock, attorney general Al­
fred Wallln, chief justice supreme court
R. S. Adams, Lisbon Thomas E. Fox,
Willow City.
State Printers and Binders—Tribune, Bismarck.
Federal Officials.
United States Circuit Judges—Hon. H. C.
Caldwell. Little Rock, Ark. Hon. Walter
H. Sanborn, St. Paul, Minn. .Hon. Amos
M. Thayer, St. Louis, Mo.
United States District Judge—Hon. Chas.
F. Amidon, Fargo, N. D.
United States Marshal—John E., Haggart,
Fargo, N. iL. .'
United States Attorney--P. H. Rourke,
Lisbon, N. D. deputy, E. S. Allen, Bls
Clerk of United States District and United
States Circuit Courts—J V. Montgomery,
Fargo, N. D.
Deputy Clerks—R. D. HAskIns, Bismarck
H. N. Hamilton. Gran'1 Forks D. G.
Dnell, Devils Lake E.- JR. Steele, Fargo.
Surveyor General—E. A. Williams, Bls
National Bank Examiner—W. A. lordon,
Grand Forks.
Collector of Customs-^-I^. E. Nelson, Pem
Deputy United States Revehne Collectors
J. E. Cooley, Grand Forks Harry Corn­
wall, Jamestown/:
Bisniarck City Officials.'
Mayor ..4
.......F. H. Resisted
.........W. P. MoSet
.P. E. Byrne
Justice of the Peace....
Attorney.... ............
Health Officer
Chief of Police
Aldermen—First ward, F. R. Smyth. M. P.
J. F. Fort
.Thos. Sanders
J. R. Gage
..John Harold
........ E. P. Quain
......J. C. Ritche^
tery: Second ward, N. H. Lovin, H. L. Reade
Third ward, 'J. P. Jackson, William Jager
Fourth ward, Thoa. Cunningham,
Jas. Bartron.
Officers of Burleigh County.''
Sheriff .......... .......... H. P. Bogne
Treasurer Wm. Falconer
Auditor ..........
...... W. S. Moorhouse
County Judge ................ John Fort
Clerk of Court'\7alter Skelton
States Attorney .............. E. S, Allen
^Register of Deeds .... Chas. A. Johnson
Coroner John White
Superintendent Schools .... Fannie Dunn
Surveyor John Harold
Physician W. G. Matchan
County Commissioners—George Welch, G.
W. Johnson, J. C. Swett.
County Board of Health—Dr. W. G.
Matchan, E. S. Pierce, E. S. Allen.
Insanity Board—J. F. Fort, Dr. W. G.
Matchan, E. S. Allen.
County Justices—Edgar Tibblls, Oscar H.
Will, B. S. Pierce.
County Constables—Frank Donnelly, M. J.
McKenzle, D. C. McLean, Jacob J. Lamb.
•The election was a tie. In drawing
lots Mr. Johnson holds the office the flrit
year of the term and Mr. Fortune holds
during 1902.
Public Officials and Offices
State Officials ......... Offices at Capl^
County Officials—offices at courthouse ex­
cept as herein otherwise indicated.
City Councl 1—Regular meetings first and
third Tuesdays of each month at coun­
cil chambers in Patterson Block.
Chambers of W. H. Winchester, district
Judge, First National Bank Building.
Office of County Judge ...... Webb Block
Office of States Attorney .... Webb Block
Office of' Mayor ......... The Northwest
Office of City Treasurer .First Nat. Bank
Office of City Clerk .... Patterson Block
Offlee of City Justice v..... Webb Block
Office of County Justice Taylor Bids
Office Supt. Schools Bismarck Bank Blk
U. S. Land Office.., .First Nat. Bank Blk
TJ. S. Surveyor General ...... Webb Block
U. S. Court Booms ..... i.. Webb Block
TJ. 8. Commissioner J. R. Gage, First Na­
tional Bank Block.
ITepnty U. S. Marshal .. Frank Donnelly
United States Weather Bureau (and state
weather ana crop service) B. H. Bron
son, director, government reservation,
West /Main street
Postofficeb Agatha G- Patterson, postmas­
St. Alexins Hospital. .Main & Sixth St*.
Acting Assistant s. Marine Hospital
Snrgeon, V, B, Smyth, First Nat. Bank
Terms of District Court —ith District.
Elrst Subdivision—At Blemarck, thlr^
Tuesday ln -May attd Fourth Tuesday in
Second Subdivision—At Medora, Billings
County two terms, at snch times 'as
judge shall direct.
Third Subdivision—At Wllliaansport, Em­
mons county two terms, at snch time
as the judge shall direct.
'Fourth Subdivision—At Steele -Kidder
county third Tuesday in Jose and sec­
ond Tuesday In Jaiiuary.
Fifth Subdivision—At Stanton', l^ercer
county two terms, at' snch times as the
Judge shall direct.
Sixth Subdivision—At Washburn, McLean
county two terms, at such the
judge shall direct.
Seventh Snbdlvlsion~At Mandan, Morton
county third Tuesday in April and Utat
Wednesday after the first Monday la
Kighth Subdivision—At Sanger, Oliver
wanty two tgms, at sudt time* as the
recelvtr C. N, Valen-
^dlvW^-At Dickinson, Stark
eonn^r ftrst Tuesday in April and' see
end TttMday in September.
Hon. W. H. Winchester, indg« fitutnltetts
ia, First National Bank Block,
R. 1£. Tattle, stenographer.
BUinarck Lodge, A. F. & A. M., No. 5
Meets first ana third Mondays In each
month at.- Masonic hall. A. T. Patterson.
W. M. W. F. Cochrane, Secretary.
Tancred Commaudery, nights Tetnplnr,
No. 1. Meets third Thursday1 In each
month nt Masonic hall, Dakota BloHj.
