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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1916.
Society News
Bridal Dinner Given by
Mr. and Mrs. Remington
The bridal dinner given last even­
ing by Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Remington,
parenta of Miss Elizabeth Remington,
whose marriage to Dr. L. A. Schipfer
of the city, will be a large church af­
fair this evening in St. George's
Episcopal church, was handsomely ap­
pointed. A large Japanese basket
filled with pink Killarney roses, show
ered with maiden-hair-fern and tied
with a bow of pink tulle, centered the
table. Two small baskets containing
.the same blooms, were used on either
end of the table and large silver can
dleabreas held pink 'candles. Stream­
ers of clematis were also used.
The bridal couple occupied places
.-.at the head of. the table with covers
laid for the bridal, party on either
side. The guests included besides
the bridal party Mr. and Mrs. Rem­
ington, parents of the bride-elect, Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. .Schipfer of Sigourney,
la., parents of Dr. Schipfer, Paul
Remington, a brother of Miss Reming­
ton and the out-of-town wedding
The large bridal cake fashioned in
the shape of a heart and ornamented
with gold initials R. and S., was plac
ed before the bride. Covers were laid
for 32. The bride-^ct's corsage bou
quet was of orchids showered with
valley lilies and pink Killarney roses
with valley lilies were given the worn
en of the party. The men were pre
sented with a ophelia rose. At the
conclusion of the dinner Miss Rem­
ington presented her attendants with
handsome gifts as did also Dr. Schip-
Following the dinner the bridal
party-held a rehearsal in St. George's
church. Their marriage will be sol­
emnized at 6 o'clock and the service
will be read by Bishop John Poyntz
Tyler of Fargo.
Among the out-of-town guests ar­
riving yesterday were Mr. and Mrs.
H. R. Lyon of Minneapolis, and-Mrs,
Thomas Beiseker of Fessenden, N. D.
Visiting Friendc Here.
Miss Alma Kjelland of Valley City,
1* the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. D.
EVER smoke—a pat­
ented lock flame.
ally prevents the flame from
creeping up.
There is no odor—the drum
of this heater acts the same
as the "Long Blue Chim­
ney"—no dust, no ashes.
Regulator on top of dram
sends heat straight up or
outward, into the room, as
(desired, im,
Window in front makes it
easy to see and regulate
flame—no easjr-to-break
mica in window but substan­
tial fine brass gause.
The Perfection Smokeless
Oil Heater is simple to re
wick besides a wick with
reasonable care lasts a
Holds one gallon of kero­
sene. Indicator shows how
much is in the reservoir.
Any good kerosene will five
satisfaction, but for best re­
sults use Perfection Oil.
Perfection Smokeless Heater
is 96 inches high and IS
inches in diameter, finished
in polished steel or blue en­
amel, with trimmings of
black Japan or nickel.
Price varies from $4.00 to
$T .95, according to finish.
Look for the triangle trade
Sold by all reliable dealers.
Kayo Lamp* five that toft.
meilote light ukick enable*
ytttt to rtad tciMoiu C|M
ttrain. Git one.
Standard 03 Company
UMH Chfcaco,UAAv
Corwin of Avenue F. Miss Kjelland
will leave Saturday for Lein town­
ship, where she will open a term in
school No. 1.
Returns From Visit.
Miss Edith Hawkinson of the Tri
bune Block, has returned from a visit
vith her sister in Williston, and
friends in Minot.
Returns After Visit
Miss Happy Boyce of Ottawa, III.
who has been the guest of Miss Mary
Stevans of Third street, left yester­
day for her home.
Returns From Motor Trip.
Mrs. Ward and daughter. Miss Aldy
the, have returned from a motor trip
to Dunn Center and Killdeer, and will
occupy their home in Seventh street,
Returns From Motor Trip.
Dr. and Mrs. F. R. Smyth of Third
street, have returned from a motor
trip including points in the northern
part of the state and southern Can­
Church Society Meeting,
The regular work and business
meeting of the Ladies' Aid Society of
the Presbyterian church will be held
Thursday afternoon in the church
chapel. All members a:e asked to
To Leave For Hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Harrison of
Second street will leave today for
Wling, where they will spend several
days hunting. They will be enter­
tained while there by iMr. and Mrs. T,
1. Dailey.
Dance This Evening.
