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Daily an# Wsskly Tribuna
Weakly Established 1879
Daily 1681
Imperial Turkish Troops Occupy
Recently Seized by the
Constantinople, Aug. 15.—The Im­
perial troops nave occupied Krushevo,
twenty-three miles north of Monastir,
which was recently seized liy the in­
surgents. A force of 4,(mm) troops be­
sieged the place and bombarded it
with artillery.
The lighting with the revolutionists
is still proceeding outside the town.
Consular advices from Monastir and
Salonica endorse the belief that any
overt movement in those towns on the
part of the revolutionary committees
will lead to a massacre of the Bul­
garian Inhabitants by the Mussulmans.
The panic continues at Monastir,
where the shops are closed.
A settlement of the indemnity for
the murder of M. Rostkovski, the Rus­
sian consul at Monastir, is imminent.
The government's offer of $80,000 to
the widow appears to be satisfactory
to Russia.
Dispatches received by the porte
give particulars of a number of en­
counters with the insurgents. The lat­
ter attacked the village of (Jumenke,
throwing bombs in it. but official dis­
patches say thej were repulsed.
The foreign representatives have de­
manded of the porte protection for
the consuls and foreign residents at
Maniac at Winfield. Kan., Fires Into
Winfield, Kan.. Aug. 15.--Gilbert
Twigg. once a soldier in the Philip­
pines. armed himself with a double
barreled shotgun and revolver and at­
tacked a crowd of persons that
surrounded the bandstand, killing
three men, probably fatally wounding
three others and injuring twenty
more before he was shot by a police­
The band had just finished playing
"Hiawatha'' when Twigg came up and
tired both barrels of his shotgun at
the bandstand. R. E. Oliver, a mu­
sician, fell with his back and arms full
of shot.
The crowd surged toward Twigg and
he. having reloaded his piece, fired
two charges into the audience. Men
and women fell to the ground in pain,
(rushing children beneath them.
Those who were not injured scat­
tered in every direction, knocking
many others to the ground This
panic allowed Twigg to reload and
fire several times at the fleeing women
and men. At last Policeman George
Nichols came up ami. waiting behind
a tree for an opportune moment, con
fronted Twigg just as the madman,
had discharged his fowling piece
Twigg dropped the shotgun and. draw
ing a pistol, tired at the policeman.
The bullet went wild. Before Twi'tg
had time to tire a second bullet Nidi-|
ols put a bullet through the man ab­
domen. Twigg fell mortally wounded..
White Man and Negro Victims of Geor
gia Mob.
Albany, Ga.. Aug IT,.—Heports re­
ceived here dining the morning are to
the effect that a white man named
Thompson and King Wright man. a
negro, wen- lynched at Hartstield.
Colquitt county, sixty miles trom here,
for assaulting a while woman near
llartslield last Saturday night
\s soon as the assault upon the
white woman was reported a posse
was organized Wrightman. tin
gro. tied and had been hiding
swamps. Thompson had
quietly at home and it is
made no attempt to escape.
The mob. to make sure of th
ant. hanged both of the men
in the
said had
Thompson stated that it was the ne­
gro who committed the assault and
the nosse started in pursuit of the
negro, who. when aptured, implicated
Sales at That Figure on the Minneap­
olis Exchange.
Minneapolis, Aug. 15.—Cash wheat
sold for $1 during the day for the first
time since 1 SI'S.
The September option went to
cents, the highest figure in tourteeii
years, and is expected to go higluT.
When $1 was paid for a car ot No. 1
Northern a yell went up from the
traders oil 'change and messages were
soon speeding to every speculative
market of the world that Minneapolis
had sold at high mark.
After this sale $1."1 was bid am!
$1J'2 was asked for cash wheat, but
small, as ott'erln is
transactions were
were limited.
In 1888 this figure was exceeded,
hut it was a manipulated market.
ent prices are due wholly to natutal
of Trust Company Treasurer
Causes Its Suspension.
Baltimore, Aug. 15.—W. E. P- Duval,
the expert appointed to examine- the*
books of the lately suspended tit
Trust and Hanking company, has
filed a report in which it is alleged
that the troubles of the bank are due
to loans made by Treasurer Frank J.
