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Thursday, October 13, 1910.
with j»ur
—Jrrjrsss 1
Vou can get
These are the styles that
will be worn this season
Learn how different they feel in the
Red Cross Shoe—how restful they feel.
Have your shoes just as fashionable
but add the Red Cross comfort
It pays to see
.... George Roden ....
about "POTATOES before buying your winter
O N E 316
exact style you
want and you will find that in the
Red Crosi Shoe, it fit* much
closer, hat better lines and more
character. You will be at enthu
siastic about its effect on the ap
pearand of your foot as about the
way it feels.
The comfort of the Red Crofs
Shoe is due—not to any certain
style or shape—but to the wonder
ful ease of its flexible sole, which
is tanned by a upecial process.
Though of regular thickness, you
can bend it double when new.
Women find they can put the
Red Cross Shoe on in the store
and begin wearing it at once, it
so easy on the feet.
Come in and see t'le new Fall
styles. Bend the... Walk in
them. Know how different they
feel in the Red Cross Shoe. High
Shoes $4, $4.50 and $5. Oxfords
$3.50 and $4.
Shoe Department #0
A Dainty,
Delicious Delight
for the Summer days when the appetite craves
light and wholesome foods
with strawberries, raspberries sliced bananas or
other fruits.
Heat the Biscuit in the oven to restore crispness,
then cover with berries in their ownjuices and serve
with milk or cream, adding sugar to suit the taste.
More healthful and more easily digested than or
dinary "short-cake." Always pure, always clean,
always the same price.
F. E. YOUNG, City Auditor, 'aborts and poultry supplies at Will's
Bismarck, N. D., Oct. 12th, 1910. JHred Store.—Advt.
Shredded Wheat Biscuit is made of the whole
wheat, steam-cooked, shredded and baked
the cleanest,finestfood factory in the world. It
readj-cooked, ready-to-serve. Two Shredded
Wheat Biscuits heated a oven to restore
crispness, and eaten with a Kttle hot milk, anc
salted or sweetened to smt the taste, willsupply
all the energy needed for a half days work. If
you like it for breakfast yon wiD Hke it for any
meal in combination with vegetables, berries,
sliced bananas, stewed prunes or other fruits.
We received a batch of climate
[from Florida or thereabouts Monday
which reminded us. in a gentle way.
of some of the balmy days we had
last June. Seems as though some of
Mark Twain's "New Kngland Weath
er" must have followed the general
impulse to "go west" and find a new
home where it might exercise to the
full its whimisical vagaries.
Chas. Kroll. They all got to town in
pretty good time Saturday, but com
I ing home they kept stringing along
until late Sunday night before they
were all back in their accustomed
places again.
I One month of
The lowest attendance any day dur-
ing the month was lit, while during
the last week 15 were present every
day but one. The next Parents Day
to attend the meetings of the state
lorfucational Association which will
last nearly all week.
Neighbor Gierke and household are
plunged in grief and with lamenta
tions inconsolable bewail the loss of
a dear old friend which recently pass-]
ed from a long and useful existence,
into the vast unknown beyond. The'
neighbors were permitted to view the:
remains from the south pasture fence,1
and interment is being accomplished
as rapidly as possible by a bunch of,
obliging coyotes who wkeep and wail,
every night over their melancholy'
task. Alas, for the old sorrel pony. I
We heard a threshing machine
grinding away in the direction of
Harms' Tuesday. It was Stafford's
outfit we were told.
Get your lunch at the parlors of
the Baptist church to-day, noon to
two o'clock. 35 cents. See display seventy-five cents a "bushel,
ad for menu. Mabel Kroll has been home a
few days again. She expects to go
NOTICE TO AUTO OWNERS. north this week.
Licenses and tags for automobiles A. Molendorf made a trip to the
and motor cycles are now ready for coal mine Monday with two teams
delivery. The city ordinance requires hauling coal for the school and for
that each owner of a motor vehicle the teacher.
shall pay the city treasurer a license
fee of $2.00 and the treasurer's re-' "For shoe repairing, go see Busch."
ceipt shall be presented to the city
auditor, who will issue the tag and THE PLACE TO BUY
license. Ground feed, oat*, corn, bran,
The first issue of the "Frances'
School Weekly" will be forthcoming
on Friday. We are waiting with
some interest the debut of this newj
A. Ryberg recently sold some cat-,
tie at a good price.
I F. Cramer raised about fifty or sixty
bushels of rutabagas off of a little'.
patch containing scarcely half an
acre. He sold some In Bismarck fori
E 8 of N ro
Mrs. Cramer was expecting her trip to the big doings at Mott the
mother from South Dakota to come latter part of the week. Round trip
'this week and help take care of her, tickets are to be sold for $!i and there
but so far as we know she has not is every indication that Bismarck will
arrived yet. send a big delegation. Mott has plan
I The Market Day festivities in Bis-,ed a monster celebration and will
marck had the following represent-, have two days of the biggest kind
atives form this section: Messrs., of a time.
