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Mr. William F. Steele, 701 Coburn St*
Akron, Ohio, writes:
"I have been troubled for several
yeara with catarrh of the Mtomach.
Have used different patent medicine*
to no effect whatever, and have doc
tored considerable with family doctor.
"Sometimes his treatment would re
lieve me for a few weeks, bnt would
eventually have to go back to him, and
that had kept up for several years.
"I was mdvlaed to uae Ptrunm, and
have taken three bottles. Never felt
so good In my Hfe. Am going to con
tinue using It. Wouldn't be with
out it in the- house. I wttlgfmdly roc
ommtnd to any one afflicted with
catarrh of stomach, or stomach trouble
of any kind."
The above Is an eft-repeated story.
Troubled for years with chronic ca
tarrh. Tried different remedies and
doctors to no avail. Peruna was ad
vised by friends. Instant relief expe
rienced. Great gratitude to Peruna
expressed. This, in brief, is a story
that is repeated to us a great many
times every year.
No one could be in touch with onr
vast correspondence for one month
without being impressed with the sin
cerity and truthfulness of these kind of
Peruna promptly produces an appe
tite, corrects digestion and relieves
stomach difficulties that have resisted
other treatment.
Man-a-lin an Ideal Laxative.
A good upright second-hand piano
for sale for $100 at 223 Fourth street.
Call, if convenient, between one and
two o'clock p. m.
A. W. Lucas Co. are having a sale
oi sample suits. All are high class
tailored suits in exclusive patterns
and styles. (Read ad.)
and serve with hot milk or cream, or with sliced bananas,
baked apples or other fruits.
Advertise in the Tribune
A. H. Ellsworth, formerly of the
Jamestown Capital, goes on the road
for the Grand Forks Herald.
Jim Hill will come to the state
fair at Fargo, according to a letter
received by Hon. R. S. Lewis.
The Grand Forks Herald published
a four page ad for one firm in one
issue—the largest single ad ever pub
lished for a Grand Forks concern.
The Herald at Grand Forks is in
favor of the building of a new court
house in place of the present ram
shackle building.
The Jamestown Capital was quick
to publish the Herald's "news" dis
patch regarding the use of state pos
'tage. Will It publish Blaisdell's re
ply to the Herald.
Jamestown Masons will lay the
cornerstone of the new college dor
mitory at Jamestown.
More trouble at Valley City over
the raising of the American and Nor
wegian flags by Dr. Platou and—
somebody hauled the Norwegian em
blem down.
Several cases of infantile paralysis
are reported from Linton, but no
deaths have occurred.
Proceedings are being conducted
at Minot to clear the title to the land
for the proposed public building.
The Minot Optic doesn't think
much of the arguments that are be
ing advanced against C. A. Johnson.
W. R. Everett is the new president
of the Dickinson commercial club.
The Minot Reporter publishes a
picture of Dank Greenleaf—who is
defending Noah.
The Noah trial is attracting plenty
of attraction at Minot and through
the state.
Supervisor of the Census Brewster
says he is satisfied the census in
this district has been as well taken
as anywhere in the country. The re-
Looking for a Cook? Don't be in a hurry Try
State Sittings ii
Dickinson Press: It did not take
E. J. Scharf long to close out nearly
half of his Dunn county lands pur
chased last week of W. W. Stack
house. James Vaughn, the local
Standard Oil Co. manager, was the
lucky man to get in on the deal. He
purchased 4% sections, paying there
for a little over $43,000.
Hundreds of dainty
dishes can be made
with it in a "jtfty."
Ready-cooked and
a to
Your grocer sells it.
It reaches the homes of thinking and buying
people. There is no waste circulation.
Every copy counts and presents your adver
tisement as your "silent salesman" direct
to the buying bublic.
Tribune Advertising Brings Rtsilts
Having purchased the Marquette and
Couch Dray Line, and leased the F.
V. Hansou barn on eighth street, we
are in a position to do your draying,
coal hauling and feed your horses by
day or month'
1" We solicit your trade. Our
prices are right.