Kohler to himself and personal friends.
These unauthorized loans a**reeated
Monastir. The grand vizier nas prom­
ised effective measures of protection.
The Mussulmans in The disturbed
area are persistently demanding arms
and ammunition to protect themselves
against the Christians. This is con­
sidered a dangerous factor in the situ­
Courtmartial Condemns Murderer of
Russian Consul.
Constantinople, Aug. 15.—A court
martial held at Monastir condemned
the gendarme. Halim, to death for the
murder of M. Rostkovski, the Russian
consul at Monastir. The sentence was
immediately carried out.
Another gendarme was sentenced to
Bfteen years' penal servitude.
Turkiah Oppression Alleged.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Aug. 15.—The Bul­
garian government is preparing a
memorandum to the powers giving
statistics of the acts of oppression by
the Turkish officials in Macedonia
since the institution of the reform pro­
gramme three months ago and other
evidence in support of Bulgaria's be
lief in the hi., lessness of expecting
any good result from the Russo-Aus
trian reform plan.
J1 ."»4.oiio. ot which $.~.("iii was loaned
to Kohler himself. Kohler has left
Baltimore and is said to be in the
West. He formerly lived in St Paul.
The capital stock of the company
has been
out and the stockhold­
ers must meet an assessment et Hie
per out to pay outstanding indebted­
Many Arrests Made in Consequence in
San Domingo.
Paris. Aug. 15.— Dispatches from
San Domingo say that a plot to murder
General Alejandro Wos Gil. the
president, has been discovered and
that there have been many arrests.
President Wos Gil overthrew the
former president. General Hernando
Vasquez. at the time of the revolution
last spring and proclaimed himself
president, being subsequently elected.
His election was proclaimed by con­
gress on July 22.
Verde Copper Shafts Burning With
Redoubled Fierceness.
Austin. Tex., Aug. 15.—T. F. Polter,
who arrived here during the day from
Jerome. Ariz., says that tiie fire in the
famous I'll it ed Verde copper mines at
that place, which was thought to have
been extinguished a few months ago,
has broken forth with redoubled fierce­
ness. The fresh outbreak occurred on
the TiiiO foot level and has reached the
I bottom of the mine at the 700-foot
level, according to Mr. Polter.
Captain Harry E. Smith Suicides at
I Los Angele6.
l.os Angeles, ("al Aug. 15.—The
body ot a man found dead in a room
at the Hotel Southern has been iden­
tified as that of Captain Harry E.
Smith. I' S A., retired. He was
known as James Wilson Two weeks
ago he gave the hotel proprietor a
draft for $75 on his wife. Mrs. Blanche
Smith of Detroit. The draft was re­
turned unpaid and Smith was not
again seen alive.
I Machinist Ground to Pieces.
Davenport, la.. Aug. l.i. Albert
Heitzmann. a machinist at the Anieri
can Car company plant, was killed
by the shafting during the morning.
lie was drawn into the machinery,
His clothing was torn off. his legs,
and neck broken and
a mis
his body
badlv ground up before the machinery
was stopped.
in Martinique Caused Im
mense Damage.
Washington. Aug 15.—The state da
part ment has receive-d the following
cablegram from John Jewell. Amer­
ican consul at Martinique, dated Fort
de France:
"Cane cocoa and coffe-e crops total
loss- fruits and vegetables completely
destroyed every town and village in­
thousands of houses down
deaths few: communication is difficult:
tireadstuffs. provisions and galvanized
rooting will find re-ady sale.
The state department has received
the" following cablegram from King-
Endorse Miles* Administration.
Rochester. N V., Aug If .-—At the
dav's session of the I'nion \eterans
union national encampment
tion was passed commending the ad
ministrative acts of Lieutenant
eral Nelson A. Miles
has been de-
Tal Nelson A. b»
4 1
have' afflicted the organization
"he bolt at the Des Moines convention I
in 1SW
Russian Fleet Dispatched to Turkish
Waters to Enforce Demands.
St. Petersburg, August 15.—A squad­
ron of the Russian Black Sea fleet has
been ordered to Turkish waters. This
squadron is intended to emphasize
Russia's intention of exacting a com­
plete compliance with her demands
for the murder of the consul at Mon­
Kansas City Man Murders His Wife
and Kills Himself.