Tebbo Harms, Ed Dietzman, A. Ry
I berg, H. Gierke, \V. 10. Yeater, \Vm
McCormick, Jos. M.Oormick. and
has passed
jaway and the record of that month
makes a goodly showing. Out of fif-|SUcn
es to be a Hummer—Large Num
ber Will go From Bismarck.
The Northern Pacific officials have
made all arrangements for the coach
special train which will make the
I There will be a large delegation of
Indians there who will give their old
a a a a
I 1 be a a 0
teen pupils enrolled the first day,, Milwaukee will also run trains
•seven attended the lull twenty days
without being either absent or tardy.:
busting, there
will be a balloon ascension, races will
be run, baseball games played, out
door free vaudeville attractions have
been secured, a barbecue lunch will
be served each day, there will be
speeches and races, and in fact, it
a a in a
in a 8 jr
be one of the biggest, and prob-
biggest gathered
southwestern North Dakota. Better
a a I 0 W
8 0 0 a a
will be on Thursday. October 2«, in-, more booster for Bismarck. Following
stead of on the 2*th as announced' schedule of the special train,
last week. As there will be no school
a I is
on the date first set (Oct. 28th) it, Mandan time. The Birmarck time is
had to be changed. Next week there enclosed in parenthsis so there will
will be no school as the teacher has
mountain or
hance for you to go wrong
Out Trip, Friday, October 14.
Mandan. 7:00 p. m.
Bismarck, 7:30 (8:30 time).
Mandan Junction, 8:00.
Schmidt, 8:26.
Gwyther, 9:20.
Cannon Ball, 9:21.
Solen, 9:"0.
Parkin, 10:10.
Timmer. 10:20.
Gall, 10:42.
Flasher. 10:54—Arrive.
Flasher. 11:24—Depart.
Lark, 11:48.
Louse Creek. 11:58 a. m.
Carson, 12:14 p. m.
Lawther. 12:33.
Shanley. 12:53.
New Leipzig, 1:09.
Birdsell. 1:19.
Burt, 1:37.
Mott. 2:00 p. m.—Arrive.
Return Trip—Saturday, Oct. 15.
Mott. 2:30 p. ni.—Leave.
Burt. 2:53.
Birdsell. 3:11.
New Leipzig, 3:21.
Shanley. 3:37.
Lawther, 3:57.
Louse Creek, 4:32.
Lark, 4:42.
Flasher, 5:06.
Gall. 5:18.
Timmer. 5:40.
Parkin. 5:50.
Solen, 6:10.
Cannon Ball. 6:39.
Gwyther, 6:58.
Schmidt, 7:34.
Mandan. 8:00.
Bismarck. 9:30 p. m. (our time).
"For shoe repairing, go see Busch."
Get a HYOMEI (pronounce it High
o-me) outfit to-day.
Pour a few drops from the bottle
into the inhaler that comes with each
outfit, and breathe it in four or five
times a day.
Immediately you will know that
HYOMEI soothes and heals the in
flamed and irritated membrane.
But HYOMEI does more than sooth
and heal it kills the germs, those
persevering pests that are at the
root of all catarrhal conditions.
"Last year I suffered terribly with
catarrh. I used one bottle of HY
OMEI, and my catarrh was better."—
Miss Helen McNair, Loyalton, Cal.
A complete HLOMEI outfit, includ
ing a bottle of HYOMEI, a hard rub
ber pocket inhaler and simple in
structions for use, costs only $1.00. If
you now own a HYOMEI inhaler, you
can get an extra bottle of HYOMEI
for only 50 cents at Lenhart's Drug
Guaranteed to cure catarrh, croup,
asthma and sore throat, or money
The tortoise won the race in the
fable, not by spurts of speed, but by
steadify plugging away. The success
ful saver is the one who steadily
saves small sums. Your savings with
U3 earn 4 per cent interest compound
ed every three months. $1.00 opens
an account. Start now.
How H. Took It.
"In training." said an instructor in
athletics, "the strictest obedience is re
quired. Whenever I think of the the
ory of training I think of Dash. who.
after eighteen years of married life,
is one of the best and happiest bus
bands in the world.
'Dash.' I once said to him. 'well.
Dash, old man. bow do yon take mar
ried life?
'"According to directions,' he re
Bids wanted for plastering new
McKenzie hotel. Bids will be re
ceived until October 13, for the fur
nislAng of all labor for plastering
the New McKenzie hotel. Address
I all bids to John L. Larson.
Frank Fox returned Wednesday a*
ternoon from his trip to Iowa where
he had gone on land business.
Attorney Ceorge II. Niles is in
Minneapolis on a business trip for
few days.
Chas. Ode has bought the old J.
Rue carpenter shop at the corner of
Avenue and Fifth street, and has
moved it onto his lots in the east
end of town.
Attorney Fred Larson of Kulm, and
Druggist Ross of the same place arc
in the city on business.
•Judge lOdward Kngerud of Fargq,
is in Bismarck on legal business to
('has. White is home again and has
resumed personal charge of his liv
ery business.
Mrs. I. M. Capper was in the city
yesterday from Baldwin.
Miss Rhoda Wood of McKenzie,
was transacting business in the citv
Mrs. I). K. Crowley of Dickinson, is
spending a few days in the citv at the
home of her father, T. C. Madden.