House Phone 440J
... -r-'-ft :-~v?" rr:'-^4fii!*'*-~
turns are now coming in and will
soon be completed.
Minot people were looking for
Halley's comet and got President Le
Seuer's sizzling message about mem
bers of the city commission.
Christ Ganea of Minot was shot by
a friend in a joke and died in the
local hospital. Poor joke.
Tracy Bangs may make the Me
morial day address at Devils Lake—
and the Journal says he's the best
speaker in the state—which is pret
ty nearly true.
Col. Kelly of Devils Lake and Jim
Lamb of Michigan city attended the
big Catholic consecration meeting at
St. Paul.
J. F. Brodie tells Minot people that
the verdict in the Russell case was
a mistake.
Developments with regard to the
commission system in Mandan, Bis
mark and Minot lead the Forum to
think that the old system is not so
bad after all.
The candidacy of John Flittie for
state auditor Is being commented on
enthusiastically by some of the state
There are now three canlidates for
the railroad commlsslonerships from
Morton county—and if all of them
get nominated., and elected, Morton
county ought to get pretty near what
it wants in the way of railroad regu
Everybody seems to admit down in
Fargo that Mayor Lovell is making
good—as his friends were sure he
would do before the election.
Devils Lake is making great prep
arations for the Chautauqua this
year. Clark Kelley has resigned as
director and Dr. W. E. Hocking has
been chosen in his stead.
The Fargo Daily News seems to
have inside information about the
probable appearance of the "pen" re
The Forum thinks honey will be
a scarce article this fall. But not
until after the election.
E. S. Elliott is the new president
of the typographical union at Fargo.
Prof. Aaker has been doing some
campaigning for governor and his
friends believe he will cut no small
figure in the result.
Two young Jamestown boys went
out to kill Indians, after a course of
dime novel reading.
There is great interest through the
western part of the state in the com
ing installation ceremonies for Bish
op Wehrle at Bismarck.
There is much speculation at Dick
inson as to the probable sentence of
J. S. White, the defaulting county
auditor who got away with about
Grand Forks university circles are
busy with plans for the formal in
auguration of President McVey.
Senator McCumber expects to be
in North Dakota by June 5, and his
friends do not believe his illness and
consequent Inability to make a speak
ing tour of the state will affect his
candidacy adversely. His friends
through the state are doing harder
work than ever.
The Fargo Auto club will drag'the
roads entering Fargo.
William Kramer of Kenmare fell
under a heavy water tank and was
seriously injured.
Dr. McKenzie of New Rockford,
while lying in bed with a broken leg,
set a broken shoulder for a patient.
Thus is the ruling passion strong un
der difficulties.
Mrs. J. J. Blair of Williston was
badly burned while filling the burner
of a chafing dish with alcohol.
Over 1,000 homesteaders arrived at
Bowman during the months of March
and April—which shows how J. E.
Phelan's headquarters is thriving.
The Devils Lake commissioners
are wrestling with a county jail prop
osition—after the same manner as
the Bismarck city commissioners
over the city hall.
The state apportions over $600,000
as the quarterly payment to the com
mon schools of the state—the larg
est ever held. Carry the news to
"Doc" Purcell.
The Fargo Forum has good words
for Mandan and comments on its
growth. That western trip was an
eye opener for Brewer.
The Fargo Forum wants to know
what has become of that pen report
and why it 1B not distributed.
Ex-Mayor Cowell and Robert An
derson, disagreed over the raising of
of a Norwegian flag at Valley City
and the ex-mayor landed on the oth
er man's nose, after which bystand
ers interfered.
C. F. Merry of Dickinson will prob
ably turn up somewhere with a new
railroad project and a fresh swindle
—and catch more suckers.
A correspondent of the St. Paul
Dispatch wires in that the supreme
court decision in the senatorial prim*
ary case was a victory for the "in.
surgents." It's a cold day when
there isn't some factional consolation
in something.
Jim Lamb will be assistant man
ager of the democratic campaign this
year. It is understood Senator Cash
el isn't especially enthusiastic since
the vo^ce of the people went unheard
in the senatorial appointment.
