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! Social and
I Personal
Variety Shown
In Club Program
Abolition literature, child welfare,
and the health of the people of the
state were subjects taken up for
discussion at the meeting of the
Fortnightly club yesterday afternoon
nt the B. & P. W. club rooms, with
Miss Minnie J. Nielson as hostess.
Mrs. Robert Orr gave a very in
teresting • paper dealing with the
.writings of Harriet Beecher Stowe
and John Creenleaf Whittier. Mrs.
W. L. Nuessle discussed the types
end styles of patriotic poetry which
flourished during this period.
Mrs. C. L. Young pointed out some
of the important features of the re- J
port of the Children’s Code commis- !
sion. She stated that there was j
great need for machinery by means I
of which the child welfare in the j
state might be advanced, anti em
phasized the conditions in child wel
fare in the state which had been
found in th# investigations conducted
during the past year and a half by
ltr. Thomas Haines of Washington,
D. C., and Miss Grace Abbott, direct
or of the federal children’s bureau.
Mrs. Young pointed out the import
ance of the recommendations made
in tile report and urged the desirabil
ity of legislation to put them into
.Dr. D. M. «0. Robinson, regional
consultant of the U. S. health ser
vice, who has recently been appoint
ed to the North Dakota district with
headquarters in Bismarck, spoke on
the work which she hoped to ac
complish in making the state a
healthier place to live
The ltebekah lodge will hold its
regular meeting at Odd Fellows hall
fi-iday evening at which time the
following off cers will be installed:
Mrs. H. J. Stralke, noble 'grand;
Mis. J. W. Scott, vice grand; 'Mm.
Nellie Evarts, sjeretary; Mrs. M.
I’illcn, treasurer; Miss Catherine
McDonald, trustee. Appointments to
varoius committees and offices will
be made after the Nistallation.
Mrs. P. W. Crewe is the guest of
Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Crewe for about
ten days before continuing on her
way to Washington, D. C., where she
will join her husband, Judge Crewe
who has recently been appointed as
a special attorney in the department
of internal revenue. Judge and Mrs. :
Crewe formerly resided at Mohall.
Judge Crewe is a brother of Dr.
Crewe . :
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buckner of
Garrison, Mrs. J. Nordahl of Halli
day, C. 11. Fisher of Hazelton, J. H.
DoLange of Carson, A. A. Sailer and
Edward Sailer of Stanton, J. A. and
L. E. Ncrlin of Menoken, and Rev.
E. J. Bechtel of Fargo were city
v sitors today.
D. B Shaw, assistant engineer at
the Indian schools, who has been
‘in the Bismarck hospital for some
tiipe past as a result of a broken
r.b result ng from a fall from a
freight car while unloading flour, is
reported to be improv ng.
The Epworth League of the Mc-
Cabe Method'st church wdl have a
sleigh ride party tonight. Refresh
ments will be served at the church
parlors afterwards. Those attending
me asked to meet at the church at
7:30 o'clock.
Mrs. D. B. Shaw was called to St.
Paul, Minn., this morning by news
of the fatal illness of her mother,
Mrs. W. R Knickerbocker who is ■
well known here, having resided with
her daughter two years ago.
* The Past Matrons club of the Bis- '
marck chapter No. 11, O. E. S, wll !
meet w.th Mrs. Raymond Bergeson
at 2:30 p. m. Friday. All past ma
trons are invited.
Dr. R. S. Tdwne. entertained the i
members of the Benedict Bridge club
at his home last night with a dinner
in honor of C. C. Wattam of Fargo <
who is his guest.
The Woman’s Foreign missionary
society of the Methodist church will
hold a food sale at Hoskin-Meyers
Saturday beginn ng at 11 o’clock a.
A d nner will be served at the
Baptist church on the Corner Fourth
Street and Ave B Friday even'ng at
# f>:3o o’clock. Everybody is, invited.
The* Homesteaders will gve a
dance tonight at K. P. hall. Supper
will be served and everybody is in
vited to attend.
The physicains of Bismarck will
hold their quarterly staff meeting at
the St. Alex us hospital th's evening
at 8 o’clock.
Francis Murphy, G. Wooledge, and
R. H. Bosard, Minot attorneys, are
in Bismarck to present cases com
ing up before the supreme court.
Mrs. W. T. Holmes and son of
Wilton and Miss Irene Brown of
S oux City, la., stopped over in
Bismarck yesterday.
E. ,0. Hathaway, U. S. district en
g neer with headquarters in St. Paul,
Minn., was in Bismarck today in
consultation w.th the h’ghway com
Sons of Norway entertain
ment Friday night, Jan. 12th.
the noted lecturer add author
B. B. Haugan will lecture.
Good musical program. Ad
mission 50c.
