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REACH $713.40
Amount Raised to Relieve Individ­
ual Company A Members
From Food Debts
To relieve individual members of
Company A from an indebtedness of
|713.40 incurred for food purchased
by the mess sergeant at Mercedes,
Texas, Leonard E. Opdyke of the
Western Sales company circulated a
petition this week asking for contri­
butions. He reported this morning
that the entire amount had been rais­
ed. Donations ranged from $25 to $1.
Practically every business firm in the
city responded. The donors follow:
Western Sales Company $ 25.00
Roan, Fisher & Strauss 25.00
Webb Bros 25.00
Dakota Motor Company
if. O. Ramstad
•A. W. Lucas Company
C. B. Little
Jim Jam Jems
Frank Reed
C. A. .Finch Lumber Company
F. L. Shuman 10.00
Geo. Gussner 10.00
iR. L. Towne tO.OO
S. A. Lambert 10.00:
Rosen's Clothing Shop 10.001
Gamble-Robinson 10.00
G. A. Kawlings 10.00
Thomas Hall 10.00
a. R. Waters 10.00
IS. 43. Toney 10.00
J. G. Cowan'. 10.00
J. P. Jackson 10.00
P. C. 'Remington 10.00
Missouri Valley iMotor Co. ... 10.00
Grambs & Feet Company 10.00
J. L. Peterson 10.00
Stacy Bismarck Company ... 10.00
Capital Steam Laundry Co. .. 10.00
G. E. iMUnro 10.00
W. A. Hughes 10.00
Hughes Bros 10.00
Bismarck Motor Company ... 10.00
•Marshall 'Oil Company 10.00
Lahr iMotor Sales Company .. 14.40
J. W. Hagan 5.00
John St.een 5.00
W. T. Crewe 5.00
C. M. Rossow 5.00
P. E. iByrne :ti 5.00
Dr. Kershaw oj 5.00
'F. E. M'cCurdy 5.00
VV. E. Breen 5.00
F. E. Young"v '5.00
©r. V^CJ. LaRose 5.00
G. F. Dullam 5.00
W. P. Lomas 5.00
L. H. Carufel 5.00
White Bros 5.00
Brown & Geiermann 5.00
Spear & Co 5.00
Orpheum Theatre 5.00
S. W. Corwin 5.00
Motor Car 'Supply Company.. 5.00
Lahr 5.00
Bismarck Theatre 5.00
(Brown Jones 5.00
Joe Higgins 5 .00
J. A. Graham 5.00
Runge & Everts 5.00
Dr. McLachlan 5.00
J. H. Holihan 5.00
O. E. Anderson o.OO
9. W. Derrick 5.00
O. ,W. Roberts 5.00
R. W. Sanders 1.00
Harris & Co 3.00
B. O. Ward 2.00
T. E. Flaherty 2.00
F. W. Murphy 2.00
J. C. Dolan J.00
Murray & IMoLean 2.00
S. A. iFloren 1.00
O. A. Engebrotson 1.00
E. iM. Thompson 1.00
W. C. Cashman 1.00
C. W„ Nichols 1.00
lA. C. Hines 2.00
Thos. W. Wallace 2.00
J. A. Haney l.OO
S. iE. Bergeson 2.00
C. D. Pappas 2.00
A. B. Arvanitis 1.00
Albert iReese 1.00
E. B. Klein ...
Folsom Jewelry
N.G.Nelson 2.00. institution with approximately as
Henry IHalverson 2.50 much business in force in its own
Because of advances in the
cost of raw material and labor,
hat prices must be raised or
quality lowered.
The manufacturers of Gor­
don hats asked their distributors
whether Gordon hat wearers
would prefer to pay more or get
a cheapened hat.
The almost unanimous opin­
ion was that the high quality
of the Gordon hat must be
The manufacturers are of
the same mind.
The price of the Gordon hat
Will be $3.50 after April 1st.
The perfect quality will not be
Cheapened under any circum
By Or. Mlet, the Great Specialist,
Who Sends a $3.75 Trial Treat
ment Free
Many Report Cured After Other*
At first no disease is apparently
more harmless than dropsy a little
swe-ling of the eyelids, hands, feet,
ankles or abdomen. Finally there is
great shortness of breath, cough,
faint spells, sometimes nausea and
vomiting, even bursting of the limbs
and a lingering and wretched death if
the dropsy is not removed.
Dr. Miles has been known as a lead
ing specialist in these diseases for 30
years. 'His liberal offer of a $3.75
Treatment free to all sufferers, is cer
tainly worthy of serious considera
tion. You may never have such an
opportunity again.
