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Ends Ilis Aspirations For
New Title
New York, Feb. 7. Si«J Terris, of
New York, widely heralded as the
fastest man of his weight and lead
ing contender fur the crown forfeit
ed by Hennv Leonard, went down to
defeat last night before the tireless
onslaught of Sammy Mandell, of
Rockford, II!., in one of the most
sensational lightweight battles
fought in many a year in Madison
Square Garden.
Mandell gained the judges’ den
ion after 12 rounds of spectacular
fighting in which his aggressiveness,
deadlier and more accurate hitting
offset the speed and boxing of Ter
1.5,000 At Arena
The verdict was received with min
gled feelings by a crowd of K 5,000
that jammed the garden, hut among
newspapermen at the ring opinion
was almost unanimous in favor of
Mandell. He was generally conceded
fix of the 12 rounds, with two cre
dited to Terris and four classed as
even. So close and stirring was the
battling, however, that there was lit
tle to choose at any stage of the
fray, although Mandell finished the
The fight started tamely, but de
veloped in the third round into a
hand to hand struggle that for the
three successive rounds had the
crowd on its feet in excitement.
l)i these three rounds —the third,
fourth and fifth— the battlers stood
toe to-toe in a terrific series of ex
changes that left both tottering.
Mandell took a count of one in the
third, the only knockdown of the
fight, after a right to the jaw.
Mandell Comes Bark
But the westerner came hack in
the fourth to drive Terris to cover
with a battering attack to the head
and l»o. ly. The fifth saw Terris
come back. Mandell’s knees quiver
ed and he was dazed from a ruttling
drive to the head. He fought back
gamely and Terris bled from cuts on
the* nose and neck.
The sixth round saw Terris largely
on the defensive and he displayed
only occasional spurts for the rest
of the fight, while Mandell, always
rushing, steadily piled up the points
that gave him victory. Mundell had
three pounds advantage in weight,
totaling 133% to 130% for Terris.
Syracuse, N. Y., Fob. 7.—Carl Han
sen, last night was exonerated from
all responsibility for the death of
Stanton R. Stevern, Syracuse Univer
sity student, who collapsed and died
Thursday night after a boxing Lout
with Hansen.
North Dakota Bison 20; Dps
Moines 20.
Valley City H. S. 33; Wahpeton 22.
St. Olaf 15; St. John’s 11.
Detroit 11; Moorhead 10.
Creighton 34; S. D. State 24.
Mitchell High 18; Brookings 14.
Yankton High 18; Madison 15.
Madison Normal 27; Spearfish Nor
mal 21.
•i Cornell 30; Hamline 20.
Sioux Falls High 20; Aberdeen 19.
5 Grand Forks 9; Fargo 8.
** St. Cloud 12; Mankato Teachers 10.
4 Twe Harbors 18; St. Thomas Acad
-3 emy 8.
s Moorhead Girls 18; Barnesville
3 Girls 10.
Rochester Junior College 35; Wi
; nr. n a 31.
Evangelical Ref. Church
South Side Mission and Charity
Service every Sunday at 10 a. m.
Sunday school 11 a. m.
Prayer meeting on request.
No evening service until we get
the street light to prevent accident,
regarding the sand pits.
J. B. HAPPEL, Pastor.
Cor. 4th Street and Ave. B.
10:30 A. M.—Morning worship.
Rev. O. S. Jacobson will preach.
12M —Sunday school.
Mr. John Thorpe, Superintendent.
Young People’s service 6:30 P. M.
There will be no evening service.
First Presbyterian Church
Sunday, February 8, 1925.
Morning worship at 10:30 a. m.
Sermon by Rev. W. F. Boyd of the
First Presbyterian Church of James
town. '-~'
Special music. Miss Sally Larson,
solo, “(Sheep and Lambs” by Homer.
Anthem by Quartet, “God Be Merci
ful Unto Us” by Galbraith.
Junior Sunday School at 9 a. m.
AH other departments at 12M.
Young Peoples Christian Endeavor
6:30 p. m.
Evening worship at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. W. F. Boyd will conduct the
service. Music. Two anthems by
. Mid-Week prayer meeting at 7:30
f. m. Wednesday. '
All are cordially invited to the
services of the church.
| Walter E. Vater, Pastor.
