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OB. MTTLB, President.
t00re^r ^tiwipthe
board of comity commi|«l©n,erf o||jigc
iLee^coun*!, •'Norti^ Dakota, win're
ceive sealedblds for fqmiahjgg steel
vault fixtures for office building up
to 2 olclock p. m^B^bi^ary 2nd, 1908.
Bacb, bidder ^furaisaihlBo^ plans
..':-.The board'r^^ tp re
Ject'^,,and tfi:1)ld»it.. ,.':
.'^•^/^^^.v -^:..'County Auditor.
$ &
1 ^^^iti#|i^^^^^M^|i^l
Eitablishsd Is 1979
F. D. KENDBICK, Vlw P»it.ff| J.'&• KBLL Ca«bier,
WT^'it -V." -x1 -.U--..!'
nd Surplus oo
Qemora a in in Ti*«na*c*tevd
£35 3
yrtJ*- .J
*H' »0: .1-.
Put 15 our bank one dollara day.
ftiissiinr^ will in twenty
years make you a comfortable fortune. The in
terest on this fortune will support you the rest
of your life.f i:f '••'*•*\^M
.«'.. mo
?.*•' %'&?<** Pi' 'f^W-S*^
For Sale.
Bunch of 75 borses and 18 col
Well bred from yearlings to six
years old. 4? mares In lot all mares
bred to registered Percheron stallion.
For ftirtheT Information inquire of
Win. Bohm, Box 116, Mandan, N. D.
J^JtM y/-plr#|tor3f''
l|^ on sale at the Bismarck Station
ery Co.'s dir Fifth street!. The forice
is\}1.50 and there are only a fewleft.
"''•'.'**X$ Dunraven,Pltet.j'^^%
A new ^nd modern boarding/roiiei
wher4 the comforts of home ^|iVb«
foun|. \:P$ Third street.
paternalism rather than to personal self-reliance. If
YOU know that the claims for a hair remedy areun
money and prevent disappplntment. jffi-PP -:.:':|
Thi trouble lies in the fact thai certain over am
bitious proprietors employing advertising writers
who do not know the composltioji of the remedies
they write about, and even if* they did, they are not
expected to know the therapeutic action of the var
ious ingredients, liwo very familiar and oft repeated
statements are that |ie hair mutt be watered ana
fed Just MkiB a plant, and that the co^or of the hair,
once destroyed,"can'-he restored, by naturai: process.
While both of the«e statements ^ure false in every
particular, it requires some Mttle knowledge of the
hair {otyicle to understand wtoy the ataten^euts are
& W ii .ajhai
that holds tue hair root. At the
foplcle\and extending up into It
is a nipple shaped projection that
scalp when a hair root la forcibly pulled ou
projection is the hair papillii from which the hair
a abort dl.laiiee.
L^root7 g«wrs. oontfiiuon* addition to the bottom
of the hair ropt, forces tbe&ir proper out through
sir DMllrtta surrounded by the hair root,
5,which "thus tikes bulbous defm. ^ibove the hair root
1 or bulb—which occupies about three-fourths of the
rxr,^m,..-,•' entire fbllicle^-ls the neck of the hair follicle, below
^^m'W0¥&§^ whieh the most penetratingfluld%known to medical'
science cannot penetrate. Therefore, the ^story-: 61
'^•^Bedlw'vthe'o st|UTred~van«: impovMshed hair roota
Prof. T. E. Beckwtth,
A '.'
One of the diseases of Chenorth
west for which there is least excuse
a: run
is what is generally known as
of fever/* "Red River fever/' ^And
sometimes, merely "fever," ali: of
which may be claslfled under the gen
eral title of "typhoid." Typhoid fever
is extremely prevalent in parts of tile
state, especially in the rural districts,
and its presence is largely due to the
fact that proper methods of combat
ing it and treatment are not under
stood. Moreover, it is not compre
hended by people who should under:
stand such things .that it is a dis
ease which is readily communicated
from person to person by means of
a number of agencies. If those agen
cies are rendered harmless the trouble
cannot increase. It has been found ft?
light of late medical* study that ty
phoid is an unnecessary disease.
The seat of action is in the intes
tine. The ordinary portal of entry
is through the mouth. The diseased
condition occurs in the intestines and
is due in most cases to an ulceration
which causes a high fever and gener
al breaking down of the system and
often death. About two-thirds of the
deaths from this disease are due tothis,
tuberculosis and pneumonia and com
plications which gain a foot hold, due
to the weakened condition of the body
at the time of the attack.
