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ciflc in Canada some time ago.
C. B. UTTLB. Prttidtot. F. D. KENDBICK, Vie* I rent. J. L. BKLL. Caihlei
H. M. WKISEH. Assistant Cathitr.
U. 8 E O S I O
I 8 A O N D.
Established In It7»
Capital and Surplus $130,000.00
Osnaral Banking Bualnsa a
Safety Deposi Boxe a for Rent
A National Bank is an absolutely safe:place to put your money
because the United States Government examines regularly all
National Banks.
Ask our patrons how we treat them.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank.
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety.
Looking for a Cook? Don't be in a hurry. Tr
J. A. Buchanan and H. T. Helge
Bon opened the insurgent campaign
at LaMoure with am attack on the
republican administration and its
measures, the national committee
man and the republican administra
tion and organization in general.
I Oscar James of Mandan, the at-:
rtendant at the state asylum who
a Supervisor Frich will take per
sonal charge of the taking of the
census in Fargo. He states that
.enumerators in various parts of the
Senator McCumber, whose condi
tion was unsatisfactory for a time,
IB reported improving and is believ
ed to be on the road to recovery
.following his recent operation.
A Dickinson syndicate got sixteen
sections of land at the recent Nor
thern Pacific sale and paid $40,500
for it. They will put it on the mar
ket and expect to sell at largely ad
vanced prices-
v*/^ •£+&
1 1 Hundreds of dainty
I 1 1 dishes made
1 1 mm Mm with itcan'be
a "jiffy."
IHI I mm\ R«aly-cooked and
^•^LV 1 1 I ready-to.-serve.
Your grocer sells it.
and serve with hot milk or cream, or with-sliced bananas,
baked apples or other fruits.
John W. Scott of Gilby, Grand
Forks county, says grain up that way
has been frozen in the ground andi Sunday was "Tuberculosis Sunday*
much of it will probably have to be throughout the country, and minis
reseeded. I ters in thousands of churches preach
—$— ed the gospel of cleanliness, fresh air,
The Canadian Pacific road has sunshine and health,
paid $10,000 to the widow of E. G.
'Tuberculosis Sunday" Observed In
Every City in the Land at Church
Boemmels of Lisbon who was killed couraged by the anti-tuberculosis sa
in the wreck on tne Canadian Pa- clety. and it should bear good fruit,
movement was en-
in bringing about a crusade against
the disease, which is annually taking
toll of thousands and hundreds of
thousands of lives. The anti-tuber
culosis societies are endeavoring to
,-«fas in charge of John Severson, the get individuals interested in the po
patient who scalded himself to
death by jumping into a tub of hot
flrater, has been exonerated from
blame by a coroner's jury.
sibility of stamping out this disease,
which can only be done by united ef
I At the Catholic church Father Clem
ens devoted his morning sermon to
the wisdom of cleanliness, pure air,
sunshine and healthy physiclal being
to come from proper care and atten
tion to sanitation and cleanliness.
state are resigning and it is diffi- soul and body, and the duty to keep
cult to find competent men who will the body clean as the temple of the
do the work. The compensation I soul, and to combat disease in order
does not seem to be attractive. that human life might be long and
He spoke of the inter-relation of the
At the close of the sermon leaflets
were distributed upon the subject of
Cashed Her Bouquets.
Lauder, insurgent candi- known florist's and, motioning one of
date for congress, began a tour of the men aside, said a few words in a
MoLean county at Washburn last I low voice. They stepped back to the
night, and will be in McLean county
all'1 of this week. H. T. Helgeson
and J. A. Buchanan are scheduled
for Linton April 29, Driscoll April
30, and will spend the following
Sunday at Bismarck.
A young woman walked Into a well
desk, and he gave her some money.
Some time after she had left he said
to one of the other men:
"Did you notice that girl? Mr. B.
left a standing order to send her a box
of flowers every Saturday. He's away
just now, and when she sees some
thing that she had rather have than
her weekly bouquet she comes in here
and cashes her flowers, so to speak.
She's not the only one either."—New
York Sun.
Georgian Court, at Lakewood, to Be
Reproduced In Icing.
There was some excitement in the
School of Applied Design For Women,
at New York, when it was learned a
short while ago that one of the girls
there was designing the wedding cake
for Miss Marjorie Gould, who will
marry A. J. Drexel, Jr., on April 19
in New York. Probably Miss Gould
was as much surprised as the school
to learn this, for the commission was
originally given to caterer.
Miss Gould declared that she want
ed a reproduction of Georgian Court,
the Gould home at Lakewood, repre
sented in the icing. Apparently that
was somewhat beyond tiae caterer,
-who Immediately sought the school,
and the commission. was turned over
to one of th6 young women there.