% -Diving service will be conducted
tomorrow, Sunday as follows:
Z 16:80. A. M.— Morning worship.
#WKp*ftor will preach on the sub*.
“The Enlarged Vision of Life.”
k. Choir will sing the anthem,
fffcsus The Calm That Fills My
IT larir— "
Big Thrill of Babe Ruth’s Unusual Career;
' Believe Me, You’re Due For Real Surprise
“At the last world series I sat next
to Babe Ruth in the press box at
Washington and New York.
Babe Ruth has few if any emo
tions. A ball game is just a ball
game with the Bambino.
He takes his three healthy swings
in a pinch with the bases loaded in
the same nonchalant manner as with
the sacks empty.
“You either hit it or you don’t",
is the Babe’s logic, “and it’s time
enough to sturt worrying when you
fail to come through.”
In the first game of the 1924
world series you will remember that
Walter Johnson was beaten after a
bitter 12-inning struggle.
Ruth viewed the first nine inn
ings of play in u matter-of-fact man-
Fred Hanson will favor us with a se
lected solo.
12 o’clock, Sunday school—(class
es for all ages).
3:30 P. M. —Junior League.
6:30 P. M.—Epworth League.
7:30 P. M.—The pastor will preach
the third of a scries of sermons on
“The Gospel In Art.” The picture
for consideration at this service will
be Leonardo DaVinci’s Masterpiece
entitled “The Last Supper.” A mag
nificent print of this famous pic
ture will be on exhibit during the
The Choir will sing for us “Be
Thou Exalted” by Carrie B. Adams
und “Break Thou the Bread of Life”
by W. F. Sherwin.
If you have no other church Home
in the city we heartily invite you to
worship with us. Strangers especial
ly welcome. Remember the hours,
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Trinity English Lutheran Church
Cor. Ave. C and 7th St., I. G. Monson,
Services Sunday morning at 11 a.
m. Topic: “Shirking Responsibil
ity.” The Choir will render a se
lection as usual.
Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Topic: “The Greatest Question of
Sunday School and Bible Class
12M. -
“Ye are my witnesses, saith the
Lord, and the servant which 1 have
chosen: That ye may know and be
lieve me, and understand that I am
he: before me there was no God
formed, neither shall there he after
me.” Is. 4,3, 10.
All welcome.
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Cor. 4th St. A Ave. C.
Sunday service at 11 a. m.
Subject: “Spirit.”
Sunday Sehool at 9:46 a. m.
Wednesday evening testimonial
meeting at 8 o’clock.
A reading room is open in the
church building every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, except legal
holidays, from 2 to 4 p. m.
All are welcome to attend these
services and to visit ' the reading
9:45 A. M. —Church School. •
11:00 A* M. —Morning prayer.
No evening service.
Morning service will be taken by
Mr. Orchard, Layreader.
F. H. DAVENPORT, Rector.
514 Mandan Ave.
Corner Seventh and Rosser ,Sts..
O. F. Struts pastor.
Services in the German language
from 9:30 to 10:30 a. m.
All other services are conducted
in the English language. *
Sunday school from 10:30 to 11:30
m-*inr-foUowpff» by a on
Johnslon, rf .... 5 0 I | o 0 Hooper, ri 6 0 1 2 1 0 I
Oaubert, lb 5 0 0 18 1 0 Janvrln, 2b ; • » 4 6 0
cf 6 I 1 4 1 U Walker, rf i 0-0 2 1 8
Wheat. If . 5 0 0 2 0 0 Walsh, rf 8 0 0 4 M
Cutshaw, 2b 5 0 0 5 6 1 Jlobliuel, lb .... £ 0 021 in'
Mow re), 3b 6 0 l .1 5 1L t McNally .. .... 6 1 0 0 I 4
f I ® 1 * 1 o Oardnor, 3b ft 0 0 3 7 I
*>"•“*». I* 5 0 1 1,1 o tCaina* | « l 0 0,0
Sr oil, 44 4 1 2 1 9 0
Tlimm* c 4 0 1 6 4 0
Ruling 4 0 0 2 4 #
Total* ... 43 1 4*4025 2 T*4a .42 "g 1? «Jj
•One' out when winning run was scored. V i ».
fßan for Iloblitecl in fourteenth inning,
t Batted for Gardner in fourteenth iqaiaf.
