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TUB8DyflK!'MAHElt '5,''t918
Red Cross,Garniyal.
The-,Red Cross Carnival will be
given this evening at thePhesbyterian
church at 7:30. All-sorts of interest­
ing stunts are t{ be given. The Red
Cross committee will serve a good
lunch for a small fee.
Mother's Clufr-'Meets.
The Mother's club 'will meet at the
Public library, Tuesday, afternoon at
3 o'clock. There will be} a paper by
Mrs. Bruce Jackson entitled, 'Bible
Study for High School Students," and
a paper, 'Joseph and His Brethern,"
by Mrs. J. W. B^iss.
Studlent Section—Thursday Musical
Club to tyeet.
The Student Section of the Thurs­
day Musical club will hold their reg­
ular monthly meeting Wednesday eve
ning at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Ja
cobson in the Rose.apartments
The Methodst Ladies' Aid win hol'
their regular district meetings Thurs
day afternoons at 3 o'clock. Diet. *'p.
1 meets with Mrs. Geo. B. Wallace. 4*0
Avenue B. Dist. No. 2 with Mrs. w. J.
Prater 1002 8th street Dist. No. 3
with Mrs. Carl Nelson, 620 9th St.
Dist. No. 4 with Mrs C. H. Olson,
West Thayer.
Women of North Dakota.
You have an opportunity to do your
bit for democracy right at home in
your own neighborhood, by voting at
the spring election. Women of North
Dakota may now vote on all questions
initiated at the township meetings,
and for all village officers-except jus­
tice of the peace..
Do not forget your civic duty.—
North Dakota Votes for Women
Westminster Guild Formed
The young ladies of the Presbyter
ian church met at the manse las'
evening and formed a chapter of West
minster Guild. The constitution am
by-laws were formulated and the fol
lowing officers elected:
Miss Beach, president.
Miss More, vice-president.
iViiss Carlson, secretary.
Miss Keitbphn, treasurer.
The Patronesses were: M«tfdame'
Smyth, French, Pourtellot and Postlel
The meetings are to be held every
second and fourth Tuesday of -iaolv
montli^'The next iqeeting is to he a
supper at thA home of Mrs. Smytn
March 26th at 6:30. After supper
program will be given.
Junior Bed Cross Activities
The Junior Red Cross pf Burleigh
county has received a request from
headquarters to furnish fifty cape?
for the French and Belgian orphans
on or before April 1. The young peo­
ple joyfully promised to fulfill this
obligation .and are busily engager
with the .work, These capes are
made of woolen 'material, aire linec
throughout ,and' finished with button
holes and buttons in a most tailor­
like mail tier. Mrs. A.' Copelin, the
chairman of the supply department
of the Junior society is in charge ol
the enterprise. She is assisted by the
teachers of the high school and eighth
grade. The young girls meet each
Saturday afternoon in the work-room
in the Federal building, and those
who vhave inspected their work are
changed with the neatness and
beaiitiy of the garments. The mater­
Write for san^ple cards
fliJid price lists. We have
applied many of the
County Chapters of
North Dakota, Montana,
I ah W in a
Minnesota cheaper than
they could secure their
supplies from Headquar­
ters or wholesole houses.
Let us explain the rea­
sons why.
qk :,w
Red Cross Societies
ials are all paid lor with the .mem­
bership fees of the Juniors.
The knitted bed covers which were
made in the schools were admired by
all who saw them. These were made
from yarn donated by the pupils and
their parents, so that these warm
light, practical articles may be said
to have oe 41 jounced without the
out-lay of a cent. They are simply
the result of the children's skill and
willingness, together with their
teacheis and parent's painstaking
The Monday club met yesterday at
the home of Mrs. F. A. Lahr, 601 1st
St. The following was the program:
Roll cali—Note book.
Guianas—Mrs. M. W. Roan
Journalism—Mrs. M. H. Jewell.
Libraries and Museums—Mrs. V.
Mrs. LaRose also gave several very
mtertaining patriotic selections and
atriotic selections were played
throughout the afternoon on the Edis­
The club voted to donate $50 to the
T"«w Red Cross for the refugee
The Program committee for the fol­
lowing year will be appointed at the
next meeting.
