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S he early stages of growth following
/||Uhe metamoprhosls, the final success
:fepof the workman no longer be in doubt,
iVstsffrbe essential facts in the life history'rial
•sy||of (the mussels are known the breed
Kp^lng seasons and habits of the com
iHf^merciai species have been sufficiently
||?ii#determined the general conditions ox
Afi^iiinfectlon and of the parasitism of the
i|*||'larva hav« been learned experiment
!!iJ Pally and the entire feasibility of arti-
K*^: flcially propagating at least certain
'species of fresh water mussels has
been clearly demonstrated, while the
requisite conditions for placing arti
ficial propagation on a practical basis
are now thoroughly understood.
Scops A the investigation.
It was recognised at the outset that
)f the investigation was to be of any
practical value it must be wide in
.'•cope and must extend over a period
Of at least several years. At that
time much remained to be learned
concerning the breeding habits and
seasons of the commercial species,
*ho biological and physical conditions
£|f"|§.under which they live, their ddstribu
§42p tiont throughout the Mississippi val
ley, and many other essential matters,
|pfp~whi!e it was yet to be discovered
!l|pj£whether artificial propagation could
|fft| be successfully carried out. At the
^^0very inception of the work, therefore,
jtlojr To Be Certain of
Curing Constipation
bard thing to over-
,f|l|^!,|? Oonie, but where health is at stake
K^ -|:v:ana the opinion of thousands of reli
able people differs from yours, preju
dice'then becomes your menace and
you ought to lay it aside. This is said
in the interest of people suffering
from chronic constipation imaginable
can be cured1 by a brief use of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. You may
not have heard of it before, but do not
doubt its merits on that account, or
(because it has not been blatantly ad
vertised. It has sold very success
fully on word of mouth recommenda
tion. Parents are giving it to their
children today who were given it by
their parents, andPit has been truth
fully said that more druggists use it
personally in their families than any
other laxative.
Bureau of Fisheries Experts
Successfully Experiment
With Species
Field Parties Sent Out Each
Year to Colled Fresh
8peclal to The Tribune
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 30.—
The threatened extinction in the up
per Mississippi River and its more
important tributaries of those species
of the fresh-water mussels whose
shells have been taken in enormous
numbers in recent years, both for the
manufacture of pee buttons and for
the pearls which they occasionally
contain, led the United States bureau
of fisheries to understand an exten
sive 'investigation of the possibility
of artificially propagating the com
mercial species and of devising prac
ticable means of restocking depleted
waters which present favorable con
§$|v dltlons for their maintenance. The
general -direction of the invetigation
I$:'was placed dn the hands of George
JLefevre and Winterton C. Curtis, pro
feasors of soology in the university
1 of mlssouri, who for several years
have prosecuted the work, in certain
important phases of which, however,
many others have collaborated.
Ultimate End Is Assured.
In a joint report to the secretary
•of commerce and labor, the university
experts state that the results already
obtained make it clear that the ulti
mate end of the investigation is as
lured, and with adequate facilities for
the infection and care of large num
Sobers of fishes and for the mainte
v\ l||nance of the young mussels during
a comprehensive plan was outlined
p:".' -^§^0&MMi^4
Sri •••*fta.*v:
Letters recently received from Mr.
E. M. Connelly, Genoa Jet., Wis., and
Mrs. B. Bblch, Hatfield, Wis., are but
a few thousands showing the esteem
in which Dr. Caldwell's Sprup Pepsin
is held. It is mild, gentle, non-griping
—not violent, like salts or canthartics.
It cures gradually and pleasantly *o
that in time nature again does its own
work without outside aid. Constipated
people owe it to themselves to use
this grand bowel specific.
Anyone wl&Mng to make a trial of
this remedy before buying it in the
regular way of a druggist at fifty cents
or oen dollar a large bottle (family
size) can have a sample bottle sent
to the home free of charge by simply
addressing Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 406
Washington St., Monticello, III. Tour
name and address on a postal card
will do.
which was designed to include every
subject that might bear even remotely
upon the central problem—the restor
ation of the exhausted mussel beds—
and, although many parts of this pro
gram have scarcely been touched,
much progress has been made in some
of the more important lines.
The plan of work contemplated, be
sides a thorough Investigation of the
'conditions under which artificial prop
agation might be possible, a detailed
study of the life history and ecology
of the mussels, with special reference
to the geographical distribution of the
group throughout the Mississippi val
ley, the breeding seasons and habits,
the' physical conditions of the waters
in which different species thrive and"
attain thefir maxim growth, food sup
ply, enemies and diseases, rate of
growth and the influence of environ
mental factors upon it, and the be
havior of glochidia and fishes and
hosts, respectfully.
