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Names a Majority of Members to
Lower Chamber by Large
Straight Anti Tickets Elected in
One or Two Counties—Repub­
licans Win
Almost complete returns give the
Non-Partisan league complete control
of the house, with a sufficient percent­
age of the newly elected senators to
make things interesting. In only a
very few counties did legislative tick­
ets not endorsed by the league *tin.
The great majority of the newly elect­
ed legislators are Republicans, and in
all but one instance where the league
did lose it was in endorsing a Demo­
cratic, Socialistic or independent can­
didate running in opposition to a Re­
The New Members.
The new members, as indicated by
returns now in, will he:
First district: Senator, Walter We-1
ford, Neche representatives, William
Pleasance, Agra J. J. O'Connor,
Neche Henry Geiger, Hamilton. All
are Non-Partisans, and all except Gei­
ger, Republican, are Democrats.
Second district: Senator,, holdover
representative, J. H. Sinclair, Ken
mare, Democrat.
Pifth district: Senator, J. P. Hem
mington, Shawnee, representative, P.
G. Hanson, North wood. Republican
Sixth district: Senator, holdover
representative, J. F. O'Connor, Dem.
Seventh district: Senator, Albert
Stenmo, Grand Forks representative,
O. K. Lageson, Reynqlds. (X. P. Rep.)
Ninth district: Senator, Gil W. Hag
gart, Fargo Stewart Wilson, Fargo
B. G. Tenneson, Fargo (straight Re­
publicans) Edward E. Cole, Democrat.
Tenth district: Senator, holdover
representatives, A. G. Storstad, Hor­
ace Bert N. Sandbeck, Davenport
(straight Republicans.)
Eleventh district: Senator, Charles
E. Drown, Democrat, Page represent­
atives, Robert Wadeson. Rep., Alice:
Martin Larsen, Wheatland, Dem. (All
Thirteenth district: Senator, Rich­
ard McCarten, Cogswell, Dem. N. P.
representatives, unknown.
(Fourteenth district1 Senator, hold­
over representatives, E. Nims, Lis­
bon Martin Larson, Nome Rep. N. P.
Sixteenth district: Senator, hold­
over representatives. E. W. Everson
Walum Porter Kimball, Hope R. A.
Lathrop, Hope Republicans.
Twenty-first district: Senator, F. H.
Hyland, Devils Lake, Rep. representa­
tives, unknown.
Twenty-ninth district: Senator,
Thorwald Mostad, Minot: N. P. Dem.
representatives, unknown.
Thirtieth district: Senator, hold­
over representatives, M. S. tang,
Mandan L. D. Wiley, St. Anthony
Charles F. Schick, Carson N. P. Rep.
Thirty-first district: Senator. M. L.
I McBride, Dickinson representatives,
iC. C. Turner, Gladstone H. A. Mack
off, Belfield H. J. Blanchard, Dickin­
son all independent Republicans.
Thirtytflourth district Senator, hold
over, representative, F. E. "Lazier
Rep. N. P"
Thirty-eightn: Senator, holdover
representative, C. H. Noltmier, Valley
City N. P. Rep.
Thirty-ninth Senator, George F.
Hunt, Beach representatives, 0. C.
Martin, DeSart: Bert D. Arnold, Scran
ton Obert A. Olson, Pullman. -v-
Forty-sixth: Senator, holdover re­
presentatives, R. L. Fraser, Garrison:
A. L. Maxwell, Turtle Lake. N. P.
Rep. James Rice, Mercer, Rep.
iForty-eighth: Senator, holdover:
representatives, A. A. Liederbach, Kill
deer James Harris, Stanton August
Isaak. Mannhaven Rep.
Forty-ninth: Senator, H. P. Jacob
son, Mott representatives, Henry
Moen. Hettinger H. J. Stinger, Pet­
rel Rep. J. M. Carignan, Dem.
L. S. Vanderver of Coalwood, Mont.,
arrived in the city yesterday to join
Mrs. Vanderver, who is connected
with the county treasurer's office,
and will spend the winter here.
Announcement has been made of the
birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
Ruddy Willman of the city yesterday,
in the St. Alexius hospital.
