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Bismarck daily tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, April 10, 1912, Image 3

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Moulding books
Sunshine Polish
At the Armory Thursday
Absolutely Pure
Economizes Batter, flour*
Eggs makes the food more
appetizing and wholesome
The only Baking Powder made
fromRoyal Grape Cream ofTartar
The W. C. T. U. will give an ora
torical contest at theMethodist church
Friday evening at 8 p. m. for a silver
medal selected by three judges chosen
from the membership, for the winner.
The admission will be 25 cents for
adults and 16 cents for children., the
contestants being six girls of the high
school who have worked faithfully iu
preparation so an interesting delight
ful evening will be appreciated by
those who are present.
In order to close out certain brands of Rugs and
Linoleum we have arranged this Extra Special Sale
to last from April 9th to April 15th only
Extra low prices will preval and as the assortment is
very limited, you must come early or vour neighbor
will have bought just what you wanted. Read care
fully the list as given:
9x12 Rugs
Special Brussel $10.75 $15.00
Palisade Velvet 16-60 20.00
Special Velvet W-5
Roxbury Velvet 18-00 22.00
Perm Axminster 1800 22.00
Phlllipsburg Brussel 16-00 20.00
Mohican Velvet 18-00 22.00
8 1-4x10 1-2 Rugs
Special Btussel $ 6-76
Nipparhn Brussel '.. 11.76 14.00
Philllpsburg Brussel 12.75 15.50
Khorassan Axminster 16.60 22.00
Royal Wilton Velvet 26.00 33.00
Burtworth Wilton Velvet 29.00 37.00
Double Extra special. We have seven Bagdad Wilton Velvet
rugs, beautiful patterns in tan and brown. Regular price on these
rugs, 135.00. Sale price only 28.50.
This is one of the very best rug values ever given anywhere
by anyone. The size is nine feet by nine feet and if you can use
this size do not pass this item. It is a genuine bargain.
Hodges Fibre Rugs. A large assortment of beautiful patterns
and collorlngs. Remember the colors are warranted fast, and we
guarantee that for good hard wear and tear thee is no ug anywhere
near their price that will afford you such excellent patterns and
colorings. Just the rug for the dining room, bedroom, library or
den. Extra low prices will prevail duing this sale.
9 by 12 Kaba grade $10.75
9 by 12 Abak grade 7.75
81-4 by 101.2 Kaba grade 19-75
81-4 by 101-2 Abak gride 6-75
Linoleum, 2 pieces of 16-4 (12 feet wide) beat quality inlaid linoleum,
good patterns. Regular $1.85 per square yard. Special sale only
$115 per square yard. Stock limited
Stair carpeting. One full roll mottled velvet. Regular 85 cents,
special only 65 cents. Two rolls velvet stair carpet, regaar price
$1.00, special sale price only 75 c. yard.
Window shades. We carry a complete stock of oil and 'water col.
or shades and will be please dto measure and fit your windows and
at prices that will be absolutely satisfactory to yon. SEE US NOW.
Cocoa door mats 50c
4 foot step ladders 75°
Liquid Veneer ft 60c
Dustless dust cloth 26c
Lace curtain stretchers $1.25
Perforated chair seats 10
Wardrobe hooks P*r do*. .15
Picture wire -DOT .05
Brass extension rods (24 to 54 inches) 4 for .25
Steel door mats •. $1.36
Carpet beaters
Dustless dust mops 5
H. ft Rug Cleaner 15
Wash-tub benches 1-65
Fibre chair seats 15
Castors, Iron bed P*r *e*
Is a display of photos from the Wom
en's Federation of the Photographers
association of America, of which Mrs.
Butler is a member.
Between now and the first of De-work
cember they have three of those col
lections to be kept just one week at
a time and then sent on to another
member of the federation. This col
lection is made up of 54 photographs
from the leading lady photographers
all over the United States. Would be
pleased to have the public come in
and look over this collection and see
what the ladies are doing.
Sale price Reg. price
2 5 0 0
Bale price Reg. price
1 1 5 0
2 5
Excavation Starts Tomorrow
Little was done Tuesday except pre
paration for the work to come. To
day a trap was arranged to aid work
men in loading the dirt during the
excavation work. The active excava
ting will commence tomorrow or Fri
day day. The first materials for con
struction-work will reach here within
a few days, and 'building operations
will be continued until the massive
structure is ready to be turned to the
government officials next year.