An American born citizen who
doesn't know a state or county offi
cial or the name of the president of
the United States is a juror in the
Noah case at Minot. Wonder if he
ever heard of Roosevelt?
The Jamestown hospital for the in
sane is getting crowded and at the
next legislature a request will be
made for an appropriation for a new
ward building for women. There is
no better evidence of the growth of
the Btate than the pressing demands
upon all of its institutions.
The new charter will soon be de
livered to the Kem shrine temple at
Grand Forks by Frank Treat of Far
go—Grand Imperial High Something
or Other of the big wigs.
Bad Breath
"For months I had great trouble with/
my stomach and used all kinds of
medicines. My tongue has been ac
tually as green as grass, my breath
having a bad odor. Two weeks ago a
friend recommended Cascarets and af
ter using them I can willingly and
cheerfully say that they have entire*
ly cured me. I therefore let you know
that I shall recommend them to any
one suffering from such troubles."
Chas. H. Halpern, 114 E. 7th St., New
York, N. Y.
Pleasant, palatable, potent, taste
good. Do good. Never sicken.
Weaken or gripe. 10c, 25c, 50c.
Never sold in bulk.' The genuine
tablet stamped C. Guaranteed
to cure or your money back.
Please take notice that a partner
ship known as the Bismarck Electric
Company, has been organised, the
purpose of which is to do general con
tracting, repairing and retailing sup
plies In the general electric businiess,
and' that the names in full and all
the members' of the said partnership
and the place of residence of each. Is
as follows:
James Gorman, Fargo, N. D.
Francis J. Gorman, Bismarck, N. D.
Edward J. Gorman, Bismarck, N. D.
Thomas J. Gorman, Bismarck, N. D.
And that the principal place of busi
ness of the said Bismarck Electric
Company is in the city of Bismarck,
county of Burleigh and state of North
Dated, April 28, 1910.
State of North Dakota, County of
Burleigh, ss.
On the'2nd day of May, 1910, before
me, E. M. Thompson, a notary public,
within and for the county of Burleigh,
and state of North Dakota, personally
appeared Francis J. Gorman and
nomas J. Gorman, known to me to
be the same persons who are de
scribed in and who executed the
above and foregoing instrument, and
acknowledged to me that they execut
ed the same.
Notary Public, Burleigh County, North
My commission expires March 3,
State of North Dakota, County of
Cftfis ss
On this 5th day of May, 1910, be
fore me, Ambrose C. Lacy, a notary
Public, within and for the county of
CasB and state of North Dakota, per*
sonally appeared James Gorman and
Edward J. Gorman, known to me to
be the same persons who are describ
ed in and who executed the above
and foregolnig instrument, and ac
knowledged to me that they executed
the same.
Notary Public, Cass County, North
My commission expires July 25th,
A Man Wants to Die
only when a lazy liver and sluggish
bowels cause frightful despondency.
But Dr. King's New Life Pills ex
pel poisons from the system brings
hope and courage cure all liver, stom
ach and kidney troubles impart
health and vigor to the weak, ner
vous and ailing.. 25c at Finney's
Drug Store.
Second Annual
To Be Held at the
N. D.
May 30 and 31, 1910.
Under the direction of Howard El
son Goodsell, Dean of the Conserva
Four concerts are given during the
two days, in each one of whish the
ESTRA of €0 pieces, under Emll Ober
hoffer, conductor, will appear. There
will be seven superb solo artists, the
Valley City Choral society of 126
voices, the Ladles' Glee club of 20
voices that rivals In artistic rendition
any similar organization in the coun
try, and the Men's Glee club, one of
the strongest organisations of the
music work at Valley City.
The final evening ooncert, Haydn's
masterpiece, "THE CREATION," will
be presented.
For circulars, diagrams of the audi
torium and tickets, address
Valley City, N. D.
W. P. Macomber has returned from
a trip to Minneapolis with Mrs. Ma
comber, and they will go to Wilton
this morning.
Mrs. F. E. Chapln of Mandan was
among the visitors at the Btate house
Thursday afternoon.