Hog Slanders the Hen
Eggs Fried in hog-fat are hard to
digest. The action of the fat on
the albumin oT the egg gives
it the character and texture of
rubber, and a greasy varnish
over the whole.
The fault is laid to die hen
instead of the hog.
100% Pure Butter=of-Nuts
For Baking-Shortening-Fryirig
N OA fs» 9A I N
—gives you the opportunity to
distinguish fresh eggs. SAWTAY
does not rob them of their deli­
cate, fresh taste and flavor.
You will find your eggs readily
digested, wholly assimilated and
unvarnished, if thev be fried
And after the frying, strain the
SAWTAY through cheese-cloth
and use over and over—it does
not give nor take a flavor or odor.
Send for "Sawtay Kandy Kids," a Picture
Book of Recipes for Children's Parties.
Woolworth Tower, New York
Twepty-third: Senator, Thomas Pen
dray, Jamestown, Rep. N. P. repre­
sentatives, Dana Wright, /Jamestown,
Rep. S. O: Allen. Jamestown, Rep.
N. .EJ. Whipple, Eckelson, and L. H.
Larson, Courtenay X. P. Rep.
Twenty-seventh distirct: Senator,
Carol D. King, Menoken representa­
tives, Frank G. Prater, Arena LV D.
Bailey, Moflit: George N. Varnunj, Me­
noken N. P. Repj
in mi
Governor Must Name County Com­
mission that Will Be Whole
Thing in Grant
Shields, Raleigh, Elgin, Leith,
Carson, Heil, New Leipzig,
Pretty Rock
Governor Hanna ju^L now is enjoy­
ing some of the sensations, which go
to make up the happiness of Tsar
Nick, Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse and
other autocrats. For in Governor
Hanna is vested the power of decid­
ing the destinies of North Dakota's
^aby „county—Grant, given birth
Tuesday by mother Morton—and so
long as no one but the governor has
any knowledge of his probable action,
he is a very much courted man.
To Name County Commission.
Grant county could not be born and
vote for county officers and a county
seat in one ind the same day. for the
reason that no one could know wneth
er the new county had been created
until all the votes were counted.
Therefore, the law provides that, fa­
ther than subject the new county to
a special election right under the
gun, the governor shall have power
to name the first county commission,
which shall serve for two years, and
in which is vested the-power of nam­
ing other county officials and select­
ing the county seat. Two years
hence the county seat selected by
this commission may come before the
voters of Grant county for confirma­
tion, as did Aniidon, temporary capi­
tal of Sllope county or the good peo­
ple of Grant may decide to abide by
the commissioners' choice.
Many People See Hanna.
Hanna's office has been well filled
since election day by patriots who
are willing to die for their country,
or who have a good friend whom
they'd like to see do it. If the gov­
ernor has given any intimation of his
intentions in the matter, it has not
leaked out. Hanna cannot act until
the board of canvassers files Its offi­
cial returns with the secretary of
state, which must be done within ten
days following the election. There
is, therefore, almost a week's sus­
pense ahead of Grant county.
Eight Want Capital.
Mandan, X. D., Nov. 9—With auto­
mobiles dashing hither and thither,
working day and night, the great
fight for the county seat of new Grant
county is on.
Carson was first to get the automo­
biles out with its petitions, acting un­
der the leadership of Herbert Hal
lenberg. one of the progressive young
,men of the western part of North
Dakota. "Mr. Hallenberg has announc­
ed that he will put up the fight of his
life to get the county seat at Carson,
and it is unanimously conceded that
his influence will have- much weight.
Leith Has Advantage.
Leith is centrally located within the
new county, and if the place most
convenient to all were chosen, Leith
probably would be the town. A. W.
Patterson, Clare Cornell and Timothy
Keating are the big boosters for
Raleigh in Race.
Raleigh is putting up a strong bid
for the place, contending that next
to Leith it is the most centrally lo­
cated of all the contestants, and also
of easy access to old Morton county,
which might prove of advantage in
trying any litigation which may crop
out between the old county and the
Elgin Enters In.
On the other hand, Elgin claim9
that it is the biggest town in the new
county, and it is putting up a lively
fight for the county seat. Other
towns oppose Elgin because of its
overwhelming bigness and, it is said,
on the strength of alleged alliances
which it has formed.
