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THURSDAY, NOV. 23,1916
$•••&':& Way
to End Coughs, Colds
ared Croup
Ireol Joist, Iueipenslve ffomt
Maile llent'dy thai 1M
Pruni ii ti«J Sui'O,
If you have a severe cough or chest
cold accompanied with soreness, throat
tickle, hoarseness, or difficult breathing,
or if your child wakes up during tho
nfaht with croup and you want quick
.help, just try* this pleasant tasting
home made coit™h remedy. Any drug
pist can supply you with 2 V-. ounces of
i'inex (50 cents worth). Pour this into
pint-.bottle and till the Cottle" with
plain granulated susav sjrup. Thus
prepared, you liave a jiint of really re­
markable cough temcdy—one that can
be depended upon to give quick and last­
ing relief at all times.
You can feel this take hold of a cough
in a yray that meapa business. It
loosens and raises tho phlegm, stpps
threat tickle and soothes and heals the
irritated membranes that liin the
throat and bronchial tubes with1 such
promptness, ease and certainty that it
., ia. really astonishing.
Pincx is a special and Jucltly eoncen
{.rated compound of genuine Xprway
pine, extract, combined with gu&iacol
And is noted for its speed in owrcomin'*
severe coughs, throat and chest eo]d£
Its millions of enthusiastic users have
made it famous the world over.
There are many worthless imitations
of this noted mixture. To avoid disap
fiointment, ask for "2 ounces of
Pinex" with full directions n:id don't
Accept anything else. A irviartuttae '*f
fiiisolute cafisfaction or money promptly
iffmu'ed, «oex with juvnaratioii.
The Pincx Co., Ft Wayne, Ihd..
Senatoreleet Leslie Ac Simpson of
Dickinson was an arrival in the city
today and is visiting friends, He is
makng his headauarters at the Mc
The Quinine That Does Not Affect
Because of its tonic and laxative ef­
fect Laxative Bromo Quinine can be
taken by anyone without causing ner­
vousness or ringing in the head.
There fa. only/one "Bromo Quinine."
E. W. GROVE'S signature is on box,
... In far o|f Alaska someone had
pVft-'S.- Ha^^Account!Bfckrfs,:p(ud
when the &rr who lovtdbjro
tried to fchpioand. present liim
far the
tpief. and threw her into
nearly ruined their
nos and made them Jose
Ewes, but in the eridJove won.
^"The Primal Lure" has away
{tailing scenes as yo(ii watch tbe
mrible fight in the water fair Hfc,
tjfce attempted burning at tfce
•take and the auault by the
December 1 to 31
Liberal Stopover and
Return Privileges
Secure Information and
Tiekets from
W. A. M'DONALD, Agent
General Passenger Agent
8t. Paid, Mian.
St. Paul Outdoor Sports
Jan. 27 to Feb. 3
Two Attacked it
"iuidge, I met a bottle on the stro-jt
and a couple of Us attacked it." That
was' the explanation James Donovan,
a, stranger who said he came from
Garrison, gave to Judge Oolan In po­
lice court t|ils morning, wfcen arraign­
ed to answer to the charge of being
"Y-y-yep," stammered the prisoner,
"it had two legs." Despite the efforts
of City Attorney McCilrdy to legrg
who this ibottle was, Donovan proved
as stubborn a mule. Anyway, he
agreed with the attorney that the
eagle stuff had a "kick-" He also con­
fessed to drinking some bay rum pur
chined ac a drug store.
DoQ(*an was arrested at the N'jjth­
orn' Pacific station last evening. He
told the police he has 'been working
at Carrison since being released from
custody here on the 10th of June and
that he made $800' and was "drunk
every night."
He was sentenced to serve ten. days
in the county jail.
(Continued from p»g»N—#)
Morton county in 1883, and who also
endorsed Thompson and McDowell.
