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Wives ofDemocraticLeaders
are Prepsring Great
National Function
Robert M. MoWaSe.
Bismarck Tribune Washington Bureau.
WASHINGTON, May 3—Active
preparations are being pushed by Mrs,
Champ Clark for the Dolly Madison
Harmony Breakfast, on May 20, which
is to bring to the National Capital
the wives of all of the Democratic
leaders of the various states of the
Union, to participate in that function
to celebrate the working peace in the
party, and also to form a permanent
organization, with a view to future
yearly celebrations at which those la
dies are to be the guests of honor of
the Congressional club, composed of
the wives, daughters, mothers, and
sisters of our Democratic national leg
islators. To mark the event more con
spicuously the members of the club
are compiling a pamphlet, In which
are to be printed the biographies of
its individual members,, each sketch
being limited to 100 words. The ob
ject of the pamphlet—a copy of which
is to "be given to each guest, is to pro
vide a booklet of ready reference for
the use of the women as a means of
familiarising themselves with the
personnel the various delegations.
While there is the Congressional Di
rectory,' which gives the names and a
short autobiography of each member
of Congress, there hag never been
FOR RENT—Large modern room.
Suitable for two. Mrs. J. H. Mar
shall. Phone 325.
FOR RENT—Furnished room In mod
ern house. 117 1st St., phone 331R.
FOR .RENT—Three housekeeping
rooms in Dakota block very rea
sonable. Butler Studio. Phone 164.
FuR RENT—'Pleasant rooms in mod
ern house. (Mrs. H. E. Barnes, 317
Eighth street
FOR RENT—Large modern room, fur
nished or unfurnished. Mrs. Chrlsst,
708 Eighth street
FOR RENT—Swell suite of rooms
furnished for housekeeping In mod
ern house Call afternoons. 807 4th
FOR RENT—Modem rooms and board
at Dunraven Place IIS Third street
Phone 111.
FOR RENT—Modern famished rooms.
307 Fourth street.
FOR RENT—(Large furnished room at
107 Seveth street
FOR RENT—Modern furnished room
at 400 Fourth street
FOR RENT—3-. ~u modern house
keeping rooms close) in. Address
X, care Tribune.
FOR RENT—Rooms furnished for
housekeeping and lodging. 104
Main St. Phone 903.
FOR RENT—A modern house, close
in. A. C. Hinckley.
FOR RENT—Bfcht*oom
house. M. A. Edberg, 808 Seventh
street .__
__ house
with barn. Pho
•tWater Supply Co.
There are no Dandelions In Rlvervlew
Addition, to ruin your lawn. Buys
lot at our tow prices and assy tanns
In the prettiest part of Bismarck.
F. S. Young
FRESH MILK will fas doUjered
dally by Sonny Crest Dairy attar
Thursday May 1.
BOARD and rooms rates by or
month. Pearl Atten. Phone ISO. 114
Main.". ______"•
At headquarters, see today's ad.
Ua •-. 4s2&s£jM%-&
such a publication of the fair sex of
the households of Democratic legisla
Club Members Chosen.
The members of the Congressional
club chosen to gather and compile the
data 'for their respective states are:
Mrs. J. H. Blahkhead, of Alabama
Mrs. T. Robinson, of Arkansas Mra
John E. Raker, of California Mrs. Ed
ward f. Taylor of Colorado Mrs. J.
L. Reilly, of Connecticut Mrs. Dun
can U. Fletcher of Florida Mrs. W.
O. Bantley, of Georgia Mrs C. U.
Stone of Illinois Mrs. Wm. A! Cullop
of Indiana Mrs. G. A. Neely, of Kan
sas Mrs. Ben Johnson, of Kentucky
Miss Belle Dupre, of Louisiana Mrs.
G. Gardiner, of Maine Mrs. J. C. Lin
thicum, of Maryland Mrs.'James M.
Curley of Massachusetts Mrs. Edwin
F. Sweet, of Michigan Mrs. William
P. Borland, of Missouri Mrs. D. V.
Stephens, of Nebraska Mrs. Francis
G. Newlands, of Nevada? Mrs. Thomas
G. Scully, of New Jersey Mrs. Wm.
Sulzer of New York Mrs. IR. N. Page,
of North Carolisa Mrs. Timothy T.