New Leipzig's Claims.
New Leipzig advances the fact that
it is the best railroad center in the
new county, being located at the
junction of the Northern Pacific and
the Milwaukee line, and that it is
mid-w&y between Bowman and Bis­
marck, and of easy access to every
part of Grant county.
Heil Claims N. P. Aid.
Heil holds that it is centrally lo­
cated, and that the Non-partisan
league is especially favorable to it,
claiming that if Heil is chosen capi­
tal, the Non-partisan league will give
Grant county valuable advertising, it
is said. Heil also contends that it
has the best farming land in the coun­
ty, and that people comingteto the
new county seat would be given a
good impression of the entire shire.
Shields on a River.
Shields says it is the one and only
location for the new county seat, be­
cause- Shields is the only town in
Grant county which is on a river. It
contends that the new county seat is
destined to become a town of im­
portance, and that no large city can
be founded where the drainage facil­
ities do not meet sanitary require­
ments. ShiCTds is beautifully situat­
ed on the Cannonball river and it has
many supporters in the eastern por­
tion of the county. It has been said
that in the event of Raleigh's being
eliminated, its support would go to
Doc Eastman Prognosticates.
W. W. Eastman, county chairman
for the Republicans, is out openly, it
is said, for Pretty Rock. He holds
that the entire southern part of Grant
county is now without a railroad that
the old survey for a road still stands
that the fanners have offered to buy
the right-of-way, and that the loca-
's Name Was
Omitted By Mistake
Through an unfortunatp typograph­
ical error, the name of George Var­
num was ommitted in Thursday morn­
ing's paper firom the list of newly el­
Youmans Suit Against State Bank.
ing Board and Stickney Man­
damus Proceeding Up
Two masters of unusual importance
will occupy the attention of the Xorth
Dakota i&preme court today. The
first is a hearing of the Grant You­
mans damage suit for .sums aggre­
gating a quarter-million against Gov­
ernor Hanna, Secretary of State Hall,
former Attorney General Miller and
other members of, the- state banking
board which closed Youmans' bank at
Minot several years ago. Youmans
brought his original action in the
Ward county district court. Losing
there, he appealed to the supreme
court, and the case was advanced for
hearing today in order that it may
be decided before Governor Hanna
retires from office.
The second hearing, set for today,
is on the original writ of mandamus
granted by the supreme court in fa­
vor of Warren A. Stickley, requiring
State Auditor Jorgenson to show
cause for not paying Stickley five
and one-half months' wages alleged
to be due him for clerical services
rendered the state immigration board.
The action is expected to reopen the
entire immigration act matter and to
once more determine whether in fact
Xorth Dakota has an immigration
board with an appropriation of $60,
000 for the prosecution of its work.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hughes of Far­
go are visitors in the city.
John M. Gaub of Wing was a busi­
ness visitor in the city Thursday.
E'en Stout, representative of the
Utz & Dunn Shoe company, is a busi­
ness visitor in the city.
The Knights of Columbus will meet
this evening in the Knights of Colum­
bus hall.
Don't forget the iiO-cent chicken pie
supper in McCabe church this eve.
Supper served at 5:30 on.
Mrs. J. .'M. Carignan, Jr., and Mrs.
O. M. Baumann of Fort Yates were
visitors in' the city Thursday.
•E. M. Wafer and P. M. Magnus mo­
tored here from Sterling yesterday
and spent the day on business.
S. E. Bergeson of the S. E. Berge
son & Son clothing store has return­
ed from a business trip to the Twin
Aaron Christopher has resumed his
duties as chief clerk at the MoKen
zie hotel, after a several weeks' va­
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Stevens
of Washburn Wednesday in the Bis-
Take Tabtespoonful of Salts if Back
Hurts or Bladder Bothers—
Drink Lots of Water.
We are a nation of meat eaters and
our blood is filled with uric acid, says
a well known authority, who warns
us to be constantly on guard against
kidney trouble.
The kidneys do their utmost to free
the blood of this irritating acid, but
become weak from the overwork
they get sluggish the elimirtative tis*
sues clog and thus the waste is re­
tained iii the blood to poison the en­
tire system.
