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Bismarck daily tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, July 04, 1913, Image 6

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Suffrage Parade at Larimore.
iplcntiful to f..y nothing of the stars ji i,.
Will Observe the Fourth.
Country Club will truly ob­
serve I lie Fourth of July by various
out door sporto during the day and
a concert and dance in the evening.
It promtsOs to be an enjoyable day
for all the members. There will also
be a display of tireworks !n the even­
ing. O'Connor's orchestra will fur­
nish the dance program. Mr. Hoard
of Jamestown, who was formerly of
Wednesday at Fargo at in the
evening occurred tlu marriage of
Miss lilizabeth I'ihIT to Orville I!.
AVoldon of Hnllson, X. U. The vows
were spoken at the bride's home, Kev.
Frederick llehu'ei- oliieiathm. The
attendants weie Miss Kilith I 'fa ft", the
bride's sister, and Mr. diaries W'eldon,
the happy couple will yo to Mr. Wei-1
den's home in Hallson.
uri M(
a brother of (he groom. After spend- attendance at Hie Valley ity
ing a brief honeymoon at the home:"
of the groom's parents in Kdi'.iburg,
Going to Glendivc. ot* Mr. ami -Mrs. II. A. Wchlitz of that]
Mr. and Mrs. Herbrt i'rice are ex-! place for a fe.v days. They will!
pecting to go to Glendive to make also go out to the claim of Mrs. Lewis I
their hone, on account of Mr. 1'ri -e's Sell and spend a day there.
which was most unexpected. Her
ble time last week, going to the Had I
Lands with his lather, reiuriniig
home Saturday, lie also enjoyed a
visit with his friend. Harry Miller
at the Foisyihe home on the ranch
Saturday night at the Armory. This
will be the last, dance until after
camp. Music by O'Conner's Orches­
J. M. Aakers lias purchased a site
near the Soo line right-ol'-waj
plaza and will erect a Hour mill.
The city of Lari:noi'e arc colcbrat- to enjoy iln. Fourth witli rul­
ing tlie i'ourtli and one ot ilic leatuies atives at iliat iioint. Miss Aldytli't
ni has gone to
ol' tlie parade is the "Suffrage dele- Ward, vvho has been spending si few I gumds.
gallon. TIk'so ladies decided to days a her brother's ranch (Ralph
•participate in th:s way. and there will ,A\'ard). near (iarri.on, will spend the I COMPANP A DANCE
be 100 of them. Several pretty Fourth at Klbowouds with friends. Saturday night at the Armory. This
floats will also mark the parade, and (/has. O ven departed Wednesday will be the last dance until after
pretty banners and costume.- will be
iuul stripes. In fact Larimore will .\ir.s. ,\I. I'arsons is at St. Alex-j
have one of the best celebrations ol jus hoipiuil and bail to undergo an
tlie stale.
low Units, T'.uada. to spend a num­
ber of weeks in the countrv with two
icons wno resi in that country.
the Capital City will bj here to play
in the orchestra. ill spend seveial days v.siting here, will strt about o'clock and
i\.. ct. I will nf flnlrl
Married in Fargo.
Mist, Irene Mcl'liee and Miss Helen'
headquarters being changed to that Mr. J. Harris of Stanton, N. I)., a
point, and they are not coing on a was a business visitor in Bismarck
claim as appeared in the Tribune a Thursday.
day or two ago. However, their trip Miss *11 attic Harmon who taught
will be deferred a short time on ac- school the past year near Flasher, re­
count of. the illness ol Mrs. I'rice, .turned home Tuesday of this week cigars.
she having to submit to an operation,
ew umull gs
lie next three weeks. tra.
Thursday, from which her
Air. I. T. I,akke, father of .Mrs. 1).
Mc lK
.\|e .arted ibis week for Vel
Katherine Nelson, of (Jlenwood, I sion for a celebration within the
.Minn., .liece of Mr .and Mrs. A. T.
Ur. A. Williams of Stanton was Ifnrprmnn
spend the Fourth.
.Mr. A. T. Nels-.on, engineer on the
Wisliek Soo biaiieh, lia. been unable
to attend to his duties for several
dys on account of illness.
