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Bismarck daily tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, November 04, 1910, Image 3

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Friday, November i, 1910.
Mr. B. Guyther was a Mandan vis
itor Saturday.
Miss Anna Dwiglet transacted busi
ness at the Capital City last week.
E. E. Knox was a Mandan visitor'
Friday and Saturday.
Dr. Toney spent Sunday at Fort
Mrs. Wray is visiting friends at
Mandan this week.
Miss Evangeline Marsh spent Sat
urday with her friend, Mrs. A. Us
Elsie Wells' spent Sunday at her
Ted Farmer and Everet Tillotson at
tended the dance at Rothenberger's
The Presbyterians gave a chicken
supper Saturday for the benefit of
the church and a good time is re
ported and a neat sum realized fi
Mr. S. W. Schmidt is having the
exterior of his house painted. All
this fixing up looks suspicious.
Mrs. Fred Kern made a business
and pleasure trip to Mandan Tuesday.
Miss Ethel Kolby spent Sunday
with parents at Hobson.
A. Hamlin went to Mandan with
Dr. Tony in his auto Sunday.
The Catholics held mass at Fort
Rice Monday.
Miss Gwyther and Miss Virginia
Samuels were shopping at Fort Rice
Miss Marquet of Parkin, visited at
the home of Miss Grace Ballow on
John Graner was a business caller
the first of the week.
Mr. Cadell was a business visitor
here Saturday.
The Fort Rice people expect to
have an operator installed at the
new depot in the near future.
The business at the station de
mands this, as Fort Rice is one of
Big Bargain Special in
Women's Hand Bags
Made of genuine high grade goat seal leather, leather lined
with wide heavy German silver and gilt mountings a good
value at $5.00 priced special during this sale at
$2.95 Each
Women's Underwear
Fine quality women's fleeced, no button, fall and winter
vests, sizes 4, 5 and 6, a special value at
25c Each
Union Suits
Broken lot of women's Munsing union suits in Merino and
fine wool, regular $2.00 and $3.00 suits at
3 Off
the busiest little towns on the new
Mr. O. Overton took the teachers'
examination at Mandan Friday and
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wead were shop
ping at Fort Rice Saturday.
Mrs. C. E. Dudder returned to her
home at Mandan Tuesday, she hav
ing been the guest of the Marsh and
Usselman families.
A. W. Lucas Company
Mrs. J. Farmer visited Fort Rice
friends Saturday.
Save some part of the money you
earn now. This is the means of ac
cumulating a reserve from th» power
exerted in youth. The dollars you
save now will work for you. They
will give you independence later on
in life. $1.00 starts an account and
we pay 4 per cent compounded every
three months.
The City National Bank of Bismarck.
For clean hacks and careful drivers,
Phone 105. Day or night.
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Giv this ad your careful perusal as every
item is a money-saver and may offer to
you justwhatyo havebee wantingtobuy.
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45.00 suits at
Minot Optic: Dean Kennedy of the
teachers' college of the state univer
sity, who is a Minot visitor today,
is a most enthusiastic worker for the
location of the normal school at Mi
not. Having been an educator in the
state for twenty-five years, he, above
all others, realizes the need of better
educational facilities for this section
of the country. In an interview with
an Optic representative today, Mr.
Kennedy said:
"I am now, and have been from
the first of the movement, in favor
of a normal school at Minot. There
is in this northwestern portion of the
state a veritable empire in extent,
and teachers and prospective teach
ers should have, within reasonable
reach, the advantages and facilities
for professional preparation. Normal
schools should be brought to the peo
ple in the centers of territory and
population. Young people should not
Ladies Suits
Beautifully tailored suits in this
season's newest styles and colors, dur
ing this sale we offer you your choice
of any suit in stock at one-half price.
