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TUESDAY, MAY 14,1929
Drr R. 8. Towne, Bismarck, Is
Mads Member of Croup’s
Auditing Committee
Grand Forks, N. D.. May 14.—(i<P)—
A new attendance record of the North
X Dakota Dental association convention
was expected here today as dentists,
dental supply men and laboratory
representatives from all parts of the
northwest gathered for their 24th an
nual meeting. Nearly 150 had reg
istered by 11 o’clock this morning and
a steady stream of visitors remained,
entering their names on the registra
tion book under the supervision of
Dr. L. I. Gilbert, Fargo, secretary of
the association.
Heading the program is Dr. R. O.
Schlosser, Chicago, professor of clin
t leal prosthesis at the Northwestern
University Dental school.
A row of eight dental chairs were
*in place In the convention room
where clinics will be conducted.
There was another long row of tables
were table clinics will be held and
there were numerous displays of den
tal supply houses.
Dr. R. W. Pote, Fargo, president of
the association, called the meeting to
order. A business meeting was held
in which the following committees
were appointed: Resolutions—Drs. F.
W. Rose, Cooperstown; C. A. Leonard,
Minot, and L. C. Schmitz, Jamestown.
Auditing—Drs. Albert« Hallenberg,
Fargo; R. S. Towne, Bismarck, and
W. J. Hewitt, Grand Forks.
Dr. Schlosser then launched into
iW beginning a series of lecture demon
strations in full denture construction
which will last through today and
Million-Dollar Building Program
At Standstill at New
Yorkers Quit
New York, May 14.— (IP)— A lockout
of 75,000 building trades workers em
ployed in the construction of SIOO,-
000,000 worth of new structures has
been ordered.
The board of governors of the
Building Trades Employers association
voted unanimously for the stoppage of
work, effective after 5 p. m. tomorrow.
At the same time the employers
voted to rescind the five-day week
and 10 per cent wage increase grant
ed May 4.
The action of the employers was
taken on the ground that the Building
Trades council had violated its agree
ment to call off sympathetic strikes
in support of the Electrical Workers
Belle Fourche, S. D., May 14.—OP)—
Edward Hoffman, a rancher living
near Ekalaka, Mont., 65 miles north
west of here, shot and killed his wife
Monday and then turned his revolver
on himself, dying instantly, according
to reports reaching here today. Hoff
man’s children were said to have wit
nessed the slaying and suicide.
.Women Crack Barriers
Of Swank Yacht Club
•Kiel, Germany—VP)—Women sailors
at last have won their uphill fight to
be permitted to compete in the sail
ing regattas of the Imperial yacht
club, still considered Germany’s most
exclusive organization of its kind. It
is made up chiefly of members of the
old nobility.
Women for years have sailed their
yachts, but until now all appeals to
the Imperial yacht club to permit
them to enter the various competi
tions fell upon deaf cars.
In its heydey the Kiel regatta was
one of the outstanding social events
of the year.
Princeton, N. J., May 14.—VP) —
Esme Howard hopes to become an en
thusiastic, if perhaps a belated book
binder, when he retires from the
British diplomatic service next year.
Telling university students of his am
bition, he added: “To have bound
one book really well is to have ac
complished something worth doing
because we have added in accordance
with our capacity to the stock of
beautiful things in the world.’*
r Elizabethton, Tenn., May 14.—(/P)
More than 250 strikers were arrested
today on charges of intimidation and
were escorted to the courthouse
square here by a company of national
guardsmen. They were not placed in
jail, as the jail is too small to hold
that number.
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morning for the A. W. Lucas
Co. day's special.
i Notice is hereby given that tl.c fol
x 4 low described real property has been
A forfeited to the County of Burleigh in
>' the State of North Dakota, under the
£rovislons of Section 2202. Compiled
tvi of 1913, as amended by Sectio.i
S, of Chapter 199, Laws of 1925. for
delinquent taxes; that the said county
has taken tax deed to such property
and will offer it for sale for cash at
public auction, said sale to be held at
_u»e Court House in the City of Bis
marck, in said Burleigh County, on
Tuesday, June 11th, 1929, at the hour
of 10 o’clock a. m. Said sale will con
tinue from day to day until completed.
