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The Bismarck tribune. [volume] (Bismarck, N.D.) 1916-current, November 09, 1925, Image 8

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If Slide's ('onion!ton Wits Sound Evert Housewife Who
Cans Fruit .luiee*-. hr (he I’nrnose of Laler Mnkinj;
,lei!\ Would I »e l.nw \ i.l.th r. S;i\s .ludije
Rover ..i i.y : ii• • -iipree ,■ nmil of
t III' .:.t1 .II of 111. '.. . • .1!I > 'll ■ !
iMCt . ..Ult in . .1- \ •in/ .1: 1 II.. Dim
ills ..|| ,-| limit i. )’ / 1 llg . h.•.« f• • kli'i. V.' *. 1
111 11, : latr 1;t \\ p.i-M’d 111 1!*2.; Ntnl I.
li< vp'. |» i ..I. <l!i ii' I'i'll it jii i >.I
D” dangc: i»t pro ,r ;..n on fh:. i
~r violal.it i. th. prohibit i..ii 1.. V.. It..’
<l* ri ion w i ill. ii |.\ \ • ... .it" -In I ••
Gvei ii l.jo i n John-on .inli..'it.
III.’ s.’itiuii of the law whirl i was .
Ii ulli t'iml 1... t In- dect- iiiii IP., i '
“Kwi-ct ! i nit . ..I. i > iin . 1..’ i i i. .if:o
tilled, |.l o.'ii ml, 01.1 nil. I | •! ■
«*M»> Will’ll |U!t IN -trill.’. .'l' -’I - .’ll;
tailiols t.liii treated by til.’ a.hi 1 1 ion -t !
I. •• n zo.i t>■ of ■ .In or o'.lipi - .ih tari <<• i
winch will prevent fcrm.’iitat mn, in
s iicli proportion a- t>. ii.'iiip th.’ ai- .
, oh.ill.’ . ..lit. 11. I.’inamull' 1..• 1• w ..IIP 1
I r.... I s was .on ■ oi of ■’ I i.y a .
;. ntlii’t n- fruit .ii; ice . out. nt. 1
.1 Dpi i -'ion
1., r of the roll ft Nploovp.l. .1 isl.
.1 oh nsnn a id: **< onus. I n In in-: .
•hi.l on th.- oral a i gun.”,it a;. that t
III’ ta Vp Stand: Upot the |.| op., -it mn \
that th.’ d.’l olid an' w . •• i .rircd with t
an.l w;<- guilty of the oll'ni-p of on- .
g. i; jp in the liquor traffic. That i•’
t.. iy the defendant i in rll'p. t
charged with «-11 in y oi i nipot ti ng in
to\ipati mu’ liquor Up did not k.-. p 1
..r j..w "o I’rima facie it w.uil.l :
•. I that all | ciM.ns knowingly pom- i
p. riio-i in i tup", it ing it air. on I'nioi- i
lia )u inciplos. guilty. Tin l d.’fi’tidant I
*«i.»k tl '• ordet aiol if tiir column,iit\ t
ip within thp prohibited class ho i
•,. il' y .pporilinyr to tile -lear imp' it
of t !)’)> tit ito.
•‘So, tion iai.- of ih.aptpr 2<‘, s, • ;<>n i
lav. ,ft r '.’oi -:
•• •'! !t follow mu iiquot an* hen by
«■ , I 11 a ,1 to l.p into-, i, .* ■nr ;■ ii. 1 ih- , r t
.nt ’ ,’a* i !”.•• qiia I it; hall. I, tin- i
< ~u: ! . he 1 1 !*■ sui'i.’.l, vi. ai .-Ii .1,
! ..ml•. hi■l p\ . i in. ’.'in. In” r. a Ip, !
I ... ; .'ll will! .1 ,1 N ad'lition ■
tl • ! ,'t„ > . lit 'non ' non o ait l
, fmi,”! t.- i liquot. and ,• an
■ I . wii.Mli.-i mpdip.it, d. loop, a-.
1. it ol 1 p. > pen lii in oi mori of a i
iilo: I,;, volutin wh.cit hi, 1 t:t for u-.- <
I, r h'.’M’ i :p. |ni.|i'i ■ l*i. iv d.'i. ; hat :
: ;.i f, •, • 0.. ” il fir. it mn l».' ii not r\ -
1 od ain't fruit .wines .a deal ,
, . hoi.. mi wine mu ' iam h’V.’tugo m .