The Current Event,* Club will meet
with Mrs. W. J. Hutohosjozi No. 407
1th St. Wednesday afternoon at 3
o'clock. The following program will
be given:
Roll Call—Current Events.
Responses—A Sculptor and His
The Phillipines
Mrs. Zuger.
Paper—Educational Facilities, Mrs.
.Conversation—Missionary Efforts,
Mrs. Moore.
Round Table.
All members aro urgently request­
ed to be present.
Entertain For Nurses I
Last Friday evening the nurses of,
the Bismarck hospital and friends
of Miss! Sarah Sand and Miss Minnie
Freise gathered at the nurses home
to spend a few social hours with them
before their departure.
The dining hall was ..decorated with
'arge American flags, the hospital
service flag, and a large Red Cross
lag under which were seated twelve
"led Cross nurses in uniform,, who will
mter active service as soou as call
id Short addresses were given dur­
ing the evening by members of the
\ospital board and the medical staff.
Vocal and musical s«»le"tlnns wore
rendered by Mrs. V. J. LaRose., Mr.
Hendrickson andi members of the
training school..
Miss Sand left Saturday morning
her home in Grand Forks, and
Vliss Freise will leave for active ser
rice as ?oon as her transportation is
-eceived .'
The Ladies' Auxiliary to Companies
and I will meet sometime this week,
in an effort to see what can be done
with regard to the bovs of the?? com­
panies that have been transferred
to oiher companies. They are plan­
ning on getting their names so that
they may send them supplies. The
ladies only recently sent a large sup­
ply of tobacco to the boys.
We have yarns on hand
for immediate deliveries 1
in unlimited quantities.
Our prices are from ?2.65
to $4.00 a pound, depend­
ing on the quality and the
quantity. These prices
are from 30c to 40p less
a pound than wholesale
houses can supply, and
the expressage is, from
Bismarck and not an
eastern point.
beauiifuI tied
rigi'iysff: it
!. iiM3 slq/n*8 f:v
,5991 bf«'
.r'vlTni-o b'n?.
.»'?L' *, 'V ^M.o'
A shipment of knit goods was,sent
from ilurleigh County headquarters
yes.erd?y, comprising the wot'* of the
knitters for the pa*t two weeks. Tne
box contains the three' splendid tied*
coven* -marie by the Juniors,- o:ie hel
n«f t, the yani lOr which 'ww donated,
f!ur mufflers made, of Ihu latft yarn
given out for that put-pose, twentV-fohr
i#air«. "of wristlet?, sixty nine sweat­
ers and t'sty-four pairs oi sockB
I his i^lafve quantity of sweaters'and
w'k is snout the^aib as in our
previous rhlpment and
'or Hue
The Passion Play will he given on
next Thurcday evening, Marcli 14th,
at tbf Grand Theatre The hrorpnds
will be turned over to the fund for
"Individuality-' is the first
messdge of the season's
modish suits.
A Dressy, Spring Suit—from
Jlftb" Avenue and Conde—
note^rthy for newness.
•n the iuii'ting coinniitteo hus de-.id
to no more, sweater yarn for
the present, but to urge. a.l t^e knit
ten. to (iii/-»:ntrnte their energy upon
the socks. The demand is always for
tlii eo I'ufi'f of 'socks 't& ":rti«V dW6at6r,
aii't it 'will be seen from ihs number
af these articles- shipped.
..trcm our
rk room that we have e^cm.'ded our
re i|»"i:tior 0' s#e^ters. Ttn are ihe
niVi^t «\iWUolve ga^nient whioa is fur­
nished) c-iid Burleigh Couiity haa aL
ead made more of thehi than .could
ia any way bo expected. A tiic\ need
llt'i frkvi« much greater, it
for sw'm'tir? nt p^ent-V"xt«l will con­
tinue to he so during the next' few
uonthfe Each map ought, t.v be fur*
hisi'ed, vii!i enough pairs of .socks to
enable him to change freqntntly. thi's
keeuinp. his feet in good condition for
marchlnp Mid all hard work-
To l«i.it it good pair of socUs'is.liot
a ciiifkult task. Any 011^ cHn leant
to do this tully as easily '..s they-ean
to nmUf thf sweaters. The cnaptei
has a pod supply of pamjlivc'e which
t.ive ihe directions in a slrnpl plain
w:iv ar.'l tliere Is always sotrve one In
the liiiitting room who is t*l'iJ to ^ive
as is ix to be in S on
iiK-e ljitfle wood needles hauj been
sent for, such as the Canadian women
h.'ve been using for socks and it is
thought that the beginners^..will find
these easier to use thau the steel
the erection of a new parish house
adjoining St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral.