Two designs ef Georgian Court were
•made and sent In. Soon that per-
sonage returned with the news that
.Miss Gould had changed her mind and
wanted also a model of Lyndhurst, the
I home of Miss Helen Gould, upon the
imammoth cake. After further con
sultation the caterer announced that
there were to be three cctes rather
than one. The three were to bfe one
on top of the other underneath an
arch. At the bottom was to be Lynd
hurst, and above that, on two shelves,
as it were, Georgian Court, and then a
temple of love for'the top.
Hew "A 9500 Cleric" Economizes on
Ink and'Lead Pencils.
President Taft's advocacy of eeono
my in public expenditures has struck
a responsive chord ln an Individual
signing himself "A $500 Clerk," who
claims to have saved the government
-sundry small amounts during the last
year by the careful use of ink and
lead pencils. He expressed the hop*
lor long life for "this economical ad
ministration." The letter was ad
dressed to Secretary MacVeagh In the
following words:
"During the past year, by omitting
to cross my 't's' or dot my Ts,' I
have saved the government 2 cents Is
Ink. Will you please add this to my
salary? I am now using my lead pen
cils down to half an Inch. I hope ln
this way to save another cent. Long
live this economical administration.
"I am short of paper or I would
write a longer letter. We are one yeaf
nearer the poorhouse."
New Scheme of Philadelphia Street
Car Strikers to Get Money.
It was reported the other day at the
headquarters of the various labor
unions In New York city visited by the
committee of the striking motormen
and conductors in Philadelphia which
went to New York recently to raise
money tor the strikers by hiring Ital
ian organ grinders to furnish street
music that a new device to raise
money had been put Into effect. This
was the selling of Pratt buttons, each
having a likeness of C. O. Pratt, the
strike leader. Thousands of these but
tons bare already been sold at a nickel
Complaints were made that thrifty
Italians who were not engaged by the
committee were making extra money
by giving out that they were playing
for the Philadelphia strikers. They
had made several good hauls of quar
ters and half dollars before the plot
was discovered.
Wants Schools to Teach Baseball.
That baseball should be an impor
tant part of the education of children
and that every schoolboy.and perhaps
erery schoolgirl should play the game
Is the opinion of William A. Stecher,
director of physical training ln the
public schools of Philadelphia. He ex
pressed it the other day ln the con
ference on hygiene of the National
Education association, held in Indian
apolis. Each school, he thinks, should
have a baseball club, and the clubs
should visit each other's grounds in
the fashion of the professional leagues.
An Eagle Offered to Mayor Gaynor.
J. H. Davis, a lawyer of New Au
gusta, Miss., has a gray eagle ha
wishes to sell to Mayor Gaynor of
New York city. At leaeft that is the
purport of a letter receWtd from him
by the mayor the other day:
I have a large gray eagle for sale,
measuring seven and a half feet ln
spread of wing. He eats too much, and
I want to sell him. What do you offer?
Tours truly, J. H. DAVIS.
The mayor referred the matter to
Park Commissioner Stover and BO
wrote, to Mr. Davis.
R. H. B.
New York 3 8 2
Brooklyn 1 6 1
Batteries Wiltse and Meyers
Rucker and Bergen.
Philadelphia 5 9 3
Boston 5 10 3
Batteries Moren, Schettler and
Dooin Brown, Mattern and Graham.
R. H. E.
Cincinnati 3 7 4
St. Louis 8 6 0
Batteries Spade, Coveleski, Gas
per, McLean and Roth Bachman ana
Wet grounds at Chicago.
2 «j« j« «j» 3 ,J» »J» »j» »j» .J, »j «j •£•firing
•J* i* «j
R. H. E.
Boston 2 12 2
Philadelphia 4 4 0
Batteries Wood. Hall and Carri
gan Atkins and Thomas.
R. H. E.
Washington 2 3
New York 5 8 0
Batteries Oberlin and Street
Warhop, Quinn and Sweeney.
R. H. E.
Cleveland 0 3 1
Chicago 2 9 1
Batteries Berger and Bemis and
Easterley Smith and Payne.
R. H. E.
St. Louis 6 9 1
Detroit 5 10 4
Batteries Bailey, Waddell and
Stephens Willets, Pernoll and Stan
•$» *5» «Jo «J»
R. H. E.
Kansas City 0 6 1
St. Paul 6 9 3
Batteries Brandon, Swann and
Sullivan and Ritter Gehring and
R. H. E.
Louisville 3 5 0
Toledo 0 8 3
Batteries Halla and Hughes
West and Land.
R. H. E.
Indianapolis 5 6 2
Columbus •... 4 7 1
Batteries Graham and Bower
man Liebhardt, James and Arbo
Wet grounds at Milwaukee.
A mighty nifty cart.
Requirements of the Government Are
Becoming More Strict Accurate
Marksmanship is Demandad.
Sunday marked the opening of the
1910 rifle shooting season among lo
cal national guardsmen.
