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Baking* Powder
complies with the pure
food laws of all states.
Food prepared with it
Is free from Rochelle
•salts, lime, alum and
flat Comitniile* \ol Wimtetl \V lirre
the (acuju hlourlxlK'R.
Have you ever lic i:-l l' the :i -ujoV
you are one of those mil'oriunntc*
Who are
in the ilit of Ki'titiildin^ at
bills you will wish tli.it the place
swumiiug with -ncuj«is. so Hint
gas companies might lie iivuin
vented. The cucujo is the lirelly of t!:e
tropics, and it is the most brilliant of
whole tribe of li^ht giving insivts I dark lies
uniiuals. Thirty-eight of them yield
en mile power.
i'hotograplis hnve been printed by
two minute exposure of bromide plates
their iilumin.'ition. People in Cuba
contine them in paper lanterns for go­
about the country at night or for
indoor lighting. Sometimes they at­
tach one
of the insects to each foot for
traveling in the dark to serve as a
to the path also they use them
ornaments for the dress and hair.
Cucujos are beetles beginning life as
£rubs. Skipjacks or springtaiK they
sometimes called beci.:w when
placed on their backs ttiey over
With a clicking sound.
A small species of ,tlie iiiic family
found in Florida and Texas. 'I hey
another on the abdomen.
bly to ittlrai a mate. The young lar
Vie feed largely on snails, to whieli
their bite is poisonous. The luminous
organs arc developed before the insert
leave the
Now. a theory formerly held was that
these tiretiies Moicd up light in the
daytime for 'mil at night, as is
done by the so e.tiled luminous paint
of calcium sulphide. I'.tn it was found
that they shone as brightly as ever
after being eonliued for t• days in
have two luminous spots on the thorax but it was afterward discovered that
the object of which is prosunia- almost touchinj
Some that were carried
from Cuba to li.ivie in the pitch hlai ..
hold of a c:-s( I were brilliant on tl. ir
A more striking disproof, however. I
was afforded by a batch of lirv
hatched iii the dark from egus la I i:i
the dark on a piect
young insects bt iim Uc,.t in darluu
for the lirst six monihs of their live^
They shone as brilliantly as any of tin
Other liretlies.—tiolden Penny.
rotten wood, u.e
Returning home recently, a woman
who had taken out a summons against
her husband, a painter's laborer, on ac­
count of his ill treatment, saw by th»
light of the moon her husband stand­
ing. as she thought behind the door
ready to strike her. She ran awnv.
the man was banging by a rope from
evenings are most favorable to the light :tt ventilator over the door with his ft
floor. Ho w:i»
*«ad.—I.ondnu Muil.
November, 1903.
(Continued from First Page.)
souri itivur will ue led out onto in
plaius of North Dakota, through a
irrigation sysieui rivaling mo!
vast government irrigation works ui
liut that will take years and eo.i.|
millions of money.
11 you want to make money by irri
gation don't wait for that.
Go at it your self right now.
Buy tl.at windmill and uig that rt
Tnut Baking Powdwt Mil for tf or
SO cent* p«r pound and may b. iden­
tified bjr this exorbitant prior
They area menace to pnb.'ic health,
a* food prepared from them eon
tains large qnantities of Roehell.
ealu, a daniMou eatbartie drag.
Stan your own irrigation experi­
ment station.
And don't wait for any body.
l)o it jourrelf.
And do it now.
I The quicker you begin the quicker
you will learn.
GIRL WANTED For general
lousewoik. Apply to Mrs. A. T. Pat
'er?on, Fourth street.
FOUND—At Atheneum after Latir-1
int performance a black cape, for a
cloak. Owner call at Tribune and
pay for this ad. and receive cape.
WANTED—A young man to solicit
orders through the countrv. ltig
money ir. it for the right man. Ad
dress Deer Park Distillery Co., St.'
Paul, Minn.
I'OU SALE.—S. W. 4 Section 24
137-79. About 15 miles S E. of His
marck: four miles from Sno railroad
S W '4 Section 8-140.63. Improve,)!
farm: ready for crop next spring
mi pg of ame8town
BASTING. 17 Washington Ave. N.J
Minneapolis, Minn.