Ii 11 ill prod up, .| I.y tin’ jiropp" h\ .
nl.ii i, 1,,-, ~ ah , poitpi whip !•
ill .ii a .'Pit '*’ i f contain Ip •' than one* i
h. II o. 1 pci centum of ileoh d by i
him. and l 111 hn W. .• do o' at
I‘l Ii; 0 - ill'l l . lie. > r poi t> l and l i
pa !pii i i ..oil and coni ai tied aml sold I
in ~r I loio hermi t .ally scalrii ..ml I
lain*l ol bottles.*
•‘I his so, tion is pearly identical
with section one of the I’edrral \ a
and is borrowed from it
The Federal Act
“Under the Federal Act it is un
la\.\ ... .o sen any oi tist a lice ,|r •iy n
■ d or in'.piidi'il lor u.-e iii thr unlaw
in” *' ’if.pt uto • of intoxicating
.iquor. There is m. equivalent ot ttiis
section in the state lan. Our legi
lature has not yet entered upon tin
very interesting field. Tlu* ingenuity
. . isinn means t.< at i fy
Ii: wants has long I.een the theme of
*atcs and Counties Surfaced .31,511 Miles of Highway Dur
ing 192 J and It Is Expected That Equally as (jjod
V regress Will Have Been Made This Year
the United Stales i- nearing the
000 mark, according to the I!
nf i s I Hn ■ <o' >■ ,'a* ;d •
Department of g ,-u ture
weeks ago th ■ State reports indi
that there were It2S,;M7 miles of s h
faced road on the state system
the end of 1024 ami simil ir sub
diient reoorts from the states in
eated that mileage of surfaced co
ty roads was .' : .3o,f>r»B, making a to
f**’ ig~'(O' w’* : !-* : t s prob”.' ■
that the estimate of county roads
not so accurate as that of the st
ii» iis the above figure is probab.’
n-‘ ten I-,—-
Since 31,541 miles of road wa
surfaced in 1024 !>y the states an
counties and it is known tha
progress has been equally as go ,1 in
Surfaced Surfaced
St. Roads, Co. Roads
Tl. rural Dec. Ml, Deo. Ml.
State mileage 1921
Alabama *'» 1 ,r»01 1.652 10.K.'.s
Arizona 22.355 LMOs
Arkansas 74.865 2.*t>l --•*.< d
California 75,61,* 3.23 1
Colorado • ■ <■ 7 .*»—‘ * M.IOS •’•'>■ll
•Connecticut. 1‘2,21S 1-008 .!•>
Delaware .... 1.110 41s 280
Florida 28,413 O.lHi
Georgia • • 98,301 -.DCC D*',M.2
Idaho 34,810 i.los '•*. I. <•
Illinois {>15.328 M. 4117 ’.'.'‘“’l,’
Indiana 80, 5 MM •• • * * •
lowa 101.62-1 -.667 '-\ool
Kansas 120,12'. •><-
Kentucky . . 68,701 -’.MIK ‘••''ll
Louisiana 33,803 M.loi ' 1 ‘
Maine 20.030 1-181 [-•'*
Maryland 14,886 2.211
Massachusetts 10,008 •’•?! 1
Michigan 77,283 ! ’’i-l,!
Minnesota 107.816 •’•l*' '
Mississippi 36,880 3,3.4
Missouri 112,100 1 -!*!? ‘’l,. 1 .!
