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Robert M. McWade.
WASHINGTON, March 20—1Th«
rumor published in iluiso dispatchtH
that President Tuft hud prepared a
veto moHHUKe on tins biK Kiver uid
Harbor appropriation bill, or ill k-a.-st.
had direr led Secretary Stimson to
prepare such a veto because of cer­
tain objectionable features of special
legislation (he measure contained, is
now authenticated by an unimpeach­
able authority, Hill whan President
Tuft came to examine the measure
closely, with the aid the General Hix
by, clilel' of fne If. S. corps of en«i
iltfera, and saw I hat liie legislation
to which the. excepiion was IuIumi had
Senator Knute Nelson, late chair­
man of the Senate Commerce Com­
mittee, who luis been an active inern
tier of that, body for eighteen yeurs,
and during that period had been at
invaluable assistance in the prepara­
tion of river and liarbor bills, does
aot hesitate to say that, in his
Judgment, the bill making appropria­
tions for river and harbor work which
became a law in the early hours of
.•larch 4th, is freer from objections
than any bill he. has had to do wit It
iiince lie became a .Member of that.
"Up to three years ago," said lie
in reviewing the bill, "we had
spasmodic bills for river and harbor
Improvement. Very frequently two
years would go by, and often threw
years elapsed, before river and har
lor bills' were passed.
bills, under thai, system.
•criticizedand justly, too—in
piled tip appropriations for
forgo projects to the exclusion,
Jot, -small yet deserving pro
Is, fNsfc'.{lul a great deal of cum*
rcK^I'lijen1' there was another op­
tion fo1those intermittent bills in
those days-- if it was desirable to ini­
tiate new improve.uents, I he first
step would be to order a preliminary
examination and survey, with the re­
sult that such a long delay ensued
between bills that. it. took from threci
to four years to get a real start upon
a meritorious project.
"Three years ago, under the House
chairmanship of Mr. Alexander, of
®very mother immediately realizes
after giving her child delicious Syrup
of Figs that this i,s the ideal laxative
apd phySc for tfte children. Nothing
else regelates the little one's stom­
ach, liver and .'50 feet of tender bow­
els so promptly, besides they dearly
love lto delightful fig taste.
IT your child (isn't feeling well, rest­
ing -nicely eating regularly and act­
ing naturally it is a sure sign that its
little insides need a gentle, thorough
cleansing at once.
When cross, irritable, feverish,
Btamachi sour, 'breath bad or your lit­
tle one 'has stomach-ache, diarrhoea,
sore thiroat, full of cold, tongue coat
«-d give a teaspoonful of Syrup of
J'lgs and in a ifew hours all the foul,
constipated, cloggied nip waste, undi­
gested food and sow Mle will gently
move on and out of its little 'bowels
without, nausea, griping or weakness,
and you will surely liave a well, hap
j»y and smiling child again shortly.
Wltfli Syrup of Pigs you are not
drugging your children, being coin
posed entirely of luscious ngs, senna
and aromatics, it cannot, be harmful.
Mothers should always have Syruii
of Figs handy. It is the only stcm
ch, UveSram} bowel cleanser and rfg
tlator n|edea—a little given today
lill save a si
Ok child tomorrow.
|Full directions for dhildren of all
bes and grown-tups plainly printed on
le package.
I Ask your druigigist ifor the full name,
feyrup of Pigs and ElJxrr of Senna."
prepared toy the California Fig Syrnp
(to. This is the delicious tasting,
genuine old Teliaible. Tlefn.se any­
thing else offered.—(Adv)
Select your next hat
from the Mora line—
latest shapes and
shades—your style is
among them—biggest
value you can buy at
the price.
Sold by teadint
deaUrt everywhere
Look for the Mora
trade mark em­
bossed on the band.
Milwaukee, Wis,
New York, congress inaugurated the
plan of having moderate annual bills
for river and harbor work, and ot
recognizing not only the larger pro­
jects but also the s.naller meritorious
ones, those in which a small expend!
ture of money would lead to immed­
iate and direct results. And where
it. was the purpose to inaugurate new
projects a survey could b« ordered
one year, and if the report was fav­
orable, appropriations could be made
and work started the next year.
