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—B 1 SMARCK —T U_N_E editorial review | | WHAT’S ALL THE EXCITEMENT?
Entered at the Postoffice, Bismarck, N. D., as Second Class 13 * —... .... —— - ■ »
MAtfpr Comments reproduced In this - - 7 - - --«
iuauci. column may or may not express f t J , ■ X _ *
———— ■ the opinion of The Tribune. They ' \ ’\ \ 1 / / / /
BISMARCK TRIBUNE CO. - - - Publishers J” K3Si*i.Vb» a .SSIViSi i \ \ \ \ // \x 1
" "« of important Issues which are \ \'\ < / -■ ■
Foreign Representatives fhi“a»J' ,<IO “* 4 *“ th * Br “* \ M 'j / / ■ « 1
G. LOGAN PAYNE COMPANY * j V \ IJ L KVJ _ f\|lVi • -
iCss?a*. s°s,j i \> I WTKtt < v's<^ —
PAYNE, BURNS AND SMITH I .lust as California lias developed \ \ j < / j
NEW YORK - Fifth Ave. Bldg. a splendid market for its distinc- i \ \ l I') / I
■ tive brands of oranges, raisins and C\ l 1 )\ \\ I '< / /
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use or w‘ a "' N to
republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not other- golden P io.iucts ot its unifiue grain I \ V ' /Y s / f k s\
wise credited in this paper and also the local news published crop—Durum wheat. yV \ / x*^/A / PfAv(L ,
herein. our State lias practically a nat / <\ /tggsiw. % b*. J
All rights of republication of special dispatches herein are ''ny I’doubling 1 ’doubling ‘UH-'ronsump- 5 k /
also reserved. tion of Durum products in this X/V /yl liyXX'i
■" country. North Dakota could mar* i CO —- v ? ■ ®
MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION ket all of its crop at home, there- I ''T'
* ———— hy avoiding the undesirable com- v .ml /j p- £ —L _
SUBSCRIPTION RATES PAYABLE IN ADVANCE petition of low foreign markets. — J -l Hjj jV J
Daily by carrier, per year. $7.20 Marmarth Mail. \
Daily by mail, per year (in Bismarck) 7.20 .11 ssiTn W\ vmiti rv •'i \ \wf\o\s \ \
Daily by mail, per year (in state outside Bismarck).... 5.00 xV. \r\ \
Daily by mail, outside of North Dakota 6.00 That it is impossible to stay in ,
THE STATE’S OLDEST NEWSPAPER often hear advanced H L l— —
(Established 1873) and hotly refuted. Tiie strongest I vXXrY' -■ ■tfRYCvV i -)7
relutation we have hau in a long l \ \ v 1 \VXST \A \ l S'^-p
YOUR SIDE OF IT j .w'mal \\ T 1 | £ ■ «.’?*“
H our lungs iuliale an average of LNiOO gallons of air ji day, lof Minnesota, for L’S years hif» \ ' fj \%//f
according to a umlieal authority. Wc told this In the garage | Hl ale's choice for the Senate and V / r)
~ i... 1..... i. |.....i;.,,,*, .... .. I, ■ in the last election the unanimous- V?S?v/ V / VX
iitiin uno lias nee o\er I g our * r. »e <> o a neeh«inr , . vZr
, . ...... , , , 7„, . ly chosen candidate ot both major f.l
fill turn ot in ll id. Ins comment was: (losli! Ihe lungs musi parties. — l
be a line piece ol lnatdiinerv, to do that much work and keep W« often speak of ‘‘playing at!