When your kidneys ache and feel
like lumps of lead, and you have
stinging pains in the back or the
urine is cloudy, full of sediment, or
the bladder is irritable, obliging you
to seek relief during the night when
you have severe headaches, nervous
and dizzy spells, sleeplessness, acid
stomach or rheumatism in bad weath­
er, get from your pharmacist about
four ounces of Jad Salts take a ta
blespoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast each morning and in a few
days your kidneys will act fine. This
famous salts is made from the acid of
grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for gen­
erations to flusb and stimulate clog­
ged kidneys, to neutralize the acids
in urine so it is no longer a source
of irritation, thus ending urinary and
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure makes a delightful efferves­
cent lithia water drink, and nobody
can make a mistake by taking a lit­
tle occasionally to keep the kidneys
clean and active.
ected Burleigh county legislators who
joined in the message congratulating
President Townley on the Xon-Parti
san league victory. The omission was
entirely untinientiofyal.
tion of the cfttonty seat at Pretty marck hospital, a son. Mother and
Rock would induce the railroad com- child are getting along nicely.
pany to build the extension. The
taxes which could be levied on this
new property, it is held, would give
Grant county the highest assessed
valuation of anj^county in the state,
and Grant would have' more miles of
railroad than even Morton. Eastman
believes that a new railroad through
the southern part of Grant county
would increase the value of land in
that district at least $2.1 per acre
for a stretch of 7» miles.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Conrad Johnson of Wilton died in one
of the local hospitals Wednesday.
M. (P. Dollens has returned from a
visit to Waverly, Ind., and has re­
sumed his duties in the office of (he
superintendent of the Soo Line.
Dr. Holt, formerly of this place, but
now of Jamestown* has gone to Roch­
ester, Minn., and will later go on a
deer hunt. Mrs. Holt is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Monroe of the city for
several days.
Johnson's for corsets.
ilM 10*11
The special bill of vaudeville at the
Auditorium for this evening's enter­
tainment will be, according to state­
ments of the managers, the best bill
that has been staged here this season.
Six big acts and moving pictures will
furnish a delightful evening's enter­
The special feature this week' is
How to Get Relief When Head
and Nose are Stuffed Up. 8
Count fifty! Your cold in head or
catarrh disappears Your clogged
nostrils will open, the air passages
of your head will clear and you can
breathe freely. No more snuffling,
hawking, mucous discharge, dryness
or headache no struggling for breath
at night.
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates
-through every Mir passage of the
head, soothing and healing the swol­
len or inflamed mucous membrane,
giving you instant relief. .Head colds
and catarrh yield like magic. Don't
stay stuffed-up and miserable. Re­
lief is sure.
the reduction in prices. Patrons are
requested to note that the prices of
downstairs will be 50 and 75c instead
of the entire' lower floor being 7ue.
Seats 7
Beautiful and Lively
That well describes the 7-
passenger 6*30 Chalmers! The
car of the double cowl, marine
lines, long tufted upholstry.
Its activity on hills and in city
streets has caused wide com­
ment. Sane in design and
sensible in action. Easy on the
pocket book.
Until Nov. 30 only $1280. After that $1350.
A quality car. All prices f. o. b. Detroit)
Quality Fint
That will Delight, Satisfy and
Serve as a Remembrance
for Years to Come
"The Way of Smiles"
By James W. Foley
and the
"Myths and Legends
of the Sioux"
By Mrs. Marie L. McLaughlin
"The Way of Smiles" is an art edition that the public has long
Bound in Red Leather, Gold Stamped, Deckle Edge Paper
Containing a collection of the North Dakota Poet's
Choicest Poems
Now Ready for Delivery
Price $1.25
"Myths and Legends of the Sioux"
A new and interesting volume of Indian love also just off the
presses of The Tribune
It is beautifully written, well printed and most profusely
illustrated with cuts of original Indian drawings
This volume should be in every well selected library
Price per copy $1.50
Bismarck Tribune
The balcony will be 35 and £8*1 tla*
stead of .We over the
And the gallery will remajli tb«$
same, at 2ae. ?..• --v.v.
Carl Pederson, Mgr.
Bismarck. N. D.

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