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Social and Personal
McKenzie Will
Give Annual Ball
The thirteenth annual New Year’s
Ball will be given by the McKenzie
Hotel on New Year’s Eve, it was an
nounced today by K. G. Patterson.
The New Year’s balls were inaugur-'
ated after the building of the hotel
and have been a big feature of the
New Year’s observance here each
year. Elaborate plans aie being
made for the ball, he said.
The Mother’s club met yesterday
afternoon with Mrs. Ray Bergeson
as hostess. Roll call was answered
to by A Christmas Story. Election
of officers followed with the follow
ing members elected: Mrs. J. G. Wal
lace. president; Mrs. C. 11. Schoregge,
vice president; Mrs. C. (). Robinson,
secretary; Mrs. Win. McGraw, trea
sure]. A social hour followed with
delightful refreshments served at
the (lose of the afternoon.
Miss Cora McMahon of Irvington,
N. J., left yesterday for Seattle after
visiting her brother, Walter McMah
on. here. Miss McMahon will go to
China to enter missionary service.
Sailing from Seattle 01 Victoria, she
will go to Japan, thence to Hankow,
China, and thence to Titao, in Kunsu
pioviuee, on the Thibetan border.
M iss McMahon is a graduate of the
Newark Noi mal School and has been
teaching school in New Jersey.
Miss Claire Mae Salthe and Alford
Lee McVpty and Mias OJ|ve Kat'helecn
Jager and Connie Lexter Powers
were issued marriage licenses by the
county judge yesterday. Miss Jager
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.
F. Jager, well known residents of
tliis city. Both of the 'y° un £ men
are employed by the Soo Railroad.
Mrs. C. F. Garbush of Khaine, N.
Dale., who spent a short time here
visiting wiyj her sister, Mrs. S. D.
Parke, left this morning, for Rogers,
N. Dak., to visit with her mother.
The Thursday Musical Club will
meet at the home of Mrs. J. P.
French tomoriow afternoon.
has returned after G months and is
again at McKenzie Hotel Room 218
and will remain until Dec. 9th.
Readings SI.OO and $2.00.
* > *
a* ♦
Returns To Work After Illness
\V. F. Buhiitz, who has been ill for
the past month with an abscess of
the ear, lias- returned to take up his
duties ut the hi(*Yi school as prinei
~ pal. -.v
Bismarck Hospital
Admitted to the Bismarck hospital
for treatment: Mrs. R. C. Hoffmann,
New Salem; Ida Hildenbrand, Wisli
ck; E. F. llecht, Washburn; Mrs. U.
R. Seibert, Hazen; Edward Sailer,
vHazen; Alexander Shield, Dodge;
§Ss|rs. W. Brooks, Wilton; Mrs.
Carl Simpendnrter, Golden Vs. Hey;
Mrs. Harold R. Topping, city; Mrs.
F. F. Skinner, city; Mrs. Bcrnt
Johnson, Washburn; 11. O. Felanti,
Discharged; Mrs. L.. C. Peters,
Mandan; Mrs. C. Cl. Sevullues, Beu
lah; Master Reuben Zickuhr, Burt;
William Simonson, Richardson; Mrs.
J. H. W'ishek, Ashley; Elsie Metz,
Birth: Mrs. F. F. Skinner, city,
baby girl.
St. Alexius Hospital
Admitted to the St. Alexius hos
pital for treatment:
Nancy Dancing Bull, Van Hook;
Mrs. Chas. N. O’Brien, Wilton; Fred
Simon, New Salem; Master John
Heer, Wishek; Frank Steir/nofer,
Fotr Rice; Master Joe Moch, Kin
tyre; Anton Hoff, Richardton; Peter
Sehumsky, Sanger; Mrs. Geo. Levois,
Discharged: Philip Heil, Bentley;
Master Anton Thomas, Solen; Mrs,
Geo. Ely and baby girl, city; Peter
Aller, city; Master Bernard and
Master Raymond Graner, Huff.
Death: Mrs. Joseph Kershaw, Mc-
Methodist Ladies Chicken
Pie Supper and Bazaar Thurs
day in church parlors. Ba
zaar opens 11 a. m. “Pantry
Booth** new feature. Supper
served 6p. m. 50c each.
The Weather
Snow probably tonight
and Thursday.
* >
Give Welcome
To New Managers
About 40 Mandan and Bismarck
Telephone employes gathered at the
K. P. Hall Monday evening, Decem
ber 1, to welcome Mr. and Mrs. O. A.
