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VW 5«jK rrr:"- ^"rv?—t.- r/'r." *1
"I had bken troubled for a long ti»ie K.nth
•chronic constipation end never cr.y
ihing that gave VAC the nat::RD rchef ihct.
fir. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin has." (From
a letter to Dr. Caldwell written Ly ?-r. T.
Surgical Dressing Rooms Reopen.
The surgical dressing department
of tho Red Cross now i.s open every
afternoon and every evening. The al­
lotment. for November is 400 five-yard
rolls, 600 14x20 cotton pads, 450 14x20
Don't Suffer
From Piles
No Hatter If You Believe nu Opera­
tion N'ecefmnry, .Send nt Once
for l''ree Trial of I'yramld
rile Treatment.
Try Pyramid first. It will give
quick relief and has saved thousands
frbm the lenife. A free trial will
Good Looks Wi:lioirt Good Health Are An
Awful Disappointment.
convince. Sr.nd toclny or better still,
pel r,0 cent to?: of Pyramid Pllo
Treatment 'it ruiy 'irur: store'. II Is
the riRlit liunpr to do. Do it for
'your own s.uk ,, to,stop Itching,
breeding: or rf:-otruc]tti£ pil«a, h'em
iwrhoids a id such rectal troubles
il c- nff oub' titlite.
lYi.'.wir' nrrn
Rosenthal, 6 W. 28th St., New York, N. Y.)
Nearly every disease can be traced
constipation. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is
a combination of simple laxative herbs with
pepsin that quickly relieves constipation and
restores normal activity. It is gentle in its
action and does not gripe.
Syrup Pepsin
The Perfect Laxative
Sold by Druggists Everywhere
50 c/s. (?£,) $1.00
Pyjimirt IJ'ii'.iding'.,
Miirslia'.l, .Mloii
'\"l7nlly i»pd i".'.' r. Free nr.mplfi
I'rr«m'.i) Pile Treatment. In
plni.i wrapper.
I. O. O. F.
Regular meeting will resume
Thursday night, November 14.
All members requested to at­
Furniture Company
220 Main Street
Furniture Upholstery Repaired, Re
finished and Packed.
The Oldest and
Largest Bank
in this seciionof
akum pads, 150 abdominal bandages
and l&OO 8x4 coinprfisses.
Fort, Clark Youngster.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Iverson of
Fort Clark have a new son at the
Bismarck hospital.
Enter Hospital.
C. K. Smith and four children o£
Hazelton have entered the L'ismarck
hospital for treatment.
A New Son.
A handsome son was born Saturday
at the L'ismarck hospital to Mr. and
Mrs. Wellington Mandigo.
A New Mott Miss.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Oliver of Mott
are the proud parents of a beautiful
little daughter who'arrived yesterday
at St. Alexius hospital.
A Victory Boy.
Ason was born Monday morning at
tho Bismarck hospital to Mr. "and Mrs
L. K. Naughton of Person's court, ar­
riving just in time to celebrate Vic­
tory Day.
From Baldwin.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lutlerfieid
of TValdwin have been guests for sev­
eral days of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. This
tlethwaite at the corner of Avenue
and First street.
Returns to Center.
Miss Florence Keniston of Avenue
A has returned to Center to resume
her duties as instructor in tho public
school after a vacation »of several
weeks enforced by Spanish influenza.
Flti Patients Weil."
Spanish influenza sufferers who
have recovered and left the Bismarck
hospital during the last three days
are .John Brown of Hazelton. George
Ellis of Washburn, Jlenry Johnson of
Hazelton, whose wife and child will
join him tomorrow Fred Krause of
Hazen and Mrs. Harry A. Clark and
baby boy of Center.
Thousands upon thousands of wom­
en havo kidney and 'bladder trouble
and never suspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to
be nothing else but kidney trouble, or
tho result of kidney or bladder dis­
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the other
organs to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss
of ambition, nervousness, are often
times symptoms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Df.
store, may be just the remedy needed
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a physician's
prescription obtained at any drug
tj overcome such conditions.
However, if you wish first to te3t
this great preparation send ten cents
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N.
Y„ for a sample bottle. When writ­
ing be sbre to mention the Bismarck
Daily Tribune.
the man who does not
live up to the rule of
spending less than he
makes will come to grief.
