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\STKI. «irl
f.tmily Iw.
\STKD.— bndy c«H»k at Mrs. UiirsliaH's.
i:il(»l,D GOODS FOK 8AI..K 15 tnl
St reet
or U'
SI 2 •"ourtli St.
'Mr,. E. .1. Taylor, '.Ml Itli St.
*ol StLE.—Otm story four room limit" ami
twit lots. Apply to Frank lionuclly.
v)H S\Uli-—-five room houses, rimi.1 loca
limi. \t»ry cheap. Harvey Harris 4c Co.
H' \\TK1) Men and teams to work ou tlio
irin'1" on tin* Waslilmrii extension. Aim
work l» l'ompsny A- Dimirlierty,
^I.Vnict.ire. Ad.lr.isB Waslil,,. u. 1).
... \sTi i) Sfvi-ral industrious per-ons in
statu to travel (or liouso c-talilislied
v-iirs and with a lurnc capital, tu call
lerchants aud iigotits for successful and
line. Permanent engagement
u.'ekiv cah nalary of $1* ana all traveling ex­
pand hotel hills advanced in rash each
mid eucl»ac self-addressed envelope
NATIONAL, Caxton Bllg., Chicago.
i\m with
c. mm*
vm liii:
Official Abstracter of Title. *r_Bur-!
leigh County.
No impaired or vicious risks
solicited or accepted for insur­
ance in this Company.
\genta, Tel 71. Bismarck. N. IV
!{«»».m 10. First National Hank Hlock.
charge you in» interest for cairyiug
I a a
other* you are throwing mone awa
Capital and Surplus: $300,000.
Grain, Provisions,
Stocks and Bonds.
Houffht an sold for ra*li or
on margiu for future *!»!iv»*r.
«»r.in. h7.".
If "ti have an account with te. ouciiu
ti'a-ic upon it in auy of our
RILL Imiuh'Ii
1 1
tracts guaranteed by bond of $5,000
lei 3rd St., BISMARCK. N. D.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
h:ls l,w
15 First Nat'l Bank Block
G. C. Wachter, Mgr.
All orders for storage and transfer
work given prompt attention.
Coal and Wood for Sale.
rMione 1-8-7. Opposite N. W. Hotel.
The Mutual Life
Insurance Company of
New York.
RICH UU A. Mrcnnn.
& 29, First National Bank
D. P. LONQ, Local Manaxnr.
It is a source of satisfaction to
k'l,,w that Bismarck has a strictly
firstclaas and up-to-date barber
shop—everything clean, tools ster
ilized, workmanship the beat—
where face muaic, and sluunpoo
for both gents and ladle* la
a specialty. Only experts
••Riployed. Visits made to real
'h'tices to accommodate ladles d*
firing hair dressing and shampoo­
N^atoat Barber Shop
the City.
There Is always one that's the
in Bismarck that's us.
O. Lavine, Sift"
Increasing cloudiness tonight and
wanner, possibly showers west por­
tion. Thursday prol.alily showers and
warmer east portion Max To in
Gilbert last night
married Kdward Demurs and Miss
'-ouise Vuezer. both of liismarck.
Finished Work The penitentiary'
trustees have finished their business
and adjourned. Only routine business
was transacted.
Guild Meeting—The Hpisr-opal Guild
will hold its regular meeting tomorrow
alt"i'noon. at the residence of Mrs.
Keade on .".til
Scarlet Fever—Then
is another
in the city, at
Lovin. which
of N.
rcl practitioner in State
'{('-•i-atTfld attorney before l\ S. Interior De­
partment and Land Otlloo.
ottuvnitii J.l'. Headland Biamarck, N. D.
n* Main St.. Tel. 13*
First National Bank Block.
and Security Bonds.
Platting of Townsite—City engineer
John Harold has been up in McLean
county tin past week platting the
townsite of Turtle Lake.
