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Bismarck daily tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, January 29, 1909, Image 5

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of North Dakota

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1. MoConkojr, Prop
to Matting
«Malila Uflor wW »». kti. tta
S S &*&•< •*•'.
|iier#|#^e £*t* ^Lisbon,.- is "in^
of»the board p£ $rustees *pf thfc/Sfll-*
i^O$^0M:ls^S^M ^yeWerday --pi-imv
^Mj^ j|^fl£ ''jSdoioifJsfin:pe-: «jy~
**«*?»& it
|^i|orn^| iGolpb^r^^^Ci^y
{^J^K^^:^m^^^tm of S
^fi^.T^ iVkv^a^'^^m^€i^[-r 'was
^sQa1iJirTrvafc 3^
•''Mk :«i^R
^i^cniojHa^^g^: »u..^*vj^
'afl^i.^tj(£.states' ^attorneyj^ meeting.
toji£^£3fl- .^i^val'sT^ur^ay^Hno^Mj^
^rpfcss^|£ BoTlejr^.'|he^t«^
%riculturaj college at Sargo, ...is^p'fl*^
^fty." ':--/Pp--^~^''' '...'*'.''V '.'^-•''
ieg^alajure the extp
J-aMoure, femiliarly known a|.'^nis
*rnval Tliursdiay,:"i-^
•op^^-^-^pwiil from Center ajtteiioV
ii^^tfcbrn^^j.G#^ pi j&meSif
jhq5e^: j^ ajssxfcwm
atWrt|^V^ibr|»^5K^*''"i°- $"ei! eft?- -P. .-'.'-5
v^ Attpri)ie^S^: Bt: Hineman and'..Rang'
a ^rks^'-vrere^'*ririv^
ali Wednesday night fe'tUi^•, t,:" ft|&
the. state,
one of tht Kojd^jtimjrs^in'
Regimental:•,': Quartermaster
:IJ|r^~ ^pj*i/\|r,. -JX f^CN*^sv'here:
^^ey"i^J^:.,-tmJ^^ sub
^KMSiSied'itx^aMiear- -"belctfe7'"^tne.-: .'^oole
from P***:
llstpn experiment sta^n.^^^^-^
^^BaBaU BUI Jfo,. 187. Crane—Rfequir
.WUV !^!!!.. BiliBBinKB* r: ^J^sf.^ ^v"^^«
BM No. 1«« Crane—Po#»e^
pf a
drai^ta to post^mon^
prevent persons, cinbi or or
|^U*tlons front de^
iv froln
I ii
of atate^^^^
rant relwiutton
^veatigktlbn o^the
^ire^rteii Jt|be pjw^
*tng the ad^tlon W?
the fiouse and uptte^iu^^i^C^pnn*,
^TM adopted. •.,„ A 4
of the Joint
InveBUgate chai^We^
mtsmmagement of the "jw
Introduce^ a iijoncurrenJti
pKWldtni^^ the emijli
as the attoraey gei^aT and
give their Ume and
f^Sf Grand
yvas an arrival Thursday to at-
Ment 61^ acc^htanl and suc^
th«. c^mlttee.d
motion cari!lc
whom the' cot
rent resolution, relat
Honing of bur
ing to the pet
sentatlvefr in
against the-passage of the ^lllv np^r
pending In cbn$ress, seekmg to effect^
ptte^tiUe: lands underlaid wltb. coal
and other minerals, reported ^recom
mending that the house concur in 'be'iW^the
resolution and on motion the -repw*:
wag adopted and tine house Mwurrfd.
Mri SchuU moved for a
I^Bn'if 3"°*e-: by-J**Ltc*L HOT«iF Bp
No. 1, relatmg to nc*v^ to be servjpd
on the mortgagor and occupant of
premises to be sold.under foreclosure,
:j^:''"i.^^^rto^^t^ jr- ,,,: poatponedi
Chairman Skulason of the judiciary
rommittee, to whom the 'blUhad^been
referred, Spoke on the question, stat
ing that House Bills 1 atid 7 both re
tote^ to the same subject, but neither
quite met the situation, and that a
sub-committee bad been^appolnt^ to
draft such bill as irould in the opin
ion of the committee, meet the jn^
quirementa of the situation. The
tlon to reconsider, waa tost.