111 1|
W,,, 10
Weatheriiead Icit Thursday utter-1 '«rd (la
noon for bteele to visit at the l.omel,,,
il011U! ln Blsniarck
many friends hope she may lune a (ja.thori.if I'rell, who has been) Potato Race—5 lbs. candy 5 cigars,
speedy recovery, and trust that they teaching at Carrington, came this| Peanut. Race—,") lbs. caudv 2 lbs-
week to visit for a time with Mrs. R. peanuts.
a1, f' Robiiisou. She expects to return Fat Man's Race—2 lbs. Star tobac
Col Staples spent a most enjoy a-
1 (o
]u,,. iU)
lu lt
h( gU( s(H wiU| W
I it
an(i Ml C()jn
find Jim Jam Jems oil the news
Sanborn, wber .- he will viait camp. Music by O'Conner's Orchcs-
I friends hope she may recover rapidly.
I .Miss Ethel Tousley lei't We,lues
day for lieaeh wherv she will spend
some ti.ne v^sitiuu friends.
Warden Talcott has given permis-
prison walls today, and those who
.Nelson accompanied .Mrs. Hevore up- havr the program in hand are antici
rt turn from the cities and pating quite a gala day. The program
on jiiatters oi"
business, an,| left for Xew Salem to
'enoon will consist of Held sports
promises to be very good. In the
Miss Una Danford who lias been
'i111-'1 came home tliif
spend her sum.ner vacation.
'teinoon there will be a ball game
between the oiheers and the Grove
All Stars. The members of O'Con­
nor's orchestra will join with the
piison orchestra and will furnish mu-
ing, wivstling, etc., making a very
I complete program. Following is the
shields on Monday. co 1 lb. Star.
Mr Mrs 0 !!n iler wi!1 Ilg loI
Talcott on the Foiirlh. The follow-j Tug 'o War, Companies A and I!,
ing day they will go for a short trip Tug 'o War, lietwecu First and See
to their farm. ond Floor of Factory. l!o.\ing.
Miss Floi once Walsh lias acccepled -Wrestling.
a position with the Vespermau Slat-I No one will be allowed lo win 'more
iionery company and entered upon! than two prizes, whether 1st or 2nd,
her duties a lew days ago.
Rev. Father Upliain of Larimore'contest.
visited in nisnmrck a day, returnengl Dinner.
home Wednesday. I Hand Concert.
Mrs. ,1. A. Carrigan of Fort, Yates, I Hall Game.
at who has been in the city for somej Tug o' War, Companies A. and H.
time, being a patient of J'r. M. J'l I Tug o' War Letween First and Sec-
h-20 cigars II) cigar*.
vard dlls 1U cl ai iJ lbs
Running' high jump—10 cigars
Run in*' Broad Jump 10
5 cigars.
Hurdle Race—12 oranges
Cake Eating Contest—G lbs. candy
3 lbs. candy.
Three-Legged Race—10' cigars
will spend her vacation at her I Wheelbarrow Race—2 pies
1 pie.
Sack Race-2 pies 1 pie.
Coin in Flour Pan—The
except winners can enter Tug o' War
Wc have about 50 pair of Oxfords
in gun metal, tan and patent leather
formerly sold up to $5 the pair
All small sizes
Special to close 2.50
$5 Oxfords ..... 3.50
$4.50 and $4 Oxfords to close 2.95
Many Storing Places Being
Fitted up into Modern
Office Rooms
Witli no possibility of a new capi
tol building being constructed for a
number of years, the trustees of b
lie property huve .'"ciiUul to ma-re
the most of the old building, and to
meet the demands ur addiiional of­
fice looms the* old bui'.diii.'- under
going &o.ne extensive changes this
The kitchen and dining room of the!
ca.e in the north win??, which wasi
uiilt in 100.3, has been torn out and
the kitci en has bej (ransfornied isij
t) i-ie'vant suite of ollica r'.iims for
sic all during tlie day. Aside from the products of the different state in
the various races and jumping con- stitutii ns on exhibit, so Ilia visi
testf. there will he a tug of war, box- lors .n lie capial buihiim. can have
the Loan.' of cont'ol, which, under
thi? a.inngement, v'i!l be equipped
••i.tli private office joins. reccptic-ii
room and a spaciow. sto"o room. 111
i-s the irtention of tbe booard have'
caess containi.'i samples °f,
some Jdea of what is being uccom-,
pJisheil at these institutions.
idea will prove a noi/uLu- jne and
with tliese nerw ollicc rooms equipped!
with modern furniture and couveni-l
ences the board w!'l be better able!
than ever to haftdle the affairs of the'
state institutions.