from weariii"- out " politics”; too many do. liut Mr. '
A neighbor, expert at making cellar out of various dsou worked at it; he made P«l)- -
kinds ot garbage,. said: I went v-six hundred gallons, dr/ his all. And that the public, de- v
V bat a pity it isn | whisky! j spite the maligning to which it is! ,
Another friend, ji noiu-astlieiiic who’s al\v;i\ s worr\ iii”‘tihoul | ofu ‘ n subjected for lickleness in
bis health, eai.ie hack will,: “I wonder how'mueh of the LJtiHO I } ,olitic! |* rowa l rt, 1 i'ltegrity with • L
o ii , • , . , I integrity is proved by the high es- 1 ,—>• dW#
gallons is pure air. and how mudi is coal smoke, auto I nines | teem in which Senator Nelson was! )
iiml disease germs. everywhere held- i 'Y
A happy-go-lucky chop answered: “Yes/ Well, why His toil-hardened old frame was J x ■> m*Amuc«
'vorry about it unless the lungs' earhurelor gets clogged up'” 1u ‘ 1 ° rc ; s 1 11,0 V 1 11 v ' J •
1 g"u ii, liieml growled: Keep it ijiiK't or some corpora- and there was lost to Minnesota,)
boil will corner tin 1 air supply ami lasten meters on our noses. the Northwest, and the Nation a > , , ... .. . ... ■■ __
Our liiud experiemenlal .subject vawned: “So? Who's ■•<»- Brand example in political integ- j , ™ er '!! 1 I J' IIAD QIJQIJADC! , , tMjTi
mg to win the series this year/*’ ° rity.-Fargo Daily Tribune. JlUfloJClOllUliO jfp|%
- t n I A M l XI SKHBBk
I lie wide variety ol responses llilerested us as allowing the EXPANDED , ‘*r Man gcUing up. And I hope I h A II IVI A IM
many types of humanity and how ditl'ereiit I v thev react to everybody here lias learned a les- JLi Li 11. 1/ 111 11 11 Pyr *
events and situations. ‘ ' The United States Supreme; 80 JV, , ... . ~ .. mA « f f/s,/vTirtA W
A hi, of i,m s.ar,s As 1, n,,H,,s T.', “SyfiSi TO SUCCESS . S& W
|h oph , <<u Ii i oust lniisl'Y 01 uiiuonsrioiisK applies it to liis ow n American flags from soiling liquor j (To Be Continued.) V WU vviJWW yMm ;
lito measures it in terms of his character and personal outside the three mile limit, but! (Copyright, ltkJ.’l, NEA Service, Inc.) vjra|^|||j||| * l
7?-- 1 : v.^yv,,-. ; ;. | i„ K i„ £™Sr 5 S r «\i - —— “ Johnson Wins Out in jfe, j
Anolher weighs it as a (.real Basie ( ause. St ill anot her ferrets will be a great commercial advant- i MANFIAN NPW? St. Paul as Recreation '
out ot it a moral slant. age to American ships and u privi lrlillll/XAi 1 iiJuTilJ Leader JL '^} *'^
This is true of all news. For instance a boom stock mar- ,oge demanded by many American JBk •'
ket suggests larger sales markets to the business man The tri, ‘? enß ' F °7 ign ships have been | | / Wm
I | .. ; ‘ . getting a good many passengers on HIJUIILIIUn oIUUS One need not concede anything
g.MI .cr icgliis wondering i lie can lear oil a piece ol the account of the liquor privilege. Heart Bridge Platl to superstition in agreeing that the
plunder. A psychologist reflects tlint the rise m the inarke 1 The confusing part of the court’s XiCari I ldll mHn
indicates a down-curve of tin* fear emotion. A moralist laments decision ia-that neither foreign or ' nch 01 ||
the gambling cra/.e American ships can legally carry | Hendrickson, prominent- son tossed in competition with other
liquor or dispense the same even] farmer residing southwest of the fiUin I)<, - VS I,ai ‘k of his father's barn
. under seal, within the three mile L itv is Bponaor for temnorarv in- ” el|r ' N ' hlu '‘ N ‘ !)> had * an influence
Fnca (d us has a certain personal set of scales for weighing | limit. Vet the decision says liquor' . ‘ ‘ t / , ‘ * . w Jn landing him his present position erxest w mH\4o\
the inlormation that comes to IIS. That is; we single out-a ocr- uan he sokl 0,1 American ships' jt,nctlun flk,<l aß,nnst tho superintendent of recreation in
tain angle of the situation that responds to our controlling °. ll , tßitle the three mile limit - If commissioners to restrain the erec- the Department of Parks and Play- course, and was graduated in 1911.