Kansas City, August 15.—George B.
Kvans, manager of the American
transfer company today killed his wife
a leading society woman and then
committed, suicide. Mrs. Kvans had
recently brought suit for divorce.
Indiana Man Murdered ana
Union City, Ind., Aug. 15.—The body
of Daniel Rudolph, a threshing ma­
chine operator near Rossville, ten
miles northeast of this city, was found
with a bullet bole through the head
and his daughter, Sadie, aged fifteen,
was discovered in an unconscious con­
dition with a wound in the head as if
made by a glancing revolver shot.
George Potter, in the employ of Ru­
dolph. was arrested and will be held but Governor Heard disregarded
for a preliminary hearing. recommendation.
Jett and White are Found Guilty of Assass*
ination of Marcum and are Sentenced
to Life.
Cynthiana. Ky.. Aug. 15.—The jury
i:i the case of Curtis Jett and Thomas
White, charged with the assassination
of James B. Marcum at Jackson, Ky.,
returned a verdict of guilty during
the morning, fixing the punishment
on each at life imprisonment.
The verdiit was returned at a time
when there were but few persons in
the courtroom. The only attorney
present was County Attorney Web­
ster. Jett received the verdict with
comparative indifference and calmness.
While, who has apparently been under
a severe strain during the trial. Hushed
Up and his eyes filled with tears.
Attorney Golden, for the defense,
elated that a motion for a new trial
would be made as soon as possible.
The general opinion seems to be that
the motion will lie oven uled by the
court and tli..t it will then go to ine
court of appeals.
First Conviction in Noted Feud.
'i\ie last has Peen on trial almost
three weeks-. Having been begun .July
117. At the hi si tiial al Jackson tiie
jury disagreed and 11 is uelieved that
the piescnt verdict was a compromise,
wnh a juror opposed to capital punish­
I'lie friends ol Captain Li. 1,. Eweii
and other witnesses for the common­
wealth, who have suffered greatly anil
were living in tear of their lives, are
greatly relieved. They expected the
Building Trades Convention Endorses
Hearst for President.
Deii' er. Aug. 15.—-The National
Building Trades council convention,
after a spirited debate, endorsed Con-'
gre-sstiianelect William Randolph
Hearst of New York for president ol
the I'nited States by a vote of 28 to 1H.
After the veite had been taken thej
opponents of the resolutiem withdrew^
their objections and the endorsement
was made unanimous.
Resolutions were adopted commit
ting the council to the principles of
strict trade autonomy and recogniz
ing the indisputable rights of any or
each trade to their own separate and
distinct organizations without hin­
drance or interference from any other
organization. A resolution was adopt­
ed that amended the constitution so
that all local unions or e-rafts whose
national or international organiza-
.Mini lainiica signed "American Con- tions are affiliated with the National
"'po„ Antonio greatly damaged by
Hurricane. Many .lead and seriously
tnjur.-d are constantly reported to the,
jainaie... Building Trades council shall be re-
quired to affiliate with local building
trades councils in their vicinity.
Doherty Defeats Larned
Southampton. I.. 1.. Aug.
Putin tribune.
Philippine Veterana at Manila Cele­
brate Occupation Day.
Manila, Aug. 15.—Veterans ot the
Army of the Philippines celebrated
Occupation day with a parade in which
800 men took part, clad in the old reg­
ulation service clothing of blue shirts
and khaki. A banquet was after­
wards served at which the story of the
campaign during the stirring period
in the early occupancy of the terri­
tory, closing by the capture of the
city of Manila, was told and the bat­
tles fought over again around the fes­
tive board. Commissioner Smith was
the chief 6peechmaker of the evening.
Two-thirds of the veterans, soldiers ot
the campaign, now serve in one posi­
tion or another under the civil govern*
Batson Executed at Lake
Charlea, La.
New Orleans, Aug. 15.—A. E. Bat
•on was banged at l^ake Charles dur­
ing tbe day for tbe murder of the Earl
family in February, 1902, near Welsh.