R. D. Hosklns, E. C. A. T. Patters iUfr
Bismarck Chapter, No. 11, O. B. S. Meets
.first nud third Fridays In each month iM
Masonic hall,
Edlck, W. M.
Dakota Blocjt. Matilda
Minnie B. Davidson, See
St. Elmo Lodge, No. 4. Meets eveil
Wednesday evening nt Workmen hall
Baker Block. C. A. Johnson, C. C. W.
D. Gorauch. K. of R. & S.
A fraternal insurance organization.. Meets
first'and third Thursdays of each month in
G. A.R. hall, G. (i. Hutchinson, F.j Harry
Lee, Correspondent, Tribune office.
Bismarck Lodge, No. 120. Meets the
first And tulrd Tuesday evenings of each
month at their hall In the Baker Block at
8 tfcldck. M. J. McKenzle, M. W. E.
Murr^ll, Recorder.
Sv I. O. O. F.
Capital City Lodge No. 2—Meets every
Friday at Workman hall at 8 o'clock p. m.
C. L. Hansen, N. G. Harry Lee,-secretary.
cle of Bismarck—Auxiliary to the National
Florence Crlttenton Mission—President,
Mrs. Addle Wogan Secretary, Mrs. Linda
Slaughter. Rescue Band—Mrs. S. E.
Johnson, Mrs. Mary A. Ells, Mrs. F. M.
Carr, Mrs. Lucy.: Wald, Mrs. Mary B.
Whitecraft, Mrs. Cs E. Murrell, Mrs. Miha
T. Wheeler. This circle. Is organized for
the Christian redemption of erring, girls
and women, who may receive friendly as­
sistance by applying to the Rescue Band.
Capital Lodge N*o. 16. Meets every sec­
ond and fourth Tuesdays of'each month at
Workman hall in the Baker block at 8 p.
m. Mrs. William Lalst, C. of EL Mrs.:
John C. Ritchie, Recorder
G. A. R.
James B. McPherson Post No. 2,' Depart­
ment of North Dakota Grand Army of the
Republic, meets every second and fourth
Thursdttj In each month at G. A. R. ball.
Bismarck, N. D. J. C. Staley, Colonel
Commanding. E. S, Pierce, Adjutant.
Meets second and fourth Fridays of each
month at G. A. R. hall. Florence Ward,
President Emma B. Falconer. Secretary.
Merchants Hotel.
After ten years of absence, 1
have again taken charge of the
61d reliable Merchants, and hav^
refitted and fully equipped the
same with baths, steatn heat and
all modern improvements. I so­
licit the continuance of the pat­
ronage of the "public, and espe­
cially my friends in the Dakotas
and Minnesota, who have so
long made the Merchants their
St. Paul home.
Latest Dakota and Minnesota
papers on file.
Rates, $2.00 and $2.50 with
bath, $3.00. I have added the
European ptah for ihose who
desire it, at from $1.00 to $1^50
with bath, $2.00.
Blectric cars now pass in front of the
tel for nil points in the City.
A. ALLEN, Proprietor,
This paper will always be found on
Hie in the reading rooms*
P. D. Khwdeiok, Vice Pres.
S, M. Pxs« Cashier.
Lbowabd Bell, Asst. Cash.
CAPITAL, $100,000.
Interest! Paid on -1
Time Deposits,
General Banking Business Transacted
troubles at once.'
Each Capsule
beats the naae—fiUM
,... Bewanofatelew
Three "Limited" Trains daily making
connection at Chicago with all Eastern
Trains. ...
Cheapest rates and Superb Service via
Ask for Polder, containing maps of
Buffalo and Exposition Qrounds, and
rd to Hotels,
Boarding Houses, Rates,
Oen'i Passenger
Threagh Car"
Hi.fi YORK,
E.PEIIKtiOTOH, •i-,-':-5?
Oetierel Mitaaftee.
Effcctivc March 10th, 190
Announces the Opening of tts
J* Red .River
Denison and Sherman,
Through Train Service will shortly
be established from St. Louis and Kuati
Shortest Line to Texas
,'n iii Hi iii ifjl-f-'fe
Northwestern newspaper which W
elWJlation is the Mln
_? ,^5ne" As an all 'round pur*
*5! InformaUpn and entertaining
niSj-ik16 Deiiy Tribune is to the city
*6?. ffjtfoe-a^reek, edition, of the
same publication, the Farmers' Trlbane,
to that great majority of the people of
the state who are too busy to read a daily
Twlee-a-Week :Farme^s, TObbfle li
3? ..®11 '•tents and purposes, tbe farmer'p
?aUJ!v. It is: a condensation of the news
UM ttoM days preceding the date of
publication and it contains the Very latest!
news up fo the honr of. going to prees.
BSirmers* Tribune does not presume
to take the plaee of the home weekly, but
T&e Bismarck Tribnne has tun die ajtmng
2./»!iLiWl P®hll9hers whereby it is
J'i.J? the .most liberal .and as*
tonisblng offer we ewr made.- ,q
yon are now a subscrtber to*th0 Trlfc
S2S ^d./«i the Farmers' Trtb?
«ne (twice-a-week) with your na!d-ln-ad-
*2°^ *®»ewjd of subscription to the'
*?n ^5* get the two papers for
stronger inducement conld' b*
extended to new
™ri. teking advantaa* of thilT
o«W. It will a6t coBtii^ti^ Towgf YOtl
to let this splendid oppo»
*2 iiH.
JT0*® subscription
.Trtbuna and get with it
the Farmers' Twlce-a-WeeS Tribune free.
WWW acyara o. aoodw^
,$wmifcn 1*9.,0« 0m
Vw -f-sr.

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