Fer Elgin
P. G. Boettcher, as chairman of the
Elgin delegation, advanced the fol
lowing^reason why his town should
be made county seat:
Elgin, serves a' greater territory
north mod south than any other town
in the nfcw county Elgin offers the
people of Grant $ short drive by wag­
on and automobile and the long haul
by rail .Elgin offers an opportunity
to every resident of the county to
visit frequently the seat of govern­
ment Elgin offers a saving in mile­
age for county commissioners and
other officials Elgin offers a county
seat of which all Grant county may be
proud Elgin has sprung up from
nothing in a fejtr years it has good
water good concrete sidewalks a
white way a village park is one bf
the prettiest plhces in Grant county,
and has not one penny's worth of
bonded indebtedness.
Elgin declared as its candidates for
the county commission Mr. Boettcher
and Frank Bleick.
Mr. Freytag, speaking for Elgib,
called attention to the town's $280,000
in bank resources, which he believed
greater than those of any other town
in Grant county, and to the fact that
Elgin is served by both the Milwaukee
and the Northern Pacific yilroads.
/Minortod Pretty Ira repregfcritoK
lives aluFappetired Elgin.
I, G. H.
Donovan Tells Court He Met Bot­
tle With Two Legs and That
A. W. Patterson sp6kfea$jgiairinau
ritbcLeitb delegation. He referred!
i^Jtelthas the only titaf in tbeexact
gwjjgraphical center of the new ipouft
ity' :as 4. tommurtlty oulyseveh years
old,' but one., thoroughly progressive,1
dfid with loeatlon inofct Accessible
td the greatest-number of people. Any
Balance November 30,1915 .: $
Oaah received Inpayment of policies issued in 1916
A -Aii»oii» received in overpayment on policy No. 21, Bowman Co.
Antount byerpaid by treasurer of Hettinger county
ytznount overpaid by treasurer of Sargent county ...
Amdtttg overpaid by treasurer of Ward county
"h Total amount on hand and received during year
farmer in the county, he asserted, can
drive to Lelth and' return home the
same day. A majority of the people
of Grant county, he declared, are for
Leith, Eveg far-away ^t. Joe, in the
extreme nprthwestern. corner of the
toting |s for Leith. Patterson re­
ferred to the abundant coal within
two miles of Leith and to the fact
that farmetf drive in from a radius
of twenty miles to procure this fuel:
Lekh, he\stated, offered the,county as
a temporary iiounty .building a struc­
ture three stories high, with a full
basement, and occupying a ground
space 30 by 80 feet, admirably suited
in every way to the purpose. Pat­
terson endorsed foe county commis­
sioners William Wafle of Wade, P. K.
Hague of Minor and Fred Ewald, of.
New Leipsig.
Fer Fergnson ud Wade
Major Belden bf Shields Announced
that he favored no particular town
for county seat but did endorse Fer­
guson and Wade for commissioners.
New Leipzig's la las
A. H. Nieter, president of the State
Bank of New Leipzig, declared for F.
Bwald, Jr., 7. J. Ruasch and P. ,E.
Schoetter for commissioners, called
attention to New Leipsig's two rail­
roads, and commented upon its good
roads, serving a territory 24 miles
north and south. New Leipsig, he de­
clared, is accommodating more Grant
county people than any other town in
the new county. Some commercial
statistics whieb he gave for 1915 fol­
low: Freight business, $107,544 tele­
phone, $46,09Q blacksmithing, $4,500
automobile garages, H&957 grain.
470,000 bushels hardware and sup­
plies, $45,121.92 general merchandise,
8115,030.05 lumber and machinery,
1271,945.14 banking loans, etc., $1,
094,975.58. In the eight townships
served by Now Leipsig on the western
frontier of Grant, declared the bank­
er, there are 655 farms of 240 acres
each, of which fifty per cent of the
acreage id under cultivation.
Others Speak
George Schultz spoke for Elgin A.