Typhoid is caused by Bacteria.
Since the center of the trouble is in
the intestine it logically follows that
all material passing through the in-rapidly.
testines is infected with the, diseased
germs. If we could render absolute
ly safe all such excrementious mater
ial the disease would, .fee almost en
tirely eradicated. Consequently, the
next point in logical order is the kill
ing of these disease germs in this
matter given off from the intestines
by thorough treatment with some
chemical which shall kill the disease
in it. The substances which are thesupply
cheapest and most available-for this
purpose are Chloride of Lime or
Bdeaching Powder, and common lime.
Where a VAMA of typhoid is present in
the' house, all excrematious matter
should toe removed and carefully and
pleantlfully treated with one or the
other of these compounds. In that
way the disease would be killed and
no further danger may arise from this
source. Many an epidemic has been
caused by the fact that this matter
Plain Facts About the Hair
It is ths duty pfeveryone \. The short portion of the har follicle above its neck
ii fa illled with
^-^^^^TetaMt&iWr remWy $&&•. ipujr|*e|ln s^n. Opening into this outer portion are
,.„ —.^.jnaWe. In this ,«KpiM$oii Se•'"^$#m Wfy&&®QL"<* sebaceous gland* irhlch,V
United S^nel^Poit Office department has begun 'a *dm their focation, are most exposed to' disease,
much needed campaign agalnit false and misleading When these oil glands become inflected wftfc cer
statements In advertisementi in general. While tain microbic growth (the cause of dandruff) there is
thlsswaBi* Jf4!M|Uy conunendable and should/ be hair disease and filthy hair death. Fortunately this
gre^f et^^*d] still at the same time it tente to ra4^r^p^rtioii pjE^the hair foBtele can be treated by
carefully rubbing into the scalp a suitable remedy.
What remedy should be used? Mauifestiy one that
will destroy the growth that causes dandruff, itching
scalp and falling hair.
Nswbf-o's Hsrpleids Is the first remedy ihat was
prepared for the particular purpose of destroying tills
Invisible vegetable growth. In fact it is cafled the
"ORIGINAL remedy that kills tie dandruff germ."
Newbro's Herpicide was not made until after Prot
Unna, of Hamburg, Oermany (ask your doctor about
him) discovered thai dandruff Is a.highly cestagious
disease caused by a micrabe. The almost miaWelous ,«
success of Newbro's Herpicide has caused advertisi ,.,
tog writers to claim «ern}icidal properties loriother fe
hair remedies, many of which were on the market
yean before Prof. Unna's discovery. «vo^v.-^
mil LiilssaslB*sii»lieail
,p^ -|B^V^||^*P|v M*wmJwy$0W'
tmmm TH
E -ch,ouid
oojat, N. O. A. C.
of expediency has not been carefully
looked'after. 'i
Typhoid iever is a water born' dis
ease. It naturally follows that rain
falling on a center of infection will
wash away and dissolve some of it,
and this water then becomes con
temnated. If it passes away into a
stream the stream likewise is infect
ed. If it seeps through the soil to
some adjacent well or cistern that
water supply also fcecomes infected,
and it is not strange that cases break
out, either in the same family or some
family using that source'of water sup
ply. It naturally follows then that the
location of the well should be above
that of the bouse, or at some safe
Flies also constitute another me
thod by which this disease is car
ried. Their natural focus about which
they center is decaying matter, and
in this case, of course, it will be
wherever excrement is deposited. If
typhoid is in the family and this ma
terial is not thoroughly treated, the
fly becomes infectyed, then passes
from' the* vault to the house, around
the kitchen, lighting on the cooking
'J5 -'S
Do you think that this new claim for old*r*in^dl««'$i^^S: l^i^''
i. a reaaoaable oner Remember, that
l|fe/.color and jtrengtlj direct from the M^%lM.Wm^S0^ipd
S sunlW^pf^^^lfel
remain,tin we o^vdoor^exerclse, to injure free
circulation: ni^^ihe scalp, also fwalp^ massaging for the
same purpose, are very helpfuL Worry, ind|g«|tion
and sedentajT habits oppose hair growth, .wW^-^---mm^^-^^s^Si
dandruff germ wlU actually destroy -the hap'*«»»»*Mv mmg^&imxim
it is eradicated and kept out of the scalp
jbrp'a HerpWde. -f \-i .&j-:i~3 ,:
I Herpicide is delightfully cooUng and refrtjsihing to
t6 the ecaip and almost marvelous results sttmetitaes .... ...wsss_™iW., ^.^^
low itisi continued use. It atops Itching ot'^ic^^^J^^m^MfL
almost instantly.
well. Moreover, the well should be,
coneequently, ail extcrement should be
deposited at a distance greater than
and if possible at some lower!
point than at the level of the mouth*)
of the well.