Problem of Artificial Infection.
Tfce experts' personal attention has
in the main been directed to a study
of the conditions of reproduction in
the group and the parasitism of the
larva dn their bearing upon the prob
lem of artificial infection of fishes
with glochidia, while such phases of
the investigation as geographical dis
tribution, systematic studies and a
number of special ecological problems
have been in the hands of other in
lAt the recently established biolog
ical station of the bureau of fisheries
at Fairport, la., while construction
was still in progress, the work of
propagating some of the commercial
species was inaugurated and the ex
cellent facilities of the station, whicu
has been especiallv designed for the
purpose, ar« now being utilised by
members of the staff in attacking fun
damental problems of both a scientific
and an economic nature.
For the past five summers a num
ber of field parties have been equipped
the fullest possible data bearing upon
their distribution, their habits, and
the physical and biological factors of
their distribution, ther habits, and
the physical and biological factors of
their environment, as well as informa
tion concerning the industries which
depend upon the mussel. Surveys of
this character have now been carried
out on the Mississippi river and
nearly all of its more important trib
utaries from Minnesota to Tennes
see, and as a result of these investi
gations an enormous amount of mate
and information has been col
lected which, when examined and
analyzed, will not only have the great
est economic value, but will consti
tute one of the most important ecolog
ical studies ever made on any group
of animals.
Talk No. 5.
Avoid liquid bluing. In every city
there is an accumulation of Junk bot
tles which are gathered np and filled
with a weak solution called bluing.
Don't buy water for bluing.
5-cent package equals 20 cents' worth
of liquid blue. Makes clothes whiter
than snow. ALL GOOD GROCERS.
Hon. Alex McKende, who has been
spending the past few days In the
capital city looking after business in
terests, departed for St. Paul Sunday
Henry Kaiser arrived in the city
on No. 4 Monday morning after spend
ing the past month visiting with rela
tives and friends at Spokane, Wash.
\As Strong and Hardy as
.The Men Who Wea The
HE men of the great northwest demand
a big, generous quality of material and
workmanship in the overalls they wear.
Overalls are built with the
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F. A. Patrick & Cbmpany, Duhifth, Minn.
AryCM*Hhslliii dWiSiiUSatSl! fnlijiuw/Cwmw+tmma. Wmmmi
Foreign Resiteols Believe
That the United Stales
Most Take a Hitd
Belli Stripped el Their
Cattle RaacBnei are
Chief Sufferers
WASHINGTON, April 30.—That no
man has get appeared in Mexico
strong enough to dominate the situu.
'tion and bring order and peaceful
rule to the nation out of the present
conditions of disorder, was the opin
ion expressed by Connes Shepherd,
son of Alexander Shepherd, former
Governor of the District of Columbia,
in an interview today.
Mr. Shepherd has recently arrived
in Washington from Chihuahua, in
the western part of Mexico, where he
bag been engaged for years in conduc
ting mining properties. He has spont
a large part of his life among the
Mexicans and knows the people as
few otherforeigners do.
"I think that 1 may 'say that prac
tically all the foreigners in Mexico,
and there area great many conduct
ing many industries, believe that the
only and the ultimate solution of the
problems which now face Mexico can
come through intervention on the part
of the United States.
I do not wish to see intervention
by the United States, thoughfitmay
have to come, and, I believe unless
something unforeseen happens, 'thatj
only through intervention will peace
be finally established. Undoubtedly
the Mexicans will oppose strongly any
attempt at intervention.
'It is the poor ranchman and the
skilled laborers, the middle classes
who are suffering most from the re
bellion now going on under the leader
ship of Genefral Orozco, Gradually
these ranchmen are being stripped of
everything they own, cattle, horses
and supplies, and pretty soon they
will have nothing left.
Peons Do The Fighting
"The peons, or lower class, are do
ing most of the fighting. The revolu
tion has been like a continuous picnic
or bullfight for them. They have
been g'ven guns and horses for the
first time in their lives, and they
wish to keep them.
"To give you an Idea pf the mix-up
condition which exist in Mexico today,
a banquet was recently given'to Col.
Alfonso Castadena, chief of staff for
General Orosco, in Chihuahua, and I
am informed, through the newspapers
published here, that after the toasts
to Oroxco and others the guests shout
ed 'Viva Gen. Forflro Diai'. The
revolution began, of course, for the
purpose of overthrowing Diar. The
present revolt is hieing backed largely
by wealthy adherents of Mas, the
Clentlucos party,
Oen. Oroxco cannot hope to control
the situation, even should he succeed
in overthrowing the government of
Madero. He cannot control his fol
lowers at present and even his,
friends he has not been able to pro
tect in many instances from the cons
tant confiscations which are being
made by the men. Supplies of all
kinds are being taken. Gen Orozco
himself is traveling around! Chihua
hua in a large automobile which has
b-en conficated from a relative of
"Many of the rich men have con
tributed to the cause supported by
Orozco, hut even this has not been
able to protect them in'every Instance
which Just goes to show the lack of
control of the rebel leader.