Bon del id and Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Hanson. Mr. Bondelid was connect
ed with the Grand Forks office and
was recently transferred to Mandan
as manager of the .Mandan Exchange,
and Mr. Hanson was transferred from
Mandan to Bismarck. Dancing and
catds was the main diversion of the
evening at the close of which a dain
ty luncheon was served by members
of the Bismarck exchange.
The St. Mary’s Sewing Circle will
meet tomorrow afternoon at the
school auditorium at 2:30. All inem
bers are asked to be present as plans
for the Christmas Sale to be held
December 13, will be completed. All
donation? are to be delivered to Mrs.
Schebler, 506 third street. Bridge
and whist will be played during the
afternoon with Mrs. J. W. Curran
and Mrs. J. 11. Healow as hostesses.
The chairman of the first Division
of the Piesbyterian Ladies Aid would
like to have a good attendance ut the
General Aid meeting tomorrow after
noon. All finished work for the sale
to be held next week should be
brought in at this time.
The St. George’s Guild are giving
a caid party tomorrow afternoon and
evening at the parish house. The
ladies will be guests in the afternoon
and the gentlemen will also be guests
in the evening.
Mrs. VV. O. Ward and Miss Alice
Ward left Monday for Miami, Flor
ida. They are making the trip in
their Buick Coupe and expect to be
gone all winter.
The Women’s Catholic Order of
Forresters will hold a food sale Sat
urday, December G, ;ct the Quality
Meat Market.
A. F. Bradley of the Association of
Commerce left this morning for Chi
I At The Movies I
There were many reasons why
Shirley Mason, the petite William
Fox star, was eager to make her
latest starring picture, “That French
Lady,” wich conies to the Caiptol
Theatre tonight. The first is that
the photoplay is au adaptation of a
well known Broadway success, “Thu
Strange Woman,” by W. .J. llurl
burt. Versatile actresses always 4re
pleased with the opportunity to put
well known stage characters on the
screen. The second reason and, in
the opinion of Miss Mason, the most
: important, is that she plays a
French woman and can revel to her
j heart’s content in pretty clothes.
Norma Talmadge lives a whole
lifetime in one film for the first
time in her varied experience. The
picture, “Secrets” is a play that calls
lor the most difficult characteriza
tion of her career.
And if we are to believe the pre
view accounts, and that isn’t so hard
in view of past performances, the
emotional Norma is just as charming
in the one age as the other.
The story starts in England, goes
back by way of the heroine’s diary
to the romantic days of the 18G0’s
moves to the frontier of Western
America, and winds up where it be
gan in the London of modern times.
Thus it is that* four different
Norma Talmadge’s in four different
periods, appear in “Secrets” coming
to the Eltinge Theatre for Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday.
There is Norma, the London school
girl, a capricious young peeress, who
elopes with her father’s clerk on a
high wheel bicycle and sails for
There is Norma, the young wife
and mother, pioneering in a far-off
Wyoming cabin—a fighting Norma
who takes pistol in hand and aligns
herself with the men who battle to
save her husband and babe from an
outlaw band.
Next there is the Norma of middle
age, back in London in the 1870’s.
This time the little mother, who
lost her first born in the bleak foot
hills of the Rockies, is seen in the
settings of luxury as the matron of
a growing family. She is still the
fighting mother, but fighting this
time to save her constant husband
from disgracing himself in an in
trigue with a notorious beauty. Just
as she fought for her infant in far
away Wyoming, so Norma battles
again for her home and her children
—and her husband’s love.
And lastly, there is Norma, aged,
wrinkled, white-haired, marked by
the battles of life but withal still
beautiful, who sits ut the bedside
of her husband, doing her best to
help him fight off death —and suc
The whole story is splendid glori
fication of the steadfast love and
unshaken loyalty of a good wife,
and of all the pictures in which she
has appeared Norma says she likes
I “Secrets” best.
! Regular meeting of St.
| Elmo Lodge No. 4, Wednes
day evening, Dec. 3rd, 1924,
j 8:00 o’clock. Election of of
ficers. Please be on time.
| Paul A. Cook, C. C.
S. 0. Leßarron, K. R. &. S.
: , ,V* **
NEA Service Writer
Ifi the modern scheme of home de
coration, fancy boxes and baskets
have many places and they naturally
suggest themselves ns ideal Christ
mas gifts.
Some rtf the most attractive boxes
seen at the smartest shops have an
inverted lampshade for a foundation.
The sewing basket illustrated is of
this origin. To make it you take a
wire lamp shade and cover it with
seam binding as you would if you
were going to make a lamp shade.
Then put in u cuiuboard bottom
and line the basket with red satin
and cover the outside with theatrical
gauze. It may be sewed «>r glued in
to place.
