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the nature
lover a complete
and economical
tour of Yellow
stone Park, the
land of wonders
scenic beauty
and recreation
—a tour of
New York, April 15.—Twenty-three
ships are on the Atlantic ocean, due
to arrive in New York City by April
25, with a record breaking number
of immigrants. More than 30,000
new, or would be new, citizens of the
United States are on these ships,
with many thousands more on the
way. During March 120,844 aliens
arrived in the New York port. Of this
number 1,472 were deported by offi
cials as not being fit subjects for
the bounties of the United States.
Anecdotes About New York's Late Pio
turesque Magistrate.
City Magistrate Daniel Bbenezer
Finn of New York city, who recently
died at liis borne in New York, was
long knowu as "Battery Dan" because
while in the assembly be successfully
fought the scheme to cut up Battery
park for pier sites. He had been the
Tammany leader of the First assembly
district nearly all bis life and a police
magistrate since 1905.
Mr. Finn was a little lather of his
people, "the easy judge." He straight
ened out their domestic difficulties and
settled disputes between neighbors.
-He gave them bread wben they were
B.T. Address.
Commissioner Williams expects April
to be a record breaking month in the
history of the New York port, as
over 100,000 have arrived so far and
with more than 30,000 on the way.
A score of vessels are still to report,
which may bring the number of new
arrivals close to the 200,000 mark.
The immigrant officials say the large
increase is due partly to the return
of aliens who left for Europe during
the panic of 1907 and who are anxious
to again take up their work in Ameri
ca since the return of prosperity.
hungry, found work for them wiieii
they bad no employment and paid their
bills wben money was lacking.
The magistrate was born iu Dublin,
Ireland, on July 11. 1S45, and came
to the United States wben he was
three years old.
"Battery Dan's" plain, blunt out
spoken manner of administering jus
tice caused him to be idolized by his
friends and neighbors. He always
said that tbe weak and oppressed
needed a friend at court and he was
going to belp tliem.
An undersized boy was once ar
raigned before blm by a 200 pound
traffic policeman.
"What is the trouble?" asked "Bat
tery Dau." |»eering over bis glasses.
is the event par
excellence of a
life time. How
essential it is,
then, that the tour be planned intellegently before going. The Wylie Company offers complete six
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Licensed and controlled by the government to operate a system of permanent camps, and a well
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and four horses are comfortable and easy riding. The regular Forty Dollar Six Day Wylie Tickets
are ail inelusiye, covering transportation, board, lodging and every necessary expenses.
now ready for distribution. It tells the story of Wonderland
and is free for the asking. Use this form:
Livingston, Montana
Gentlemen: Please send me Illustrated "Handbook 7."
"Your honor," said tbe policeman,
"I arrested this boy at Canal and La-,
fayette streets for Interfering with the
police commissioner's automobile. He
was driving heavy team, and the
automobile was unable to get by."
"Horrible!" said tbe magistrate.
"Young man, do you realize the hel
nousuess of your offense?"
Sobbing, the youth said he did.
"Well," continued "Battery Dan,"
"heinous as it is, I am going to dis
charge you. But I warn you that if
ever again you are brought into court
on a similar charge I shall deal with
you severely. I shall sentence you to
the Waldorf-Astoria for ten days with
a muzzle on. 1 will teach you who
owns the city."
One afternoon wben the Giants were
playing at the Polo grounds, in New
York, Mr. Finn, who was an inveterate
"fan," adjourned court early to see
the game. Walking down Third ave
nue with his probation officer, Barney
O'Connor, be met some friends of a
prisoner he bad held. They pleaded
with bim to accept bail for the man.
While be was meditating what to do
a patrol wagon filled with prisoners
being transferred from the Morrisanla
court to the Harlem prison came
along. The prisoner whose friends bad
Interested the magistrate was among
the number.
"Stop!" shouted Magistrate Finn,
running into the street and waving
his blackthorn cane. "Where is the
prisoner?" be asked, reading the name
from the paper that bad just been
handed him. Taking tbe prisoner
from the van, he went to a nearby
saloon, where he announced he would
hold court. Every one in the saloon
doffed bis bat while the accused man
was arraigned. Then the bail bond
was made out and tbe prisoner form
ally discharged, and the magistrate
invited every one to have a drink.