The property listed herein will be sold
to the higheMt bidder, subject to the
right of the County Auditor, with the
approval of the County Board, to re
ject anynr all bids. Each description
will separately.
D<T Ht Bismarck, North Dakota,
thle; Hid ay of May, 1929.
3m Description
V ot"m Flat of City of Dlomarek .
All 17 Block 140 except the
my hand and the seat
of this 13th day of May,
By ordfcr of the Board of County
Commissioners of Burleigh County,
North Dakpta. A c ISAM INCER,
(Seal) \ County Auditor,
Burleigh County, N. pak-
C 1/14-18-25; *7u
, . \
Waynesville, 0., May 14.—(NBA)—
The 700 inhabitants of this Ohio vil
lage arc agog with gossip about James
L. M. Hopkins, local grocer, suddenly
revealed as the heir presumptive to a
share in a $350,000,000 fortune.
A few weeks ago. the 60-year-old
grocer and his wife were preparing
to spend the rest of their days in
their store.
Now they're entertaining wide-eyed
listeners with stor 4 es of glittering
wealth—of a modern mansion
equipped with hot and cold running
water, electric lights and above all,
an automatic washing machine.
Hopkins expectes to be adjudged a
great-nephew of Mark Hopkins, a
“forty-niner,” who died intestate at
San Francisco in 1678. Hopkins esti
mates his share of the $350,000,000
estate at $30,000,000.
There are in all sixty claimants to
the Hopkins fortune living in Ken
tucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North
Carolina and Oregon. Their suit
charges a young man who designated
himself as Timothy Hopkins, adopted
son of Mark, is now unlawfully en
joying Mark’s wealth.
The Waynesville grocer says he’ll
not put on any “airs” when he gets
his fortune. The most he'll do is buy
a new house and a big automobile
with a chauffeur.
“Mom” Hopkins’ greatest wish is
for an electric washer. “I been wash
ing the family clothes all my life and
I’m tired," she says.
Others who claim to be great
nephews of Mark Hopkins are: Mack
Hopkins, Morrow, O.; Steve Hopkins,
Wallins Creek, Ky., brothers of the
Waynesville grocer; Henry Hopkins,
Milton, Ore.; Joe and George Hop
kins, Crab Orchard, Ky., and A. A.
Hopkins, Barboursvillc, Ky. Each
claims $30,000,000.
Louisiana to Build
Intracoastal Canal
New Orleans.—(/P) —Although only
37 miles long, one of the most import
ant canals in the country soon is to
be erected in Louisiana. It will pro
vide a link between the deep water
port at Lake Charle and the great
Louisiana rice belt of the Acadia or
“Evangeline country.”
Construction of the intracoastal
canal from the Mermentau to the
Calcasieu river soon is to start. It
will cost approximately $2,000,000.
Dallas Presbyterians
Will Build Skyscraper
Dallas, Tex.—()P)—'The tallest and
largest church bullidng in the south
west, a 28-story Gothic skyscraper,
soon will tower 330 feet above Dallas'
street level.
The congregation of the Abbey
Presbyterian church will build its new
edifice on the highest spot in the city.
An illumined cross atop the combined
church and office building will carry
out the church’s slogan "Put the cross
in the skyline.”
Income from 10 floors of offices and
10 floors of apartments will provide a
permanent endowment. The second
and third floors will provide church
quarters, with Stores “bn the ground
floor and Sunday school and gym
nasium facilities in the basement.
Accommodations for a congregation
of 1,500 will be provided.
New England to Have
New Airplane Routes
Boston—(AP) —Scheduled flying serv
ice is being instituted between New
England points, according to an
nouncement from the Curtiss Flying
service of New England.
The first to go into operation will
These Simple Rules
Make Teething Easy
Be careful of Baby's diet during
teething. Do not overfeed him.
Watch his stomach and bowels and at
the first sign of indigestion, gas or
constipation, give him a few drops
of harmless, pleasant-tastlng Fletch
er’s Castoria. These simple rules are
making teething easy on millions of
babies—and mothers, too. For over
thirty years Castoria has been the
trusted standby of mothers every
where. It soothes wakeful, cross
babies to sleep quickly and easily—
and it’s purely-vegetable so you can
give it as often as needed. It does
the work of castor oil better and
more gently. For your protection, the
bottle of genuine Castoria always
bears the Fletcher signature.—Adv.
