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Tuesday. June 27. 1911
in the grovi*i of the town the mat-nine
.shops will continue to expand with ihe
town, and wili some dav ».o the SJUICU
of a big p.ivr.il! which will eventual!.*
find its way into the tills of the vari
ous merchants of the to* n.
The commercial club is doing what
it can to encourage this enterprise,
and also the flour mill, which is run
by Miohaelson brothers. Fred Schoen
Bigel is president of the commercial
club and A. H. Nieter is secretary.
These men believe that the flour indus
try can be developed at New Leipzig
and that there is ample business there
for a big mill. The one already in
operation there can handle the busi
ness at present, but will be enlarged
E sox
He is Determnied to Locate and Erad
icate Trouble that Seems to Be
Bothering the Team.
The Bismarck White Sox appear to
be having hard luck with their games
recently and manager Cayou is deter
mined to locate the trouble and cor
rect it. He has a good team and
feels that there is no reason or ex
cuse for not grabbing the long end of
the score in the remaining games.
He has signed the well known
Prouty is a good man and will make a
state who will be here Tuesday and
make his initial apearance in a Bis-
R.L. BEST,.Prop. Bismarck, JV. 2).
New Leipzig Drug Store.
as the business increases and war
rants the heavier investment.
The land in the vicinity of New
Leipzig is all taken up and the major
ity of the cultivated acreage is in
wheat. This is the principal product
of that section of the country, al
though corn, flax and oats, as well as
some fruit, is grown.
Fred Schoensigel is the editor and
proprietor of the New Leipzig Sen
tinel, and also manager of the opera
house. The Sentinel has proven to be
a great factor in the upbuilding of
the town, and is one of the institutions
that is doing the town a lot of good
Mr. Schoensigel is a practical print-
marck suit in the game against the
New England team next Wednesday.
Prouty is a good man and ilwl make a
big noise at the short stop or second
base stations
Mr. Cayou also is negotiating With
"Biddie" Dolan, who has been playing
with the crack team at Wausau, Wis.
As soon as he heard that the Wausau
team had disbanded he wired Dolan a
proposition and he will no doubt have
several surprises in store for the fans
in the near future that will give Bis
marck the best ball team it has ever
The New England game on Wednes
day, the 28th, will be called at 4:45.
The team plays New Salem here on
next Sunday, and the game will be
called at 3:30.
Monday the 3rd, and Tuesday, the
the local team will play the fast team
from Hazelton Monday at 4 o'clock
and Tuesday at 3:30.
$4.00 per ton paid for scrap iron
at Wacbter's new barn, 5th St. South.
Why don't you buy that light Summer
OK'S PATTERNS and FIT. Well, you
ought to see them. Not "Just li%e your
mother used to maHie" but just Iflfce the
Help/ for All
Andrew Carnegie once suggested as an epitaph for his
own tombstone what he said was the secret of his success:
Here lies a man who surrounded himself with men
abler than himself.**
Many able people are working for you, scientists, inventors,
manufacturers, all trying to make something you want. Do^ you use
their brains and their efforts—"surround yourself with them"—or do
you plod along by yourself, years behind die times?
Take your own home. Have you your share of modern im
provements there—money-saving, labor-saving, health-promoting? One
of the most important of these is a New Perfection Oil Cook-stove.
A New Perfection store newer orerHeata a kitchen. It saves your strength. It
MTCS hid and feme. With the New Perfecaoa oren with the glass doort you can
go on with your ironing or any other week, aad still be sure at a glance the joint i*
mating properly. Made with 1.2 aad 3 .Barters, with
tsaa, tarajuoat blue eaaawlrd rtiimaffi.
Oil Cook stow
Haadmirly taahed tfcroathoot. The
2- aad 3-beiraer Movescaa be had with or
•ilheala cmbatet top. which a (tiedwith
drop shelves, towel racks, etc
Dealen everywhere: or write for de
scriptive circular to the scares! asaac*
Standard Oil Company
er and besides looking after the busi
ness of the office does the mechanical
work. He is doing a nice business,
and his paper has considerable pres
tige in the Mott line country.