Mrs. George Scott and ch.ldren
left this morn ng for an extended
v s.t with relatives in Savannah, 111.
Mrs. J. W. Spaulding of Turtle
Lake is a guest at the -.omc of Mrs.
J. R Falconer far a few days
H. E Helgeson of W lton, Mr. and
Mrs. R. P. Kennedy of Tuttle, were
among the city callers today.
Miss Olive McManus of Hazelton
is the guest of Mrs. Grace Snyder
for a few days.
Carl Ftscher and Fred -Sherman
of Hazelton were bus ness callers
D. H. Hall, a Beulah druggist, v's
ited with friends in the capital city
W. E. Rausch of Elgin transacted
business here this morning.
» 1 -■ ■ • ♦
Announce Birth
Mr. and Mrs. A 1 Hendrickson an
nounce the birth of a baby pirl born
ut their home on Broadway, Jan. 9.
St. Alexius Hospital
Mrs. John G. Richter of Napoleon,
Miss Katie Starck of the city and
Mohn Engelhart of Venturia have
entered the St. Alexius hospital for
treatment. Miss Minnie Van L shout
of Mott, F. 11. Klinner of Mott, 01 v
cr Holland of Douglas, Miss Bertha
Ternes of Raleigh, Baby Delila Hut
ton of Wilton, Mrs. Margaret Win
genbaoh of Rale'gh. Mrs. Ferdinand
Toepke of Judson, Frank Kermer of
Zap, and Mrs. No:man McDonald and
baby girl of the city have been d s
charged from the hospital.
Bismarck Hospital
Mrs. Chr st Gobi of VVishek, Mrs.
Nicolai Kalajnofl' of Streeter, Mrs.
Peter Kemmct -of Glen Uilin, Mrs.
L. Saby of Werner, Lorenz Neher
of Keith, Hazel Lien of Driscoll,
Nick 80l tsky of Dogden, and George
Knodel of Chasely have entered the
Bismarck hospital for treatment.
.Worst of Bismarck, Mrs.
Anicin Karsofsky of Max, Walter
Schmitz of Lark, Baby Morton Jack
son of Dev Is Lake, Mrs. Hugo Hel
land and baby girl of the city, Mrs.
John Boschee of Zeeland, Frank Pet
erson of Coleharbor, and Tom Price
of Price have been discharged from
the hospital.
4 «
Jane Novak makes a heroine of the
utmost charm in “Colleen of the
I ines, her first R-C production,
"cheduled for exhibition at the Cap
itol theater on Friday. “Colleen of
the Pines is full of the keen, nerve
tingling acton audiences like so
well and has a full measure of heart
interest as well. A superb cast sup
ports Miss Novak.
"rtie blonde beauty of Jane Novak
has seldom been set off so well as in
her first R-C production, “Colleen of
the Pines,” which will be the featur
ed attraction at the Capitol theater
tomorrow. Always charming, Miss
Novak also establishes herself as a
dramatic artiste of high distinction.
“Colleen of the Pines” gives her any
number of powerfully dramatic situ
ations in which the star proves her
high worth.
A marvelous dog is one of the
stout-hearted heroes in the superb
cast that supports Jane Novak in
“Colleen of the Pines,” her first bjg
R-C attraction coming to the Capitol
theater on Friday. The nobility of
self-sacrifice forms the theme of
Miss Novak’s first vehicle for R-C
and she, as the elder sister sacrific
ing much for the younger one,
achieves nothing short of a personal
triumph. A brilliant cast appears
with the star.
Homestead Lodge Dance
tonight at K. of P. hall.
Tickets SI.OO. Extra ladies,
25c. Supper free. Good music.
Dinner at. Baptist Church,
corner 4th and Ave B, Friday
night at 5:30. Price 50c.
Come and enjoy a home cook
ed meal.
“California Fig Syrup” is
Child’s Best laxative |
■ _ - \
Hurry Mother! A teaspoonful of
“California Fig Syrup" now will thor
oughly clean the little bb\els and in
a few hours you have a well, playful
child again. Even if cross, feverish,
bilious, constipated or full of cold,
children love its “fruity” taste, and
mothers' can rest easy because it
never faHs to Work all the souring
food andNiasty bile right out of the
stomach and bowels without griping
Dr upsetting the child.
Tell your druggist you want only
the genuine “California Fig Syrup”
which has directions for babies and
shildren of all ages printed on bottle.
Mother, you must say “California.”
Refuge anv imitation.
