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Daily and Weekly Tribune
Weekly Established 1873
Daily 1881
»•»••••••••eeeeeeeeeee•»» eee
Santa Fe Train Carrying Eastern Financiers
Is Ditched Near Fowler, Colorado, by
Pueblo, nolo.. Oct. 31.—The east
bound Chicago flyer on the Santa Fe
Was wrecked at Apishapa creek, four
miles east of Fowler. The spikes had
been removed from one rail on the
bridge over the creek and when
the engine left the track one span of
the bridge, 100 feet long, went down.
Two cars, with the engine, fell into
the creek. Engineer John Walker was
badly scalded but will recover. Ten
or twenty other persons were Injured.
Relief trains were sent to the scene
of the wreck from Pueblo and la
Junta and the injured were taken to
the latter place.
The private car occupied by A. S.
Kimberly and a party of Eastern
bankers returning from the annual
convention of the National Bankers'
association at San Francisco, was at
Young Acton was Hying a kite from
the roof of their home in Brooklyn,
:is father ordered him down and for­
bade the boy his dangerous pastime.
A few hours later Acton found Edward
on the roof again and gave chase. Tile
lad ran along the edge, missed his
footing and fell to the yard, a dis­
tance^ about Uii'U' feet. Si»'Uu' Jiis
oily for using the mails to defraud
Son T&lfinfc ana, apparently "Vith an
idea that he must try to save him at
any cost. Acton jumped out into space,
lie landed nearly ten feet beyond his
unconscious boy. Crippled and al­
most dead from the shock of his fall
the father dragged himself to the side
of his son and when an ambulance ar­
rived had clasped the boy in his arms.
Edward died two hours later and the
father is not expected to recover.
Boat Containing Party of Young Peo­
ple Capsizes.
Grand Rapids, Wis., Oct. 31.—A
party consisting of Carl Mails and sis­
ter. Emma Malls, Nellie Olson, Henry
Martin. Fred Shearier and Varnum
Shearier attempted to cross the Wis­
consin river above Biron dam during
the evening.
tached to the train, but so far as as- Olson were drowned. The party was
oertained none of this party was in- bound for a dance at the north shore,
jured. The boat was small and the occupants
Young Son Dead and Father Fatally
New York, Oct. 31.—Disobedience of
his father led to the death of Edward
Acton, .seven years old. and the fatal
injury of the patent.
Emma Mails, Carl Mails and Nellie
There was but little water in the noisy. The boat dipped and sank
creek. three rods from shore in twelve feet
A Pullman coach was left with one of water. The men swam to shore
etui hanging over the chasm, but and the girls attempted to follow.
Btopped there and the other six cars, Carl Mails and Fred Shearier returned
ail full of passengers, including A. S. to the rescue. Carl Mails was pulled
Kimberly's special car, remained on under water by Nellie Olson,
the track. Thirteen persons were in- The drowned girls were eighteen
jured and were taken to the IA Junta years old and the man was twenty
hospital. Doctors were taken to the three.
scene of the wreck from Pueblo, Ma
zonula and Kocky Ford. I
One Man Burned to Death and Five
Severely Injured.
Laboring Men Want Special Legisla­
tive Session.
Butte, Mont.. Oct. 31.—A great mass
meeting was held at the Auditorium
last night under the auspices of the
Silver Bow Trades and Labor Assem­
bly. The meeting was called to con­
sider the desperate condition of af
fairs that confronts the workingmen
of this city and state and to give ex
pression to their belief that Governor
Toole should call an extra session Sem of the collection to be a well
of the legislature. I toned canvas attributed to Rembrandt.
Resolutions were adopted along the The painting was at least a well exe
line planned by the projectors of the cuted copy and the tones were ex
meeting and a committee of fifteen ap- quisite. It brought only $197.50.
pointed to present them to Montana's It Is said Diss de Bar got the pic
chief executive. tures from a collector, covered them
A majority of those present were with a paste of chalk and water and,
miners who were thrown out of work I deftly placing in each hand a wet
recently by the injunction order of I sponge, declared while giving exhibi
the court. The gathering included tions for the benefit of Marsh that she
men from every craft and walk of' was in turn Gerome. Van Dyke or
life. Rembrandt, and by a few passes the
A telegram from Great Falls says I apparently blank canvas was made to
J. J. Hill is there on his way to Butte, glow with color. At last accounts she
where he will meet United States1 was languishing in an English jail.