Ansberry, of Ohio Mrs. George E.
^Chamberlain, of Oregon Mrs. Curtis
*E. Gregg of Pennsylvania Mrs. G. F.
O'Shaughnessy, of Rhode Island Mrs.
D. E. Flnley, of South Carolina Mrs.
F. Garrett, of Tennessee Mrs. A.
W. Gregg, of Texas Mrs. William
Jones, of Virginia Mrsfl J. W. Davis,
of West Virginia Mrs. M. E. Burke
of Wisconsin Mrs. Harden, of_ Mon
tana, and Utah and Mrs. John Sharp
Williams, of Mississippi.
New Cook—I alius insist on the mis
sis cooking the dinner ,the first night 1
arrive. Mistress—Good heavens! Why?
New Cook—After that anything tastes
good to the family.—Harper's Baser.
1 am afraid that BUgjron* play* golf
on Sun**"- '•''•.
WANTED—Girl for general house
work on a farm. Phone 408B.
WANTED—Girl for dining
work. Bismarck hospital.
WANTED—Girl to assist In house
work and take care of children.
Phone 500 or call 20 Avenue A. West.
WANTED—A competent girl. Phone
WANTED—Two girls to cook and do
general housework in private fam
ily best wages. Apply at once to
Blamarck Elev.* ft Inv. Co., over
Bismarck bank. Phone 203.
WANTED—Competent girl for gener
al housework Apply to Mrs. Geo.
M. Register.
WANTED—Competent girl for gener
al housework. Apply to Mrs. C. J.
Busch, Cor. Mandan and Ave B.
Phone 413.
FOR SALE—The north half of Sec.
1, Twp. 13*. Range 77 311 acres,
Burleigh county, North .Dakota.
Address O. Ihgersoll, Arkansas
City, Kansas.
WANTED=-Responsibie party wishes
to rent a furnished hotel or res
taurant. No. 49, Bismarck Tribune
FOR SALE—Five thousand basheB
of flax for sale, wen matured, early
threshed. Frank A. Cooslas, 8upt
Occident Elevator Co., Bismarck, N.
to the new town of Hell, 100 miles
southwest of Bismarck. Wm. HelL
Hell, N. D.
TO RENT—Improved farm of 160
acres, seven miles from "Wilton.
iPbone aa»J. L. H. Carufel, Bis
marck, N. D.
FOR SALE—Two good dining room
tables and one kitchen range. In
quire 420 Second street.
WANTED—Work of any kind by a
young man. Grant Dennie, 46 Main
street, or phono 440L
WANTED—Two or three unfurnished
rooms for light house keeping.
Small family, two children. Box
540 City.
FOR SALE—Child's bed almost new.
Phone «1W or call 119 Third St
FOR SALE—Furniture, dining table,
round extension, dressers, kitchen
cupboard, been In use one montSL
312 1st street &
Don't Hjde Them With a Veil Re
move Them With the New Drug.
An eminent Bkin specialist recently
discovered a new drug, othine—double
strength, which ig so uniformly suc
cessful in removing freckles and giv
ing a clear, beautiful complexion that
'it is sold by any first-class druggist
under an absolute guarantee to re
fund the money if it fails.
Don't bide your freckles und«r a
veil get an ounce of othine'and re
move them. Even the first night's
use will show a wonderful improve
ment, some of the lighter freckles
vanishing entirely. It is absolutely
harmless and cannot injure the most
tender skin.
(Be sure to ask for the double
strength othine it is this that is sold
on the money back guarantee.
His Bluff.
Hojack—Why are you consulting the
dictionary? I thought you knew bow to
spelL Tomdlk—I do. 1 am not look
ing for Information, but for corrobora
A Human Dynamo*
Tour wife must keep out of all ex«
"Impossible, doctor. She carries It
around with her."^iioston Transcript
Choose always the way that seems
MM best, however rough It may be.