Saving is as essential
to happiness as breath
ingMs to life.
This strong bank of­
fers you every opportu­
nity for cultivating the
habit of saving. We wel­
come deposits in any
amount from $1 up­
wards. and pay 4% in­
terest, compounded quar­
terly. ,'
"It's All Over Now" Spirit In­
terfering With Campaign
for Funds
Capital City Will Not Make Its
Quota Unless Citizens
Wake Up
For the first time since America en­
tered the war, Victory day found Bis­
marck lagging in its war work. Therp
was some excuse in tho' fact that
everyone was wrought up and cele
brating. There was no excuse the
committees feel, however, for an "it's
ail over now" spirit which was evident
on tho part of some persons who
seemed to feel that so long as tjie
Yanks have downed, the hun and re­
lieved America from imminent danger
of invasion, our obligation to the
Yanks is at an end
This attitude of indifference, if not
ingratitude, muot be shaken off If
Bismarck is to make good in this cam­
paign, which is fully as important, if
not of greater significance, than any
previously made for the benefit of the
boys over there in the trenches. Bur­
leigh county has $25,000 to raise. Or
this amount $15,fl00 has been assigned
to Bismarck. The allotment is equiv­
alent to only $20 for each of the men
whom Burleigh county has in active
service overseas. The committees
feel it is a very small price for any
patriotic man to pay for the substitute
who has fought his battles for him
and brought him peace and .security.
And yet there have been some very
substantial citizens who have declined
to pay, either on the ground that "the
war is over noVv," oi- because they
•^claimed their individual assessment to
be too large.
/The Bismarck committee endeavor­
ed to underwrite Bimarck's allotment
on tho most equitable 'basis possible.
were made according
to each individual's means and those
who can least afford to give have
given generously and with enthusi­
asm. Unless, however, those who can
afford to give adopt the same spirit,
and give as generously within their
means, Bismarck will shamefully fail
in the first enterprise through which
it-has had an opportunity to convince
tho Yanks that their home people's in­
terest in them will not cease with
Victorv. So long as the Yanks were
lighting for us so long as they stood
between us and our homes and the
Hun invader, we had every selfish in­
centive to stand 'back of them. Now
every consideration of gratitude
would dictate an unselfish support in
which the real patriotism and loyalty
of the community may be made mani­
It,is up to Bismarck. If the Capital
City of North Dakota falls down in
this endeavor it will cast a shadow
over all the splendid work which Bis­
marck has so nobly done from the
very beginning of the war. Bismarck
simply cannot fail in this final oppor­
tunity to prove to our boys that we
appreciate their sacrifices.
An invitation has 'been issued to
those who have not been solicited to
voluntarily assess themselves the
limit and to mail their checks to John
A. Craham, treasurer of the E'urleigh
County United War Worrf campaign
committee. No contribution is too
small and none can be '.oo large.
Even the newstooys have been help­
ing out. One day's income is a fair
average. It is very little to give
there is no one who cannot spare that
much, and if every wage-earner and
saluaried man and woman in Bismarck
will dQ that, the Capital City will go
over in good shape.
Goes Well in Country.
From the country district come re­
ports indicating that the farmers are
once more cheerfully dping their bit.
Committees set out early yesterday
morning covering routes radiating
from ever town in Burleigh, McLean,
Sheridan, Kidder, Emmons, Logan and
Mcintosh counties. In many instances
the committees, 'because of muddy
roads, were compelled( to abandon
their cars and take to 'horseback. Out
over, the prairies
these couries,
many of them coming to isolated
ranches with the first message of the
day's great tidings, and 'under the in-
It isn't age, it's careless living that
puts men "down and out." Keep your
internal organs in good condition and
you .will always be physically fit.
Watch the kidneys.
The kidneys are the most over
wofked organs in the human body.
When they break down under the
strain and the deadly uric acid at
sumulates and crystalizes look out!
These sharp crystals tear and scratch
the delicate urinary channels causing
excruitiating" pain and set up. irrita­
tions which may cause premature de­
generation and often do turn into
deadly Bright's Disease.
One of the first warnings of slug­
gish kidney action is pais or stiffness
in the small of the back, high colored
or scanty urine, loss of appetite, in­
digestion or'dheumatism.