Building Of Beautiful Design
The new federal building for Bis
marck will be one of the handsomest
in the northwest when completed. It
will be a structure of'beautiful design,
and will be one of the show places
of the state capital. The government
purchased the quarter of a block at
the corner of Third and Broadway
for a site, the land being ISO by 175
feet. The ground slopes gradually to
ward Broadway. The federal building
will occupy the southern end of the
ground. A concrete driveway 18 feet
wide will extend around the eastern
and northern sides. The unoccupied
plots will be sown to grass, and the
northern portion of the lots will be
Description of Building.
The Bismarck federal building will
be three stories in height with
basement. The foundation will be of
handsome Vermont granite, and themail
founding proper will be constructed or
white limestone quarried in Illinois.
It will have a red tile roof, and orna
mental copper cornices. The building
will sit in 20 feet from the sidewalk,
and handsome granite steps will lead
to the public lobby on the first floor.
The main entrance will be on Broad
way, with a side entrance on Third
street. There will be three doorways
on the Broadway side, the center one
containing revolving doors. There
will also be revolving doors for
Third street entrance. On either side
of the doors will be handsome orna
mental lights set in the side of the
building. AToiind the third story and
extending to the eaves on the sides
of the building facing Broadway and
Third streets handsome limestone
pillars will be set in between the win
dows, adding an air of majestic digni
ty to the edifice. Artistic cast iron
grills over the entrance on the first
floor will also enhance the beautiful
appearance of the structure. The
building will have an independent
heating system and a modern ventil
ating system. It will be of fire proof
construction, though hydrants will be
set in the walls on each floor, and fire
hose will be attached for use in case
of any emergencies which may arise.
Details of the Basement
The principal feature of the base
ment will (be the boiler room, 50 "by
62 feet in dimensions. The basement
celling will be ten feet high, and all
the rooms will have cement floors,
with the exception of the carriers'
toilet, which will have terrazzo floor
ing. In the eastern end of the base-
When Caused by Catarrh
If you have ringing noises in your
ears, catarrh germs ade making their
way torn the nose to the ears through
the tubes.
Many cases of deafness caused by
catarrh have been cured by breathing
HTOMEI. It reaches the Inflamed
membranes, meals the soreness and
banishes catarrh, which is the cause
of most deafness.
F. C. Vanaman* railroad conductor
of Btnghamton, N. T., wltee that be
was cored of deafness after special
ists had failed.
HTOMEI (pronounce it Higho-me)
te guaranteed to core catarrh coughs,
colds, astiunav croup, and sore throat,
or money back. Complete outfit with
inhaler $1.00. Extra bottles 60 cents.
Sold by Len&tat the enterprising 17 feet and by 19 feet The special
pharmacist, and druggists everywhere, agents will have a room IS by 19 feet.
Edifice Will Comprise Three Stories and
Full Basement
Excavation Work To Be Commenced To
morrow or Friday
With tie removal of the concrete
paving stones from the sidewalk Tues
day afternoon, and the felling of the
trees which hav, flourished upon the
lots at the corner of Third and Broad
way, the first tangible signs of the
of construction on the new fed
eral building were manifest. Con
tractor John Lauritzen of Fergus Falls
Minn, has returned to his home after
spending the past two days in Bis
marck making arrangements for thebasement
work of excavating. His general fore
man, August Palm, will remain here
until the contract is completed, which
is scheduled for Septemlber, li»13. Mr.
Palm, will will have full charge of
the construction work.
ment will be the letter carriers' swing
room, where they will make up their
mail prior to each delivery. This
will be 17 by 28 feet. The carriers*
toilet, 14 by 17 feet, and a stack room
and vault are also to occupy this end
of the basement. Across the west
end of the basement will be a fuel
room, 15 by 30 feet, machine room,
15 by 17 feet, storage room, 15 by 17
feet, and the elevator pit. In thebe
will also be two ice boxes,
one for cooling the water to the drink
ing fountains on the first floor, the
other for cooling the water to thethe
drinking fountains on the second floor.
