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forty Pounds ef Dynamite
Falls on His Stomach,
Thus Saving is aicookdblundered
Other lives, Though He
Montgomery, Ala., March 6.—A 40-posed
pound box of dynamite fell over 200
feet into Zuber's stone quarry near
Gadsden, where sixteen men were
eating, during the noon hour yester
day, and landed on the paunch of
Otis Browne, the "fat man" of the
county, thus miraculously*saving his
own life as well as those of his' com-
anions A negro in carrying the
up to a point above the
quarry slipped and his burden flew
over'the 'ledge. Qrowne bad eaten
his dinner and was stretched out on
his back to sleep when the explosive
struck him and bounced harmlessly
to the -ground. He was severely' in
jured by the blow, his side being torn
and his stomach cut. Although a
short man, he tips the ^cale at 260
Toe Diamond
As an Investment
The man or woman who
wears a diamond also wears an
air of prosperity that is far
reaching in its influence.
These are commercial times
and to be successful you most
look it. People are always
judged at first by their ap
pearance. ..,/ '', "v.
is InvesBttCTt
the diamond is a class by its
self, because, outside of it©
intrinsic value, it a
added value as an adoramaa
Get posted at other places
as to the color brilliancy -and
prices of diamonds, as you
will be better satisfied jawith
the price aid ISipr^
goods after doing so.
IfJ I our south show window
we are now showing a very
choice assortment of loose
and mounted diamonds. You
will find it worth your "while
tc make a trip purposely to
see this display. }$- iv
Knowles SHaney,
v"''' •Jtweicus
ll» Fourth St. BISMASCK
Opticians} Watahwskera
24 only, 12-inch spoons ..."
24 only, No. 9 cups
.24, only, 2-quart milk pans .-.••
.24 only, 14 lipped sauce pans
24 only, 9-inch jelly cake pans
12 only, No. 180 preserving kettles
... 24 only, 4-quart pudding pans
24 only, No. 412 R, H. dippers
24 only, 6-quart milk pans
12 only, No. 20 mixing bowls
24 only, 5-quart (covered bake dishes
8 only, No. 22 lipped sauce pans .....
24 only, No. 32 wash basins..
4 only 1%-quart iea pots
.12 only, No. 240 (preserving kettles ..
12 only, 2-quart coffee pots
12 only, No. 110 water pails
8 only 3-quart.tea pots ..v..,....,.*. ..
16 only 3-quart coffee-pots ..-. i.
1« only, 6-quart Berlin kettles .....
16 only, 7-quart dish pans '.'.-,. :.l'y.,.
•:g. only, ^Oiquert preserving-kettles
:-$$'• •«*only, 3-quart, rice hollers::,„»CW/.
«|fe$KnBi$ 2l*qoart dish.pans s-i&j.-•.£«&
Z\ ^onlr Ko tea kettles,. I., v... *,^:
mW-j •\lu..tin J.I X'11 !',•••'•'...'•. a,
Chicago, 111., March =6.-wJn a- cell
at a police statlof G. C. Ha*b^ugih,
a waiter, awaits formal arraignment
for the killing of Charlea Kejlj,
cook, by plunging a earvi»igliflBife
through his heart. Harbaugh had' 6r*
dere three eggs for a customer, the
and only prepared two
and the.waiter, insanely a^y^,slew
him after a short quarrel.
.The sergeant who took Harbaugh
into custody, gave a metaphysical
view of the crime, when he had dis
of his captive,
"Now when you write, this up, tie
urged, "don't go and say 'the two men
quarreled over an egg.' Nothing of the
kind happened: The egg was just
an incident. You might as well say
that those seventy ,men. were filled
out at the crib by, a' parlor.. match.
What killed them was dynamite,
grouch. The egg just started Har
baugh's grouch going. k-^
"You needen't blame Harbaugh too
much for having that grouch, either.
Most men have grouches. Another
name for them is deranged nerves.
They don't always bring on a murder,
but they're responsible for a big per
centage cf the minor crimes. The
average grouch is as dangerous to
4 human life as
ton of dynamite. It
breaks up families by causing quar
rels at the breakfast table. It makes
the road to ruin as whisky.
"This murder was committed late
in the'day. Harbaugh had been work
ing since early morning with 'the
grouch accumulating all the time.
When the customer ordered .the eggs
he. was about ready to blow up. Fin
ally the eggs came and, there were
only two of them. The': customer
kicks to Harbaugh, blaming him.