interest* n i this arrangement is carried out, it tion of a bridge over the Heart River grounds of St. Paul. Heaving those He not only followed all athletic
, . , I would seem that liquor on tile ships : n section r > Trwn«hin ik*i it.. nfr „ -horseshoes, trying to make them contests at “Mac” with intense in
lllls is why people who see all event oiteii think the news- of foreign countries coming to j ’ 1 ‘ ' 1 ling, the stake, striving to win the tercst, but he also took part in them,
paper has the “account of it ” hulled up. The newspaper prints American ports will have to be> I ,a I ,(MS 1,1 wliieh Wole served late Ka n lo , aroused ill him a fondness The pitchfork, the plow handles and
-1 iic facts as thev aetuallv liappetied, as the reporter saw them transferrc( j to waiting ships or Saturday against Att.v. L. 11. Con- for tests of strength and athletic other forms of farm gymnastic ap-
\ T of liuvimr ev'i'elhr tln> uunw. ,-inn-nhini „„ c , ’ ~ boats outside the three mile limit, nolly. ♦kill that remained with him influ- paratus had developed him into a
* J In same icMpmnt as some readers, the I and replaced again when the ship Mr „ cmlrickson t , hurtri . s th , t ... dicing his career. rugged and muscular youth of the
tpO tel nid.\ OV Cl look the incidents that impressed those read-j is outward 'bound. county commissioners were not net llis l losition ' s highly important, tjyjie that (Macalester coaches are
ei‘S most. And the readers, ill till’ll, who were “on the job” Ulis is tile meaning of the de- pj oni ',,i f or i >l j ( | K( , j n st .etion * or to *'‘ s department is credited a elected to recruit. Ernie played
failed to notice much of wlmt aetuallv happened, what the re- Ci u iOD ’ .? l,Ch re SUlation looks child- ... I)Ut w netitioned to h ive the }rrrat influt ’ ru-p i!1 llu ‘ reducing of third base on the college baseball
porter saw ’ ISI . ?‘‘ ( f " iere, y.
To «a*iti«fv evnrvlii lv it • ii 1. I- moan i noted that one justice of Uie court! . jn ” d of the city. In some districts the years, and right v»vk!e on the fool
• M • ' ' U|l V . ' 01 1,10, 'd ‘‘uhimilS agreed in reference to the major-. q,j hearing seeking to nvike the l ,okce records show that a fall of hall team, of which he was acting
of a newspaper to report even a doff fight. decision regarding Amer.oan ' . v w u '' 7s percent in the number of child- .capt ain a year. Also, he was on*
ships, but held that foreign | |,V heid I,c fore Vi V ,v i, pa « p « brought before the pro- of the basketball quintet, and in
FAST A| U • I . C llgkt t 0 ,r .} > ? r ,nt ' J ] district court here Thursday Mav ~ation oflicp or juvenile court has track meets took part in the weight
j • , • i .. i ii j-*i i .. . . ci loan Jiorts under restrictions,, Sullivan Hanlev and Sullivan take " place with the coming of the contests, where the brawn of North
.bine, tl.Xlliff hootleffffers are legally entitled to drink the guarding against eakage. I • 7 m esc tlhe II end ricksnn IM Ol Public recreation center. Dakota training was effective,