Did your furniture
cost money?
And have you protected it with
insurance so that a fire cannot
sweep away all the time and
labor it represents?
Adequate insurance means tak
ing care to safeguard the posses
sions for which you originally
spent large sums of money. It
makes your home a permanent
investment, because disaster can
not sweep away the money you
have put into it.
The advice of this
agency has saved
many a property
owner from loss.
Why not let ns
help you, too?
"Tk* Mu m. bm
211 Broadway rheas 17?
er-rpr. .WTTS.'W,- »• -* 1 •▼*.. .W- •. •? • •.’ ,-•. •-»•> V 4-.
Mr. and Mrs. James L. M. Hopkins in their grocery store at
Waynesville, Ohio.. . . «. They may inherit $30,000,000.
be a line of amphibians operating
daily between Boston, Hyannls (on
Cape Cod), Martha’s Vineyard and
Nantucket. Service to Maine resorts
and inter-city serice will, the an
nouncement states, probably become
a reality within the next few months.
This organization now has bases
established at Portland, Me.; Man
chester, N. H.; Boston Worcester and
Springfield, Mass.; Hyannls, Mass.;
Hartford, Conn.; Providence, R. 1.,
and on the island of Nantucket.
Maj. R. G. Ervin, former command
er of the United States air forces in
the ‘Philippines and a pilot of 10
years' service, heads the New England
Minot, May 14—(AP)—Edwin Koza,
held on charge of obtaining money
under false pretenses, admitted, ac
cording to Ward county authorities,
he had passed worthless checks in at
least a dozen states.
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International Falls, Minn., May 14.
—OP)—Frank Peters was convicted by
a jury of the murder of Arvid Lund
gren. Big Falls town marshal, and
was sentenced to life imprisonment at
Athletes at Wisconsin university
who do not make the varsity are
awarded a small “w."
. 1. 1
Affairs in Seven States, Includ
ing North Dakota, Are
Planned, Frazier Says
Washington, May 14. OP)—Plans
for an Intensive investigation of the
government’s treatment of the In
dians in seven western states were an
nounced today by Chairman Frazier
of the senate Indian affairs commit
The investigation, Frazier said, will
include reservations and Indian
schools in Wisconsin. North and Bouth
Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mon
tana and Arizona# and will be based
on many letters the committee has
received complaining of conditions.
Final action on the plans, Frazier
said, will be taken as soon as the
committee can be called together, and
the committee will start for the west
as soon as the senate recesses, which
probably will be next month.
Frazier issued a call for a meeting
of the committee last week, but Sen
ator Wheeler, Democrat. Montana,
who has been acting as the commit
tee examiner, was ill and unable to
attend. Wheeler, however, said today
that he was in full accord with the
plans outlined by the chairman.
Winslow, Ariz., May 14.—(/P)—Bar
ney Oldfield has been in an accident.
Yes. indeed. The ex-automobile rac
er, driving from Hollywood to Detroit
with friends, struck a road grader and
his car was ditched.
The eye of a horse has a transverse
pupil, or one that runs horizontal. By
turning his head a little, the horse
can see '.‘hat is behind him. but he
cannot see anything above the level
of his head unless he lifts his head
for that purpose.
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Public Wards Grow
Trees to End Floods
Springfield. 111.— (/P>— Under a plan
advocated by Rodney H. Brandon,
state director of public welfare, con-
quite approve the
quick comfort of Bayer Aspi
rin. These perfectly harmless tab
lets ease an aching head without
penalty. Their increasing use year
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proven directions with every pack
age of Bayer Aspirin tell how to
treat colds, sore throat, neuralgia,
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Aspirin 1* tb® trad* mark of Buyer Manufacture
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if Notable Offering For Everyone
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vlcts and Insane persons in public
institutions may 1 elp b.jck floods by
growing millions of young trees for
reforestation purposes.
big trip
this summer
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ily to the scenic regions of
the Far West at very reason*
able cost* A Santa Fe Summer
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ed all-expense tours# where
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card for*folders and maps*
Counts l
He proposes that the state buy
tracts of land near penal institutions
and hospitals for the Insane where
tree propagation could be carried on.
F. B. Connell. Pass. Agent
Santa Fe Ky.
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Minneapolis. Minn.
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Bismarck, No* Dak.
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