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Bismarck daily tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, June 27, 1911, Image 6

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What Aits You?
Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent head
aches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste in morning,
"heart-burn," belching of gas, acid risings in throat after
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells,
poor or variable appetite, nausea at times and kindred
Some time an opportunity will
come to you if you are prepared
success is yours. Be prepared by
saving your money. $1.00 starts a
Savings Account. The City National
Bank of Bismarck.
If you have any considerable number of the
above symptom* you are suffering from bilious
ness, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia.
Dr» Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is made
up of the most valuable medicinal principles
known to medical science for the permanent
cure of such abnormal conditions. It is a most
efficient liver invigorator, stomach tonic, bowel
regulator and nerve strcn^theacr.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" not a patent medicine or secret nostrum,
a full list of its ingredients being printed en its bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath. A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm
ful habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined
glycerine, of proper strength, from the roots of native American medical,
forest plants. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, IN. Y.
The marriage of Miss Frida Snow
field, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mag
nus Snowfield of Hananii, to Freeman
M. Bina'rson of Mountain was sol
emnized at the Lutheran church there
Miss Vdrina Bouvier and Fred
Jacques were married by Father An
drieux Tuesday evening at Tarsus
church near Bottineau. I
Announcements have been receiv
ed of the marriage of Jerimiah Daly
of Roth and Miss Kathleen L. Mad
den of Bottineau, at the home of the
bride's sister, Mrs. John Carmody, at
Hillsboro, on Wednesday, June 14th.
Miss Charlotte Ann McArthur and
J. Allen Kemp of Bottineau were mar-j
ried at the home of the bride's par-i
ents, Wednesday morning at 8:00
The marriage of Miss Gertrdue El
lison of Crary to Rev. Christian Da
vick of Plaza occurred Friday, June
23, at the First Lutheran church of
Crary. Rev. Davick and his bride
left for a three weeks* honeymoon
through Minnesota and Iowa.
The wedding ceremony of Miss Ida
Amodt to Knut Hansguard both of
Crary, was solemnized Wednesday aft
ernoon, June 24, at crary.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Boy
den of Lisbon have issued invita
tions to the marriage of their daughter
Blanche Edith to Frederick Varner
Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchin
son will be at home" at Fargo after
September 1.
The wedding of Miss Moselle Weld,
daughter of President and Mrs. Frank
Weld, to Dr. J. Hagan of Clay county
was held at the home of the bride's
parents in Fargo Saturday, June 24.
Best Awning Put Up
The New Model Awning
Architects and builders say it's the best made. It's so simple
that any one can put it up, and it can't get out of order.
This awning does not stick or jam, can be raised or lowered
easily, and requires very little room when stored away for
The cloth is always tigh t, no creases or folds can form to
collect soot.
They are storm proof will not blow down or rattle in the
wind. The iron parts are galvanized against rusting.
They admit the light and fresh air, leave entire window free
when raised and are attractive in appearance.
Bismarck Hardware Co.
Phone 92 Main St.
Our Modern Factory Spoon.
For our modern factory made spoon
the stock Is Drat rolled and cross roll
ed to get tne graded thickness that is
needed. The spoon outline is then ob
tained by means ot cutting out dies.
The blanks thus formed are struck up
by another set of dies, which orna
ment the front and back and even
bend the spoon into its proper shape,
at the same time stamping the re
quired "sterling" and the maker's
mark. If a spoon is made by tbls
latest of processes the sterling mark
can be found raised on the surface In
stead of incised, as was the case when
the marking was done separately.—
Casualties of ths Cradle.
The burden of Prussia's military
state, not spared even to the babes la
their cradles, has proved too much tor
some of the younger members of tbe
royal families. In "The House of
Hohenzollero" Mr. Brayley Hodgetts
mentions that tbe two sons whom the
first crown princess of Prussia bore
her husband (at the beginning of tbe
eighteenth centuryl both died In their
cradles, one from a nervous shock
caused by tbe salute from heavy guns
with which his arrival was heralded
and the other from tbe burden of a
golden crown wbicb was placed on bis
head after baptism.
Coin Profiles.
Where a face Is used on a piece of
money It Is always In profile, because
tbe cameo is more readily struck with
tbe die in that manner and if a foil or
three-quarter face were represented tbe
nose of tbe gentleman or lady would
get damaged in circulation and pro
duce a ridiculous effect
8tayed That Way.