There's* the parlor majok^hat^lit the
dynamite. ']•::,: •.''*'%-*•••'":-•': \~',y
"The cook and the waiter quarreji
Harbaugh goes for tie carving knife:
It was the easiest thing within reach.
One, swing of the' knife and it's all
oyer. Kelly's on the floor dead^Harr
.bauth standing over him with the
knife in his hand, wondering how it
all happened. Then in come the po-'!'*'"'!
lice and Harbaugh's on his way to
the station, and,maybe to the gal
lows." i«": .-.' '..••'. -..".
T"HI8VMEAN8' jiM^-g^Z
The Civic 'improvement league., cor
dially invites you and friends
to an evening of enter^nment .at
Commercial club hall Wednesday ev
ening, March 10, the day whlcii Is
universally observed as national civic
day. Plans are being made for an
evening of exceptional enjoyment, to
other attrartlons which will appeal
to all. A silver donation will be ac
cepted:, Let the league' welcome a
well filled hall. "i' ',:
We wish to call your attention to
our large assortment of ladles' Spring
Suits, Waists and Skirts.' Our spr^tg
line is more,' complete Jthaij, ,^yer
'shown.. 'Z:$^!:ZV:/\ZZf^$v'MZii
,- W IA!fCAS:QO.
The selling features of tile R^ Tag Sale Assortment: f§
•."' Onyx Enameled Ware, tripple coated, the highest finish, the best qnality, mo#t attracti|
and durable Enameled Ware on the mariet, and sells at the price of common, one coat gray wa:
Each piece is backed by a guarantee of satisfaction, or your money back. 1,144 PitOdS. Beg
retail values 10 to $ 1 2 5 each that we can sell you at 5 to 7 5 each,
Note the Selling Price ior the Red Tag Salel 1
.' f*'
partners fight and brings on bankruptI washeuig^carried^ina|e ^i^l stops.
cy, It has started'as many men on stops'.
New York N. i.,HIn*e|*ttajlkn will
be made, it is Bald into tfpgtpath of
Frederick Kopp. Jr., a ..yfi^iproo*
lyp. machinist, who dlei Jb^gBumon
la after havingbeen takeiiilrppk a sick
bed to attend the annualt/lifpectlon
•of Company M. regi
ment of the New Ydrr national guar*
4VThe boy 3 parents are ln^d|jj||nt and
aasert that their son's^deafelras the
result of exposure and .exertion.
He died on Feb. 13 ind
tion was held on the lOJ*.'
"How goes theilght agal
tares, Brother Hlggtnst'
"W-a«lrI ain't bin on one seal
200 only No. 7 1-plnf cups ''.V ','i^.••i^'vi..'.
24 only Wnch pie plates\:%.^!''..'^,.i:i '..,
24 only, No. 60 soap dishes
24 only, Ho. 38 ladles S
24 only, 2-quart pudding- pans Iv'iii ..,-.
24only. No.. 110 dippers .. ..i.^Vi..^""••
12 only, 2-quart covered buckets
4 only, 3-quart covered buckets ..........
24 only, 5-quart pudding pans ,.j^|yV.'.
8 only, No. 20 lipped sauce pans .T.....•
24 only, No. 3 0 wash basins ....v.....
4 only, No.03Beriin kettles .........
24 only, Nd. 220 preserving kettles ,......
'•, A only No 1 water pItcherSi ii.0ii.....
24 only, No, 120 covered wnce^wW
cian whb accompanied ^ji$j|pmpany
is inclined to view^thei^^ter as
do the parents, but Cap^sjr.jp|. Claa
mer, who is alleged to haveS^t a de
tail of guardsman *o :the'y?Mpg, man's
house the night he aa^™fr from
bed, sa-s that rh^e factatbltjHie case
have beeii" greatl" exaggr^g*^. He
refrtes the statement '^f'^^parents
that kopp was not dresf^l at
time and that he was ',i$|jpped in
blknkets and was to the
armcry in an autoffoWl%7jp[e said
further that ab force waj^fl&d, but
Mr. and Mrs. opp declat« '|hat the
guardsmen-, practically fQ^p, their
way into the house and c^ti|tHanded
the in
the boy to get my and comfr
spection. -^llfe'.^.st
They charge|i(r|rthiBr,.'-iSulpjhe was
unnecessarily llposed oh, *J^«r «eturn
trip when the aJitbrnohi^iiiijihich he
One of the most complete'theatrical
orgahistions even gotten-J$Sgetlir is
th Cohan & Harris Mnie^ans that
is this season preserititfg/|ljhe won
derful-success, "BrewitiBir)ili Mil
lions." '.
vi Modern.