The Capital City Dancing club will
give the second of the series of fall
and winter dances this evening in Pat­
terson Hall. The committee in charge
is making extensive arrangements to
make a decided success.
Cuba Visitors Here.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Patten of Sev­
enth street, are entertaining as their
guest Mrs. Leon C. Scott and daugh­
ters, Laona and Vivian of Heradura,
Cuba. Mrs. Scott and daughters, ex­
pect to spend a month as their guests.
Entertains at Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Folsom enter­
tained last evening at their home in
Rosser street, at a prettily appointed
dinner, in honor of Mrs. G. 'Larson of
Merrillan, Wis., who is the guest of
her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Lawrence Larson of Rosser
Returns From Detroit.
Mrs. C. H. Albertson of Front street
returned yesterday on No. S from De
troi, Mich., where she was the guest
for the last seven wtaeks of her sons,
F. L„ C. H., Jr., and Stanley E. Al­
bertson. Earl Albertson, another son,
also was the guest of his brothers for
several weeks.
Leaves On Western Trip.
Miss Ruby Shuman of the state
capitol force, left last evening on No.
1, for Bozeman, Mont., where she
will be the jguest' for some time of
Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Harris, former
residents, of this place. Later she
will go to Highwood, Mont., for a
visit with her sister, Mrs. A. H. Lucas.
Entertaining Wedding Quests.
Mrs. Walter Ford, Mrs. Edgar Mor­
gan and Mrs.. Harvey Zartman, the
latter a daughter of Mrs. Ford, who
have arrived in the city to attend
the Remington-Schipfer wedding, are
being entertained by Gen. E. A. Wil­
liams and daughter, Miss Matilda, at
their home in Seventh street. Mrs.
Ford and Mrs. Morgan are sisters of
Gen. Williams.
Ladies Aid Meetings.
The four districts of the Ladies
Aid society of the .McCabe Methodist
Episcopal church will meet Thurs­
day afternoon at the following places:
District No. 1, Mts. F. H. Register, in
Fifth street District No. 2. Mrs. A. S.
Hoffman, in Avenue District No.
3, Mrs. A. W. Snow, in Sixteenth
street District No. 4, Mrs. Woodman
see, in Fifth street.
Capitol Notes.
Miss Fern Reade of the Insurance
department, is enjoying a month's va­
cation. She will spend a short time
at home and later will go to the twin
cities for a short sojourn.
Miss Alice Holland of the Land De­
partment, has returned from a sev­
eral week's visit in the twin cities.
She was accompanied there by Mrs.
Joseph Clemens of Valley City.
To Return From Eastern Trip.
W. C. Taylor commissioner of In­
surance, who has been attending the
annual meeting of the National Con­
vention of Insurance Commissioners,
in Richmond, Va., of which he is vice
president, is expeeted to return to­
day. Mrs. Taylor, who with the chil­
dren, have been visiting relatives in
Akron, Ohio, also accompanied Mr.
Taylor to Richmond.
Club Appoints Delegates.
At a meeting of the Mandan Mus­
ical Club Monday evening with Mrs.
A. H. Peterson, Mrs. W. A. Weller
and Mrs. S. A. Arthur were appointed
delegates to attend the state meeting
of North Dakota Federation of Wom­
en's Clubs which will convene in Val­
ley City Tuesday October 10. Mrs.
L. N. Cary, Mrs. A. H. Peterson and
Mrs. W. H. Stutsman will also at­
tend representing the Mandan Wom­
an's Club.
For Miss McGillic.
In honor of Miss Esther McGillic
whose marriage to Thomas J. Kasper
of Mandan will be an event of Tues­
day October 10, Mrs. A. M. Renden
and Mrs. F. W. McGillic were joint
hostesses in the home of ttie former
In Third street, Mandan at a prettily
appointed Dinner Monday evening. A
color scheme of pink was used and a
cluster of pink roses formed the cen­
terpiece. Covers were laid for 32.
Auction bridge
You may think all the one-piece
gowns in serge are mad* with box­
like lines from shoulder to (hip line.
They the NOT. I discovered one that
carves and puffs and fluffs in a way
most charming. It is a Fashion-Art
sketch, so you may know it has the
stamp of fashion.
Here is my find—showing the full
skirt with bias ruffles—six of them
awarded to Miss Nell Dooley. The
out of town guest, Mrs. Raymond
Jergeson of Bismarck.
Qlves Fancy Work Party.
