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Bismarck daily tribune. [volume] (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, March 23, 1912, Image 8

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Soda crackers are more
nutritive than any other
flour food. Uneeda Bis
cuit are the perfect soda
crackers, therefore,
Uneeda Biscuit.
Though the cost is but
five cents, Uneeda Bis
cuit are too good, too
nourishing, too crisp, to
be bought merely as an
Buy them because of
their freshness—buy
them because of their
crispness—buy them be
cause of their goodness
—buy them because of
their nourishment.
Always 5 cents. Al
ways fresh and crisp.
10th and St. Peter Street
tetfieii Plu ftM 12.00 ptr iiy Einpiu Plu frn $1.00 per fiy
Special Wttklf Rate
Take Hanline Union Depot Car to 10th Street
At All
W-iV.-r 4 -.W-jft
Camp Meeting Association
Permanent Home Near
JAMESTOWN, March 23.—The
Methodist camj meeting is to be a
permanent annual affair in James
town and in the future will be held
in a beautiful grov0 in the north
western part of the city to be known
as the "Bailey Puller Park."
This is the result of a deal closed
Monday afternoon between the North
Dakota Methodist Camp meeting as
sociation and the heirs of the late
Bailey Fuller and involves a piece of
land at the corner of what will be
Ninth avenue and Ninth street and
running to the northwest into one of
the prettiest bends along the James
river. Much benefit will also be de
rived by every citizen in Jamestown
by this transaction as it practically
adds another park to the city's num
ber. The contracts reading that the
camp meeting association must con
struct a road all the way around the
plot of ground and keep it open for
public use. The natural beauty of
the spot will help to make this one
of the prettiest drives to be found
in this section of the state. The
land purchased is estimated to be
about 10 acres and the consideration
is reported to be $200 an acre. By
the terms of the contract, if the as
sociation ever wishes to dispose of
the property it is to be first offered
to the city for park purposes at the
same price as that in the present
For a long time the association has
been thinking favorably of the r&
commendation of this spot by Rev.
J. G. Morrison of this city and the
transaction was brought about thru
him and Supt. S. A. Danford of this
district of the Methodist church.
President W. R. Movius of Lidger
wood and Treasurer W. H. Tullis of
Hettinger signed the contract for
the Methodists.
Will Erect Buildings.
Just as soon as the weather will
permit and the ground is sufficient
ly dry so that teams will not injure
It, the work of tearing to pieces the
tabernacle on the grounds south of
the city will commence and the
buildings moved to the new location
where a number of improvements
will be made in the structure. Then
a new dining hall will be erected
•and this is expected to be about 20
by 40 feet. Cottages also are ex
pected to come quickly and it is be
lieved that at least three will be put
up before the meetings next June.
Economical housewives will buy this lus
cious golden fruit like they do apples—by the
dozen, half-box or box. "Sunkist" Oranges
are much cheaper than good table apples.
Good health for the entire family! A
delicious and economical treat prescribed by
Buy "Sunkist" in Quantities
at Pleasing Prices
"Sunkist" keep well and they will sell at such
reasonableprices nextweek thatyou can buythem by
the box or naif-box at special prices. The wrappers
from this most healthful of all fruit, along with a few
stamps to pay charges, packing, etc., will provide
you with several pieces of luxunous silverware.
Amazing Quality of "Sunkist"
Tree Ripened. Picked With Gloves
Seedless. Sweet, Jnky Navels
These are the choicest oranges grown—the
prize crop of 5,000 of the finest orange groves in
In the near future a large taberna
cle in the form of an auditorium will
be built, if the present plans are
carried out, and this will be thrown
open to many of the conventions an*
similar gatherings that Jamestown
will have during the summer months.
The larger buildings are to be
erected in {he center of the large
grove and from these streets will
run in different directions for the
tents and cottages. A small open
field to the south of the grove was
also included in the deal and in this
places for the accommodation of
teams will be provided to keep the
horses from injuring any of the
Many of these improvements in
cluding the digging of a well, will be
made this spring before the different
state conventions of the Methodists
are held. The regular camp meeting
will be held June 14 to 24, but Just
before this will come the annual
meeting of the ministerial associa
tion and the two days' session of the
North Dakota Epworth league con
vention. The delegates to these as
semblies will -have free use of the
tabernacle, eating house and tents
and all their meetings will be held
in the new park.
A Beautiful Spot.
Of all the beautiful places along
the picturesque James river there
are few that can rival the one se
lected by the camp meeting associa
tion as its permanent home. It is al
so splendidly adapted by nature for
its future use as it has excellent
drainage, being on a slight elevation
with the river running on three
sides, is easily reached from the city
but is still far enough away to be
out of reach of the din of business
life, is an ideal -place to rusticate
with nearly all the conveniences of
home and the buffs to the north and
west protect it from winds and at
the same time give it a setting like
a natural amphitheatre.
But in the minds of all who visit
this place the greatest advantage is
the splendid old trees that are sel
dom seen in such numbers in North
Dakota. Grown up without crowd
ing and still thick enough to make a
beautiful grove, they have reached
an age and dignity of appearance
that make them the natural sur
roundings for religious services,
while a number of smaller and young
er trees auger well for the future.
This grove fills the entire loop of
the river, extending to the south
edge of the property on the west
side, and Jtis through these that the
proposed driveway will be construct
ed. As the drive leaves the street
at the southeast .corner of the. park
it will turn to the north to follow as
closely as practical along the river
bank, encircling the whole grove
and returning to the entrance.
65c KETTLE FOR 39c
In the special Saturday sale at
Special Lo Prices on
Mos Healthfu of All Frui
Next Monday morning "Good-Health Week11 begins. The most
wholesome bint in the world—"Sunkist" Oranges—will be sold at
special prices in all grocery and Emit stores. A trainload has just
arrived from California and will be disposed of by special sales.