Postponed In justice court before'
Justice Port this morning the prelimi
I natv examination of A. Rolling was
postponed until next week.
Sewing Society—The Ladies Sewing,
Society of St Mary's church will meet
with Mrs. H. Webb tomorrow after
Gun'Club Shoot—The first regular
gun-club shoot for the season will be
held at the grounds of the club on
Friday evening at 7 o'clock sharp.
Twenty-One Years—Register A. C'.i
.McGilvray of the land ofllce yesterday
attained his majority in liismarck.
having come hoiv twenty-one years
ago May .".
Died From Burns Mrs. Terwilliger'
of Cromwell township, who was so
seriously burned in burning lire guards
early this week, died last night from
l'"r injuries.
Official Call Sheriff Welch made
an oflicial call on the Dewey house on
Second street this morning with a
search warrant empowering him to
look for intoxicating liquors. Nothing
was found of a contraband nadir..
Passes the Examination I-"
Cochrane received word last evening
that his son W. I". iciirane, Jr had
passed the physical examination for
admission to Anua|olis. He has a
leave of absence from now until
July lu and will return home at once
to spend it with his parents before
beginning active work at the academy.
Bought a Graveyard There was
some lively biddinir between 11. Cot
ton and A T. Patterson in the land
ollice this morning on a tract of land
near Ilraddnck that has beer, used as
a graveyard. The md was a gov­
ernment forty, one ol the isolated
tracts. The bidding ran the land up
to $• .in an acre, at which price the
graveyard was knocked down t^ Pat
Tried in Dickey County—At the
term of district court in Mcintosh
county the live Russians who were in­
dicted by the grand jury tV*r murder
in the second degree were held in hail
and 011 motion of the attorneys a
change of
court to
W refer to Kid slate and national
Ihmhi, which are our depositories.
General Offices, Bank of Commerce
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.
was granted by he
county, where the five
men will be tried June l'.I. The mur­
der case against Carl Schoop was also
set for trial in Dickey county
Have Taken Vacation—A number of
on ihc Dakota division
have been hiving off
account ol ill­
ness. Conductors Gallagher Worden.
Neil I ami Croal are laid off at the pres­
ent time. They all have passenger
Conductor Dunning ha- a pas­
senger run temporarily. None ol the
men laying off has been seriously ill
except Conductor Gallagher, and he is
recovering at Brainerd hospital.
Committee on
meeting of business men of the city
last nigh' 'he proposition to give a
bonus toward erection of a tlouring^
mill in the city was considered. The'
parlies proposing to construct and op-!
erate the mill are the owners of the
lira-block mill. A committee consist-,
ing of Messrs Henry Tatley. .1
Swett. Charles Kupitz. W Healy.
Kppinger. W. ......
Gahan was appointed to confer with
the mill
and report If the null
is such an institution as will benefit
the citv it is likely 'he committee will
give a bonus of »1.«™ towards its
erection. Another meeting will be
held tonight
Fifty Yurs Ihe Standard
flights! Honors World's Fair
Nlghost tosts U.S. Gov't Chemist)
Ladies Free Tonight.
Owing to the success of their "ladies
free" policy, The Western Stock Co.
have dccided to try it again tonigh:
on which occasion they will present
for the first time here Paul M. Potter's]
successful comedy "My Nephew's
Wife" in three acts, interspersed with
catchy spcialties.
one lady, when accompanied by a
gentleman or two ladies will be ad­
mitted to a reserved seat on one paid
"oc. ticket, if purchased before p. m.
at Remington's drug store Remem­
ber Saturday night is the free watch
night, so save your ticket.
Pr. Kohler of Minneapolis will be in
Bismarck on a professional visit Mon­
day and Tuesday. May 11th and 12th.
For appointments inquire of local
physicians. Work limited to eye,
ear, nose and throat.
Wall paper. All kinds and qualitv.
at Famines' cor. Any old price. It
has to go. Call and see me quick.