Custom will soon render It easy and
The Mental Railroad.
Fatten!—I cannot concentrate, doc
tor. My train of thought keeps Jump
tag the traek. Doctor—Ah. a nervous
WANTED—Sewing to do at m/
house. Elsie Rogers, 615 2nd St
WANTED—Dressmaklag, 212 4th St.
Phone 375K
WANTED—'People to know we will
give you a first class Job in any
cement or stone work, you may
need. M. P. MOORE, 5th St Phone
LOST—Gold watch engraved on back
Return to Dr. Kershaw's office for
LOST—April 14th, between Bismarck
and ten miles south of Baldwin,
dark bureau drawer, brass handles.
Will finder plaasa leave same at
417 10th St., Bismarck.
LOST—A round gold brooch with a
black flower valuable as a keep
sake. Finder please return to Mrs.
Richard Penwarden.
FOR SALE—3,000 bushels of flax, ab
solutely free from weed seed. 99.7
per cent free as tested N.'D. Agri.
College. Send for samples and
prices. A. L. DeShon, Steele, N. D.
FOR SALE—One dresser and wash
stand ana one gocart. Call at 119
4th Bt
FOR SALE—8 room modern house on
6th St near Ave. B., nice lawn,
trees, small fruits, east front
92800.00. F. E. Young.
farm, NW. 1-4 lft-119-79, about live
miles northeast of Bismarck. Ap
ply to T. J. Tally, 1109 Broadway,
Bismarck, N. D.
FOR SALE—Cheap, two second hand
gas traction engines. F. Jasakowiak
FOR SALE—Good improved half seel
tion of land four miles from Bald
win. 170 acres under cultivation
grove of trees, best kind of soiL
Will sell on easy terms to right
party. Address Box 117, Bismarck,'
N. D.
OLD PAPERS for spring Stones clean
ing a nlckle a handle *t Tribune of
FOR SALE—A barn. Inquire of Mrs.
A. N. LesUe. 411 Third street.
GET YOUR HAT Mocked and cleaned
at the tailor made Shining parlor.
Two doors west of postottce.
One bay pony. Call on chief of po
lice and pay charges and get your
FURNITURE for sale.
Mrs. C. J.
S£0W S Much of the Frivoious Stuff by
Ancient Church That Is Said to
Guard a Precious 8ecret
A small building popularly known as
"The Church of Hidden Treasure"
stands in the little, town of Barelas.
N. M. During the Mexican war many
of the richest families In the neighbor
hood hid their gold and valuables tn
all sorts of carious places.
Senor Sandoval, a very rich landown
er, chose the thick walls of the village
church as bis* treasure vault, accord
ing to a writer In the Wide World, and
tradition says that the precious hoard
has never been removed.
Only a few years ago several groups
of men, armed with pickaxes, crowbars
and other Implements, besieged the
place in search of the fabulous wealth
said to be concealed somewhere on the
premises. The treasure is believed to
be contained In a large wooden chest,
such as most of the wealthy Mexicans
formerly possessed. It Is claimed that
the box contained thousands of dollars
In gold, besides emeralds, diamonds
and pearls, set In pure native gold.
The Sandoval family, however, guard
the place most carefully, while they In
torn are Jealously watched to sea that
they do not disturb the church prop
erty. Bold and daring plans are some
times laid, but nothing seems to come
of them, and the ancient building still
guards Its precious secret
Why Timber Cut In Winter Is Better
Than That Cut In Summer.
Timber cut In spring and In summer
la not so durable as that cat In winter.
She durability depends not only upon
the greater or less density, bat also
apon the presence of certain chemical
constituents In the wood.
Thus a large proportion of resinous
matter increases the durability, while
the presence of easily soluble carbohy
drates diminishes it considerably.
During the growing season the wood
of trees contains Sulphuric add and
potassium, both of which are solvents
of carbohydrates, starch, resins and
gams. They are known to soften also
the ligneous tissue to a considerable
Daring the summer months the wood
of living trees contains eight times as
much sulphuric acid and five times as
much potassium as It does daring the
winter months.. The presence of these
two chemical substances daring the
growing season constitutes the chief
factor In dissolving the natural preserv
stives within the wood and In prepar
ing the wood for the different kinds
of wood destroying fungi-Scientific
An Age of Great Gamblers.