J. Herbert of Miner, for Leith George
Kerrl, 26 years in the county, for Car­
son Neil McGarry ot. Paradise, for
Leith Joseph Hague, for Leith Mr.
Brown, of St. Joseph, for Leith Mr.
McGinnis for Boettcher and Bleick
J. J. Ryan, for Leith Wade and Fer­
guson, candidates for commissioners,
and llrell, for sherjp, had nothing to
say ,f-
C. C. Leonard of Raleigh declared
neutrality Charles W. Bleick, of El­
gin, recently elected member of the
state railroad commission, was not
interested James Clofkee of Bris­
bane, was for Leith. Joseph Miller
of Elgin stated his town could go New
Leipsig one better on grain, having
shipped 492,000 bushels in 1915 that
it was the largest freight station on
the Mott line, outside of Mott and
tbat in 1914 more freight was receiv­
ed and dispatched at Elgin than at any
other town on the Mott branch.
Favors Center
Clark Hill, a pioneer, ifavored tbe
location of tbe
Uikinmnts During the Year
Paid clerk hire ... $ 1,200.00
Paid losses incurred ^dttring the year 30,161.26
Paid for adjusting 1916 losses 1,692.11
Paid refund to Bowman county, error in policy
No. 21 3.00
Paid for printing 83.9a
Paid for postage 99.72
Paid for publishing statement of 1915 business .. 14.07
Paid for supplies for department 8.61
Total disbursements during the year $ 33,262.70
Balance cash on hand November 30, 1916 .v $
Pellej Exhibit
Number of policies written
Number of losses reported
Number of losses allowed
Total amount )f losses allowed for season of 1916 •.. $
Cost of adjusting losses ffr 1916
(Making it cost 2.13 per cent to adjust losses)
Approved adjustments were paid at 38 per cent of loss allowed
for 1916.
Total value of risks written $883,023.00
Office of Commissioner of Insurance.
I. W. C. Taylor. Commissioner of Insurance of the state of North Da­
kota, do hereby certify that 'the foregoing is a true abstract of the original
statement now on file in this office.
In testimony weherof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal
of this office at Bismarck the 30th day of November, A. D. 1916.
NO. 68
The Bismarck Batik
at Bismarck,/la tbe State of North Dakota, at the,close of business
7 November 17, 1916
Loans and discounts $ 441,350.59
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 1,446.03
Warrants, stocks, tax certificates, claims, etc 35,927.16
Banking house, furniture and fixtures v.. 13,500.00
Other real estate 23,950.74
Due from other banks ..i». •,% 113,766.89
Checks and other cash items.......... 1,805.29
Cash 13,122.25
Capital stock paid In 50,000.00
Surplus fund
Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 10,828.96
Individual deposits subject to check $176,296.34
Time certificates of deposit 372,915.96
Certified checks 511.60
Cashier's checks outstanding 2,331.25
Due to other bankit 21,993.84
•. I
Total "... $ 644,877.95
County of Burleigh.—ss.
of government as
near tbe center of the eounty as pos­
sible Frank Bleick of Hell was for
Elgin George Kimball was for Leith
and comtMtentrbtyriness men on the
count? tommlsUon J. Summerville
declared for Leith, as a wide-awake,
moral community A. B. Heggemann
was for Elgin,-on the strength Of its
superior hoUl. accommodations E. A.
Peterson spoke for Carson Martin
Calstead for Lfith Raleigh for C. C.
Leonard acr member of the county
For the Year Ending KovembeivSe, 1*16, of Ike Condition nnd Affairs of the
,.|.v• State Vail Insurance Depw^pent
Commissioner of Insurance.
Jr., cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly sweat
that the above Statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief.
G. H. RUSS, JR., Cashier.
.Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22d day of November, 1916.
$ 644,877.95
E. M. THOMPSON, Notary Public.
board, and various other delegates
for their favorites.
