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Bismarck daily tribune. [volume] (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, August 13, 1916, Image 8

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Can buy anything you can
give them except your
Call and make an appointment.
Hare Block Phone 249
For fourteen years the Buick Motor Co. has been building
their famous valve in-the-head motor. Today the blue and
white Buick nameplate on the radiator of an automobile com­
mands instant admiration and respect. The motoring world
has come to know that through these years of experience the
Buick has proven its ability to take heavy abuse and stand'
up under it at a minimum of expense.
Corwin Motor Co.
Bismarck, N. D.
A New Value in Auto Robes
A saving that Every Motorist will Welcome
Here for the first time in automobile history is
offered a high-grade robe at the remarkably low
price of $6.75. And with the quality, texture and
durability GUARANTEED!
You must really see a MOTORWEAVE Woolen
Robe to appreciate fully the new standard of value
it sets.
Beauty—The smart MOTORWEAVE designs will
please you instantly. There is a variety of colors
from which to choose.
Softness—You can feel it. The pliant texture
and the heavy nap make it all so apparent at first
Warmth—The special DOUBLE weave keeps out
the biting chill of frosty air and fast going.
Durability—The reinforced woolen construction
insures a wearing quality that makes| MOTOR
WEAVE more than a mere name.
Then remember, all this for $6.75—a startlingly
low figure when compared with prices usually asked
for such high quality.
The label on every MOTORWEAVE is a guaran­
tee of satisfaction. Look for it.
A Life of Grind
Stunning with the savage reality of
a powerful story, thrilling with the
red-blooded action of a mighty plot,
and reflecting the incomparable art­
istry of a wonderful group of actors,
"The Spoilers" is a photoplay that
has never had an equal in the mov­
ing picture world. The electric ac­
tion of the rapidly unfolding plot
stings the blood into a maddening,
pulsing cataract, and carries the spec­
tator through a maize of kaleidoscop­
ic emotions that thrill, as only the
love of things primitive can. It is a
tale of the north country, where the
only law of man is the ominous six
shooter that peers from a leather hol­
ster, where a man "takes what he
wants," and where a strong arm and
a spry gun-hand are a man's only in­
Rex Beach's masterful novel of na­
ked Alaska makes the ideal story to
picturize. It is all action. From the
first flickering introduction of the pro­
logue to the beautiful climax, where,
in the fading purple of the seting
sun, Glenister takes to his heart for
aye, the girl he had fought for, and
triumphed for, there is never a lull in
the onrush of this compelling story.
The appeal is irresistible. The force
of William Farnum's vigorous per­
sonality tenses the nerves to the
breaking point, and in several of the
big scenes the dominance of this won­
derful character fairly overpowers.
And the acting. Never have we
seen a more perfectly balanced right­
ly proportioned company gathered.
There is no criticism for these Thes­
pians. From the veriest character
part to the tremendous roles assum­
ed by Farnum and Santschi, the act­
ing is unmatchable. These great,
strong men of the gold fields were de­
picted for us in a manner that make
them live and breathe, and left indel­
ibly impressions upon minds used too
long artificially in moving picture at­
All Kinds of Architectural
Plaster Work
Rough Casting a Specialty
Plain and Ornamental
118 First Street Bismarck
For the Man With No CAPITAL.
asked our aid to help you buy a farm or build a home?
Four, $395
Three speed transmission
Stream-line body
Honeycomb radiator
Multiple disc clutch
Running cost lc per mile
V. Eyah of Braddock is here on a
business trip.
M. Baudier of Ft". Rice visited in
Bismarck yesterday.
Frank Lyon of Beulah was a Bis­
marck visitor yesterday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Wachal
of Menoken, a baby girl.
C. L. Peterson of Fargo is in Bis­
marck on a business mission.
J. G. Dann of this city has returned
from a business trip to Driscoll.
M. E. Mclntyre of St. Paul is here
on one of his regular business trips.
Ralph P. Tosh of Kansas City,
Miss., is here, calling on the local
J. F. Snyder of Hazelton was in the
city yesterday, calling on local busi­
ness men.