The crime was not discovered for sev­
eral days after it was committed, when
Batson, a Held hand of the Earl family,
appeared in l^ake Charles with stock
for sale, representing himself as Ward
Earl. Relatives found the bodies of
Mrs. Earl and four children shot and
their throats cut. Batson has always
denied the crime. The board of par­
dons recommended his commutation,
death penany, whim, they vveie conli
went, would have been lollo\ve- i.
confessions Horn the comic mneit me
exposing pa.ties high in auuioiny
Dieathill county wno aie onsiuered
to be back ol the conspiracy.
There have been twenty-seven lives
lost within the pant two ears in the
lih:gis-CocK. rill feud in Ltieatnitt coun
ty and Ibis is the first conviction,
arrests oi indictments nad been made
until last May, when the troops were
ordered to Jackson to protect the
grand jury and afterward the trial jury
and witnesses. Jett is still under in
(liltment tor killing Town Marshal
I Jett maintained his composure on
he aring the verdict as much as ever,
winle White was greatly affected.
Jett said previously the rope had never
The veiiii.i occasioned little sui
prise lieie alter tue deliberation ol the
jury had been so prolonged. The oniv
duvbtiou vvhi'ii caused the delay, it is
said, was that ot punishment, death or
hi'' imprisonment.
.The vcreili on the whole is regai d
ed as a victory lor the defense, as the
pi os« culiott asked that no middle
ground he taken anil that the mi.!
tit her go anointed or be hanged.
been made with which to hang aim,
but he- made no remarks after the ver
diet. The mends ot the defendants
showed sue relief as to leave no
doubt of their pievious apprehensions
ol the death penalty.
Later in the day the attorneys for
the defense made a motion for a new
trial and the court took it under ad­
Dy namite Found in Cell Formerly Oc­
cupied by Prisoner.
Winchester. Ky.. Aug. 15.—The dis
Covery ot two sticks of dynamite' in
the cell in the Clark county jail for­
merly occupied by Cut lis Jett. the
convicte.'d assassin of J. B. Marcum of
lfnathill county, lias given rise to a
story ol a piot to release Jetl during
tlit time he was confined here await­
ing uial. The dynamite was found in
wi.ter pipe by a negro, who is the
'only prisoner who has occupied the
cil since Jen was re-moved.
The quantity ot the explosive was
siiiile ieni to have blown the jail to
piayiug with all the mrce that lie pos
s: s-ed for tile points. The steadiness
of the Briton cartied him past the
dangerous places and he won the
vantage and game by placing the ball
to I.arned's backhand and taking the
points on his errors. The- American
service was very weak and lie lo*t
many points by double- laulis when he
most needed ihem.
Maya Indians Defeat Government Sol­
diers With Great Loss.
Mexico City. Aug. 15.—The blood­
iest battle of the Maya Indian re.-bei
lion has Just occurred in Yucatan, ac­
cording lo dispatches received he-re.
It is stated that a large body of In
dians who were- supposed to have been
subdued made an unexpected attack
on a eletac hment of government troops.
Sixty of the latter were killed and
seriously wounded. The soldiers were
forced to withdraw from the fielet, leav­
ing their eb-ad and wounded behind.
A number of Mayas were killed. It is
thought that the Mayas received their
arms and ammunition from British
Honduras traders. The government
has taken strenuous steps toward
quelling this new uprising.
15— H. L.
the English tennis champion,
defeated William A. l.arned, the Amer
ican champion, in the* final match of
the singles on the courts of the
was won
score of
trouble, that in three straight sets by the
im.tMit the organization since t-l. h-2, tel. ...
In the opening set three of the
games went to deuce, the American
Branch Institutions Close.
Duluth. Aug 15.—As a result of the
closing of the Commercial batik of
this city owing to the embezzlement
of $ts.iTo*' by Ernest E. Johnson, its
bookkeeper, the Hank of Cloquet,
Minn., and the Commercial bank at
Carlton. Minn., both branches of the
Duluth institution, have closed their
Colombian Senate Committee Adopts Nine
Amendments, which Effectually Kill
the Canal Treaty.
rrfr.tn. Colombia. Aug. 15.—The
cp.ra. tr .!y eemmitree has rendered
a •c -ort accepting the Hay-llerran
ir. r.t
vith r.ii.e substantial amend-
•Vrcfze'to snd Joaquin
for the rejection of the
tn a: ..
