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Daily and Weekly Tribune
Weekly Established 1873
Daily 1881
Prophesies of the Campaign Managers in the
Several States for the Elections Tomor=
a a
a A
tion in New York City.
New York, Nov. 2—A day before
the municipal election of 1903, well-
informed men on either side of the
in a
«fict the result. It is expected that tacks.
the election will be very close and
that a few thousand votes will decide
whether SeTK Low or George B. Mc
Clellan will be at the head of the
city's government for the next two
years. William S. Devery, who Is
running independently, is not regard­
ed seriously as a candidate.
All the leaders have issued estim­
ate of large majorities for their tick­
ets. Charles F. Murphy claimed the
election of the Democratic ticket by
R. Fulton Cutting declared
that Iow will be elected by 32,000,
and even Devery said that his election
was certain. It is known, however,
that none of them has confidence in
the published estimates and that eith­
er side looks for the election of its
candidate by only a small plurality.
-»•., r-««
cratic leaders hardly referred to
The indications are that Johnson
will get most of the socialist vote,
which was over 17,000 last year, but
it is very doubtful if the whole of
that vote will equal his democratic
losses. All predictions are that the
Republicans will elect their state tick­
et by a large plurality, and the only
claims of the Democrats are for the
legislature. It is held the Demo­
crats that the Republicans might elect
their state ticket by fifty thousand
plurality and yet lose the legislature.
row===Greatest Interest in the City Elec-is..mo time .u near the
Bottt Republicans and Democrats in
Maryland Expect to Win.
Baltimore, Nov. 2.—The campaign
in Maryland caine to a close after a
that the more conservative estimate Republican state central committee. members from further boycotting his
sued an estimate of 82.000 plurality the expected actual majorities on the|f
deposition. control both branches of the legisla
OHIO IS SAFE. The election is for governor, con
troller, attorney general, a state leg-
torial fight has predominated over are at stake in the election. Chair
state affairs.
Mayor Tom L. Johnson, the demo
cratic candidate for governor, and majority,
other democratic speakers have made
Hanna the target for their attacks.
cept about Johnson and the demo this majoritj.
Representative Spalding Arrives at
Washington for the Session.
Washington, Nov. 2.-- Representa
Putting It Delicately.
Here is the extremely delicate way
which a man states his chief reason
for asking that he be freed from mat­
rimonial bonds, which gall: "The de­
fendant has acted in such a way that
husband has had difficulty in dis­
tinguishing her treatment of him as a
husband from her treatment of othera
who bore no such relation to her."
it at 15,000 to 20,000. Mr. Mur- in a formal statement, said that he business, distributing printed matter whiskey.
phy. leader of Tammany hall, has Is-1 would not give out any figures as tojaffppting the same, or otherwise inter fi,
ally believed, was placed in the lead where the Republicans are going to been compiled from the Weather nils
ership by Richard Croker, and it is get the thirty-eight votes that such a
thought that defeat would mean his statement concedes them. We will
State islature which will elect a successor
to ITnited States Senator Louis E.
Republicans Will Elect Their
Ticket by a Large Plurality,
Cincinnati, Nov. 2—The campaign McComas.
in Ohio practically closed Saturday
with rallies everywhere. The election In Other States.
Tuesday is for a full state ticket and! Massachusetts—Both Democrats and
members of the legislature that sel- republicans claim the elction of their
ects the successor of Senator Hanna., candidate for governor. The demo
For the first time in Ohio the
two crats
parties have had nominees for seija ercome the republican plurality and
tor. John H. Clarke of Cleveland and the republicans predict the election average number of days with .01 or
Senator Hanna have canvassed the, of John I.. Bates by 25.000 to 37.000. an inch or more, 8 the greatest,
entire state for senator and the sena Nebraska—Only three state officers monthly precipitation was 3.10 inches
man Lindsay predicts the success of
the republican nominees by 15,000
Col. Morris Belknap are the demo-
While Hanna and Johnson are not cratic and republican nominees res
candidates for the same place, yet the pectively. Democrats will carry Louis
fight has been one throughout between ville by 3.000 to 5.000. but the repub
these two men. The republican licans claim they will come to the
speakers have had little to say
city with more than enough to offset
Fourteen Blocks Burned.