The Grand Dropsy Treatment con
sists of four dropsy remedies in one,
also Tonic Tablets and Pura-Laxa for
removing the water. This treatment
is specially prescribed for each pa­
tient and is three times as success­
ful as that of most physicians. It
usually relieves the first day, and re­
moves swelling in siv days in most
cases. Delay is dangerous.
Send for Remarkable Cures in Your
All afflicted readers may have Book
Examination Chart, Opinion, Advice,
and a Two-Pound Trial Treatment
free. Write at once. Describe your
case. Address, Dr. Franklin Miles,
Dept. DA., 1223 to 1333 Frankklin St.,
Elkhart, Ind.
Harry Homan 2.00
Bismarck Fur Company 50
N. D. Mandigo 1.00
F. C. iMcCormick 2.00
W, M. Dohn 1.00
R. P. Logan l.OO
Henry Rhud 1.00
Walter A. Sathcr 1.00
Jos. Breslow 5.00
Total $713.40
The funds will be disbursed through
F. E. Shepard of the First National
to the Tribune.)
'Mamla'tf^JN. D., Feb. 15—To have
his brother-in-law arrested and bound
over to the district court and then
to go, his bafnfls in the stpn of $1,000
Is the unsual state of affairs that
came to light today witnthe release
of Niel Gillia of Almont from the
county jail.
Glllls is alleged to have caused
disturbance at the home of bis broth­
er-in-law, R. B. Fraser. It is intimat­
ed that Fraser will drop the case.
The Montana Life stands alone
in proportionate gain of insurance
in force. North Dakota stands
first among general agencies.
I D.
General Agent at Bismarck
The annual report of the Montana
Life 'Insurance Company, of Helena,
at the close of business December 31,
11)1 shows a marvelous record of
progress and increase in every
branch of the Company's business,
especially in view of the fact that the
company has actually transacted bus­
iness for an approximate period of
only six years.
Among the items of special inter­
est disclosed by the report is the
statement that at the close of the
year insurance in force amounted to
2.001 $16,014.759, of which $14,500,000 is
1.00: Montana business, which credits this'
state as any other life insurance com­
pany transacting business therein.
Another startling feature is the ex­
traordinary volume of igsued and
pald-for new business during the year
1916, amounting to the grand total of
$6,103,890.00 of which $5,086,500.00
was placed on the lifes of citizens of
In view of the fact that the most
important factor in the progress of
a life insurance company is not the
business written, but the annual in­
crease in business, the record in this
instance, giving an increase of $4,
535^890.00, shows a greater propor­
tionate gain than any other institu­
tion of like character.
The total assets of the company on
December 31st, 1910. was $421,000.00,
while on December 31, 1916, they had
increased to $1,51'9,012.32.
Investments in farm mortgage
loanB. 91,104,041.00 school district,
county and other bonds and warrants,
*""\Ofvr» on rfonnsHert in banks inter
Hi fcsfi. fetlienrise, approximately.
t*tri),0uu.a0 tue remaining assets 'be­
ing invested according to law.
There is now on deposit with the
State Department securities amount­
ing to f7t5,1SO.OO, which equals the
full legal reserve liability on all bus­
iness in force in compliance with the
very rigid and protective statutes of
thiB state governing the operations of
domestic life insurance companies.
Perhaps the most remarkable feat­
ure of the annual statement shows
a net surplus of 1350,78^.73 in excess
of all liabilities, which, including the
capital stock, establishes a surplus
for the protection of policyholders, in
excess of the legal reserve, of $600,
During the past year the company
has extended its operations to include
the territory embraced !n the north­
ern part of Wyoming, the western
part of North Dakota and the eastern
part of Washington, and during the
present year will develop the. east­
ern part of Idaho. Geaeril agencies
have been established at Bismirck,
gi. Dt, BhetMaa aad Cody, Wjro., Ida­
ho Falls, Ida* aad Spokane, Wash..
Tffliiiy ,1"*
serve amounted to
loans $1,104,000.00
of the life
{Vice-President American Nation­
al Bank, Helena, Montana.)
An Exceptional
Life Insurance Company,
During the year 1916, the issued and paid for
S. D. COOK, General Agent
with most satisfactory results up to
the present time.
The 'Montana Life has beanie one
of the very large, and substantia! life
insurance companies of the west. It
is one of North Dakota's oig business
assets, and has developed into a
strong and powerful financial institu­
tion. The company claims the dis­
tinction of having made the best rec­
ord from every point of view, con­
sidering age, size and limited terri­
tory, of any company in tho history
of the life insurance business. Th-j
magnitude of its success, the power
and strength of the organization, lis
great value as an asset to the otate
at large, the excellent service which
it is performing for its policyholders
and for the public in general both in
Montana and elsewhere deserves
more than passing commendation.