'Hundreds of Mexicans have been
forced into the ranks of Orosco's army
Mayors of towns are deposed, follow
ers of Orozco are substituted and arm
ed men left to levy upon the country
and to recruit for the army. They
take, or threaten to take, a man's
property, and he is compelled to Join
the Orozco force. Men in my own
employ have been forced in Join the
rebel army.
Much Foreign Capital
"It is unfair to compare conditions
existing in Mexico today with those
in this country during the civil war,
particularly as far as foreign inves
tors in the country are concerned.
The amount of foreign capital inves
ted in Mexico today lB probably 1,000
per cent larger that that which was
invested in the United States during
our civil war.
Almost all of the big industries and
properties in Mexico are owned or
controlled by foreign capital. They
very conditions of the country and the
character of the people render the
conditions different.
Mr. Shepherd has closed down his
silver and lead mining properties in
Chihuahua because tt is impossible
to get supplies through without con
fiscation. He said today that he did
not know Just when he would return
to Mexico, but that to go there would
be to no purpose under present con
No matter what alls your child, a
gentle, thorough laxative physic
should always be the first treatment
IS your child tent feeling well
resting nicely eating regularly and
acting naturally it is a sure sign that
its little stomach, liver and 80 feet
of bowels are filled with foul, consti
pated waste matter and need a gentle
thorough cleansing at once.
When crass, Irritable, feverish,
stomach sour, breath bad, or your lit
tle one has stomach ache, diarrhoea,
sore throat, full of cold, tongue
coated give a teaspoonful of Syrup
of Figs and in few hours all the
cloggedup waste, undigested food
and sour bile will gently move on and
out of its little bowels without nausea
griping or weakness, and you will
surely have a well, happy and smil
ing child again shortly.
With syrup of Figs you are not
durgging your children, being com
psed entirely of luscious figs, sens,
and aromatics it cannot bo harmful,
besides they dearly love its delicious
fig taste.
Mothers should always keep Syrup
of Figs handy. It is the only stom
ach, liver and bOwel cleanser and
regulator needed—a little given to
day will save a sick child tomorrow.
Full directions for children of all
ages and for grown-ups plainly print
ed on the package.
Ask your dfruggisjts for the full
name, "Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Sena," prepared by the California Fig
Syrup Co. This is the delicious tast
ing, genuine old reliable. Refuse any**
thing else offered.
There is a traveling man 'who
makes his headquarters in the capi
tal city who is not altogether in sym
pathy with the general idea that type,
writers should be in general use for
business purposes. The theme of er
rors on typewriters has furnished ma
terial for hundreds of Jests from the
Jokesmiths, and the letter received
by the commercial traveller of Bis
marck would be good timber for simi
lar purposes. For the benefit of the
reades of the Tribune, the.communi
cation Is herewith published in full
names omlted:
dear sir 1 thought 1 would right
you in regards to putting in stock of
goods heare heare is a good opening
heare for a store heare they wanted
me to stock up but 1 did not have the
money to dl it and if you will ccme
heare will furnish the bllding and
counters shoe cases cash register
paper rack coffee mill
well 1 think heare is a good chance
to make som money
will you come down and see mee 1
will take, you to a man and he will
tell that Bieness will be good heare
well I have a good room heare for a
store a nice glass front
will you come and see me or right
at wanes
yours tuley
Real vaudeville at the new Bis
marck Theatre tonight. No change
!n prices.
Sealed bids for printing, binding,
addressing and mailing the publicity
pamphlet provided for bv Chapter 1*»
of the Session Laws of North Dakota
for the year 1911 will be received by
the Commissioners of Public Printing
at the Capitol at Bismarck until 2
o'clock P. M. on May 0th, 1918. All
printing, binding, addressing and
mailing to be done by the successful
bidder and otherwise in accordance
lth the provlsons of chapter ISO of
the Session Laws of 1011 and under
the directions and supervision of the
Secretary of State.
Bids are requested to be made on
following basis:
1. For printing, covering and bind
ing pamphlets on basis of price per
page for cuts and price per page for
type set matter, for statements of
state and eongress'onal candidates.
