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Qewge W. Perkins Outlines
Nan BeforeCmgressioaal
Relief Also in Appointment
9f Commission to Study
Sherman Act
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, Dec 13.—George
Perkins, financier and director of
the United States Ste«l corporation,
told the senate interstate commerce
doixumittee today that the practical
w4y to give .the country's big business
relief from the existing uncertainty
add depression, would be to create in
the commerce and jlabor department
a ^business court, or controlling com
nftstfton, with power to license corpor
attons doing ah intoastute or interna
tional business.
Violation of iflhe regulations laid
down by (Such a commnissien, he
urged, should be punishable by im
prisonment of individuals, rather
than by Idle revocation of their li
cense This commission or court, he
said should he composed largely of
experienced business men. Alitor pro
poattog idols plan for immediate relief,
Perkins offered amother "prospective
relief." This contemplated the &P-,
poin'tment by congress of a commis
sion to make a careful study of the
Sherman law and .the various sugges
tkttiB that have been made regarding
its appeal, amendment and1 ampttfloa
tiwn, and report om tine wisdom and
prtuotHcabiMity of a national incorpora
tion OK*. CapWal of this country is
contracting rather tban expanding op*
eratbons, waffle In Germany, Canada
and other coumtrSes 4t is forging ahead!
with their industrial plans, he said.
French, naval authorities from Tan
gJeTj, the women and children were
taken off and landed. The princess
and''her daughters were among the
rescued and they are now on the way
to Gibraltar aboard a warship. The
Duke of Fife remained aboard the
WASHINGTON, Dec. 13.—The
American civic association began its
eighth annual convention here today
with over five hundred members in
addition to special delegates appoint
ed by the governors of various states.
The inauguration of a campaign in
the interest of national sparks will be
a feature- of the convention which
will last three days.
C8* Associsted Press.)
ROME, Dec 13.—At the -©quest of
the Irish Catholic hierarchy the holy
see has Just issued a decree that the
fenst of St Patrick continue to b? a
holy day- in Ireland, wtthont, how
ever, being preceded by a dar of fast
ing or abstinence
Delphi Stranded
with British Princess
(By Associated Press.)
GIGRALTAR,, Dec. U31—Several
British royalties, including King
George's sister, Princess! Louise, with
her husband, the Duke of Fife, and
their daughters, were placed' in jeop
ardy today, owing to the stranding of
the liner Delpthi, off Cape Spretsel,
Moroooo. Immediately after the
news "wtas received here that the ves
sel bad gone ashore all available tugs
iand several war vessels were dis
patched at full speed to the scene
Life saving apparatus was also sent,
both by land and sea. A heavy storm
was raging arid it was difficult for
the rescuers to get close to the Del
,, phi,* •but with the assistance of the
'French, cruiser, Frtfaat, sent by the
As a result of the decree the pope
issued last Jury, with reference to
holy days. St Patrick's day was
struck off the list of Irish obligatory
toUdar/v OB* wfakh Cathottcs were|sented
onlsd wnost to go to mass and iftstaJw
Rescue Parties Still at Work
ie Nine Near Briceville
(By Associated Press.)
BRICEVILLE, Teno., Dec. 13.—It
is believed that Sam Miller and a
party of miners are still alive in the
Cross Mountain mine in laterals
twenty and twenty-one. A rescue
party, headed by Dr. J. A. Holmes,
and Dr. J. J. Rutledge, is now work
ing between laterals nineteen and
They think they may be able to
bring out more living miners within
the next few hours.
(By Associated Press.)
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Dec. 13.—
It was reported today from a reliable
source at Laredo, that General Ber
nardo Reyeg was entrenched with
the insurrecto army in the moun
tains near Galeana, Nenvo Leon
state, and is expected to be in Mon
terey by Sunday.
iBy Associated Pre**.)
PITTSBURG, Dec. 13.—"Tlhere will
be mo extra session of the Minnesota
legislature for the reason there is no
cause why one should be called," said
Gov. A. O. Eberhart of Minnesota,
who arrived here today from New
York to Join the party of western
governors touring the east. Eberhart's
statement was in reply to tibe re
ports that pressure wias being brought
to bear on Lieut. Gov, Samuel Y. Gor
don to convene the legislature during
the absence of the governor.