Do not delay your purchases as they
will be sold quickly. This means-
Men's Shirts
Men's unlaundered white shirts, all sizes, wortli (0c, special
29c Each
Men's Sox
A large assortment of all sizes of men's fancy half hose,
worth to 50c a pair, special price
23c per Pair
Men's fine silk knit four-in-hand ties, a full assortment of
colors, special value at
25c Each
be required to travel hundreds of
miles to secure normal school advan
tages. Experience shows that it will
not be alone. In Iowa, where they
have mistakenly adopted the plan of
the normal school of the whole
state, private institutions nave sprung
up in various places, and without su
pervision are doing poorly and with
all kinds of standards what the state
ought to do for its young people un
der supervision and with a common
standard. The great states of Minne
sota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan—
and in fact nearly all of the states,
east and west, including North Dako
ta, have adopted the policy of locat
ing normal schools where needed, for
the reasonable convenience of teach
ers and those preparing to teach. The
unit of territory and of population
differs, of course, in extent for dif
ferent kinds of institutions, but it is
the general consensus of opinion that
a state should establish and main
tain normal schools in centers of ter
ritory and population of reasonable
extent. I feel that this is an educa
tional question in this state and that,
in my twenty-fifth year of active ser
vice here a word in the cause of
what I believe to be true educational
policy, may not be out of place at
this time."
Goods at the "Clever Clothes" shop
—Jerseys, Trousers, Shoes, etc.
S. E. Bergeson & Son.
Don't fail to procure Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup for your children
while cutting teeth. It sooths the
child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, cures wind colic, and is the best
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
For clean hacks and careful drivers,
Phone 105. Day or night.
Fresh buttermilk delivered. Phone
Fresh churned butter. Phone 355.
State of North Dakota, County of
Burleigh, In District Court, Sixth
Judicial District.
John Satterlund, plaintiff, vs. Ella
Todd, Lewis Todd, Ruth Todd, JOB
ephus Todd, and John Todd, heirs of
Josephus Todd, deceased, and all
other persons unknown claiming any
estate or interest in, or lien or in
cumbrance upon the property de
scribed in the complaint, defendants.
The State of North Dakota, to the
above named defendants:
You, and each of you, are hereby
summoned to answer the complaint of
the plaintiff in the above entitled ac
tion, which complaint is hereto an
nexed and herewith served upon you,
and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the sub
scribers at their offices in the city
of Bismarck, in said county and state,
within thirty days after the service
of this summons upon you, exclusive
of the day of such service and in case
of your failure to appear or answer,
judgment will be taken against you
by default for the relief demanded in
the complaint.
Dated at Bismarck, N. D„ November
3, 1910.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
To the above named defendants:
You, and each of you, will please
take notice that the Summons and
complaint in the above entitled action
were filed in the office of the Clerk
of the District Court of Burleigh
County, North Dakota, on the 3rd
day of November, 1910, and that this
action is brought for the purpose of
quieting title in this plaintiff to the
south twetny-five (25). feet of Lot
one (1), and the north twenty-five
(25) feet of Lot Two (2). in block ten
(10), of the Northern Pacific Addi
tion to the City of Bismarck, North
Dated at Bismarck. N. D., November
3, 1910.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Bismarck, N. D.
(11-4, 11, 18, 25 and 12-2 and 9.)
We have the Anthracite, Egg,
Stove and Nut always on hand.
Also Hocking Valley screened
lump, and would be pleased to
deliver your order whether it be
100 pounds or a car load.
We are also handling the
Montana Vulcan Coal
in lump and stove sizes. This
is the best and most economi-
cal fuel that you can put in
your bin—easy to start a fire
with. More heat and less
ashes and dust than any coal
on the market for the money.
Give Vulcan Coal—a trial and
be convinced.
The Watch for Hustling
We urge yon to try Uexall Order
lies at our risk. Two sizes, 10c.
and I'Gc. Remember, you can get
Rcxall Remedies in this community
only at our store—The Rexall Store.
Lenhart Drug Store, Main St.
Pure Wool
Th* lower part, dipped in boiling caustic potaih,
wis entirely dissolved, proving it to
be pure wool.
The G. M. Wheeler Model Elgin
keeps railroad time, stands hard knocks
and rough weather, and lasts a lifetime.
If it says the train is due in so many
minutes, you can be dead sure it's right.
You know that a minute may mean
a make or a miss. Catching trains is
too important to risk to an unfaithful
watch. This timekeeper gives you
absolute certainty—at a medium price.
Elgin Watch
18 Size
These are some of its vital parts—17 JmwtU, protecting all pivots from
wear Compensating Balance, which automatically adjusts to changes of
temperature Micromitric Regulator, which cannot be accidentally moved
strong mainspring, rigid construction and handsome case. Cased and timed
at the factory. Take a few minutes to-day, and go examine this famous
timepiece at the nearest jeweler's. He will be glad to explain every part.