It in promised that this will be the
best and clearest set of pictures ever
shown in the Capital City* The l'as
sicn Play is undoubtedly the biggest
panorama ever 0rodjic^'!—
films and improvements having been
made on the old film
C. H. Taylor, of Garrison, was in
Bismarck on business and returned to
his home Monday.
Robert Beery of Carsoa, N\ D., coun­
ty auditor of Grant county, is in Bis­
marck on legal matters
Burke of fyll'V-1- is In Bismarck
visiting his son Jtidgfc Burke of 8th
St Mi*. Burke intends to romain in
liiismarck several days.
W. J. Sempel. known lu^ines|
men of Braddock, has been in Bis­
marck on business. Mr. Sempel has.
a son in Company "I" now"sometSr'nere
in France."
Rev. Father VogeJ of itrcliaVdton,
is now in the citv ar.ri will remain
here to assist Father Ott, duririg the
absence of Father Hiltnpr in Califor­
Fred Peterson jof the Grand Pacific
Hotel, wtao fell and injured himself
some time ago, at the time of the Dry
Cleaning Shop fire, has recovered suf
Volentiy to leave the hospital,, where
he has been confined ever since his
One of the most active Red Cross
workers in Minnesota is a resident
of North Branch-T-themother of Mrs.
C. H. Eckstrand. This lady, who is
entirely blind, has already completed
,r7 pairs of socks and 5 sweaters.
The "climax" has been reached in
knitting by Miss Nicoline Staberg of
Climax, Minn., who completed a sweat­
er in six hours and thirty-six minutes.
She startedat 9:10 a. m. and finished
at o: .r»6 p. in., taking a half hour for
Many requests for information, con­
cerning the quantity 01 summer hos­
pital garments that will be required,
Fashion has embroidered oriental
designs in Tinsel and Tapestry Blue
or a pl$W rich slag shade on coats
and suits of youthful charm.
She she impressed loose
and overskirts into her newer mod*
els and has shown considerable fav­
or to *long, narrow rolling snawl
Noteworthy for newness are the
delightfully youthful Pony suits,
which vie for favor with the rip­
pling graceful more mature waist
line models.
The loose straight line unbelted
coats from JENNf and MARTIAL
let ARMAND are contesting for
favor with new variations of Belted
Coats, sponsored by JEAN LAN
PREMET strikes a middle of the
road course with models that are
partly belted and the belts them­
selves are transformed to simulate
vest effects.
FRIED, whose fur and cloth
combination model was the sensa­
tion of last winter, has contributed
a worthy successor-r-worked out by
Conde in a combination of j)e luxe
Satin and Peach Skin Velour of
harmonizing shades.
Dress Coats of serge or Gaber­
dine^ whose style features are em­
phasised by tailored button trim­
ming, and suits that embody the
very popular vest effects are to be
relied upon for practicality and
smartness^ 'f
have been received by the Northern
pivislon headqaurters.
In order to answer such inquiries
definitely, a cable was sent to France
and the reply stated that no distinc­
tion should be made between summer
And winter garments.
§t| Lawrence, S. D., with a popula­
tion of only 250, has some of the most
loyal suppQrtars of the Red Cross in
the Unite^'States. At an auction sale
held the^e recently, the sum of $10,
000 was Raised for the benefit of the
Red Cross. A small calf which was
sold at the auction brought $470.
Junior members of the Red Cross
alt Eden Valley. Minn., have ra'sed
their funds by means of an auction,
at which the work of the Manual
Training department was sold.
Fergus county Aed Cross chapter,
Lewiston, Mont., has the dl«»incrtoi "f
having the largest number of bran^es
and ^auxiliaries Of any county In JV-\.
tana. Besides the chapter U«elf "v'3
countv has already reported forty
Practiqally every citbep of ^ur^' n,
Montana, is actively engaged1 in R?d
'Cross work, and every quota thus far
has been over-subscribed.