Wm. Frank of Medina was a busi
ness visitor in the city Thursday and
took advantage of the occasion to
call on some of his friends at the
state house..
R. L. Best has returned from a
short business and pleasure trip to
the Twin Cities.
Carl Klein of Washburn was a vis
itor in the city over night.
Mrs. George Laney and Miss Lorna
Laney were up from Napoleon yes
terday on business.
H. J. Gibson was in the city last
night on his way home to Fargo.
Attorney Charles Lane 1B in the
city on legal matters.
State Superintendent W. L. Stock
well is in Grand Forks attending the
annual conference of the high school
Why will people continue to suffer
the agonies of kidney complaint, back
ache, urinary disorders, lameness,
headaches, languor why allow them
selves to become chronic invalids,
when a certain cure is offered them?
Doan's Kidney Pills Is the remedy
to use, because it gives to the kid*
neys the help they need to perform
their work.
If you have any, even one of the
symptoms of kidney diseases, cure
yourself now, before diabetes, drop
sy or Bright's disease sets ip. Can
Bismarck people demand more con
vincing proof than the following:
A. Langseth, 406 Fifth Ave. South,
Jamestown, N. D., says: "For over
a year I was troubled by dull pains
through the small of my back. The
kidney secretions sjgp. caused me
much annoyance by their frequency
in passage. Hearing of Doan's Kid
ney Pills, I procured a box and com
menced their use. In a short time my
trouble had disappeared and I have
had no return of it. My advice to
anyone suffering from kidney com
plaint is to try Doan's Kidney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name—Doan's—and
take no other.
Grew Worse in Spite of Six Months
ofAblest Treatment—Sleep Ter
ribly Broken —Face, Head and
Hands Masses of Dreadful Humor.
"I feel it my duty to let you know
with what success I have used the Cuti
cura Remedies. When
our baby was seven,
weeks old he broke cut
with what we thought
was heat but which
gradually grew wone.
We called in a doctor.
He said it was eesema
and from that time ire
doctored, six months
with three of the best
doctors in Atchison but
he only got worse. His
face, head and hands
werea solidsore. There
was no end to the
suffering for him* We
KE to tie his little
handstokeep himfrom
scratching. He never .knew what ik
wasto deep weu front the timehe took
the disease until he was cured. He
kept us awake all hours in the night
and his health wasn't v^tT**-*^
call good. We tried everything but the
rignfrtSng. Finally I get a set of the
CuUcuVa Remedies and am pleated to
say we did not use all of them until
he was curedT We have waited a year
and a half to see if it wouldTetur* but
it never has and to-day his. skin is clear
and^ssltpoeiiblyxouldbe. I Hope
Cuticura may save some one etoes
little one's sufferins and atop, their
pocket-books. John Leesott.
WonSt., Atchison, Kan., Oct,
Cuticura comfort for all who suffer
from facial eruptions such as acne (pim
plesand blackhead*),acnerosacea,facial
tie anointings
followed by warm baths with Cuticura
Soap. Forpreservrog,puTifyingandbeau
tJfyfng the skin, scalp, hairahd hindaof
Infants, children and adults Cuticura
Soap and Ointment are priceless.
Catlraf» Sow- «Se.. Cgtiraim Ointment (Me.\
in Hepolveot
Catlevi Otntn
80e.). (or In
SSc. per vial of
the world. Potter
MetProp*., 136*coiumbiw Ave.
•S" SS-pace CuUeuta Book,
tipttoo. treatment cure ot
PARK, GRANT 4 MORRIS, Distributor* Fargo and Grand Forks
the form o|
Chocolat Pllej Me per vial of 60). Sol*
tbroujbou the world Potte Dru Cnem. Corp.
S Ave^BMton. Map.
A Regular Tom Boy.
was Susie—climbing trees and fences,
jumping ditches, whitllng, always get
ting scratches, cuts, sprains, bruises,
bumps, burns and scalds. But laws!
Her mother just applied1 Bucklin'a Ar
nica Salve and cured her quick. It
heals everything healable—boils, ul
cers, eczema, old sores, corns or piles.
Try it. 26c at Finney's Drug Store.

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