evidence. So rules a deputy prosecuting attorney in Los . rik IT.!' Ls ls 0,1 ly I . ta,r ' *'i i Becomes student and “Mac” Athlete In the summer vacation periods
Angeles. Higher powers will have something to say about that, theit rfgiiTto 9 fully - semi-professional base
but It makes good reading at the time. world’s general traffic with foreign Ernest Johnson went to the State ball to help raise funds for the next
Brookline, Mass., richest municipality of its size in the ships outside the three mile limit. K T Earson left yesterday g " LU . ul ‘' .'. !^ r< . * l, | K °’. u ' l<U in M l ° ° KC ‘ t . ~
World, again votes to keep movie H ealers out of tow.. The T »* decision will have the fur- fur Sims to attend the funeral „f ,n . crcst °d --nn ed ately m ath- Manages Mandan loam
" 7 ,v '; r H out Ol low ii. im , n . . . ih„ i.,*„ vT r „ u„„,u„ Ittics. He remained there a year After Ernests graduation from
vote is ;)634 agonist movies, KjoJMor. You wonder what they Bibility on C( ,n greHS anfl therefore! which was held today. b “ t in ' Tu,,uar - V > ,U 04 > ( ' nU ; rp d MiK ‘; Macalester, he had no position in
do, ltl a town Ot that Size, to kill tune, to sb jft. the -final adjustment ofj ' uloster (ollegc, where he first took prospect, so he accepted an offer to
r i iiese two interesting items come from opposite ends of the prohibition enforcement or amend- A marriage license was issued tlu ’ ]’’ k scb ° ol c * urse » two and go to Mandan N. D., to manage and
continent. Yet they are avtlilable to newspaper readers all ,nent to Volstead ’ Set on the Saturday afternoon by County Judge onc - ha,f yoars - then thc college, play with the Mandan baseball team.
E/tS""'" 1 a I!" ! -!7 ai ; ,cr "v !S/Li‘°ci.k ,, K “S. ;; . .
Manx now ning can leeall when it took weeks to (tarry the ; Katheiine Uhlmun of Mandan and RVFRRTT TRTTF RY PONDO
news that tar. Unman thought and action are broadcast Kriei,- r>r .i,.a s «n l!i V llilVEil J. IKUL UX L/i/INX/vl
tjuicklt in out time, hast communication is the greatest marvel * 12fc\7K , TVTri)¥TU¥j) /vi.i """*"
of tbe twentieth century. AU V HilN X UKH< LlJr Invitations for the annual junior [ Tj j | ~]| Ii "V
rriTLi nrWITVIG loom of the Mai.rtan high school _ 111 • * II I'
I x TAEj L Jfj XlN| Q | were mailed on Saturday. The party (fl W* I
CAVE-MEN '.y : will lie held on Friday evening, May (TTY'i j. iiij
The camel originated on the American continent, small as By OliY£ Barton Roberts 118 n> p high school gymnasium. 1 | r j |L I* !
./Y 7 i Y KC ?‘. ftil “X mi K'« ted t° Africa, Aiabh. anj Asia.. Xbi.icdehoy and. C.«ncrai - s<-h„<-k77Ymt v.ic, wh. i T U-fft'i • I l! 1 ' ' '
probabl} by land brldses now sunken under the ocean waves. Cold Braid and General Buttuns sat | uls been un.ler treatment at the Uea- 7t_A 1,, < Jk
t>o says a scientist, lecturing. at one end of a long table. eoncss hospital returned to his home i ' .