"A number of the appropriations in
the river and harbor 1)111 which be
came a law the closing hours of
congresri, are for I be i.:nrovement of
been ell iil|)attd in conference, Urn I so-called creeks, which, on their face,
veto was destroyed and tlu^ Presiden­
tial signature of approval was at
tached io the instrument.
bight Indicate that it. was money
wasted to make the improvements au­
thorized but, as a matter of fact,
these creeks are tidal streams and
carry in many cases a vact co:nmerce
needing only a little dredging, the
straightening of a channel, or the re­
moval of a sand bar, at limited ex­
pense, to make them still greater ar­
teries for tiic handling of the traffic
originating upon them.
"Inlliese annual bills, too, there has
been strict adherence to the recotn
"nendations of the engineer force ot
the war department. As a rule, no
appropriation for any project what­
ever has been made unless it was
favorably reported by the war depart­
ment. and estimated upon by its capa­
ble engineer.
"Owing to tlie great floods on the
Mississippi the past year, and the
vast damage done to the levees and
revetment, work, larger appropria­
tions than usual had to be made for
the improvement of the "Father of
Waters" from Cape Girardeau to the
Mead of the Passes. Next to the
Mississippi the Ohio river absorbs a
large share of the appropriations. As
a matter of fact, the Ohio is being
canalized by the construction of fifty
four locks and dams, and when com­
pleted, it will be a most perfect ex­
ample of what a river can do in the
way of transporting bulky and heavy
freight at small cost.
"Then there are the great harbors
like New York, etc., which need lib­
eral appropriations, as well as the
entire Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf
"Outside of the Mississippi and
Ohio rivers and the waters of New
York harbor, the rivers and harbors
of Texas absorb the greatest amount
of the appropriations carried in the
river and harbor bill.
"While it is possible that in some
instances 'appropriations have been
made for improvements of doubtful
value( yet, in my judgment, the bill
just passed and approved is freer!
from those blemishes than any bill
I have had to do with since I be­
came a member of the Commerce
"The plan of an annual bill has
proved so satisfactory, both to con­
gress and the engineer department,
that I liave no doubt that the policy
will be continued in the future.
'There were a few matters of gen­
eral legislation added to the bill in
committee and on the floor of the
senate which were eliminated in con­
ference at tho instance of the house,
and therefore the river and harbor
bill that has just become a law is
freer from extra legislation than any
other appropriation bill passed at
the last session of congress."
Favorable Weather Conditions
and An
Early Season Stimulate Confidence
in All Linea.
ST. PAUL—the commercial and in­
dustrial situation in the northwest is
very satisfactory and the year 1913
so far has been one of considerable
activity. The orders booked for
spring delivery, which are now near­
ly filled, wej of such volume in most
lines a.s to show substantial increase
in amount compared with a year ago
and current business is also better.
Hea'vy orders are. as yet, not being
placed for fall merchandise, but are
seasonably good and in sufficient vol­
ume to sustain the optimistic confi­
dence which prevails. Collections are
KANSAS CITY—The situation in
jobbing circles continues the same as
during the past week or two, the gen­
eral outlook being optimistic in near­
ly all lines and the volume of trade
heavier than during the same period
last year. The only exception is in
groceries, where the sales are about
normal, but prices continue to be low.
Recent rains and snow have been fav­
orable to the general crop conditions
and the prospects for a good yield
are encouraging. Immediate results
are felt in implement circles, the de­
mand continuing strong, March start­
ing with the sae encouraging show­
ing that was made in January and
February. The greatest difficulty ex­
perienced is in inability to get suffi­
cient stock from the factories to sup­
ply the heavy demands made upon
the jobbers. Flour milling conditions
have not improved since last week's
report, prices having shown a de­
cline, and the prospects for an im­
mediate improvement are only fair.
Mills in this ci*y ground S3,700 bar­
rels of flour this week as compared
to 40, 300 the week before. Receipts
of hogs also showed a considerable
increase over the week before, but
trading was rather irregular and
quotations, as a whole, showed some
advance over last week's figures.
Closing prices on sheep corresponded
with those a week before and the
number received did not vary more
than WO from the total then report­
DENVER—The wholesale grocery
trade has been fairly active duriwg
the past week and a normal amount
Nenrly a dozen depart­
ments unite in a grand
announcement of Spring
Trade Readiness.
Street Coats for Now
Afternoon and Evening Frocks
Are more bewitching than ever and may
he seen in our Costume Section.
Exclusive Styles to Choose From
Infants' Department
We call special attention to our
line of infant's and children's dresses.