The United States post office will
occupy the first floor of the federal
building. Upon passing through the
main enterance on Broadway, the visi
tor will find himself in the handsome
public lobby. This lobby will be
twenty feet wide and eighty feet long,
also extending along the west side to
the main stairway and the electric
elevator. The first floor will have a
(16 foot ceiling. The lobby will be
especially attractive with its marble
wainscotting and borders, terrazzo
floor, and ornamental cornices. Its
of the post office work room. From
the lobby one may reach his post office
box, and there will be carriers' win
dows, stamp windows, the general de
livery window, registry window and
money order window, as well as drops
for packages, papers,-and letters.
These will all face the Broadway en
Post Office Work Room
Postmaster's Room
Entering the lobby through the
Third street entrance, a door will be
found to the left, just beyond the
elevator, which will open into the
postmaster's room, "an apartment 11
by 1'7 feet. This will have a hard
wood floor, with chair rail and picture
moulding, all finished in oak. Open
from this room will be a private
toilet. Further on will be the assis
tant postmaster's room, from which
a fire proof steel vault will open.
The assistant postmaster's room will
be 11 by 14 feet, and will be finished
in the same handsome manner as will
be the postmaster's. The vault will
be 6 by 7 feet, and will contain steel
Money Order and Registry Division
The eastern portion of the first
floor will "be devoted to the money
order and registry division, occupying
a room in the southeast corner 16 by
28 feet. In this part of the building
will also be located a massive fire
proof vault, a locker room, stack
room, and women's toilet room.
Main Stairway.
An electric elevator will convey the
visitors to the second or third floors
from the public lobby. The elevator
will be situated immediately to the
left of the Third street entrance as
one steps into the lobby from that
direction. Access to the upper floors
may also be had by the main stair
way. The stairway will be magnifi
cent to look upon. It will be finished
in Olive marble, and a more hand
some design could have not been ob
8econd Floor
Thesecond floor will be devoted to
the use of the United States court.
The flooring here will be of hard
wood, and all of the rooms will have
picture mouldings of oak.
Federal Court Offices
A roomy corridor 10 by 80 feet in
dimensions, will extend eastward from
the main stairway. To the left from
the top of the stairway will be a
passage leading past the toilet room,
to the headquarters of the United
States .postal inspectoor. The inspec
tors room will be 1)6 by 17 feet. The
southern portion of this floor will he
divided into rooms for the use of the
various court officials. To the right
as one will go down the corridor from
the stairway will be two rooms for
the United States marshal and hisiron
deputies. These rooms will be 16 by
adjacent to which will be two rooms,
each 12 'by 1(9, for the use of the
United States district attorney and
his assistants. The clerk of the
United States court will have two
rooms for his use, one 12 by 19 feet
and the other 17 by 19 feet. In one
of them will be a fire proof vault.
United States Court Room
The United States court room will
be at the visitor's left as he passes
down the corridor from the stairway.
It may be reached through either one
of two doorways, and will be 30 by
60 feet. While the rest of the second
floor will have a 14 foot ceiling, the
ceiling in the court room will be 16
feet high. The walls of the court
room will be panelled, and handsome
ornamental cornices will augment its
grace nnd dignity. At the east end
of the room will be the judge's plat
form, in front of which will be the
clerk's platform. A door north of
the judge's platform will lead to the
judge's retiring room, an apartment
17 by 19 feet in size. From this room
will be a door leading to a passage
connecting with the main corridor.
Off this passage another judge's room
will open, which will be 13 by 13 feet.
and between the judicial rooms will
a toilet room, cloak room and vault.
Third Floor
fixtures will all be finished in quarter
sawed oak, as will be the fixtures of One will be devoted to courtfilesandleg
the entire building with the exception"ll"e
The post office work room will oc
cupy the greater portion of the first
floor. It will be 60 by 40 feet, and
re the mall will be sorted and sent
to its proper destination. The work
room will have a wood floor, with fir
wainscotting. On the north side a
mailing vestibule will open upon the
mailing platform which will be reach
ed from the outside Iby the concrete
driveway. Through this vestilbule all
will be sent out and received at
the post office. A galvanized metal
roof will afford protection for theon
mailing platform.
The general arrangement of the
third floor will be similar to that of
second floor, as regards the situ
ation of the main corridor and pass
ages at either end of the building.