live B. F. Spalding of North Dakota. |mji(ij„jrS ruins, one life lost, I
lias arrived ill Washington with his
family to remain for the special and hundred homeless, and a financial,
regular session of congress, lie will
live in the residence lie occupied sev­
eral years ago at 821 North arolina
dians had be
and resisted arrest.
body but Hanna. Col. Myron T. Her- 1
rick, the Republican candidate for' ™arck
governor, has never held public office I
and he has not been the sunject ot at-
er ns
in Manhattan, but iT Ts said that he various counties, but he claims that a ,f the Palladium by friends of the ty-1 clmroli at Dickinson will amount to
does not count on more than 35,000 decided triumph is assured. pographical union. The complaint in
to 38,000. The combined result prom-' Murray Vandiver. chairman of the!tbe case was served on the members
ises to be so close that the votes Democratic conumttee, also issued a ,f the union Saturday afternoon. The
Devery draws from the Tammany statement expressing equal confidence. Typographical I'nion will file an an
strength in Manhattan may decide the and making more specific claims as:
elction one way or the other. to the state and legislative tickets.
Not only the return of the demo He said:
crats to the control of the city's gov "We will carry the state by 15.000
••rnment. but also the leadership of majority and ought to have ninety
Murphy in Tammany all, is involved' members of the legislature on the
in the struggle. Murphy, it is gener- joint ballot. In fact I cannot see
pismitrck Paili) ®ribnnc
Interior Department Will Hear the I
Protest of Mandan Against Location'
of Indian School.
Washington, Nov. 2.—Because of
protests from Mandan a hearing is to
the interior department
I location of the new Indian school in
North Dakota. An appropriation of
$50,000 was made two years ago
"''•s school, but
,U suvt ral
months ago. Interior
I a a
over the ground, recommended the
commendation was approved by the ....
wer to the complaint, and the case
will then come on
Judge Winchester of the district court.
covering a
Bureau records at Bismarck, N. D.!
Mean or normal temperature, 2ti
deg. the warmest month was that
of 1899. with an average of 38 deg. I
the coldest month was that of 1896,
with an average of 7 deg. the high­
est temperature was 73 deg. on 1
1887 the lowest temperature was 28
deg. on 21-1875 average date at
which first "killing" frost occurred
in autumn, Sept. 15 average date on
which last "killing" frost occured in
spring. May 15.
claim William A. Gaston will ov- precipitation—Rain and Melted Snow
in 1896: the least monthly precipita­
tion was Trace inches in 1902: thei
greatest amount of precipitation re
corded in any 24 consecutive hours
New York. Nov. 2—Fourteen blocks )le northwest on Nov. 27th. 1877
.ort.s persons injured and five,
loss of a million and a half is the
result of an alleged incendiary fire
at Coney Island
Cheyenne. Wyo.. Nov. 2—Sheriff I who
Miller and three deputies are reported misdemeanor unless Ik
dians killed and several wounded in
a fight near Bad l^ands Creek, forty the statutory
miles north of LusU. Wyo. The 111 That animile is our'n Mr Jewell, and
No,lh Uakota ,h
'lotermin- Survey has been conducting prelimi-
secretary of the interior. In his re-
was no eligible site on the Mandan
side where good water and a sewer
his main reason for favoring the Bis-
marck site. Interested parties in both
tified that the secretary will grant
the hearing and have been asked to
name a date when they can appear.