"Nothing has transpired since the
dlose of the last session," said Eber
hart, "to warrant a call for a special
session. The movement is purely po
Hittcal and I understand at a meeting
wfhere it was consBtfered only two
voted in favor of it."
JAMESTOWN, N. D., Dec. 13.—The
jury found the defendant, Iver Ander
son, in prosecution for alleged illegal
fishing at Spiritwood lake, not guilty.
The jury was out but a short time.
The case it will be remembered arose
from fine finding of a fishing seine by
W. B. DeNault and others near the
shore on the north side of the lake
iu June last. Anderson was arrested
on the charge, of illegal fishing and
had a preliminary hearing in the jus
tice court. This case was an appeal
from that court Anderson testified
that he had nothing to do with the
seine, and had not engaged in any
illegal nsTaing.
(By Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, Dec. 13.—Five more
veniremen were added to the seven
already Ha the jury box in the trial of
the ten Chicago ackers under indict
ment for violation of the, criminal
revisions of the Sherman 'antitrust
act, and the process of determining
the mental qualifications of rospsc
tive jurors was resumed.
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CHICAGO, Dec. 13.—A Fango,
N. D., dispatch on December 8»
announced that Mm J. S. Kirk
of Chicago was engaged to J. B.
Williamson of Sargent county,
North Dakota. This is an error
as concerning Mrs. Kirk. The
Mrsi Kirk who is engaged to J.
P. Wttlsamsooi, is Mrs John B.
KUrk, not Mrs. J. S. Kirk, as the *9
FaTgo report said.
A new panel of 50 appeared In court
and nearly haif of those who pre
Asmselrsi wars excuse^, by j.BQanck.
m» court -wflfioat ajaestlonlqg
Answers Slatement Issued
by Prominent Indiana
Committee on Arrangements
Will Held Preliminary
Meetieg Soon
(By Associated Press.)
Colonel ..Harry S. New, chairman
of the committee of arrange
ments! for the republican na
tional convention, today told
Secretary Hilles at the white
house that he would call a pre
liminary meeting of his commit
tee at Chicago during the second
week df January.
Colonel Harry S. •New, of Indiana,
the newly elected chairman of the
committee on arrangements for the
republican national convention, today
gave out a statement answering that
by Chairman Lee, of the Indiana re
publican central committee, in which
Lee declared Taft could not carry
Indiana at the election next year.
New charges that Lee issued the
statement as a part of a prearranged
plan, and says he knows the influ
ences back oi it.
"If Taft cannot carry Indiana, no
other republican can," said New.
"I am ot the opinion that the re
publicans of Indiana believe in Taft,
and arer. for him, and tljat the elec
toral vote will he cast for him."
MINOT, N. D., Dec. 13—Olatf A. Ol
son was awarded $700 damages by the
Jury in his action against Jourgen Ol
son in which he sought to recover ap
proximately 9LO0O alleged damagesto
tbs Lexigton hotel during the occu
pancy of the hotel by the defendant.
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.—Several wit
nesses,, alii of them* survivors of the
fire in the Triangle Waist company's
establishment last March, in which
148 lives were lost, have already tes
tified that the doors were locked wfhen
tiae employes sought to escape from
the flames. THs testimony was given
at the triad"of. Isaac Hands and Max
owners of the Triangle fac
tory. Mrs, Mary Cisco, wfcose, name
Buccal! before her insnlage, sloce
l.i-i? nW- mr •t'
INDlANAPOlilS, Dec. 13.—The cor-,
oner will make a rigid investigation
4ntovitihe dotiapse of the Presto-lite
buffldtog, In which eight persons were)
killed and 19 were injured, several! of
them so badly that itlhey will be crip-!
pies for life. It has been learned that
ABERDEEN, & D„ Dec. 13—Hor.
ace Thompson pleaded guilty in the
circuit court to a charge of receiving
stolen* pnoiperty, a complaint under
*Mch he was arrested several weeks
ago, since which time he bias been in
jail, and was given hds liberty after a
fine of $250 had been paid for him.