The sn.ate, by a vote of 17 to 8. has
dt'tide.l to discuss the treaty in public
:~sio:is in spits of the opposition of
tne minister of loreign affairs to such
a plan.
Washington. Aug. 15.—The action ol
the Colombian senate committee in
adopting nine amendments to the
canal treaty, any one of which will be
fatal to the treaty owing to the impos­
sibility of securing their adoption by
the I'nited States senate, which must
accent or reject them, has practically
Supervision of Monopolies Necessary
to Save Nation.
Dixon, 111. Aug. 15.—Judge Peter S.
Grossi up of the I'nited States circuit
court, in an address before the Lu­
theran assembly, expressed his belief
tha' in the supervision of monoplies by
the government lies the only hope for
tiie perpeluation of the American na
till, and sounded a warning against
the n.anipulalion of securities in me
il.teiesi of unscrupulous ifkunoters
fend sp dilators.
In the tail that within the last ten
j«nts the posits in savings banks
$lli,otni.i('0.i.i"i a sinister rather than
a sanguiin meaning was traced, the
judge deihiilng that under normal
conditions this vast amount would
have been invested by the laboring
classes, but :h .t it was lying idle lie
cause "polite swindlers and highup
rascals" went able to subvert the Saws
and give to stocks a value that they
do not really possess.
"We can never go back to the days
of our boyhood." said the speaker,
"but we can go back to the days when
the man with
ilid not have to
hoard it or entrust it to his neighbor
for safe-keeping, but could put it into
industries, sure that it would return
with earnings.
"What should be done? Change the
laws so that no set of men can or­
ganize a corporation except on a strict
legal basis. Then put it under sudi
sui "i vision as the national banks are
subject to, and I believe that, little by
I little, ibis in'tiicmc hoarding in the
savings banks of $
ii ii ii ii
be trickling into ownership again."
San Francisco Ready for Grand Army
The oniiniitee iu charge of the
parade and all the either •emimii te-e.
arranging fen the reception of the
ilelegates have- almost completed their
work and nothing has been left un­
done to insure the sm ess of the vari­
ous entei tainments provieleil lor the
The cities of the interior are join
ing heartily in the good work with
their usual hospitality and carloads
President Will Consult Members Be­
fore Calling Extra Session.
Oyster Bay, N. V., Aug. 15.—Finan­
cial legislation and other work of the
proposed extraordinai session of eon
Kress were discussed during the day
by the president with several of his
callers The first arrivals were Sec­
retaries Shaw and Hitchcock, respec­
tively of the treasury ami interior de­
partment. In addition to some depart
mental questions which they desired
to bring to the president's attention
they considered with him the sugges
tions made by the members of the
senate subcommittee on finance al
their confeieiic.e with the president
on Wednesday night, particularly with
regarel to an extraordinary session ot
congress at a date earlier than Nov. 'J.
Considerable opposition has devel­
oped to the idea of calling the extra
session in October. The point is made
that many senators anel repr
lives will be engaged during October
In their state campaigns anel that it
would be politically unwise for them
I to leave their stateB at such a time.
Bismarck, tha Metropolis
of tha Great Missouri Slope
Country of North Dakota.
killed the treaty ana is believed
that President Koosevelt almost surely
will decide to select the Nicaraguan
canal route.
Officials of the department of state
and Senor Herran, the Colombian
charge d'affaires here, are in the dark
as to the exact nature of these amend­
ments. From meager and mutilated
official dispatches received, however,
it is known that the two principal
amendments provide for a large and
unreasonable increase in the bonus
demanded of the I'nited States for
the strip of territory through which
to construct the waterway, and for a
provision which prohibits the Colom­
bian government giving the United
States absolute and perpetual control
over this territory.
Officials of the state department are
disgusted and disappointed at the ac­
tion of the Colombian committee, as
it means a long delay In the construc­
tion of the canal.
It was announced during the day thai
no definite conclusion regarding the
date of the extraordinary session yet
has been reached and that no decision
would be announced until the presi­
dent shall have consulted members ol
both branches of congress and others.
King's Speech Read to Joint Session
of Both Houses.
Lomlou. Aug. 15.—Parliament was
prorogued during the day until Nov.
