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Interesting Malpractice Case To
Be Heard by New Jurists
Next Month
Little four-years-old Wilhelmene
Hager, while feasting on peanuts, al­
lowed one to go down her "Sunday
throat." It lodged in her bronchial
tubes, and she was taken to Dr. Wil­
liam Clark at Harvey. Because, it is
alleged, of the methods he employed
in removing or attempting to remove
the peanut, the little girl's organs of
respiration were permanently impair­
ed. Her guardian, J. J. Schmidt,
brought suit in the Wells county dis­
trict court for $10,000 in damages, al­
leging malpractice, and a judgment
was procured against the practition­
er for $5,000.
Dr. Clark has appealed from the ver­
dict of the district court, and the
case is set for hearing in the supreme
court the first week in January. The
action is one of the first and one of
the most important which the new
court will have to adjudicate.
Ed Schulenberg, formerly with the
state bank examiner's force, Bpent
Sunday in Bismarck. Mr. Schulen­
berg is now located at Streator.
William Laist, custodian at the cap
Hoi, has the senate chamber ready for
the exciting scenes which may be en-
Splendid lor
Bad Coughs. Colds,
Aa IiixftHlvc Haat-Mide R*b
tjr—dim 8nreat, Qalckeat
Anyone who tries tliia pleasant tast­
ing home-made court) syrup, will
quickly understand why it is used i#
more names in the United States and
Canada than any other cough remedy
The way it takes hold of an obstinar*
tore. It is a truly dependable cough,unt"
remedy that should be kept handy in
every nome, to use at the first sign of a
cough during the night or day time.
Any druggist ean supply you with
2% ounces of Pinex (50 cents worth).
Pour this into a pint bottle and fill the
bottle with plain granulated sugar
syrup. The total cost is about 54 cents
and you have a full pint of the most
effective remedy you ever used.
Pinex is nirhly concentrated com­
pound of Norway pine extract, combined
with cuaiacol and is famous the world
over for its healing effect on the ttiem
To avoid disappointment ask for "Vfc
ounces of Pinex" with full directions
and don't accept anything else.1 A guar­
antee of absolute satisfaction or money
promptly refunded goes with this prep­
aration Th« Pipes Co., Ft Wayne,
acted there during the next two
months, and today his force of janitors
attacked the house chamber. The su­
preme court's furnishings are being
removed to the supreme court cham­
ber on the fourth floor, occupied be­
tween sessions as a hearing room for
the tax commission, and the house
chamber is being given a thorough
State Employes Do Not Know
"Where They Are At" Pend­
ing Appointments
The approach of the year-end finds
every department but one at the cap
itol looking forward to the exchange
of old faces for new. The one office
in which there will be no change is
the state treasurer's. John Steen an­
nounced today that he is very well
satisfied with his staff and hopes to
keep it intact during his second term.
In the state auditor's office, Kositzky
succeeds Jorgenson as chief W. R.
Edwards remains deputy auditor for
the present, but is ultimately to foe
succeeded by O. B. Lund of iSteele.
|R. M. Halliday has already left the
auditor's office for that of the state
bank examiner, and there will be at
least one new stenographer on the
iNew Aflfly Force?
There will be an almost complete
rearrangement in the office of com­
missioner of agriculture and labor. R.
F. Flint is succeeded by John 'N. Ha
gen of Deering, who has not announc­
ed any of his appointments as yet, but
who is known to have changes in
In the office of the secretary of state
the first of the year will find a new
deputy on the staff, but no other
changes are contemplated, so far as
iknown. The office of deputy hag been
vacant since the departure of John
Andrews for Washington, and the sec­
retary of state announces it will not
be filled until the new year arrives.
Land Commissioner.
The office of state bank examiner
is subject to change, as is that of
the land commissioner. Major Frank
Henry's successor has already been
selected, but the new land commis-
In the governor's office there will
be an entire array of new faces. On
the subject of appointments, however.
Governor-elect Frazier is as silent as
the sphinx.