Thompson is one of the three
youths v4b» were concerned in the
burglary of a box on the MlVwau
keen line near Bath
Survivors of Triangle Fire in Which 143 Lives Were LostSWear That
Doors Were Lodged When Victims Reached Them
the fire, told a graphic story of her ex
periences. "When I heard the cry of
tre I rushed from the table where I
was working and cHimbed over the
tables until I reached the Washington
place door," she said, "I did this be
cause there were,so many girls strug
gling about the. Green street door and
the elevator. 1 tried to open the door
after, athera. had tried, but it re
mained fastened I went to tee rear
sdth other girls, and tfcen the ttougtat
Extra Story on Concrete Building in Indian'
apolisSaid to Have Caused Collapse
S Killed 19 Injured
iJpSSBpM^I 'W*#^^!^^±%m3m
the permiiit for the buiildig was Issued
ifor a two-story structure and that
the plans were examined' and' ap
proved by the building inspector on
rthat (theory. A third story had been
put on, and 'Che extra weight caused
the collapse.
(By Associated Press.)
PARJS, Dec. 13.—The name of
Mime dure, discoverer of radium, and
one of the most eminent professors
of the' Chemistry college of France,
was cited today in a petition for di
vorce ifiled by the wiife of Professor
Longevera, also a professor Lohge
ven, through bis lawyer,, entered op
position in the form of a petition.
None of the partlet* were prprfent in
came to me 'If I go with them I will
be kited' I ran to the elevator
then, but It had &m* down, and there
was still a crowd about the Greene
street dolor." She finally escaped by
smashing a window, which enabled her
to reach a fire escape. Joseph Bren
man, wjhose brother lost Ms Hfe in the
"ire, testified .that he tried vainly to
open a door and twisted tine handle in
booh dbvetions. He escaped in a
crowded elevator.
PHOENIX, Ariz., Dec. 13v—
Democratic leaders today de
dared Uheir ticket swept the
new state of Arizona in the first
state election which was held
yesterday, basing their assertion
apparently on the trend of the
vote, the count o» whrftoh is
4 slow, due to the large ticket
The provision for the elimination
of the recall of fridges by amend
meat of the state constitution is
expected t» be carried by a large
Deputies Seeking Fugitive
Hyde Juror Believe He
is iDjidiog
Little Baaghter Innocently
Gives Information to
(B/ Associated Press.)
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 13.—That the
wife of Henry Waldron, who escaped
early Monday morning from the jury
hearing the evidence in the trial of
Dr. B. Clarke Hyde, accused 6f the
murder of Colonel Thomas H. Swope,
has had word from the fugitive, is
the belief today of deputies of the
county prosecutor's office who in vain
have been trying to locate WaMron.
A strange man who visited the Wald
rcn home last night and held a whis
pered chnversation with Mrs. Waldron
aroused suspicion in the minds of the
officers and dispelled the belief that
Waldron is mentally deranged and
wandering, or has killed himself. The
little daughter of WaMron today, in
nocently talking to Deputy Marshall,
said that her father had served on
two juries at Roswell, New Mexico,
and} that he tried to get away, but
could not.
"Why?".she was -asked.
"Because they caught him,'* the lit
tle girl replied."
A telegram from Roswell, where
Waldron formerly lived, says a man
named Harry Waldron escaped from
serving on a jury, 'n 1898.
Eleven" jurymen dejectedly re
ported for roll call today. Ju(]ge
Porterfield says he will hold them a
week longer in the hope of finding
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, C, Dec. 13.—
The senate wias in session at 2 p. m.
It was announced that Lorimer would
testify in his election inquiry before
the end of the week Early conclu
sion. of 'the Investigaitifon seems as
sured. The house met at noon. Mis
cellaneous business from various com.
mittees was considered.
Early Finish to Lorimer Case.
Prospects for an early conclusion
dfl the Lorimer investigation devel
oped suddenly today. Attorney Han
ecy, counsel for Lorimer, said he ex
pected to put Lorimer on the stand
as the last witness before the first
of n«xt week. Lawyers for the in
vestigating committee announced
they had only one or two more wit
nesses to call.