The eighteenth century was the age
of the great gamblers. On Feb. 6.
1772, there was debate In the house
of commons on the thirty-nine arti
cles, and it was noticed that Fox spoke
very Indifferently.
Horace Waipole suggests an explans
tlon: "He had sat up playing at hazard
st Almack's from Tuesday evening, the
4th. till 5 In the afternoon of Wednes
day. 5th. An hour before he had recov
ered £12.000 that hi bid lost, and by
dinner, which was at 5 o'clock, he had
ended losing £11.000. On the Thursday
he spoke In the above debate, went to
dinner at 11-30 at night, from there to
White's, when be drink till 7 the next
morning thence to Almack's, where be
won £6,000. and between 3 and 4 lot he'
afternoon be set out for Newmarket
London Chronicle.
Odd Origin ef an Epidemic.
In boose In the BngUsH town of
•xeter, some years ago, sat two men.
One of them Informed his companion
that the last time he was In the town
he suffered from smallpox In that very
room. *Tn that corner." be said, "was
a cupboard where the bandages were
kept It is now plastered over, but
tbey are probably still there." And be
took a poker, broke down the plaster
and found them. From their "find" the
two men contracted the disease, and It
spread through the town and worked
fearful havoc.—London Telegraph.
The Wires Were
Hotel Man (who thinks he Is calling
down his butchen—Ssy. I am shy a
heart and a Over, eight ribs and a
shoulder. Now. I want 'em right away.
Railway Office (which has been con
netted by mistakeV-Sorry. bat the
wreck has been cleared np.-San Fran
dsco Post
Mandan Dept.
St. Henry Will Fly June 1.
Great enthusiasm 1B evinced in this
community over the announcement
by the Missouri Slope Fair Associa
ton that, under their auspic.es, Lucky
Bob St. Henry will give an exhibition
of modern aviation at the fair grounds
June 1. Bob will fly in his brand
new 90-horse power two {passenger
C'urtiss by-plane, one of the finest fly*
ers known to aviators. The proceeds
of this great entertainment feature
will go to build a much needed new
horse barn for the fair grounds.
F. L. Watklns Will Speak Here
F. L. Watkins, of Bismarck, former
ly a Presbyterian paBtor in Dickinson,
now superintendent of the state en
forcement league, will speak at the
First Presbyterian church In this city
at both the morning and evening ser
vices Sunday. As the Interior as well
as the exterior of the Methodist
church is being overhauled, renovated
and repainted, and it will be impos
sible to hold services there Sunday,
the two denominations will unite in
hearing the message of this well
known speaker at the Presbyterian
church. His talk will probably be
along thel Ines of Dr. McCurdy's re
cent sermon, on moral cleansing
of the city. Mr. Watklns will address
an audience of men only at the com
mercial club rooms at three p.m. Sun
day, and the pastors of the city urge
all men to be in attendance.
Baseball Fans To Meet
"Get your graft in now or hold your
peace forever after," is waht the more
deeply interested fans of the city are
saying to the less interested ones in
urging them to attend a meeting of
all lovers of the great American sport
at the Commercial club roome to
morrow evening. There has already
been a meeting of enthusiasts, but
the steps they took did not seem en
tirely satisfactory to everyone, so this
meeting has been called for the pur
pose of giving all an opportunity to
express their views as to what shall
be done in the way of organizing a
etam for Mandan. All who are at
all interested are urged to attend and
help solve the problem of a first class,
inexpensive team for the cityp.
Meet H. N. Tucker.
Vice President E. J. Conrad, of the
State Progressive League, and Attor
neys W. H. Stutsmand and J. M.
Hanley, went to Bismarck on No. 8
yesterday, returning on the Mott
They spent the afternoon in confer
ence with H. N. Tucker of Sourtenay
who managed the state campaign for
the Wisconsin senator.