Montana 67,176 *‘_o -
Nebraska 87,201 03. - Ji
Nevada 22.778 - >0 31 •
New Hampshire 13.088 U 11
Now Jersey ' 1MI» -*ll P -H 1
North Dakota 100,408 I*7
Ohio 84,532 -'.Oo -j;
Oklahoma 131,262
Oregon *••••' 10,770 7' ti'o'ir
Pennsylvania 02,020 '. ■> • •-
Rhode Island 2,310 •» it‘)o 5 001
South Carolina MAM -£J
--•outh Dakota - 2ABO 0.853
Texas ;;;;;; ’O4O 2.011
Utah fV’S! 2.868- 1,613
Vermont JUJ” 2.438 4.024
Virginia .• • ; ‘li'ZlZ 2.318 14,207
West Virginia ; 8.500 15.937
Wisconsin • •■• -] y *•* ,* *■ .. iS’XVJ 710 14
cola im Mat,u . Oui law make t have
i < l a, • p.l I,■ • ; lal ion • pec Ideal ii n
1,i.,|, I t ” res’ ii lat p, r • I i let pro
• ti ' rppmr. or sailing of t lie
iii 111.-1 ■• n . .mn.o,tit i.’s. Hiiii’np'.i„ri
:: i.d mm,, oitn.l which, t hough devoid
’., a a l,of n.., tun - al.’.di.d,
■I, <di.die | l inciple in a |<t”
I ... . Am.mg ~ll,’h may he
niiu l.prrip . pl.aimonly siorcl l.y
1 1 1 , thi 1 11 v I mi ew.fi' in fruit jars ot
1.1 h, r ~m ;. ;m i ■ iii lie i hasp me lit
.. ~ : 1 1),' tin.” win n > In- hall want
to p.iiiveit it lit,. je;ly. and other
thing- . ii. .n ly too numerous to lie
h IP , ,1 log |. <1 It is a fact that
- h ’ riei.., nt which pon-'itute tin. al
r di.dip priripi[.le ; re latent in an i:i
--i op piahli’ \ .i , ty i !' U“'eful i niniiiod
:* > .” no. undei proper > .nilition
aip h, ■ ,-d fioi i o*li.’r coinp.iunil «,n
--|>. In 11‘fol , till -i f. r. 1 . inl lICPOIIIe
a! poll"|. In mne c. , very little
i.stain e s.'”,: - lil’pes,.;.ry to
•■f ..iii age tile prep st/s of aicoholis
.at.oi:; in nth,•!’. ail that i. needed is
t i o,o’ ii tl-.' container, end nature
v. . I * >•. .ns. nut.' ill,’ article into * vi* r v
fit,, wine,’ with a Id,era) alcoholic
I hi f-p< eifie (Jui’st ion
1 ! I p.’i’i f < qlll t 1 "Il spo |,| - t,i he
nil. tin-, it i a violatio'i of the ; fate
lav. t take nidi” within the smic
; . r 11. • pi! i .ha se of a liquid, to he
i up, t •<! t i on) another state, which
ha i ” tra. pof alcohol in it when <i>*
liver. ,1. and i neither a ci’ler nor
ii.it hi ;.! find juici . I.iit an iiniialion
I’ll : V juice of solnc '>.l* W’llich. Upon
: i men: at ion, i-- tiansmutcd into a
I:.Iu ,r liavitu :.a a!, di.dip e nt<*lit
mu, 1 ' .1 1 ».v«• IM,’ minimum piriaiitod
I,\ the prohibition statute
nse 1 l'.,| tile tate lake the
I”.-nil,.I tii.it the leim *W i tic' *;i - u >’,l
in mtio,, ! of tile pri.h• Idti.m act
i iiaif • sweet fruit juices and ail
! ~ .i. ■ • ir. < • ~ | luung
, . . rrte.l into *’.. . a,' 1: would seem
1 lu. I a’:!,', till- . ,||> t.’llt ; o:i . n he
li\ iy Housewife “(iitilfy”
■ r im,: open in .on -1 ion tl, at it
'. im . onteill i Oil oi’ th • state lie Milltlil.
eve-y housewife in ill,- stall* wii,. e :
t r... : - iaici s from heiries, etc., a’ld
stun it until l.e i; tp.ady to uK.k'’
it in',. jelly, is guilty of matuifact m
.si;: ami possessing inl,>>:icati ng Uqttor
ami subject to llie p nnltics of the
pi ohibit ion law. Indeed, the far
reaching effect of such a holding can
not In anticipated described. I’he
fee, i’ll gaivel nnp’llt lias eatefullv
guard,,l against a re ult o rid ii id. Mis
h spetific provisions, I,oil, in tin
lav. and in tlu* regulations if tlu*
Tte.isury Department mule pursiant
thi.,eto, and. at the .ame time, in
Sc.-I ’oil is of tile Federal Prohibition
Act, has prohibited the advertising,
mnnufaetu i ing .idling or pm. a- sing
for ale of ‘any utensil, contrivance,
machine, preparation, compound,
tablet, sub; * anee. for tint lit direction,
or recipe, advert 1 ”d. designed or in
tended for use iii the unlawful niauu-
I'aeture ot’ into icatdig liquor.' 'I here
i m, siii’li provision in our law. Nor
can we hold titat wine, declareij in
tin- stole law to i.e pre umptively in
toxicating. includes sweet fruit juices
’5, it is prob i'ide that the eonstrue
on season nyw drawing to a close
II increase tlu* surfaced mileage to
• > than 105,(100. In this estimate
i I'vnce was made for a portion of
* year's work being resurfacing or
her Mil pro '.’trtent of roads previ
usly reported as surfaced.