L. D.McGahan of the Bismarck Pal-
ladium Wants an Injunction Against
The fate of the minor candidates for six weeks' period of speech-making Because, he alleges, the members point and continuing it to the Mis-
controller and president of the board .in every county and in the city of Bismarck Typographical Cnion No. souri River. This survey provided souri by pumping plants in sections
of aldermen especially, is even more' Baltimore almost unprecedented ill! 140 will work irreparable damage to that nearly as much land could be whera lignite abounds, and report
in doubt. A Democratic majority in
the borough of Manhattan is generally
regarded as probable, and the fusion
ists are expected to carry Brooklyn,
the other boroughs being in doubt.
In Brooklyn the fusionists are claim
ing 40,000 plurality, but it is known
The end of the campaign finds the boycott of his plant. I,. D. McOahan
Republicans and Democratic campaign „f the Bismarck Palladium, through!
managers equally confident of victory his attorney, T. R. Mockler. has ap-!
on Tuesday night. plied to the district court for an in-
John R. Hanna. chairman of the junction restraining the union and its
.. .......
Bismarck and Mandan have been no- ... .. .. I
ve} wag
the history ot the state tor enthus-, ]!js business, if they are not restrain-j covered and at much less cost, by thereon will shortly be published,
iasm and partisan activity.
fr()]n what he claims has been a'_ ...
way with the patronage
Section Director Weather Bureau.
denutv wounded three In-'him within ten days, and that if he has retired from the firm, and Miss
works said estray he cannot collect Connor continues the business. thing
Bureau in Charge of the Work of Irrigation
in North Dakota Calls Attention to Pro=
jects Now Under Consideration.
Washington. 1). C\. Nov. 1—In re-
conduct at Wilton last week,
'he result of too much bootleg
for the month, 0.63 inches:
receipts of St. Joseph's fair
or ie
er $3,000.
for hearing before
A S to
son, has entered the Butte Inter-
Mountain's beauty contest for a free
,our th S Louls ex ,osi,ion in
period of 29 years, have1 tion of the increasing number of pu- state. He is a 'forceful and
On November ltlth the residents of
Oliver county will be called to vote
011 the question of issuing $5,000.00
worth of bonds for the purpose of
(irecting a cour ho
the county
Wilton News: Just as we are going
to press word is brought that Jacob
Kilian was quite badly hurt by being
thrown from a horse, while going to
look after some cattle. Just how much
he is injured is not yet known.
Hazelton Republican: The work of
excavating for the new home for the1
bank of Hazelton was begun thisj
morning on the corner lot between
the stores of Matthews & McCror.v
and W. L. Yeater. Hon. Jos. Hare.
who has been here for several days,
anil who is a stockholder in the bank.
started the ball a rolling.
Following are a few figures relat-
Kentucky—J. C. W. Beckham and was 1.13 inches on the 7th, 1874. ing to Emmons county taxes. Number
The greatest amount of snow fall re- of acres assessed. 574.299 total value States—A I roclamation: The season
corded in any 24 consecutive hours of all personal property, $761,414: to- js
en'slaughtering game, we want it returned forthwith, fifth without board, at 118 First street, the power and righteousness of liber
takin out a canal near Glendive. The
sponse to the requests of citizens of preliminary survey is almost com-
pleted and when finished the practi
.. ing the advisibility of constructing kota in the last three years has not -oo, light. $4.9.) to $,..4J, HUMd $4 .10
selection of a site on the Bismarck .... I
t„ jr.. »,..nv». ii r.n t,. in- r»m'h
at on or A a no S os he a 4 to
side of the Missouri river and his re
.. .. ti i:n «j s-,
of the projoct wju b( (letor
investigation of certain sections The rapid increase of settlers in the
ol that state witn a view ot ascertain-! western or arid portion ot North l)a
I portant piece of reconnaissance work efforts are being directed to secure tattle steady, sneep,
port Major Mclaughlin stated there! .. ... .. I I