Her Ladyship—Have-youglyen Fido
his soup? -..,:•• W
Buttons—Yes, 'iun. ^^^W
He ladyship—And hlsBnieletteT
Buttons—Yes, 'va^'^^^W.
Her Ladyship—And his cuOet?
., Buttons—Yes, !um. Z'Zlt^i
Her Ladyshlp-'-And hls^ jeBy?
Buttons—Yes, 'urn. ••. :"*%Sp
-, Her Ladyship—iThen youjlifye have
some bread and cheese sAdfpjfto bed.
The Bismarck orchestra |will give
a dance In Patterson's hall Monday
night. Tickets $) iadfc|*^ree. A
good time and ood music^ia^p sight
tor aU.
.oo music |ia
|i|ipw^»^i^nsl,^wv, .,Ma
tinctlon of 'being.:t^ ^y Aj|:
play ever written that hi scored an
absolute and unqualified^success yh»
England and on»thei continent ^:&.&
\?. ''-.i Cards Ware Out. '\'$g$%
Miss Johnson—"Ah comes wlfin a
ace ob marryln' .Abe^ Perslinlnons
once/' v..-., fi,
Miss Jackson—"Yalhr
Miss Johnson-i-^riall.» If he|
uother ace. he'd ha' won a jack and
if he'd won dat Jackpot, he'dfelid
money 'nough o' to git married.
«:Vaw3nBMjtiTw^.was» •Dswnsv'i- .a*v*5i.'«..-...-.
.. ''•••'.*.-s-«A»i-•?•.•?.:•'.!.•:':•..•.•." '.-•••••-.••' •:-••:-.*%•'.:.
4 only, No. 4 0 r^chess-kettles ..v....
12 only,.14-quart special dish pansWv....
16 only, N6i 6 ODuchesskettles
8 only, Nov 26 lipped isaace jJ«ns#Vi.....
16 onlyiNo. 2g0 preserving%tle«t&..:...
1* only, No! 8 tea kettle*-• ..:,•....A«......
$ raly, 4Vqua^colfee pots '...
8 only, 8-qwirt BerUn *ettles
8 only Na7ttDu^esa^kettles ..:v--.•
^y '|loi» roast.-.iMaMf^^ .....-.. .'--I
i6*aiM§tt&^2»^ra^ •".
A Naturalist 8«ya Thay Oeni^ati
,:/:.^§ifgh.rp Bodilydoerak/c,Y.^W
know'.tbat when you're,
afraid or angry there Is a certain odor
comes from your bodyT aslced*the
naturalist, and the" friend who had
been.about to swear at the conductor
because he bad asked him a second
time for his fare forgot his grouch In
amazement- r'WeU, tbi-wUd animals
know it If you don't," continued the
naturalist "Now,»itfs not all advertis
ing talk that the animal trainers have
no fear of their animals, because they
have to be without fear In order to get
control over the beasts. Otherwise the
beasts would smell the fear odor and
make short work of the humans. You
know how every once -in awhile you
read something about an innocent
child handling venomous snakes with
out harm. Well, it's because the child
Is too innocent to have any fear, so
the snakef.ls tractable with him. You
notice how your domestic animals,* the
dog or the cat, will slink from you
when you're angry even before you've
Tittered a word. Well, it's because
they smell the anger odor. And I'll
tell you.another thing. If humans re
frained from all drugs, alcohol and
meat they would also have the same
keen sense of smell that animals*have.
That is the way I live, and I can
smell—well, I can smell too much for
a big city like this, so I'm going to
hike back to the woods, where only
sweet od»rs will come to my nostrils,"
—New 'York Press.-,
From the Coil of Fine 8t«el Wirs to
th* Finishtd Product.
In the making of needles a coil of
fine, steel wire Is first run Into an elab
orate machine and cut Into pieces the
length of two needles. These lengths
are gathered into little bundles, and
each end of the wire is sharpened at
the rate of hundreds a minute by be
ing pressed against a grindstone, the
sparks, flying in a continuous stream,
making a miniature firework display.
Two eyes are next stamped lnNthe cen
ter of the wire, which Is then broken
In half, forming two needles, and
roughly "first finished" by having the
burs rubbed down.-
At this stage the needles are still
soft wire and need hardening, so they
are soaked in a bath of hot oil and
when. cool again are quite hard and
brittle. Then follows the polishing
process, when, done up in bundles of
thousands, the needles are continually
rolled in sand for a period of seven
dayS, coming forth from the process
with a: one polish.