Extreme care has been taken in the selec
tion of embroideries and laces a£ trim
mings and are such a distinguishing fea
ture to these dainty little garments.
A full line of Infants' White Coats in sttrge and
cashmere handsomely embroidered and braid
trimmed, all fine quality garments at a WIDE
Made up of suitable wool materials such as plain serges, Bedford
cords, eponge and also fancy mixtures at 12.50, ("A
15.00, 18.50,22.50, 25.00 and £/*OU
In silk materials we are 6howing a great variety of
models from 18.50, 20.00, 25,00 and up to
Our Easter Footwear
of business has 'been transacted in
fruits and ^provisions. Dry goods
show a fair increase over last year,
the recent mild weather having stim­
ulated the demand for spring mer­
chandise. The demand for rubber
goods and shoes continues a little
better than normal. The shoe houses
experience difficulty in filling their
orders, owing to their inability to (ob­
tain prompt deliveries from eastern
manufacturers. Collections are fair.
Thomas Hall, secretary of state, re-,
ports the following new corporations
organised In the state, for which
Women, Misses and
.Wie are showing a com­
plete line of
.Shoes and Oxfords. For
style, wear and comfort,
they are hard to beat.
$3.00. $3.50.
coats that are made full
length, 3^ length with cutaway front collars
open or closed. May be easily worn over a tailored
suit, and may be had in a handsome variety of new
weave fabrics that will be in high favor the com­
ing spring.
They're in new White and Blaok Effects, and
Stripes—also in Navy Burnt, Dutch Blue and
Ulack—all lined with self colors plaids and stripes.
$20.00 $25.00 $35.00 to $45.00
The new 1913 types of fashion in
The State Publishing Company,
Bismarck, [Burleigh coupity capital,
stock $20,000.00 'incorporators, Ben
G. Whitehead,. Lanra W. .Whitehead,
and Dorothy L. Whitehead, all of
Bismarck. Filed "March 3.
The Gate City Insurance Agency,
Fargo, Cass conty,_ capital stock $5,
000.00 incorporators, R. M. Farmer,
S. A. Fjelstad and G. M. Nymon, all
of Fargo, N.'-D. tffled March 3.
I The Northwe^bBili l^ahd and Mort­
gage Company, iSftyWle, Traill coun-
We are pleased to announce our complete readiness to show the latest correct
types of fashionable SPRING ATTIRE for Women, Misses and Children.
Spring Millinery
We are now prepared to show you charming
models in all the latest creations for the spring
season. Let us show you some of onr exclu­
sive styles which we are exhibiting in all the
new shades and shapes. If you do not find
what you like ready-to-wear we have a pretty
line of materials—silks in the new Bulgarian effects
for your Easter turban. Flowers for the ever effective
flower vogue.
A complete line of Junior Coats, sizes 13,15,17, at reasonable prices Attractive Coats for Children, sizes 6 to 14, all wool, at $5.00 up
Stylish Fabrics in Dress Goods
One of the newest and prettiest styles of ginghams, we
have shown. These )eotfe'1ii'J^.Vhe.w spring shades oft
tan, lavender, blue and pihk. in ptalrt and check designs,
with borders to match, 31 inches wide, per yard.s
A splendid new weave of linen that is thoroughly shrunk
and ready for the needle especially desirable for auto
antf tyurist garment. Come in natural colors, only 46
inches' wide, per yard' .........
Have youissen thenew fashionable silk for trimming
purposes? It is all the rage in the fashion centers of the
east., Evsry garment to bear the stamp of fashion must
haye^i little touch of it. Shown in several styles 24
Inches wide, per yard ......
New Easter Gloves
We kre showing the newest In kid glomes, In long and
short lengths, two clasp and 16 button.
\Vte halve several makes, supplying any desired style,
length' or color.
charters have been granted dut of his tycapital stocky $50,000.00 incor
office since March 1st .'
Bismarck Cbdntry "£iub, Burleigh
county, capital stock $25,000.00 in­
corporators, O. N. .Dunham, Burt-Fin­
ney and Geo. H. RilSs, Ji'-, all of Bis­
marck. Filed. March 1.
porators, M. X* iElkin, G. h. Elkin and
Tver ingebretaon, all bf M&yville,' N.
D. Filed March 3.
Citizens State Bank, Arnegard, N.
D. capital stock, $10,000.00 incor­
porators, W. H. Putnam, Bed Wing,
Minn., G. O./Haugen, White Earth,
N. D„ and H. L. Moe, Schafer, N. D.
Filed Marcli 5.