"It doesn't hurt to do an act of
kindness to a fellow man wben It is
within our power," he said.
The First Pantomime.
Tbe first pantomime introduced to
the English stage was "Tavern Bil
kers" and \va by John Weaver. This
was in tbe year 1702. It was produced
at Drury Lane. Tbe great institutor of
pantomime in England was, however.
John Rice, who devised this form of
entertainment in 1717. His first em
phatic success was in 1724. wben he
produced "The Necromancer or. His
tory of Dr. Kaustus." So successful
was Rich with his pantomimes that
Garrick. Quin and others became ex
asperated. Rich lived to see panto
mimes firmly established at 1'irnry
Lane and Covent iJarden. lie died In
1761.—London Stage
See Yellowstone
'The Wylie Way"
Complete Line of
Electrical Supplies
in Stock
Shoes—Good honest shoes, if they
don't prove to be such, tell us so and
they will be made good.
Prof. Bemis has decided to run a
school all summer. This will give
teacherB and high school pupils a
cbanee to take bookkeeping and short
hand during the summer vacation. A
number have already enrolled.
Inez Fadden has entered the day
class to renew her shorthand and
typewriting work.
Leo Morris was absent from the
school Friday on account of the
Miss Nellie Mossbracker of the day
class, has been absent for the past
week on account of the illness of her
A new sign has been placed on the
top of the front of the building and is
a fine advertisement and f/iows up
hi great style from the Northern Pa
cific depot.
Miss Marie Morrow has been ab
sent this week on account of illness.
Orman Wakefield, Ralph Fisher and
Josephine Baker are out for their
summer vacation.
Miss Clara Kuckuk Entered the
evening class to take up the study of
shorthand and typewriting.
Miss Hazel Chase entered the even
ing class to take up the study of
shorthand and bookkeeping.
Both Ends
Are Folded
When we launder your tarn-down
collars, both, sods ar« folded exactly
When you put your collar on, and
-tton it In front one side does not
Mck up an eighth or quarter of
an Inch higher than the other.
vVe make the correct folding and
shaping of your collars possible by
dampening the seam exactly even, be
fore we fold the collar.
Of course it takes more time and
care—but you will be better pleased
with the work, and that is our aim.
Phone 54 for our wagon to call.
Santo Vacuum Cleaner
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Bismarck Electric Company
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Sluggish "blood, tired, exhausted
feeling, lassitude, show that your
blood is not in proper condition. A
first class blood remedy is what is
You may not show the impurities
in your blood, as some folks do, by
facial blemishes and eruptions. Those
signs are often easier to understand
than your debilated condition.
Dike's Blood and Skin Remedy is
what you should take for your con
dition. It makes the blood right.
Cowan's Drug Store, Special Agents.
Alfred Blaisdeil, secretary of state
has issued charters to the following
McHenry County.
Northwestern Tank Heater Com
pany, Anamoose, N. D. Capital stock
#10,000. Incorporators: Wilkie Tink
er, F. Bberhardt. and C. F. Schaf
fer, Anamoose, N. D.
Bohmet Brothers & Co., Kief, N.
p., capital stock $50,000. Incorpor
ators: J. Bohmet, FeFssenden,
-N. F. J. Bohmet and M. P. Boh
met, Kief, N. D.
The Russell Co., Drake, N. D., cap
ital stock $10,000. Incorporators:
Ben Bird, and Ben Bird Jr., Min
neapolis, Minn and Russell Bird,
/Drake, N. D.
McLean County.
Equity Farmers Elev. Co., Cole
harbor, N. D., capital stock $20,000.1
Incorporators: Fred Riebhoff, Al- ,n ««•.!•„ ,,
W Anderson, Malcom N. D., and £apl*,._s1t°CJl
John W. Caldwell, Coleharbor, N. D.
Washburn Lodge No. 178, L. O. O.
M. Washburn, N. D. Incorpora
tors: Harry C. Wahl, Fred Pfister,
and Geo. Battey, Jr., Washburn, N.
Morton County.