2. For printing, covering and blnoV
ing on basis of price per page for
cuts and price per page for type set
matter for statements of County and
legislative candidates.
3. Price per thousand for address
ing, wrapping and mailing. The state)
will pay the amount of actual
postage charge. Pamphlet to be
printed on 24x86 S
O lb. S. AS C.
white book paper, covers to be tinted
plain wove basis of *0x8W5 lb] Esti
mated number of copies of pamphlets
to be printed, one hundred ten thou
Names and addressesjtf voters will
be furnished to the successful bidder
by the Secretary of State. The suc
cessful bidder will be required to give
a good and sufficient bond tc the State
of North Dakota in double the amount
of his bid to guarantee the full, com
plete and timely performance of his
Each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check of one hundred dol
lars to guarantee that the bidder will
if his bid is accepted, promptly fur
nish the required bond and enter into
written contract with the state of
North Dakota in accordance with his
All bids should be addressed to the
Secretary of State, Bismarck, N. D.,
and marked '^Proposal for Printing
State Publicity Pamphlets."
The Board of Commissioners of
Public Printing reserve the right to
reject any and all bids.
Dated at the capital at Bismarck,
N. D., this 19th dar of April, 1911.
Secretary of State.
David Goldstein of Boston, Mass*
who Is considered to be the greatest
authority on socialism, will deliver
one of his lectures in this city on Fri
day evening, May 3 Mr. Goldstein
was formerly a socialist, but "ome
three years ago he became convinced
that the doctrine was wrong. He has
been lecturing and writing against it
since. The lecture will take place in
this city at the Catholic church. No
admission will be charged, but a col
lection will be taken up to defray the
expense. All grown up people are in
By Associated
BUENOS AIRES, Argentine, April
29—Civil war has again broken out
in Paraguay, and telegrams from
Asuncion today state that four gov
ernment warships bombarded the re
volutionists, who were commanded
by former President Jara, at Villa
Encarnacion, a town 175 miles south
east of Asuncion.
Fire returned by the revolutionists
was so well directed that the war
ships, in a damaged condition, were
compelled to retire,
Real vaudeville at the new Bis
marck Theatre tonight. No change
in prices.
Last evening Peter Johnson was ar
rested and this morning was ar
raigned before a Justice of the peace
on the charge of striking his mother
In-law, Mrs. Ella Hanson. Mrs. Han
son told the Judge that Pete came
home last night smoking a stinking
cigar. As she was troubled with
asthma it started her coughing, she
objected and so the trouble ensued
until he struck her a severe blow. The
old lady said she was sorry the trou
ble occurred as she had always liked
Pete and did not object to his smok
ing, on the contray she enjoyed the
smell of a good cigar, but could not
stand the smell O the vile cigar he
was smoking last night: The Judge
was a good Judge and a Judge of a
good cigar, and discharged the pris
oner. He told Mm if he smoked In
the future to try the "All Stock and
No Style" cigar as they only cost a
nickel and are worth ten cents that
they are made by theKuhles ft Stock
Co. of St. Paul, and are retailed In
{Bismarck .by
G. A. Selvig at thu Candy
Hanson stopped at his
store and bought a box of "All Stock
and No Style" cigars to surprise her
son-in-law on his return home. After
Pete had smoked one, the old lady
declared it was the most fragrant ci
gar he had ever smoked. They kissed
and made up and declared they would
cot to quarrel in the future.
Notice of Mortgage Sale by Advertis
Notice is hereby given that that
certain mortgage, executed and deliv
ered by Bert G. Morse, single mort
gagor, ftoisjugenie F» Slowey, towr*
gagee. dated the *7th day of Janu
ary, A.D. 1910, and filed for record
in the office of the register of deeds
for the County of Burteigh, and' State
of North Dakota, on the 29th day of
January. 1910, at.9 o'clock A. M., and
recorded on page 161 of Book "97",
wm be foreclosed by a sale or the
premises in such mortgage and here
inafter described, at the front door
of the court house, In the City of
Bismarck, County jof. BurteJ|gh. and
State of North Dakota, at the hour of
10:00 o'clock A. M. on the 10th day
of May, A. D. 1912, to satisfy the
amount due upon said mortgage, on
the day of sale.
The premises described in such
mortgage and which will be sold to
satisfy Che tame, are those certain
premises situated In the county of
Burleigh and State of North Dakota,
and described as follows. to-w4t:
The northwest Quarter (N. W. 1-4)
of Section eight (8), Township one
hundred and thirty-seven (1S7) north
of Range seventy-six (76) west of
Che 6th P. M. In Burleigh county.
North Dakots containing 160 acres
more or less, according to the U. S
government survey thereof.
