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The Bismarck tribune. [volume] (Bismarck, N.D.) 1916-current, June 23, 1923, Image 8

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Announcement to be Made
There of Winners in Auto
Guessing Contest
The Overland Keel Bird run
wns made promptly at 3:30 this
afternoon. Postmaster Murphy,
who timed the ear, is keeping the
time (set ret until 8:30 p. m.
A blind concert and annauiM'o
i:m nt of winners in the Overland
Bed I!lnl gasoline contest will
mark the close today of Jubilee
Week of tin* Willys-Knight Corn
i>; ny, as celebrated by the La hr
Mo 1 >’• Silt-- Company, distributors
in this territory.
The hand concert will start at
7 20 p. in. at tint L.dir Motor Sales
Company building and will con
tinue until the announcement of
the winners in the prize contest is
At about. S:!tO o’clock Judge A.
M. i iinstianson will surrender the
k;v to the box which holds the
guesses which have been made by
persons of the minutes a new Over
i tel lied It id will run on a half
p:nt of gasoline. The prizes are
worth .sllO.
Celebrating the Met that the
Willys - Overland Company had
built its on* 1 millionth automobile,
the Lohr Motor Sales Com pair'
offered also special Inducements
Dodoe- Brothers Dealer!
If you want a car that
“will do for a month or
so,” you needn’t be par
ticular where you buy.
But if you are thinking
in terms of years, at
one should on an invest
ment as important at
this —trade where you
can trust.
Good Values
for Today —
11)22, run only 8000 miles.
Excellent tires, and five
wire wheels. Upholstery
is blue mohair velvet
showing absolutely no
Completely equipped witli
bumpers, chains and moto
Tit is car has been used ill
town almost entirely.
Practically a brand new
car at a real bargain
Late model run only 6000
miles, consequently the
upholstery, finish and
tires are excellent. You
should see this car to ap
preciate its value. It is
now on our salesroom
1910 in very good shape,
but like other used cars
we deliver this car will be
co m p 1 e tely overhauled.
Therefore you can person
ally see the inside of this
car while the work is be
ing done, and possibly of
fer suggestions as to what
you would like to have
done. This will convince
you as to the good value
you are getting, and we
know of no better evi
dence of our good faith in
delivering you one of our
used cars.
M.B. Gilman Co.
Bismarck * Phone 808
On Pleasant
June Days
when we are all anxious to put business in
• the background as much as possible and turn
our thoughts pleasureward, it's a great com
fort to be able to -
You may do so with confidence that your
communications will be promptly acknowl
edged and every transaction carefully
handled here at
4 • J
Bismarck Bank
Bismarck, N. D.
on accessories to the motoring
Postmaster H. T. Murphy will
(occupy a seat in the lied Bird and
i hold a stop watch, the test being
i made at 3:30 o’clock this aflet -
noon. It is not a gasoline mileage
contest, because the test is made in
the busy Saturday afternoon traf
, Pc of the city and could not pro
! perly be called a test, but is mere
i !v a guessing contest for the lnier
i cst of all and the benefit of the
! ( apt. Murphy, of the Murphy In
irui ii. e ( 0., who timed the car,
! announced he would give free an
| in. ur.on e policy on lie car bought
; by the winner of first prize.
Willyh’ Saw Future
In reviewing the development of
the Willys-Overland Company up
to the building of the one millionth
car which was completed on June
13, and in commemoration of which
the w< ek of June IS to 23 has h< en
set aside as Jubilee Week, ack
nowledgment of the genius of J >hu
North Willys, President of the or
gi.n aztion, must tie taken into ac
<<>iint. Mr. Willys bad the visum
to see (lie future of the industry
tnnty years ago. lie bad ahsoitt o
confidence In the ultimate destiny
oi liie automobile, and steadfastly
adhered to iiis faith. Initiative has
iaiways been cliaractcrlntiu of the
(man who now heads the activities
of the company.
i Even as a tioy In Canandaigua,
N'cw York, where he was born, lto
I was fond of little bus ness deals
i with Ills companions and one of
II is first ventures mowed conclus
ively that be had more than aver
age business ability with no small
j amount of ingenuity.
Being keenly observant lie
noticed one day that drivers were
j continually having trouble witli
| their reins which w’ere always
[falling down arouml the horses’
feet. As a preventive .be secured
■ a dozen clamps for holding the
I n ins. With the proceeds of the.
first dozen, he bought two dozen
and quickly disposed of them all.
I Enters Automobile Field
• In 1889 Mr. Willys was looting
one day out of the window of a
Cleveland Maiding when he noticed
something on four wheels crawling
along the street. No horse was at
tached to It, yet it looked exactly
like a carriage. Then and there
Mi Willys said the machine hat
bicvclcs “beaten hollow.”
At that time the total output of
cars was less than 400 for tho
whole country. Later Mr. Willys
fought a Pierce Motorette which
! was fashioned like a carriage and
powered with a French motor
about the size of a hot water Dot
tie. Soon afterwards Mr. Willys
had a talk with Mr. Pierce in Buf
falo and it was decided that Mr.
i Willys was to have one of the first
[automobiles that Mr. Pierce turn
led odt, as the Pierce Company
| was then. experimenting with
I them. Later Mr. Willys bought a
demonstrating car for S9OO and the
1 first year .lie sold two cars. From
j then on lie dcvlopcd the automo
! idle.