California. Each orange is perfect, large, sound,
juicy and of wondrous flavor. Try them during
"Good-Health" Week at the special prices, to find
out the difference between perfect, tree-ripened
"Sunkist" Oranges and the ordinary kind.
Insist on Valuable "Suririst"
Every genuine "Sunkist" comes in a tissue
wrapper plainly marked. Your dealer will supply
you if you make yourself plain that you want only
GENUINE "Sunkist," the finest oranges in the
world—"the ones with the valuable wrappers
Economical "Sunkist"
Extra juicy, thin-skinned and
of the same high quality as "Sun
ages. They go farther
lemons. The
kist" Orani
than other lemons 1 tie wrappers
are valuable—the same as the
orange wrappers. Recipe Booklet
Free upon request. (m
Flour that has been colored, coated,
stained or labeled as to deceive or
mislead the purchaser is held to be in
violation of the food Jaw of North
Dakota. Any method of treating flour
to produce such a condition is to be
Avoided and the installation of any
device to bring about such a condi
tion, other than that natural to the
tn'lling of flour, will produce a flour
in violation of the North Dakota food
Millers are, therefore, cautioned to
go slow in the installing of chemical
methods whereby such a condition
will be made possible.
The shipping of flour into this state
so treated will be construed as an of
fense under our food law, and deal
ers are warned against-the handling
of products in violation of the food
law of this state.
(Signed) E. F. LADD,
Posts Installed in Chicago Elevated
Railway Cars.
OHICAiGO, March 23.—A "polite
ness car" is the latest innovation on
the Northwestern Elevated railway.
The car first appeared last night
and startled many patrons between
the downtown district and Evanstoo.
Along the aisl on each side is a
line of enameled posts, from floor to
ceiling. Each passenger is wedged
in between two of these uprights.
This leaves no chance for a passenger
to be Jostled against his neighbor,
whether standing or- sitting.
Officials of the road say the new ar
rangement will encourage politeness
'.\1 !/, -J
California Fruit Growers' Exchange, 192 N Clar Street Chicago, ILL.
ifflfttfl^Wfr fflBBIW^^ KiiitilituriM
You'll Need Them-Spring House Cleaning Wil Soo be Here
At 10c a pound, or 3 lbs, for 25c
REMEMBER.: "We Deliver, Anything, Anytime, Anyplace"
first Rational Bank Ttldg. yf yf 3tf* fhone 102
among passengers. The uprights are
also expected to be a relief to the
straphanging patron.
"The car at first appears like a
traveling hospital or gymnasium, but
it looks good," was the remark of one
passenger. The car has been intro
duced as an experiment.
Horses Drawing Vehicle Struck by
Train Are Uninjured.
BLLETTSVILLB, Ind., March 23.—
iFive men in a surrey were killed out
right by a passenger train on the Chi
cago, Indianapolis and Louisville rail
road at a crossing near here. They
had spent last evening at a theater at
Bloomington and were driving to
Get This Orange Spoon
At right ia shown
new "Sunkist" Orange
Spoon, actual size.
Genuine Rogers and of
the latest style. Sent
yon on receipt of 12
"Sunkist" wrappers
and 12c to help pay
charges, packing, etc.
For each additional
spoon send 12 "Sun
kist" wrappersand 12c.
Read carefully direc
tions at right
Send for full descrip
tion, number of wrappers
and amount of cash nec
essary to secure each
Table Knife Table Fork
Dessert Spoon
Child's Knife
Coffee Spoon
Salad Forfc
Oyster Fork
Child's Fork
Spencer, where they were employed
as glass blowers. They were:
Martin Worden, Louisville, Ky.:
Emmett Williams, Kansas City, Mo.
Art Farmer, Summitville. Ind. Hal
Brown, Spencer, Ind. Jesse Rogers,
Spencer, Ind.
The engine struck the surrey
squarely and splintered it. .Four of
the men were thrown clear of the
track, but the body of Worden was
caugit by the pilot of the locomotive
and carried a mile and a half of this
city. Trainmen went back to the cross
ing and .found the torn bodies of Wbr
den's companions. The two horses
hitched to the surrey were not hurt..^'
Phone 54 Cor. 4th and Rossar
35c BAKING DI8H 16c ,„'
In Lucas' basement. Saturday
3 It's Money In Your
Pocket ,£
We do up your bankets soft
and fluffy. Some of the belt
families in town send us their
blankets and woolens to do
for them. They approve of
our work and price.
The only reassn why we
don't do better work is that
there is no better way to do it
Sunkist" Oranges
on Special Sale
Choose from These Fourtee
Silver Premiums
^f*,-. -A*?*!*!'
Knife Tours
Made of special
tempered steel heav
high quality as the
other ^Sunkist" Pre
miums. Sent on re
ceipt of 24 "Sunkist"
wrappers and 20c
For each additional
fruit knife send 24
"Sunkist" wrappers
and 20c.
Read This
On all remittances up!
to 24 centi send one-centl
stamps on amounts'
above 24centssend post-'
office money order, ex?1
press money order or
bank draft. Do not send
cash. Make moneyorder
or draft payable to the
Exchange, and address
yonr letters to the Cali
fornia Frn it Growers'
Exchange, 192 N. Clark
Street, Chicago, 111. Not
responsible for cash sent
through the mails.
Yon can secure these
liums with "San?
ist" orange wrappers
"Sunkist" lemon wrap
pers, "Red Ball" orangSf
wrappers or "Red BalP&
lemon wrappers
merely send trademi
wUl boy only "f
and "Red Ball"
and lemons, yon
fruit of the finest
quality, _„,,.
priced, and yon will soon
have enough wrappersto
secure a complete set of
the beautiful table saver-

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