\ .o o i oo o o o o o o o o i-i
1 Brooklyn ...I 0 0 0 0 0 o*o 0 0 4 0 0 o—l
\ — 1 %
ner, not especially interested.
Babe Became Enthused
As Washington tied up the game,
sending it into extra innings, he be
gan- to perk up. Apparently some
thing had happened to stir up the
Babe’s enthusiasm.
When neither 1 side scored in the
tenth inning, the Bake began to shift
around in his seat in u decidedly
restless manner.
As the eleventh session was finish
ed without either club breaking the
tie. Babe showed positive signs of
being excited. I was curious as to
what it was all about.
At the start of the twelfth inning,
which proved to be the final one of
the game. I decided to start a conver
sation which would enable me to
find out why Babe, had suddenly be
come so interested after his laconic
attitude of the early innings.
“It’s turned out to be a whale of
a game, Babe,’’ I remarked.
“I should say it has,” he replied,
“and I hope the Nats win it in this
inning. At the worst I hope it don’t
go over 14 innings.”
“What’s the idea of putting a time
limit, you must have a dinner date?”
I remarked.
"Naw,” Replied the Babe in evident
“The Greatest Prayer Ever Offer
Evangelical League of C. E. at 7:15
p. m. sharp. A live meeting with
H. J. Neubauer in charge. The In
termediate League will meet in the
church parlors at the same time.
Evening sermon: “The Greatest
Questions.” Mrs. Minnie D. Craig
will sing.
Prayer service and Bible study
Tuesday evening at 7:45 p. m..
A cordial welcome to all.
Seventh Street and Avenue D.
E. F. ALFSON. Pastor.
There will be services,, conducted
in the Swedish language at 10:30 a.
m. ,
Sunday school at 12 noon. <
Evening service at 8 o’clock.
Sunday school ahd evening service
are conducted in the English lan
Special music at both of the ser
vices. v
All are cordially invited.
New Houso'BfUs
H. B. 167—Tschida, Ind., Morton:
Amends Sec. 3716, C. L. 1913 and
Chap. 174. 1923 that city commis
sion or council may spread a general
levy to -make -up a deficiency on any
special assessment. (Judiciary).
H. B. 168—Morton, NL, Dunn:
A new act setting up a system
whereby the state, as a corporation,
all boards and commissions created
by law and counties and other gov
ernmental sub-divisions liable for
negligence in the doing of public
work, may be sued to the same ex
tent as municipal corporations.
(State Affairs).
H. B. 169-180-r-Inclusive, changes
sought by the North Dakota confer
ence of states attorneys in the pre
sent criminal proceedure, penalties,
etc., introduced by Rep. Starjce of
Stark and Carr of Stutsman. All
were referred to the Judiciary com
H. B. 169 —Cuts out present method
of “double-barreled affidavit of pre
judice” against judge and county.
Would have judge name other judge
to whom change of venue shall he
taken and affidavit against county
must be filed before second judge.
H. B. 170—Makes present civil
cour( proceedure govern in criminal
case appeals, relative to transcript
or statement of case. Present pro
cedure requires re-writing of whole
statement in criminal appeals. v
H. B. 171—Changes spread of im
prisonment for grand larceny to re
duce present minimum of one year
to three months, and present maxi
mum of five years to ten years.
H. B. 172—Amends present statute
which permits defendant in misda
. meaaor wanes to daman d rcooed of <a
f am! >
( Turn GOES . )
/U/ I?ECO zvy
disgust at my dinner crack. “The
idea is that it will break a record
that I prize mure than anything 1
have ever done in baseball.”
1 was curious. What had the Babe
done that he regarded as greater
than making f>9 home runs in a sea
son, leading League
in hatting or any of his many other
feats of swat.
‘ Don’t you remember that thinn
ing game 1 picked for Boston against
Brooklyn in 1916. 1 beat Sherry
Smith 2to 1. f ,
Ruth’s Greatest Thrill
“It was a tough game for .Smitty
to lose but I want to tell the world
that the winning of that ball game
was the biggest thrill of my baseball
“Seemed as if 1 put a whole sea
son’s effort into winning that battle.