The Western Stock Co. in "My
Nephew's Wife" tonight Ladies free.
The Nickel Plate Road
is the short line to the East and the
service equal to the best. You will
save time and money b\ traveling over
this line. has three through daily
express trains, with through vestibuled
sleeping cars, and American Club
Meals, ranging in price from :!3c. to
$l.tiu. are served in Nicl PIVe dining
cars: also a la carte service. Try ai
trip over the Nicki 1 Plate Road and
you will find the service equal to any
between Chicago and the East.
Chicago depot: Harrison St. and
Fifth .We. City Ticket Offices 111 Ad­
ams St and Auditorium Annex. John
Calahan. General Agent. 113 Adams
St Room Chicago.
Work Done While
Cabanis tells us that Franklin 011
several occasions mentioned to him
that lie had been assisted by dreams
I11 the conduct of affairs in which he
was engage.],
'ondillac states that while writing
his ('ourse of Studies" he was fre­
quent iy obliged to leave a chapter in­
complete and retire to bed, and 011
awaking he found it. 011 more than one
occasion, linis'iod in his head.
The most remarkable testimony of
this kind is perhaps that of Sir Thomas
Browne, who ijeclared that, if it were
posi!iie. lie would prefer to carry on
his studies in his dreams, so much
more efficient were his faculties of
mind hen his body was asleep.
In I)iik«.
Nerves are the disease of the present
day among human beings, but I did
not know till recently that hysteria is
also a malady of dogs. A friend of mine
owned a dog which suddenly one day
was seized witn an atlak of nerves.
Since then it has been very ill. wander­
ing ineessantlv round and round the
room, refusing food, but still recogni'/.
hig its owner. Another little dog suf
fi't-cd from hysteria in consequence of
fright from railway traveling, and it
really seems as though civilization, in
rendering dogs more delicate and
more susceptible, had done thein a
distinct physical injury. London
Work Out.
"That was a pleasant gentleman you
introduced to me."
"Yes he has some excellent qualities.
I am going to make somelhin^of him
if he will let
"You make something of him? Why.
looks old enough to be your father."
"He is old enough. That's what 1 in
poing to make of him—a father-in
law."—Kansas City Journal.
Plenty of Tnwte.
"Well," said Nut'itch, who "had been
•howing Kanilor through his new
house, "what do you think of the fur
McKenzie, Abel
Webb and L. Mc
a great deal of
taste." replied Kandor.
"Think so!"
"Yes but it's all very bad."
Ko luur For iinplllat.
"So you resent these hints of dis­
honesty in the government?"
"Most emphatic." answered Farmer
Corntossel. "I've been buy in' postage
stamps from the government fur years
atitl never got cheated yet"—Washing­
ton Star.
Architect M. E. Beebe came in on
the afternoon train from Fargo.
A. T. Crowl is in the city to attend
the monthly meeting of t-he peniten­
tiary board.
C. S. Lane and Edward Braddock
are among the Emmons county visit­
ors in the city.
T. H. Poole of the state land de­
partment went west this morning to
sell lauds in Oliver and Mercer county.
Attorney Arthur P. Guy of Wishek
was among the guests in (ho city this
morning. He came tip to buy some
of the isolated tracts of land offered by
the government.
Editor A. T. Johnson of the Gaylord,
-Minn.. Weekly Hub is among the vis­
itors in the city today. Mr. Johnson
is interested in land in this section
and came up with his brother to loo',
over the countrv.
A Crtrri'v.[iii. '"it V. tin Violated the
(.ei iiim uur:L..t »[ir .(.le.
The Anie 'can wsp. p. thinks it
es^nlial to make clear the source of
li!!po:t Mit stnt mcnts. An interview
with :t Piii'.e'.es. statesman whose
Henii'.y ..t be guessed from
th context is put down in American
newspaper parianc as "a fake." But
tlu' opposite method is the method in
the e.:i'ine :l co.mttics of Europe.