Sioux Lumber Co., Yates, N. D.,
capital stock $50,000. Incorporators
6. J. Hagg, Frank Chessrown, Lin
ton, N. D., and J. H. Carigan, Fort
Tates, N. D., and others.
Mandan Meat & Stock Co., Man
dan, N. D., capital stock, $20,000. In
corporators: J. P. McDonald, T. A.
Wiley and W M. Reardon, Mandan,
N. D.
Hettinger County.
First State Bank, Bentley, N. D.
Capital stock $10,000. Incorporators
David H. Beecher, Grand Forks, N.
D., F. G. Orr, Mott, N. D., and Geo.
E. Towle, Minneapolis, Minn.
Murphy-Merrick Lumber Co., New
(England, N. D. Capital stock $50,
000. Incorporators: C. L. Merrick,
Wapoleon, N. D., J. J. and A. L. Mur
phy, New England, N. D.
Regent Grain Co., N. D., capital
stock $50,000. Incorporators: John
P. Jungers, Jos. Pechtl, Gladstone,
N. D., and Anton Hetterich, Richard
ton, N. D. and others.
Adams County.
Electric Contract8
ing and Repair
N. D. Co., Hettinger, N. D. Incorpor
ators: O. T. Peterson, N.J. Noble,
and Frank Ellickson
Ramsey County.
Brocket Elevator Co., Brocket, N.
D., capital stock $20,000, Incorpora
tors: J. S. Hoffman, A. F. Ifoura
vetz, Brocket, N. D., and L. B. Ray,
Petersburg, N D.
Hampden Farmers Elev. Co., Cap
ital stock $25,000. Incorporators:
Nels Pearson, Ludwig Anderson,
Martin Nortenson, Hampden, N. D.,
and othere.
Richland County.
Interstate Produce & Cold Storage
Co., Wahpeton, N. D., capital stock
*50,000. Incorporators: L. H. Bene
dict, Herman Boettcher.and May E.
Benedict, Wahpeton, N. D.
Richland County Auto Co., Aber
crombie, N. D., Capital stock $10,000.
Incorporators: A. K. Tweto, O. N.
Hatlie and J. B. Hoe, Abercrombie.
•N. D.
Ransom County.
The Enderlin Livery, capital stock
$10,000. Incorporators: John T.
Hickey, John H. Smith and M. L.
Hickey, Sheldon, N. D.
Ward County.
United Nurseries Co Minot, N. Df»
capital stock, $25,000. Incorpora
tors: Arthur C. Hanson, Geo. Valk
er, L. J. Palda, Jr., Minot, N. D.
Dakota-Montana investment Co
Minot, N. D., capital stock, $25,000.
'Incorporators: L. J. Palda, Jr., Hal
vor Halverson and E. H. Johnson,
Minot, N D.
Williams County.
The Formers
Elev..MCo.,, Epping,.
Lauritson,^ Nel Skogen, Ep
ping, N. D. and others.
Grand Forks County.
Boe-Kulstad Co., Grand Forks, N.
D., capital stock $50,000. Incorpor
ator: John Boe, J. E Kulstad and
J. H. Kidwan, Michigan City, N. D.
Melvin Stock Co., Michigan, N D.
Capita] stock $10,000 Incorporators:
Geo. E. Harrison, H. E. Campbell,
liver Orvik and others of Michigan
N. D.
Mountraili County.
Palermo Security Bank, N D., cap
ital stock $10,000, incorporators: S
T. Lee, O. F. LLee, Towner, N. D.
and others.
Mountraili County State Bank,
Lostwood, N. capital stock $10
000. Incorporators: T. L. Belsekef,
and C. L. Bishop, FFessenden, N
D, and B. W. Taylor, Stanley, N. Di
Foster County.
The Haven Telephone Co.. Carring
ton, N. D., Capital stock $15,000, In
corporators: P. c. Peterson, Albert
Rosenau. RR. s. Mclntyde, Carring
ton, N. D.
Stutsman County.
Citizens State Bank, Pingree, N. D.,
Papltal stock $10,000. Incorporat
ors: Robt. A. Simpson. Sharon, N.
D.. Geo. W. Simpson, Aneta, N D.,
Hettinger Creamery Ass'n, Adams [and C. H. Simpson. McVille,'N. T!

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