W. C. Steiber of Wilton, was in the
city Wednesday where he was called
on business before the land office.
Mrs. Lida M. Winter of Water
town, S. D., is visiting relatives in
the Capital City for a few days.
Little Madelon Quinn is, without
exception, the best child elocutionist
I have ever heard. Her selections
are wll ehosn and are given with an
expression and feeling remarkable
in one so young. She won her audi
ence from the very start, and held
them through the entire evening. In
spite of her success, Madelon is just
an unspoiled, loveable little girl who
wins friends wherever she goes.
With best wishes for her success, I
am. One of her best friends,
Matilda (Jarvey, Secretary,
Y. W. C. A., Newburg, N." Y.
Madelon will give a recital in the
Presbyterian church on next Mon
day evening. Tickets 35 and 2.rc.
.j. .j. ,j. .j, .j. .j, .j,
R. H. E.
Hmoklyn 2 7
Boston 9 12 a
Hell, Dessau, Hergen and Mille
Frock and Rariden.
Second game— R. H. E.
Hrooklyn 2 5 1
Boston 3 *J 1
Harger and Miller Parsons, Fergu
son and Rairdon.
R. H. 15
Chicago 12 12 0
St. Louis 2 2
Overall. Richie and richer Alberts
and Phelps.
Philadelphia 1 fi 7
All Stars 5 7 0
Mender, Plank, Coombs, Lapp and
Thomas Walsh and Sullivan.
Have you overworked your nervous sys
tem and caused trouble with your kid
neys and bladder? Have you pains in
loins, side, back and bladder? Have you
a flabby appearance of the face, and un
der the eyes? A frequent desire to pass
urine? If so, Williams" Kidney Pills will
cure you—Drup^lst, Price BOc.
WILLIAMS MFG. CO., Props.. Cleveland. Ohio
For sale at Adams' Drug Store.
That Cold Room
On Hands, Face, Nose and Mouth.
Hard Crust Formed and Cracked
Open. Blood Ran. Itched Fright
fully. Mitts on Hands. No Rest.
Got Cuticura. In 3 Days Relief. In
a Week Cured Without a Mark.
"I hav« little baby almost a year old.
When it was two months old It got eczema on
top of dot li tier bunds, on her (ace and Inside
ber nose and mouth. She refused to drink
and one ot her eye»
almost closed up. A
hard crust formed
mid would crack open
und the blood ran out.
It Itched so fright
fully that the poor
lit tie girl could not
rest. We had to keep
mitts on her hands to
keep her from scratch
Ine at her face and
her mother was forced
to sit in a rocklnr
"chair with the baby
'day and night. W»
bad a very good doc-
i.fV.J' ~W Nor ami he did all that
tie possibly could to
reliev.- tin- hnhr's torture but the results wera
uul hal wt had looked for.
"\W lud road of the Ctitlrura remedies so
wr went in the dmi: store and K"t some Cutl
rnr-.i mi and Cutieiira ointment. We U»ed
them jn-t as direeted ami In three days the
rrust liei:an to come off. In a week there was
no more wait and now the baby is cured with
out a mark sleeps soundly In her cradle and
tier parenti in their lied, with no more sleep
less nights because of the baby's suffering.
Ctitlrura seems it wonderful remedy for this
disease ami any one hnvlnc eczema should
not delav In getting It. Henry M. Focal,
F. I I. Rnth. Pti., Dec. 0. 1909."
rutlnira Romrclten gold throughout the world
Potior Drue A ('hem. Corp.. Sole Props., Boston.
*»-MHII(-1 tree. 32-pngr rutlcura book, eontalntnc
Invaluable ml va-i on the Treatmentot Skin Troubles.
University and monogram brands
represent the highest quality canned
fruits and vegetables packed. You
can buy them at Mandigo's, the qual
ity store.
We are installing a first class Fair
banks, Morse compound beam Stand
ard Scale. Will fill your orders for
the best grade of lignite coal and
Montana Red Lodge coal, also Anth.
on the side of the house where
winter blasts strike hardest always
has a lower temperature than tne
rest of the house. There are times
when it is necessary to raise the
temperature quickly or to keep the
temperature up for a long period.
That can't be done by the regular
method of heating without great
trouble and overheating the rest of
the house. The only reliable
method of heating such a room
alone by other means is to use a
fill- E A E
Absolutely smokeless mi odorless
which can be kept at full or low heat for a short or long time.
Four quarts of oil will give a glowing heat for nine hours,,
without smoke or smell.
An indicator always shows the amount of oil in the font.
Filler-cap does not screw on but is put in like a cork in a bottle,
and is attached by a chain and cannot get lost.
An aatomatlc-locldng flame spreader prevents the
wick from being turned high enough to smoke, and is easy to
remove and drop back so that it can be cleaned in an instant.
The burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, and can be unscrewed1
ia an instant for rewicking. Finished in japan or nickel, strong, durable, well
made, built for service, and yev light and ornamental. Has cool handle.
Dmkrs BmrymkeH. If net ef yours, write far iucriftwt dmdar
to the marts
Standard Company

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