Aumni Entertainment Tonight
Tonight is the time set for what
promises to be Mandan's best home
talent minstrel. Members of the
alumni association of the local high
school assisted by some excellent out
side talent, will stage the minstrel
in three parts, as follows:
Jokes—Professor Jefferson, inter
locutor Sam Snodgrass, Joe Snow
ball, and Rastus Green, bones Pete
Peppergrass, Bob White and Jack
Johnslng, tambos circle, Washington
Brown, Jim Persimmons, Charlie
Prunes, Shorty DeLong, Noah Web
ster, Tom Perkins, Aunt Dinah, Top
sy Little Eva, and Miss Short.
Musical numbers—Opening chorus,
entire company Wen You're in Town,
Mr. Johnsing A Few Steps. Messrs
DeLong and Snodgrass When I'm
Alone I'm Lonesome, Mr. Green
Down in Melody Lane, Washington
Brown Roses after Rain, ladles quar
tette Who Are You With Tonight,
Mr. Snowball You Aint a Talkln'
to Me Messrs (DeLong and ShodV
grass Movin' in de Bes' Society, Aunt
Dinah My Hero, from the Chocolate
Soldier, Mr. White Anoth Rag, male
quartette closing chorus, My Dream
of the U. S. A., entire company.
Current events and politics, Lloyd
Harmon Navajo Rag, Scott Conyne
and chorus Billy, double quartette,
Misses McGillic. Key, Tobin, and Ken
nelly, and Messrs. McFarland, Toste
vln ,Harmon and Bull.
*Levee Coons—'Entire company in
coon songs, Jubilees and Southern
The admission prices to this big
entertainment are only 60 and 76
cents, the money to go for the bene
fit of the Alumni Association. The
program suffices to assure one's mon
ey's worth. Everybody invited.
Seniors Will Give Play
The ton members of the 1911 grad
uating class of the local high school
are training for a class play, "Esmer-
alda," which they will stage at the
local opera house Friday evening,
May 17. The play Is a four act com7
edy drama, which, though old, is still
of extraordinary interest. Miss Mar
ion Newton, formerly of Bismarck,
will play the title roll. The rest of
the cast will be announced later.
Meets fi-st and third Mon
days in each month at Masonic hall.
William O'Hara. W. M. Bradley
Marks, secretary.
George H. Rues, Jr., E. C. G. W.
Wolbert, recorder. Regular meetr
ing first and third Thursday of
each month.
O. E. S.
first and third Fridays in each month
at Masonic hall. Mrs. Mary A. Len
hart, worthy matron lira. Gertrude
Miller, seoretary. C-
ST. ELMO LODGE NO. 4. M*ts each
Wednesday evening at K. P. hall.
L. K. Thomp i-n, c. C. CWat
tarn, K. of R. ft 8.
second and fourth Mondays of each
month at K. P. hall. Mrs. Laura
Sanders, M. E. Mrs. Nellie
Evarts, M. of £. ft C.
dent insurance organization. Meets
the fourth Tuesday In eaoh month
in the K. P. hall, Herbert D. Chell
son, foreman Elsie McDonald,
master of accounts Elizabeth
Belk, correspondent.
A. O. U. W.
the first Tuesday of each month at
K. P. hall at 8 o'clock. Bradley
Marks, M. W. E. M. Thompson,
financier Roy M. Halliuay, recorder.
G. A. R.
Department of North Dakota, Grand
Army of the Republic Meets at
their rooms in the Armory on the
second and fourth Thursdays of each
month. John W. Mlllett, command
er A. D. Cordner, adjutant.
Meets first nday in each month
at 5 p. m. J. A. Smith, president
B. C. Sweeney, secretary.
I. O. O. F.
every Thursday evening at Pythian
Hall. August Wats. N. G.,
Fred ~ae, V. G., Charles L. Hansen,
secretary, Frank Evarts, Treasur
the first and thli* Fridays In each
month In K. P. hall. Mrs. I. W.