The Movement alone coats $17.
In Filled GoW Cases. $10 and up. In Solid Gold Cases, SW and up.
Every man and woman ought to own an Elgin Watch. There are many
models, priced according to case and works, all fully guaranteed. They're
sold by jewelers everywhere.
Forbes, N. D., Nov. 3.—John Burns,
proprietor of the Commercial hotel in
this city and Emil Hall, a young man
who has been clerking in one of the
stores here, were at Zahn's lake hunt
ing ducks yesterday when in some
way the boat they were in upset.
Hall was unable to swim and was
Mr. Burns clung to the boat and
drifted to the shore, a distance of
nearly a quarter of a mile, but was
so exhausted that he fell unconscious
on the shore where he lay until he
was picked up by some other hunters.
Dr. Ames was summoned and in a
short time had Burns fixed out so
that he could be taken home.
Our Reputation and Money Are Back
of This Offer.
We pay for all I he medicine used
during the trial, if our remedy fails to
completely relieve you of constipation.
We take all the risk. You are not ob
ligated to us in any way whatever, if
you accept our offer. Could anything
be more fair for you? Is there any
reason why you should hesitate to put
our claims to a practical test?
The most srionrifie, common sense
treatment is Itexall Orderlies, which
are eaten like candy. They are very
prououueed, gentle and pleasant in
action, and particularly agreeable in
every way. They do not cause diar
rhoea, nausea, flatulence, griping or
any inconvenience whatever. ltexall
Orderlies are particularly good for chil
dren, aged and delicate persons.
Parties have been organized to drag
the lake for the body of the unfor
tunate man that was drowned. The
being quite deep this will be
quit a task.
CELMO is 1 ho famous English remedy
which cured the Ambassador of rrunce
after 36 years suffering, that had en
dangered his life three times, and which
during the last year, has established as
remarkable a record in America. CELMO
reaches the trouble in the logical way- it
really cures, by removing the cause and it
does this without upsetting the stomach
or affecting the heart. The moBt delicate
child can use CELMO safely because it
does not contain any of the harsh in
gredients met with in the majority of
prescriptions for Rheumatism. With
CELMO. special diets and chemical baths
are unnecessary. It is something entirely
different—removed from all the known,
present and past remedies. It is easy to
make claims, but sometimes hard to prove
them—but wo make no claims which can
notbefulfllled—no extravngantstatementB
which cannot be substantiated. We stand
ready to prove that wo have in CELMO a
remedy which is beyond all doubt or ques
tion. You are taking no risk of any kind
with this product. What it has done and
is now daily doing in America,_ England.
France, and the world over is known.
Ask us for evidenco—for proof—for letters
from citizens of the United States every
where—from English Earls and Army
Ollicors—from France—there are now few
places that cannot testify to the remark
able results of CELMO in Rheumatism
-Sciatica- Lumbago—Gout, Etc. Ask to
see CELMO at our store. Ask for a
booklet of The New Way or The CELMO
Way-telling all about it. You will knew
CELMO by its regal dressing of purple
and gold—for it is originally a British
product and always bears the crown. A
pocket size convenient pleasant in
Tablet form-no rules to follow—no
mixtures to take—no oils to rub on. Get
CELMO today and bo rid of your pairs.
12 days supply $1.00. Or write THE
CELMO CO', 90 La Salle St., Chicago.
Part Cotton
When boiled in caustic potash the wool inside
the squires was dissolved, leaving
only the cotton bare.
Clothcraft Stands
the Acid Test
OU always find in your Clothcraft suit a
regularly signed, legal, binding guaran
P|) ty that the suit is pure wool.
That guaranty could not be given if the makers and we
ourselves did not absolutely know the goods to be pure wool.
This is the test: Pure wool boiled in caustic potash complete
ly dissolves. If there is any cotton in the mixture, it remains.
Every piece of cloth coming from the mills must be able to
stand this test before it is accepted for Clothcraft.
Wool lasts. Wool keeps its stylish shape,and color. When you
can have all-wool guaranteed at $10 to $25 it is foolish to take anything
lass. Then come in today and pick out your Clothcraft suit orovercoat.
Hoove & Eppinger
For sale and guaranteed by
Bismarck, N D.

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