WANTED—Faithful person to call
on retail trade and agents for manu
facturing houses having well estab
is he us in a it or
straight salary- $20 paid weekly and'hikI state of North I»akotn. (Iwhs-h
expense money advanced previous1I
experience unnecessary position per
manent business successful.
self artdresed envelope.
A Laire for Spring Poetry.
W! it a p:ty that the really pretty
sprier •tc-.ry has (.ore out. killed by
news rHi nle and that in its
place rome orlv the labored at
tcmp to tunny man! When your
eye is a'tjJu by a neat phrase at the
bes*i :i Ing of an effusiau you know too
well that it is only preparatory to a
sick joke about housecleaning time, or
mosquitoes, or hand-organs.—Boston
First publication Dec. II. 1903
Notic* to Creditors.
In tlir» matter of the eetHt# of Aph Dawson,
Notice in ln»r hy gm»ij ^y tho under i*?ned
John Fm rv Dawson. •xerut«»r of tli« Just will
and te. turnout of ASH Dxwson. lat»» of T|M
ritv of Hi-rnarck, in the County -f Burleiwh
tt» ho
•!, nil imvin^' claim4
a^ainst said d»craped. to «»xliil)it Hum with
the nectary voucher*, uitliin four months
after thn fi-st |ullira'i»n of tbia notice, to
Prague, Bohemia, Dec. 1. The
Imperial Scientific Commission in­
vestigating the different kinds of beer
of the wotld has awarded the highest
honor for superiority to an American
ii re I
A correct translation of the results of their examinations is given below, with
the Imperial and Royal Notarial and United States Consular verifications.
Upon subjecting a sample of BUDWEISER Beer, brewed by the
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n, St. Louis, U. S. A. to a thorough
examination, we declare it to be a fully matured lager beer. Its whole
nature bears witness to the fact that only the very best materials were
used, and that the greatest cleanliness prevailed in its manufacture.
The product is not only similar to the highest grade of Bohemian Pale
Beers in all its properties, but surpasses our best beers in keeping
qualities, which is of the utmost importance.
:nd «». i-rM.n. imviiu
executor at John Yeneu's More. in Raid city
of His«r arck. in said Burlt'i*rh C(»unty
SUperlnteU* Dated December4th. A IWN.
ient Travelers fflR Mnnnn pvi I JOHN* KMT R\ D\WSON
raveiers, tua Monon Bldg., CM- Executor of the last will and testament of Aon
CagO. 1 DawMtn dec»'af««i.
Newton atxl DuDani. attorneys forexecutor.
Greatest Triumph
Declared superior to the best Bohemian beers by the Imperial
Experimental Station for the Brewing Industry at Prague, as
announced by the following Associated Press cablegram:—
American Brewer Makes Best
Beer in the World.
Experimental Station for tho Industry of Browing, Prague, Bohemia.
.t,e™-b' certify that Mf. Jaroslav Sula is personally known to me as the Official Chemist
l,rew'ne ,ndustrvV
•ndsigned the above document in my Presence Prague. November ttie third, nineteen hundred and three.
J. L. Dr. JOHANN SLAMKNIK, Imperial and Royal NotAry, Prague.
I certify that the foregoing authentication is under the official seal of J. U. Dr. Johann Slamenlk
Imperial and Royal Notary, and is entitled to full faith and credit. In testimony whereof I, Arnold
Weissberger, Vice and Deputy Consul of the United States of America, have hereunto subscribed
my name and caused the seal of this consulate to be affixed. Done in this city of Prague this
Is bottled only at its home, the
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louis, U.
•5 v-s
Sold Every Minute
SULA, Supt. and Manager.
Of Bohemia, and has this day executed
wt.ss.EROER. u. a. v. o. con.ui!
41,640 every hour, 1,000,000 every day. The largest
selling brand of cigars in the world. You owe it to your­
self to find out why so many people smoke the Cremo.
5 cents invested in a Cremo will explain it. Sold in every
store, in every town, in every State.
The 'Band is the tSmoker's Protection•
See the beautiful set of dishes to'
be given away at Michelson's store.
fFirst ptiMiemion Nov 'J. IlKCT.)