Jll those ancient times, the American jungles also were in- Nancy and Nick and the Tinker .yesterday. Xjj, I| | l[’.L|| J ij|i ll in.—..ii.., .1 ,
habited by dinosaurs, some of them 70 feet long and large as a Ma ” sat at the other end. v , ‘ 1 ‘ 1 Jli ———————
small bungalow. We re glad we haven't suell reptiles around And in between sat all the colonels Approximately a third more chil
today. But wo have our own type of dinosaurs —social and “<• “ nJ t ' i " >u ‘ i,,s “ nd «•»«": ,Y,f' 7 (i 111
economic problems. And ,-oin,- up against them rrquin-s as ““ '£ ‘b&'SZ'Z*. “ f
much nerve as to lace a dinosaur With a spear. There are, after They were signing the peace y« ar according to Mrs. H. Jess who
all, only two real problems in life making a good living and treaty. is chairman of the clinic arrange- J
raising a familv. General Gold Braid picked up a ni ents. , . , " ' ‘ ' "a
4 4,0 ‘ 1)pll . | East year 220 children wore exam- J ||| , lj||,|!|| ||i| «1/AIT A M GVUX G» / l
TNFaTTNATTftN Ahem!” he said. “What shall we |" fed » records- of all being kept for jvT| Xlll Ji JGv V. l/m V
- ; UXiOIIW AIiUN i say tbc P ur P° se comparison this year. | viNxl j '/'xffmO IM UT /Dpi n i <«=
The (i. A. 11. reports that its membership last year dwindled Everybody thought and thought. Clinics start today and continue un- fil Ta>T7 Tt
by it.4,r>l2, leaving only 71,106 of the Blue veterans alive. At “Say there is to be no more war,” 1,1 Thursda y evening. |l i
that rate, it’ll only he a few” vears until you’ll see a picture of suggested Nancy. . .. . , I i]LS \ 'L| | IJL |, i.
“fhe last 0. A. R. man.” So the gene.al wrotp “No more “emnlnitnUy is' » j) Mi
Time slips by rapidly. Before we realize; the last survivor of i W “w ha t elß e’’ he asked ported to be critically ill. He has .1: Ml ' m '
tljtej American Legion will be hobbling about with a cane. This j “Please sir! may 1 ask what we been ill for some time. / pp ‘
life is merely a journey, and the.means of transportation seems! were fighting for?v asked Corporal . „ ~ ~. //
»fc‘ tha ".«•* *»>•••«-• «f»»»«• - i
.(•«•« 11 be here always. «,»“ «.« »“?' -w.T« »™, »t-M.„d.„ .1,, , tp „.
fig'hting for-we were fighting for-- scnted 7° * hap «s! r , Ht 'Y SU ' _
ASININE gentlemen, whW were we fighting | P ,pme shrine, Mhitc Shrine of Jeru- ,
. Uousidcring the season, why not include in the endless chain for?” j ??! em ’ mcetl "K ust . T ek . u in St ' p . aul > — X
of special weeks, a Borrow* Your Neighbor’s Law.imower 7 dccla r cd General ! o?* You've c2.ot s^\
Week . Quit Radio for Baseball Week and at, Office Boys' ““"L.w, *H" ..ft Ge„-1 f* f VZZfr,,'**
Grandmothers Dead Week? eral Buttons. W. Middaugh >eturncd Saturday * wu,v 1 r »««,
j The League Against Handshaking is considering a special “None of us know,” answered the ! n,g . ht ’ ra ' E’harles Spink will re- I
week devoted to its propaganda; Also the Society for the Sup- “W« know what , ™^ d ,‘ a ' t “?«? th‘, l.kTneXm. |ti|';l, ,| .
pression of Spring On,on Eaters. • oul „ s>id : Twin Cities .nd Mr,. Rob.« w.tch 'j | ,||| Mill .
fi r General Gold Braid. “What next?” re »" al " ed st - P* ul to v's.t a week Ml| F] 1 'P
SAVED “We had better put in something w,th f. r « J Me u gates rep - I!' i ] —— 1
about land,” suggested Major r. escnt,n « the a " dan ? h i; ,ne wera ’' 1 - "
' Straight Back. “Who gets the J m *» Sloan and Hill of Fargo and /
1 land?” j Mrs. rrcese of Jamestown. * it—
.. War Department saves over $141,000 in a year by paying
bills promptly to get “2 per cent discount if paid in 10 days.”
■ The government as a whole could save millions by doing
o&ier things promptly especially big saving by cutting
cftUy red tape. Delay is the weakest spot of democratic gov
itfr\«<:. ■!
“I do,” said the Tinker Man hastily.
“Bing-Bang Land belongs to me and
always did. Nobody get is.”