V u).«t Vil’s rf Improved Roads
In addition to surfaced roads a
, ■ or.siderable mileage lias been gru led
j . d drained according to engineering
! and’ rds. There were 23<i.' > 04 miles
! if such road at the end of 1024, and
of tltis 13,t180 miles had been eon
j ’rueted during that year. These fig
' ires indicate that the improved road
i mileage of all classes is not far from
, 740.000.
The following table gives the status
of road improvement in the various
States at the en i of 1024:
for compound-* without a trace of al
cohol. Such a holding would not in* a
liberal const i net ion of the law;
' rath *r would i‘ l.e a most unwnnant
'id mi-i oustr m ti«>n ol the Hrgli h
i'lriru.’igo. mu! a Hear perversion of
th-* putpo the legislature had in
I di.’iai int<’ rjU’et.’ition, to adont n rule
j iieii,’i!i/.it;g done :ie rotuluet, hereto
| j'nic ii’gaiden a pr.'ii -..-wortliy e\ i
donee of thrifi. The legislature has
! not seen fit to ailempt, like the Fed
I era I (jovi’f f> tnefi t, to legulati* or ic
Imi’l tile ii or l.i fnng of or iif:, r:
i fruit juice . wholly rmu-aleniiolii
, onif,outld- or In veiage , o, pomniodi
ties out of which inlo.vii ants |<re
kpi died by the low inay lie made iiy
giving oii.e a i-taiici’ or direct i„n
to tlie oidinaiv :in,l normal [iroees-es
of ntitui’t*. The only I’.vception is
idiier, tile i-xprtose.l jtjtci* ol apple
We have lio power to do so. It is oil!
duty, under out oaths and the consti
tution, to apply and interpret the
law as made hy the leg! slut u ii* ; not
to fill sahstan*ial gap.- therein to the
end that the conviction <>f some per
son may tie sustained, because an ev
post facto widoai suggests that
on, •th ing ha.. lieeti omitted hy the
lawmaking body which should have
been covered.’’ I
Devils Lake Woman
Asks Duluth Cous
to Seek Brother
Duluth, .Vit*ii , Nov. I* ~<A 3 ) -In
letter to Duluth police, Mrs. Lucilb
I'hiHips of Devils Lake, V I)., ask
their aid in locating her hrolhrr
Will.am Itlarchard,* who came to Ihi
. ii., about a tnoi l l;i ago to .’p'k work
It h believed he i- work'tig in !*a
ldtii or ha obtained e.iijiloymetif in
a lumber camp near here. IDs mot act
is seriou-Iv ill. I’m • letter stated.
w»w.. yn? .
in 10 months,sales
—in this overwhelming public endorse
ment, record-quality tells its own story!
“an opportunity that never before existed” fo “a magnificent big Six—for only $895 J”
—-thetrim4oo!dnglight'Carclassic —longer, deeper windows mean —“a car of spectacular beauty” ary Sedan and somebody is
pictured below is the Overland clear, uninterrupted vision •• • with “an engineering masterpiece crowded. Put the same 5 into
Standard Sedan, a lull-size 5-pas- . under the hood of it”-—that*! the this spacious big Overland Six
senger 4-cylinder beauty pat- |>«v Cotw Ventilator a modern Overland Six .. • and everybody feels like he’s rid
terned on t mart modern lines, big-car feature —a comfort only u An exauisite color combination” in 8 a 7-passenger limousine!
C »l., r.uvi n, tow. roomy 7 ** —it takes a woman to tell it —tor “Ot*cr 5300 miles and the motor
i ar, c;irr’, inc; 5 lullrgrown people Triplex Springs —with 30 inches “exquisite” is the only term that hasn’t missed a shot ” —No car is
in coav cofu.ort. tfodynnistiecim more spring-base on a 100-inch comes anywhere nearly describ- better than its engine. And in
jxi.i.nred Ucquer,a nen aeepjbilue wheelbase—easier riding, easier ing the strikingly attractive color- this 38 horsepower big Six you
with flashing black and nickel driying ensemble of this handsome big have an engine as nearly flawless
t.immiDgs as handsome a light automobile—Two beautifully as automotive engineering can
car as you ever looked at. A 27-horsepouier engine—sturdy, Wended tones of grey, topped off make it.