Commissioner-elect S. A. Olsness of
the state insurance department al­
ready has made two new appoint­
ments, and there may be others,
really Ik Public Instruction,
this I'1
'will have an assistant to
name tlHbucceed W. E. Parsons, who
became superintendent of Burleigh
county schools the first of the year.
The quick, lasting relief you get from
this excellent cough syrup will really,
Surprise you. It promptly heals the* 'Superintendent ofiPubllcInstruction
inflamed membranes that line the throat iMacdoni
and air paesagea, -stops the annoyiw
throat tickle, loosens the phlegm, ana
aoon your cough stops entirely. Splen­
did for bronchitis, croup, whooping
cough and bronchial asthma.
Other cbaBKfS probably will be made
on the staff.
The supreme court force is subject
to a new line-up when the justices
elect take office January 1, and Attor
ney General, William Lpngqr wjll
have the appointment of two*' new
deputies to succeed Attorneys Btizlng
and.Murphy. The,new attorney gen­
eral is understood to have already se­
lected his personal, .stenographer. The
11 Ij
Having leased the Northwest Hotel, corner Fifth and Main, opposite the
McKensie Hotel, I desire to announce to the public that the house will be
placed in first-class condition and be ready to receive guests by January 1,
1017. A large crew of men are now at work remodeling and repairing the
interior of the hotel, and work will be rushed night and day until, the build­
ing is ready for occupancy. The hotel will be equipped with forty bath
rooms, and will have hot and cold running water, electric lights and steam
heat in every room, It yrill be conducted as a first-class Europefq .tatel
moderate prices, those desiring first-class accomodations at low rates,
make their reservations now. Address Aaron Christopher, Head
MoKenzie Hotel.
Edw. G. Patterson, Proprietor
McKcnzie. Northwest Soo
new judges of the supreme court also
will have the appointment of stenog­
Appointive Beards.
The tax commission may be altered
somewhat after the legislature has fin­
ished with it. The same is true of the
state board of control,, the board of
regents, the office of adjutant general,
the secretaryship of the state llve^
stock sanitary board, the state lire
marshal's office and the office of state
engineer, all of which are appointive
(Naturally no one at the capitol
knows just where he or she is at, and
everyone will welcome an end to the
uncertainty, even though it also means
an end to service In the state's be­
(Associated Press)
Washington, Dec. 18 —Major Gen­
eral Scoft, chief of staff of the army,
told the senate military committee to­
day that the army general staff recom­
mended, without apology, that the
volunteer system be discarded be­
cause the "time has come when this
country, unless it intends to avoid
Musterole Gives Delicious Comfort
When those sharp pains go shooting
through your head, when your skull
seems as if it would split, just rub a
little Musterole on the temples and
neck. It draws out the inflammation,
soothes away the pain, usually giving
quick relief.
Musterole is a clean, white oint­
ment, made with oil of mustard.
Better tlnn a mustard plaster and
docs not blister.
J^any doctors and nurses frankly
'reQqrni\ij[cnd,JI||Ste.role for sore throat,
brlj^cti'itis,'" crSup, stiff neck, asthma,
neuralgia, congestion, pleurisy, rheu­
matism, lumbago, pains and aches of
the back or joints, sprains, sore mus­
cles, bruises, chilblains,, frosted feet—•
colds of the..^hftst (it often prevents
pneumonia^. It is always dependable.
war 'at any cost,' must resort to uni­
versal liability to imlitary training
and service."
Wilson of Northern Pacific, This
Week Dfstrilmtiag Stock He
Purchased !or Fanners
Two carloads of cattle, consisting
of 14 bulls, ranging,in age from six
months to six years, and 17 heifers,
from six mpnths to three years—all
practically from herds where milk rec­
ords are kept of ail the cows—have
been purchased in Vermont and as
sachusetts by E. A. Wilson, agricul­
tural agent for the Northern Pacific.
The expert iS now making the distri­
bution to farmers in Minnesota, Xorth
Dakota and Montana.