From Boston
Two prominent Boston society
girls are shown here enjoying the
sunshine of Florida. They are Miss
Mildred Fleming and her sister,
Helen. Tbs latter Is sitting on the
National Banks
Rename Officers
Officers of both the City National
and First National banks were re
elected in the annual meetings.
Officers of the First National arc.
C. B. Little, president; J'. L. Bell,
vice president; Frank E. Shepard,
cashier; A. S. Bolster, Geo. P. Little,
H. E. Hanson, assistant cashier;
directors, H. P. Goddard, O. N. Dun
ham. H. A. Patterson, J. L. Bell, C. B.
Officers of the City National arc
P. C. Remington, president; John
Graham and B. C. Marks, vice presi
dents; J. B. Rhud, cashier; Charles
Owens, assistant cashier.
First Indictment
Is Dismissed
Fargo, Jan. 11.—The first indict
ment seeure.d by Sveinbjorn John
son’s grand jury to come for trial in
the Cass county district court, was
dismissed yesterday by Judge A. T.
Cole because the indictment was er
roneously drawn up.
The case was that of the state
against Paul Mans, Addison town
ship farmer, charged with obstruct
ing a public highway. This was one
of the indictments voted by the
grand jury called at the instance of
Johnson, who was then attorney gen
eral, to investigate the affairs of
the closed Scandinavian American
bank of Fargo.
I will not be responsible for
any debts contracted by any
one except myself after Nov.
23, 1922.
Emiliana L. Hart.
A New Form of Bank
condensed from Official Report to United States
Treasury December 29, 1922. Several of our friends
have suggested that we use a form of this nature as
an advertisement.
A This bank owes on its
bank notes outstanding*
and to depositors $ 2,006,160.60
A conservative banker has this
liability in mind and arranges his
assets to meet requests for with
B For this purpose we have: •
I Cash and checks on other
banks payable in one to
three days $ 70,684.41
II Funds on deposit in Fed
eral Reserve Bank and
other banks, available on
demand 625,552.53
111 'Loans to individuals and
corporations 1,498,086.02
IV We own bonds of United
States Government 82,250.00
V We own stock in Federal
Reserve Bank and have
due us from U. S. Treasury 12,750.00
VI We own other bonds and v
warrants I 48,498.57
VII Our banking building and
banking house fixtures.. 83,372.06
VIII Other real estate owned 27,267.52 2,351,460.11
This leaves a surplus of % 345,299.51
which becomes the pro
perty of stockholders af
ter the liability to depos
itors is paid.
Add to this the stock lia
bility (not included in
published statement 100,000.00
This Is the basis on wheih we have confidence for the solici
tation of new business and the retention of that which has been
entrusted to us in the past.
The First National Bank
Bismarck, N. D. “The Pioneer Bank”
Strongheart, the wonderful police
dog who sprang into such promi
nence as a motion picture star in
“The Silent Call’’ has made another
picture which is coming to the El
tingc theater -Friday and Saturday.
It is nf Laurence Trimble-Jane Mur
fm production entitled “Brawn of the
North,” a First National attraction.
The story is most unusual from
the standpoint of thrilling action and
tense emotional scenes. It is a story
of a dog’s faithfulness and loyalty
to his mistress, a loyalty that sur
mounts nil his nntural instincts. For
Brawn, the dog character played by
Strongheart, suffers his temptations,
temptations very similar to those
given to, men; and they attract him
to such an extent that finally his hu
man mistress declares him worthless
and attempts to kill him.
But his loyalty remains steadfast
and the action which leads up to the
climax carries with it hearts throbs
and thrills, melodrama and pathos,
threading through a double love
story. .
St. Paul, Jan. 11. —Striking shop
men of the (treat Northern railway
were at liberty to go back to work
last night, the walkout on that road
which began last June, having been
terminated, according to reliable in
formation in railroad circles here.
The ending of the strike on the
Great Northern, it was predicted, will
be followed by similar action rela
tive to the other lines in the north
Official statements on the action
made known were still lacking. Kail
officials of the Great Northern de
clined to discuss the termination of
the walkout and R. A. Henning, head
of the striking shopmen in the north
west could not be reached.
The shopmen held a meeting at
which it was said the results of the
conference between the labor and
railroad officials held last week rela
tive to the return of the men to
work was explained to the men.
Persons attending the meeting, how
ever, were required to identify
Rub on Sore Throat
Musterole relieves sore throat quidt
ly. Made with oil of mustard, it i#(
dean white ointment that will not burn
or blister like the old-fashioned mustard
plaster. j
Just spread it on with your fingers.!
Gently but surely it penetrates to the
sore spot and draws out the pain. Get
Musterole at your drug store today.