There are three organized churches
in New Leipzig—the Catholic, the
Lutheran, and the Congregational. The
first named has a church edifice. Rev.
Thomas is in charge of that parish.
Rev. George Wolf is the Lutheran pas
tor and Rev. J. F. Grove is the Congre
gational minister.
Rudolph Sprecher is the photograph
er at New Leipzig and most of the ac
companying illustrations are made
from his work.
C. A. Brest, mine genial host of the
at 7:30 he was still there. He took
the passenger. He expressed himself
as being almost displeased with the
way things had come out.
Conductor Sam Russell on the ,,
north Soo line has found something
alon„ the line Russel says breath
The man who was wearing new
shoes had the attention of the entire
audience at the Bickford trial when
he tried to walk across the floor to
get out. The shoes could have been
heard a block distant.
When Fred Hendirckson was put on
the stand to attest to the general good
reputation of Bickford. Mr. Hendrick
son testified that he himself is a for
mer alderman and also a former mem
ber of the state legislature. When he
was turned over to the state for cross
examination. Engerud said. "Lets see,
Hendrickson, you sell life insurance,
don't you?"
"Yes, sir." testified tne witness.
"I thought so," remarked Engerud—
"a life insurance agent now. and a for
mer alderman and former member of
the legislature—that's all."
Hendrickson enjoyed the Joke as
much as the others who heard it.
Hotel Frederic, has just recently as
sumed charge of the hostelry, giving
up his home in the country to go into
the hotel business. The hotel has 24
sleeping rooms.
The Curlew Elevator Company will
soon build at New Leipzig, the plans
having already been drawn up.
The Carpenter-Webster Lumber
Company maintains a big yard at
New Leipzig.
John Wolf is in the general merch
andise business, and is well pleased
with the volume of business he is do
William Compton is proprietor of
one of the restaurants of the town.
Ed F. Kiermian, attorney, is one of
New Leipzig State Bank.
In speaking of the endless amount invocation, Rev. W. C. Hume duet,
of work entailed in preparing the evi- Misses Rudd and Forbes music, by
dence was concerned. The suit was Washburn band address, Hon. W. H.
Curdy, one of the counsel for the state, Winchester music, male quartette
recalled a trial in which he had been address by Hon. George A. Bangs,
employed as counsel that surpassed Grand Forks music, Washburn band,
this one insofar as the technical evi-j 2:30 p. m.—Small sports:—Egg race
dence was concerned. The siut was sack race, wheelbarrow race, 100 yard Governor Burke will leave the cap
brought to resist payment for a gaso- race, 50 yard race, 25 yard girls' race, Ital city Wednesday, June 28, for
line engine which the purchaser 12 years old, 50 yard fat man's race, Oskaloosa, la., where he will be pres
claimed was made of inferior stuff.' three legged race, throwing base ball, ent at the convention of the Iowa
In order to present the case McCurdy pie eating contest, running bases, and State Ear association, before which he
had to get a thorough understanding bicycle race. I will read a paper on 'Employers' Lia
of a gasoline engine and all of its I 4:0 p. Ball game, Washburn vs. Iility and Workmen's Compensation."
component parts. He had to learn Velva. I His address is scheduled to be giv
the difference between the fly wheel 6:00
and spark plug and be able to speak 9:00
entertainingly and convincingly on music
both. He had to know good brass
from a piece of phoney stuff, and to
know all the composite parts of steel taken yesterday for the
iron, and the chemical analysis of Tribune,
gasoline and water. When McCurdy
got through with that trial he knew Judge Crawford says there is a man
more about gasoline engines than a at Dickinson, who has a brother. Will
district manager for a sorrespondence iam by name, who has been in the
school. penitentiary for several years. The
family is a shiftless lot. One day the
A salesman who either needed the brother at Dickinson was asked as to
money or is just a natural born Ihust-, how be was getting along. "Oh. not
ler, figured it out that if he would very well," he replied. Bill has been
catch the early morning freight from! the pen up at Bismarck for three
Bismarck to Washburn he could have years, and I have to stay at home asd
time to "Work" Washburn and then do the work."