Senators Paris Gibson and W. A. having failed to impress London
Clark and others for a conference on judges with her alleged supernatural
the industrial crisis. gifts.
Negro Pension Bureau Barred From Messages Cannot Reach American
the Use of the Mails. Minister at San Domingo.
Washington. Oct. 31.—A cablegram
received at the state department from
Washington. Oct. 31.—The postmas-]
ter general has issued an order deny­
ing the use of the malls to the Ex
Slave Mutual Relief Bounty and Pen­
sion association of Washington and
H. Dickinson, treasurer T. Starr
The association was formed during
Tho inonoptnra' ronnrt nn I
na. "by request." of an ex-slave pen
sion bill.
The promoters realized a large sum
of money from it.
Major Howze Exonerated.
Washington, Oct. 31.—The war de­
partment has made public the report
and findings in the case of Major Rob­
ert L. Howze. charged with cruelty
in the Philippines. The findings of
'he hoard exonerate Major Howze,
who was then lieutenant colonel com
Handing the district where the al­
leged cruelties took place.
Double Suicide suspec
Philadelphia, Oct. 31. One man been discovered against the murder
was burned to death and live others
Competent judges considered tho
United States Minister Powell, at San
Domingo, reports that conditions in
the republic are in a state of great
disturbance. The state department is
rit. making vigorous efforts to communi
..a __ it ..~tt I... l\nt n'itli
*«.. 7 .. r, mi mak ni vigorous enoris 10 cuminum
tin free, secretary, and R_ E. Gil-. m,- Powell by cable but with
ehnst financial manager a
11 of «hi»|
satisfactorv rosu ts
the last session of congress shortly connecting the capital. San Do
after the introduction of Senator Han-
the en so am- that "Wimfron in a cnl interrupted communication with
oro/rj^'V^ tv., e" He' ™1,?la'
formerly operated the Southern Sup
Ply company in Nashville, where he
then lived, and was arrested for that
offense. The pension scheme is de­
clared to be one of the most bare-
faced frauds ever brought to the at- ,i,'lrjnK' the day
•ention of the post office department.! iv
owing to the
iwnts ilIMn
.ar to be
ssl()n ()f the
bind telegraph
mingo, with the cable station on 'he I ,jay
Incidentally this also has
nient is sending through the navy de­
partment written instructions to Min­
ister Powell for his guidance during
the revolution and these will go for
ward on the Baltimore, which sails
from Hampton Roads
San Domingo.
Prominent Business Man of Vincennea,
Ind., Shot Down.
Vincennes, Ind.. Oct. 31.—William
J. Engle. secretary of the Vincennes
Distilling company, was shot early in
the day and died later from the
wounds." Engle hail risen early to
take a train. In the kitchen he was
met by a volley of shots. Two bullets
ento'vd his head and he fell uncon-
scions, tlying at 5 o'clock. Officers
thought Magazine. He was seventy* I Hons to innkt* a gentleman, but fi\e t.
five and his wife seventy years old. I Insure perfect and patrician hands.
ptemurck prilg €ribtme
New Agricultural Product Placed on
Commercial Basis.
New York, Oct. 31.—The grain com­
mittee of the New York Produce Ex­
change has decided to establish three
grades of marcaroni wheat. This will
put dealings in this new agricultural
product, for this country, on a com
mercial basis. I
ready been marketed in France, the
trading for export being on the basis
of Minnesota wheat gradings. but
marcaroni wheat being specified in
the contracts.
At the request of the department of
cided to establish three grades of the and Milwaukee
wheat. No. 1 marcaroni. No. 2 maca- cheese.
roni and rejected macaroni.
aundryioon, of the for, here.
New Plot Against Assassins of Late Consolidated Grocers of America Go
King and Queen. Out of Business.