'*1. :Theicommlttee on state affairs are
ported favorably on the senate|cbn
curreiit^^soluddjr': .#»• the Improve
ment of the White.Stone Hills .batile
ground and the bouse concurred^in
the. reaolutkHi. ^-4:) '£&^&§M"
••^"•ifiii^li&hiii^. Poa^poflpili^::::':
i^House Bill- a
^Htional exemptions. ^"M^^M&^i^
.: -:'H5Hiae':''Btli- ^bT J44i relating to thie
terms of elective officers. '. -..^k^^K'
•.:•' Conterence^Cpmnilttea.-?-'-^?
On motion of Mr. Glbbens, the
house concurred in the senate con
curretat resplutlpn authorlElhg the ap
of a iomt committee repre
K^ns^the house and senate to go• to
Sfei?a1il:^ coi^r withJifie warehouse
committee of the Minnesota lejgisla
^aore -9re^ltive to enaeting uniform
mixing and docUng
er Bur^ck ap^lhted Messrs. Fralne,
^11 and Xtoy^» of Poateri to represent
house and Prudent LeWla ap-
of ^bnr° committees, cons&tjitp
«threeimembers from the hbnse tihd
]^b £rom the je^^^
ahaU 1» to visit each of the state
hfe th« needs bf each. The resolutipn
a 1 )odie^ the following
^^^c«filnllt^BS}'werp^ appointed r|
^^en^i I
Baiter and McLeans charitaUeln^^^
tiitlons, MessravKneelaAd, Uthwalte
and lanney of McLean, and $e
lege and university, Messrs:'
Price, Wplb^, and Senatora^^^^^^^
acbopi8,vMeMrs. j^can,^
er of Casa and Senators Casb^lan^
"On? ^i*ptft(«^^^
I^.^.jas^jBr. -i:: ^i, --y: .^mm^0:
^Alflftsrt J'te*«iflKj4j A ffipgtffMafrjpffiM^ay^^
Aitr rnL^:"'^NO-
,. 8\JPREM ibdiwiT.i,*.t
^•«ffect that ah.appeal has been tak
w» the supreme court In behalf of
hitler, the Rolette county half
sentenced tp hang Feb. 5. Pel-in
the Rolette county half breed'
ed tp hang February 5. Pel
in the penitentiary': acvaiting
itton, but will have a Jiew lease'
because the appeal, as In theas
D. M. Noab,. eiTects a stay of
[on. :'"'''"••'.,' v- .^:--i- -.
Marcillus, ^retar^: rThe^ teg
meeting of the{yf: ^. will be
in G. A. H. at arnib^ tliis after
tj^gll at 2:30. All memberi^uVged to
esent. Initiation bf^'b:
is for camp fire tp^be^fl^efj .}!:^xer'
of the 8un»Wne and the
''•$&¥-•"• Flowsra.:-'':^:y:
me amid the fruits and flowers
of California for $250 down. A mar
ftrelbus offer, equal to gold dollars at
3t cents apiece. For full particulars
write F. D. Woodworth, Drlscoll,
^jiecture Course at Presbytotfan
church tonight at 8:30. Gov. Frank
Henley of Indiana. Single admission
vm-: /:. •.-..,
". :.. .-.-
Thraa Thousand Year*.
V' TT think from the utensihv about him
timM this mummy must have bean an
Varptlan plumbar.**
'Ttt weald be lntertstlns to bring htm
to1 flf*."
-a 1 rBut too risky. Who's going:topa
htuv fot his tlmsr*—•Waahinatoa H*r»
Webb Brothers announce the arriv
al Of.spring shoes.
No. 1505. Ankle Strap Put
Welt Sole, Medium Cuban Qi
The-most up-to-date low shoeof tbte^
Brown7 Ooze,
No, 1601: Pat. Kid, Gibson Tie,
turn sde, medium Cuban Heel, A
very pretty oxford for evening wear
••~**™-**mMxSB,ncivkvfiq j/cjfi Arc/n.»
jrike twenty-flve y^«^f,'r^w:.i«y
vice and unceasing bard work done
by President Webster Merlfleld in hia
connectipn i^ltb
*oth.' as professor^*»i' istjjsr*fi.AplresK
dent, is deserving of some public ax
pression and act, .that will memorise
the same, As President Merrlfleld
has tendered his resignation, to take
effect at the end of this year's work,
now is a fit time to act. With that
view, his friends nave taken the
matter up, of having created a forest
reserve, to be ipeated in the 'breaks
and valley of the Pembina river, this
aide of the bounary line to be known
the Merrlfleld Forest Reserve. Ac
tion has already been taken to have
the forest reserve of the United
States send their representative here
I to" examine the lands which the pro
posed Merrlfleld Forest Reserve are
to embrace: and which consist of
about twelve thousand acres of rough,
hilly and timbered lands which are
unfit for agricultural purposes.