Do not wait until the danger is-up­
on you. At the first indication of
trouble go after the cause at once.
Go to ytrnr druggist immediately. Get
a trial 'box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
OH Capsules imported direct from
tbe laboratories in Rolland, where
they have 'been in ase for almost im
mediate relief. If for any cause they
should not your money will be refundr
ed. But be sure to get GOLD MEDAL.
(None other is genuine. In sefaled box­
es, three sizes.
Dance and Concert
WWl "Orchestra
10 Main f'hone 130K
By Dr. Lee -H. Smith
An old enemy is with us again,
and whether-we fight a German or a
germ, we must put up a good fight,
and not be aflraid.. The influenza runs
a very brief course when the patient
is careful, and if we keep the system
in good condition and throw off the
poisons which tend to accumulate
within our bodies, we can escape the
disease. Remember these, three C's—
a clean mouth, a clean skin, and clean
bcwels. To carry off poisons from the
system and keep the' bowels loose,
daily doses of a pleasant laxative
should be taken. Such a 0/3 is made
of May-apple, leaves of aloe, root of
jalap, and called Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets. Hot lemonade should be used
freely if attacked by a cold, and the
patient should be put to bed after a
hot mustard foot-bath.
To prevent 4he attack of bronchitis
or pneumonia and to control the pain,
Anuric tablets should be obtained at
the drug store, and one given every
two hours with lemonade. The Anuric
tablets were first discovered by Dr.
Pierce, and, ,as they flush the bladder
and cleanse the kidneys, they carry
away much of the poisons and the
uiic acid.
It is important that 'broths, milk,
buttermilk, ice-cream and simple diet
be given regularly to strengthen the
system and increase the vital "resist­
ance. The fever is diminished, by the
use of the Anuric tablets, but in ad­
dition, the forehead, arms and hands
may be bathered with water (tepid) in
which a tablespoonful of salacatus
has been dissolved in a quart. After
an attack of grip or pneumonia to
build up and strengthen the system,
obtain at the drug store a good iron
tonic, called "Irontic" Tablets, or that
well known herbal tonic, Dr. Pierce's
Golden JVJedical Discovery.
spiration of this news the farmer folk
doubled and trebled their subscrip­
Wilton last evening already had
more than $2,000, $618 having been
subscribed in the Burleigh county por­
tion and $1,434 in that section lying in
McLean county. The seventh district
has approximately $80,0'00 to raise,
and it is certain that if Bismarck does
its part the quota will 'be made easily.
(Continued From Page One.)
increasing. The great Rhennish West
phalin industrial region is in the
hands of the Reds, waiie Potsdam
and Docbritz have surrendered to the
forces which liave takeivover control,
in Berlin.
I 1
Evidences of Friction
There are evidences of friction be­
tween the military authorities and the,
soldiers an'd workmen's councils in
many towns in northern Germany, the
authority of the latter being ques­
It is announced by a supplementary
document to the armistice it was
agreed by Gorqmg^ in case the ves­
sels capitulated in the armistice that
if the vessels were not turned over
to the allies the Island of Helgoland
might be occupied as a naval base' to
enforce the agreement.
The line extended at the time of the
The frontier of Holland north of
Selzaete to Ghent to east of Auden
krde t.o Maubeugge and thence east
of the Belgian border to east "61
Rocroi. Thence the line was along
the Meuse to Mazieres, to Sedan, and
across the river in the region of
Stonay.' Then southeastward south of
Monteney and east of Verdun to the
Moselle and to Pagny. The line then
parallels the French frontier to west
Markirch where it entered Alsace
whence it ran southward to Switzer­
land on a lino about 20 miles wgst of
the Rhine. France had been entirely
cleared of the invaders except for the
narrow strip of territory from the
Meuse to Alsace.
London, Nov. 12.—(4 p. m.)—Ger­
many has .requested the president of
the X'nitecf States, according to a Ger­
man wireless, to arrange immediately
for peace negotiations, there being an
immediate danger of famine.