Another mode of carrying this dis
ease is by means of milk. Milk is the
ideal human food. It is also ideal for
bacteria, consequently any bacteria
gaining admittance to milk multiplies
distance from it where ekp water,,
and various kinds of contamination I »«8Pe«ted of contamination hy heating
may not be washed down into the J"8*
to keep all surface water from get- number of large cities,
ting admitance. It has been found
that in an ordinary soil contamination
can seep through the soil for a dls-,
tance of from 50 to one hundred feet,
ber of deaths from typhoid fever in
"he United States during the last year
was something over thirty-five thous
.jand, and about seventy-five per cent
of these could have been prevented
If the milk cans be washed
with Infected water some of the dis
ease germs will ibe left in the cans
unless they are thoroughly scalded
.and the mifk straightway becomes
infected and may become a direct me
nace to life. Thus* it becomes nec
essary that the greatest precautions
be taken when there is typhoid in
the family or immediate neighborhood
that all conditions as regards the milk
be as absolutely clean as pos
sible, 'y
utensils and the toed and we have our
contamination brought to every food
which iwe eat. It naturally follows
then/that all food, specially milk,
be kept carefully from all ac
cess of flies. ",rr^ .,,.fi. ..,, ...,.v'„.. ...,,4..i|V,r..
typhoid, may be rendered perfectly
safe as far as disease producing pos
sibHities are concerned, by boiling.
The time of boiling does not need to
be long. If it is brought merely to
the boiling point, and then taken off
froin the store and allowed to cool,
it will be rendered safe. Such water
will taste flat, but the taste can (be im
proved by pouring it from dipper to
dipper two or three times, so that it
may be exposed to the air and redis
solve that •which has been boHed out.
If a cistern is suspected of oontamina
itt&i hy, typhoid iiever ^t can ^bfc r«l»
dered safe by treatment with copper
sulphate, which is the same as blue
vitriol, or feluestone. Such treatment
.should never ibe greater than one part
of copper sulphate to one million
parts of water (by weight), and in
fact this method of treatment should
not be used without expert advice.
Milk may be rendered safe If is is
that of scald-
or a 6 a albout
bank«d at the mouth, and it should oe, mfa»tes. This is what is known
covered as tightly as possible in order
P«»teurislng milk, and is in use in
All of these methods of prevention
should be understood by every farmer
and tcitizen, and should be used where
ever it is deemed advisable. The num-
by the use of proper precautions. In
combating a run of fever or epidemic
of such we should remember that af
ter all the best possible methods of
prevention lie in absolute cleanliness
and the use of common sense in san
(First publication Jan. 15.)
Summons and Notice.
State of North Dakota, County of
In District court, Sixth Judicial
Albert F. Jacobs, plaintiff, vs. Ella
Todd, Lewis Todd, Ruth Todd, Jose
phus Todd a minor, John Todd, a
minor, heirs at law and successors
in interest in and to the estate of
Josephus Todd, deceased, and all oth
er persons unknown, claiming any
estate or interest in, or lien or In
cumbrance upon the property de
scribed in the complaint, defendants.
The state of North Dakota to the
above named defendants:
Tou are hereby summoned to an-JAMES
swer the complaint in this action and
to serve a copy of your answer upon
the subscriber within thirty days af
ter the service of this summons upon
you, exclusivejaf the day of service
and in case of your failure to appear
or answer judgment will be taken
againBt you by default for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota,
this 21st day of September, A. D.,
Attorneys for Plaintiff,
Office and Postoffice Address, Bis
marck, North Dakota.
Notice to the above named defend
ants and to the defendants unknown
The original summons and complaint
in tiie above entitled action la on
file In the office of the clerk of the
district court of Burleigh county, N.
D., and the property to whteh the
above entitled action relates Is de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
The southwest quarter (SW 1-4),
of section eight (8), in township one
hundred and thirty-nine (139), north
of range eighty (80), west of the fifth
(5th) Principal Merldan, situate, ly
ing and being, in the county of Bur
leigh, and state of North Dakota.