Cardboard Top
Cut a cardboard top to fit over the
top and form a cover ’and cover it
like* the shade, fastening it at the
back with a red ribbon bow, using
another libhon bow on the top for a
Then catch strips of black velvet
on the inside of the cover for insert
ing sewing articles such as scissors,
thimble, and thread. Cover all the
seams and edges with galoon.
Another type of basket begins with
NEA Service Writer
London, Dec. 3. -England has had
an unprecedented bunch of rainy,
cold weather beginning in April and
lasting through October.
All during the alleged summer
light overcoats were not amiss; rain
coats, umbrellas and rubber shoes
were in fashion; and in the evening
fires were comfortable.
.iiul now the Jonah has been offi
cially discovered. It is the British
Empiic Exhibition at Wembley. And
licio is the proof adduced by the su
The exposition opened on April 23
and closed on Nov. 1. During all that
period the clear, sunshiny days could
be counted on the fingers of one’s
And the day after it closed an un
pre.edented thing happened—the
sun shone and five days in succes
sion there were blue skies without
a semblance of rain.
But there is another dark cloud
on the horizon of the sun worshipers
- Wembley may be opened again next
• • •
During the recent harvesting sea
son in the French farming country
the farmers were assisted by French
soldiers released from duty tempor
arily for that purpose.
The French government decided to
do this because of the shortage of
labor in agricultural districts. And
expert farm hands were easily found
in the army because 45 per cent of
the private soldiers are recruited
from the peasant class.
A similar .«♦<*■- was taken by the'
government immediately after the
war when large numbers of soldiers
were given permission to return
home on special leave to help with j
* harvesting crops on the)
family farms.
But this very shortage of farm-j
hands makes all the more remark
able the recent enactment of vexa-:
tious regulations which have to be
observed by foreigners coming into j
France to live and work there.
These new rules will probably;
scare off the very people France
needs—peasant farmhands from Italy
and the Basque provinces of Spain.
Speaking of the French army some
body has just resurrected a funny
yajrn about President Douinergue. He
comes from southern France, from
Aix in Provence, and it is there that
he served his time in the French
army when a lad. The testy old col
onel placed the smallest men in the
company, and there were a number
of them, in a section which was call
ed “Bouts de cigares”—“Cigar butts.”
Little Doumergue was assigned to
this bunch, but didn’t let it worry
Member N. D. State Board of
Eyes Examined
Glasses Fitted
an inverted lamp shade, covered as
the first with seam binding. Then a
taffeta lining is pleated to the frame,
each pleat being caught at the top
and the bottom.
All the edges are bound and silk
pockets are added for holding sewing
accessories. This is very attractive
in lose colored silk ami gold braid.
Powder Container
A glass bowl with a flat top may
he covered with fancy ribbon on the
outside to make a powder containei
that would grace any dressing table.
IMain and figured ribbons are used,
the plain ribbon being put on with
overlapping edges and the fancy used
to make tli<* cover sign.
If you like you can make the top
of cardhonid covered like the bowl,
instead of the glass cover. This can
be made easier with paste than with
t h read.
A cigaret box for the library table
may be evolved from an empty wood
or pasteboard, or even tin box.. Heavy
tan linen is glued over the founda
tion and the edges are bound with
A design for the center can be cut
from a piece of cretonne and applied
with glue. A monogram would he
equally effective.
him because he went swaggering
around Aix:
“It’s all right. 1 am the biggest
of the cigar butts!”
This can’t bo vouched for, but it’s
a thumping weird yarn which is go
ing the rounds in the clubs of the
cities on the shores of the Mediter
It seems that some of our naval
vessels have been cruising around,
stopping at various ports. Many so
cial attentions have been paid to the
young officers and they have recipro
cated by giving dances on their ves
But Europeans are wet and our
naval vessels, as part of U. S. terri
tory, are dry. The situation has
been solved by anchoring a barge
next to the ship on which the dance
is being held.
And a gangplank is fixed, so that
its end is only about three inches
from the barge. Thus the barge is
not really connected up with the
And when the guests of the Amer
icans get thirsty for something
stronger than lemonade they are in
vited “to go to Europe"—alias the
booze-laden barge.
Regular meeting of St.
Elmo Lodge No. 4, Wednes
day evening, Dee. 3rd, 1924,
8:00 o’clock. Election of of
ficers. Please be on time.
Paul A. Cook, C. C. /
S. O. Leßarron, K. It. &. S.
American Legion Auxiliary
Dance. Patterson’s Hall De
cember 4th. Public invited.
— .....
-••• #77..