Lastly they are threaded on wires,
and a little friction makes the eyes
bright and deaf before they are takefe
to the packing room.—Pearson's Week
ly.. *. •_'•
Willing to Suffer.
A little Washington girl had J5pr a
Jl Kmg time wanted a Boston bull ter
rier. One day, during her convales
cence from an attack of pneumonia,
the youngster broached the subject to
her mother, begging that she induce
her father to procure such a dog.
Her mother's response was to the ef
fect that, as daddy did not like dogs
the chances were that he-would be un
willing to buy one. .Then, perceiving
the expression of disappointment that
came to the face of the little Invalid,
the mother's heart' melted, and* She
said: '•••:•:i¥'r
"Wait till you get well, dear then
we will see." •*&••''.':£•?.•'••~±'^'^
"Oh, no," answered the ^*The
sicker I am the inore likely he will be
to buy it for me."—Baltimore AmerV,
Charles Lamb and Mis PiBe*
'Greatest among the votaries of the
pipe was Charles Lamb. He smoked,
furiously, Incessantly—smoked with an]
air that commanded the respect Qi his,
friends. Dr. Parr, who watched him
with amazement, ventured to ask hoW,
it was he had acquired such a marvel-,
ons power. "I toiled after it, sir," re
plied Lamb, "as some men toil1 after
virtue." He was always on the point
of giving up tobacco, but be never
quite succeeded. Even as late as 1827,
when he had long since professed to
have abandoned the habit, he said
that, though an extinct volcano, he still
emitted occasional puffs.1 W$i0Z$ZM
•..' '"'''"%?$&&••<
The,Wrong Track.
"It was as much as 1 could do to
keep from laughing whan Miss Gush
er remarked that her nance was *so
versatile.'•* '-•.'. ..• '.^. :^-. p
"Meaning' Dumblsy?^ |Well, he Is
rather versatiuV^
"Nonsense! He's a regular Idiot."
"Yea, bnt. he's so many kinds of an
ldk« "-C^tbolk standard and Tims*.
The Old Pashtonefl Man-Lookl
l!here's*a mouse Tight 1^ youriaotl
The Modero Wonum 8 1'
scare him. Go quietly and get avpisca
Itff cneese, and I'U catch tha dear
thing.—Cleveland Leader.----, v":.
tor' gorgnuaa. "He did me a faTor
tfteen years ago and faasNbeaa talking
•**-,\ .'•'•—••'• .'E%
the Rcsssn a Sublingual Test Is Oatf
''.:,-»•.-. In Flndiwg It
"v?hat is a porson^s normal' tempera
ture? is a question often aifked of^ ev
ery physician. "':^'-'-''^,
When the answer 98.6 degrees F, is
given to the query very few people
understand the physiological signifi
cance of this fact or how a degree of
systemic heat is naaintalned during
health wjthln such narrow limits that
their bodies have an even, tempera
ture the coldest day to winter or the
hottest day In summer with an ex
actness of adjustment that Is not
tainable In warming or cooling their
homes with the most up to date heat
tag and'refrigerating apparatus.
Now, in accepting the statement
that the body temperature is 98.6 de
crees P. it must belborrie In mtoa
that to some extent this Is a relative
figure, for the warmth of the exte
rior varies markedly from that, of the.
interior. The surface temperature of
the head, hands or abdomen may dif
fer from 96 degrees P. Sown to 98 de
grees P. or lower, while that of the
internal regioias may extend up ^0
102.2 degrees P.,"the avisrage of blood
circulating organs like the liver,
pancreas andi kidneys. For practical
purposes some gauge must be accept
ed whereby normal temperature may
be measured and compared. Ther^
fore on account of convenience-and
practicability the temperature taheh'
carefully under the tongue by a clin
ical thermometer has been selected as
a common standard throughout med
ical'circles. It is sometimes recorded
in the axilla or groin instead of In
the mouth when for any reason a
sublingual* test is not advanitageous.
The temperature -of these •localities
differs slightly from the Inddth, being
.5 degrees P. less.^Teclini^ World
Magazine. .. ^-':,. &^ZM-
Present to a Chinese. Empercr "l*hst
Puzzltd the OrJsnUls.
When, in 1793, Sir George Macart
ney headed the first British^embassy
to China, he brought with him numer
ous presents for the emperor. Among
these was a magnificent state carriage,
an article which delighted, but at the
same time puzsled, the Chinese more
than any other gift. Nothing like it
bad ever been seen at the capital
Cpmlcal disputes Immediately arose as
to the seat intended for the eniperor.