Dated at Bismarck. North Dakota,
this 9th day of January, A. D., 1909.
,.^:-K'*vv»-:- .• '-, R. N. STEVENS,
'. .Uji^-:"r IH. R. BERNDT,"
•'JM^M- .Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Office and Postoffjce Address, Bis
marck North Dakota^ .-"••
:-^/'^':'Tiis^as of an India Town.
"Whea I was last in India," said a
traveler, "they were taking the
ceiuus. The.' returns 'were, most re*
,mlMltable.:'V:"' 'V'''1'-"--.^- ['V^l'
th^ Allahabad cenaufe thirty-five
cithtens described themselves as men
who rob by threats of violence.' There
were 22d flatterers for gain.» There
wVe twenty4iine/howlere at funerals.'
There were 14S 'ear cleaners.' /There
seventy-six makers of crowns
jtoaf--' idols.M .^5%^:^'were fourteen
painters of horses with
Mpc^M Tiiere were Jrfne "pfiDfetsional
t:¥$ i'
tM Uvnih ttntt, •ismarek, ft. 0.s
Office Phone 806 Residence M«.
T. B.: Mockler .v. ..
!^vfl,- K. Olaon W^'^i^mm^
Loans »9 City Property.
Law, Rsal Estate
•lamarck and Washj»||ff|''
.•••:•,- Isasoific, "'»W?few^(|sfe#^^sj
T.'v»^t|v|^--and. tittrd.p!mjB^^
in each month at a a
•.corder^.... :•-v- .^ AyPS^^Wmm^mm^^-'rp
A. Meets first and tiiird Mp»
days in each month at Masonic
haH. H. R. Berndt, W. M. Louis
meets first
each month at Masonic hallL
Agnes T, Oochrane. W. M.
A. Moore, secretary.
Knights of
each Wednesday evening
hall. C. I* Viifi.«, H.
Wsh, K. of R. ft
second and fourth Thursdays each
month at K. P. hall EUmbeth
Belk, M. E, Mrs..,Nellie'Jnbl.
M. & a -""-•™*s*-'
A. Meets the second Tuesday in
each monuh. Carl Kosltsky, V.
A. W. Cook, clerk. "'•:'',:-^''\:', V.^'
Brotherhood of American Yeomen.
dent insurance organization. Meets
the last Tuesday in each month in
the Maennerchor haH. W. Healy,
Foreman Master of Accounts, H.
E. Butler Correspondent, Eliza-.
beth Belk.-:
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening at
Odd Fellows hall. N. G., James
Savage V. G. A. E. Boyce Secre
tary, O. H. Benson.
o: u. w.
the first and third Fridays at Maen
nerchor hall, at 8 o'clock. M. J.
McKenzie, M. W. Bradley C.
Marks, recorder.
2, Department of North Dakota,
Grand Army of the Republic. Meets
month at their rooms the arm
2nd and 4th Thursdays every
month. George Ward, Commander
A. D. Cordner, Adjutant.
the first and tiUrd Saturdays In
each month In Odd Fellows haH.
Elsie McDonald. N. G. Mrs. Nento
Evarts, secretary.
and third Thursdays of each month
at 8 o'clock p. m., at O. O. F. haH.
Visiting members cordially Invited.
D. C. Ramp, Commander Erick
Erickson, Record Keeper.
every fourth Thursday In each
month at Odd Fellows halL John
Tegan, C. R. Wm. MOore, R. 3.
I. W. Healy, F. S.
M. B. A.
Wednesdays of each month at Maen
nerchor hall. Thos. Anderson,
president A. F. Marquet, secetary.
Commercial Club.
Regular meeting of club member
ship the first Tuesday in each
month regular meeting of board et
directors the first Friday of each.
month, at Commercial club rooms*
Third street F. L. Conklin, presi
dent F. E. YoungXsecretary*
Labor Unions.
penters and Joiners, No. 1118. Meets
every Tuesday evening at Kunt**s
hall. All brothers cordially invite*
to meet with us. Wm. Gorsuch,
president Fred Westermann, re
cording secretary.
Meets first Monday in each month
at 5 o'clock p. m. Chester Jones,
'president Geo. Humphreys, sec
1 1 ^^'J^i^itf sXS' Vri'v 'la3SSS!t
•'--••'•••'^'•'••vj-(^i.jg^ j«§..Vj^|Kg.
rellie M»lm.Piv^:iMm&m£fy^

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