Mother and Daughter Near
Brainerd Die During Big
Storm There
Brainerd, Minn., June 23.—Two
persons were killed and one badly
injure*!, ■ all in the same family, as
the result of a wind storm which
destroyed all buildings on the farm
of Eli Erickson, two miles north
west of Mildred early today.
Mrs. Eli Erickson and her daugh
ter. Irene, 12 years old, were killed
and Mr. Erickson, who was brought
to a hospital here, was in a serious
The storm aho struck at Brainerd
but no damage was reported.
Bismarck Ford Day, June
27. You will like Bismarck.
Russia and Japan
To Resume Trade
Tokio, June 23.—Official conversa
tions looking to resumption of com
mercial relations between Japan and
Russia will ofen June 28, it was an
nounced today. A. A. Joffc, who
represents the Soviet government and
Tos’hihiko Kawakami, former minis-
Bismarck, North Dakota
ter to Warsaw, will conduct the con
versations for Japan.
Bismarck Ford Day, June
27. You will like
i_ ,
Shirley Mason, the popular William
Fox star, comes to the Capitol the
ater in “The New Teacher,’’ for a
two-day run commencing Monday. No
production in which this dainty star
has been seen approaches in point
of beauty and detail the new charm
ing stray selected .for her by Mr.'
Fox. Tlie pictiiw; is from Dorothy
Yost’s tale, “The Little Alien,” and
the scenario is alsto the work of the
author. ” •
In “The New Teacher” Miss Ma
son appears as a young society girl
who tires of social life. She yearns
to do something for her poorer fel
low beings. When the family suf
fer a .financial reverse she accepts a
position as a teacher in one of the
public schools located in the slums
of New York. Her sweetheart finds
her an<j in order to protect her be
comes a policeman. she has
accomplished many praiseworthy
acts, he induces her to resume her
former status, and the picture ends
by their being married.
An excellent cast, which includes
Alan Forrest, Earl Metcalfe' and Pat
Moore, the child actor who is rapid
ly forging to the front ranks of
Btardom,~su£port Miss .Mason in her
latest offering.
Eating spaghetti in the approved
manner' of the Italians ip difficult
enough to make even an adult, un
accustomed tel the task, shudder. But
when a boy of the age and sl*e of
little Jackie Coogan attempts the feat
—why, it can’t be done.
Jackie tries it in his lutest produc
tion, “Daddy,” a First National pic
ture produced by Sol Lesser, which
will be seen at the Eltinge theater
Monday and Tuesday, and he con
vulses you with his antics. In dish
ing the slippery edible out of the pot
on the stove Jackie finds it impos
sible to make it stay on the plate, so
lie brings a pair of scissors into play.
Then, when he attempts to trans
fer the food to his empty stomach,
he discovers that it cannot be done
llis nimble brain, however, works
out a plan of eating the spaghetti
without becoming entangled in its
folds —and the result Is one of ex
cruciating humor.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Coogan wrote
the story of “Daddy,” which is a
perfect blend of humor, pathos and
tragedy, with Jackie cast as the
homeless, parentless waif, who wins
the* hearts of all.
Another feature at the Eltinge for
Monday and Tuesday is one of the
“Fighting Blood” stories.
Wildwood Pavilion Opens
Ford Day, June 27th.
By ,
Phone 1100 '
1U —4th Street
Cwdlw Health
ss rss&Kt
MORE than one million automobiles now
have been built and sold by the Willys-
Overland organization. One million cars! This
is not merely an accomplishment in production
and distribution. It is an accomplishment in
Many Overlands and Willys-Knights are playing
a tremendous part in the life and happiness of
our own community. They are putting our
families on swift wheels. They are multiplying
the earning power of our men. They are lighten
ing and quickening the work of our women.
They are carrying our children to school. They
are promoting business and bringing our people
together in closer, friendlier relationship.
Today’s Overland and Willys-Knight cars
unquestionably are the best automobiles Willys-
Overland ever built —and at the lowest price.
All past achievements are being excelled in
beauty of design, in comfort, in faithful per
formance—in the giving of real value.
Reflecting such quality, sales this season are the
greatest in our history. The public has>registered
unmistakably its appreciation of great value.
Overland Models t Touring 5525. Roadster <525, Coupe *795, Sedan 9860,
Red Bird *7 SO, Willys-Knight Models t 8-pass. Touring 91233, 3-pass.
Roadster 91233, 7-Pass. Touring 91433. S-pass. Country Club 91633. 8-pass.
Coupe-Sedan 91893.3-pass. Sedan 91793, 7-pass. Sedan 91993, all prices f.o.b.
Toledo. We reserve the right to change prices and specifications uMthout notice. '
IvinlV while galloping around the Lacquine.
uuoiama The animal was thravA when his foot
Broken Wrist was caught ‘V holc *
Brussels, June 23.—King Albert Dry Cleaning, Pressing,
suffered a broken bone In his wrist Dyeing, Repairing. Call 58.
today when he felt with his horse Eagle Tailoring.
All makes of cars have
friends—some more, some
less—but you’ll notice that
everybody has a friendly
word for Buick. '
Wri \ mm
I Leads in Cleveland I
■ In Sales for the Month of May. I
I Chevrolet 1736 I
I Fftrd . I. 1147 I
■ Studebaker . 239 A
I Dodge ..\ 176 I
I Buick 169 R
■ Hupmobile 118 ■
I Nash 94 ■
I Let us show you why Chevrolet Wins. H

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