The Farmers Grain and Trading
Company, Sargent county, capital
stock $10,000.00 Incorporators, D. A.
Cross, A. A. Stockstad and' H. Q.
Christopherson, all of Milnor, 'N. D.
Filed March 18.
Washburn-Merrick Lumber. Com­
pany, Napoleon, Logan county, capi­
tal stock $50,000.00 incorporators N.
C. Young, Fargo,. R. L. Washburn,
Beautiful Bedford Cords at $6.50
the new and most sought after
models now await your choosing
each little touch of fashion is tastefully
carried out in these soft, subtle feminine
Tailor-made Suits—prominently fea
ured among them beifig the new
Bulgarian Blouse Suits
English Cutaway Suits
Short-Waisted Shirred Back Suits
Belted Blouse Suits
New Spring Coats
Presenting new smart styles ex­
clusively shown here.
and C. L. Merrick, both of Bismarck.
Filed March 12.
The Meat Market Company, Mun­
ich, 'N. D. Cavalier county capital
stock $10,000.00 incorporators, P. J.
Antony, I. M. Law and P. W. Hon
nfef, all of Munich, N. D. Filed March
Sanitary Milk Company, Grand
Forks capital stock $25,000.00 in­
corporators, J. W. Coulter, Geo. L.
Coulter and M. L. Enright, all of E.
Grand Forks, Minn. Filed March 10.
'North Dakota Amusement 'Com­
pany, Wiliiston, Williams county, cap­
ital stock, $50,000.00 incorporators,
Wm. C. McGuiness and Mary R. Mc
Gulness, all of Wiliiston. Filed Match
Lurtfited-SOlsrud Co., Hankinson,
FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1913
Enormous receipts of new
Fabrics, Garments, Shoes.
accessories'-Everything in
the Dry Goods "World.
Semi-Norfolk Half-Belted Suits
Tailored Fancy Belted Coat Suits
in new graceful drape skirts and
straight line silhoutte effects
Dainty Under Muslins
This section has a' multiplicity of filmy
garments that so delight the woman of
good taste. Creations made up of the
dainty, yetservicable shadow laces, clunys,
venetions, val and embroideries. The
narrow garments cut on lines of the pres­
ent vogue, as well as wider gored designs.
Combinations, Princess Slips and Petti­
coats ranging from
Just received a splendid line of this season's new models both plain
tailored and draped styles. We are showing splendid CA
Skirts in newest models, made up jn all wool serges at-._-0*Utl
Before Visiting Your Dress-
maker, Visit Us for a Warner Corset
Fashion is exacting. Soft, flowing drepeS^^^SSSoiBr"
graceless bunches over an Ill-chosen or ill-adjusted cor­
set. And how can a tailored
coat set with jaunty grace
unless the hip lines ibeneatili
are subdued to perfect har­
Even so small a matter as
the angle of the hose-suv
porters may mean the mak­
ing or marring of your lig
ure—and that means the
style of your gown.
A perfect-fltting Warner Cor
set is first aid to a perfect
figure and perfect setting
gown. The best dressed wo­
man in town recognize this,
and insist on Warner's Rust
Proof. A large part of
Warner comfort owe their
comfort, yoti will find, in
^heir "Security" Rubber But­
ton Hose Supporters, that do
away absolutely with that
uneasy sense the corset Is
Pries, $1.00 to 15.00
i: V-fl.
*)\it il
ering a wide scope of models.
Richland county, capital stock, $12,
500.00 .incorporators, John. R: Jones
Olaf ttV Lundsted and Hilnian Sols
all of Hankinson, N. D. Filed
i}lairch 10.
The Aneta Construction Co., Aneta,
Nelson county capital stock, $5,000.
00 Incorporators,. Henry Maraldson,
Lawrence. L. Shaw and Daniel Mil
son, all of Aneta. Filed March 10:
First State Bank, Center, Oliver
county, capital stock, $10,000.00 In­
corporators, Chas. P. Kapelovitz, A.
N. Beis'eker and Edwin F.- Mutchler.
Filed March 13.
First. State Band, Fort Clark, capi­
tal stock, $10,000.00 incorporators,
Chas. P. Kapelovitz, Manning, MV
A. N. Beiseker, Harvey, N. D., and
Goran Alderln, Fort. Clark, N. D.
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