Department of the Inti-rter. rnite,!
8tate8 Land Otflce, BlKinarik, North Da-'
A cufflcient content affidavit hailng tice
«W iIn ..tl
testa at, against Homestend entrv No
IiH.i. niad« „y H. iiHij. f.,r N \Vi, j.„,
tow ".si",, 141 S.. Halite 77. west .,f r.tli ,, i,y
AllKMt 1\. filTtiiT. ccnto-to". in wliirli it 14 j
1,'^.j.t thai ai«t All,Pit l'tltti «-r l.ar
t«i. isli.«l rosidoiii'p ,,u said lat ami l,a* not
t.iiilt a house ihert'on nr in hiiv inHnt rr im-
"I til nin III n'
lin.vil flip -itn.n an I lias uIuoiiIoiiimI tl„. ^Un
for niir, than six months anil that faiil hUpl'i il
at'spiire was not due in lii» cinployniftit in the
S. Army, Nayv or Mieino Cnr| bin iim» if
war, Hiitl sai,t parties nie In- cl.v noli
fietl to appear, respond and ofTer evltletiee
touching wald allegation at 10 o'clock a
on Decernh I. f,,n. t|.« rciri-ter
r,l"'r iver at tin* United State- Lan.t (Itlice
in Ht-niHrck, Noitli t'akota.
«T,he.Ml(1.contestant having. In a proper
llftlrt.l, It. tllft (),||,,l,„r :o. 1 V.
facts which show that after tine dlltiren'-e
personal service of this notice can not he
made, it Is hereby ordered ami •111
thnt such notice be given bv due and
proper publication.
JOHN' SVT'l'KtM 1 |i.
Atty. for Contestant.
Offlce of the Capitol Commission, Bis­
marck, North Dakota, November
16, 1903.
to Builler.
Sealed proposals will be received
by the Capitol Commission at their
ofl'ca in »he Capitol building at Bis
marck, N. D., until one o'clock p. tn.
Tuesday. Jan. 12, 1904.
For the erection and completion of
the proposed North Wing to the State
Capitol also making certain changes
and alterations in the old building.
Separate bids with certified checks
accompanying each, will be submit­
ted as follows:
First. For the general contract for
the new building, $5,000.00.
Second. For the general contract
for the old building included in
Third. For the Plumbing, $500.00
Fourth. For furnishing and In­
stalling 1 passenger elevator $500 00.
Fifth. For the electric wiring $300.
All the above checks to be made
payable to the order of Frank White,
governor and chairman of the com­
mission, and will be given as a guar­
antee of good faith, that the contrac­
tor whose bid shall be accepted will
enter Into contract at the price
named In his bid.
And also that he will within a
reasonable time furnish a good and
approved surety bond, in a sum eoual
to the amount of the contract price,
and in strict accordance with Chapter
133 of the laws of 1901, of the State
of North Dakota, for the faithful exe­
cution of the contract, otherwise the
check to be forfeited.
Contractors will have until Dec. 1,
1904, In which to complete all con­
Plans and specifications are on file,
and may be seen at the office of the
Capitol Commission at Bismarck. N
D. At the office of the Builders Ex­
change at St. Paul, Mln., and at the
office of M. B. Beebe, architect, «18
First Ave North, Fargo, N. D.
The right is hereby reserved to re­
ject any and all bids. By order of the
Capitol Commission.
8ec'y. of State.
I Best goods at best prices and a
chance to win the handsome set of
dishes with every dollar's cash pur
chase at Michelson's store.
Bismarck, N. D„ Dec. 1, 1903
The state board of auditors
consider, January 12, i»04, proposals
In accordance with the provisions of
Section 237 of the Revised codes,
from any national or state bank of the
state which wishes to be a depository
for state funds for tbe ensuing two
years. All banks that are at present
etate depositories will be oblige.! to
make new applications, accompanied
by new bonds, no matter when deslp
nated. Address all such proposals to
Secretary of State,
Bismarck. N.
Make* Powerful Explosive.
Two thousand feet of air mixed la
™P.°rti0n °f
7 to 1 wi,h
wiiU.roduce at.
XpillBion equa to
10*. o, gunpowder.

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