catch the passenger on up north. He
had the clerk at the Grand Pacific' The only drugists* liquor permit in
call him at 4:00 a. m. Monday morn- Judge Winchester's district has been
ing, and went down to Ihe yards and granted to J. Schulstead, of Dogden.
took up a position on a track awaiting,
the start of the freight. When the
passenger train backed into the depot
A picture of the Bickford jury was
Remarks, C. F. Maennel. chairman S. E. BERGESON ft SON.
E. (J. Larson, first lieutenantt the!Jh here.
a on flrat
to be thankful for in the encroachment bureau, returned Monday from his
lieutenan aatt the
of a 8 a
of mustard upon many wheat fields "vacation trio which he snent in Mor- I 1 1 1
•!,«, H„J n„=o»n =ove w,ath.'!
I S in
ing the air along the line helps hay
fever. And, speaking of mustard in. EN ROUTE TO FORKS
the wheat fields, Russell said last year Dr. William Muench spent
that the manager of the Mandan Mer
cantile Company at Wilton was docked
so much on part of his wheat because
of the mustard seed in it,
cided to have it cleaned
ting it on the market. After the
wheat had gone through the fanning
mill he found himself in possession of
a big quantity of mustard seed—which
he marketed in the east for $700.
that he de- 'session of the (irand Lodge of
before put- Masonic order.
the older residents of the town, and
has a very lucrative practice.
One natural advantage, that New
I Leipzig has is natural drainage, and
the benefit of this was felt recently
when that section of the country was
visited by a severe raistorm.
An idea of the extensive scale on
which farming is carried on in the
New Leipzig country may be gained
from the fact that F. B. Ewald has in
1,000 acres of wheat this season.
In one section of the town there are
four modern residences owned by the
Hertz brothers, whose homes are of
the nicest of the town.
A colony of Finlanders on the Can
nonball a short distance below New
Leipzig is a prosperous community and
Will Discuss ac His Theme "Employ
ers' Liability and Working
men's Compensations."
p. m— Hose contest. on Thursday, June 28. The gov
p. m— Dance at Opera house, ernor will return to the capital city at
iby Lochner's ordfciestra.
nee after the close of the session of
Hie bar association.
Will Give Exhibition Flight and Will
Alto Do Some Scouting With
Biplane During Sham Battle.
Aviator Robert St. Henry, who re
cently flew so sucessfully in his Cur
t'.ss biplane at the aviation meet held
Mandan under the auspices of the
Missouri Slope Agricultural and Fair
association, will be at the Chautauqua
grounds at Devils Lake at the same
imee that the state militia is encamped
re 0
DOWN FROM GARRISON. larl to do some scouting for the sol
Representative Jerry O'Shea of Car- diers when they are working out some
rison was an arrival at the capital of their problems on sham battle. The
city Monday evening on the north officials the have
Soo. He departed on delayed train
No. 8 for Fargo, where he will spend
a few days attending to business and
visiting with friends.
Colonel D. R. Streeter departed for
his home at Linton Monday evening
on No. 8. He has been visiting at
different parts in the state for the last Chautauqua brounds and the boys who
week. He attended the aviation meet are going with the national guard
at Mandan, went to Grand Forks for
the convention of the Elks' lodge, at
tended the editorial association gath
ering at Devils Lake, and from there
returned to the capital city where he
spent Sunday.
Johnnie Cox Is Taken to the State
Institution Monday Afternoon.