There it is an Ul^iai'i'.onable otlense to
name your informant.
This know! tge 1 urchaseil at rath­
er an inconvenient price when I had
been lull three months in Berlin as cor­
respondent of the American Associati
Press. It was in the early autumn of
lv.i-l. Bismarck's successor in the un­
safe chair of the imperial chatn-Hlor.
General Count Caprivi. had resigned
early in the evening after a stormy
meeting with the kaiser. At in o'clock
that night Capri\i acco i'"il me an in
terview. He did not request that Ins
name be withheld. In my ignorance
I quoted him in my cablegram that
night. His talk to me bail been brief
but to the point, lie had told me of
the causes that hail led to his loss of
favor with the kaiser and to his retire
But I had unwittingly violated one
Of the tir«t principles in the code of
Genua li journalistic ethics. And I
reaped a whirlwind of abuse for it.
"Thai news is bogus--must lie bogus,
you know said the German newspa
pers and their correspondents, "for.
don't you see. he has quoted Caprivi
l'or years the reputation thus earned
made my work doubly hard. When­
ever I happen.'d into one of the do
partmont* a whisper ran round. "That
is the uiMi who names uame!" 1
never quite got oxer this during my
long st in p, tl!n. Wolf von Schier
brand in World's U'ork
Home- on file 1'lno.*
of tin1 ilt'('|.
r'.ic oyster is most interesting timing
ha! yiu oil. s-iys ('baric-' l'ret'erick
Statisbury in tinting Its manner of
making a s- suggests the sublime con­
fidence of childhood. It prefers to ad
here to odd objects ml its childish
taste iii ibis dir •••lion often encom­
pass.s its destruction. If an old boot,
a waterlogged box. a brick, a lump of
coal or pii'ce of discarded ami 1'iae
tureil crockery lies upon the lied of the
ocean where a set is in progress, the
young oysters or eggs will cluster thick
ami fast upon it. showing a very tie
cided preference its avainst the sur
rounding natural anchorage. I have
even seen a pair of corsets that could
never again hope to imprison the aist
of lovely woman entirely covered with
a set of young oysters. Thus does Na
ture pay her tribute to Art.
A favorite foundation for life adopt­
ed by sensible young oysters is upon
the shells of their ancestors long since
defunct, and for this reason many
planters strew the bottom of their
holdings with such "clutch" in the
hope that the wandering ova will stop
und there adopt a local habitation.
Lying thus upon the Iloor of the
deep, the young oyster begins to grow,
ami in doiii# so invariably points his
little "bill'' heavenward, an attitude
that he maintains throughout life if
undisturbed. As lie grows older his
shell is often used by the tlora of the
sea as an anchorage, and thus lie is apt
to lie found enveloped in the foliage of
the curious oyster sponge, coraline. ret
Tlic Soldier'* Lam March.
Why is it that the most solemn serv
Ice ever devised by man. the stately
hush of the vast cathedral, the impos
ing robes, the stained glass
the pealing organ, all fade into insig
nitieance beside that soul stirring, sim
pie act—the trumpeting out of "taps"
over Ihe licnly of a dead soldier.' No
man who lins ever heard it. either 011
the lield of battle, at the quiet army
post or in the haven of these weak ami
shattered units of the Grand Army of
the Uepublie, ever forgets it. I'or the
bugle notes seem to take into their own
all embracing cadence the tears, the
memories, the shattered hopes aud the
long farewell. John U. Uathoia in
Hawaii's Mixed Population.
Hawaii's population is one of the
most mixed on earth. Of its 160,000
people, 60,000 are Japanese, 30,000
Chinese and another 15,000 foreigners
from Europe and America.
Northea-t quarter
Northwest quHrtnr
Northwest quarter
Northwest miartpr
All of
All of
North half and southwest quarter..
Kast om»-half
North half and southwest quarter.
All of.