"•Farmers in the northwest are real­
ising more than ever the necessity
of keeping livestock on their farms,
and the principal demand is for the
class of cattle that will produce a
good paying quantity of milk and at
the same time produce steers that
wilL.make profitable beer. This type
of animal is best found in the milking
Shorthorn. The principal difficulty
encountered is In securing animals
that have been bred for generations
for milk production," stated the agri­
cultural agent as he .passed through
Bismarck, today.
The two carloS^s of i-4tle were
purchased for the followiifc: ft. W.
Smith, Stillwater, Minn., a bull A. B.
Ohlsen, Cambridge, Minn., a bull L.
C. Nelson, Cambridge, Minn., a heifer
F. F. Kothman, Cleat*water, Minn., a
cow J. S. Anderson, Atwater, Minn.,
two heifers H. W- Fillbach, Carson,
•N. D., a bull Charles
Ronnie and John
Owens, Carson, If." D., a bull H. F.
Eggers, Carson, ,N- D.,' otoe' heifer and
one bull T. E. McDowell, Carson.
.Ml iD. a bull F. W. Schisow, Carson,
N. D.', a 'bull E. H. Truesdale, Mott,
N. D., a bull and a heifer T. iR.
Thompson. Mott, K. D., aQRkll 'E. O.
Starke. Mott, N. D., a bull Sam P.
Yantls, Mott, :N. D.. a bull George
Lewis, Mott. N. D., a bull Rapmus
Mushy, Mott, N. D„ a heifer James
A. Sullivan. Mott, N, D., a heifer
John T. Thompson. ftfott. N. D-. a
heifer Frank A. Vasey, Mott, N. D.,
a heifer Carl Mueller, Mott, N. D., a
heifer iftobert Trueadale, Mott, IN. D.,
a heifer W. J. Steer. iMott. N. D.,
three heifers John Ullberg, Mott. N.
D., a heifer Henry Larneheid, Mott,
N. iD., a heifer S. N. Unkenhola, Man
dan, N. D., a heifer E. Johnson, Para­
dise, Mont., a bull.
Max Lug ot Sterling was a busi­
ness visitor in the city Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. L. O. Eastman of Ha
sen spent Monday In the city, shop­
ping and calling on friends.
W. L. Watson of McKensie, W. E.
Rawllngs of Sterling and John T. Ou­
ray of Jamestown were among the
business visitors in .the city Monday.
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Pifcture World.
They were guests at the iMcKenzie
while here.
Horn, Sunday, a daughter, to Mr.
and Mrs. Alex Anderson of Stewarts
dale, in the Bismarck hospital.
Among the Mandad people 'in the
city Monday were Mrs. F. E. E'unting,
Mrs. Jameg Noakes, Mrs. Mike Cant
well, Mrs. James Regan, Mrs. Joseph
Many people dread winter because
the sudden climatic changes bring
colds, grippe, rheumatism, tonsilitis or
bronchitis. But thousands of well
informed men and women today avoid
much sickness
for themselves
and their
children by taking a few bottfe^of
Scott's Emulsion to make richer blood,
fortify the membranes of the throat
andchestand create body-warmth tore
sist sickness. Soldiers at war receive cod
liver oil it will also strengthen you.
Scott & Brwne. Bloom field, N. J. 1(^*31
At the:
20 th.—21st.
Show Starts at 8:15
Regan, Mrs. William Meisner, Mrs.
George Steinbruck, 'Miss Hazel Kas
sen and Miss Norton.
L. E. Heaton, a prominent stockman
of McKenzie, entered the St. Alexius
hospital yesterdaly for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Caya an|ii&y|
iind Mrs. ilo Stockdate, of tJ^PPla«
spent the week-end In'Matadan on^iuflp
,: Johnson's,for c$rseu.|i
Join our party January first for Texas at rates
so low you can not afford to stay at home.
Round trip of 5000 miles with hotel, meals,
and berth, with 200 miles auto rides.
15 days limit. Fare $57.50 round trip from Bismarck, and
wife at one half rates.
Call for maps and full information at once.
any Seat in the

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