When it was over and I had won
th'ere came a feeling that I imagine
a guy only gets once in a lifetime.
“Just wonderful.” j
While Babe hated to see the Nats
lose, particularly Walter Johnson, he'
was pleased it didn’t go 14 innings.
The Babe wants that record to l
stand long after his swat feats are
only faint memories. :
preliminary hearing, so that such I
demand may be- made only in of
fenses classed as felonies.
H. It. 173 —Adds an alternative jail
sentence to be imposed at discretion
of committing magistrate to person
convicted of drunk and disorderly
conduct. Presejit law provides only
a fine and jail sentence only in de
fault of fine. Jncrf%ses ;.range of
fine from -not more than $25 to not
less than $5 nor than SSO, and add
not more than 30 days or . both
fine and juil. j
H. B. 174—Gives states attorneys j
power to summon, swear and exam- i
ine witnesses prior issuance of
warrant of arrest. Aimed to permit
greater range of investigation be
fore arrests ordered.
H. B. 175—Gives the etates attor
ney the right, to same number of per
emptory challenges of jurors as tjie
defense: 20 in murder cases, 10 in
other felo.nies, and 6 in other cases.
H. B. 176—Making conspiracy to
commit a felony punishable the
same as a felony.
H. B. 177—Would amend statute
of limitations so that time accused
spends outside of North Dakota shall
not be part of the limitation period.
H. B. 178 —Amends old statute so
as to substitute words “life impri
sonment” in murder 'penalty statute
in place of “death penalty”, and
“murder in the first degree” instead
of “capital crime.”.
H. B. 179 —Reduces the limit with
in which appeal from criminal case
conviction, must be filed from one
year to six month*.
H. B. 180 —Part of State* Attor
neys list introduced by Carr; and
Starke.*but assigned to temperance
committee; amende definition of in
toxicating liquors so as to include
“or intended” in following “one half
of one percentum or more of alcohol
by volume which are fit or intended
for use for beverage purposes.”
H. B. 181—Quade, Ind v Stutsman:
Eliminates requirement that peti
tions for letters of administration
must also* be filed with public ad
ministrator. (State affairs).
H. B. 182 —Johnson. NL, Ransom.:
Giving the state highway commission
power to remove signboards placed
on private property within 1,000 feet
of a railroad grade crossing and de
scribing such cluttering of the scen
ery as a misdemeanor. (Highways).
i H. B. 183—Morton, NL, Dunn: To
prohibit removal of encumbered
chattel property, from the state on
which there Is a subsisting Hep,
either by operation of law„ or by
Cleaner, Safer and Cheaper.
cuakpt#vk Health
AHssSs .uiw»emuttu
. SSK)>>NflHt fimurt
contract, adding “or conditional sale
H. B. 184—Olafson, Ind., Pembina,
and Morton, NL, Dunn: Amends sta
tute concerning first class printing
—publication of the popular ad com- I
piled session law volumes —so /that j
type shall be set but once and in the I
form of the final compiled laws. Dup- !
libation of cost under sys- j
tern is charged as cause for measure, j
(Public Printing).
New Senate Bills
S. B. 199 — Peck, NL, McLean: Fixes j
compensation of members of legisla- |
ture at SB.OO per day instead of pre- i
sent $5.00. (Ways .and Means).
S. B. 200 —Schlosser, Ind., Grand ,
Forks, by request of North Dakota '
Chapter American Association of I
Engineers: An act to regulate the
practice and profession of engineer
ing and land surveying in the state,
examinations by special board named
by governor, licenses to engineers,
etc. (Ways and Means).
S. B. 201 —Olson, Burleigh: Making
•it unlawful to employ any public ac- i
ccuntants or auditor who is not a j
citizen'or actual resident of North!
Dakota to make audits of any books I
of state departments, industries or |
records of any political subdivisions.
i State Affairs).
S. B. 202 —Benson, NL, Rolette:
Provides for a hearing before rail
road commissioners on rates charged
by elevators for storage. (Ware
houses and Grain Grading).
S. B. 203 —Whitmer, NL, Oliver:
Provides that transportation of pu
pils of consolidated schools may be
abolished upon “NO” vote of two ,
thirds of school district taxpayers.