Washington, Nov. 12.—The appeal
of Dr. Solf, foreign secretary at Ber­
lin for intervention by President Wil­
son, to mitigatie the fearful conditions
of the armistice, which he says threat­
en ruin and starvation in Germany,
had not officially reached Washington
today. The text of the wireless as
fore the president. Officials say Solf
received last night was, however, be
is needlessly alarmed. In spite of the
peoples, the allies have no intention
Germans' treatment of conquered
of permittiilg the Germans to starve.
Such ruling stock and ships as may
be necessary to provide and other es­
sentials will be put into use in Germa­
ny and on the seas. It is said that
General von Solf's plea may be de-,
signed to secure a general modifica­
tion of the armistice terms before the
peace negotiations.
Mrs Minni^ C. Budlong, secretary of
the public library comimssion of
North Dakota, hat been called to
Berkeley, Calif., by a wire announcing
that her daughter Julia is in a serious
condition following an operation. Miss
Budlong is a college student at Berke­
Wounded Second Time.
Sam Arvanitas, formerly one cf the
"proprietors of the Eagle Shoe Shop
and a cousin of Charles Pappas, the
present owner, writes from a base
hospital in France- that he has sus­
tained iis second wound In. action
and that he will again be laid up for
a time. Sam's casualty occurred Sep­
tember 5, and he "Was able to write
about it thV middle of October. George
Arvanitas, brothe/ of Sam," and anoth
er former Bismarck boy, has 'been
making excellent progress Sver there,
and he is now "a drill sergeant.
To Colorado,'
'Miss Hu L. Satterland, formerly
publisher of the Wasbljurn Leader,
and who expects soon to enter Y. M.
C. A. canteen -work abroad, was in
the city last night en route'to Colorado
Springs to visit her mother. Miss Sat
-terland has been advisea 1$at she may
expect orders to embark upon active
service within a very short time.
Represented by Leslie Simpson, ap­
pearing before a justice out on a sus­
pended sentence for maintaining a
gambling joint, J. M. Brinton was on
deck when his assault case* Vvas call­
ed for trial today.
He was in court represented by Les­
lie Simpson who figured" in the recent
box car robbery cases. "Leslie" cams
from Dickinson a week ago to try
tho case when it was taken from Blex
reid's court to Howell's court because
that justice meekly said "he wa^
Probably the Brinton-Simpson alli­
ance did not Mike the air of respect­
ability in Howell's court and they ask­
ed for a charfge of venue. The case
then was placed under skids and sent
to the next nearest justice—and there­
by hangs a tale:
Mr. Ariton Beer was won't to hold
court in his "thirst'parlor" on Fifth
street, the same place where he prev­
iously ran a gambling joint. But it
was necessary to have Mr. Beer, the
nearest justice.
Somebody's brain began to get busy.
It was discovered that there is a
house on the corner of Fifth and
Thayer. Through the payment of
$10.00, Mr. E'eer rented a room where
the Brinton case was to l)e tried. A
week ago it was fitted out in justice
court simplicity. Mr. IJeer was well
groomed for the occasion' and the
stage was set for the "trial."
Asked for Continuance.
State's Attorney McCurdy asked for
a continuance because" of the illness of
one of the witnesses. Then the case
was put over until Nor. 12. In the
meantime the chain of circumstances
came to light.
While Mr. McCurdy was preparerl
to go to trial, the complaining wit­
nesses refused to aid in this travesty
on justice or appear in Beer's Kanga­
roo court.
The case •was postponed from 2 p.
m. until 5 p. m. It is expected at
that time that Mr. Beer -will complete
the travesty on justice 'by releasing
Brinton and satisfying the recent
'backers of Ed Allen for state'fc attor­
ney that assault and battery cases
need not be prosecuted \in Bismarck,
if the proper wires are pulled and the
proper justices of peace, out on sus­
pended sentences for gambling, are
placed at stragetic positions.
Our "Justice" Cogrts.
It is high time to investigate the
justice and police courts"of Bismarck
and in the future elect imen to these
offices who will not make a travesty
of justice and ^ho will not support
Ed Allen's backers iti their contention
that state's attorneys need not prose­
cute assault and 'battery cases.
State's attorney McCurdy was anx­
ious to go to trial and do what he
coukl to bring Mr. Brinton to account­
ing for his cowardly and unprovoked
Under present conditions that pre­
vail in our petty cpurts, the same in-
o:o:o o:o:o:o:o:o:o
Famous Old Recipe
Cough Syrup
Eaf.lij \al cheaply made at Aome,
but It brats them all tor
quick results.