The ceiling on this floor willtoe13
feet high. The passage to the left
of the stairway will lead past the
toilet rooms to the petit jury room
16 by 18 feet. From the center of the
main corridor, on thenorth, steps will
lead to a raised hallway through which
the visitors may gain access to the
grand jury room set apart for the use
of the United States civil service.
Each of these apartments will be 20Though
by 30 feet. In approaching them the
visitor will pass two large rooms on
either side of the raised corridor.
th other to land office files. Th
passage a the east of th~.corridoe
will grant access two rooms, one 19
by 17 feet, and the other 10 by
feet, set apart for the Bureau of Ani
mal Industry. From this passage will
open a witness room, 18 by 19 feet.
The women's toilet will also open
from this hall.
United States Land Office
The United States land office will
occupy the southern portion of the
third floor. Four roomy offices have
been designated for this purpose.
The principal one will be 37 by 10
feet. The dimensions of one of the
three other offices will be 16 by 17
feet, each of the remaining two meas
uring il2 iby by 19 feet. There will
be a large vault opening from one of
these smaller rooms. In the event of
the designation of Bismarck as a sub
port of entry for the United States
customs service, room will be found
either the third or second floor for
the headquarters of the customs col
lector who would be stationed here.
Movement to Bismarck's Progress
While the contract held by Mr.
Lauritzen calls for the completion of
the building by September 1, 1913,
there is a possibility that the work
may be finished at an earlier date.
This depends largely upon the avail
ability of securing the necessary
materials. So soon as the excavation
work is completed, work of putting
in the foundation will be started and
it is Mr. Palm's belief that the roof
will be on the splendid structure be
fore cold weather sets in in the fall.
During the winter and next spring
and summer workmen will complete
the interior of the building. The
edifice will cost, when completed
approximately $150,000. It will be the
headquarters of all federal officers
who are located at the state capital.
The imposing structure will stand as
a monument to the progress that is
being hame each year by Bismarck,
Queen City of the vast Missouri Sl6pe.
Tour druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days. 50c
One of the most surprising things
in the world to druggists is that so
many people endure unnecessary suf
fering and trouble.
Every day they hear people say "I
have been feeling so weak and miser
able for the last few months that I
finally decided to come and ask you
what to do for it."
For instance, Miss Zulah Teager.
den of Connellsville, Pa., says in a
letter: "For years I had been in bad
health owing to run-down system and
general weakness. I had no appetite,
was tired out and had no strength.
"Hearing so much about Vlnol I
decided to try it and I find It the
greatest of all remedies. It has built
up my strength, restored my appetite
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just as well have had this benefit
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Now if you are weak and in poor
health, don't wait another day, but
let Vinol, our delicious cod liver and
remedy without oil, make you
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your money back If not satisfied.
Opium-Morphine rarMioaal.
lacSinde Signature of
Atb months old
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
COOPERSTOWN, N. D., April 10—
he is blind Attorney W. C.
Almklov, of this city, is a candidate
for the position of State's attorney.
He is a graduate of the University of
North Daokta, the North Dakota Col.
of Law, and the South Dakota
school for the blind, and after a year
and a half of active |iw practice in
this city, he has announced that he
the republican nonination for
the positio of state's attorney.
Mr. Almklcv, in his univers.ty days.
Is the Bread of the ToWn
2 big loaves for $
We also have a fall line of pastries. Ton can get
anything yon want in the way of
Tou don't know the best until you try
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Why mo a Piano
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The Celebrated PACKARD is Our Leader
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For band work. Clarionets, Cornets and all instru
ments with reeds. Oil, cases, music racks, etc.
Anything in mnsic you willfindat
Phone 89 Bismarck, N. Dak.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
TMI etNTaun eoamiiT, aiw YONM cnr.
was very successful and represented
his literary society in debate and ora
tory with distinction to himself. He
graduated from the South Dakota
school at Gary in 1905 and entered
the University of North Dakota that
"What made the muddy water of
the big 'Missouri wet?" Hear this
h^art touching anthem executed in
translated German music, played in
English, on a French clarinet at the
armory dance Thurs^y night. It's
Spring water by the bottle or case
delivered to your door.

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