Makes exception in cases of pupils |
in isolated section, or where poverty |
of a family prompts board to -trigis- j
port pupils when parents are unable.
S. B. 204—Ingerson, NL, Burke:
Amends present Guaranty fund com
mission act so as to permit assess
ment be made against state banks
of 3-8 of one percent of the average
daily deposits instead of ♦the 1-4 of
one percent now allowed. Assess
ment might be levied three times a
year at rate of 1-8 of one percent
each time; provides for hearings on
rejected claims before the commis
sion at any point in the state as well
as the capitol; provides that an ap
peal from judgment of the commis
sion may be taken to the district
court. Sec. 21 of the hill permits
the commission to issue certificates
of indebtedness which would be ne
gotiable, assignable and eligible to
use as offsets for debts due to clos
ed banks, such certificates to bear
5 percent interest, and repeals pre
sent statute sections which permit
deposits to strength condition of
shaky banks or for purchase of as
sets of such banks. (Banks and
S. B. 205 —Ingerson, NL, Burke:
‘ Prohibiting issuance of cashier’s
checks except cash be on hand. Au
thor claims cashier’s checks have
been issued to “doctor up state
ments.” (Banks and Banking).
Passed v by Senate
S. B. 112 —Providing for the re
insurance with private companies of
; the largest risks and most hazard
j ous carried by the state fire and
tornado fund, until such time as
contingency fund is ample to pro-
Itect all state risks. Passed 43 to C.
1 1 S. B. 148—53,000 for removal of
i Roosevelt cabin to another site on
j capitol grounds, refinishing and
I erection of a shelter over it. 49 to
| S. B. 172 —$2,000 to pay premiums
on bonds of state officials. 49 to 0.
S. B. 173 —$5,000 for biennium to
pay per diem and expenses of agents
in the arrest and return of fugitives
from justice. Passed 48 to 1.
S. B. 174 —$2,000 for per djem and
expenses of state budget board,
j S. B. 175—540,000 for contingency
jfund for state emergency commis
! S. B. 134 —Amending law prohibit
ing discrimination in cream prices at
j purchasing stations so as to clarify
statute. No change in act.
J H. B. 17—Repeals standing appro
priation of $5,000 for regulation of
dairy industry. Covered in commis
sioner of agriculture and labor bud
get. v
Killed by Senate
S. B. 125 and S. B. 128—Two of
the measures sought by the work
men’s compensation bureau clarify
ing the act.
Killed by House
. S. B. 90 —Appropriating $14,900 to
ward completion of Liberty Memorial
H. B. 150—Aimed to repeal num
erous obsolete statutes. Error in
drawing. . - .
H. B. 102 —Establishing a system
Stop Coughs
f Jf j., l M lr 1 d J
■"ill 1111
fiflfll»1 j Reg j >MI«
. Send, your Steel Arch
Shoes to the factory to
be half solfed or whole
: soled. Go to the Bis
marck Shoe Hospital,
they are capable to do
Anything in the shoe
Li repair line.
411 Broadway
Blamgrck, - M. D.
“Nig” woman 'hating cat of San Francisco city prison, in the arms of
Dorothy Elliagson, called “jazz .slayer” ‘because £ihe killed her mother
in an argument over dancing, and laughed about it. She doesn’t 'laugh
•at the cat. She thinks the cat has her mottlier’s «oul, she tells prison
officials. So she pets “Nig” and feeds him.
of highway signs, signals, etc., in ac
cordance with’ Ihe system developed
by the national highways confer
H. B. 137 and If. B. 130, stretching
out the minimum to four miles in
the case of common schools and 2M*
miles in the case of consolidated
schools beyond which distance school
children might be transported at the
cost of the school district. First one
killed 53 to SG, second failed of pass
age 42 to C 5.
H. B. 131—Concurrent resolution
calling for referendum of proposal
to make terms of county officers
ofur yeajs instead of two years. De
feated 9 to 98, absent 0.
Passed by House
H. B. 43—Appropriating $00,320
for reopening of , the , Bottineau
school of forestry. Passed 02 to 40.