The hammercloth which"covered the
box of the carrtajge had a smart edging
of festoons of roses, I made a splen
did appearance, and that* with its- ele
vated position, immediately determined
the official mind that it was without
doubt the emporer's sea^ Then "the
question arose of what the inside of
the coach was intended for. The blinds,
screens and so forth were all carefully
examined, and it was decided that tne
Interior was the place for the ladles
•ojay, s&5-^£ l-fc-i •-&$&$• te$&
A old retatoer wentjto a mender of
the embassy to Mk if the conclushms
were correct, "vjhen he learned that
the-fine elevated box was the seat of
the coachman and that the emperor's
place was Inside the coach he was
horrified, He asked, with a sneer, if
it was supposed that the son of heav
en Would suffer any one to sit higher
than himself and turn his back On him.
When he found that the driver was
obliged to use the seat In question he
requested that the box be removed and
placed somewhere behind.—Helen H.
Bobbins' "Our First Ambassador to
Cbina.»r ..-^'--^^-'-^v:^,^
v**8nall We have prayer tor raia,
Thomas?*' asked the vicar of the clerk
during a protracted drought
"But don't you think it would be a
good thing? Rain is badly wanted."
o^ do as you plesae, sh. You'd
'ave it if so be aa you do want
^Thomas, you don't seem to re
aliiie the necessiry for' having the
prayer."^, ^£t:Zi^y&$$tP^&
"Bless you, shft YoU *rf?thit ther
prayer lf jaii'&M-?^'!fc«&- &$&.
won't raiin till' the iii«m:'#' I'clbanga^
on Academy.
A Homo Trader.
surgeon to a town,
The visiting parson at Dartmoor was
handling convict 90 consolation In small
"Ton should not complain, my mis
guided friend," he said. "It is better
to take things.as you find them.M
"Yer on the wrong track, parson,"
replied the.prisoner. "It were practic
ing that theory that got niaittbibsd.'Vf
London Telegraph. ••'•••^^i^L^i
|parg»::Ladyr|^mlBSlt...,.._..,. .„., _..,..
Office (sui^eyii»gly-Why, cartatoly,
Whatww^didyoBwanM I-rgeLadj|
D^ D. Mann, the Canati
builder, bad a senstttloual
ginning as an axman In
!lumber.-.wood.s." ••'.'••'''..'.•-'-.{ j^L£jti
jDarly^ln Itfe Mann visited Burope
a business mission and at^'dtone^
hlght became tatolved in a Jina
with a Russian nobleman. Nigt aayf5
he rec^ved a call trombone W W
blemah's friends,...bearing.^jW^Sf
tion to a duel "If he doesn't
I said •to^i^m^VB^ ^:j^^f^:M'^w
tell a»^'^jsi|tt
form an operation' ft ntfn^ character
upon a somewhat unsophisticated pa
tlent, asked him If he were willing to
have only i&m^
^Bmre^Treplled tb* ofl^^Mi?l)eliev•
to patronising home Industry whs*
fftr fwi 'can.,,
And be meant it.—Upldnuott's.
A:' WpMitt^mS- ••rMU:-
Landlord-How did you manage to
rent that microscopic flat -to Mrs.
Hunter? Agent-Dead easy. When 1
showed her the little rooms I told her
they, '•***.*&< clbaet*i:and .ali^f^i|o?
that she
sleeptog l«anty,* replied Musthavelt
a a W A Jot of try fair, but sot
a-runnihg, ioQ^w^-.^rrj:J^i^^^^i,
he llkeilt i':' •-'•'/r^::' r:Mr^0Wi
The friend explained that woi^fq-iie^
er do. '..Ndtbihg-but' a
on the field of honor would do, 4
"Oh^ all right!" sold....Mani^f?^pM
been fighting duels all my lift. |:Mj$&
PU have to Insist on ,^g,,w*CMJ$$^
tlonal weapon—a sixteen pou^djp»WJ*i|,l
bitted-ax,"'---yi. :I:3 -.'
The friend went away lH)ldinj up his
hands at the barbarian. -^Tjyit"*ls%^
the nobleman met -Mann. #WkMiitM''
about the sise of a gTas*BO^prr'i||^.^:.