The Eureka chapter was organized
last October and was given 350 mem­
bers as its quota. Instead, there are
now 1,470 names enrolled.
•Red Cross workers of this town de­
clare they have a champion knitter in
Mrs. Enos Campbell, who has charge
of that department. Since last No­
vember Mrs. Campbell has completed
80 pairs of socks and 7 sweaters, be­
sides finishing off garments for a
large majority of the n6w knitters.
Every pupil of the" county high
school is a member of the Junior de­
LODGE, NO 120, A. O. U. W.
A regular meeting of Bis­
marck Lodge will be held in
the Elks Hall this evening at
8 o'clock. A class of candi­
dates will be initiated. Every
member come.
It seems to us as though this fashion exposition excels any we have
ever announced.,
Paris still wields her fashion sceptre with undeniable skill and
Conde makes his American Adaptations of these foreign inspirations
with a perfect understanding of Parisian Chic and American re­
quirements of utility.
Conde and A. W. Lucas Company invite you to make selection
ftom this exhibit, each model with its own particu
4 lar, distinguishing "1918" variation.
partment and girls of the domestic
science department have turned in 25
of layettes for civilian^
A "Patriotic League" has beetk '»#•.
ganized by the business men, who are
planning to support the Red C^-os*
The bureau of military reliM will
soon have postal cards print/ed and
distributed to all Northern division
chapters for redistrlbutioa to their
branches and auxiliaries.
These cards are to b% placed in
the hands eof people writing to men in
France. They will be pjbdressed to
the Northern Division,/Minneapolis,
and the person receiving them should
fill out the blanks on tTie back, giving
the names, addresses,and home ad­
dresses or locality
comrades who
apparently have nobcy&y to write them
from home.
It is the purpose* of the Northern
Division to locate /a friend or neigh­
bor to write such inen a weekly letter'
110 matter from lyhat part of the Unit­
ed States they may come. Volunteer
writers will be called for in the bul-
Auspices of
Daughters of Isabelle
Tickets on Sale
at Knowles
Cheruit, Margaine Lacroix, Mi­
chael and Maurice have sent won­
drous coats which indicate that
fashion emphatically favors indi­
Satins, silk poplins and chiffon
taffetas are cleverly made to give
svelte, long, lines. Serge, Gaber­
dine and Poiret Twill are developed
in styles, distinguished by a quiet
refinement. Duvet du Laine, Nor­
mandy Silvertone, Crystal Cloth,
Delhi Cloth, and Suede Twill point
the diversity possible in the charm­
ing styles of the new season'.
Cheruit, in the interest of wool
conservation, sponsors a short
sleeveless cape-like coatee. Thanks
to the unerring French eye for
smartness, it is Chic in the extreme.
Among the- many cheerful fea­
tures of the new models are the
sensible color tones it seems pret­
tier colors were never shown, Poilu,
Sammy, Clay, Cantaloupe, Lapin,
cable, Mist, Sand, Quaker and Navy
add their charm to the distinctive­
ness of the styles.
The garments which make or
mar one's appearance which pro­
nounce a woman well groomed and
in the mode—or out of it, are of
YOUR choosing.
1 .ietin only when no acquaintance* *n
'be found. 1
This method will reach the right
persons, and save ah unnecessary btir
den upon the niall service.
If you intend io purchase
a Dodge car, we have some
of all the latest models on
hand, and it wiil be to your
benefit to 6ee us regarding
price and service.
Trio of Musical Artists
Thurs. Evening, Mar. 7
8:30 o'clock
.1' ,vr
The Musical
Success of the Season
I X-
-Margaine Lacroix. sent this
smart design from Paris
to America.
Jenny evolved this mode for
her private customers
Conde otters it to a tew dis­
criminating Americans.
^v. 'f svi.f'.'t-y •••3
./•••w ^-V..4v
About thirty of the LUcal members
of the Knights of ttalumbus weiit. to
Mandar. Sunday to attend the ha*et
lu« of both coijnbUi. The iniatlon
wi'.l be held June t2th, but it is not
y?t been definitely de/ided as to whc-.,
tfesr it will tako placeyiii BismarckvOr
'".'Si 7
'r- ^5'

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