H. B. 112 —$1,000 for bee inspec-
||l|§| A Sound Investment U||||
flji|j Now and Always |j||J
. A Ford Closed Car, purchased now will be of daily use
iiPiP-PiPiPll to you throughout the year. ■* :PSsil§Pli|P
lIPIiIPPIPi • R serve you faithfully in the worst weather —even
IPIP-PiP&pj when you would hesitate to take out a larger car* ' PIPPPiP&pI
i:pPPPIi® Requiring the smallest investment of any closed car, a PiPPpiPPip
Ford assures you complete comfort and certainty of travel.'
>:|p:p|;p;pip And with the coming of warmer days, your appreda- |p§||i|pisj
'' :V: -& don of it will increase as you learn how fully a Ford
i:;ipiiP|;pi;i;pp meets all your motoring needs. Pi^PilP^lp
1111111 l i^noC/^tbr^S/on 1111»
For dor Sedan - - *660 Touring Car - • *290
Tudor Sedan - - 580 Runabout - - - 260
; I;|;X : : : It*' CoiMjte • • • • 520 AM fMWOO i » O. b» Detroit
On Qpen Cart Starter and Demountable Rum arm S9B Extra
lllllPPft Authorised Ford Dealer
isv ~
tion and prevention of “foul brood”
importations. Passed 84 to 25.
11. B. 130 —Transferring SIO,OOO
from the state bar fund to the gen
eral fund. Passed 109
H. B. 131—Authorizing the secre
tary of state to enter into contract
with the Lawyers Cooperative pub
lishing company of Rochester, N. Y.,
to prepare, annotate and publish a
supplement to the compiled laws of
1913. Passed 107 to 0.
H. B. 62-—Providing reciprocal sta
tute with other states whereby com
missioner of insurance may issue
licenses to non-resident insurance
agents. Passed 80 to 25.
11. B. 151—Removing “towns on
interstate rivers” from classification
the same as county seats on rail
roads, in the statute prohibiting
county seat removal contests often
er than every four years. Passed
67 to 38.
H. B. 84—Authorizing the state
railroad commission to create and
enforce certain intra-state freight
rates, on basis of equalization of
cost of long anil short hauls to the
cost of a commodity—coal. Passed
76 'to 20.
H. B. 108—Permitting counties to
engage other counsel than states at
torney for collection of seed and feed
lien accounts. Passed 85 to 18.
S. B. 103—Permitting majority of
stockholders present at a meeting of
a cooperative corporation to consti
tute a quorum and transact business.
Passed 105 to 1.
Burleigh Coun«ty, North Dakota.
Sealed bids for the maintenance of
main line roads in Burleigh County,
North Dakota, will be received, by
the Board of County Commissioners
of said County until two o’clock, p.
m. March 4th, 1925.
Specifications are on file at the
office of the County Auditor or may
be obtained from the County Sur
The roads to be maintained during
the season of 1925 are as follows:
Along the National Parks High
way from the east city limits of the
City of Bismarck to the Kidder Coun
ty Line; Along the Bluck Tnail from
Bismarck to Wilton; Along the Lig
nite Highway from Wilton to the
Kidder County Line; And Along the
State Road from the Emmons County
Line, North through Sterling and
Wing to the Sheridan County Line.
Bids will be received on a basis
of payment by the month and bids
will be received on furnishing two
horses and equipment and on furn
ishing four horses and equipment,
and the work will be awarded as the
best interests of the county of Bur
leigh may appear.
Tfce Board of County Commission
er* reserve the tight to reject anv
or. all bids. •
By orddr of the Board of County
. Commissioners. *
County Auditor.
" 1 7-14-21-28
•, • .1
Too Late To Classify \
FOR RENT—Two small furnished
rooms for light housekeeping,
$32.50. Ttye Laurain AptsV'B. F.
Flanagan. Phone 303.
WANTED—IOOxISO lot to be locati-1
on Sweet Street and east of Sirt
elair Oil Co. For information
write Box 920, care of Tribune.
2-7-3 t
WANTED AT ONCE—Experienced
waitresses and kitchen help. Fred
erick Cafe.
FOR RlCNT—Nice modern, furnished
room. Close in. 505-3rd St. Phone
2-7-3 t
Celebrate Tonite. Patter
son’s Hall. Public dance.

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