Thousands of housewives have founi
that they can save two-thirds of the
money usually spent for cough prepara­
tions," by usin* this well-known old recipe
for making cough syrup at home. It ia
simple and cheap to make, but it really
has no equal for prompt results. It
takes right hold of a cough and gives,
immediate relief, usually stopping an
ordinary cough in 24 1 flours or less.
Get 2'/2 ounces of Pinex from any
druggist, pour it into a pint bottle, ana
add plain granulated sugar syrup to
make a full pint. If you prefer, use
clarified molasses, honey, or corn syrup,
instead qf sugar syrup. Either way.
it tastes good, keeps perfectly, and
lasts a family a long time.
It's truly astonishing how quickly ,it
acts, penetrating through every air pas­
sage of the throat "and: lungs—loosens
and raises the phlegm, soothes and heals
the membranes, ana gradually but surely
the annoying throat tickle and (Treaded
cough disappear entirely. Nothing bet­
ter for bronchitis, spasmodic croup,
whooping cough or hronchial asthma,
Pihex iB a special and hiehly concen­
trated compound of genuine Norway pine
extract, known the world over for its
healing effect on the membranes.
Avoid disappointment by askintr )ir
druggist for "2% ounces of Pinex" with
full directions and don't accept any
thin? ?lse. Guaranteed to give absolute
satisfaction! or money promptly refunded.
The "Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ipd.
Get the Habit
Get the habit to ship your
hides, furs, and junk to the firm
that pays the highest market
price. Send for our price list
anck tags. ,We pay the express
and postage on ftors.
Bismarck, N. D.
Established 1907
Bring us your broken lenses, we
can replace them the same day,
as we grind and fit them in our
shop. A Graduate Optician in
charge, mm,
Jeweler arid Optician.
ft-:at- -risi--- ,r
I Conversation
I Valuation
difference seems to exist toward as
sault and 'battery cases as prevails
among the backers of Ed Allen.
Probably ythe time another city
election rolls around, Mr. Beer and
certain weak-kneed justices of the
peace may 'be retired to private life.
At any rate, it is a strange condi­
tion that permits a justice of the peace
out under a suspended sentence for
maintaining a gambling joint to sit in
judgment in assault and battery cases
iegin Treatment NOW
All Drugalsts Guarantee
TUESDAY, NOV. 12, 1918.
There has been a lot of talk—con- 5
servation—abput how to dress well at
war-prices.' It looks difficult, but its
easy. What we need is a bit more
careful buying—more conservation.
If your income warrants you in
paying $30 for a suit, pay $30. These
prices are only examples. The point is
the same whatever price yeur income -1
warrants you in paying. Conserve
your resources by buying wisely.
Wise buying is knowing, values. We
are in a position to sell you good look
ing, wear-guaranteed Suits £nd Over
coats as low as $18. Prices run from
that all the way up to $65. And
they're honest values honestly
made, -honestly bought, honestly
priced. If you want to save con versa
tion,' and aid conservation by-getting
honest valuations/come in
Holmboe Photograph Studio
Publicity Film Co.
f^ext Door to Grand Theatft, BISMARCK
3 jS dVlcg
YOUR PROFITS. Many alluring enter­
prises are being floated at this time—be­
cause the people have money, and the pro­
moters know it. Bevcareful!
Put the money you do not need for im­
mediate use into a CERTIFICATE OF
DEPOSITin this Bank. It begins to earn
interest at once. 4% interest for "three or
four months and 5%- for six months or a
year., Look and plan ahead!
Bismarck, N. D.
or any cases for that matter.
The case is one that tho citizens of
'Bismarck can well ponder over.
A regular meeting of Bismarck
Chapter No. 10, Royal Arch Masons,
will 'be held at the 'Masonic Temple
this evening at 8 o'clock.
From Glencoe.
Aleck Macdonald of Glencoe spent
Victory day in Bismarck.
Ruth Knatvpld Jensen
Teacher of Voice and Artistic
Singing* A limited number of
Phone 679R
cherished by
those who love you
as your photograph.
Why choose some
perishable,- mean
ingleps^trinket when
your photograph
will give so much
more \pleasure to
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