"Hello. Stiibbs: Haven't seen yon
for months Tbe last time we met. 1
remember, you were trying to break
Into literature. Old you succeed?"
"Tea, and I've been broke ever
since."—Boston Transcript.
Insurance and Quick Meal
Gasoline Stoves
French & Welch Hardware Co.
Main Street Phono 14
Suitable for
Office and Hotel
Flats and
Notice is- hereby given that the fol*
lowing special assessments for the
construction of cement sidewalks have
been made by the city engineer of the
city of Bismarck and filed in the office
of the city auditor on the 23rd day of
June, 1911, and that the board of city
commissioners will meet to approve
the same on Monday, July 10, 1911, at
8:00 o'clock in the evening, at which
time any persons having any objection
to said assessments may appear and
be heard.
Special Assessment.
I hereby certify that the following
described concrete walks "have been
constructed In accordance witli the
city ordinance governing the construc
tion of sidewalks and according to the
plans and specifications furnished by
the city engineer and that there is due
the contractor, Mahlon P. Moore, the
amount as shown below:
Along the east side of lot 1,
block 17, Northern Pacific ad
56 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $33.60
17 fubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents $ 5.10
Advertising and printing .80
Along the east side of lot 2,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents ....$30.00
19 cubic yards eairth
excavation at 30 cents 5.70
Advertising and printing .80
Along the east ide of lot 3,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
7 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 2.10
Advertising and printing .80
Along the east Bide of lot 6,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
19 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 5.70
Advertising and printing .80
Alogn the east side of lot 5,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
7 cubic yards earth.
excavation at 30 cents 2.10
Advertising and printing .80
Along the east side of lot 6
block 17, Northern Pacific
51.5 lineal feet 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.90
7- cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 2.10
Advertising and printing .80
Along the west side of lot 7,
block 17, Northern Pacific
51.5 lineal feet 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.90
18 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 5.04
Advertising and printing .80
Along the west side of lot 8,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 1% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
27 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 5.40
Advertising and printing .80
Along the west side of lot 9,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4 feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
29 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 8.70
Advertising and printing .80
Along the west side of lot 10,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
23 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 6.90
Advertising and printing .80
Along the west side of lot 11,
block 17, Northern Pacific
50 lineal feet of 4& feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $30.00
15 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 4.50
Advertising and printing .80
Along the west side of lot 12,
block 17, Northern Pacific
56 lineal feet of 4% feet
concrete walk at 60
cents $33.60
8 cubic yards earth
excavation at 30 cents 2.40
Advertising and printing .80
City Engineer
City Auditor
The Mandan lodge of I. O. O. F.
has completed arrangeemnts for the
leasing of'one of the lodge halls In
the Ronco block which was recently
destroyed by fire, and wfhieh has
just been rebuilt. They will take
possession of their new quarters about
July 15.
There are three lodge rooms in the
Ronco block, two of which have been
leased by the Masonic order and the
third being the one taken by the
Odd Fellows.
The remains of John C. Lynch, wtho
is well known in this city, arrived in
Mandan Sunday morning from Roch
ester, Minn., where Mr. Lynch died re
cently. The remains were immediately
conveyed to the cemetery where they
were interred, services being held at
the graveside, Rev. Father Clemens
Mr. Lynch was a brother of Mrs.
Hannah Shields of this city and spent
some time in this city. The sympathy
of the community is extended to the
sorrowing relatives.
Mary, the two-and-fybalf-'year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kopi,
who reside about ten miles south of
Mandan, died Sunday of •(whooping
cough. The funeral was held Mon
day from the church at St. Anthony.
The bereaved parents are extended
the sympathy of the entire neighbor
hood in this hour of affliction.
Man dan JX
JX Department
Monday evening at 9:00 o'clock was
solemnized the marriage of William
Steinbrueck and Nora Shaffer of this
city. The ceremony was performed
at St. Joseph's chruch, Rev. Father
Clemens officiating.
There was a large crowd of friends
and relatives of the young people in
attendance at the wedding. Follow
ing the ceremony tbe young people de
parted on No. 3 for Missoula, Mont.,
wthere Mr. Steinbrueck is interestedI
in mining property. They will re
main there for about a month, when
they will return to Mandan to make
their future home.
Both of the young people are well
known in this city and have a large
circle of friends all of whom offer
their heartiest congratulations.
Defendant Will Plead Guilty Before
Judge Nuehols.
I Monday morning Assistant State's
'Attorney J. E. Beum. and Sharif!!