The board of directors is composed
of forty-two members, prominent bus­
iness men of 'Montana, representative
of the strongest financial, mercantile
and professional interests of the
state. The officers and members of
the executive committee are known
for their ability, integrity and high
readily yield to the healing
influence of
It soothes the inflamed mem*
branes and makes richer blood
to repair the aflected tissues—
to hdp prevent tonrilitis
or laryngitif. SCOJTS
is worth insisting upon.
of Helena, reports as follows:
which $6,085,500.00 was placed in the State of Montana.
On December 31,1916, at the end of six full years of business activity, the net amount of
business in force totaled $16,014,759.00.
The total gain in insurance in 't.Jtfee yea1' 19J6 amounts to
greater proportionate record of gain tnaiLoaiigrjOitlier Company doing business in this section
of the country.
The total assets of the Company 011 December 31, 1916, amounted to
crease during the year of $293,190,74.
The net surplus on December 31 1916, equalled $350,768.73, (capital stock $250,000.00)
while the
to policyholders
Thereupon deposit with tm4m%iranc« Commissioner
required By law to guarantee ^ReTegal reserve amounting to
The Miontana Life is one of the very big, substantial, progressive, and aggresive insur
iince companies of the west—it is one of Montana's big business assets and has developed into
one of its strongest and most powerful financial and worthy institutions.
Its entire assets of over $1,500,000.00 is icvested as follows:
in Montana
of view, considering age size and limited territory in which it operates, of any company
the history
insurance business.
We want the people of North Dakota and elsewhere to appreciate the magnitude of our
srtccess, thfc power and strength of the organization,ft8 V£lu»i| the state at large and
the excellent service which it is performing for *ts fdlicynoRrerraind the public in general.
Montana Life Insurance Company
Home Office: Helena, Montana
credit in the community in which
they' reside and throughout the state
at large, and are as follows:
President' A. C. Johnson, (vice pres­
ident American "National iBank, Hel­
ena, Montana) vice-president and
general manager, H. R. Cunningham,
(formerly insurance^ nOPHfiwrtoper of
the state ofr ^optom)fL secpnd,' vfce
president, Dr. JTacob'Mills, (vice pres­
ident, Conrad Trust & Savings Bank,
Helena, Montana) third vice-presi­
dent, Hon. Edward Donlan, Missoula.
Montana general counsel, Hon. O.
7 CVr ,'
new business amounted to $6,103,890.00, of
in excess of the legal reserve and additional special re­
$1,519,012.32 an in­
of the State of Montana, securities
In first mortgage farm
school district and other bonds and warrants, $75,000.00
deposits in banks, at interest and otherwise, approximately $200,000.00 remaining assets in­
vested in other securities as provided by law.
The Montana Life claim the distinction of having
made the best record
from every point
H. R. CUN1
ice President
(Formerly Insurance Cofamissfon
er of the State of Montana.)
N. Dak
W. McConnell medical director. Dr.
B. C. Brookek secretary, M. Mil­
ler treasurer, C. D. Sloan actuary,
and assistant secretary, C. E.^er
S. D. Cook, general agent for North
Dakota, with offices in the Dohl block,
Bismarck, is in position to offer some
good agency contracts.
Mr. Cook's North Dakota agency
stood first among the general agen­
cies outside the home state, Montana.
Custom Tailoring
Whatever your taste may be—whether yon want (he extreme English Out or
the more conservative styles. Mr. Dahlia, who recently came here from the
Twin Cities to talcs charge of our Tailoring Department, has had long exper
ience in catting and designing in large dties aad no garment will pass his
or our inspection that is not perfect in every way. This department is no
longer an exportagint-it is a saeosss.
We now employ from Ave to seven high grade tailors, and we are able to give
the public quick aad satisfactory service. Baits end Overcoats made in ear
own shop from 140.00 to 175.00. A call will convince.
Spring stock of woolens now in.
S. E. Bergeson & Son
CBcssd Sundayi Cloeed Evming. exoept Saturday.
Cleveland, Feb. 16.—Johnny Kil
bane, the featherweight champion,
has decided to pass tip the light­
weights. Kilbane believes there are
plenty of feathers and 128 pounders
to keep blm busy.
The Hotel of Character aad Ceafort
Hotel Badlawa, MlaaeapellSt

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