The present statute of the organiz
ed militia of the country makes it im
perative that every company com
mander devote all the time possible
to instruction in the art of shooting
straight. No matter how well equip
ped or well drilled, or well disciplined
a company may be, if it is unable to
do effective work in combat on the
line, it is practically useless.
It wants men that it can throw in
to the field in case of an emergency
that know how to shoot and to shoot
straight. To further this end, each
company is required to shoot over a
prescribed course known in the fir
ing manual as course "C." This
course has been adopted for the or
ganized militia throughout the entire
It consists of ten shots at 200
yards, ten shots at 300 yards and
shots at 500 yards. At 200 yards the
soldier is required to fire from stand
ing position at 300 yards from kneel
ing or sitting position, and at. 500
yards from the prone position.
This gives each man the opportun
ity to learn how to fire from all po
sitions. He is also taught how to
handle his rifle and how to properly
care for the same. The instruction
is invaluable to the man, and abso
lutely necessary if the national guard
is to attain to the high standard set.
for it by the Dick bill.
The first squad from Company A
was ordered to report at the range
Sunday morning. The boys have
done a lot of work on the target and
pit. and a good start was made in
the work. It is the intention to have
each squad report in turn and com
plete the course once for instruction
and once for record.
The men who opened the season oil
Sunday were Captain Murphy. LleutS.
McCormick and Hines. Sergts. Win
ters, Petrie and Lewis Corp. Miller
and Choquett Privates Anton, Burch
and W. Smith. Privates Burch and
Smith were two new men to qualify
as marksmen. They made a good
showing for themselves.
The officers and non-commissioned
officers present have also qualified.
Sergt. Winter made a 44 out of a
possible 50 at 500 yards, and Sergt.
Petrie made a 43 out of a possible 50
at 600 yards. This speaks well for
the first day out after the winter's
lay off.
The company commander hopes to
qualify twenty or twenty-five men this
season, if not more, and the citizens
of Bismarck may rest assured that
the local militia organization will
have given a good account of them
selves when the season will have
come to an end.
BabyCarriage Specials
For one week we offer the following high class specials in
the celebrated Heywood line.
At these prices we cannot pay transportation charges but
will pack and deliver to express Co. Free of Charge,
English Perambulater extra large full leather-
ette upholstered extra large hood full varnished
and striped body: full elastic steel spring with strap
hangers rear wheels 20 inches, front wheels Hinches.
Special Price
One motion collapsable cart reclining back
adjustable foot well all steel frame with mud gnard
large hood best grade imitation leather upholstery
10-inch wheel with rubber tires. An extra good cart.
Special Price
A bottle of Hyomei, a hard rubber
pocket inhaler, that will last a lifetime
and simple instructions for curing
catarrh make a Hyomei outfit.
Into the inhaler you pour a few
drops of magical Hyomei (pronounce
it Higho-me.)
This is absorbed by the antiseptic
gauze within and now you are ready
to breathe it over the germ infected
membrane where it will speedily be
gin its work of killing catarrh germs.
Hyomei is made of Australian eucal
yptol combined with other antisep
tics and it is very pleasant to breathe.
It is guaranteed to cure catarrh,
bronchitis, sore throat, croup, coughs
and colds, or money back. It cleans
out a stuffed up head in a few min
Sold by druggists everywhere, and
by Lenhart. Drug Co. Complete out
fit $1.00. And remember, that extra
bottles, that if afterwards needed, cost
only 50 cents. Breathe it, that's all.
To break up a cold in chest or head
in a few minutes, pour a teaspoonful
of Hyomei in a bowl of boiling water,
cover head and bowl with towel and
breathe the vapor.
Dickinson, April 25.—C. F. Merry
is up to his old game as develop
ments of the past week show. At
McHenry, N. D., he registered as
Charles Frederick Merry of Water
town, N. D., and enthused the peo
ple over the Dakota Southern Ry.
Co., which he represented as a line
running north via Sanborn, Hanna
ford, McHenry, Warwick and Devils
Lake, from which point he claimed
to have bought the Farmers line,
and would push on to Canada.
His victims in the locality of Mc
Henry were grafted for $100 each,
five of whom were crying for help
on Monday.
This is the same hot air line that
C. F. was running over the people
down around Lemmon a year ago
last October. It will be remembered
that he caught Dr. John of Hettin
ger for $100 and was arrested at
his home in Dickinson for the of
fense and taken to the Adams coun
ty jail, where he spent the greater
part of the winter with Sheriff Ed
The case was taken from the Ad
ams county court to Stark county,
where he was convicted, fined ana
sentenced in the spring of 1909, but
he got a stay of action and later the
case was argued in supreme court
for a new trial, and there you are.
Merry!, arrived! in Dickinson the
last of the week to await devel
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Bedding Rugs

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