The former office room? of he board
of control which wefe in the south
wing of the building have been chang­
ed somewhat and will be used by the
state lire marshals.
The old carpenter •ilnp and vork
room, also in the south wing, will be
/•emoved and these rooms will 'be
made over into office rooms. Sev­
eral new vaults have also been con­
structed and all the old s'ore rooms
in tlie basement will be transformed
into modern office rood's.
Tlie changing of these old rooms
and storage will also cause extensive
clianges to be made in the heating
plant, and so''far the mechanics have
removed nearly a carload of ilea 1 wa-'
tor and old steam heat pipeo.
Al the north sitie of the power
house is being erected a new building
which will contain a modern carpen­
ter shop and work room which will be
equipped with new wood working ma­
chinery to be run by electric :power.
The basement of this new building
will bo used as a stack room for (he
historical society and for the storage
of back number documents. A great
The Only Exclusive Men's Clothing Shop in the West
Wednesday evening the E. B. M.
club entertained at the Peterson
home on Ave.
in honor of Miss
Minnie Swensen, who left on No. '1
today for her home at Fargo. The.
evening was spent in telling stories
and fortunes also, singing and play­
ing. The table was nicely decorated
with llowers and candles where the
young people were seated and dainty
refreshments were served.
Saturday night at the Armory. This
will be the last dance until after,
tamp. Muoic by O'Conner's Orches
'I he Balkan war lias brought about
a rise in certain lumber prices in
Europe because of the big demand:
for wood for ammunition boxes.
Dogwood, the principal source of
shuttles for use in cotton mills, is
growing scarcer year by year, and
various substitutes arc being tried,:
but with no great success.
The officials of tlie Yosemite Xa
tional Park are co-operating with the
forest, onicers of the Stanislaus ana
Sierre national forests for fire pre-!
vention and control in both the park]
and the forests.
Experiments with a tree planting!
machine at the Ctah agricultural Ex­
periment station indicate that it may
be used to advantage in reforesting
old burned areas on ilie national
The leading forests schools of the
country not only have their own
forest tracts for continuous experi­
ments, but give their students actual
experience in the woods b.y having
them take part in big lumbering op­
From the System and Campus Togs 1913 Surplus Stock
The values we're giving you in this sale of the entire 1913 surplus suit stock from the Best tailor
shops are so much out of the ordinary that we'd be justified in using some mighty strong language
in describing them. We believe, however, that the reputation of this store for extreme values has
has become so well known that all we need say is, come here now for the greatest clothing values you've ever seen.
Norfolk and two and three-button English and American models, superbly tailored from fine imported and domes­
tic homespuns, tweeds, Scotches, worsteds, cheviots, cassimeres. Colorings are pearl and Oxford greys, wine color,
tans, browns, and mixtures, in stripes, checks and plain effects. Sizes to fit men of every build.
We feature the famous hole-proof
Hosiery for men
Six pairs for 1.50
Guaranteed for six months. Exchanges
will be made at this store
Traveling Goods
A complete line of Trunks, Suitcases
and Bags. All prices from 1.00 to $60
Sale Begins Saturday, July 5th
McKenzie Hotel Building Main Street
Phone 60
For Gussner's
Good Goods
We Close at Noon To-day
A. J. BAUER, Manager
Two Shows Nightly 7:45 & 9:30
The Allardt Woolfollc Circuit
The Musical Tabloid Hit
... t:«i
The Time, Place
and Girl
Positively 25 People
Wednesday and Thurs. lulu IH
Matinee and Night July 3"IU
Bargain Prices 25-50-75c. Matinee 25-50c
.. cii.rvrfl
Complete line of Cooper Klosed
kroch, B.V.D. and Marathon union
suits from $1 to $5
Men's shirts with soft collars to match, soft
French turn back cuffs, also plaited bosom
styles with stiff cuffs in guaranteed fast color
fabric __L 1.25 to 2.00
PORE SILK SHIRTS—All styles with or
without collars..: 2.75 to 6.00

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