Belgrade. Servia. Oct. 31.—Captain Peoria. 111.. Oct. 31—S. W. McQuaid,
I/jtkijevitch. the former aide-de-camp a prominent grocer of Des Moines
of the late King Alexander, who was and interested in a number of other
arrested Sept. 30 last and later sen- grocery stores, has announced the end
tenced to a month's imprisonment for
having engaged a conspiracy ica. which was organized last Febru
against the murderers of King Alex- ary with $l„r.oo,ooo capital and which
list, and other officers is imminent.
The general did not participate in the
counterplot, but he has openly con
demned the regicides.
It is understood that a new plot, has
-s of King Alexander and Queen
severely injured during a tire which Di-jura
destroyed the large grain elevator of
the Baltimore ami Ohio Railroad coin- Money for the Philippines.
pany and the four-story Hour rolling' San Francisco. Oct. 31 -The trans
liiill of \Y. S. Woodward Ai Co. Harry port Sheridan, which sailed during
JlcWilliams. who was at work on the the day for Honolulu. Guam and Ma
roof of the Woodward building, was nila. carried $2.iiiiii,hihi in silver and
burned to death and John li. Lyons, gold in her treasure room. She had a
Daniel Murphy, Gustav B. Grinow, mil list of passengers in addition to
John Burns and John .Myers were pain- jtlie -nIis*ed men of the Twenty-second
fully injured by falling walls. Loss,
Sale of Madame Diss de Bars "Spirit
New York. Oct. 31.— Diss de Bar's
"spirit pictures.'' through which the
madame is said to have defrauded the
late Luther R. Marsh of a large for­
tune, are now on sale here, but the
works, many of which are said to have
been executed by the brushes of mas­
ters. do not bring record pi it-es.
Sixty Thousand Butchers May Walk Out to
Assist the Striking Sausagemakers in
New York.
Mew York. Oct. 31.—General Organ­
izer Eichelberger of the Amalgamated
Butcher Workmen's union of North
America asserts that 60.000 out of the
78.000 members of the union will, in
all probability, go on strike in sym­
pathy with the 2,000 sausagemakers
and canners who have quit in the
packinghouses in Chicago for an in­
crease in wages of 25 cents a day.
is not speedily reached. The prin­
cipal packing centers to be affected
by strikers are Chicago. St. Ixuis,
Kansas City. St. Joseph. Mo.. Omaha
and South Omaha.
Second Day's Session of Employers'
Chicago. Oct. 31.—Work of complet­
ing the organization of the Citizens'
Industrial Association of America,
formed by employers and representa­
tives of Citizens' alliances throughout
the country in conference here, occu­
pied the time of the delegates during
So tH anl aKilinR,
ther cable lapses the state depart-1
a a
hod» of affiliation for
'i state, national and local associations,
to provide a peaceable working basis
the work of organization,
over which it was feared there would
be much trouble, were discussed in ex­
ecutive session and the matter was
satisfactorily arranged. It remains jj js
expected. The system of assessment
will provide for the taking in of the ,K
various associations.
meeting of the international and
,ar(.f,inK for the assailants. 1 local committees of the association
Chicago. Oct. 31.—Horace I.. (treen 1 ,, Fngle was one of the most prom- held in this city in a resolution being Baker, inspector of the state board of
*nd his wife were found dead in bed jnAiit' i»iisinoHS men in this city. passed ordering a strike all over the health, has reported to Secretary
hpre, the result of asphyxiation. In
countrv to go into effect Saturday in
League of the Building Trades Em-
plovers' association have contracts.
Bankruptcy Proceedings Begun Against the
Butter and Cheese Company That Tried
to Corner Market.
A year or two ago United States
consular agents in the south of France
reported that there was a market
there for macaroni wheat and recom­
mended to the agricultural department
at Washington that the raising of this
wheat be encouraged in the United
States. It had previously been culti­
vated in the Northwest, but the depart­
ment of agriculture secured seed
wheat from Europe and it is estiniat- the company, which has been doing a believes that the collapse of the Unit­
ed that this year 10,500.000 bushels large business throughout the North- *'1 States Shipbuilding company was
were raised. Some of this has al- western states
Ua Crosse. Wis.. Oct. 31.—Appllca
tion was made before the local clerk
In bankruptcy during the morning for
the l.a Crosse Cheese and Butter com­
pany to show cause why it should not
The financial troubles were precipi­
tated through an effort on the part of
I. II1M1 an Iimitsi, .MI. nmiMi. il u.»i !„„iie«
pmg out. One ol the Peoria sMores to seat fo
(dosed last Saturday and Mr. McQuaid sons who wti diownen.
says the other will close shortly. The
•-losing of the stores in Chicago and
Gale-diurg will follow, but the Mc
Quaids will continue the Di Moines
and St. Paul .--.tores.