35 b 65c in jars b tubes ;hospital size,s3.
ktter than a mustard plaster
Child Heroine
Littlo elx-year-old Polly Morrison
of Bath, N. Y., Is a heroine of the
llrßt order. When her five-year-old
playmate, Ruth Webb, fell through
tho Ice, Polly removed her scarf,
threw one end to the struggling
child and managed to pull Ruth
from the icy water.
themselves before they were granted
According-to the information avail
able the strikers will be put back
to work as the jobs become open for
them, but will not take precedence
in seniority over the present era-
Cut This Out and Save if
Subject to Tonsilitis or
Sore Throat
A harmless and effective gargle is
to dissolve two Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin in four tablespoonfuls of
water, and gargle
Repeat in two hours if necessary.
Be sure you use only the genuine
Bayer Tablets of Aspirin, marked
with the Bayer Cross, which can be
had in tin boxes of twelve tablets
for few cents.
R. S. ENGE, D. C. Ph. C.
Consultation Free
Suite 9, 11 Lucas Block
Phone 260
—o —
The McKenzie Orchestra
announces a one-half rate
for their 5 piece orchestra,
$5.00 per hour. When play ■
ing out of town hotel and
traveling expenses extra.
Write, Wire or Phone for
Order Your Coal To
The New Salem Lig
* nite Coal Co.
Best dry mined coal in the state.
Chns. Rigler, Mgr.
fA Real Whole Wheat Porridge
Children Uke a whole wheat porridge better
. than any other porridge—and it is so easy
to make it, hot and tasty, out of
Shredded Wheat
/ _ %
, Place the Biscuits in a small saucepan, add salt and
enough water to cover the bottom of the pan; stir
and boil until it thickens. Serve with milk or cream.
A hot dish for those who do not like porridge is made by simply pouring
hot milk over the Biscuits, adding a little cream and a litde salt. Nothing so
good for youngsters as these litde loaves of crisp, oven-baked shreds of the
whole wheat.
1 _______
fY. ariL.al.rlr f.
Made only by The Shredded Wheat Company. Niagara Fall*. N. Y.
ployes of the railroad. Wages and
working conditions, it was said, will
lcmain the same as since October
when the trew shop associations
formed following the strike made
new agreements with the rail offi
New York, Jan. 11.—Rum runners
hitherto rely ng on their speed to
escape the viligance of the navy will
now have to fight ns well as run, it
was disclosed today when the Lex
ington an armored rum chaser equip
ped with machine guns fore and aft
was turned over to the customs
serv ce.
Homestead Lodge Dance
tonight at K. of P. hall.
Tickets $1.60. Extra ladies,
25c. Supper free. Good music.
The noted lecturer B. B.
Haugan will speak at K. of P.
Hall, Friday evening, Jan.
12th, at 8 o'clock, under aus*
pices of Sons of Norway.
[email protected] Bmivisinitoiry
All Winter Hats Former Prices $4.00 to $15.00 Will
Sell at
SI.OO to $5.00
ii *
Children’s Hats Priscitia Dean Tams
| / re for this sale only
72 orr $1.25, $1.35 and $1.65
_ _
New Crepe de Chine, Can- Georgette Blouses former
ton Cr-.jpe and Taffeta p r i ce s $9.00 to $12.00.
Blouses for this sale only. Clearing* QQ QC
2C % off from regular price price so«i/0
Leather Bags Beaded Chains Handkerchiefs
Co'i,' off from 20% off from 20% off from
regular price. regular price. regular price.
Hair Ornaments Bloomers, Combinations,
20% off from Camisoles and Step-ins,
regular price/ 20% off from regular price
Advanced Showing of New Spring Ha ,tn at Popular
- Prices Strictly Cas n
Nielsen’s Millinery and
Waist Shop
Decides in Business Meeting
To Establish Drum Corps
American Legion members last
night heard Rep. M. H. Lynch dis
cuss legislation of the past for the
MgS Rheumatism 1-banish pain!
iy/ Apply Sloan’s. Restore healthy circu
/ a lation of blood through congested tis—
-11 V sues Since congestion causes the pain
- almost instant relief !
f^ftXSloan’s Liniment.
Sell at
Legion and what nmy be done ft*
the Legion in the future.
The meting, held in Legion hail,
wa.. well attended. In a business
meeting it was decided to order
bugles and drums for a drum corps
for the post. It also was decided to
conCnue semi-monthly meetings,
rather «.han substitute monthly meet
ings. A program committee wan
named to provide a good program for
each meeting.
A special invitation, it was an
nounced, is extended to Legionaire:
in the legislature and employes of
that body to use the Legion club
rooms during the session.

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