Mrs. W. F. Jones and Mrs. George
were joint hostesses last
evening at a charmingly appointed
party, the guests including young
women of the Presbyterian church
and a limited number of the city girls.
The affair was given in the home of
Mrs. Jones in Fifth street, and fancy
work was the diversion. Halloween
appointments were used and were also
carried out in the refreshments.
Twenty-two guests were present.
Rally Day Exercises.
Ir^resting Rally Day exercises were
held Sunday in the McCabe Methodist
Episcqppl church and were in charge
of Mr?. J. G. Moore, wife of the dis­
trict superintendent. Over 135 diplo­
mas were presented and 12 pupils
were promoted from the beginners
class to the primary departments.
Fourteen received promotions from
the primary department to the junior
and nine from the junior to the inter­
mediate. A special feature was the
program. carried out by the cradle
roll. A small cradle was introduced
and was rocked by a number of chil­
dren while others placed names of
new members to the roll in the cradle.
An orchestra with Mr. Halstead as
viclin'st, .Charles Moses, Jr., at the
suare drum and Miss Wright at the
piano was greatly enjoyed.
Gallagher-Stanley Nuptials.
An Interesting wedding was solem­
nized yesterday morning in the bish­
op's residence, in Thayer street, when
Miss Katherine E. Gallagher of Ha
sen, N. D., and William F. Stanley, of
Minneapolis were united in marriage.
The service was ,-ead at 11 o'clock,
by .Rev. Father Goebel. They were
attended by Dr. and Mrs. V, J. La
Rose of this place. Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Hollst of Gladstone, N. D., the
latter a sister of the bride, were
among the wedding guests. The cere­
mony was supplemented with a wed­
ding breakfast at the McKenzie hotel.
Last evening Dr. and Mrs. LaHose
entertained at dinner in their honor.
The bride is well and favorably
known in the state, having been coun­
ty superintendent of Mercer county
and for some time taught in the Man­
dan schools.,
Mr. Stanley and bride left last even­
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Cor
recti Condition That Seemed
After suffering from chronic consti­
pation until she was so run down
she was unable to do any kind of
work. Miss H. A. Frees, 209 Adams
St, Dayton, Ohio, obtained a bottle
of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and
used it with such gratifying results
that she continued the treatment and
has written to Dr. Caldwell that h.er
condition is again normal, and that
she wants to recommend Syrup Pepsin
to everyone who suffers with constipa­
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is a
combination of simple laxative herbs
with pepsin, gentle in its action and
free from gripping or other pain or
tiiscomfot. It contains no opiate or
narcotic drug, and, while acting read­
ily on the most stubborn case of inac­
tive bowels, is absolutely safe for the
tiniest babe, so that it is the ideal
family laxative and should be kept
on band in every household for use
whec needed.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin costs
only fifty rents a bottle and is sold
followed the dinner in drug sicres everywhere. To avoid
running from right to left from a
straight front panel. The frill that
heads the skirt, is becoming to slend­
er figures, and the half sleeves are
harmonized with the ruffled skirt.
The guimpe ol lingerie is long sleev­
A cord of ro'd encirles the waist,
and gold color silk faces the frill at
the waist line.
ing on No. 2 tor Minneapolis, where
the former is in the railroad con­
tracting business. Later they will go
to California for an extended sojourn.
They will be at home to their friends
after January 1, in 'Minneapolis.
Grand Opera, Bismarck's
Musical Treat Dec. 15-16
Music lovers are looking forward
with great anticipation to the coming
of the San Carlo Opera Company to
the Capital City December 15 and 16.
The company has already opened the
season in Montreal and were greeted
with capacity houses. Flattering
press notices have been accorded the
artists in all their performances. In
Mile. Edvige Vaccari.
Montreal every seat and every box
in the large Princess theatre was
taken and those who could not get
seats were lined three deep at the
back of the auditorium.
Four favorite operas will be given
in the Capital City and will include
Carmen for the Friday evening at
traction, Mme. Butterfly for the Satur­
day matinee, Pagliacci and Cavalleria
Rusticana for the double bill Satur
day evening.
One of the chief attractions the
Serious Case
of Chronic Constipation
imitations find ineffective substitutes
be sure you get Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. See that a facsimile of Dr.