Mr. McQuaid assigns as a reason
for th-- closing of the several stores
thnt the Consolidated Grocers of
America was not a financial success.
The stores were not paying ventures
and the company will go out of exist­
tee 'SsfiTiiateS mar l'O.iwu ironworkers
will be directly affected. This would
mean the throwing out of work of
from 100.000 to 150,000 and posaibly
more workmen in other grades.
Attempt to Foment a General Strike
at Barcelona.
Barcelona, Spain. Oct. 31.—The an-
"The question is now being put to archists here are endeavoring to to­
ft referendum vote." said he, "and the ment a general strike in sympathy
votes will al! be in by Monday. The with the strike at Bilbao. The cap
sympathetic strike will be ordered if1 tain general has hurriedly left. Baree
a settlement of the strike in Chicago! l°na for Madrid. Already large num-
bers of people are out of work in con­
sequence of the shutting down of many
local factories.
Bilbao. Spain, Oct. 31.—The night
.. passed without incident, the strikers
Our organization is a unit on the having been overawed by the display
question Of supporting the Chl( ago militnrv fore#* fjpnoral Zanninn
strikers in every way possible.'
of military force. General Zappino
continues negotiations with the em­
ployers and the strikers and there is
some hope of an understanding being
reached. Food Is still scarce. A tor­
rential downfall of rain assists in
keeping the streets clear.
Said to Have Secured Big Sum From
Prominent New Yorkers.
New York. Oct. 31.—John B. Conger,
a promoter who until three months
ago occupied an office uptown, where
he was known as president and gen­
eral manager of the National Carbon­
ate Engine company, has been arrest­
ed on a charge of grand larceny. Will­
iam H. Reynolds, a wealthy broker,
asserts technically that Conger ob-
him $40 by false pretense,
for the convention to approve the promoter had induced Cornelius Van
plans and an amicable settlement is
j|,,KP^ by others that the
(ll rbi aU(1 )tlu rs to
Says It Is a Good Thing to Squeeze
Water Out of Stocks.
New York, Oct. 31.—Andrew Carne-
be adjudicated bankrupt. Ixjcal attor- gjp, who. with his wife and daughter,
nevs have hundreds of claims against returned from Europe during the day.
pa 0rs
the corporation to corner the cheese a!on) |,
market in the Northwest. The firm reduction of values and the bringing
now has stored in warehouses in Chi- of everything to a healthy condition.
agriculture the grain committee de- cago. St. Louis, St. Paul. Minneapolis it is a good thing to squeeze the water
$300,000 worth of
of the Consolidated Grocers of Amer-
ander and Queen Draga. has been re- it was proposed should control the tallied that fortv-tlve persons out of
arrested. He was captured in the leading retail grocers of the country. 103 who were on board the steamer
The arrest of General Nlagdelenlcs. a retail grocer of Peoria, and N. Kawin
formeriy a supporter of the late King of Chicago. Two Peoria stores were having been in collision with the Kus
Milan of Servia and on the retired secured and afterwards four in Chi- sian steamer Progress otf Hakodate.
results, lie said
concerning the failure:
"It was no surprise. The British
haV( been predicting it right
result in the salutary
out of some stocks. The standard se­
curities are as good as ever."
In reply to a question whether the
Schwab meihods had been severely
criticised in England he said:
"That was inevitable. When a
man is down everybody is ready to
kick him."
Death List by Sinking of Japanese
Yokohama, Oct. 31.—It is ascer-
was organized by Flavel Shurtleff. J', I[n ''of The' v«ft'or cutting his throat with a knife in
a rotai erncer tif Peoria, anil N. Kawm suit ot the sinking or tne \ess(l after l.,
cauo one in Galesburg and the store Japan. The mails and all the valu
of W McOuaid of St. Paul. Later able* of the sunken vessel were lost.