Lecture Course at Presbyterian
church tonight at 8:30. Gov. Frank
Hanley of Indiana. Single admission
A Thousand Pages of Criticism—K«ft
Under Lock and Key
The second and
Among the German Crown PrlncVi
treasured possessions Is a scrapbook
containing over a thousand pages of
adverse newspaper criticism. Tha
flrst 600 pages are Inscribed with a
gold lettered heading '1 hope I am not
like this!" Some of the most out.
spoken comments says the Gentle*
woman, are accompanied by marginal
notes in the PrinceV own handwritr
Ing—such as "the enemy's voice is no
less Interesting than the friend's.''
0 1
parts of tha
book deal respectively with the Crow*
Princess, her children and the Gramf
Duchess Anastasia, the Prmoasa*«
mother. This volume is considered
of too private a nature to be awailabto
to all and sundry, so It is sealed by a
massive lock, keys of. which are
poasesed only by the Crows Prince
and his wife.
New ladies' Oxfords and children's
and Oxfords are now being
^TPHIS season's leaders in up-to-date Oxfords made by New England's best makers are here fcr joar
inspection and no doubt yon will pronounce them "the best ever.'* Tans are going to be better
thait^last year, and we have plenty and a large variety of styles.
^1^ -?ifi0«v Patent Colt, Sailor
Pump 2) eyelet, welt sole. It
will probably be the biggest seller
of the season. It is made on that
Brighton last which looks and fits
so well. a
Price 4S*D\)
No. 1502. Russian Calf Blucfaer
Oxford. There is nothing so com
fortable or will wear as. king as
a good grade of Russian Calf. We
have this on four different toes.
Wide ribbon laces.
Price' ".-. .. ..^ v-v
shown at Webb Brothers. I TBffiUKB WANT COLUMNS.
kid. Priced
153ie above are only a few of the many styles which we. Are showing for spring. We carry
from $I.S 0 per pair np to $A^OO. ^^ilM0~^W^:^h-:i^r-^^ '^PPP'^h^i
See our Window Display of Laffies' Spring Oxfords and
"Acrobat" Shoe for Children. 3 has abroad toe and
I these and use themrto appreciate them. Colors lire Red Pox, White Bear aiwl BkA
& $ & & $
A iv 'th|«i''»TbrfHri(Bjnm
Pike, Trout, Whitefish
Fresh Head Lettuce
Fresh Celery
•:^r Fresh Spinach •:m^$m'^•v
Kiss and Spie Apples
A bargain ia Grapefruit
Fresh Horseradish in bulk
_* Buckwheat Pkim^&i
and Maple'Syrup
A fresh invoice of Dill Pickles,
Gherkins and Sour Pickles
Lecture Course j»t Presbyterian
cbJirch tonight at 8:30. Gov. Frank
Hanley of Indiana. Single admission
91M. W
An Accomplishment.
•They tell me, Grlmley, that your
daughter sings with great expres
"Greatest expression 70a ever saw.
Her own mother can't recognize her
face when she's singing."
Just take-notice'of 'Webb Brothers'
"Spring Footwear'' ad. There is
something there that will interest
yoiL~ X-'.'••"•-'-f'--pl'ppp^
No. 1620. Dark brown kid, 2
button. Brown serge upper plain
toe, light welt sole, Cuban heel. It
is one of the novelties qf the
season. & 1 S
Price 9
No. 1231. Kid Welt, Blucfcer Ox
ford, patent tip. Medium weight,
flexible welt sole. Will stand hard
usage. This is as staple as
sugars .? .
Price ,.... ..
"'*"*«SM-Vi.P •,••••"
$ &
Fresh Cucotobers

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