I An Enlargement |
of your favorite snapshot makes an • <£
Snapshots taken in a happy moment may be beautiful
5* enlarged pictures which framed are a constant source
S of pleasure. Jft
5 Calendar and Greeting Mounts for your snapshots.
S Picture frames at from 15c to 75c each with your pet js
snapshot makes the reminder that keeps friendship S*
5 refreshed. S
***** ##...
Lump shiidcs can t>»> used to make
the sewiiik baskets, above, while a
gluss bowl van lie utilized for mak
ing an attraetive powaier eontuiner,
shown below.
I Cynthia Grey
Before marriage a man tells a girl
how soulful her eyes are. After
ward he advises her not to darken
her eyelashes.
A lot of women think that the
world not only owes them a living
but the price of a summer ermine
coat, a permanent wave and a mat
inee ticket besides.
The tragedy of women is that their
hearts are so much younger than
their faces.
The Hussions have a proverb that
*h.ys “Long hair and little brain."
Which makes most of the girls now
adays intellectual giants.
lo produce a happy child is more
of an achievement than anything
that was over invented, or painted,
or written or set to music.
Hear Miss (irev: Our young
oaughter of K is completely spoiled.
Unless we take her to the movies
about three times a week and let
her do about as she pleases, she
makes herself and us miserable. Is
there anything you can suggest to
help us? Mother.
't vs. there is. For one thing she
ought not to go to the movies often
er than once a month and then to a
pit ture made just for children. The
afternoon is the best time to go.
Start in today to discipline her. But
be gehtle and don't let her know that
you have made up your mind to
~ ■ \ —nj
You do not need a col
lege education to know
that it has style. It's a
Florsheim—that tells
you it is a fine shoe in
every way.
The Ttftgby « $lO
ißi mm
f) marked economy
V J g without sacrificing quality
QUALITY need not be sacri
ficed for economy, as the
tuts luncheon convincing results of a recent in-
Hot Asparagus Short Cakes VeStigation prove.
Shadow Potatoes Radishes
Hearts of Lettuce The COSt P re P ar * n g this luncheon, using
ftumm Chesting olive oil for the dressing, lard for the frying
Hot Chocolate Gingerbread and butter for the shortening, was found to
with Whipped Cream be | greater than the same luncheon pre-
Tea pared solely with Amaizo.
L i
Send for FREE Amaizo Cook Book
Address : 111 IV. Monroe St., Chicago, 111.
change things. Just go ahead quiet
ly and do it.
Bear Miss Grey: My husband
stays downtown almost every Satur
day night until !t or 1(1 o'clock to
have supper with some men friends
of his. Don’t you think they ought
to take us wives along? Peeved.
No. frankly, 1 don’t. 1 think you
5 S
; Seleet That :
! Christmas j
1 Gift !
2 *
| Now :
5 }
t The early shopper 5
* gets the benefit of 5
$ stocks that have not *
I been picked over 5
5 and salesmen »who 5
$ are not rushed with $
$ last - minute busi- 5
5 ness. Shop early—it $
J pays. 5
t \
| Bonham Brothers £
$ Jewelers - Optometrists '
% Osteopath
Bg Specialist in
MS Chronic
tB Diseases
/t£ Telephone 240
U 9y 2 —4th St.
la® Bismarck,
N. D.
women would spoil the party, it’s American Legion Auxiliary
natural for men to ivanl to have sup- ! Dance. Patterson's Hall De
per alone occasionally to talk busi comber Ith. Public invited.
ness and polities. Surely you can . -
find woman friend or two to spend Electric CookerV.
the evening l with if you’re lonely.
(Copyright, 19i!l, NKA Service, Inc.) Is Better Cookery.
The snappiest prettiest and most pleasing designs
are here for our annual Holiday Display.
Beautiful creations in Platinum, White and Green
gold wrist Watches, our Platinum watches all set with
Diamonds, and all are the very newest.
Newer models prettier than ever before fitted
with American made movements, the-e watches are as
thin as a watch should be to g ve satisfaction, priced
according to the number of jewels.
When you buy a Swiss watch here you can be sure
when in need of repairs that you will receive expert
service, as we employ a Swiss watchmaker, this expert
service adds nothing to the cost of the watch you buy.
Jeweler— Bismarck
The house of BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS and Lucky
Wedding Rings.
»l™“" a
® m
& a
i «
m B
5 He
“ OT
® Special Lot of Delicious ,
jg Apples, while they last g
§£ per box. »• jg
g $1.251® $1.50 g
6 a
M :■ a
a .. - m
§ Brown &Tiedman s
si a
MM&MMMM! ®akbaa mmm @s

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