Healy, N. G. Mrs. Nellie Evarts,
A. Meets the fourth Friday In eaoh
month at K. of P. hall. Francis
Jasxkowmk, V. W. F. Jones,
Regular meeting of olob
ship the first Toesday In
month regular meeting of board of
directors the first Friday of each
month at Commercial dob rooms,
Third street F. L. Oonkttn, pres
ident F. E. Young, eecretary.
ers. Meets every second snd
fourth Wednesday. AH visiting
members invited, E. W. Wasche,
C. R. Anton Beer, 8. R,
L. O. O. M.
Order of Moose. Regular meetings
every Monday evening of each
monitlh. P. F. btrock, dictator S.
E. Register, se eta/y. Visiting
members welcome.
K. O. T. M. Meets every first and
third Thursday of each month at 8
o'clock p. m. at 1. O. O. F. hall. Vis
iting members cordially invited. D.
Ramp, commander Brick Erick
sca, record keeper
M. B. A.
Modern Brotherhood of America
meets first Monday and Third Satur.
day of each month at K. Hall.
Terrence F. White, president, George
LaLone, secretary.
B. P. O. E. No. 1199 meet at Elks'
hall first and third Fridays of the
month. Visiting brotherr welcome.
R. L. Best E. R. Carl Pederson,
800. Meets first Saturday of the
month at K. P. hail at 8 p. m. Fred
Roberts, president W. E. Jensen,
Easy Waiting.
A newspaper woman, a spinster,
went to interview a member of one of
the leading firms In Boston and was
told to wait five minutes for him to
be at liberty. Three-quarters of ah
hour later he came hurrying toward
her with. "Well. Miss W.. I would
never wait so long as this for any
man!" "Ob. Mr. Cole," she retorted. I
70a had waited forty-five years for a
man you wouldn't mind an extra half
When a Child Has a Convulsion.
When a child is suddenly seized with
a convulsion proceed as follows: First
Loosen the clothing, but take off only
the shoes, and stockings. Second
Place the child upon a bed or table,
with his legs banging over the edge
from the knees down. Third.—Put his
feet and lower legs in a pail of hot wa
ter to which has been added one table
spoonful of powdered mustard. If you
have no mustard use hot water alone.
Be very careful It is not hot enough to
burn. Fourth.—Put an Ice cap to the
bead Lacking an ice cap, use plenty
of cracited Ice done up In a towel.
Fifth.—Give an enema of warm soap
suds. Repeat it if it is not retained
Sixth.—As soon as the child Is able to
swallow give a large dose of castor olL
—Dr. B. H. Dennett in Woman's Home
polls and Barbers' Poles.
The barber Is the only professions!
man wbose emblem Is a pole. The em
blem is a pun. A poll Is a head. The
verb "poll" means to lop off. a head.
The earliest barbers were removers of
beards. "Barba" Is Latin for beard
The French called a man who shears
off beards a barbler. But the barbier
also removed hslr from the apex and
adjoining regions of the bead With
the modesty characteristic of many
professional men he magnified his
function and adopted for bis emblem
a device which taken In Its fullest sig
nificance would indicate that be re
moved the entire bead. Because "poll"
Is pronounced tbe same as "pole" he
conceived that a pole would be the ap
propriate emblem of his profession.—
New York Sun.
His Hand Bath.
Arguing forcibly. If not convincingly,
against the custom of taking a bath,
still happily prevalent In certain quar
tan, an English writer relates the
savory story of a Kentish farm work
er whose horny hand be grasped.
"Good Kent dirt," said the man. catch
ing a critical glance. "Haven't had
Unas to wssb your hands before tea?"
was the question. "Wash my 'ands!"
exclaimed the man, then explanatorily:
"I never washes my 'ands When they
lard I lies 'em."
Fatal Admission.
Merchant—What other qualifications
have 70a for the place? Applicant
Well, my friends tell me I have a con
tested disposition and- Merchant
Ton won't do. We want a man with a
discontented disposition, one that will
hustle.—Philadelphia Press.
Amusing is a favorite threat of the
famous Dr. Keate. who used to say:
"Remember, boys, you are to be pore
In besrt or I'll flog you till you are.•,•
London Answers. _,
•'•.H,r.,'« ,fc-f

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