Extra big doors—extra wide— !® siistening jet-black, a double controls centered at the
easy entrance and exit to both on >unlin< a ™ ul “* the waist-line driver’s finger tips... One piece
front and rear scats... ordinary economy on ga«.lme -‘The wa, they gather around it, windshield... Automatic wind
_ „ , ... anoou... ond thor open admiration—it is shield wiper ... Sun visor.. .
Tne Widest Scats of any light-car siidingGearTransmissien-three. aJraort ‘mbarrasung," another Rgar-view mirror .. . Fisk full.
mult new single.pieceundivided ,„ e cd selective—ot the lowest womans)wnerexclauns. Nothing size balloon tires... Long,flexible
front scat, 39 inches wide, 19 nrie C at which you can have ™ar » attracts the mawor-woman-in- Chrome Vanadium Springs es
inches deep. Wider back seat,4s JV h V. as somethuM{ distinctly pec iaUy built for balloon tire
X 18—Lots of leg-room. £ tnu moaern transmission... out-of-the-orduxary in an auto- equipment... every last feature
Very latest onc-bicce Windshield • • • Y°u’ vc thinking that mobilel and convenience ... Do you
—you can always see where on b one could build the “It's all that inside room that wonder it has taken the factory 9
you’re going. car you could afford, step in and makes a hit with me”—Driving months to catch up on production
‘ * see this Overland Sedan. Here’s or riding, a man likes plenty of when such a magnificently -
Big Wide Windows —more than a modem closed car, priced at space to move around in. Put 5 equipped car as this is priced at
20 square feet of window cnacs only $5951 x full-grown people into the ordi* only $8951
° ver,and
f. o. b. Toledo /. o. b. Toted*
• /
Lahr Motor Sales Co.
V I' t l. y S . O V E R L A N P PINE > MOTOR * CARS t
Night Surveying By Company of Engineers at Fort Humph
reys, Va., Causes Phenomena —C’oJored Population
Is Still Excited, However
It\ < harlt s I*. Sli'wnrl
NKV Srrvin* WriliT
WasliiiikU mi, \<>v. Ik A flaming
swonl ajqii’ari’il in WasliinKton'.-i ivi*st
vi’ii sky M,n‘ nijjht !•*(•«• ntly.
’J'iii*ii a sl'l’iiii,l flamiiijf swn.-il. Tilf'ii
a ti,i nl.
Then* tiioy liutiv: all uik'ht over the
eity. l! v.a- pretty diirueil terrify
itijr. I’ln* next iiinht iL liapi»ene<l
ai-ain. Then mote nij-htsi Kvery
u:3 r h*., in fail.
Indeed, it’s still happening;.
It requires a eertain aaiount of int
.'iL.naliuii to see the phenomena as
flaming; sword', but they're mysteri
ous si,afts of lic;ht anyway. Kven
imimapknative people ran see them.
After they had appeared for severn
nights in succession, some of the im
aginative ones began to feel fright
ened. Washington lias a large color
ed population which is more or less
s a pc rs! itious.
A negro street exhorter preached a
nunibt'i of sernions about tn n s*.vo-4«
He said they were a dire portent for
the eapital. They were a puzzle to
tin* most nraiTical of folk.
New. 4 t fiat numerous Was), in"to*i
;:i.s re a! ly were seated reached the
of l*rofessor Asapft Dal; ot .no
I’niteil St.* ll .* naval observatory.
“Thus, l tilings,’' lie an noun eed,
speaking as at, astronomer, “ate only
searchlights. Don’t he foolis’t.”
-tt WrAzmiW
“What searchlights ?" aslied every-
I’rofessor Hall had to admit that he
diiltj't know. Il was pointed nut that
can’ll light s hob around. The flam- i
ing - words are stationary.
i onsiderahly j.ique 1 hy popular ,
ski’pticisn) toward his theory, I’ro- |
fessor Hall did some investigating.
i niiipaiij 21<th Kngineers, Fort |
Humphreys, Va., lie discovered, is
'ijiveying a 400-squ ire-mile tract l,e
--i tween quantico and Warrenton, and |
tiie 1 1 iangulating is being done at :
niglit hy means of searchlights- a
, new method of the JOth’s own itiveii- j
; tion, which gives results of the most i
1 MiarvelnU' mathematiral accuracy.
i The professor gave his information
to a waiting world and would you
believe it? the fundamentalists even’
y< t won’t accept it. They declare it’s ,
j.i.g another scientific attempt to ex- ;
plain the unexplainable. The African
portion of the capital's citizenry con
tinues to bubble with excitement and
seems likely to keep at it until Com- j
patiy (' finishes with its triangulating,
• ami tarns tin* lights off.