“Then we'll not mention it,” said
Dry Cleaning, Pressing
Dyeing, Call 58
Eagle Tailoring.
A/ i 'L id Jj K ■
B An bmKiTK Stwv <f kuttUKrtTl,
'vn I RwiiLSD ih Rwbb Linw» J
JL zJL££LI ja^jsnaußL^atr
You make me rather enViou , even
if I am a new bride, when you tell
me of all the lovely things you are
doing in London Probably it will be
a long time before Jack and Lwill be
able to make a trip abroad.
At last Jack and I are back at
home and I have -neon fitting up our
apartment. Jack inlormcd me that
getting the apartment and putting it
into shape was my business. Truly
1 have had a very lovely time doing
it. Vera, it is within four squares of
your home. Jack nas hot seen it yet
as I am going to surprise him.
I have been so busy that 1 have
not seen very many of your friends
or mine, although many the girls
have called upon me but unfort
unately 1 have utmost always been
out. I had a bad accident to my
hand which also kept me from going
to public places.
However, last night Mabel Locke,
Arthur Dresser and Jack and I went
to the “Carlton" for dinner. It was
quite as gorgeous r..s over and one of
the prettiest girls there was a Miss
I‘crier. I became veiy much inter
ested in her. She was so vivacious
and foreign looking and danced so.
Vera, I think Mabel Lock is some
thing of a cat, for win n I pointed out
Miss Eerier and akked who she was
she quickly said . "Why Jack will
toll you. I think he knows her bet
ter than anyone in town.”
Jack was furious, but I mollified
him by saying, “Jack, I fed greatly
complimented at being chosen by
you when you, as Mabel intimates,
had as pretty a girl as that on your
Afteiward, when we were dancing
I said to him, “Why is it that I did
After two years he went to Larimorc
N. I)., to teach manual training in
the high school of that city and to
coach the school’s athletics. He took
track teams to the state athletic
inert during the five years that he
taught in Larimorc, and succeeded in
winning second place in that com
In the fall of 1910, Ernest John-
son went back to St. Paul, this time
to teach sciciice and take the post
of faculty manager of athletics in
Humboldt High School. Two years
later he was engaged by Macales
ter College as football coach, when
the Students’ Army Training Corps
was active at the school.
The next year 'n March, 1919 —he
was appointed to the superintend
ency of the municipal playgrounds
department of St. Paul and has
since devoted all his time to the
building up of recreational work.
Until he arrived in oflicc the depart
ment did not take up the promotion
of amateur baseball. Today there is
a strong demand for the use of the
many diamonds maintained by the
department and Competition is keen
among many amateur leaguers for
first honors. More than l. r >o other
tearris have been playing each year
in the kittcnball league, also organ
ized under Mr. Johnson’s supervis
An efficiency test has been estab
lished and more than 1,000 children
take it annually Municipal hockey,
football, swimming, tobogganing, ski
ing and hiking have been developed.
The department has gained recogni
tion throughout America, as is made
evident in the many visits of offi
cials from other cities and the num
erous inquiries regarding -depart
mental activities and methods.
The municipal golf course and
bathing beaches have recently come
under the management of the play
grounds department. Mr. Johnson
also cooperates in the mammoth
municipal celebrations of the Fourth
of July.
A horseshoe league was organiz
ed two years ago and enrolled a
large and enthusiastic membership.
With this as a unit of the play
ground forces Mr. Johnson finds no
ned to grow a crop of four
leaf clovers as omens of
further success. In fact, it is said
that he has a vision of a municipal
flivver league as a possibility as
sociated with the coming of a great
maker of “common pccpulV auto
mobiles to St Paul
1 Hebron, N. D., May B.—Jumping
a fraction of a minute before the
N. P. North Coast Limited struck
his car was the narrow margin by
which William Krueger, of this
place escaped death. Krueger was
unable to see the oncoming train
due to a string of box cars on a
siding at a crossing east of the
city. His car was directly on the
track before the train when he saw
it. He flung himslef from the seat,
'but was struck and injured by fly
ing bits of the wreckage when the
locomotive cut the rear half of the
automobile to kindling and flung
the rest of the car many yards.