Monday afternoon, Johnnie Cox was
taken to the reform school at Mandan
by Sheriff Barnes on No. 7. He was
declared incorrigible and ordered to
the state institution by Judge Win
Today (Tuesday) the McLean coun
ty old soldiers are having a big re
union at Washburn. The entertain
ment and amusements arranged by
the committee in charge are as fol
10:30 a. m.—Band concert on street. OPEN EVERY NIGHT
11:00—March to par kle dby band., until July 4th for the accommoda
12:00 noon—Picnic dinner. Uion of those who want "Clever
1:00 p. m.—Music, Washburn band. I Clothes."
See the Leoni Cortell Co. in an en
tire new play. "The Last Days of
School," at the Grand tonight.
Sundav July 9 he is sched
S fnghtThere
a few
He de-
pvnibition flieht and
he has arranged for the flights to be
started from the parade grounds on
tie military reservation.
Monday and Tuesday, July 10 and
31, the aviatoTT will be the. guest of
hours in the city Monday. .i nc ,. r-„^ ~r
parted on No. 8 in the evening for 'Captain M. Haii ey ofCompany of
Grand" Forks where he will attend the *Iandf,n-
a a
,H Xi
le willing to make an exhibition nignt
fir the benefit of the members of the
__ regiment and also that he would be
matter uof and itguarexpected
is tha they
will act favorably on his offer and that
he troops of the North Dakota this
year will keep abreast of the times
end have an aeroplane scout on some
their maneuver hikes.
There will be a number of other
nteresting attractions at the camp,
account of its proximity to the
ompanies are anticipating one of the
est times they have ever had at any
the annual encampments.
(Special to th«
I BELFIELD. N. D., June27.— A ed
raiiled engine and several freight cars
which followed it off the track tied up
traffic for several hours on the main
line of the Northern Pacific at Sully
Springs, midway between this city and
Medora. No. 8 east bound passenger
was delayed 5 hours until the track
was cleared. No one was injured in
the wreck.
their trading point is New Leipzig.
This adds materially to the volume of
business done in the town. The Fin
landers have a circulating library of
their own and have a most content
ed settlement.
Tor Infests and Children.
n» KM You Ban Always Btnght
Bears the
Signature of
The Greater Y. M. C. A.
Palace Cash Store of New Leipzig.
C. W. Ehrenfeldt is the contractor
Handsome Decorations Recently Made
Bismarck Keeps Pace With the
Leading Cities of Country
in This Respect.
A Rood demonstration of the growth
jDf Bismarck as a mercantile and ad
ertising city is given in an examina
ion of the displays in the store win
dows. The standard has always been
very high and has always kept pace
Vith the best displays that are shown
the larger cities of the country.
H. W. Riehholt has recently had
the interior of his store decorated in
pleasing manner. There are lat
iced arches, covered with grape vies
(over each windew and over the soda
ountain at the rear of the store. From
he center of the arch is suspended a
anging jardinier filled with ferns and
he top of the paneling all around the
fetore is decorated with grape vines.
The Adams Drug company is also
having decorations put in that will
greatly improve the looks of the in
terior. Mr. Wasiey the decorator for
Webb Brothers is doing the work in
both stores. He left today for a trip
to the cities and Chicago where he
will spend a few days getting new
See the Leoni Cortell Co. in an en
tire new play, "The Last Days of
School," at the Grand tonight.
General Practice for the Aula),
Tractor or Stationary Engine
Nmw Clan June thm 10th
Auto Maker* Highly /Wane U*
Y. M. C. A., Minneapolis
and builder who has erected many of
the handsome buildings in the town
of New Leipzig and the surrounding
A. S. St. Marie is in the jewelry busi
ness and carries a large stock, espe
cially duri tg the holiday season.
Johnson's Velvet
Ice Cream
Enough Said
Everybody Knows Why.
Adams Drug Store
Phti« 102.
A Real
Treasure Box
The best that's
Come and see it.
We'll show you why.
Main St. Phone I00R

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