The District of Columbia commis
sioners intend to asi; Congress next
winter to adopt a special flag for the
: (list tict.
As a design, J. (>. Slvc. a secret ;
1 ' .
service operative, suggests the eapi-<
tol dome, surrounded by 4.8 blue stars, ;
on a red and white striped hack
ground. The commissioners, however,
have received a snappier suggestion
from an anonymous Washingtonian
an automobile rampant jumping a pe- •
destrian suppliant on a field monox
ide gaseous.
As Secretary of war, Dwight F. Dn
\is will act shortly on a set of re
commendations for simplification of
department routine which he guaran-j
tees wiil meet with his heart ie.-d ap- '
pro\ al.
lie himself drew the rccommeiula- '
lions up, as assistant secretary, lint j
Sen clary Weeks continued too i'|. '
up to the time of his retirement, to
do anything with them. That they'll j
get. Secretary Davis’ “okch" is con- I
sidered one of the surest thing., about*!
Iho War Department.
Name Added to
List of Possible
Senate Timber
A name was added to tin* list of i
possible candidates for the United i
States senatorship at the primary j
election next June with the announce-,
merit hy the Dunn County Farmers’:
Journal that C. I‘. Stone, Fargo, may
decide to enter the contest on a plat-|
form railing for modification <»f the
Volstead act to permit the sale of
beer and light wines.
Stone, who is n shut* salesman, has
been sounding out sentiment during l
a business tour of the state and may !
east his hat into the ring, the Dunn
county publication said. Stone man-i
aged the North Dakota presidential
campaign of John VV. Davis in 1324
and formerly was a Democrat, hut
has changed his allegiance and if he
runs will seek a place on the Repub
lican ballot.
. - . V-
! Olhor Cases Will Prevent
Hearing of Road Matter
Until After That Time
j Attorneys for the Haggatt Con- j
1 struct ion company, Fargo, have been ,
i notified that the state will he rt uly In j
| try the action to. determine the le - !
1 gality of the contract for paving thej
Red Trail from ltisinarek east to thej
j state penitentiary, held by the Hag
i gart company, any time after Nnveni- .
j her 23. Assistant Attorney (loner.il j
! John Thorpe said today,
j \\ hether or not the trial is had the .
1 week of November 23 will depend.
; Thorpe said, on the desire of allot’
; neys lor the Haggart company to pre
I sent the ease to the court at tha! time !
' and also on whether or not a judge ,
can he obtained to hear the ease at i
that time.
Other cases on which he now is
working will prevent him from going
. to trial \v;th the Haggart case until
November 23.' Thorpe said.
New York. ---The CJingko tree which j
l has been cultivated for ytuirs in
Japan and Chinn has been brought
to America where it grows success- 1
fully. The original home of this '
tree with queer fun-shaped leaves ,
is unknown. The average height of
the Gingko tree is about 35 feet.
Official Audit
Made of Gopher
Potato Exchange
.Si. Paul, Nov. 1). —Members <>f
the Minnesota Potato Growers’ ox
eh.anpe today received copies of the
official audit of the finances of tin*
organization made by Garfield \V.
llritwn, slate public examiner.
The audit shows that members of
the western district were paid s<iy,-
Tr»9 more for their 1924 potatoes than
they were entitled to, while prowets
in the eastern district still have
$17K.715 due them for their crop. In
the central district members have a
balance due of $.‘508.
Owinp to the overpayment in the
western district the full amount owed
other members cannot he paid until
next year, H. 0. Possehl, vice presi
dent announced. if the exchange
does not function next year there
are sufficient assets in the form of
property to safepuard the interest
of ail members, Ik* said.
COM' fi.M.li KII.F.S HIlll)S
I.ondon. The latest story for po’f
fans to tap about itt the locker rooms
comes from the Chester Curzon
Park polf links near here. Two
birds were killed with a polf bn!!
driven by J. Ilramford, a professional
player. The force from the hall eat
one of the small birds in two.
I oi head or chest are more easily
treated externally with—
▼ Vapoßub
mr 17 Million Jar» Ufd Yrarlj

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