That there wS be due on such
mortgage at the date of sale the
sumof eight hundredand seventy-three
doUare and sixty-eight cents ($875.68).
principal and Interest, and in addi
tion thereto the statutory attorney
fees, coats and disbursements of this
foreclosure, the mortgagee having
elected because of default in the
terms and condMdons of said mort
gage, to declare the whole sum se
cured by said mortgage, to be now
due and payable.
Dated March 16th, A. D. 1918.
Attorney for Mortgagee,
Napoleon, North Dakota.
Special to The Tribune.
WASHINGTON. April 30._An
biblt at the American road congress,
to be held next fall will be presented
by the United States department of
agriculture. (Secretary Wilson, of the
department, has authorised Director
Logan Waller Page, of the office of
public roads, to give a complete ex
hibit of the government's work on the
pubfto roads of the country, showing
how unimproved roads hurt the farm
er and how improved roads aid not
only the farmer but the consumer.
IFour of the biggest associations!
which are working for the improve
ment of public roads are consolidat
ing their forces in order to make the
next American road congress the big
gest affair of its kind in the history
of this country they are, The Ameri
can Road Builders' associattfon, The
American Association for Highway
Improvement, the American Automo
bile association, and the National
Association of Road (Material and
Machinery Manufacturers. All of
these associations have previously
held separate conventions. It Is exr
pected that farmers' associations and,
.other associations interested in the
improvement of public highways will
likewise take part in the congress.
Abundant Health is assured when
there is good blood in the veins. Hood's
Sarsaparilla is the medicine to make
good blood. Begin taking it now. It
is Just what the sytem needs at this
time and will do you great good.
Sharpens the appetite, steadies the
In Time of Peace-*-
"CleanUp the
Keep Them Cleann
The Bismarck Steam Laundry
Will keep open every evening until 8:30 for the
benefit of-those who wish to leave aundry and
call for same. We will see that your work will
go out with the buttons on and all minor mend
ing done free of charge. We ask that you will
give us your work and we will give yqu satisfac
Bismarck Steam Laundry Compan
Bedbugs, Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Etc.
Price 25 Cents
Easy to Use
Phone 201 First Natl. Bank Bldg.
The First National Ban*
Can make a boast unequalled by any other bank in tills section of
the -tat.
Nor is It Idle boasting.
After two years of crop failures, to Which the other banks at.
tribute their falling off In
tills bank teds itself stronger In every respect than ever before.
You Wonder Why?
Our customers are 90 per cent dairy farmers. We know now
of some choice dairy farms for sale. If you want to make money
see us, and we can put yon next to several bargains In land near
tie best creamery in the stat*.
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the diffi
culty is to procure one that acts
without violence. A remedy that
does not perform
by force what
should be accom
plished by persua
sion is Or. Miles'
Laxative Tablets.
After using them,
Mr. N. A. Waddell,
-—-,--.- Ufa I have1 beta
troubled with constipation, and have
tried many remedies, el! of which
seemed to cause pain without giving
much renet. ,1 naallr tried Dr. afflesv
laxative TaMeta and found them ex
cellent Their action Is pleasant sad
mod, and their chocolate taste makes
them easy to take. I am snore
glad to reeommend these."
"Clean np the bowels and
them clean," is the advice of
physicians, because the/ realise the
danger resulting from habitual con
stipation. Do not delay too long,
but begin proper curative measures.
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets area
new remedy for this old complaint,
and a great improvement over the
cathartics yen have been using in
the past They taste like candy
and work like a charm. A trial
will convince you,
Dr. Miles* Laxative Tablets are
sold by all druggists, at 25 cents
a box containing 35 doses. If not
found satisfactory after trial, re
turn the box to your druggist and
he will return your money. e'
MILKS M1DICAL CO.. glkhart In*.
Real vaudeville at the new Bis
marck Theatre tonight. No change
In prices. .(-:..'V..'i. '.''••
Prepare for war. In times prosperity bank against
adversity. Tea, bank. We use the term advisedly.
Use the bank. Its advantages are all at your dispos
al. When in doubt ask the cashier. If he knows he
will tell you. Let our bookkeepers handle your ac
counts. They'll keep them straight. Tour checks
are your receipts when you pay an account .When
times are good, pile up a fund in the bank against
your rainy day. It will be kept for you more safely
than you can keep it. Fire proof vault, insurance
against burglary. It's subject to your check when
you want it." If you are not already banking with us
the time to start is now.
T. C. POWER, Pros. 1. P. BAKER, Vice-Pros. O. H. Raws, Jr. Cash.
Waco, Tex*
"Almost an BIT
.' &:V:

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