H. W. McQuaid of Des Moines ob- The steamer Jinscn Maru has gone I weisen
tainrd an interest Mr Shurtleff drop- fo the scene of the disaster with divers j"'-
1 of
Admits Eighteen Robberies.
Kalamazoo. Mich.. Oct. 31.—-John
King aged eighteen, lias confessed to
taking put in eighteen robberies
within th nasi two months. The
Bank of Augusta would have been
blown to
it' ihe arrest had not
been made. Plans also had been
made to rob the Exchange bank al
Cliuia\ next week.
Thousands Pay Tribute to Mr6. Booth
Chicago. Oct. 31.—Tribute to the1
memory of Mrs. Booth-Tucker, the
Salvation Army leader, was paid by
thousands of her friends in Chicago,
Portions of President's Message Read
and Discussed.
Washington. Oct. 31—For nearly!
two hours the president and five mem-
invest in the
„f which he was the head to
extent )f
$30,000 to S40.OOO.
Colonel Holland May Recover.
Fort Madison, la.. Oct. 31.—The con­
dition of Colonel Holland, who was
l.'i.iured in the Santa Fe wreck at
Strike of Ironworkers in Leading Cit­
ies Ordered.
New York. Oct. 31.—The threat of Ian Lake. Mo., is greatly improved,
a national strike by the International He regained consciousness during the
Association of Bridge and Structural niRht and his physician states that his
Ironworkers to force recognition of chances for recovery are at present
local No 2 by the Iron league and good.
Employers' association, has culminated Hundreds of Cases of Smallpox.
Springfield, III., Oct. 31.—Dr. E. F.
all cities where members of the Iron investigation 250 cases of smallpox in fell into an open fireplace, before
Bn(1 lhu
Bismarck, the Metropolis
of the Great Missouri Slope
Country of North Dakota.
Reoccupation of Mukden Not in Oppo.
sition to Open Ports.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 31.—The for­
eign office here declares that the re
occupation of Mukden. Manchuria, by
Russian troops is not connected with
the question of the commercial ports.
The railroad guards encamped at the
city gates, it is explained, reoccupied
the city because the Chinese govern­
ment refused to comply with certain
demands of the Russian commissioner.
Smallpox in Indian School.
Sparta. Wis., Oct. 31.—Smallpox has
made its appearance in the Indian
school at Toniah, though in a mild
forin. which it has assumed every­
where in the past two years. Never­
theless. a strict quarantine is main­
tained. prohibiting any one from the
outside entering the grounds. All the
pflicials of the institution are affected
by the quarantine.
Ran Into an Open Switch.
Hutchinson. Kan.. Oct. 31.—A Santa
Fe westbound passenger train ran into
an open switch at Howell and
crashed into a freight train which was
standing on a siding. A tramp named
Stevens was killed and another was
seriously injured. The baggageman
and expressman were painfully in­
jured and several passengers were
badly shaken up.
Brother of Murdered Girl Kills Him­
self in Jail.
Allentown, Pa.. Oct. 31.—Thomas
Bechtel, aged thirty, who was held
awaiting an investigation of the mur­
der of his sister, committed suicide
his cell. The police regard this as an
acknowledgment of his guilt. Alfred
Eckstein, her affianced lover, is still
The police say that Bechtel was op-
lo lHh sl 1 1
During a considerable part of the freight service to ports in North Amer
meeting the president's annual mes- ica.
sage to congress was under considera­
tion, portions of it being read and CHILD'S LIFE LOST IN FIRE,
Secretary Hitchcock presented to Two Others Badly Burned and Woman
the president some of the latest devel- Made Insane.
Northwest. He declined to discuss h„
regarding them in a few days.
Henrietta Adams of CaseviJle. Mich..
has been given a verdict of $30,0imi
the land frauds in the Wabasha, Minn., Oct. 31. —The
uso an
thetn at the conclusion of the meeting, jj0 lives on a farm ten miles
but said he would issue a statement.
against Robert Stuart Baker, a well
known young society man of this city,
for breach of promise. The trial has FLOURING MILLS IN OMAHA,
been one of the most sensational in
the history of Western Michigan.