He that laboreth laboreth for him
self ; for his itouth craveth it of him.
—Prov. 16:26.
We ought to be thankful to nature
for having made those things which
are necessary easy to be discovered;
while other things that are difficult
to be known are not necessary^ —
Epicurus. ' ' 1
For Sale Choice Canary
Singers of imported German
St. Andreasberger Boilers also
Harts Mountain. Jacob BullJ
Dickinson. N. Dak.
TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1923
k t
LJ phji
not meet Miss Perier when I was
here visiting?”
He answered. “Paula Perier, you
know, is a From*- girl and she lias
never gone in ‘Aiftany society as it
is called because she has to earn her
own living. Sho is very nice, how
ever, and some time 1 will introduce
you to her because I know you are
not a snob, my dear.” Y
“Why don’t you invite her and
her escort over to our table and in
troduce her to me tonight.” 1 asked
“1 wouldn't subject Paula to the
venomous remarks of Mabel Locka
for anything in the world and besidi
I do not know her escort. Paula
you know, is a model. Because she
is about the prettiest gill in town all
the society girls are jealous of her.
Their brothers have no such scruple .
I’ll tell the world.
“She poses for all the commercial
firms about town. 1 met her when I
wanted someone to illustrate that
new dental cream that we put on the
market. Notice her when she smiles.
Her teeth are like pearls.”
When we got hack to the tabbY
Arthur asked me to dance and said.
"Don't |nay any ate }Tion to any
thing that Mabel may say. She is a
nice enough girl hut she cannot help
being gossipy and a little jonlou.”
Then when Mabel got me alone she
said, “That Perier girl has had every
man in town at her feet and your
Jack, up until the very moment you
were married, seemed to he the one
most favored. I wondered that you
had not heard of her before.”
. You see, Vera dear, that all these
casually expressed opinions form a
triangle which makes me rather
curious to know about this girl.
You are really the only person I
know whom I may ask and who will
tell me the truth. Was Jack in love
with her?
The buds are having a swell time
“As ye sow so shall ye reap" isn’t
always true when a man reads the
seed catalogs.
If ignorance was bliss all the
grouches would he happy.
It is very easy to rise in your own
A bird in the hand is worth two in
the garden.
Our rising generation is going, to
the dogs just exactly like all rising
generations have done.
It is estimated that every last
June groom knows Tiow to hook up
a dress by this time.
Washington doctors are puzzled
over a man who,can’t sleep, because
he is single and out of debt.
Like sugar, those as sweet as it
arc getting more expensive.
Compliments don’t last long unless
you return them.
One successful bathing suit censor
is with us again. It is the mos-
A little moonlight now and then
often marries the best of men. f
The trouble with runnig around
all the time is you go in a circle.
There arc always rooms for im
provement, say paperhangers.
When the summer breezes arc felt,
the hats are not.
Clouds have silver linings, but
bubbles have not.
Burning rubbish yourself is belter t
than selling it to cigar makers.
It is amusing to see an old bache
lor holding a baby, especially if she
is about eighteen.
Shortcake is back. Shortcake
doesn’t last long.
Pretty soon farmers will be plan
ning picnics to make it rain.
A man’s uffcctions are never stol
en when kept where they belong.
Let others talk- about themselves
and they never notice you arc dumb.
It is getting so about the only
drivers who will give pedestrians a
lift are motormen.
Some people's object iii life is they
object to work. I
Europe is getting on our nerves in
stead of on her feet.
Swat the flies now or the flies will
swat you later.
The differences that arise in mostW
families are indifferences. ** **
If you are well bred, you will buy
•your new straw lid instead of get
ting it at a restaurant.
This is your last opportunity
to cbtaift a correction, change
or new listing in the June issue
of the Telephone Directory.
Telephone the Manager, Ndm
bor 1000, nSw.

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