Is something over six fee,tJtd|** ttiQg-j
four wide, wjth no fat ^"1 flght^buj
m'sob,'V.ssM thft.m)b1em(Wt
weapon.• ofVany -'oWB^ jtoWu^*«gy^
If I to id
*f *#$* Clerk'o^Br-ic|lafrt S
"You often heat c^rW's^ .th^j-tl^M(--.:-.^
rather be bricklayers oh accOu^tbt|hes^
pay^ but W
talking about,:^Cfalj^ifaW:^
iaying•• every Myelin .tb*A W&fc
twice oni::8n^ayi«^M.::- iV S- iZ/Q
He took^other^tfheeso sandw
his lqngvlpa% Ink stained fingers
perched bn'^baOi^h^ic©^^
with the ladles on acconnt of tJ
clothes, but brJcklayew, when ths^-M
sparking, gat ^iold^alibuhlerVSl^^^lfli^
r^'Avbrlcklayer, ?iib.:riBi||i^-lioir *3B^^^fe:
he makes, h^s trouble •i:g«titi^Jn||S^^.
swell' boarding houses, .^tatt'^MMiv^M
sou tho nn* furniture but a: .•
his:. white hMdsr !s weicpi^^
'house^he. can .-afford.'.-*. ^^-f':,f^|:'
"I know whit rm talking abbnt^for '$M:
I brickfaid two years before I toa|c'tb
clerking. And you'll find lots of younr
bricklayers forsaking the trowel \ior
the pen but, though clerks often, say
bitterly that: they'dt ratber Jay^''b^ka^^S
than push a pen^, they -donvt really'x-^M
mean It—they .never::tu^M-^bictoM^^S
Bnqulrer.-v^' •'''. v:.: ^/i^if^s^i^^m'
:%^l?::'rThe bearer a 3
Animal. actors are by-TO. meani'iie^-'"':
'to the ^ws$ZThere '.:***:^vbis^^x||§|
stances where a four legged performer
has made-'the•••'j^fk^GnKx^^'^TAm'
play, drawing of peop»nlght
'after night by the magnettom 6f Ms
lharticulateaTly: Aln!'18I4^^
Montargis" was produced.. ai^$olahtl£ ^p
Garden theater, London.' '-i|psji,«rttr ::gg
ten' around a true tocldent to which a
man' was muideredltt the forest^
Bondy and the „murd«re*::tfJU!kbd|:
means of hto dog.. One: day thto^
snddenlv snaac it -^'^ttoos^^'hj
tha- wretohst»r«br isjb^^
that he was thejmMd€r»:.::Thii!^di^:v-:fe^
matlc tocldent fonned the baste of the IfeS
play,: and everything depended, upon
the cleverness of the dog. ^siimuiiy. Wf,
called Dmgon, and hisv acting so
marvelons that the playf achieve* a,?»HtS'
markable success, running\for .:
..ntoe- jj$$0^^
fit I were- asked M^uaak ^ha^c»sp^
est English Is now spoken," said OtJs
Skinner, the -actor, -"I'-ihom^:^ab«*-^»J
totingly pronouncetarfavor or
The clarity of speech in & S if
filled to people (rf wealth and culture,
but extenda to the. wdrlih»^ciaaaaa V:
the toilers and persona In .all stations
of life. I do not say that this excel
lenre to art&ulatto^^
ble pronunciation can batound all over
IfjBw-'-,BnglaS^':jX%rsfpl^ of.^pH*eh
begins not muiymUes fix^
and the distressing nasal twang Is..
ncult ^^^^'^^0kS^'^
peculiar burr that Is distinctly
ctal prevails. Prom Pittsburg to I
sections of the middle west this
aasumes :or. ^^1^
cold water on my Uterary amt
growled the asplrbig author,
say it doesn't pay. Look at
Dickens, wilt youl He left|a
of tiOO^OOO, an earned with ntep^''
resslng him, "but don't jm^m^m'^
that Aladdta could make mora^^t^
aM^#d^tomp:f|^PA: id', mt^M8Bm^m
youddosoinethtogof thatkuwLWlU^
'i&'&ii&ii:C~ ." .,"" '''.' ''"v
hav« another dancf
of going to that fashionable
tourant" remarked the thrifty sir
"And," be added mantaUy, "that
.r TT^V'hlih^nas IM cohscianila^
M??W^:db'y^:.th^*iotw. #ia^
i^Hfech|i|id :i%:.#u^
trade to which I supposed I was
a a
H^t Was Fwfwtly Frank WHh
l»ogh^ young woixun-^bosT
tone UM not atfeast five ctehsn I'
young Uwyer.
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