Dream Decides Choice
After everyone had spoken, the gov­
ernor ^stated the'selection of commis­
sioners fbr Grant had been much on
his mind 4hat it had come to a point
where bo "Ijatf: dreamed of the prob­
lem, and that be would follow the
dictates of. bis dream in submitting
1 11
Rheumatism Is due to Uric Acid
and other irritant poisons in the
blood, and as it circulates through the
system, these acid poisons are depos­
ited in the muscles, joints and nerves,
and: exposure tp thc night air, cold
east winds, or any sudden change in
the weather, wili bring on an attack
which may last,, for, & dayi^Or
to the chairman of each delegation a
blank upon which might be registered
the choice for county seat, first, sec­
ond and third. The Vote, Mr. Hanna
declared, would be regarded as abso­
lutely confidential, and .the result
would be announced as sooii' as he
was officially empowered to select the
commissioners for tbe new county.
Little time was lost by the chair-
Damp and Cold Weather is Destined to Cause Much Suffering
Among Bheumatics Guard Against It
Get ready for winter by realizing
that Rheumatism is a blood disease
and must be relieved through the
blood. Throw away the liniments and
lotions, cut out the pain killers and
stake your chances of relief on S. S. S.
Some of the most renowned physi­
cians that the world has -ever known
have been studying Rheumatism for
fifty years in the laboratories of the
Swift Specific Company in Atlanta,
and if Rheumatism cun be permanent­
ly relieved—and WE KNOW THAT
IT CAN—they will tell you what to do
for your trouble.
Rubbing with liniments, blistering,
the application of plasters in fact,
anything that will produce counter-ir­
ritation. is good for external treat­
ment of Rheumatism, but these sim­
ple remedies dot not reach the seat
of tho disease. nor touch the real
cause, and relief is therefore only tem­
linger for months. Every battle with
Rheumatism leaves the blood in poor­
er condition, while the corroding acids
are gradually consuming the oils and
fluids that lubricate the muscles and
joints, thus they become stiff, some­
times absolutely rigid.
Rheumatism with its sharp cutting
pains cannot be conquered until the
acid blood is cleansed, purified, liter*
ally washed free of the poisoned sub­
stances which it contains, and noth­
ing affords such prompt and lasting
relief as S. S. S. The tonic effects
of this vegetable remedy are wohder
fu).' The blood is cleansed, purified
and its early strength and vigor re­
newed, causing the health to rapidly
improve and builds up the entire sys­
tem. The sufferer is not only free
from Rheumatic pains, but exped­
iences "once more the thrill and ex­
quisite pleasure of ..perfect health.
Get rid of Rheumatism before cold
weather makes it worse. Don't take
substitutes for S. S., S. Write our
Medical Department at once they
want to advise you how to relieve
Rheumatism quickly, thoroughly and
make you well. S. S. S. sold at all
drug stores. Don't accept substitutes
—they aVe dangerous. Write tbe
Swift Specific Company, Medical De­
partment, Room 16, Atlantic. Ga.
World Famous Classic
The Greatest Single Triumph of the American Stage Admission 10c and 16c
men in declaring their preference, and
after the votes had been delivered to
the governor, adjournment was taken.
Unless something unforseen inter­
venes, the governor's selection of the
three commissioners will be announc­
ed Friday. These commissioners will
We have styles aplenty to suit the most fastidious -and prices
are low enough so that you can enjoy style, comfort service,
and warmth in your new Coat without paying a price that
seems extravagant.
$14.95 $25 $35 and
New Dresses arriving daily.
Every late style being shown.
A beautifuf selection of evening gowns and frocks.
"Th» Eye of God"
Bluebird Feature
Tank Heaters
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trimmed with luxurious furs, others that
are more simple in their trimming.
name a county seat, for two years at
least, and all county officers for that
period. They also will supervise the
transcription of Morton county rec­
ords affecting Grant county the
transfer of property, and the collec­
tion of taxes due Grant.
Now that the cold weather is here
yon will want
Horse Blankets
Robes of Pur and Wool
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