2. The house eil commons assembled
with the lords, where the speech from
increased Irom $L',(iiiu.ii(i(i.Hii to the throne was read. The speech was
of little general and political interest.
It alluded to the. cordiality of the
king's reception in Portugal, Italy and
France anil to the return visit of Presi­
dent I .on
bet, "whose visit has given
rise to a striking exhibition of the
feelings of mutual good will which
prevail in the two countries."
The meist interesting portion of the
speech to America deals with Ireland.
It says:
"The warm expressions of good will
with which I was everywhere received
greatly touched me. My visit enabled
me to realize how much was being
attempted to improve the housing ac­
commodation for the working popula­
tion, stimulate commercial activity,
advance the methods of agriculture,
develop technical education anel pro
vide for the sick and infirm. Much re­
mains to be done, but it. was with feel
ings of the deepest gratification that I
noticed signs of increasing concord
among all classes in Ireland, presag
ing. as I hope, a new era of united
efforts for the general welfare."
Referring to the Irish land bill the
speech says it offers inducements to
the land owners to continue their resi
ele-nce among the countrymen and pro­
vides facilities for improving the con
ditions of life in the poorer districts
-if the West. It adels:
"This reform, by removing the
*ncient causes of social dissensions.
San I'ran: isco, Aug. 15.—The dele-:
gates to the national »!. A. R. encamp-'
ment ontiniie to arrive and the city
is in gala attire in honor of the oeca
sion. Banners, streamers and tlags
wave from the orname-iital poles which
line .Market street for its entire length,
while he lines of electric globes
strung across the street with myriads
of small lamps iu suspension I urn
night into a blaze of light.
I heartily trust, conduce to the
vommon benefit of all my Irish sub­
Decision of United States Circuit
Court of New York.
New Yot k, Aug. 15.— Judge- Ray. in
the I te-d Stales circuit court, has
handed down an opinion sustaining the
const it ii ilit of the Foraker act,
which provided a new revenue tax oil
niei haiidise- brought into the I'nitt
State from Porto Uico alter the isl­
and .eased to lie a ioiei^n country.
The decision sustains a demurrer in
terposed by the I'tiiteil States in an
aiiiin commenced iif-ainst by the
sugar importing firm of l.-^scelles
Co. of New York. Tin- firm imported
a e-iii'go of sugar fiom I'lrto Rico em
June 1l'. IM'!'. which was place-el on Its
arrival in a bonded warehouse. The
entry was liipiiilat«-d Nov. 14. IKI'-.i,
limb tile e\isiii,g llingley tariff ait.
On .Line i| the entry was re-liquidated
and dmies re-assessed under the- For­
aker act. The- firm protested against
the Imposition of any anil all duties.
Finally, under protest, $2,5tM) duty was
paid and suit for its recovery insti­
tuted. The government demurred,
I claiming that the goods were dutiable
under the so-called Foraker act and
of fruit and flowers will be coining
into San Francisco daily in-xt week
for distribution among the veterans
and th' ir iiie-nds from Sai ranienio.
San Jose-. Santa Hose- and other fruit
growing centers throughout the state.
An endeavor is being made to have
next Wednesday, the- day when the big
military paiade will take- place, lie
dared a gene ral holiday. Nearly all
the more prominent business houses
will give their e-niployes a half holiday,
and it is believed many others will fol-j
low suit.
Judge Day sustained the demurrer.
The real question at issue, and one
not previously raised, was that por­
tion of the Foraker act which provided
for the assessing of merchandise at
bonded ware-houses at the time the
new law went into effect.
Damaged Battleship Massachusetts
Contiues to Settle.
Bar Haibot'. .Me-.. Aug. 15.—The
L'nited Sta'cs battleship Massachu­
setts. which was seriously damaged by
striking the pinnacles of Kgg rock
Wednesday, inutilities to settle, but
the officers say the hange is so sligh'
to give no ground tor fear that the
ship will fill with water and sink.
Sailing orders were momentarily ex­
pected, with the probable destination
esent'ie Brookly navyyaril, where the ship
would be drydocked for repairs. Cap­
tain Eaton sai'l his ship would be able
to proceed under her own steam when
orders were received.

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