O'Brien of Oliver county arrived in
Mandan with John Kocb, who is
changed with the crime of incest. The
crime is preferred against Koch by his
118-year-old girl, whom it is said has
had two children by her father. In
accordance with the new law recently
fassed the defendant was brought in
tefore the judge to sign a written con
fession and receive his sentence.
However, Judge Nuehols remanded
im to the care of the Oliver county
fflcials until Thursday, when he will
at Center, and at which time the
fnan will be allowed to enter his plea.
I When ihe pleads guilty it is probable
that he will be given a penitentiary
Mandan Locals
Colonel and Mrs. H. R. Bltzing re
turned to their home city from the
Twin Cities where they have spent
he past week visiting with friends.
The colonel will leave the city about
uly 6 to attend the annual encamp
ment of the national guard.
The members of Company of the
national guard will give a Fourth of
July dance at the Mandan opera house
The funds which, will be raised at
this military dance prior to Che annual
encampment will be used to apply to
the mess fund for the soldier boys
while at Devils Lake.
The meetings of the local corps of
the Salvation Army for Saturday night
and Sunday were conducted by Adju
tant Charles Staiger of Minneapolis.
The meeting Saturday night was
largely attended than usual and the
Adjutant who is a forceful speaker,
pressed upon his hearers the Import
ance of living a Christian life.
At 11:00 o'clock Sunday morning
the Adjutant spoke On the topic:—
"Broken Walls and Burned Gates,"
basing his remarks on Neb. 1:4, urg
ing the necessity on the part of Chris
tians of faith in the love and sover
eignty of God as well as adherence to
the principles of obedience and self
denial if they would keep the enemy
from entering into t|ie church and de
stroy its power and usefulness.
At the evening service the subject
was: "Living on 'Wind." The at
tendance throughout the day was con
siderably larger than usual. Tuesday
evening will be the last of the series
of meetings.
See the Leoni Cortell Co. in an en
tire new play, "The Last Days of
School," at the Grand tonight.
Eat the simple, nourishing, inex
pensive foods and you will be the
gainer in health and pocket. The
"cost of living" generally means the
high cost of things you do not need.
The high-protein foods cost the
most, are the hardest to digest and
hence the least nutritious in the
long run.
Cut out heavy meats and soggy
pastries for awhile and eat Shredded
Wheat, the ready-cooked, ready-to
serve whole wheat food which sup
plies all the material needed for
building the perfect human body.
In Shredded Wheat you have the
phosphates for bone and brain,
Where you
Get it
Don't Eat All Your Salary
I S 1 it the Shredded "Wheat
wafer—a crisp, tasty, nourishing
wheat Toast, delicious for any
with butter, cheese or marmalades. Al
ways toast it in the oven before serving.
Made only by
The Shredded Wheat Company
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Proposals are invited as follows:
Carpenter work and painting, for
repairs and improvements in the base-
Tuesday June 27. 1911-
Paris Green
Kill the potato bug and save your gaJden.
Have just bought 800 pounds—will get more
when this is gone. Special prices
in quantity lots.
in owning a home We have all kinds of
lumber and manufacture mouldings, casings
and everything in mill work in our big wood
working plant, that you may need.
We are prepared to take care of any one
wanting to build a home on tbe monthly pay
ment plan. Ask us about it. Also nave
block of fine residence lots on Fourth Street
and will sell you a lot and build the house to
A large shipment of Red and White Oak for
interior house finishing just received, Figure
with us before you buy. It means money
saved, better goods, and no waits, as everything
is made right at home.
Independent Dealer in Lumber and
Building Material
Main St Bismarck, N. D.
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Board of Education of Bismarck,
N. D., at the Will school, until 8 p. m.,
Wednesday, July 5, 1911, at which
time and place the same will be op
ened in tue presence of bidders.
carbohydrates for heat and fat, the
nitrates for building muscle, and the
outer bran coat for keeping the
bowels healthy and active.
Shredded Wheat is the whole wheat
—the most perfect food given to
man—steam-cooked, shredded and
baked in the cleanest, finest food
factory in the world.
Two Shredded Wheat Biscuits for
breakfast with milk or cream and a
little fruit make a complete, nour
ishing meal, supplying all the
strength needed for a half day's
work at a cost of five or six cents.
Your grocer sells them.
ment of the Will school.
Installing 376 feet of radiation and
improving the ventilation of said build
ing. Separate bids are desired.
Plane and specifications may be
seen at the office of A. Van Horn,
R. PENWARDEN, President.

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