The romance which led up to Ba­
ker's proposing marriage to the young
woman began when both were stu­
dents at Olivett college. Several hun­
dred letters, written to Miss Adams
by Baker, were read in court and a
number from the young woman to the
defendant were also introduced as
Frankfort. Ky.. Oct. 31.— Attorney
William H. Julian, one^ of the best
that there had been found on stumbled as he entered his room and
township of Dupage, Will county. Which the body was found. The upper 1
The international exffcultoe. commit- county. most to a crisp. change in this city.
ith isin-
ih» „or berg, a traveling man. and when
no« h,c-l found that she had been in
Philadelphia with him. upon her re-
turn home he attacked her, striking
her a blow on the cheek, causing her
to fall against the corner of a bureau,
It is claimed that the family made
up the story as first given to the po­
lice and took the body from the house
to the alleyway, where ii was found.
Eckstein is believed to have known
nothing of the crime.
George T. Hoagland. pioneer and
millionaire philanthropist, is dead a'
his home in St. Joseph, Mo., aged
ninety years.
Captain Nathaniel G. Herreshoff. de­
signer and builder of several Amer­
ica's cup defenders, is seriously ill
during the day. At 11 o'clock the from pneumonia.
body was taken to Princess rink,1 Secretary of War Root and Mrs.
where it lay in state until in the
evening. .... the United States on board the Whita
Before a canvas bearing in large g(
letters the words, "Faithful Lnto
Death, the body rested, while multi-j of quarantine against
tudes of Salvation Army followers'
and friends silently passed by the
coffin. The casket, guarded by two
Salvation Army cadets, stood before
the same platform where Mrs. Booth
Tucker once spoke at a meeting con­
ducted by her father. General William
Booth. On the coffin lay Mrs. Booth
Tucker's Bible, which had been given
her by her mother just before the let­
ter's death fifteen years ago.
have sailed from Liverpool for
steamer Celtic
incIu( lnK ,lle
tion of all matter in transit to or from
that city, will be put in force at once.
Professor Mommsen. the German
historian, has suffered a severe apo­
plectic stroke. His left side is para­
lyzed and there is little hope of his
Humberta Cattlina and Martin J.
Plshkur. Italian miners, fell 1,000 feet
from a cage descending into the Min­
nie Healy mine at Butte. Mont., and
were instantly killed.
The sessions of the American Pub­
lic Health association at Washington
were brought to a close Friday. Ha-
decided on as the
P'a,e of meeting.
bers of his cabinet were in consulta-1 With the object of fostering the
tion in the regular cabinet meeting, growing demands in America for Rus
Secretaries Root, Shaw. Moody and sian goods the volunteer fleet is or
Wilson are absent from the fity. ganizing a regular passenger and
buildings of John Faulha-
this city, were destroyed by fire
|,js seven-year-old son burned to
death. Two other children were bad-
YOUNG WOMAN SECURES $30,000. lj burned and his wife was driven in
sane by fright.
Verdict in Sensational Breach of The manner in which the fire orig-
Promise Case. lnated cannot he learned, as the chil
Grand Rapids. Mich Oct. 31,-Miss
"mall to
a(f ou, ami ,hL lr niother
IiU ln
Costly Plant to Be Established in
That City.
Omaha. Oct. 31.—Next Monday even­
ing Omaha will entertain a party of
thirty-live millers, headed by Former
Governor Pillsbury of Minnesota, who
conies as the guest of President Stick
nev of the Chicago Great Western
I railway. Members of the party no
tified the Commercial club of their in
tention to expend $7*.0.00o in the erec-
tion of flouring mills in Omaha and
known tax lawyers in Kentucky, was recent cutting of grain rates be
burned to death at midnight in his ween Nebraska points and Chicago
office. It is supposed that Mr. Julian
Great Western has already ar-
.d to construct a large elevator,
Twin Cities by Mr. Stickney's
the decision of other roads
t0 m( pt
the cut has brought Omaha to
township of Lemout, Cook portion of the body was burned al- are preparing to establish an ex
market basis and local grain

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