Southwest quarter
Northwest quarter
Northwest quarter
Southeast quarter
Northw*!*t quarter
West half and southeast quarter
South one-half
Kast one-half
Term* Orje half cash, balance
and green sea lettuce ami other quaint
species of alga- and sea grasses. The
dogw inkle, too. and his cousin, the per
iwinkle, are very foml of attaching
their eggs to the shell of the oyster,
each one by a delicate stem, causing
it to appear like some curious sea
The Latest Books.
The Lieutenant Governor (Carry
The Captain. (Williams).
The Circle. (Thurston).
The Gold Wolf, (Pemberton ).
A Coin of Edward VII.. (Hume)
A Whaleman's Wife, (Bulleni.
Lady Rose's Daughter (Max Ward).
Lovey Mary. (Alice Hegan Rice).
The Spoilsmen (Flower).
The Star Dreamer, (Egerton Castk
Darrel of the Blessed Isles. (Bachel
The Ward of King Canute, tl.iljen
The Trail of the Grand Seigneur
The Southerners. (Brady).
A Daughter of the Pit. (Jackson).
Brewster's Millions. (Greaves).
The Real Diary of a Real Boy.
$1.25 Each.
Capital Book Store
Bismarck, N. D.
If It Comes From Cook's
It's Good.
W hen the Holidays are over—-Some stores out down
their stocks. We have kej»t our stock up, regardless of
the season and propose to show vou the
Handsomest and Completest Stock
of Jewelry
ever displayed in liismarck. ur last addition is a stock
of handsome rin^s, pins, ami brooches in diamonds,
whole pearls and emeralds. Yon would enjoy seeing
hijfh class Optical and Repair departments.
call attention attain to our
Reduced Prices! Easy Terms!
John Klender Ranch ,Tn°
See Twp. Range Acres Price
3) lit IVJ *l.*0
28 140 7S lti
I'.J 13* 7ti l'»0 on
HI 140 73 HO *0
1? 14 ,.4
1W 140
rash, balance in five equal annual payment? at six p«r cent
cents per acre will be added to advertised purchase price.
The undersigned otlers his remaining lands in Hurleigh. Mcl^eau. Kidder, Morton and Stark
countie?.i for sale at the above reduced figures. These land* are early and dhoice selections.
I artier looking for land* in the vicinity may save from three to five dollars per acre b\ e*amin
lng ami comparing soil, location and prices with what owners and agent* ask for adjoining and
adjacent properties. Ad\ertied prices are net to owner.
1 r.M
74 «I0 oo
21 14 74 to
19 140 74 3*. 6 00
140 75 IM ti un
21 11 "t" t»«0 li
3 1S9 a 1) II)
112 7W IrtO l.UI
U3 79 1
864 Broad Street, Newark,
The Ideal Stock and Grain Farm!
8 139 si 1H0 r, mi
139 V9 |ll a
3' 1 *3 7H :»o
W M* 1 r. oo
17 13K 3.0 5 «0
equal annual pa\ ment*
interest six percent: or one-third
If eoid 011 latter term* twent-five
N. J.
Miles North of JudMin
on riain Line of N. P. K. R.
«»f Mandan. N. I)., *00 to 1,-VKi acr
.. un-to-
la rge,
Twenty mile*
three' mile* front ige on Sweet river, a spring htatich the Jine-t
water for man and lea!»t. I„a-t ear harve.-ted Ihj-Imof
well fuii-lu'd frame Luilding-, t'.vogood house-: controlling
to the acre frmulleM average in fourteiri year.-. 1*» b.iphrU. (ira-s
lands will cut two tons of hay to the acre anv year. Our price
$12.50 P«Y acie. We have other ranches and wild lands for
nale or trade.
G. W. HOWE & CO New Salem, N. D.
of wheat
M. PYE & CO.
Insura Anything Insurable
When your friends ask you to go on their bonds, send them to us.
We are General Agents for the
8. Fidelity arid Guaranty Company
Best on earth, and can bond them.

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