Charles Clough, brakeman on the
railway, left yesterday for Detroit,
Minn., where he will visit relatives.
George W. Cochrane of the Kimball
Piano company returned last evening
from Kildeer, where be has been the
past few days on business.
County Superintendent C. L. Vig
ness and party journeyed to Sterling
yesterday on a business mission con­
nected with the opening of bids for
the two new school bouses to be built
this fall in that village.
Patients to enter the St. Alexius
hospital recently we: Philip Sei
fert of Havnes and Albert Kaccmark
of this city. Patients leaving the
hospital yesterday were: Mrs. E. H.
Weber and baby girl,:W. E. Chitwood
and Miss Anna Katz, all of this city.
R. N. Cassem, foreman of the re­
pair shop of the National Highway
Motor company, purchased a second­
hand Stanley steamer, with which he
threatens to clean up all speed mer­
chants of the city. He has sent for
a few necessary repairs for his new
car and as soon as they are installed
he will be ready to meet all comers.
G. V. Bowers, manager of the Na­
tional Highway Motor company, has
been down to Glen Ullin and other
points west of the river, looking over
the territory in the interests of the
Hudson and Oldsmobile automobile
contracts. He reports three Oldsmo­
bile sales for the past week in that
The National Highway Motor com­
pany is carrying an advertisement for
the Hudson in this issue of the paper,
and as deliveries on that car are bet­
ter than they have been at any tiime
this season, they are ready to close
contracts for immediate delivery.
They are advised that a new demon­
strator will arrive the middle of this
week, and from that time on ship,
ments will come in regularly.
I want to thank the many friends
who so kindly did everything they
could at the death of my beloved hus
Iband, and especially the people of
Washburn and the M. W. A.'s of that
Mrs. Joe Brown.
Twelve thousand feet of red-hot ac­
tion in "The Spoilers."
The City National Bank of Bismarck
Resources, One MilHon
Saxon Headquarters
are now established at 110 Main Street
Owen Farley of this city will cele­
brate the 86th anniversary of his
birth on Tuesday, August 15. Mr.
Farley is a pioneer resident of this
Have YOU a Savings Account? Have you
city and his many friends will be
pleased to wish him many happy
returns of the day when he passes
this milestone in life.
Twelve thousand feet of red-hot ac­
tion in "The Spoilers."
The Last Word in MOTOR EFFICIENCY, developing
76 Horsepower with SIX SMALL CYLINDERS 3 1-2
by 5, an increase of 80 per cent more POWER than
the best sixes of COMPARATIVE SIZE.
SIX is the smallest number of cylinders that will produce CONTINUOUS POWER in
a gasoline motor. But more cylinders-is no better than six—if the six is PROPERLY de­
The INVENTION that did the TRICK, that will shortly revolutionize AVIATION and
MOTOR BOATING just as it did automobiling, is the COUNTER-BALANCED CRANK
SHAFT, and the new Hudson CARBERETOR which was designed to meet the GREATER
and QUICKER variations in speed made possible with the new CRANKSHAFT.
We are anxious to have motorists know why this motor is THEORETICALLY COR­
RECT, and we also want to PROVE that every claim made in the Hudson advertisements
appearing in magazines, etc., are true, by giving a demonstration over the rugged roads of
the Missouri Slope.
The claims we make for the SUPER-SIX may be rediculed by the drivers of the old
style motors, but we feel that we are entitled to the BENEFIT of DOUBT until we may
prove our claims, and no prospective buyer can pass intelligent judgment on car values
until he has driven the SUPER-SIX.
Ladies who contemplate the pleasures of motor driving, will find the gear change of
the SUPER-SIX so easy to operate, and the location of the levers so ideal that learning to
drive will be a pleasure.
Distributors for HUDSON,-OLDSMOBILE and
311 Main Street. Phone 291 :t
Six, $815
Continental motor
Timken axles
Atwater-Kent ignition
Cantilever springs
Rayfleld carburetor
A*VU. ,iL«
Special discount on all traveling
bags, suitcases and trunks at Webb's
this week.
Johnson's for corsets.

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