are large areas of grazing lands. will be required owing to its slight
I During the years of ample rainfall, fall in the state, gravity canals are
large crops are grown in the valley
the Bismarck Typographical Union. view of taking out a canal at that An investigation is being made of
Several miners were fined for dis-
a a a
el to iv a a in re a in
Montana, to its confluence in: sufficient rainfall Owing to the un-
North Dakota with the Missouri. usual problems presented the work! neat
is a in in an a a a a it
system could be installed, which was: ... ,, Mm- 79U
North Dakota is nosorinon as nrm of rpnuiro
North Dakota, is described as one of require very careful consideration of ^a*'
the prettiest in the west, with a soil! method and cost. The Missouri River1 Corn
of unsurpa«f*d fertility. Just back is the principal source of water sup-! December 44V&
of the valley on each side of the river ply for the region in which irrigation
practically impossible unless they
without irrigation, proving the pro-1 head in Montana. Such preliminary
ductiveness of the soil Ordinary! work as has been done shows that
seasons are too dry for successful such diversion is possible, but expen
farming without irrigation. The sur- sive, and only detailed surveys can
tarted opposite Terry with settle the question of its practicability,
the possible utilization of the Mis-
Wisconsin Executive the Guest of,
Governor White for the Day and
(record extending to winter of 1884- tal value of all real property $1,125.- torn of our people, it falls upon the that in the coming years we may with
85 onlv) was 7.4 inches on 2nd and Mil. The total amount of taxes is
$56,257.73 of which $10,400.45 goes for
Clouds and Weather. mate taxes. $20,442.21 for school taxes
Average number of clear days 10 and $2»,41n.Oi for county purposes.
partly cloudy days. 12 cloudy days, Mandan Pioneer: Judge McKendr.v
Incendiary Blaze Results in Great' j,|.PVailing winds have been the following contracting parties: F.1 iiui. or plague, it behooves us not do hereby designate as a day of gen
Loss of Property and One Life—|
of the wind was 60 miles from of .ludson: Sebastian S-hutt of Km what lias been given us. but to ac of the coming November, and do ro­
ntons county and Christina Hammer! cept it with a solemn sense of res commend that throughout he land
of Glenullin: John Zarndt ami Helena ponsibility, realizing that under heav.. people cease from their wonted occu
Bismarck, the Metropolis
of the Great Missouri Slope
Country of North Dakota.
Opening, Range and Close of Grain
Prices at Minneapolis, Chicago and
Furnished hy Coe Commission Co.,
First Xatioual Hank building, who
have direct wires to Minneapolis, Du
luth and Chicago.
Chicago—Hogs, receipts 25.ono cat-
sheep uo.ooo.
Kansas City—Hogs 5,ono cattle
H.iiOO sheep 5,000.
Omaha—Hogs, 1,600 cattle 11,000
sheep 1(1.000.
Chicago—Hogs opened steady to
stronger. Receipts. 25,000 left over,
n„.,u i„w»r
.... n„,.„„iiu.r ro:k,
pflr*»fn1 ir\n nf .«! '4
benefit of the new Catholic Wisconsin, well known through the! South Dakota congressional delegation
ITnited States, is among the guestsi induced the president to allow him to
in the city today, having arrived 011 return to Nome. Fresh charges have
the noon train and he is the guest now been filed against the district
of Governor White for the day. Gov attorney and the special agents who
ernor l.aFollette is the first of the were sent to Nome last summer to
speakers in the BismarcR entertain- investigate the affairs of the mar-
ment course, and he delivers an ad shal's and district attorney's offices
dress at the Atheneum tonight. The! have reported against Col. Grigsby.
Arrangements are being made for Wisconsin executive is well known.j A year ago in express disobedience
The Weather for November. [the building of a new school house and he has been the hero of some of "'f orders of Attorney General
The following data for November, in Wilton district for the accomoda- the liveliest political fights in
always instructive and command gen
eral attention.
Looking tor Lift.