Caldwell's signature and his portrait
appear on the yellow carton in which
the bottle is packed. A trial bottle,
free of charge, can be obtained by
writing to I»r. W. B. Caldwell, 455
Washington St., Monticello, Illinois.
company will offer is the coloratura
soprano, Mile. Edvige Vaccari. She
will sing many of the principal roles.
Mme. Vaccari is a favorite wherever
she appears and her work in Carmen
is greatly lauded. Other stars will
include Mme. Ester Adaberto, drama­
tic soprano Signor Emanuel Salazar,
dramatic tenor Mary Kaestner, dra­
matic soprano Angelo Antola, bari­
tone Mile. Stella De Mette, m&4io
If one wishes to use a tireless cook­
er, add a cup of well washed rice to
three cups of boiling water, in which
two level teaspoons of salt are dis­
solved. Cook for five minutes and
then put in a fireless cooker. In two
hours the rice should be done. If
any water remains unabsorbed, it can
be drained off.
Rice varies somewhat in the amount
of water it absorbs, and the house­
keeper accordingly should vary the
amount of water used.
Fresh Hothouse Lettuce at Will's
Seed Store.
Century and Popular sheet music
—-Cowan's Drug Store.—Adv.
Leaves For Eastern Home.
R. 8. Wilcox, who was connected
with the reportorial staff
Johnson's for corsets.
the Trib­
une, left Saturday evening for hi
home in St. Paul, where he will re­
sume his studies as
in the
University of Minnesota. Mr. Wilcox
made many friends in the city during
his stay here. He holds the distinc­
tion of being president of the Min­
nesota Chapter of the Sigma Delta
Chi. National Fraternity of Trained
Try Pineapple Pepsin
for Your Indigestion
Pineapple Juice has been proved to
'osscss remarkable value ns a stom
ich medicine. Combined with pepsin
:xnd othr ingredients as it is in
POUND It produces surprising bene­
fit. We not only recommend NATOI
but give a positive money back guar­
antee with every 50c or $1.00 bottle.
Try it All druggists »tw
Cowan's Drug Store, Bismarck, N. D.
Son aOmUMt lift- (Tt.hUmU,)
tfCuA It pa/jum fa Djer Kiss the
perfume for the
pmmc nvwuU." gentlewoman."
?«.* -Kerkoff, Paris
Irtnrf, Ttlil Veil*, ink Fact iW Tilcni Ttwim
Cowan's Drug Store
Modish Autumn
The style trend in Women's Footwear for Fall pleasingly
forecasted in our new arrivals of
For the Girl in School
She requires particularly good shoes to withstand the strain
to which an active girl subjects them.
Supply your daughter in school with
Visit our ready-to-wear department, now. The stocks are
filled with everything that is new in garments. Styles, colors
and fabrics that will delight you.
mmm- (v*i
HUGHES WOKEN'S CAMPAIGN TRAIN, which starts from New York October Second, has
Votes for Hughes rather than Votes for Women as its slogan.
It is not a suffrage train. It is a union of women leaders in many kinds of work and ia
many states to elect Mr. Hughes.
Sent out by the recently appointed Republican Women's Campaign Committee and the Women's Com*
mittee of the National Hughes Alliance, and with the endorsement of Chairman Willcox, Herbert Par­
sons, Senator Burton and other Republican leaders, it will tour 28 states and more than one hundred
cities from coast to coast.
The speakers on the train are the leading women workers and writers in America.
The invitations were issued by Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, M». Mary Harriman Rumsey and Mrs.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth. The train committee includes Mrs. Arthur Capper, Topeka, Kan. Mrs
George Sutherland, Salt Lake City, Utah Mrs. Herbert C. Humphrey, Reno, Nev. Mrs. Ihruston Ballard,
Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Nicholas Longworth, Cincinnati, 0., Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, New York Miss
Maud Wetmore, Newport, R. I. Mrs. Daniel Guggenheim, New York Mrs. Geo. H. Partridge, Minne­
apolis, Minn. Mrs. Walter Damrosch, New York Mrs. N. Win slow Williams, Baltimore, Md.: Mrs.
Spencer Penrose, Colorado Springs. Col.: Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt. New York: Mrs. Gilford Pinchot,
Pennsylvania Mrs. Phoebe Hearst, California Mrs. Charles II IIoTmn, Newport, R. I., and Mrs Ed­
ward T. Stotesbury, Pennsylvania.
Train Reaches Bismarck October 9
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