(By Associated »ress.)
CHICAGO, Dec 13—Declaring that
all "economists and financiers offered
an opinion' that floe currency of t'ae
United States lacks elasticity," E.
Clarence Jones of New York outlined
a plan before the National Business
congress here today which, ,it -Ss as
serted, will be highly favorable to a.l
public and private interests. Tolay
is the final dlay of the congress. The
solution, the speaker proposed contem
platedid toe making of all United
States bonds convertiWe into cur
rency and reconvertibie into bonds.
The integral part of the plan pro
posed AS that aQ of the United State3
bonds be in denominations of $100 and
multiples thereof, and allotted at par
to the smallest subscribers at first
Other speakers snake on bow to
'promote American foreign commerce
and the American mercliaiit'jojgjrjaa.
A banquet wUt.be given tonight to tfce
delegates and'members of the enia
^'V' ,•/..-•** Y*^Jl^-iH-J-^.^' .,'*.« •£*.
Personally Instituted Probe
Into Alleged Dynamite
Federal Authorities at Los
Angeles Would Not
(By Associated Press.)
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13—Presir
demt Taft personally initiated the
government's present investigation,
both here and at Indianapolis, into the
dynamatiing conspiracy in which the
McNamara brothers figured. The pres
ident, when (he visited Los Angeles,
October 16, wias apprised by Oscar
Lawler, then an assistant of District
Attorney Fredericks, of the strong
case built up by the Matter against the
The president's action in the matter
after a conference with Lawler was
taken 48 hours after he left here. The
MioNamiara trial was then but' five
days old, but the president was con
vinced, it is said, of rthe array of
facts gathered by the state, and was
told the McNamarias were not the
only guilty panties. It was through
Lawler, a friend of the president, that
the action was Lnstititiued, after the
local federal 'authorities declined to
take any steps in the matter, pending
orders from Washington, and District
Attorney Fredericks was unable to got
to Washington to present the facts,
Lawler today refused oo discuss his
conversation wiitfa the president or
talk about the present pQiiases of the
gbvermnerJt's investigation.
Personal Consideration Unheeded.
The possibility of political injury to.
the president was taken,into consider-
ation, with union labor lined up on
the side of McNamara at the time,
which was long before the confessions
of guilt were dreamed of. There was
Indicated to the president Hhe unfav
foraoUe political effect that might re
sult later, with the Labor element of
the eauritry if he took a definite stand
In the McNamara case, The, presi
dent said he told Lawler. he. wouldtf
proceed regardless of that. Taft's real
part in the matter has never been
known. According to, a man who
knows the details, it is saM the pres
ident went ahead regardless of per
sonal considerations iand would have
proceeded much earlier dk he could
have learned the facts.
NEW YARK, Dec. 13.—President
Lynch of the National Baseball
league was re-elected as the head of
that organization this afternoon.
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.—Thomas J.
Lynch, will be elected president of
the national league when that body
meets this afternoon. His election
to the presidency was assured today
when Charles W. Murphy, president
of the Chicago Nationals, who was
supposed to be leading the campaign
against Lynch, announced' he was for
JAMESTOWN, Dec. 13.—Miss Flor
ence Boise won the silver medal at
the contest under the auspices of the
W. C. T. U. held at the Methodist
church. There were ten contestants
for the honor and the uniform excel
lence of the various readings in
creased the difficulty of the judges
making the award.
Arthur Lawrence of Etditidge stood
second 'as announced by the judges,
the Misses Kepford and Montgomery,
and State's Attorney Fred G, Knee
-..iTSBURG, Dec. 13.—The west
ern governors touring the east ar-
rived here at noon today aboard the1
"governors' special." They were
greeted at Greenburgh by President
F. R. Babcock of the Pittsburg
Chamber of Commerce, and a com
mittee of other Pittsburg dtUens.
The governors, visited the princjOB!
cnanufaoturittg district, inspects* the
Carneg|e institute, and were „tne
guests at a recaption 'and dinner .at*
the hotel Schleny.

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