December 35%
May 3fi4
December 797/s
May 78^
Reported that Col. Grigsby May Be
Removed from Alaska District At­
Washington, D. C., Nov. 2—By dir­
ection of President Roosevelt, the at
torney general has summoned to
Washington Col. Melvin Grigsby, of
South Dakota, who has been for the
year United States district attor-
Will Speak at the Atheneum To- ney in Alaska. Col. Grigsby was un
Night. der charges of misconduct in office
Governor Robert M. LaFollette of1 last winter, but his friends in the
Knox. District Attorney Grigsby left
his post at Nome and spent the great
taining speaker and his addresses are'^'r part of the winter in Washington.
It is pretty certain that Grigsby's
separation from the federal service,
either by dismissal or by enforced
resignation, will follow immediately
I upon his arrival in Washington in
response to the rccent summons of
the president. Col. Grigsby was the
Prof. Herrera has shown, before the
Sociedad Clentiflca of Mexico several
micro-photographs of artificial living
protoplasm which consist solely of organizer and commander of a rough
calcium nietaphosphate in actual 1 rider regiment in the war with
movement in salt solution. I Spain.
President Roosevelt Calls Upon the Nation
to Return Thanks for Manifold Blessings.
Washington, Nov. 2—The president the mercies extended to us in tliu
has issued his annual Thanksgiving I,aK'. beseech him that he may not
proclamation in the following terms:
issued a number of marriage licenses chance for our citizens to work for Now. therefore. I. Theodore ltoose
the past few days, among whom are'their welfare unhindered by war. fam-• volt, president of the I'nited States.
the northwest: the highest velo-j K. Clark of Fargo and Martha Niche! only to rejoice greatly because of eral thanksgiving. Thursday, the 26th
Sporieder of New Salem: Math Skol-jen it rests with ourselves to show pat ions, and in their several homes
ski and Mary Baker of Glen l'llin.1 that we are worthy to use aright and places of worship render thanks
John Henry Robidou of Bismarck and what has thus been entrusted to our unto Almighty God for his manifold
Violates the Estray Law.
Kmmons County Record: Jewell Kliza Moran of Ft
has taken up our estray printer.1
"Jimmie." vented the Record brand. Miss Connor, who does stenography emment of the people, by the people set my hand and caused the seal of
and set him at work on the Tribune.! and typewriting to your order, has re and for the people been tried 011 so the I'nited States to be offlxed.
H. should remember that anyone' moved her office from the Gussner vast a scale as here in our own coun
takes up an estray commits a, block to that of Attorney Mockler in try in the openitig years of the twei.
advertises' the Patterson block.
Rico. care. In no other place and at no mercies.
1 other time has the experiment of gov-j I11 witness whereof, I have hereunto
for 11s.
Miss Cochrane tieth centerw year of our I»rd one thousand, nine
Failure would not only be a dreadful hundred and three, and of the Inde
keeping. I I all mankind, because it would mean one hundred and twenty-eighth.
Nicely furnished rooms with or! loss of hope for all who believe in Theodore Roosevelt.
I 1 a »_1. I*.. in Ikanl/inO'
with or in any other old way. Inquire at once before taken. ty. Therefore, in thanking God for
withhold them in the future, and that
our hearts mav be roused to war
By the President of the J,.nit»d steadfastly for good and against all
the tom
hand when, according to the cus-1 We pray for strength and light. sc»
president to appoint a day of praise cleanliness, fearlessness and wisdom,
and thanksgiving to Glxl. do our allotted work on the earth in
During the last year the Lord has such manner as to show that we are
dealt bountifully with us, giving up not altogether unworthy of the bles
peace at home and abroad, and the sings that wo have received.
ovil. public and private,
Done at the city of Washington,
this thirty-first day of October, in the
but a dreadful thing for pendence of the I'nited States the
By the President:
John Hay, Secretary of State.

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